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(visit ovn FUItNITUHB STORK, across tiiu 1-tuek-t !!! l-l- 1 I '! i-
rw i n-r
f We Were Never Better Prepared to Supply Warm Wearables Than
tNow and Every Need Can Be Supplied Tomorrow at a Real Saving;;
9. . . : 1 crnnr unilDC. n... a.AK A M r"l A P'M. f-T: TT n I i I i "
STORE HOURS: Open 8:45 A. M.. Close 6 P.M.
10c Cakes of
$2 China Tea Service
With This Coupon 98C
THIS COUPON nnd 98c for regular $2.00 Japa
nese China Tea Service, beautifully decorated in two
handsome patterns. Set consists of Tea Pot, Sugar
Bowl, Creamer, Six Cups and Six Saucers.
Rascmcnt. C)
25c Steel Knives
With This Coupon Q
Cc foi icgular inc
cake of Physicians'
and Surgeona" Toilet
Soap inadu of pure
vegetable oils (T)
MTH ilDU Of 7U
THIS COUPON and 9c for regular
25c bleel Kltchon Knlfo Set. consist
ing of una lPc Dread Knife, one 10c
Cuke Knife, and one ric ParlnK Knife,
all with black enameled liandlcn
Uasemcnt. (T)
t?.u for Hunllcil Tooth
Powder or Tooth
Paste, tegular price
Sfic (T)
Thursday's Luncheon 25c
Beef Slew, Slewed l'ei.
flerted In our Pnrllr Cfe-
I'otntn ntnd, rirend nnd flatter, nml Toffee,
-lecond Kloor.
1 yph
Another Big, Rousing Ten-Dollar Sale Event Offering Choice of Hundreds of
Women's Fall Suits and Coats
Worth $18, $20, $22.50 and $25, at .
A sale planned to eclipse the wonderful values of
fered in our previous TEN DOLLAR sale of women's suit
and coats-with bierer assortments and greater values thai.
those which brought us such a tremendous response sev
eral weeks ago. Several makers have contributed surplus
stocks and to these special purchases we have added hun
dreds of garments from our own lines, all of which have
been grouped in one great big showing that will prove a delight u..u icvelauun in un
usual value-giving to every woman who atte nds tomorrow's unique bargain event.
X 1 v
$ pro
The Suits at $12.50 Include:
Broadcloth Suit
Poplin Suits
Gabardine Suits
Cheviot Suit
Serge Suits
Diagonal Suits
Mixture Suits
Novelty Suits
Fur-trimmed Suits
Velvet-trimmed Suits
Military Suits
Russian Blouse Suits
Tailored Suits
Box Coat Suit
Braid-trimmed Suits
Sport Suits
All the Leading Fall and Winter. Shades
The Coat at $12.50 Include:
Corduroy Coats Sport Coats
Pebble Cheviot Coati Skating Coat
Broadcloth Coat Golf Coat
Ural Lamb Coat Military Coats
Fancy Mixture Coats Norfolk Coats
Plaid Coats Dress Coats
Zibeline Coats Tailored Coats
Boucle Coats Novelty Coats
All Sizes for Women and Misses
Conditions of the Sale: No C. O. D.'i No Exchange No Credit
Ready to Supply Every Cold Weather Need in
Women's and Children's Knit Underwear
Women' Fleered Cotton L'ndrrtrcar, shirt
and pants, bleached only; shirts with high
neck and lontr sleeves, unklo pants; or.
sizes 6 to 9. Worth 39c each. Garment ul
Women' Plreced Hteaehrd Cotton IIhIiib
Nulla, hlKh neck anil Ion? sleeves, nnnlj
pants, Dutch neck and elbow sleeves, slight
ly Imperfect Regular 11.00 tQn
talucs ttC
MUaea tlnltleaehrd Pleeeed Cotton Under
wear, shirts with high neck and lonK sleeves
anKio pants; rues 2 to is yearn, lleg
ular 25c values
lloa' Natural Fleered Cotton Union Nulla,
nign nerK ann long sleeves, nnKle
pants, closed crotch, sizes 24 to 3t..
