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Photoplay Department in
Private at Central Office Is Ap
t pointed to Fiji Demoted Man's
Job' at Headquarters. v
Private Edward J. Kelly, detailed at
the Central Office, has been appointed
Asserts United States Shirks
Duty as World Power While
Prattling About Peace.
JfKW YORK, Dec. 1. In reply lo a
rail for his assistance In the mass moot
Inr to he held soon by tho American
committee for Armenian and Syrian re
lief. Col. Throdoro Itoosevelt. In a let
ter made public here, denounces tlin
pacifists, lio. ho says, ni trying t
nrouse America to action over the
tragedy of Armenia ond who bad no
stomach for simitar movements In be
half of Mexico or IKIglum. The let
ter was given out by Irof, 8. T. Dut
ton, secretary of the committee, be
cause, ho aays, It Is the llrst tlnw
th colonel haa uttered criticism of
"If thla people through Its Govern
ment had not shirked Its duty In Mexi
co for tho laat five years, and If this
people through .Its Government had not
shirked Its duty In connection with
the world war for tho lost sixteen
months," wrote tho roloncl to rtuttnn,
' we now would be able to take effective
action on behalf of Armenia.
"Mass meetings In behalf of Armenia
amount to nothing whatever If they arn
mere methods of giving h sentimental
hut Ineffective and safe outlet to tho
feelings of those engaged In them. As
long as this Government proceeds,
wtiether as regards Mexico or as re
gards Germany, whether ns regards tho
European war or as regards Belgium
op the principles of the neace-at-any-prlee
man, of the professional pacifist,
1ut so long will It be as Ineffective for
International righteousness as China It
self. Attacks "Ignoble Souls."
"One reason why I do not wish to
take part In a mass meeting for the de
nunciation of tho atrocities committed
oti the Armenians la beciu.e there are
Ignoble souls who havo preached pro
fessional pacifism as a creed, or who
have refused to attend similar meetings
on behalf of tho Kelglans. who vet do
not fear to take such action on "iclialf
of the Armenians for the simple reason
thst there Is In America no Turkish voto
and because Turkey Is not our neUhbsr
as Mexico Is. and not a formidable ag
gressive power like Gcrmtny. and so it
Is safe, both politically and materially,
to denounce hsr.
"It was announced the other cl iv hy
certain politicians Interested In securing
votes that at the end of the war tnls
Government would "Insist' on Itussla
and Roumnnla doing Justice to nl! .lews
"The conduct of this Government Rul
ing; the present war and -Its utter le
lusal to back words with deeds lias
made It utterly unable to 'insist' or. inv
thlng of the kind, whether as rcgirds
liussla. or Ftoumania, or any other
"For all this the pacifists who dare
n t speak for righteousness and who
ks such an unpleasant an.l evil
nee In thn L'nlted States must
e responsibility with the most
pe of militarists. The weak
I milk-and-water policy of the
i ,ii 1 1 pacificist Is Just as respon-
n,i ms the blood-and-lron policy of
I lie worthless and unscrupulous mili
tarists for the terrible recrudescence of
evil on a gigantic acalc In the civilized
Teach Debasing Security.
"These men, whether politicians, pub
licists, college presidents, capitalists, la
bor leaders or self-styled philanthro
pists, have done everything they could
to relax the llbro of tho American char
acter and weaken tho (Urrngth of the
American will. They teach our people
to seek that debasing security which Is
to bo found In tho lovo of ease, In fear
or risk, In the ilinld effort to avoid duty
that la hnrd or hazardous u security
which purchases peace In the present,
not only at tho cost of humiliation In
the present but nt the tost of dlaiuttur
in me luiure
"I trust that the worthy Americans
whoso deepest Indignation and keenest
sympathy are nmused by the dreadful
Armenian atrocities will rea'lie that
unless America preparos to defend her
self she can perform no duty to others,
and that under such circumstances she
earns only derision If she prattles about
forming a league for world peace, or
ii bout arbitration treaties and disarma
ment proposals nnd commission-Investigation
treaties. '
Douglas Fairbanks In "Tlio Lamb,"
directed by D. W. Oilfflth, and
Ravmond Hitchcock In "Mv Va
let," directed by Mack Sennet
(Trlanglo Films), the Garden, 42J
Ninth street.
