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Che 1$Btogfaro Wimt
Fair Tonight
(Full Report on Page Two.)
Charles D. Etchison, Salesman,
Arrested By Local Authori
tiesHusband of Dead
Woman Also Held.
Washington Man Declares She
Fell Over Cliff Suits For
Bigamy and Restoration of
Property Also Pending.
Charles D. Etchison, a sales-1
man, living at the Cavendish, is
being held here for the authorities
of Minneapolis, where, the local
police arc informed, an indictment
stands against him in connection
with the death of Mrs. Mary i
Fridlcy Price.
Etchison. vihn un a rptrrl hi' !
Detectives Springman and Hugh
lett last n'ght, says that Mrs. Price
died as the result of an accident.
He told the police that on Noveml
ber 28, 1914, he, with Mrs. Price
and her husband, were on an auto
mobile ride. While he and Mr.
Price were cpairing the car near
the East Side Parkway, the woman
vent for a strolland fell over a
cliff, her injuries 'proving fatal.
Etchison, who rale his age in thlrt)
threa ears. toM the police that he Is
a, traveling representative for a local
concern engaged In the manufacture of
piper boxes and paper bottle. Ho la
The man declares that he will return
to Minneapolis Just ae soon as he can
get there to answer to the charge made
against hhn. lie sa)s that he was in
that city for a ronsldeiablo time after
the death of Mrs nice, and Unit no
mention was inane t0 Jilm or nn In
vestigation, nor did he recelie tun In
timation that the offlrlnls of that citj
ivere Interested In him
A special dispatch toda) to The Times
from Minneapolis sa)s:
Frederick T. Price Indicted with
Charles D. .stchlann, of Washington, on
a. charge of murder In the first decree
Jn connection with the death of Man
I rldley I'rlco on November a, M, Is
jucncu up line in nunnipin count)
At Foot of Clilf.
Mar) Tridlej I'rlco was found dead
at tho foot of a steep cliff on the eat
bank of the .Mississippi river between
Kranklln avenue and likc street
bridges. Since her death rclatiies hme
ridiculed consistently the explanation
made b 1'ilen and Ktchlson that she
ccldentall) fell oier the embankment.
Price, who i also under indictment
en a bigamy charge gave himself up
resterdaj when n bench warrant had
oen Issued to hold him pending the
grand Jury Investigation o fthc mstcrl
ous death of the woman He lulu rlieH
$23000 through her death and dill suits I
rn penning to rorce mm to return the
property. A hearing In probate court
Ho set asldo tho decree by which he
obtained the property Is set for toda).
Price' started a damage suit agalnrit
the park board for 17.600. alleging
her death was caused through iieg
ligence of the hoard to maintain a
guard fence at the hlghwa) cmbanrf
nient. Etchison and Price Untitled that the
woman fell over the cliff while
searching for her dog, while the men
were attending to engine trouble of
thy automobile In which the three had
driven to the spot.
The park board contended that ne
5" not the legal husband of Mar)
Frldlejr Price, as ho had never been
lawful!) dliorccd from his first wife
Kidnaped Infant Is
Returned to Mother
Philadelphia! ITec ;-i,cwi'
Bnjrder. rour-month-old Infant, kid
naped Manila), Is today In the arms of
his hysterical mother, I'ollnwlng n clt).
wide hue and cr) ovei his dlsappeai
ance, the child was founj last night
on the sleps of a Horer street house,
where ho was abandoned n a man and
The whereabouts of Itlihaid Kenklns
eight years old, continues to baffle tk.e
Dallas Convention Bid
Supported By Atlanta
ATLANTA. Dee. ! -Dallas bid for
the 1916 Democratic convention will h
Indorsed bv Atlanta Mijor Woodward
members of the clt council, the coun
ti commissioner, and delegations from
the Chamber of f'ommerro the ij
Men's Club the Hotel Men's .cia.
