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News Notes and Qossip
of Washington Smart Set
Many Entertainments Are
1 Planned by the Leaders of
Society in Washington.
Gossip of Hostesses.
1 Mlai Elizabeth Kingsbury, daughter
of Col. and Mrs. H. P. Kingsbury, en
tertained at luncheon todnv In botnoll
rnent to two of the season's dobutantes
Miss Margaret Read and Miss Matlu
aims. Tho clrls invited to meet them
were Miss Jeannctto Oownn. Misa Kllle
Lojcunc. Miss Elizabeth Chase, Miss
Musanno ennsc. miss ucoroia achoiioiii.
Miss Ruth Lester. Miss Lillian Hen-
drjuk. MIbb Cathcrlno Kurd otto, M8s
ijoromy ucnnoit. miss araco over
man. Miss Kntlicrlno EMngor. Miss
Margaret Douclnn. Mis Julia Briec
Ms Mary Wheeler Vest. Miss Mario
Peary, Miss Mttxwell Church. Miss
i'auiine Htone. MUs D6rothy Taylor.
Miss Dorothy Brooks. Miss Mary Gra
ham. Miss Louise Clark and her fcuest.
Miss Harmon Bailey, of Chicago: Miss
Helen aiccumbor. Miss Dorothy wyetn.
Miss Pocahontas Butlcn. and Miss .Mar-
Jorlo RUss. The guests, were seated at
smwi tames, which had gracciui decora
tions of pink rose,
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Shirley Carter,
xot Cambridge, are receiving congratu
lations nnnn thn birth of a .dnuir liter.
Mrs. Carttr. who was Mlsa Loulso Hope
Thacherl is tho daughter of Repre
sentative and ' Mrs. 'Thomas Chandler
s .
Mn T. T ' Knox, wife of Colonel
Knox. V. S. A., is entertaining at
bridge, this afternoon at her apartment
tu ill", iicounuivmiiu ... iiwiiui w
Archibald Hall, who Is visiting Mrs.
Frederick Efflnger. -There are twelve
guests Mrs. Kfllngcr will preside at
the tea tabic.
i 4
The Vice President and Mrs. Mar
shall are due to reach Washington
this evening fr6m their home at In
atanapolld where they wore detained
by the Illness of Mrs. .Marshall, who
Is now convalescing:. Tlicy will spend
the winter at the Now Wlllard Hotel
where they 'have selected on apart
ment whloh has been not only refur
nished to accord with Mrs. MarshalLs
taste, but in nomo degree reconstruct
ed to meet tho requirements and con.
venlenco of both tho .Vice President
and Mrt. Marshall. Thoy spent sev
eral daj'a hero in September selecting
thofornlshings and making their ar
rangements for the winter In whose
social activities they expect to tako
a Ifrotnlnent part.
The1 Vice President and Mrs. ilar
' Shalt have in mind a series of laro
evening receptions for which the
will reservo the drawing room suite
frequently used for dinners to tho
President. They gave a similar scries
winter before last which wero de
clared to be snore llko the old-time
parties of a score of years ago thun
anything Washington has known in
recent years.
The President and Cabinet will occunv
boxes at Memorial Continental Hall this
afternoon at 5 o'clock for tho entertain
ment In aid of tho American Hospital In
Tokyo, Japan. Tho Marine Band will
furnish tho music. Tiie members of tho
, committee arc Mrs. Arthur T. Brlce,
Mrs. William C. 3ralsted, Mrs. Thomas
Kwinjf. Mrs. Henry W. Fitch, Mrs.
James Fraier, Mrs. C. C. Glover, Mrs.
Charles S. Hamlin, Mrs. Hoes. Mrs. M.
C. Macomb, Mrs. Albert L. Mills, Miss
Marian Oliver, Mrs. Mahlon Pitney,
Mrs. Samuel Spencer, Mrs. Walter Tuck
crman. Miss Kibbey. The patronesses
are Miss Wilson, Mrs. Lansing, Mrs.
, McAdoo, Mrs. Oarrlsonr Mrs. Qwgory,
Mrs. Burleson, Mrs. Daniels, Mrs. Lane.
Mrs. Houston, Airs. Redflcld. Mrs. Wil
son, Mrs Breckinridge, Mrs, Roosevelt,
Mrs. Vrooman. Among tho box holders
are Mrs. Samuel Spencer, Mrs. John C.
