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i i . j .I, i r ... . . . m . i i i.
ristmas Books Ar6 Here
With Old; Tried Friends; -'
Adieti To
rtf They Are In the Window,
L 1
Alice, Robinspn Crusoe, Prince Ahmid, Little Wom
; v
en and All the Rest of
(Copyright, IMJ; by Newspaper Feature Sen
THERE they are In tho window,
tho Christmas books howr can
you pass them without a Ions
and loving look? Red and gold,
n at silver, green and yellow l "Why,
fheVre as pretty as a garden of chrys
anthemums alt In full bloom.
That one- In the corner looks familiar.
Why, to bo sure, "Alice lit Wondor
landl" There's Alice with her long- hair
ahojjt her shoulders, English fashion,
and there's the white rabbit wltbr his
gloves and fan. and there is the Modi
Hatter, tod. taking tea with the March J
Ham. pear me! How have I lived sol
long without ,u? ru go without tho
new featt I wanted and take Alice along
homo with ma. and have a visit with
herbefore I gtvo her to a little girl I
"Who's that on tho shelf next to Alice-'
all In furs, with an umbrella, over his
shoulders and a faithful dor atf his side?
Yhobut "RobhwOn Crusoe!" Let's take
ths feddlt downi and have n. 'look at Rob
inson finding tho footprints! Bhall you
A4PAM AnWwAt d M(k. M.aa" 1i waaA4 VM
ever forget the way you felt when you
aw xnosa footprints tor tne nrat
trreffaeaber It as If It wero today.
, ,Tho Good Old Fronde.
X ni silting In a reoessed window be
hind the, window curtain, and X had a
Plata app)ta and a plate of cookies,
and X took first a bite of apple and thg'n
a otto of oookte, and I played all tho
tim that r was the Lady Elolae' Mont
morency da Coursey, sitting on my
tnrone ana1 Being w
and oil the me
I read ''Robinson
desert, 1
wiu gratitude to tne parrot when
SDokermy' language, and with lovd
tho faltbfuldoBr who followed my every
movement 'And I slept under the stnrs
and waded In wild dreams, and was
lonely and forsaken and forgotten and,
all at once, there they were the foot
prints and my heart stopped, and tho
old dog. the real' one, thrust his cold
noso Into my -hand and frightened rro
so that X came out of the book with
Creara. . . . .. .
KODinson, you snail go noma
Advice To
By"JA?tof:A'OE. .
Deas' AWo La,u"rienWat shall
T gly(s:JW'"Cbrl8tmaa-l)ttto. a. .
girl with whom T have, lWen. swing
about a -year? Wo ,are pot en
caged, but Hope. o. hot- when a
little o1dor. I undorstnr""' 'Jmt
the onlyproper thing-Is-? ' pr
flowers, I do notjwlfh -. ulvo
either of these, as I think she ex
pects something more. Would -an
inexpensive bracelet,- a vanity
case or a pocketbook'bo all right?
NH of the local stores has
the most fascinating enam
eled vanity coses just larsre
enough for powder, a puff.
and a mirror. They danxlfi from
one's Anger by a- chain with a ting.
The cost Is $4 and up. A leather
nocketbook would bo , a" charming
i-lft: so would sovcra) articles in
Parisian Ivory to start a set for her
dressing table. If none of theao"
things appeal to you particularly.
iiid -buy her a pair of lonfc white
kjd: stores: Thcao will cost about
(Cbpy,tt MS(py Newspaper feature BrT.)
Utft ,auri4 tcitt MSlcoms Jsttsr
' ifiQVtW on subsefs jtt 'interest
from teaaer of this paper, and toil!
eclu to thetn In thtao .colufnn,
Tltey1 houl& Jo addritied3 to htr.
fOT? IIHIWwt. -
Tho' bear iron cleaner !ls a, nloce of
wlra.gauce. . .
Tinned and V bottled fruits Should be
kept in tho dark. -
EUji cotton u better than silk for -
mending gloves. ,
Bhie will not stroak linen If a little
soda Is intxed In tho bluing water.
Jugs or basins in which milk Is kept
should be well scoured with salt at least
once a week
When sprinkling clothes use hot water,
which dampens them moro ovenly. Ten
nis and cricket flannels should bo
washed In lukewarm soft water and
rinsed 14 same not cold; It prevents
them from shrinking or drying hard.