.Mlaaea' Hlrarhed Fleered Collnn Union
Nulla, hlKh neck and long sleeves, ankle
pants; taped nerka, sizes 2 to 16 year".
Regular r.Oc valtien
Mlaaea I nblenehed Fleeced Cotton Color
Nulla, high neck and long sleeves, ankle 1Q.
pantH, odd sizes. Worth 3!ic each.. ,. JLtC
Chlldrrn'a Unbleached Fleered I ndernrar,
nhlrta with high neck and long alcoves,
unkle pants, sizes 18 to 22. Ui-Ktilar 1Qf,n
20c uluea l&'ZC
Women's "Mrrodf" Bleached Cotton t'nlnn
Nulla, high neck and long slneves, Dtitih
neik ami elbow sleetcs, low neck and sleeo
less, high neck nnd short sleeves,
ankle pantx: regular sizes
(i;xtra xizex, ii ou.)
Mlaaea' "Merode" .Mrdlum-melKht Cotton
t'nlon Nulla, high neck and long sleever
Dutch neck und elbow sleeves, unkle pants,
taped necka; sizes 2 to 16 yearn. Kpcci.il
values at
50c and 69c
Dress, Coat and
Trimming Buttons
Worth up to 50c a Dozen
at 5c Card
Manufacturer' samples, put up In
canlx of six to twehc. Pino quality
button, for dresses, roata and trlm
mltiK purposes. Including a In rue as
sortment of novel and pretty ile
xlKnx, In fancv metal. Jet; rrvatnl,
lone and ct-llulold, nil surta of colui
ItiE. Hold retularly up to Wc a dozen.
Sale price. Gc a card
Uri'xa Trlinmlni; Uept.
fil' 11' Inn P iiilnlulMf Jt
All-Wool Storm Serge
Regular 75c Quality at CQp
A fine, firm-woven serviceable quality for tailored suits and
skirts 50 inches wide, strictly all pure wool. In black and navy blue
Specially priced for Thrift Day at 59c a yard regularly 75c.
44 Inch All Wool
Imported Caharrtlnr.
In Muck and all want
eil ahadc. Regular
ly $1 23 QQ
nrd iOC
l Inch All Wool
Cheviot, good weight
for aulta nnd nklrtx)
rich Jel hlBik
Worth $1.00
arrt ..
d X
r Inch ll Wool
Sroleli SultlnK. neat J.
mixed i f fectx. a ver
popular fnhrlc
xulta nnd xklrtx
Worth $1 21
A Thursday Sale of
Men's and Young Men's
I Suits and Overcoats
Greatly Under Value
A remarkable economy event that will interest
men who want to buy a winter suit at a pronounced
saving.' The suits arc of all-wool pure. Worsteds,
Cassimcrcs, Tweeds and Cheviots, in a splendid as
sortment of dark patterns, neat pin stripes, checks.
overplaids, novelty silk mixtures and fancy gray
plaids. Correctly styled in English and conserva
tive models; well tailored and well fitting. Sizes
for men and young men; 16 to 20
and 34 to 42. Values worth $12.50,
$13.50 and $15.00. Sale price. . .
Men's $13.50 and $15.00
Overcoats at $9.25
! A fine collection of Men's and Young Men's Winter
i Overcoats, in a splendid assortment of patterns; lat-
est form-fittinp: und Balmaroon models. Full and quar-
ter lined; finished with cloth or velvet ftO OS
i collars. Sizes 32 to 42 JJaO
i Men's Clothing Department Fourth Floor.
flvr nfsa
$8.85 rm
Auction Sale of Smith Rugs
Provides the Biggest Savings of the Season
This great sale of rugs secured from the Auction Sale held by
Alexander Smith & Sons is the talk of the toun. Present sale prices
are notably low and with raw wools and dyes growing scarcer every
day owing to European conditions, it is not likely that such values
can ever be offered again. We were the Urgest Washington pur
chases at the Smith sate, and you .will fjrtcl here the greatest as
sortments of patterns in the city. If you have a rug need to supply
this winter, now is the time to select it while you can buy at these
big savings.
