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Baseball Men May Be Taken From Trenches Before Another Season Begins
t ?'
International League
In Annual Pow-Wow
, .
Times Shown to Be Bad in Barrpw Circuit and To
day's Session Is Filled With Pros
pects of Changes.
One Plan Is to Arrange Peace
by Letting Feds Buy Into
National and American
NEW YORK, Dec. 13. International League magnates today
' threshed over again the course of thrcadbaro 1015 season and awaited
the, coming tomorrow of their big brethren, the National Leaguers.
Times were exceedingly bad in tho Barrow circuit last year and the ses
sion was fraught with prospects of circuit alterations.
Garry Herrmann, of the Reds, was tho first of the big leaguers to
bloom on Broadway for tho National League meeting, and others were
arriving today.
I'eaco plans, o. few trade and tho
Clubs in Both Circuits Known
to Have Stock on Market
and This Condition May Stop
Although stubborn magnates re
fuse to admit that peace plans may
be completed during the various
' baseball meetings which are sched
uled this week in New York and
Chicago, it is felt "by many who nre
in closo touch with the situation,
and who have a full knowledge of
the havoc wrought during the last
two summers, that any reasonable
effort from any source to get the
"baseball men out of the trenches
by next spring" will be accepted by
all concerned.
There is no quarter of the base
ball world that has not been serious
ly affected by the war between or
ganized baseball and the Federals,
and although both sides have good
financial backing, enough to con
tinue the conflict for many months
yet, each realizes that there is noth
ing to be gained by a continued
"hands at throat" policy.
Thioushout tho mesa of talk which
has been propounded regarding tho pos
sibility or peace In baseball ranks an
other year, a largo element has pointed
to (he iccent purchase of a site In New
York by tho Kedcrals as conclusive evl
ilenco that arbitration will not bo con
sidered at this lato date by tho outlaws.
A nuicti smaller element points to tho
fact that tho big guns boom the loud
est just before a state of serenity en
sues, and, on this argument, somo be
lieve that baseball peace may be nearer
than many Imagine,
Thoso who arc inclined to do any talk
ing of a settlement of this situation
which has thrown a dark shadow over
the national pastime have many plans
J to propose for peace, and. while none
of them aro credited as coming from the
camp of cither concerned partv. the
propositions are said by capable judges
to be plausible. Here Is one;
Abolition of the Federal League
with its costly and unsuccessful
methods of obtaining public recogni
tion. (corgo S. Ward and tho AVard es
tates controlling' tho Brooklyn Tip
Tops; Harry V. Sinclair, of Newark;
Ball and Stiffel, of St. Louis; Wcegh
man and Walker, of Chicago, and
Ed Gwynner, of Pittsburgh, tho big
men of tho Federal league, to bo
snowed to purchase interest in Na
tional and American lcaguccluba.
Tho little fellows among the out
laws to withdraw and to bo reim
bursed for their expenditures.
The suit before Judgo Lundls to be
It Is a feasible program.
Tho two strongest forerunners of tho
adoption of some peaco plan lie in a
statement made by John K. Tcner to
tho effect that there Is no reason why
the individual owners of outlaw stock
fchould not iifvest their money In organ
ized haseball, and the fact that there
ore flubs in both circuits seeking new
U in no secret that the Chlcacn Na
tionals tan he put chased, and Charley
Konuners has practically advertised tho
Cleveland Americans as bolnc for sole.
Humors have intimated that the Cin
cinnati Reds. Cardinal, and .Browns
would not treat as unfriendly the offer
of tome kindlv ticrson wit hmonev-hag
(itrinc wide open. Another argument
is couched In the fact that Garrv Herr
mann lg known to bo ior some kind of
peace. ,
Jim fiilmore's utterances about being
in the fich.t to stav are the only tangible
drawbacks togomo sort of a noaco ar
rangement. ancTven Ollmoro. if tho
truth wero known, mav be as anxious
for the displaying of tho olive branch
as any of tho O. R men who have stood
bv and seen perfpctlv good investments
mined hy the birth of the Federals.