Marguerite Galo supported by Rob
ert Kdeson, Julia Dean, Julian Kl
tinge, Henrietta Crosman, Cyril
Scott. Charles .1. Rons, Henry Kolk
er, Leo Dltrlehsteln, Mabel Kenton,
Lulu Glaser, and Mme. Klorde In
"How Mollv Made Good," the
Strand. Ninth and u streets.
Marv and Jack Plckford in "A Girl
of Yesterday" (Famous Players),
the Leader, Ninth, between H and
F streets.
A. H. Van Ruren and Theda Rara.
In "TIo Galley Slave," adapted
from the play by Hartley Camp
hell (Kox Film Co ), crandall's.
Ninth and K streets
Lois Meredith In "An Ilnemy to
Rocletv" (Metro Pictures;, Cran
dall's Apollo, 621 II afreet north
east. '
Victor Moore In "Chlmnile Fadden
Out West." adopteil iroin the storv
by E. W. Townsend (Lasky).
Loew'a Columbia, Twelfth and F
Edna Mayo and Rryant Washburn
In "Despair" (Kssanay), the Re
vere, Georgia avenue and Park
Holbrook Rllnn In "The Ivory Snuff
Box" (World Film Corp.). the
Georgia, 34?J Georgia nvenue.
Robert Mantell and Genclove
Hamoer In "The Blindness of De
votion" (Fox Film Co.), the Circle,
iW Pennsylvania avenue.
Gertrude McCoy in "Friend Wilson's
Daughter." bv Marv Imlay Taylor
(Edison), the Masonic Auditorium.
Thirteenth street and Sew York
Marv Miles Mlnter In "Emmy of
Storks Nest," hy J, Rreckenrlde
Ellis (Metro Pictures), tho Olympic,
1431 U street.
Harry Mcstayer In "The Millionaire
Baby" (Sellg). the Elite, Four
teenth street and Rhodo Island
Jfote These selections are made
from programs prepared hy the
managers of the theaters concerned,
and no responsibility Is assumed for
arbitrary changes without notice to
The Times. They are based on the
personality of tho playerB and tho
producing company and not per
tenal Inspection, except in special
taaaa. O. M.
Helen Gibson Could
Run A Railroad
Train, She
Probably none of the perils of pic
ture players seem quite so real as
those that uro connected with plays
that Involve the handling of rail
road trains and deal with railroad
matters. Hcvcrnl companies havo
made a specialty of ueh films and
some of the scenes that have been
shown hne had slnian pure thrills
tliiougli alums! their entile length
No mntWT how accustomed pecplo
become to mlliond tiafflc there is
nlwn moie nr kss of n thrill In
spiled by u train moving nt full
While It has become n rather or
dinary thing to see a man Jump on
nnd off moving trains, bo thrown
from a brldgo to the roof of a
freight ear or go through an open
draw bridge on a handcar, there are
rather few actresses who have spe
cialized In this pnrtloulnr sort of
drama. Among those who have,
however, Is Helen Gibson of the
Knlcm Company, who betlers that
slip conies Into this particular lino
of work through hereditary leanings.
Ml.s GILson is the d'Uiehter of s.
railroad engineer, and spent n lot
of her Infancy riding In on engine
i 1 1 ti her father.
"I can handle the throttle with
anyone," Miss Olbson declares.
"There Isn't any reason whv I should
fear to perform anv feat that Is con
cerned with railroad life. I waa
horn In the shadow- of a roundhouse
and brought tip among the hustle
Of a switchyard. Often when I was
nnlv a tot I rode In the cab of my
father's engine, and I wns competent
as a telegrapher .long before I had
completed mx schooling and was
able to work on the road mvself.