When one wishes to chop small quan
tifies of food stuffs, like onions, celory,
parsley or nuts for salads or sauces, tho
ping bowl It Is a small wooden chop
ping bowl but qulto deep und has a
small crescent shaped Unifo to use with
The adjustable nut cracker is attached
to the edge of tho tabic? by n."-thumb
crew. It Is handy, for nuts of all sUes
may be cracked with equal ease, and
it. takes but an Instant 'to screw It in
The holdifoam flagon Is a new refrig
erator convenience. It, Is a. ncavy glas
receptacle protected by a skeleton ineul
frame havlnsr a Brian porcelain ton.
Wine or any liquid that is to be chilled
may bo put In it and kept In Immedi
ate contact with tho lce without danger
of breakage, where fine decanters or
pitchers are too fragile to risk for this
Have a long narrow kitchen tablo cov
ered with sine so that hot dishes may
be moved from the stove and placed on
it without damage, and where the carv
ing may be done, as it Is in so many
households, right In the roasting pan
ami sent sliced to table. Have the draw
er divided Into three compartments to
hold meat forks, carving forks. long
and short; and mako a cotton flannel
pad to fit ths bottom of ach compart
ment, so that the knives keep bright
and sharp and do not get scratched.
One. who works about the stove a
great deal will thoroughly appreciate a
pair of asbestos gloves with long wrists.
With them youmay take hold of the
pan to bast ths meat without feeling
the heat or scorching towels to do so.
These gloves protect one from all heat
tl objects In the kitchen. They seem
lather an expensive outlsy, but when
their protection is considered 'they are
Mally a good Investment.
a rwu iMiuiusuii vniirxelf. inrnther Korea s. to Jto uroox
iiiveawtw urusoe on J iiw icicles ond snownakes all over the
Island, and my heart swelled ' z..A u.. um tt.vi ttow minus
Besf -Sellers
In Pretty Yuletide Garb!
Merry Company.
with me, . too, you and your umbrella
and your parrot and your dog und4he
We need you In our family. I'm sum
you'll bo much better company than the
peisons we're always mooting In the
wagaxlnes. y,
Tho "Arabian Nights," Of Course
Hello, Prince AhmUfl. Where did you
come from, you and your two brothers?
Arabian Nights," of coursel Tell me
something that has always puzzled me.
Why Is It that you youngor brethron
weio always so successful In the old
sforlesV Tou always brought back tho
golden apple, and foliriS the golden
fleece, and married the beautiful prin
ce, and killed tho hideous dragon.
Didn't big brother over do any cf these
things nt all?
I think I'll take you along, too, you
and Aladdin and Blndbad and the rest
of them. You're so rich and so hand
some and so prosperous and so ludky,
I Ilka to have you In the neighborhood.
Hans Anderson bow shall leaver pass
you by?
Here's the Bnow Queen, and tho Little
Monnald, and Karon with the red shoes,
and Ida, who turned Into a yellow lily
because sho was envious ana here are
tho Four Winds whd came to visit
their mother in the great cavern, whero
she roasted 'an ox "whole for' supper for
them. . .
Oh, ho. Sir West Wind, that was a
fina iourney you took tlio yoUngprlnce.
when - ho rode upon your wjnga, high in
tlio Dltie BKy. Areni you nunnmcu 01
thero In the Snow- QUAen'e country aild
ho could no, longep -remember and be
lonely. I cah't leave voU and the, Uttle
Fir Tree here In tho shop window that
would never do. t
Worth Many Modern Heroines.
"Little women!" Why. Beth, how
sweet you are I Tet-welL Amy, did It'
turn out so well, vour romantic love
marriage, after all? Hello. Jo I as brisk
and sensible as ever. How have I done
without you all this while?
Why. you're worth a dosln erratic,
crotlo heroines In a dozen best sellers.
tYou never did. things that' -yap, knew
wero wrong, and then called yourself
persecuted when yon ot Vpur-just oes-
:"": " . ,. i' . .. , .v-jt
1 sou never ieiiaoo. fjui'BO(cuuu
else'a . sweetheart or even dreamed of
running awwr wiw umou owo ..-- .
band and yet you managed to be hap-
. T L.h...-.i V.A.U r,i AAA I.
py eoiueuuw. nwnww . j ...
rAna you wero Door. iqo. uuu-nvcu
a' little brown house you and The Old
Fashloned. olrl." and "Rose Ih Bloom."
and "The Ett Cousins." and "Tho
Five Little Pcopers" not a,U of the
same family exactly, but tne same kind
of wholesome, honest, lovable, real peo
ple. There wasn't, an automobile be
tween you. and If one of vou had- a new
scarlet ribbon for her hair she felt like
a oucen. And as (for vaohts and foot
men and boxes a$ tho opera, you never
seemed to have oven heavd of "them.