Cornell's. Nine to Play
Often in This Vicinity
ITHACA, N. Y.. Pec. 13. The Cornell
Vnlverslly Athletic Association rati
fied the following baseball sehedulu,
which includen jrames with Cathollu
Vnlverslly, Maryland Agricultural
College, Navy, and University of Vir
ginia. April C, Swarthmare. at S.varthmore,
Aai 11 7. Maryland Agricultural Col
lpf.o, at College I'ark, Md.; April S,
lathollc University, at Washington,
Ah II 10, VUglnla, at Chailottcsvllle,
p il 11, Virginia, at Chaviottenvlllo,
rll 1., Annapolis, at Annapolis,
April 13, Pennsylvania, at Philadel
phia; April 15, Wckinaon, at home;
ADiil J9, Bucknell, at home. April .'i,
Latdjottc, at home, April 29, Prince
ton at home.
May j, KochcMer, at home; May B,
Criuinbt'. at New YorU: May (,
I'lincttOJi, at Princeton, May 11, Ver
mont, W home May 13, Michigan, at
Ann Aryoj . May 17, Michigan, at
home; Mv 20, Vale, at homo. May I'",
Colgate, t Hamilton: May 27. I'cnn-
ylvanlo, tvt homo' May 30, Yale, at
vw Has en.
Juno S, William, at home, June- 10,
Colgate, fit homo. Juno 17, Pennsyl
vania nt Hilladelphla,, Juno 21, Co
lumbia, Jt home.
question of whether Charloy Hereof?
shall contlntio aa manager of Her
mann's !lhlnolnnder,s, are cxpocted to
.bo tho main considerations of tho Na
tional League confab, and Barney
Droyfuss is expected to name a suc
cessor to Fred Clarlco as manager of
tho Pirates. Significant of his,, coming
cholco was tho arrival today of Jacli
Hendrix, mentioned prominently as a
candidate for the Job. Honus Wag
ner, accordlngs-td Droyfuss, won't talto
the job, desiring, to end his diamond
days with no rlsjc to his prostlijp,
Wllbert Robinson, of the Dodgor.
it Is said, will go as high as anyone
else fpr Horxog. should tho .Cincin
nati leader fall in response to the
fans' clamor. There Is unmistakable
demand for nnotlior leader in Cin
cinnati and Horrmann admitted today
that Hcrzy and Heinle Groh wero not
exactly rooming together.
Herrmann said, however, he hoped tho
difficulties could bo smoothed out and
Herzos- retained.
Charley Ebbots' plan to start the reg
ular season April 19, a setback from the
usual opening, today seemed doomed
to derision and failure.
Pat Moran, manager of the champion
Phils. U cxncctcd to have whisperings'
with President Baker nf that club, Pat
Is understood to have demanded a man
ager's salary for next year. Jim Gaff-
ncy, or tne Braves, nas a man tor cot
ter apportionment of umpires, designed
on lines similar to the playing sched
ule President Barrow, of fhc International
Janvrin, Pratt, Shotten, and
Fournier .'.re Mentioned as
Wanted by Qriffith.
League, (s understood to favor Hart
ford, Conn., and Springfield, Mass., ter
ritory reserved by the Kastorn Associa
tion, as likely sites for International
teams, out has yet to overcome the ob
jections of Jim O'ltourkc, of the East
ern circuit. Harrlsburg and Jllchmond
wero regarded as most likely to loso
their International Lcaguo franchises.
Jack Dunn, of tho nichmond 'club,
polntlntr to tho failure of tho Baltimore
Feds to win favor last year is expected
to proooso a return to Baltlmoro by
the Internationals. '
Jack Dunn is attending tho meeting
and tho fata of the Illrhirnml as an
International League city will be de
rided. From icporta filiating around
Now York it looks oh if the Virginia
city sv ill i have a hard time staying in
that circuit. It all depends oh Dunn.
If Jack fcols that lie should give tho
Virginians another chance, it will ue
all well and pood ns far as Richmond
Is concerned, but If ho docs not, that
city must walk tho plank.
Peace May Become
Subject of Federal
League's Big Guns
CHICAGO, Dec. 13. Charles It.
Wweghman, prcaldont of the local
Federal Leaguo club, laft today for
New York, and Intimated that peace
wo. lid bo the aubject dlsrusrcd by
h'lacball magnates during the coming
week, preceding the meeting of tho
National League representatives.
CHICAGO. Dec. 13. Humors of big
baseball trades wero batted about to-
ciay as American i.caguo moguis aim
managers flocked into town for tho an
nual . lcaguo meeting scheduled for
Clark Griffith has his usual annexing
desires. Griffith would onlf caro to get
Janvrin. of tho lied Box: Pratt and
Shotten. of Bt. Louis, and a few others.