(Ion and others will meet the Dallas
delegation on Its wnv In i' -t..n
here Saturda, and pi ent certificates
Indotslng the stand
Torpedo Greek Ship.
LONDON Dec 2. -The Gieek sleam
s-lilp 7arlls his bn n sunk In a sub
marine Iht new lander toda) at
Sees Progressive Parly
In 1916 Campaign
if; 'B
' Jm Ts dMMMM
H' g '4mMMMM
Progressive Chairman Will Con
fer With Roosevelt on Plans
N' V'P.K. vc 2 -Colonel Koos'
lelt ln absolutely no Intention of re
ttirr'iur to the Ilepiibtlcan pirtv. sccord
Inr to '"cerise I'eiklns, chalrm-in of
the "rorrsshe executive committee,
win. Is to confer with the colon"! to-d-iv
"ihe colonfl's srtlmi In wltMriwhig
h' name is a Preslien"al candldfT1
from th ItepuMlcsr prlmsrles In Ne
brnska ilionld ir.d all tnlk that he Is
riu "nek to tl old pir'v" said Mr.
riceent n(tllt -it (lister la. whn
severs! I iicressle narli !"nders ron
feired -aIMi the ror-ner Pres dent snn
port 'he st iten.ent of 1r Perk n Vic
tor M'irilork and Medlll Mri'.irmlck
haie ennfened with t'u iclone' within
two week t'hnlimsii Krunk P 'or
ilck. of th" S'ehrisKe Pretresslip State
rcnnnlt'ee was it Oister I!av ter
day hai'iinn 'linnep P DodE". of
thd t'olur.ido Pro'usslir -tate o'limlt
ttt. .-xperts to see th" colinel tod i)
Keep Tarty Failh.
:.n about reports that the Pro
gi.s"es aie nllltng to Indorse luttlre
Ili'l-hei (ln case lie Is namlni'cd for
the Picslilenci h the P.epubllpnn con
lent on. Mi. Per'ilns said"
"I am too busy to dens all reports
cli ciliated b reactionaries But the
slutenxnt our lommlttee 'ssucd a few
dais ago should coier that point. The
I'rogresslies are not botheilng about
what the Itepubllcans or the Democrats
ma do We are unlng straight ahead
with our plans for 1016"
The I!d2 Progresslie platform "broucht
up to dale" will form the basis of the
parti's appeal for lotes In 1911, he con
tinued. Other Possibilities.
Ilesldes Colonel Itooseielt and Ooier
nor Johnson of Cal fornla. Albert J.
Heierldge and Charles Sumner nird,
formei Progresslio isndldate for gov
ernor of Massachusetts, ate being talked
of as Progressive Presidential possibili
ties, he said.
"The Progressives have an organza
tlon for this campaign." said Perkins
Kour ears ago we had nothing In the
way of an organlratlon l'lnanclng
the campulgn probably will bother us
We expect, however, to meet w th suc
cess In a popular appeal for funds as
In 131J"
Buenz Verdict Today
To Guide U. S. Course
NP.W YORK Oec .'A decision which
will hse far-ieaching effect on future
action of the l'nlted Mates against
German activities In this cnuntr) prob
ably will be relumed here late todav
l'edeial officials believe that the
verdict of the Jur In the trial of 11am-buit-Ameilcan
line oflluials dunged
with violating Pulled Stales customs
laws thinugh fuinlsnlng supplies to
Gentian wiitshlps uiav eaM an a pio
ccduit fin nunieioiiH other cases In
volving pro-Gcimnn pioojsnudlsls
.Ncv. I ui k wus tuimu Into u virtual
naval base that Ummuny's commeice
njdors inlalu be furnished with tuel
and supplies. That moie than J1.J0000O
was mienl and that the money came
Horn Germain. Is admitted The Ileilln
government mid tne liumbuig-Amei-cm
Hue pledged to an ugiccmrnt to
furnish supplies to vvarshlpd In easo of
wai even befote hostilities opened
The iiuestlon nt Iv.uo Is whether
American customs laws weie violated
when false manlfsts wetc made and
vessels ihaied In such a way as to
prevent Information of their mission
leaching Germain's enemies.