"I.lfe Is Just cluttered up with
perils." she said thoughtfullv "Hut
I think tho one which made im
think I was nearest to eternity was
tho time 1 had to go ovrr an open
drawbridge on a handcar Into a
rUer thlrtv feet below. 1 rame at
a terrible speed down a hill lust
before reaching the bridge, and for a
moment, as I looked across the
yawning space Into which the car
was to bo hurtled. I felt a wish
that I had remained a sedentary tele
graph operator, without nsplratlons
for a "career of fame on the screen.
It's weird, all the things that von
can think of In a few seconds of
danger like that. Rut above all other
things I could hear dozens of mv
friends savins dolefully. 'I told jou
so. You see. mv friends were never
enthusiastic oci the career I had
"There wasn't nnvthlng left for me
to do but to hang on. though, and
keep putoplng at the handles of tho
handcar. Then suddenly I reached
tho edge of tho river; the next second
the wg r seemed to, rise up to meet
me. I know that 1 was frightened,
for I had prfsence of mind ennm.li
to Jump clear of tho handcar. To
carry out the action of the story
1 had to ewliil hurriedly ashore and
rush to the snitch to prevent a box
ear from taklr the same disastrous
flier Into 'the n.eir " G. M.
President Wilson Host
To College Classmates
Tresldent Wilson was host last night
to fifty-eight members of the Trlnreton
class of '?! at a dinner at the white
House, The dinner was served at a
largo horscahoc-shoped table In the
State room, tho President sitting at
the curve. At the President's wish the
affair was entlrelv Informal. It was a
, dinner given by "Tommy" Wilson as
his classmates knew him when they
weio graduated thirty-six years ago.
College songs were sung and reminis
cences of college days oxrhanged. The
President proposed toasts to many mem-
1 bers of his class and all his guests
Joined In proposing toasts to the Presi
dent ond nls fiance.
Among the President's guests were
t'jrus .Mct'ormirK, iievennn II Dodge,
Robert Rrldges. J. H Pitney. Drs. Her
man Woods, K. P. Davis, ond A. J. P.
Congregation to Honor
Dr. and Mrs. Radcliffe
A reception will be tendered by the
congregation of the New Ycrk Avenue
Presbyterian Church In honor of tho
Rev. Dr. Wallace Radcliffe. pastor of
the church, am, Mrs. Radcliffe; In tho
lecture room of thn cdlflro this even
ing. It hnd been plon.icd to give the
reception In the spilnu, but It was post
poned on aceoupt of th(. Illness of Mrs.
Radcliffe. Tho offilr will be held be
tween 8:30 and 10'3o o'clock No cards
havo been Issued, It being expected that
the members of the congregation will
attend without further Invitation.
. i.'V.,
is ,
m, - ' Jy
tH 4 .,
iji t i a- e '
,.T??.irr.J.- -l.S
-'&- 1 ""jT&
7A x . J V- '1
H2rj- 4J
An old prescription book In ust In
1V5 and now carefull preserved nt
Lowell. Mass , confirms the absolute
liuth of Hi hlitoiv ol Father John's
The page dated SaturtMy, June 16.KJ,
contains pri'cciiillon No. ,"M(il jWhlch
was tiled for Rev. Father John CTlrlen,
jf St. Patrick's Parish, Lowell.
aaaaaaaMsKaaV t -4M
?m. jbIbbbbbK.bbbbbHI
.', HH'bHkIIsbV i
V A. 'IbW KmHKatCm I
The young California r.ctrcs"!, who appears today In the photoplay of
"An Enemy To Society," at Crandall'n Apollo.
Six Hundred Ohio Boys and
Girls Will Leave Tonight for
A rallv at Memorial Continental nail
tonight will rloso the fourth annual
visit of the hov and girl farmers of
Ohio to Washington, more thtn ) of
whom reached here early yesterday for
aiw" i?v ,v,r." . . a
The f nal days program Included a
reception at the White House hv Presl-
dent Wilson tils afternoon ond visits
to the Corcoran Ga'lery of Art, the De
partment of Agrliulture. and tho Na
tional Museum. The three special
trains on which thev ore traveling will
leave for Phlladelnhla lain tonight, and
after lsltlng that city anl New York
the young nhloans will return home.