Best-Sellers All To Go.
Come along. Jo and Beth and Amy!
Come, Max and Prince Charllo and
Archie! we want vou. too. 'to help us
and the children we lovesret back to
sanity and sense and lov and home
I'm ' going, to Pitch pvery best seller
In the liouse out of the window this
vnrv nlcht and real the old-fashioned
cnimrens dqokb uuuufcu. nm n
word, every one- of them, before I give
them -away at Christmas.
Won't itba a'rellcf to get up a read
ing acquaintance with the simple, nat
ural, lovable creatures in those books
again Just for a change?
Some Whims of
ALL the colorful combinations
an aitlst can efect are com
bined in this season's
blouses. K Plain wnlte or
plain flerfh. colored blouite Ik, Indeed.
a rarjty. Neither ts It usual to con
fine the blouso to one material. Onn
combining both these up-to-date
features uses rose .georgette crepe
and white crepo de chine.
With an old blouse for a founda
tion, the crcpo Is button holed on
down the front in large, rounded
scallops, heavy .silk , of ,a barker
shade of rose being used, The eel
lor, cuffs, and bodice front, are trim
med with tiny flat bows of black
CVp) right
IMS. ty NVvvdpaper Vea-
ture Service,
'i unfa he was when his heart froso U
' 77". :
W&M -i-t 'n' ng? hi evi Htw n
Eatables Familiar arid, Strange
Suggested For Yuletide
By LOUIS PLAFF," Chef of the
New WHlard.
Deep 6c Cotutt Favorite
Celery ollvos Mixed Baited Nuts
Cream da Volatile ft. U Xtcliio
Brook Trout Santo Amandine- ,
cucumbers a l'algra
Noisette of Vetilsori Ealnt Hubert,
Cumberland Sauco
Brussels Sprouts nu Beurrt
Sweet Potatoes a la Hill
Braised Young Turkey, Chestnut
stuffing ' ,
Salad pood Luck
Fancy Ice Cream Assorted Cakes
American rium Pudding, Hard and
Brandy Hauce
Mince Plo
Assorted bruits
I i
With Turkey As the Axis
v 'for the Entire Christmas
.Dinner, the Search for
"Something New" to En
liven the Remainder of
the Feast Leads to Recipes
From Many Lands.
RE you planning to spend to'
cents or 6 for your Christ
mas dinner? Most likely it
will all depend upon the
place whero vou dine. If it's to be an
old-fashioned family feast at homer
wlth all tho traditional "flxln'a" the"
cost for each porson may be well
undor a dollar. Thoso who dine at
hotels will expect something moro
elaborato than home-made delicacies
and are prepared to pay acordlng
ly. Now even the least expensive din
ner can suggest the festivity it
celebrates by using the foods to
harmonize. Red, Is, of course, tho
Christmas color, and It Is possible
to evolve a menu within the parse; of
tho averago housewife having & re
current themo of red throughout.
One ouch menu has been submitted
by tho National Schol of Domestic
Arts and Sciences. Tho cost for
six persons Is 13.75 at prevailing
market prices, aa average cost of
63 cents.
The first course Tuletlde cocktail
is an old friend gayly decked for
the holiday season, being nothing
more nor less than an oyster cock
tall, flavored with catsup, lemon, and
a sprig of parsley and garnished
with red peppers cut 4n strips. To
mato.es supply the red for the coup
course clear bouillon, with celery
and olives, and radlshea to add
another shade of crimson.
Oranee SalatJ.
Cranberry Jelly may be depended
upon to make any course festive
In color and adds the proper acid
flavor to roast turkey, as welt. The
careful housewife will "find that 4f
she roasts her potatoes at the same
tlmo that the turkey Is cooking there
will be an additional saving in fuel.
Brussels sprouts are .suggested as a
variation from the usual onions,
and squash as accompaniments to
tho roast.
The apple and orange salad sus
tains the"noto of red, Uio flame
color of the oranges, accenting tho
deep red of the apple skin. .Candled
cherries may be added to the hard
sauce for the plum budding, if the
same cheery color Is to be carried
out to tho very end of the dinner.