Hand completed Ills aMiiment shortlv
biforo noon Wood was the net to
speak. In closing, Hand deilreri the
Govtinments case had nairovved down
lo whethei It was a crime to peinill an
ill Intentional iiroi tint m "' 'he s'n
tlstks if tin pott nf New ntk 'mm.
ti I bi tlbCOO
'Pcsteiatelv liitiiteil a lliev vfre In
thflr patilotU dull in their o'lntrv,
perhaps thev ovei linked this detil,
I i no ressmi In defiaul th I nltcd
Males Out purpose, our tntlta inlar-
Questioned As to Whether They
Would Like To Be Affiliated
With A. F. of L.
Every Branch of District System
Represented in Organization
"Do ion favor nn organlratlon of
W'ashl'iston school teachers to be af
filiated wl'h the eltj's laboi unions''"
That Is one of the nidations being ask
ed Washington teachers through blanks
being distributed among all the teach-
ers In the svstem bv a committee which
will form an organlratlon of the clti's'
On this comm'ttee ore representatives
of eierv branch of the school svstem,
high, normal, grade, vocational and
kindergarten schools The moiement !
the first effort to form a clty-wldt
nraanlzition which shall embrace everv
teachei In the cllv.
Blanks Returned.
Alreadv members of the committee
haie recelied returned olanks filled out
bv those who believe In a labor union
for teachers. Other plans suggested In-'
elude social and professional clubs and
an association for protection In regard
to salaries, sick benefits, and teachers
Heading the committee which Is gath
ering the data nrellmlnaii tn nrirnni.
tlon Is .Miss Helen Onrdon. of the James
Ormond Wilson Normal School
Other prominent teachers on the com
mittee gathering the Information Indiide
Allft Iytf fills Lrtiaii !". .... j iv .
-t-i, -"- ti.-iu. .man wchh
tUrk. Uompttf Sclfncr; Ml a M.
nill. drnt M !... ititi .."
Alias Urate M. Jnhnsoti Hunlnraa. Mian
Merrill. Wtafrtt t.- a.... .
Tompsoiii Miss Pauline Mueden. Madl-
i.' .ti .i "SiKI I""1' " Neale. draw
u u 'V rJ,,"ll5- , .manual training.
Miss Ilernlce Randall, music. Miss M
'T"1. Ketchnm. Miss Klsle Saunders
Phislcal training. Miss Man P Shin
man. Mclilnlei . Miss Clara Stutr. Mon
roe, Miss Laura O Wessells Van Ness.
Ms. Itoberta H Wilson domestic art.
Miss Hertha A Voder. Kdmonds
Body Could Do Much.
Manv nrolects for the advancement of
the welfare of teachers It Is explained.'
could be furthered In sui h an orcnnl
Jatlon. Mich projects Include stand
ardlxatlon of salaries, chances In meth
ods of promotion, pensions for Hgcd
teachers, and slmllat measures '
In the questionnaire being persnnall i
distributed by committee members tho
teachers are asked whether thev prefer
a clubhouse or the use of some plant
like that at the James Ormond llson
Normal hchool, which contains a llbrari.
auditorium, stage, svinnaslum kitchen
and other equipment that could be nsd
b a club Questions also are asked
about dues and w bethel private srhool
teachers arc to be Included In the or-,
St. Elizabeth's Inmate
Sues to Win Freedom
1 i
Keclarlng he was fnrclbl) removed '
from the National Soldiers' Home at '
I ravenworth ,to the Government llos- j
pllsl fv- the Insane here, where he has
been detained for neaili live jears i
against his will, Ilenrv N Young todaj
seemed a wilt of habens corpus re
quiring Supt William A White to how
cause whv ho should not be releiscd I
The writ Is returnable before Justice I
vjouid in i ircuit uourt Mi J December
10 at 1.13 p. m
prle, was Irrtl That is uiiai ou
niurt consli'ei.