The Htatc's star corn grower Is with
the party In the person of Lewev
Havnes. secnteen veors old. who
gathered 1SS bushels of corn from one
aero last fall He shares honors with
the "Corn Oueen,'" who Is Miss Leelo
Jones, of Cordlngton. Ohio. She put In
her own crop of corn last season,
doing all the planting. oiiltIatlng, and
harvesting herself, and took 102.9 bush
els of croln from an acre
A women's brass band from Marlon.
Ohio, nnd n hovs' band frnm Scioto are
furnishing "home grown" music for
the party on the trip, nnd motion pict
ures are being taken of everv feature
of the excursion, so alt the other hun
dreds of boVs and girls of the Ruckeye
State mav sham In lis benefits.
Brightwood Citizens to
Vote on Prohibition
E K Colladay. president of the Fed
eration of Citizens Associations, Is to he
present tonight nt a special meeting of
tjie Rrlghtwood Park Citizens' Associa
tion. In Van Horn's Hall, Georgia ave.
line and Ijongfollnw street, when the
Ouesllon of prohibition In tho District
will be voted on.
BOOK OF 1850
Has its Part in Proof of
the Story of Father John's
Absolute Truth of this
Story Is Attested by Guar
antee to Give $25,000 to
any Charitable Institution if
Shown Otherwise.
This prescription cored I'.itlicr John
of a severe mid nnd throat trouble, and
to restored him to health that he was
nble to resume his work.
In his visits to his people he recom
mended to his parishioners and friends
the medicine which had proved so effec
tive In his case, nnd people going to tl'
drug store vhero this prescription was
on flln asked for It as Father John's
Po tho medicine was timed by the
reoplo nnd nil vci Used with the full
knowledge nnd i"nsent of tho Rev.
Father John O'Brien, because he knew
of Its value.
Father John's Medlclno, whkh Is to
day known In tpoutands of homes
throughout the country, is n ei'fo medi
cine for all the family, because It does
not contain alcohol ot danfcerous dru;s
In any form
.Munv doctors, ns well ss hrsnltils
nnd institjilnns. iic.imm nd Fsthcr
Jrhns Medicine foi colds, throat, siul
lung trouLles and as. a tonic and body
United States Sets
High Record for
The United States had a trade hal
nnce of lld.1, &5, 626 for November, ac
cording to statistics madn public to
day by tho Rureau of Foreign and
Iiomestlr Commerce of the Ilepatlment
of Commerce.
.,,,. , ,, ,. ,. ,
t Imports for the four weeks of No-
' vemner were valueil at 1125.364,573,
while exports were worth 1308,8:7,594
for the asme period
, The value of exports shipped dur
ing tho last week of November was
, $7D,300.09.1, as against Imports valued
I at 132,937,114, showing an export ex-
I cess of $42,36;.I71 for live days.
I Cotton exported during the week
amounted to 68,639 bales, making a
total since August l of 1.772.K62 bales
Clothing for Poor Asked
By the Needlework Guild
An appeal for clothing for distribution
among the poor bos been Issued hy the
Urst Needlework Guild of Washington
Donations msy be sent to 2tVM K street
Officers of the guild h'ave been elected
ss follows: President. Mrs. Richard C.
Iean; vice presidents, Mrs Julian
James. Mrs. George N Realc. Miss Vir
ginia Miller. Mrs. Wlnfleld Scott Bchlev,
Miss Gllllsa. Miss Wilkes. Mrs. John n.
Evans. Miss Klbbey and Albert T Bai
ter eecrctai, .Mrs. William Qulgley,
recording secretary, Miss Kate B. Rur
gess, treasurer, Mls Fannie O Child.,
nnd chaplain, tho Rev. Dr. G. C. F.
The Only Credit House
at Cash Prices
Head-to-Foot Outfitter
for the Entire Family
At AbramtonV Cornrr
7th and L Sts. N. W.
t Sim l-lb. I.OHM lo ihr llarrel.