Boyd, Mrs. Alpheus H. Snow, Mrs. Wll
lUm C. Rives, tho Bishop of Washing
ton, Mrs. Gibson Kahnestock, and Mrs.
Victor KaufTmin-.i.
The officer of the national association
in cnarge or tne work are Lloyd C. Grls
com. president; W. J. SchlefTelln, vice
f resident: John S. Rogers, secretary;
.loyd C. Green. Lindsuy Russell, James
A. Seymour, George Wharton Pepper,
and Mrs. Charles Rodman Pancoast.,
Members of tho younger set in Wash
ington society arc looking forward with
Interest to the visit of tho Yale Glee.
Banjo, and Mandolin Clubs to Wash
ington. Tho musical clubs will give a
concert at the Raleigh Hotel Saturday.
The Yale boys will be extensively en
tertained while In Washington. They
wlj remain hero over Sunday before
continuing their Christmas holiday trip.
The first tea of the College Women's
Club will be given at the Raleigh, In
the oak rpom, Wednesday afternoon,
from 4 to G o'clock. The hostesses will
be tho- George Washington members of
the club, and the guests of honor Presi
dent Stockton, of tho university, and
Mrs. George P. Merrill, president of the
Columbian Women. The program will
be "Announced later.
The annual meeting of the Women's
Auxiliary of the University of Pcnn
oyfvanla. was held at the country home
pf . Mrs. Charles W. Richardson, on
Grant road, on Wednesday. Mrs. Rob
ert Harper, 3d, was elected president for
the coming year. After the twenty
members gathered around the tea table
plans for the futuro wero discussed.
The residence of Mrs. Thomas T. Gaff,
third vice president of the District of
Columbia Association opposed to wom
an Suffrage, will be thrown open this
afternoon for a tea in honor of the
National Association Opposed to Wom
an Suffrage, which held Us annual
meeting at the Shorcham In tho morn
ing. There are nearly 100 delegates,
prominent women from twenty-two
.States. Mrs. Gaff will be assisted In
receiving by Mrs. Arthur M. Dodge,
president of the National Association
Opposed to Woman Suffrage, and Mrs.
Mahlon Pitney. Among those who are
expected to be present in addition to
the guests of honor are Mrs. Robert
l4msTng, Mrs. Nicholas Anderson, Mrs.
Aithur Addison, Mrs. Wlllard Brown
.son, Mrs. Gist Blair. Mrs. Lothrop Brad
ley, Mrs. Woodbury Blair, Mrs. Kdson
Bradley. Mrs. Buckingham, Mrs. Doug
las Putnam Blrnlc, Mrs. Joseph II.
Bra'dley, Mrs. Henry C. Corbln, Mrs.
Kdword E. Capehart, Mrs. Thomas M,
Chatard, Mrs. Allcrton Cuphman. Miss
Card. Mrs. Robert Chapman, Mrs. J,
Manoeville Carlisle, Mrs. John Davldge.
Mrs, Arthur Wallace Dunn, Mrs.
Stephen Klklns, Mrs. Richard Ely.
Mudamo Ekcngren, Miss Elliot, Mrs.
Frank Fletcher. Mrs. Charles Fitzhugh,
Mrs. Henri' Fairbanks, Mrs. Charles C.
Glover, Mrs. Homer Guerry. Miss
Owynne. Mrs. Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Mrs. Charles Hamlin. Madame Haute,
Mrs. Robert Henry. Mrs. George How
ard. Mrs. Chorles Hussey. Mrs. Richard
A. Harlow, Miss Laura Harlan, Mrs. H.
ilorgan Hill, Miss llenrlques, Mrs.
Theodore Jewell, Mrs. Ralph Cross
Johnson, Miss Johnson, Sirs. John P.
Jackson, Mrs, Ralph Jenkins. Mrs. Rob
ert Lincoln, Mrs. Joseph Lclter, Miss
Murray Ledyard, Mrs. Henry F. Lip
Pitt, Miss Lay, Airs. Charles L. McCaw
ley. Mrs. David McKec, Mrs. Charles
McFee, Mrs. 13. Rollins Morse, .Mrs.
Montgomery Macomb, Mrs. Alexander
Magruder, Mrs, AlexanJor Mohan, Mrs.
Robert Shaw Oliver, Miss Oliver, Mrs.
William Phillips, Mrs. Robert N. Page,
the Misses Patten, Mrs. Ceorgo B. Puil
or, Mrs. Peyton Russell, Mrs. Charles
Rao. Mlsa Holen Rodgers, Mrs. Hugh
Scott, Mrs. Swoger Sherloy. Mrs. Philip
Sheridan, tho Misses Sheridan, Mrs.