Chick Gandll for Jock Fournier. of tho
White Box, was a deal ho was also
anxious to put across.
Frit Malsel. of tho New York High
landers, will go to tho White Sox, ac
cording to one rcnort which gives inside
dopo that tho Yankees have landed
Home-Itun Baker and. therofore. can
let Malsel go. Hay Chapman, of Cleve
land, was another mentioned as a possi
ble White flox.
Tho American League session Wednes
day is expected to bo a short one. as
usual. Tim most ininortant matter to
bo discussed is tho settlement of the
affairs of tho Cleveland club, which Is
on the market fdr sale. Ban Johnson
has tho matter In hand, and mav an
nounce now owners for tho Indians this
week. Charley Somers. who has been a
great help to tho American League,
would liko to continue a owner of the
Cleveland franchise, and it Is posslblo
that some arrangements of his financial
troubles will be mado to permit him to
Player Says He Will Go There
If Donovan Can Arrange
Things Satisfactorily:
Noel House Circuit Adopts Sixty
Game Schedule and Play
Will Begin Tonight.
THAPFE. Itfd., Dec. 13. It's up to
"Wild Bill" Donovan to hitch up his
grays, drive down hero, and seo J.
Franklin Baker, erstwhile "home-run
manufacturer" of the Athletics, then
talk turkey with Connie Mack at the
annual meeting of the American Lcaguo
in Chicago on Wednesday.
That J. Franklin Baker is a much
changed person was gleaned from tho
following conversation today:
"They want me back In tho American
League, do they? Well, I'm glad to
hear that. Of course, I'd like to bo
back. I liko baseball too well to stay
away, I saw Bill Donovan ten days
ago. No, I didn't sign with him. Wo
talked matters over, but came to no
agreement. I expect to seo him again
When asked whether he would play
with the Yankees in New York if torms
wero satisfactory and the deal could be
arranged with Manager Mack, Baker
replied: "I'd soonor play In Isow York
than any other place. It's nearer my
home, and I always wanted to be as
near home as possible. No, the Federal
League docs not appeal to me. If Don
ovan could arrango thlngB satisfactorily
I would go to New York."
Fordham Adopts Policy
For Awarding Insignia
NEW YORK, Dec. 18. After over a
wook of argument for and against
thu policy recently udvanccd b Ath
letic Din-dor William Lush In regard
to awarding tho Fordham football in
signia, the Maroon students finally
voted yesterday to make tho proposed
change in the constitution. Tho r.egu
lajs who won their "F" a year ago,
but who were drjapped after tho
Georgetown game, lose their chance
of retting tho coveted "F" because of
tho actioji of ye.torday. s U was
finally decided that a player to quali
fy must appear in at least six full
periods of the Georgetown, Holy
Cross, and Vlllanova games, besides
six periods In minor games.
Washington Boxers
Meet Baltimoreans
Washington's pugilistic stars will be
matched with Baltimore's best ring
masters In three ten-round bouts at tho
Ardmoro Club Wednesday night. Kid
Greek meets Harrv Glenn In tho fea
ture attraction whllo Soldier Epstein
takes on one of tho best boys in fho
Capital, Youn Thomas. Bert Green,
Tommy Lowe's sparring partner, Is to
mix things with Kentucky Smithy.
As a preliminary, Manager La Fon
taine has mated Soldier Young, of Fort
Mver, and Jack Boland. They will go
four rounds.
Noel Houso Basketball League will be
gin tonight with two games. Tho play
ers are members of the different clubs
connected with tho organization. The
league Is composed of six clubB and they
have all been practicing hard for the
past month.
Sixty games are to be played. The
schedule for December follows:
December 13, Royals vs. Americans,
Federal 2d vs. Eagles, 14, Carlyles vs.
Koyals, Roscdale vs. Eagles, Americans
vs. Federal 2d; 15, Eagles vs. Rosedale;
20, Royals vo. Eagles; 21, Carlyles vs.
Federal 2d, Americans vs. Eagles, Rose
dale vs. Carlyles.
blow bi big vote
With the Feds invading New York,
the New York fan will be the hap
piest man in the world. He will
have five big league teams to stay
away from.
Clark Griffith announces that his
poker team will train at Charlottes
ville as usual.