$18.00 Seamless Brussels Rugs
9x12 ft. room size. Sale price
$16.00 Seamless Brussels Rtifs;
S ft. 3 by 10 ft. 6 in. Sale pries
$12.50 Seamless Brussels Rugs;
7 ft. 6 by 9 ft. Sale price
$22 50 Seamless Brussels Rugs;
9x12 ft room size. Sale price
4th floor. Hug Department
f jg aaShffl 1
$12.50 Seamless Brussels Rugs;
6x9 ft. room size. Sale price
$15.00 Seamless Brussels Rugs;
7 ft. 6 by 9 ft. size. Sale price
$25.00 Wilton Velvet and Axmin- fljl: QC
stcrRugs; 9x12 ft. size. Sale price. . .$lUy J
$30.00 Fine Grade Axminstcr ( ft i C
Rugs; 9x12 ft. size. Sale price 4a:40
Women's Flannelette Kimonos
And Other Cold Weather Needs
Boys' $5.00 Wool Suits
With 2 Pairs of Pants $3.89
The extra pair of pants means double service.
The suits are of winter-weight Fancy Cassimeres in
neat dark patterns; good serviceable quality that
will withstand a boy's healthy violence. Both pairs
of Knickerbocker pants are full lined and taped.
Sizes 7 to 18 years. Special at $3.89 tomorrow.
IlnjV ai.OO Conl Swentera.
of r'ay nin xl.nu 1-collnr
tlc. xizea 7 to II r7Q(
Ilojx' nnd Chlldrrn'a
"M'enr llrnnd" llnl. ell
xhr.jes nnd colors, aultable
for hojR nnd children from
2 to S yeura of npe. All
very flno quality materials.
Values worth tip to IQ
lon OKj
IIotn' Itraiy Mackinaw
Hrefem, blanket and Cana
dian plaid patterns: choice
if llii different Norfolk
mprleU, sl.ea 7 to 18 yearn
Vnlua wot th 16 00 fljl HS
and jr. 1 O'i.l O
Jnriille .Sulti, of fancy
piaterlalK, Biictr ax cassl
mere. tweeds, nnd other
fnbrlcn. In Itunlun, Bail
ors, Dutch Paddy, and ves
ten at) Irs, sU.a 2H to S
years. Valuea fl- Of
woith up to M.oo wl.Otl
Women's 1'lannelette Kimonos, all
new HKht and medium color noral
deslBns. New st lea, Inclurtlnc em
pire models, neatly trim- (1 Q
nied; all slics. Worth $1 7S tDl.4!
Women's Wool Hr iters. t
stllsh weacs. with and nlthom
belts, new collars nnd cuffs, ml
made with pockets and finished wltn
Rood quality buttons. In while.
na blue, green, Kra, Drown, nun
red, nil sties. IteRUlar Jl ( I
Crepe Dressing Hacuue. juett
colortnKs, with larsc satin oillars.
cuffB, and buttons. Mso of DikK-
lln tleece, with satin trlmtnlnes
All slcs Special allies
al . . .
New Sateen 1'ettleoats. nch, lus
trous tlnlsb, made with the new .'
plalteil rufllo und (elleu sctm
Mtteu tops, in oiacK navy niur
Itreen, and purple Itfgular
1 .o allies
Silver Mesh Bags
$3 and $3.50
Values . . .
Special lot of German Silver Mesh Dags, full fi-inch size;
of fine quality unbreakable mesh, with engraved and embossed
German silver frames; in a variety of attractive patterns.
Special tomorrow at $1.69. Jewelry Dept.