Nathan Sargent, Miss Sargent, Mrs.
Southerlahd, Miss Harriet Southcrlahd.
Mrs. Wlllard Saulsbury, Mrs. Joseoh MM
Stoddard, Mrs. Stephen Slocum, tho
Misses Squire, Mrs. Robert. Thompson.
Mrs. K. Hunt Thompson. Mr. Oscar
Underwood. Mrs. John Upshur, Mrs.
James W. Wadsworth, Jr., Mrs. John W.
Weeks. Mrs, Edwin Y. Webb, Mrs.
Charles Warren. Mrs. William Mason
Wright. Miss Julia Wood and Mrs. Hor
ace Wcstcott
Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Griffith, of
17 Church street, announce tho en
gagement of their daughter, Bertha
Louise, to Arthur C. Lalbly, of Coving
ton, Ky.
Capt. Dan C. Moore, U. B. A., left
Washington Friday for a short visit to
Now York, after which ho will spend
a 'few days In Boston as the guest. of
his mother, i
, --
One of the interesting events of lost
week was tho dance which Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Bhulman gave for fourteen
young couples at their apartment in
Wardman Courts.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles . Cary Rumsey,
of New York, will spend tho winter in
Washington, and have leased Mrs. Paul
Bartlett's residence, 1721 H street, for
the season.
Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett have Invited a
number of guests to dinner this evening
to meet Mr. and Mrs. Rumsey.
Miss Josephine Shields, of New Tone,
and Miss Betty Newberry, of Chicago,
will arrive In Washington the tirat or
next week, and while hero will be tho
gi.es tn of Senator and Mrs. John K.
Shields. Mrs. Shields will give a tea
at Rauschcr's December 23, .when she
will present her daughter. Miss Jean
nctto Cowan, and Miss Shields, who
Is a nlcco of Senator. Shields.
Mrs. Arthur Forakcr will be hostess
at an Informal tea this afternoon at
tho Connecticut. Mtfl.i Emily Chase and
Miss Virginia Hammond will presldo
at tho tea table.
Tomorrow afternoon Mrs. Fomker
will entertain Informally at bridge.
Lieut. Sherman Miles, U. S. A., who
has been abroad for several years as
military att&cho at Budapest And moro
recently at Petrograd. will return early
In January, accompanied by Mrs. aiucs.
They will make a short visit here as
tho guests of Gen. Nelson A. Mlleu.
Mrs. Walter Damrosch. who has been
tho guest of her sister. Mrs. H. S. B.
Bcalc. for several days, has returned to
her homo In New York.
Miss Phelan. sister of Senator James
Phelan of Cullfornla, and his niece.
Miss Gladys Sullivan, who havo been
at the Shorcham. have taken possession
of the residence. 2243 R .street, which
tho PnRAtor. has reccntlv purchased.
Senator Phelan has Invitations out for
a dinner Thursdav evening in honor of
Judge and Mrs. W. W. Morrow.
Mrs. Calvin de Witt wlllrhave as her
guests for tho winter at hcr home. 2021
N street, her daughter. Mrs. (Robert M.
Blanchard. wife of CaptolriBlanchard.
U. S. A., and their children.
.Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hcnry Butler
will leave Washington Friday for Phil
adelphia, where on .Saturday they will
attend the marrlago of their son, Dr.
Ethan Butler, to Mlas Margaret Rcn
shaw, daughter of Mrs. Lewis Renshaw.
The ceremony will take place at noon
at St. Martin's Church, and will bo fol
lowed by a breakfast at the home of
the bride's mother. Dr. Butler and his
bride will make their home In Yonkers.
Mrs. Lalse Phillips, formerly princi
pal of tho Lalse Phillips School, and at
one tlmo one of the most prominent
educators of tho Capital, has arrived In
Washington to make arrangements for
Mndame Paderewskl's salo of Polish
dolls, which will be held at the Shore
ham Thursday. Friday, and Saturday.
Since she Melt Washington Mrs. Phillips
has been devoting her talents to Journ
alistic and .literary work.