The ice on tho river Is try comfortlnif to
Yalo undergrade Their crews can't bo trim
roed until It mtlti.
Altlio' James Oaffney object to any
body on his team who talks, money will
play hi tame old position.
"41waya no-1
ucea mat tne guy
who threatens to
withdraw his pa
tronage is the ,
bird who gets in
on a comp."
Societies Will Be Restrained At
Yale, Following Mass Meet
ing of Students.
wt Jfik
The abandoning of football at
Carlisle win be a severe blow to
the faithful player who have
grown old and gray on. the
Rufnex Play Final
Game of the Season
Tho Rufnox Junior football team
ended Its season by defeating somo of
its former teammates In a haKl-fought
hut Interesting game bv 21 to 12. Leon
bcrRcc played a brilliant gamo for the
Juniors, whllo Hlllery nlaved well for
tho former stars. The Rufnex claim the
.District champlnnshln and a challenge
In lft11rl An thA fiMrpalniLn limln.
Vreps for a game to decide tho Issue.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Dec. 13.-The
fraternity system at Yalo received a
hard blow when tho undergradu
ate body at a meeting In Woolsey
decided to hold the elections of tho
second assistant managers of crew,
track and baseball the lat't week in
December instead of the first week In
April, ns has been tho custom for years
To thoso unfamiliar with the system
at lnle tho change appears to hold lit
tle sieiilllfance. but It Is really a thrust
against the fraternity domination of tho
athletic situation. This evil has been
one well realized by the majority of
Yale mon who hae always held that
Yale stood upon a platform of de
mocracy. In fact, this spirit has be
come in college circles synonymous wJth
Tft-j undergraduates by tho vote have
placed themf'ives on record as being
opposed to all fraternity politics when
i aie's auneuc welfare is mado tne on
Jcct of tho practice. It haM been
realized that tho evil was a menace
and tho failure .luring the past football
season has on doubt crystallized action
against the custom of past years.
Under the old svstem the assistant
managers of crew, basketball and track
teams, who in their senior year are the
managers of tho resnectlvc teams, have
been elected in April. Th fraternltle
take in the freshmen In February, and
there has always ben the strugglo of
tho fraternities In attempting to socure
thp men who have been elected to
managerial positions. This led to
a combining of effort with tho result
that the cntlie system was permeated
wlti secret society politics. It U be
lieved tho new nystem will largely do
away with the difficulty.
The amendments to tho 'institution of
tho athletic association were adopted
unanimously. There was no outlining
of the situation bv speeches. Tho bai
latii wero cast shortly after the meeting
nnoned, tho undergraduates as a body
realizing that It was for the common
good that thev wore casting a vote in
favor of tho change,
Ardmorr, Btd.
AVrdiirsdar Mght. Dee, l.'tli. Hi30 J.3I.
Three Star Ten Round Bouts.
W. B. and A cars will leave 15th st.
and N. Y Ave. and White House
Station as usual.
Boxing Notes.
Freddy Welsh indignantly denies
the rumor that his last ring engage
ment broke up in a fight.
Yale football players deilroua of re
ceiving their T's will havo to go to
tho dead letter office.
Put It To Some Use.
Answers To Quceries.
QUEERY EDITOR Is it considered
unsportsmanlike to cheer at golf?
Dear Adam, that is generally left
to the discretion of the waiter, al
though our best buffets do not count
enance it.
ED QUEERIES Do wrestlers sever
athletic relations with the scissors hold?
Fleaso answer, A. McGRITT.
Wo display to Mr. McGritt the dis
tress sign of the Royal Amalga
mated Order of Squirrel Fooders.
" ' w
FRIEND EDITOR I am an ardent
devotee of the gamo of chess, but find
that an old injury to my ankle Is blow
ing up my game considerably. I am
also short of wind and subject to
charley horse ufter a grueling contest
Please advise me how to correct these
defects, and oblige,
After reading your sad case, we
think that Chicago doctor was cor
rect. You might play a faster game
by using chessmen with cork cen
ters. If this failB, play on a gutta 1
percha boafd. As to the charley I
horse, wo can do nothing until you I
inform us which side of the head it
is on. No charge.
vrawtevs ouvevlboulaii
two Brockton Stcrcsiin wtamfaoui
957 PAAVENWJta6.7AST.iW,
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