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which a fuse la placed and the hdl
Tk killed are: James Ilatrd, Denja
mJ Barber, Marge Brlcotll.l Elmer
Cumpton. James Kcner, Harry JJIIIott.
Ulmer Fox, Norman Fluher, James
licmmll, Kelson HoWRate,, J. Haber.
I'red Jeffry. Hnttlo Kelleh'er. Kdward
Kens;, James Malloy. Uryan O'Connor.
J tarry Place, Olml Bilvestrt, Paul
NmaeK. John 8mack, Wesley atmpson,
V. SprlnKfleld. Allan A. Thaxtw (rore-
5 an), Leslie Timmons. W. Weln, Elmer
ae, Patrick Hanrahnn, Clarence
neatanton, William Oliver, und ono
tn thus far unidentified.
lawls Booker, who waa taken to a
hospital atter tho accident, died later.
The Injured.
The Injured: Edward Davis, now nt
the Homeopathic Hospital; F. P. Ware,
M Madison street: V. J. Hikes, wno
lived at the Young Men's Christian
Association; W. II. Oliver, 21IJ7. West
KH venth street; and J. Itayraond Mor-.
dlth, address unknown. Tho live lost
named are' nt the Delaware Hospital.
There l still another man unconscious
Hnrt not known t tho samo hospital.
Mace, a driver; Hanrahan, a carpcri-
t'larenco l'lcnsanton, a fireman.
'Her. a machinist, nmont tne
- nutsldn tho packliu; house
-n n quarter of a mile
of tho explosion the
-villi arms, legs, nnd
the trees acrosa the
,. hum; with Khastly
nhi g nnd parta of human
lielni. jrkman, who rushed to
help at er rescuo tork there waa
to do, sp. an nrm flcmtrtiR down In
the rapid current of the creek nnd fished
11 out with a stick. Two horses caught
in the blast wire torn almost to pieces
and one large section of ono of tho ani
mals was hurled more than a quarter of
a mile from the nlace.
The work of gathering up what waa
left of the dead was a gruesome task,
llashets and boxes were employed for
this purpone, nnd tho men' searched the
grounds for bits of flesh as though they
were picking mushrooms. Snrao climbed
trer and brought down other parts of
bodies and pieces or clothing.
Injured May Die.
The men Injured were outside the
plant. They were struck by bits of
machinery, flying boards, rocks, ard
other debris and all tcre bidly muti
lated. One or two had eye.i blown out
and several lost an arm or lei;, l'tiysl
i lans stated thev were so b.idly Injured
that not ono ot them Is cxpcited to stir-
The list of dead was made i;p frcm
a card Index kept by a timekeeper at
, the I'pper Hsgley jnrd.
When an official of thrompanv was
aik'd If the explosion could be attrib
uted to outside ouen'jles, his reply wis
that It was a mystery, and while a thor
'igli Inteetlsetlon had been Mnrtwl.
Hierei was nothing on which to base ntiv
suspicion The renl cause, b mlil,
might never 1 known.
The dlsasKr.was oiie of the worst In
Mm history of the lu Pont Comp.in.
Tentv-fHo years ngo six mills In tho
stm plint exploded and Hilled fourteen
men r-nd lnjuied u nuinlr of other.
The money loss ietcrda It 1 stated,
will only be n few thousoml dollars.
The packing house was of frime, IS
t,t "o feet, and one stnrv high.'
Vlrtmllv nil of the l.llled Used here.
Ml the 'Injured were badly mutilated.
'-ne having their, ei'ea blown out and
lliii ilmost torn off Borne will die
i"nlker and Davl were at work tn a
mUltis mill nearbv. The walls of this
liiillding were blown In and fell on
Th scen about th plant were
i'iatl-rending. Hundred or lelatlves
' workmen clamored for admission
, i- .creamed In anguish The entrances
to the woiks weie patroled by armed
g'lijds, who kept everybody outside,
cn emploes with passes being
Accident Theory Offered.