"I hold nn Lrli f fd ''iptaln llov-ld
or the Geimun gommment. I .it Bn
Kd has not been hov.n to be a cun
splrator In this case
Judge Howe olll.o Pnvil lie v 111 In.
struct th jury that the ficl the cer
(.oes nf the supplv -ihlps were lnifnded
mi amps hi aea siiouid have been In
I eluded In Hie manlfeits
In his addicts tn th lun todav. llip I
was to lav much sties on the "hnr
ec( of llr Kar. Hueiir -lie n-ln"!'
I defendant, who became managing ill
lector of the llTTibui j. inei i.ir, l.'no
aft, i a long service In Herman dlplo
l nntl and financial circle
rueni Is seventv-tvvo lenrs old lie
Has held Impmlint poiltlotn lnre a
voting nnn Tint ),, was msvor. then
! !'," T" , " ''', '"V" town In SehlevvlB-
HOIiteln After A toil" nn,,ipntlnfil,l,i
ill tie 'oielbti offlic, he was sent ti
America In the ioniilar ervlce. He
!" i ,con""1 "t 'hlcaco riming the
Yt ui Id a I ilr and liter consul nenrril
In New irk In the VenoucHn dis
pute during Cleveland'., administra
tion he was chUf munsel foi Germiinv
In The Hague neKotlatioii Koi tile
yenit ,o ,(,,i practical cintrol of the
llnnncf., of Turkci. Iiovlt.g gone tin rn
as German lepresentatlio for the onv
mtlie of ureal povveis w'io ichah II
t-sted Tur'.lsh finance I ilei ho was
-mnn mlnlst. r to Mexico
Buenz resigned from the diplomatic
SPtilre In 111J to accept the position
of managing dliectnr of the Hamburg
American line. Throughout the trlsl
he liaa rontended that he had no knowl
edge of the minor details of clearing
and manifesting ships, on which the
Government based lit case.
Leader in Movement
Educators' Club
Votes of Five Absentees May
Settle the Clarke-Pomerene
The Senate Democratic caucus recon
vened ihls afternoon with the tight
over cloture and the wir oier th re
election of Senator Cirke of Arkansas
for I'resld-nt I'ro Tempore on In fu'l
The plan Is to consider rloturo this
sftirnoou and tn to ittle what Is to ''e
done about the p..oixed gar rule which
Senator riwen and the "pedal commit
e, nn clntuie hue fi in ed
Meantime, the supporters of Senator
t linke and the supporters of senator
I'omerene of Ohio f,ir frisldent pro
leinpou are each asserting the will
win The struggle over the onice ot
!' slilr nt pro lciiiinic Is both close and
1'iie Senators Absent.
Ilie sltuatliin hangs on two or three
votes I'lie Senators aro aDsrnt
.Marline I.ea Lewis, Culberson, and
llroussai d Wires have boon sent asK
Ing them to be here, but they have not
ttui fai appealed
The strife over President pro tempore
nnd oiei cloture has become so Intense
that manv fear It may endanger the
national defense ningram and other Im
portant legislation
Not onlj Is there much of personal
feeling mixed uri in the Clarke. I'omerene
contention, but sectionalism has en
tered Some of the Northern Demo
naili Senator saj the South Is "hog
fclng" the oftkes
Peril To Session Program.
Not alone Is Hit- situation Impoitant
brcausu of Its bearing on the Internal
Bffiilra of the Senate hut because of
other large lessons If the Senate
lirmocrats continuo to be badly split.
It wfll Incieasc the difficulties of the
Administration In getting Its legislative
piofciatu through The Insuigciuy in
the S-nate Is sure tn lie retlecttd In the
lloue, where the margin of Democratic
control Is so mrrow as to make the
leaders fearful of what ma come of
Administration bills The political con
sciiuemes extending Into the next cam
paign are like ly, too. to be Important
It Is becoming moie and more a case
of everv limn for himself." said a
prominent member of Congress, speak
ing of the Uemociitlc situation todaj.