Towels at 10c Each
A surplus lot of Huck Towels,
made up for leading hotels and pub
lic Institutions, and hearing their
names woien in the hnnlcis 01
through the centers. rine grade
I'nlon I.lnen Huck, In various desir
able sizes, good weight and absorb
ent quftllt
Replenish our ncrda tomorrow at
this saving
Men's Winter Underwear 1
at Worth-While Savings
There arc lots of things a man requires at this season of the
year -heavier underwear for one thing; an additional supply of
shirts or hosiery for another, and the various other furnishings that
must be replenished from time to time. These values point the way
to unusual savings.
Mrs'i Amerlcaa Knlltlmc 31111a Australian
l.nmb'a-wool I ndrmrar, medium weight, shirts
and drnwura to match, all Ues. Worth Qrn
$1.60 VOL
Mrp'a "Faultlcs Alahtrobes. domet nnd
felted flannel, extra full-cut sizes manufac
turers samplis and overproductions.
Values worth $1.00 und $1 50 Special at
Mra'a C.enulne lleneon t loth tllankel Unlit
Itobea, mnde with notch nnd shuw 1 collai.i
nlno Lounging Itobes, finished with silk cord
bindings, good hiay weights. Values
worth SG 00 nnd $6 00
tlra'a I.OU Corinth Mill. Natural Wool I n
dernear, heav weight, shirts with tapeu
necks, drawers with sateen waistband CQ.
and douhle seat OUC
Wrn'a 91.at Lanli's-don Wool-fleece In
drrornr, flecco guarnntced not to rub off,
shirts und diawtrs to match, all Qf
lien's a.t.00 llouhlr-fare Coif Cloth SmoklnK
Jackets, all-wool large arlet) of
colors and combinations .
Mrns l.5n .Norfolk and Nen llrunawlrk
I nlon tiiltN, hcn ribbed luilbrlggan, ecru nn 1
gra , llulshed with patented fintlock QQn
earns Jut
Children's Warm Wearables
Specially Priced for Thursday
A Wonderful Display of
Ribbon Novelties
Values Up
to $2.50, at . . .
Actual $1.00 AO-r
and $1.25 Kinds at OVC
Women's Leather Hand Bags, in new and stylish shapes;
silk or leather linad, with German silver or fancy metal frames.
Good quality leathers that will give splendid service.
A special lot of regular Si. 00 and S 1.25 values on sale
at 69c.
Charmingly dainty, pretty novel
ties made of ribbons ideal gifts
for friends. Visit our ribbon de
partment and see the many articles
on display--including Bags of
many kinds, Ribbon Cases, Purses,
Coat Hangers and other novelties
that have a practical side sure to
be appreciated by the recipient.
Kach one suitable boxed. Hxtra
alues at one dollar.
Itltihnn Department, 1st Kloor.
79c Puff Boxes
and Hair Receivers at 55c Each
Puff Boxes and Hair Receivers of fine quality Pyralin Ivory,
in pretty shapes. Inexpensive and acceptable gifts for friends.
Toilet Goods Dept. First Floor.
Sterling Silver Thimble
Regular Price 19c, at . . . i)Q
Sterling Silver Thimbles, in women's and misses' sizes; well
made, heavy weight. Jewelry Dept.
59c Two Yards Wide
Table Damask at
39c a Yard
Excellent quality Yam Meicerlzcd
Satin Tnhlo Dimnsk; weighty nnd
firm wocn. choice of si neat pat
terns Washing will not harm Its
beautiful satin luster, for this cloth
Is mercerized In the arn Note the.
width 72 Inches (two jards) wide.
Infants' All Wool Sweat
ers In white and whlto with
pink or blun trimmings, with
and without collars, and
pockets Sizes six months to
3 years. Regular $1 " QO
nlues .... iOl
Infants' All Wool lagging
pliln, close wcae. In red
and Copenhagen blue: with
out feet; also plain whltee.
without feet Regu
lar 1 25 alues .