You Will Be
with success every time
you do baking of any kind if
your rule is to ALWAYS
bodies the quality, purity
and nourishing elements es
sential to insure delicious,
wholesome flour products.
fl Be sure "CREAM
BLEND" is at hand next
baking day.
B. B. Earnshaw & Bro.
Wholesalers1!03-xiK-,lw-I1M "h "
Germany Might Be Forced to Do
This, Writes Dr. Heinz
Pethoff. '
BERLIN (via Amsterdam). Dec. 1.
Peaco talk has been taken up by the
press throughout the' empire. In a sig
nificant statement Dr. Solf, the Im
perial colonial secretary, says that Ger
many nsks "no more than an honoraoie
peace with the guarantees of a happy
future." Thla view meets with general
approval. The most violent war oran
are lolnlng In this kind of comment, al
though they Insist that Germany seeks
peace "onlv for reasons of humanltv."
The Vosslsche Zeltung says:
"W gladly associate ourselves with
the honest aspiration for a speedy peace
to which the Norddoutsche Allgcmelne
Zeltung recently gae expression on be
half of the government. This, however,
was an expression not of weakness, but
of the humane sentiments of a strong
Drastic threats aro contained in the
tenth Issue of the Deutsche Krleg
schrlften, which publishes an article bv
Dr. Helni Pothoff. leader of the pro
gressive party In the Rhine province,
and a former member of the retchatag.
"There Is no doubt." says this article,
"that the German general staff Is deter
mined to resort to extreme measures.
If Oermanv should ever be brought to
the vergo of actual starvation. It Is cer
tnln that the general staff will do any
thing rather than allow the victorious
German armies to be called home from
France. Russia, and Belgium owing to
the lack of food
"The staff will adopt the severest
measures rather than submit to a peace
dictated by starvation. Extreme re-
ncl.al. nr Within HtlP rSfteh. If neCCS-
sary. we must expel all Inhabitants of
the territories occupied bv our armies
and drlvo them into our enemies lines.
"If necessarv. we must kill hundreds
of thousands of prisoners now consum
ing our supplies. It would be frightful,
but It Is Inevitable if there Is no other
way of holding out "
Pantelettes Shocking
To Staid Old Darby
DARRT, Pa., Dec. 1. Pantalettes
have; made their appearance In Darby.
Darby, which for the last SM years,
ever since It was settled by the pious
Friends trom Derbyshire, has acquired
renutntlon for being a conservative.
i staid community. Is shocked. No one
seems to know the comely young woman
I who caused a sensation by walklt
along Main street with the aforesalu
pantalettes showing below her some
what abbreviated sains.
Scores of women who saw me young
woman and noticed ner conspicuous
show of the new decree of fashion
blushed, took a second Iook, ana one
woman followed the wearer from Ches
ter pike to the trolley loop.
Collection of Stolen
Laprobes Is Found
Centrsl office detectives are trying to
locate the owners of several laprobes
which were solen from automobiles In
this city during the past month.
The laprobes were recovered when a
vmmi- white man was arrested In Phila
delphia The police say tho youth ad
mits having stolen thn laprobes here.
Will Hold Tests Jan. 1 for
Furnacemen and Molders
Competitive examinations for the pur
pose of establishing a list of ellglhlcs
for positions of furnacemen nnd molders
at the Washington navy yard will be
conducted by the Civil Service Urn
mission on Jnnuary 1. No educational
test will be given, and applicants will
not be assembled for a mental examina
tion Applications must be filed by De
cember 17
Girl Teams to Compete.
The girls' basketball team at George
Washington University will play a
practice came with the Central High
School team Friday. Other local high
school teams will be played In the near
To Have Perpetually
ir I
Wavy, Curling Hair
Perpetually wavy, curling hair la now
within the means of every woman to
Dossess. All ono need do Is to got a few
ounces of plain liquid sllmerlne at any
drug store and apply a little of It oc
casionally. This Is remarkably effective
In producing a beautiful curllness and
satlnv gloss which bear no evidence of
artificial maklnc. It Is neither sticky
or greasv. and It will not streak, stain
or Injure hair or scalp In the least.