The victim, began woik at " o clock
and would have been through for tre
dav Ht :l o'clock. The mill was kno-vn
a pellft-packlng home, tho employts
twins engaged In packing powder in
wooden boxes, each box coiitalnl.il!
twntv pounds. The building was at
tl4 Into six rooms. Just berore the
eplolon oceurreil n car carrying jv
eral thousand pounds of powder bad
been run along a narrow railroad truck
to the door of the packing house. This
vas drawn by two horses. One
Ihenrv is that some of the powder
nllld !rom the ear and. falling on
'he track, was Ignited by the car pas,
trie over It.
It Is supposed this Mash ignited tho
pond'r In the car and caused the dis
inter Not a man In the packing
house, however, lives to tell the tal.
The Weather a Year Afro Today
I'loudy. Temperature. High 61 degrees.
Low .12 degrees remember laxative
llromo Quinine cures , fold In one day.
There Is only one "Itrmp Quinine."
Look for signature K. GUOVi:. !5o.
Heads of finance, Interior, and
Commerce Divisions Return
Their Portfolios.
(Continued from First Page.)
ministers of commerce or of the In
terior In the ministry common to Austria-Hungary.
Tho common ministry Is
composed solely of ministers of foreign
affairs, of finance, of war, and of the
Reichstag Socialists
Split Over Peace
Terms Suggestions
COriJNHAOKX, Dec. 1. rresh de
mand! that relchatag members bo per
nutted to discuss peaco terms are con
tained In copies of the Uorllner Vor
waerts. The paper, Oermany's leading Hoclal
1st organ, maintains that only in Ih'a
way can tho prbllc be kept Informed
so as tn support tho smcrnmrnt rtien
negotiations are begun
BEUUN (via Amsterdam and !.on
don), Dec. 1. A split threatens Social
ist ranks In the relchstag.
Ono group Is Insistent on govern
ment statement of the peace terms Ger
many will accept. The other believes
thlvw-ould be a confesslrn of weakness.
There Is also a difference of opinion
over government food regulation. Dur
ing the expect"d re, ess of the relchstag)
lendrs hope to couil'ose their differ-j
Oovernment leaders are lonld.mt
Oreece will remain neut-ol, hut ore not
certain how 'benevolent" this neutrality
i win or lotvaiu im- iiin-n.
1 ltvaplltui of flrnek or ntlssian de
velopments. It la declared tin? Herman
I .sTustrlan-Hulgarlan-Turklsh communion
! tlon line Is unbreakable.
opposite Austrian frontier, as the drive'
objective. ...
Tho Utilitarian forces In the south are
advancing their llnea gradually, and
Holla advices oxpreee confidence that
, ii, I.. .. a..ttl.H M.r.itAnll
cleared of armod Serb forces, of Hnt-
Ish. and of rrencn wuntn ma "
Austro-Germans to
Protect Bulgar Border
Along.Danube River
LONDON. Da 1. A dispatch to the
Morning Post from , Bucharest, dated
Tuesday, says:,
"Feverish preparations are being
made at Hustchuk. on the Danube west
of tho lloumanlan border, to uccom-'
modatf 50.000 Austro-Oerman troops
who are duo to arrive Ihcro shortly.
Many officers with war materials al
ready have arrived.
"Pour Austrian monitors sre patrol
Ing tho Danube along the wholo length
of the Hulgarlan shore to where tho
Hulgarlan frontier Joins that of Hou
Monastir Evacuated .
i By Serbians; Bulgars
To Occupy the City
LONDON. Dec, 1. Monastir waa
formally surrendered to the Ilulgarlana
on Monday, according to on Athens dis
patch to the Dally Telegraph. Colonef
Vassltch. the Berblan commander. In
formed tho Oreek consul of his Inten
tion to surrender the city without light
ing In order to nvold useless bloodshed.
A commission composed of the Oreek
and Roumanian consuls nnd priests was
appointed to negotiate with tho Uulgars
ns to the handling over of the city, and
the commission went to the headquar
ters of tbo nearest Bulgar army for a
Colonel Vassltch left Monastir by tho
last train for Fiorina. whli the IlrltUh
consul proceeded to Oreek territory with
the archives. Hallway communication,
odds the dispatch, has eeaaed between
Monastir and Florins.