Madame Paderowskl, the wife of the
famous pianist. Is godmother to tho
Polish refugee dolls, which have Just
been brought to America, and is devot
ing all her time to organizing their
sale. The money goes to buy milk for
the starving babies of Poland. They
are fashioned In Paris by Polish refu
gees, artists, painters, sculptors, and
Judgo and Mrs. Timothy T. Ann
berry entertained at luncheon yesterday
in compliment to their guest, former
Governor James M. Cox. of Ohio, and
also Invited guests to meet him at din
ner last evening. Governor Cox return
ed to Ohio today
Judge and Mrs. Ansberry, who are
established at 121 LeRoy place for tho
winter, will return to their home at
Defiance,. Ohio, to spend Christmas.
The Judge will leave town tomorrow
and Mrs, Ansberry will follow on Fri
day. They will be back In Washington
in time for the New Year.
Mrs. Ansberry will entertain informal
ly at luncheon tomorrow,
One of tho most Interesting eVents of
this cvcnlntr will bo , tho first meeting
ltems'6f Interest and Impor
tance of Pas!, Present, and
Future Among Official and
Fashionable Folk.
of the dancing class at'tho Playhouse.
" will bo picccdcd by a number of din
ners Viscountess da Slbour. Mrs. John
F. Wllklns, Reynolds Hltt and George
Peabodv nre tho committee in charge
of arrangements. Tho next danco of tb,o
series will bo on January 6. ,
i f
Only. Socialist Congressman En
couraged by Reception of
Neutral Nations' Scheme.
Canadian Soldiers Take to the
v Front Song of Miss Alice
Wood, of lbntclalr.
NEW YORKDop. 13.-A new battle
hymn, sung 16 tho air of "t.-iirht ih
Good Fl'it,'.''' has been composed fly
Miss -Alice H'cnoWood, of Bcllovpo ave-.
nue. Montclalr. N. J., ami in Vminn- .,
In tho trenches by tho Canadian con
tingent in me urmsh army.
Miss Wood has Just returned to her
home from Montreal, where sho road
the hymn before detachments of sol
diers bound for the front. Lieut. Col,
the Row Canon John 11. Almond was so
Impressed with the composition ho en
couraged Its singing by tho troops, who
adopted It with much enthusiasm.
There are six stanzaB to the hymn,
the first two of which follow:
Tho battle cry of God we raise,
With our triumphant song of praise,
Free from all malice thought of 111.
Save strong to do our Father's will.
Tho power of God It Is our might.
To guide and utrengttfen in tho tight,
All weariness And pain to hear,
Remindful ever of His- care.
Miss Wood declared all the Injured
soldlors returning to Canada wero
cheerful and predicated that victory for
tho allies surely would come.
G. W. U. Buys Addition to
Collegiate Department
The rapid growth of George Washing
ton University has necessitated tho pur
chase of another building to help house
the students of tho department of arts
and sciences. The building at 2017 G
street northwest, lust oast of tho pres
ent arts and sciences building, lies' been
acquired and now i being remodeled.
Tho bulldlns- was purchased from El
mer H. Catlln. Tho consideration has
not been mado public.
Sees H$r Father
As War Prisoner
Woman Become Hysterical As
"Movie" Flashes Likeness of
Hen Parent on Screen.
NEW YORK, Dec. J3.-Whlle tho au-
Olence in the Prk Theafrir Inn nlntil
was watching tho motion pictures ot a
long iino or uerman orlsoncri or, war
being marched o the roar bv Trench
Jrnops. Mrs. Mary Inser suddenly cried
out and became hyet6rlcal.
Among the nrlsoners who marched
along between -their captors sho rccog
nlztO net father. Ir.-jr. Thorn ho hus
not heard tor many month. j,ut wiio
sho knew was righUn In Germany.
It was several days ago that one of
tho relatives, attending tho perform
ance, saw a familiar form ns tho Gcr
n ir Wtt- rr were ."malted on the
screen. Ho was not certain whether
the man was August Klnorn or.not. fo
ho brought the daughter to the theater
and asked her to watch carefully tho
pictures of the prlsoneru. Thoi recogni
tion wan tha result.
Refuse to Pay Bill for
Prisoners' Motor Trips
i r, i .
WILKEBBAhUB, Pa., Dec. 13,-Hnn-over
townshlo commissioners have te
fused to. pay a hill of. $30170, contraoted
by Chief of Police Campbell, for haul
Ing prisoners In automobiles from (he
township to the Wiljf'esbarro lockup.