After one trial, tho scorching, halr-de.
stroylmr curling Iron will never more be
used The best way to apply the sllmer.
Ine is with a clean tooth brush, draw
ing iht through the hair from root to
tin ir hu in done tiefore retiring a look
Into tho mirror In tho morning will af-J
lorn a most hkitvuuio ourifioc. nu.i.
eat all the Elk Grove
Butter they want. It is
good for them. E 1 k
Grove Butter has won
it's way into many homes
because of its delicious
flavor and fine quality.
Goldei & Co,,
SZS-KS La. Ave.
Wholesalers Oaly
L rll J
on recommendation ' of .Major Pullman
to succeed Central Office Detectlvu
Robert Ilowtett, who has been demoted
and shifted to the, Tenth precinct.
"Ed" Kelly U Ihe son of the late
Lieut. John V. Kelly, of the potic
force. He Is one of the yuangeit men
around headquarters, where he has
been stationed for several years, at first
as a clerk in the office of Major Syl
vester and the office of the late Inspec
tor Boardman, and later as a detective,
giving most of his time to the recov
ery of stolen bicycles and the prosecu
tion of bicycle thUvei.
This work nrobablv wilt he rtvn in
Oeorge-B. Weber, precinct detective In
me lenin precinct, in the event that
Kelly la promoted. Weber was recently
detailed at Police Court, where he has
been assisting Assistant District At
torney Ralph Given In the preparation
of cases.
Petworth M. E. Church
Cornerstone Is Laid
The cornerstone of the new Petworth
Methodist Episcopal Church. New Hamp
shire avenue and Varnum street, was
laid vesterdar afternoon with Impressive
ceremonies, the exercises were In charge
of the District of Columbia Grand Lodge
of Free and Accepted Masons, with
Alexander Grant, the grand master,
presiding. The dedicatory address waa I
made by the Rev. Dr. Joseph M. M. I
Gray, pastor of the Grand Avenue M.
E. Church of Kansas city, and formerly '
pastor or iiamune m. e. t;nurcn or tnta
In the stone, which waa placed by
the Grand Lodge of Masons, were de
posited a Bible, church records and oth
er documents. Others participating In
the exercises were the Kev. Dr. W. L.
McDowell. District superintendent of
the Methodist churchca of Washington .
Ih. Hair Tlr T.iiIi.m r? flartr f flam.
line Church : the Rev, J. Alvln Camp-!
bell, of Wallace Memorial Presbyterian
Church, of Petworth, the Rev. O. Ellis ;
Williams, pastor of the new church, and ,
members of the official board. Music
was furnished by the Berwyn band and
vocal quartet.
The new structure will coat 133.000. and
Is expected to be ready for occupancy
In the spring.
Opens Series of "lectures
On Temperance in D. C.
The first of a aeries of addresses which
Wlltert P. Cooke, general secretary of
the Christian Brotherhood Society, will
deliver In Washington during December
In the Interest of temperance will be
given In I'eck Chapel thla evening.
A mass meeting In the Interest of tem
perance will be held In the Immanuel
Raptlst Church Frldav evening. Besides
Mr. Cooke, the Rev. Robert W. Coe. of
the Urst Congregational Church: the
Rev. Harry B. Angus, of Peck Chapel:
Hi George Raby. of the Geological Sur
vey, and A. Wade Wells, will make ad
dresses. Hold Reservation Indian
Is Not a Legal Voter
RIVERSIDE. Cal.. Dec 1. An Indian
living on a reservation and now own
ing land In severalty Is not a legal
voter Thla was the decision of Judge
Densmore In a suit Involving bonds
voted bv the Mecca road district.
August I-omas. a highly educated In
dian, cast the deciding vote for the
bonds. Ilecause he Is technically still
a ward of the Oovernment the court
holds that he Is not entitled to vote.
even though registered, and that the
bond Issue Is void.