Bulgars. Pursue Serbs j
Into Albania to Halt
Army Reorganization
HHItLlN Ma London). Dec 1 -Bulgarian
troops oi e across the Serbian
frontier todav pursuing the rteelnc
Serbs southward through the Albanian
Tho Set lis oie making no further or
ganised resltnnce. Austro-Oerman are
aiding In the piiisult to prevent the
Set lis from iolniiig the southern armv
Tbo .utrlans arc slowlv nushlne their
Montenegrin Invasion The Montene
grins are lighting denernlely. Thev
aro In tin" field to the last boy and old
man stiong enough to hold u gun.
Women me also reported hi the ranks.
The Bulgars liav been In full oe
eupatlnn of Prlsrend for three davs. U
Is now their base of operations ngalnst
the Serbs In Albania
The AtiMrluu Purpose h to strike
straight through Montenegro sltv miles
to the westward, with Cettltiio. the capi
tal, which ! nnlv ten mites from the
French Bombard Frise;
Aif Attack at Lens;
Turks Abandon Sap
PAltlH. Dec. l.-iHelallatlng for a fu
tile (lerman attempt to blow up a
French position, French nrtllleiy has
bombarded the Kaiser's line violently in
the vicinity of Prise. In the Homme re
gion, today's official communique de
clared. A French aviator dropped six bombs
on the railroad station at Len. A sec
ond brought a German airman down
In the DaYdanellee. one Turblsh post
was blown up nnd the Ottoman forces
were compelled to abandon their posi
tion nt Sap. Cold weather tend'is oper
ations there difficult.
U-Boat Sinks English
Ship; 5 of Crew Missing
liXt)O.V, Dec 1. The British etenm
er Klngswav has been sunk by a sub
nisiltie, with a possible loss of live
Htcs. The captain nnd twenty-one of
the Klng'way's crew were landed to
da, I1e others are missing
Three llngswaa are officially listed
The KIngwa, of Indon. 3.617 tons,
owned bv the Beaver Hhlpplng Com
pany, the Klngsway. of Vancomcr. B
f . 1,40? tons, owned by the Standard
Fisheries, tho Klngsway. of Orlmsby,
Ihiglaud, ill tons, owned by the Strand
SJtcam Fishing Company.
The forecast for the District of Co
lumbla Fair nnd somewhat warmer to
night; Thursday unsettled, probablj
light rain, light to moderate variable
Mnrvland Increasing clntillne'S, fol
lowed hy light rain late tonight or
Thursday: somewhat warmer tonight,
moderato varlablo winds.
Virginia Fair and somewhat warmer
tonight. Thursday unsettled with proh.
nnlv light rain: light to moderate vari
able wind.
1 a
i a
10 a
11 a
1! noon.
1 p. m..
a. m 31
n a. m "-'
10 a. m 3
11 a. m 42
12 noon M
1 p. m 46
High tide.
Low tide..
2.31 a. m. and 3:(m p. m.
!:10 a. m. and 9:13 p. m.
Sun rose ".:57 Hun sets 4:42
Light automobile lamps at D:1S p. m.
If nu resllre the unslghtllness. the
aggravation and the danger of skin af
fections w hlch ate allowed to persist
een thoso of minor nature ou will
promptly tr'nt them with Poslaip
This Is tile jemeilv to use If you wish
to quickly clear tiiem awav and end
distress and Itchlnir Irritation It checks
Eczema, wet or dry Is unusually ef
fective with Scalp.cale. Hash. Acne.
Itch. Pimples Hellees raw. Inflamed
and aggravated skin most effectively.
A wqrd about soap Poalam Soap ex
eels in rich, wholesome qualities Per
fection for the skin. Try dally, hne
month, for Toilet and Bath
For samples, send 4c stamps to Emer
gency Laboratories. 32 West 23th. St..
New Tork "lty. Sold by all druggteta.
IN the first nineteen days of Novem
ber the sales of Goodyear Tires
showed a gain of 129 per cent over
the samenineteen days last year.
Since this great gain was not based
upon a lower price, you are perfectly
safe in accepting it as proofs positive
of a higher quality.
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
European w ilsrosnds hsve eud
a thorux m K vrorld supply ot
mstenals used in the tnsnufactuis
ol White Tte.d Tiret.
Th tolor of Coodyur Tlfes my
uttimstely be changed Irom while
Our supply of the required msurislt
ohoti ths giel punioa of oor
n 01 lues o
11 1 IS avAAUtn (Hit ntlt Ol lUi
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' I

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