Infants hlto Honnets, of
silk poplin and other ma
terials trimmed with lace
nnd ilbbun, also plainer
of cor-
Infants' Hath Holies, of
Uencon cloth. In nlnk nnd
blue, ne it collars and pock
et. Ilnlshed with K(n
hea cord OU
I.lttle Tots' Knitted Touues
all wool. In n arlel of
st!es, all white and com
bination trloimlngs nlsor.d.
gray, nay bluo and Kfift
Children's Coats, of coi
duroys he.nlly lined, made
nlth stvUsh belts and collars
llnlshid with line buttons
colors Include bmun, in"
and Copenhagen blues Sizes
2 to ears CJQ QQ
Woith J.1 ( iDO,UO
Mlaena' an.f nhlMr.n1. U'nnl Kinrf ets. with HlllV lUllkl tllll lllj COl-
. . I. .-r.. Ilnlulmil ft .
ors. sucn ns lose, gieen, reu, grn, nuu i'iiiiviiiiukch j.i..iio i,.. ijw r
with deep fringe . "
A Mill's Surplus Lots of $3.00, $3.50 and $4.00
$1.95 I
Inexpensive Gifts
From the Notion Dept.
Japanese Pin Cushions. In manv
quaint and prettv Bhapes; In Silk
Pin Cushions for the sewing table or
work basket Usual Uc to 2k:
nlucs at
Ribbon Hanger bewln Peti. ncatlv
made, with bono rings and equipped
with useful sewing requisites OKp
Special at
Notion Dept
1st floor
Muff Reds, or foundations for the
muffs which nre so popular this
winter Round or pillow shapes;
will made nml satin faced
special aluo nt Mr Diess Trim
ming !Pt.
In a Wonderful Sale
Offering at . . .
A purchase of hundreds of pairs of curtains obtained from one
of the best -known Eastern makers who produces the finest quality
Nottingham and Cable Net Curtains. Choice of several grades, all
offered at one low price that will bring housewives to our Fourth
Floor Curtain Department tomorrow to supply their drapery needs
for tht winter season.
They consist of Cable Net and Nottingham Lace Curtains,
in a large assortment of new and artistic patterns that are close
copies of the real imported laces. Choice of white, ivory, ecru, and
Arabian shades; full widths and lengths. Sale price, $1,95 pair.
Imported Crepe Meteor
Full 40 Inches Wide D t (Q
Regular $2 Quality... Hv7
, This fashionable silk at a price that will establish new selling and v
value records tomorrow. 40 inches wide all-silk urcpe meteor,
firm woven quality, with rich satin face; in a full assortment
. . j ..,:.,.. ,-1, ,! mKiiulmo Wlntf I iclit Rluo Pink. M;
MIVCl illiu ukillll Ju, iiikiuuuij, ,..,.., ...B"- - v
Copenhagen, Nile, Old Rose. Apricot, Alice. Silver, Reseda. Wis- f
)TUi;, ap
ing and v
tcor, of ?
lent of S
, Mais, f
taria, Taupe, Plum, Golden Brown, Seal, African Brown, My
Battleship Gray, Navy and Black.
l.'-lnch new Tub M'Us, rich lus
trous n'lallU, absolutH lnt iul
oi ., white g, minds, i h nil idol
stripe r lUihliiatlnus Worth OCp
D'N hiiI OOK,
Sale price, $1.09 a yard.
Is inch etia heavy Chiffon Tal A
feta rillK, with soft tissue tlnlsn 7;
111 ia blue turns blue uldntclit A
lfR"",Mvj)8c 4;
a tue aTitmjf n i- m 1 l'l--l--l--I--l--l--l-l--KI--i--l--'.-'' ov" VVUimtHK stouk. uuoii mi: TKJKriM-1'-l--r-S--Hi-!r-:--rH--i''l'l't
HH-1' I 1 I ' ' I frt'l'-I'-l''r-r l8n' Mil irLHMTliaU

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