'eanh I being made In Washington
nnd nearbv Virginia cities for William
C Soules s dm eminent Printing Of
the emplnve who disappeared frcm his
home In Hvattivllle Noi ember :"0
Soules I a hrmbei of the chief of the
niitlsvlle fire department and the lat
ter todnv ieiiitsted the local pnllco tn
co-operate In the search he haling con
ducted n two weeks' pilvate search
without success The missing man's
wife is piostrated over his unexplnlnid
Helatlves received two clues as to his
whueaboUts but both proved worth
less The first was a telephone mes
sage said to hale been tent bv Soules
saving he was III In n Virginia town
near Washington, but no town was
mentioned Vcsterdiv the dlstt acted
wife received letter put porting to be
from a iiuisi In nn li-xnndrla hospital,
salng the missing man was theie. "but
not In a erlous condition because he
Is oulv suffering fiom Internal Injuries
tecelvid In an anil lent ' Chief u0uler
went to the hospital but learned hln
hiother was not tluro and hud not been
a patient thert.
SW i
ffe sbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbM
i Ml ' !
W. , iJl " 1 , .. W 1 i. -
miss Elsie him.
Opponents of Henry Ford's peace party say the trip will be in
violation of the Revised Statutes of the United States. Here is
the section they quote to sustain their contention:
"Section 533.'. Every citizen of .the United States,
who, without the permission or authority of the Government
commences or carries on any icrbal or written corre
spondence or Intercourse with any foreign government
with an intent lo influence the measures or conduct of any
foreign goi eminent in relation to any disputes or controver
sies with the United Stales, or to defeat the measures of the
(oi eminent of the United States, and every citizen of
United States not d illy authorized, who counsels,
adiises, or assists in any Mich correspondence, with si'ch in
lent, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $5,000, and
b imprisonment (luring a term of not less than six months,
nor more than three )cars; '.
Expedition Expected to Land on
Albanian Coast No Sepa
rate Peace.
SALONIKI, Dec, 2. Mon
astir was still holding out yes
terday morning, according to a
telegram received from General
Vassisch, commander of the
southern Serb army.
IlOMi:. Dec I -Italian help for Ser
bia Is assured. Italian troops wilt be
dispatched to the Balkans, said Foreign
Minister Sonnlno In a definite and of
ficial statement In opening parliament
"Italy Is not Insensible to Serbia's
distress " he ssld She Is preparing
to aid that heroic counto "
It I understood that an expedition
Is nearli rradv to sail and that the ,
landing will be on the Albanian coast.
No Separate Peace.
Though the Italian government an
nounced earlj In the war that she
would not make a separite peace, the
treat) with the other allies to this
effect was not signed until Tueda
The fact that this had been done was
announced official!) In connection with ,
llaron Sonnlno s statement In parlia
ment. Baron Sonnlno's additional announce
ment that Ital) will make no separate
peace with Austria Is deemed quite as
significant ns his utterance concerning
the prospective Balkan expedition
Financial Straits.
It Is not believed Sonnlno would have
considered It nccessiry to reiterate
this pledge If he had not had good
reason to believe that Austrli 1 about
to make overtures . ,
Many belli vc peace hints have been
received from Vienna ahead)
1'nmlstskable evidence of the dual
monarchv's desperate financial straits Is
seen In the Austrian Emperor's selec
tions to fill the vacant ministries of
finance, commerce and the Interior In
fcls cabinet The three appointees are
all bankeis and experts at domestic and
International finance None has ever
held political office before
Allied War Council to
Decide Balkan Plans
At Conference Today
LONDON' Dec I rtulgar delav In
seizing Mnnastlr la regarded here as
strengthening the probability that an
understanding exists between Greece
and Bulgaria If lhl Is the rae. It Is
admitted an amicable agreement be
tween the allies nnd Greece will be
difficult. If not impossible
All accounts are that there are no
military obstacles In the wav of Mon
astic's occupation b) the Ihilgnr forces,
TMev need It to i omplete their ronquett
of Macedonia. Diplomats snld today the
Iniaders" Inactlvlt) can onlv be ex
plained on the pround that thev do not
wish to alarm Greece h) approaching
so close to her 'rontler
Decision on a definite program Is ex
pected at the cabinet war council tndas
Presumahlv It will be submitted to the
rreiich iind pern ipi nlso to the Italian
and Iliisslnn gnvi-iments nnd. If ap
proved whatever steps are neressar)
will be taken Jolntlv to Insure the allies
against Greek Interference with their
Balkan operation
Lord Kitchener I reported on good
Riithorltv to have decided against aban
doning the Dard m"'lea campaign.