Blessed Virgin Sodality
To Receive New Members
At St Pstil's Csthnllc Church. Fif
teenth and V streets northwest, at 7:3
o'clock this evening, 1 new members
will be received Into the Sodality of the
niessed Virgin. Mgr Romano, papal
delegate, will bless the medals and re
ceive the members. Ills assistants will
be Mgr. Cosclo. auditor of the legation,
and the Rev John Floersh, secretary to
the delegate.
The Rev William J. Carroll, who has
charge of the sodality, will speak, after
which the delegate will give benediction
of the blessed sacrament.
The Choicest from
Rtainaw(f nsnia mwm fia tltija
and most select grown in Florida's
famous groves. Sealdsweet is the
trademark of oranges and grape
fruit produced and shipped by the
Florida Citrus Exchange.
Florida Citrus Exchange
lllilll UsSaflaHaWHlln III II III JsT
I I I I I I I I lillillillilmL sflt
ll'l I ') Ml ' ' I'll ' ' ' MuMF
inn miliar J Mi kSr
II 7 J flaks g
1 1 m' 'TTjShbV i r. i -CTT"l"'rl ( W
illX'iYv: - xWr
Mrs. Mary Harris Armor,
National Organizer, Will Be
the Principal Speaker.
Mrs. Mary Harris Armor, national or
ganiser of the W. C. T. U will be the
principal speaker at the opening rally
of the National W. C. T. U. at Poll'
on the afternoon of December 12, ac
cording to an announcement made today
by Mrs. Emma Sanford Shelton, presi
dent of the District W. C. T. V.
It la expected that Mrs, Armor will
sound the keynote of the W. C. T. U.
campaign before Congress for "a dry
District and nation." She was president
of the Georgia W. C. T. U. when State
wide prohibition wns carried there, and
Is known In many sections of the coun
try as the "Temperance Joan of Arc,"
while In the Bouth she Is heralded aa
the "Georgia Cyclone."
A number of other national leaden of
the W. C. T. U.. Including Miss Anna
Adams Gordon, national president: Mrs.
Sarah M. lloge, president of the W. C.
T. U. of Virginia, and Mrs. Ella A.
Boule, of New York, vlre-presldent-at-large
of the W. C. T. U will also de
liver addresses.
Mrs. Shelton. of the District W. C. T.
V Is at the head of the local com
mittee completing the arrangements for
the rally.
Salts, calomel, pills act on
bowels like pepper acts
in nostrils.
Enjoy life! Don't stay bil
ious, sick, headachy
and constipated.
Mo. ... H.'Uue must give to tile
boeg some regular help, else thev
suffer from constipation. The condition
Is perfectly natural, it is Just ns nat
ural as It is tor old people to walk
slowly. For axe Is never so active nr
youth. The muscles are less elastlt.
And the bowela e.re muscles.
So all old people need t'ascaiets. Une
might as well refuse to aid weak f)fi
with glasses as to neglect this gentle ah I
to weak bowels. The bowels must oe
kept active. This Is Important at an
ages, but never so much as nt fifty.
Age Is not a time for haish physics
Youth may occasionally whip the bowels
Into activity. Dut a lash .can't be used
every day. What tho bowels of the old
need Is a gentle and natural tonic. One
that can be constantly used without
harm. The- only such tonic is Cascarets
and they cost only 10 cents per box at
any drug store.-Advt.
Tlfe most exacting
appetite will be
given zest by good
grapefruit the
Scaldsweet kind.
Persons with deli
cate stomachs will
find this food-drink
fruit pleasing and
Grapefruit is
Good for the
Sealdsweet grapefruit
supply energy for both
young and old. The juice
of a good-sized one is in
itself a breakfast for a
brain-worker. Tree-ripened
grapefruit arc a delicious
'tonic for jaded nerves; they
are both meat and drink; they
l :"im
S keep the muscles tingling and
eyes gieammg.
Florida's Citrus Groves
The Sealdsweet brand is on the
boxes and wrappers. Your dealer
can supply you if you urge him.
Booklet telling how to serve oranges
and grapefruit and containing
recipes mailed to any address free.
628 cikus Bank Bid., Tampa, fu.

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