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Auto Gloves
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Effort to Secure Law Curtailing
Powers of Postmaster General-Expected.
Senator Kenyon Sends Depart
ment a Letter Giving Strong
' Expression to His Views.
Tho controveiy between Postm&atir
General Burleson and a large part of
Congress over reorganization of rural
rottte la becoming more acute.
It la likely to take expression In a
flams effort to aocure leclslaUon that
win curtail the powers of the Post
master General.
Sorho Southern members are as bitter
as Northern members. The Georgia
delegation Is Incensed beep use of re
organizations made In that State.
One Georgia member declares that U
an election were held today, Georgia
would go against Wilson, auch Is the
feeling over rural routes.
Kenyon Charges Discrimination.
senator Kenion. who Introduced a
bill looking to curtailing the powers of
the Postmaster General In the matter
of rural routes, has sent to the Poet
office Department a lotter giving force
ful expression to his views. While It
deals directly with the situation In Ids
own State, it is also moie or less gon
cral and la indicative of the sentiment
of part of Congrdss.
Senator Kenyon did not mince words
In his communication, -which Is addressed
lo Fourth Assistant Postmaster Goneral
James 'I. Blaksleo. He declaros the Iowa
patrons of the rural free delivery have
been discriminated against nd that If
the Postmaster General will work to
cut out needless ranking privileges and
the sending out of "political garden
seeds" by mall, he will not have to
crlpplo tho rural mall service.
Senator Kenyon rccitly Bent to the
Fourth Assistant a oroUst from Hum
boldt. Iowa
fended the reorganization
David Lubin Speaks at Final
Session of Commercial Congress.
CHARLESTON, fl. C, Dec. 17.-That
the economic agricultural system In
Germany has nlaced tho German empire
among tho great powers of the world
will be ,told tho Southern Commercial
Congress tonlftht bv David T.ubln. Uni
fied States delegate to the International
Institute of Agriculture at Rome.
"If our nation la to persist and to
prosper, there must be a conservation of
our farmers." Lubin said today. "The
farmer must take his place, as a com
mercial peer alongside the business man
of the cltv. This alone will bring about
that economic eaulllbrlum so essential
to tho llfo of a progressive nation. Tho
way to brln the farmer to this status.
Is to out Into effect satisfactory rural
credits and similar measures."
IiUhln'a Rddress and three others, will
conclude this year's session of the con
gress. Labor Secretary Wilson will dis
cuss "An Aglrcultural Immigration for
the Southern States:" Senator Robert L.
Owen, chairman of the Banking and
Currency Committee, will talk on agri
cultural finances, and Dr. Clarence Poe,
of Raleigh, will discuss "Organising the
Rural Community."
The congress Is expected to urge the
Congress of tho united States to hasten
rural oredlts legislation and changes In
the Immigration law. One of tho most
Important results of the conference was
declared to be the organization of the
House of Southern Governors, which
will meet each year to discuss Southern
Life Interests Provided
For Two Widows in Wills
Life Interests to widows are given In
two wills nied fir probate In the office
of the register of wills. Joshua W. Pel
by leaves his entile estate to Amelia
H. Bel by as long as sho remains his
widow. Upon her remarriage it is stipu
lated that the estate shall be divided
equally between six children. Alfred
H. Selby, a pon, is named executor.
' The property at M street nnd Howlson
place ooutliwfyt Is given to Susie Clo
max in the will of her hufhand. Jef
ierson Clomax, to retain as long ib
sho remains unmarried. The will di
rects that- the property be sold In event
of the remarriage of Mrs. Clomax and
the proceeds divided between five sons.
Airs. Clomax is made executrix,
The children of Catherine Gleasoti ar
In reply. Mr. Blaksleo de-. the chief beneficiaries undr her will,
nanKviinUsllin rt vitt-nl I ivIilnH rtavloAa CX. ttaftVt rt Vidtt rrronrt.
i outcs. He declared the department was children and leaves the remainder of
furnlshlnir "the best Dosalble service to
the greatest number of patrons," and
that the Inspectors had exercised- the
greatest care; he said, also, that the de
partment was .ready to co-operate with
him, and If any patrons were actually
deprived of service an effort -would be
made to remody tho situation.