The commissioners' also'.liave refused Jo
pay a bill tot tiO, contracted by the
chief, In feeding special policemen dur
ing strike -troubles. 'The commissioner
say that Policemen ought to bo nblo to
carry their lunch tho same a other
Campbell says that tho automobile
hill Is "for a period of several months
The commissioners how over, have de
clared tho bill cxorbltanttrand tho chief
has been Instructed to tout out the lux
uries in enforcing the laws:
Uncalled for Kindness.
He And that night we 'drovothe Ger
mans back two miles.
She Drove them, indeed! I'd ha '
made them walk every step of It.
London Mall.
Burchcll's "Bouquet"
Coffee, 25c lb.
The Housekeepers' Friend
1325 F St N. W.
"I shall keen on urging the need of
a congress of neutral nations," said
Congressman Meyer London, tho only
Socialist member of tho House, in a
statoment today, reporting that tho
English press has commented favor
ably upon his proposal for a conference
of neutrals to suggest mediation to the
belligerent nations of .Europe.
Mr. London has Introduced a joint
resolution providing that this Govern
ment, shall take tho initiative in call
ing a congress of neutrals.
"At mo previous period in tho history
of this republic." said Mr. London, "has
such an opportunity to servo humanity
presented itself to tho people and the
President of the United mates. Tho
belligerents evidently arc ready to listen
to offers af mediation. The recent
declaration by the German chancellor
and the British premier can havo no
other meaning."
Received With Deference.
Mr. London quotes a cablegram rc
cclyed from "an American ncWspapor
correspondent In London." who says
that "aulto unprecedented deference,
not to say complaisance, characterizes
the British reception of Mr. London's
Joint resolution calling upon the Presi
dent of tho United States to convene
a peace congress of neutral nations."
"It Is all the more striking." says the
cablo message, "when coronared with
the comment made upon the Henry
Ford peace expedition."
The message quotes the London Star
as saVihg tho London cuggestlon is
"within j.ho range of practical pol
itics." Th Snturrtav Ilnvlew is auoteWu
(saying that the American Congress?
' mvtn means well and talks rationally.
hut it asks what Is to bo gained wnen
Mr, Lopdon tells his countrymen of
"an artificial Issue of preparedness
against an invisible and unpamable
"JCwery American schoolboy," Says
the paper, "can point out ana name
tho enemy Teuton ambition,'' Teuton
perfidy, and Teuton rutttlcssbes."
Tussle Over Indemnities.
Sir Xlobctlson Nlcoll, the veteran
radical journalist, is uuotcd as ap
proving of part of the London pro
posal, but adding
"But Mi. London is silent on a point
of vital moment. There is not a word
about indemnity In his scheme.
The real tussle will ho over Indem
nities, Mr. London, and the totals got
bigger veiy day. Is the fact over
looked that every balloon d'essai sent
up from Berlin or Vienna as to peace
terms has emphasized the assurance
William II and Herr von Bethmann
HollWeg continue to elve the Ger
mans about collecting from tho allies
a bill of costs?"
Overcharges Returned to
Customers by an Iceman
MOUNDSVILLE, W. Vn., Dec. 13.
xourinc mc cuy nna nanaing out sums
ranging from 10 cents to dollars, nn un
identified man has been calling at the
homes of residents, telling them he was
formerly engaged In surplyln ice nnd
that the amounts given were the over
charges he hod collected years ago.
The conscience-stricken dispenser of
cash, who Is believed to have distributed
11.500 In, small amounts, wor Ms root
collar high about his face and a cap
peak over his eyes. It is believed thi
man was converted at a recent revival
Within Reason.
Mistress Jane, didn't you hear the
door bell 7
Now servant Yes, mum.
Mistress Then why don't you go to the
New Servant Deed, mum, I ain't ex
pectln' nobody call one me. It must
be somebody to see yourself, mum!
Passincr Bhow.
' CHESTNUT ST., PhikdelpKifl
Pkca their efficient mail
service at the dfcpooal of
patrons at a distance.
flexible and bangle
platinum mountings
gdld with semi-precious
stones. Moderate in
Victrola X, $75
Convenient Terms
I ii
Victrola IV, $15
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HUH! raillfllSHI
aflnlMiilplBiiB it&inHBii
lylilli'Hi iliiliffinrSMlJBMiH
vl IlliiiliE !lfiif I wijdH Ih
E 111 I If fill H H
Victrola XIV, $150
Convenient Terms
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Music for Christmas,
Get Your Victrola Now
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fection. Every subtle shade of tone, every res
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Give us the opportunity of (demonstrating the .
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