Ohio's Corn Expedition
Invades Philadelphia
PHII.ADi;i.I'lllA. Dec 2-The Iluck
ee corn special tour, Ohio's annual
expedition of l.VX) piemler hov corn
growers Invaded Philadelphia todav
With Governoi Willis, nf Ohio, the
bo)a will ho the eltv's guests until 11
o'clock tonight when the) will leave
for New ork,
Promises International Court
At The Hague to Aid Peace
NKW OHK. Dec. J -Out of the mad
bustle preceding the start of Henry
Ford's i. rare ship, came the admission
today from Ford's secretar) and spokes
man that perhaps, after all, he will not
Le able "to br ng the boys nut ot the
trench'a on Christmas Da)."
'That was a beautiful slogan," said
Secretary I.ouis 1. Lochner, Ford a
chief lieutenant. ' We will not say that
It la Impossible because the whole
peace expedition Is really an attempt
against the Impoas ble. But Mr. Ford
meant ll moie as a slogan of Inspira
tion '
Delirious Aetlvitr.
With the sailing time of the peace ahop
Oicar 11. only fort) -eight hours awa).
loro J headquarters at the Hotel Hill-
inure is ueurious wim activity. wholo
forco of clerks, secretaries and sten
ographers worked until 2 a. m and was
back on the Job at 6 a. m winding up
the task of reserving accommodations,
onswirlng slacks ot telegrams and let
ters and greeting arriving delegates
tiom uul ot town
1 oid himself hurried Into town with
his on and a delegation of Detroit
i--iicu nutuc-uicn wno are 10 accompan)
him. He Hung hasty luisuers at a
,""1' ,,i iii-Moiiuiir nn n
'Have ou read Judge Alton Parker's
attack on you us a strutting clown?"
usked on n porter.
ran.er7-ili. Hie man that tried to
run foi President?' replied Tord.
For International Court.
"Will the State Department's an
i.uuncement that it will nut Issue pa'
poits to belligerent countries Interfere
with )our piiins' '
' Don t intend t,. visit belligerent
'"Iheii In w do von expect to get tie
bo)s out of tho ticnciii
"Well have an Inti'ii'atl mat coui t
sitting at The lingue, to which nry of
the belligerents can turn when the)
want peace. That coi.rt. will lie made
up of delegates, sa) flic from each
countr), chesen bv the peace advocates
who meet at our conleiencc
"Who will flminco the International
"I will I'll baek It to the llrrlt "
"Will WIIMam J. Bivan an as one of
the members of the court? '
"I hope not.'" Inteiiosed Theodore P
Delntgne. of Detioll. described ns
Tord s "peace cimmltsioner "
Ford was nsled If ne approved D"
lavlgne's statement
"The dclcEatcs will choose their own
members of the court.' ho sulci, ev idlnr
a direct upli
Providence Journal Declares
Plot Suspect Tried to En
snare Mme. Bakhmeteff.