Says Service Is Crippled.
Senator Kenyon replied today saying
h,e had petitions In his office showing
that patrons had -to bo a mile and a
half, and oven two miles, to secure mail,
and that they did not receive mall for
forty-eight hours. He reminded Mr.
Blaksleo that the roads In his State are
not asphalt. Ho said:
"From the length of the routes you
are establishing in parts or lowa, i
would judgo that you think we nave
asphalt pavement throughout the State.
I beg to Inform you that we have com
mon dirt roads and there are certain
times or the year It will not be possible
for rural route carriers to operate dally
over the routes you have laid out.
"If tho Postmaster General would co
operate With Comrress and innlsr mi
making it an Administration measure to
cut out a lot of the needless franxing
pnvuejre ana me expense or sending
political earden secdu through the mails
ho would not have to resort to crlnnunir I
the rural mall service throughout the
lows. I feel that we hale been dis
criminated against In this matter."
Senator Kenyon says ho will be glad
to co-operate In having re-establisned
the rural mail service to which the
farmers of the State are entitled and
or wmen tney are deprived.
Old Grads Will Hold
Reunion at Central Dec. 28
What will be the last alumni re
union in the old Central High School
building at Seventh and O streets, Willi
be held tho afternoon of Decembers 2S
from 3 until fl o'clock. A crowd that
will fill the building la expected. This
will be the seventh reunion under the
auspices of the present alumni organi
zation. A musical program will be given, but
this will be comparatively brief, as most
of the time is to bo glvon over to re
newing school acquaintances of bygone
years. A unique feature will be tho
ilrglng of a mock musical tragedy of
'The Grasshoprer," by the ;wembers of
the classes of '. and '89, Hho sanp it
when they wore members of the
Students' Glee Club
In order to defray tho expenses of the
union an admission feo will be
charged. Light refreshments will be
tho estate to Rartholemew and James
Gleason, .sons, and Mrs. Bridget Mc
Cormlck, a duughter. Bartholcmrw
Gleason Is named executor.
The e-otate or Henry p. Cattail is loft
to the children, and Fred J. Mershelm
er. William M. liarclay and Fannie B.
Cattell are named to administer It.
Ma CjrftputnBBVjHiSsTa
McKenna May Become
New Viceroy of India
LONDON. Dec. 17. The Morning Post,
In an editorial todav. refers to a per
s'stent rumor that Reginald McKenna,
chancellor of the exchequer. Is to suc
ceed Baron Hardlngo as viceroy of In
dia, and makes a strong protest that
Mr McKenna Is a partv politician and
totally unsuitable for buch a high position.
Steam Table
From 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Best Quality Food
At Popular Prices
White Palace Lunch
1113 Pa. Ave.
1417 G St. 314 Oik St.
Mothers Daughters
A Man
Likes a Gift i
The Man's Store
Something he can wear
use and enjoy. Here's a
few specials out of hun
dreds at the three easy
t 25c
3 Initial Handkerchiefs
in Box. n
Silk and Knitted Scarfs.
Fine Lisle Hose.
Pad Garters.
"It Pay to Buy the littt,"
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lOOS-1010 .' ft. IT. V.
Including some of our on make, Bllsitly
u44 Playtr-Pluioa at low figure.. Tuning
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Silk Scarfs.
Pure Silk Hose.
Combination Sets.
Chamoisette and Woolen
Lined Gloves.
. Dress Ties.
Woolen Caps.
Suspenders. '
High-grade Neckwear.-
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Chamoisette Gloves.
Lined Gloves.
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Christmas boxing on any
article, in addition to
Montys Worth or Money Back
D. J. Kaufman
The 1005-7
Man's Store Pa. Ave.
rc&xjrW Br BPF V
Central Location G and Eleventh Streets
$1.50 to $5
Short wrist or gauntlet styles. "Hjf
for fimsn, style, and comtort, we
recommend these Gloves highly.
Walking Gloves
$1.15 tO '$..50
An exceptionally good assort
ment of Silk and Wool-lined
Gloves, in mocha or glace fin
ish, suitable for either street
wear or motoring.