PrtOVIPHVCn Oec -1he Provl
denee Journal declared todav that Its
representatives had laid befoie the De
pirrment qf Justice In Washington eil
denee that C, C. Crowley, arrested foi
complicity In explosions on the Pacific
coast, planned to get bombs on muni
tion ships bv using the Ilusslan ambas
sador's wife as a dupe
A letter from Crowley to Mine flakh
meteff, wife of the Ilusslan ambassador
at Washington, asked for credentials
for shipment of diled fruits to the Rus
sian lted Cioss lia Tarotm and Vladl
lostok The Journal also asserts that I' Hopp
Oetman consul general at flan Pian
clsco has recelied HOIOrt within the
last two mnntha, for use In German
propaganda On th ooast.
Only Twenty-Five of Two Hun
dred Have Received Cre
dentials From U. S. So Far.
Grave Doubt Expressed That
Peace Jitney Will Sail Sat
urday, As Scheduled.
The State Department today of
ficially announced it had refused
to grant passports permitting jnem
hers of Henry Ford's peace ex
pedition to visit belligerent coun
tries. At the same time, Mr. Ford de
clared upon his arrival in New
York that he did not intend to
visit any of the warring nations.
It was also officially announced
at the State Department today that
applications for passports had
been eceived from only forty of
tho 200 expected to take passage
on the Oscar II, and that only
twenty-five passports had been
issued. Henry Ford, himself, has
not made application for a pass
port. Grave doubt was expressed by
officials that the Ford peace ship
will be able to sail Saturday after
noon at 2 o'clock, as scheduled,
unless some of those taking pass
age assume the personal risk of
going without American passports.
Mate Department officials said thla
Government will take no steps to keep
members of the peace part) from taking
passage without passports, but they
doubted whether the owners of the ship
would take them, or that they would
be permitted to land even In a neutral
countiy without passpotts
"Hut if passeugeis without passport
assume this person risk, and aro per
mitted to sail on tch peace ihlp and
land In a neutral country and then get
Into difficulties after they land," It was
stated b) a high State Department au
thority the Lnited Mtates Government
will ask that they be put on the first
reluming ship and sent home 1'nless
the) have passports the l'nlted State
will not defend their right to pcmaln
longer In that neutral country "
Saving Them From Danger.
The State Department, 11 wo an
nounced toda), has rejected a request
that a passport official be sent to New
York and stationed In the Hotel Hllt
more to grant passports to late appli
cants Passports can only be Issued in
Washington, and then only when th
Government is certain the applicant Is
not a spy.
The department passed on the ques
tion of conrtnlng passports to neutiai
countries when a letter was received
leituesting tnat passports be Issued to
nil the peace party tor tr.inini uuon
through Germany from Denmark to
Holland In den)lng this leuuest the
department toolc tho position that it
was saving the applicants thcmseive.
fiom danger bv di living Hum the pitv
liege ot nntt-nng the war .tone r.n a
mission cnnsldeied l, the hciimciefils
to be of hostile natuie
The State Department decided that If
the l'ord part) should go to n hrl
llgerent countr) for the announced pur
pose of calling a strike of the men In
the trenches It would be a hostile movs
Anv attempt to call men from lbs
tienchea would be i onsldered an effort
to Induce soldiers to violate the laws of
their counui
So long as the rord parti remains
on neutiai soil while conducting Us
peace efforts the department legal ex
peits hme decided the L'nlted State
cannot offlciallv Intel fere unless objec
tion Is in id" bv tin! neutiai govern
ments themselvis
No Protests Yet.
Thus fai no objections lo the ford
mission have been received from Nor
way. Sweden. Denmark and Holland,
tho neutiai countries to which pcaca
passports have eben cranted
State Department officials said todsv
the Government will take no sleps lo
kiep I'oul fiom pending wlieless mes
snge at sen calling on belllgeients lo
leave the trenches
If vve thought such wireless nie.
sans c mild be effective we mlcht act '
one nflici.il snld 'but all will be ii
celved at the Klffel 'lower In Pails and
prnmptlv canned
"Ilenrv Foul might as well stand mi
the Jtrsrv shore and shout his peso
messages to Kurope for all tha good 11
will do hlra."

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