CRAVATS Thousands of Dozens at
29c, 50c, 65c, $1.00 and $1,65
And Walking Sticks
American Canes and English
Walking Sticks
Men with a prererence tor jj
the different and unusual will.)
appreciate especially the Sticks "
in the following woods: Malac
ca, Ebony, Cornell, Snakewood,
Partridge, Pimento, Rosewood,
and Applewood, with Prince of
Wales crook or straight crook
handles. $1 to $o. ,
N Street Floor.
s,. jajt j'to a. avVTSEBsstt j&ffii )259WviBPS5'
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rfr m. mww 4 -&,
in ymmar m mw
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imn i i v 3a laawjiwsRans mmimBrmasumt Aamn ini
1 Wkij S'W-
wr aa
With Superior Handles
$2 and $5
The sample handles of a lead
ing maker have "been advantage
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into Umbrellas that look worth
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Silk Shirts
350 to $5
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Brocades on silk satin. Black and White Brocaded Satin Ties.. Choice for only 29c.
jgE?' CrVf 9vn m
iW KMrrt
A showing of beautiful Silk
Shirts thar includes every desir
able coloring and pattern.
Pleasing gifts to any man.
Street Floor.
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cigar cutters -
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j .
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Bottle Opener and Corkscrew.. 91.00
Pencils 7..., $1.00
of Plated Silver.
Shaving' Mukb and Brushes, $2,00
Military Sets ....... ,....., .....tu,!8
uroui uruKiies ,.,v , ...f-.J'
Suits A gathering together and offering of high-grade suits in the most de
sirable models and fabrics including al1 the new
Stripes, Checks, Plaids, and Two-Tone Mixtures
Bear in mind that the designer of these Palais Royal Clothes is a $10,000-a-year
man, and that when w;e say that these garments are in every single respect fully equal
to custom tailoring, we are not claiming anything that is not a proven fact and you
can be sure of the utmost in style and workmanship.
Overcoats There is hardly a cloth or style you may have in mind that you. will
not find in this splendid assortment. Box Coats, shapely English form-hugging Coats,
Chesterfields, and more conservative coats and just as in the suits we art more
than glad yes, even anxious to have you yourself make critical comparison, and we'll
stand by your judgment. Tailored to perfection to fit and keep their appearance until
worn threadbare and modeled to fit as most coats only fit in pictures.
Boys' Overcoats, Mackinaws and Suits
Sizes up to 17 years P' Fto Suits with two pants
$1.85 to $7.50
Crocheted in all silk or plain,
knit. A Scarf that will appeal
to the man of conservative taste.
Combinations of gray and white,
royal and black, and green and
Street Floor.
- Robes
Bath Robes
Last of various lots are
bunched for tomorrow's sale
at reduced prices.
Overcoats Ages 10 to 17
years, in Fancy Mixtures; well
lined, with convertible collars;
double-breasted models.
Agefe 3 to 10 years, of Chin
chillas; wopl lined.
Mackinaws The ever-favorite
of the live boy warm,
but not weighty; made of In
dian blanket patterns.
' Suits Sizes to 17 years.
Norfolk models, with two pairs
of Knickerbocker pants both
pairs lined-.
M.tKwtIi Jl3
rJ. V r
$3.50 Value,
$6.00 Value,
$8.50 Value,
Of heavy Beacon Blankets, in
art designs and colors. With
shawl and roll collars and silk
corded edges.
Street Floor.
wmp' $e.oo xv i
Cigar Cases
A. Lianer
. G Street
Golf Cloth House Coats
Including Values to $7.50
Trimmed and finished in the latest approved styles. Have plaid shawl collars and" "turn-back''
cuffs. Patch pockets bound with braid and edged with silk cording give just the right finishing
touch to these thoroughly masculine, very handsome Cqats. No man could ask for a nicer gift. It
will be easy, to meet his preferences, as these House Coats are shown in green, brown, tan, blue,
gray and Oxford. Palais j?oyal, Stree Floor, G Street, two doors cast of Elcvent'.i.
Every man should own a
Sweater if pneumania is not
to be risked. You know the
story heated ' wfah exercise
the later rush to the street car
or automobile.
$4.45 .
' These are specially low prices
for guaranteed All-Wool Sweat
ers of guaranteed colors and
guaranteed buttonholes

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