The entire menu Is not beyond the
culinary ability of the homo cook,
nor Is It likely to result in any at
tacks of acute indigestion. Fewer
vegetables have been assigned to
tho roast course, but tw5 high in
food value are retained.
In contrast to this distinctively
American . array of eatables, the
elaborate m.enus planned by the
chefs of the local hotels vrould be
'regarded b"y tho average cook aa
utterly beyond her ken. Glvo some
thing a French title and she pro
tests that plain cooking Is all n
can do successfully. Americans who
have lived abroad and can testify to
the excellence and llavor of true
Kronen cooker realise that some or
these oiaborate-soundlng dishes are
within the scope of anyone posses
sing tho .average amount of brains
and cooking ability.
Cooking Brook Trout.
Chef Jacques, Haerehg Of the
Bhoreham has a number of such
dishes pn his efght-course Christ
mas menu. T,o he sure, they sound
formidable, but ho gives assurance
that "anyone who knows how to cook
will find them easy." '
Tako "Brook Trout Amandine,"
for instance. That la nothing more
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or tho Raleigh.
Christmas Moton Frapp a la
Celery Olives Baited Almonds
Potato Das Gourmets '
Mousse of Balmon. Grand-Duo
Bermuda Potatoes Nature
Noisettes of Baby Lamb. Renaissance
Boucfyee aux Polntea d' Amour
Roast Philadelphia Capon, 'Chestnut
Cranborry Jelly Salado Amertcalne
' Souffle Glace Dame Blancho
Camembert Cheese
Toasted Balttnes
Nuts and Raisins
Demi Tasss
Tuletlde Cocktail
Clear Tomato Bouillon
Radishes Celery Olives
Roast Toung Turkey.
Breadcrumb Btufflng
Roast Potatoes Brussels Sprouts
Cranberry Jelly
Apple and Orango Salad
Plum Pudding, Hard Sauce.
nor less than trout with almonds
and delicious they are, if tho chef's
word be taken for it This is how
he .prepares them:
"Select two brook trout, score
them, season with salt and pepper,
roll in flour, and bako in butter
until brown. Skin a dozen large
almonds, cut them In half, and
brown them In two tablespoonsfuls
of butter. Pour over trout, and add
a small quantity of lemon Juice."
Roast turkey has como to bo the
axis around which all the Christmas
dinner revolves. Turkey Is, of course.
Indispensable but why roast turksy?
Why not braised turkey for a
change? ChefHaerenger pronounces
It a great Improvement, and scarcely
moro trqublo than the roasted
"Everyone Knows roast turkey Is
good," says Mr. Haerenger, "but
braised stuffed turkey Js better, es
noplnllv for home cooking.
"Have a fresh young turkey welgh-
ing'nlne op ten pounds well cleaned; (
remove tho tendons from' the legs,
leaving tho skin from the breast to
the head as loose as possible. Take
out the breast bone to allow more
spaco for stuffing the breast. Sea
son with salt Inside.
For the Dressing.
"To mako tho stutOng soak some
bread In mllki Fry some finely
chopped onions, a very little cut ba
con, and a few shallots a kind of
small onion until brown. Aid to
the soaked crumbs, from which tho
milk h&s boon pressed. Next mis:
In two eggs, salt, pepper, sage, anl
nutmeg to season and chopped par
sley. Meanwhile rpast some chest
nuts In tho oven until nearly done
they are better and havo moVo
flavor if cooked this way instead
of boiled add to the rest of the
dressing and stuff the turkey.
"Don't tie the turkey's legs too
closely tq the body. In order that they
may be cooked at tho samo time
as the breast. Cover the breast
with a largo piece of larding pork
to keep it tender and Juicy.
Tut the turkey in a bralzor with
a few- chopped onions, carrots, and
a little tat chicken fat If you havo
it. Put It in the oven. From time
to time pour the grease over thS
turkey. It gives a nice color and
koeps the skin from breaking
When the turkey Is brown take off
tho fat from the brfcarft and
sprinkle on a little flour. Let It
simmer for about Ave minutes, and
a little wator and brown, thin
gravy Just enough" tcr keep the
bottom of tho. Uralser covered
and a little celery or kitchen
bouquet. Cover the bratser and let
tho turkey braise in the oven for
about an hoiir, turning the turkey
every ten minutes.
Add a LUtto"SherrT.
"Wlion cooked, strain tho gravy
' through a sieve nnd let it pmi on top
of tho- rangb -lowiy. Remove tho
greaso as It comes to-he top. Re
move the string from the turkey and
serve. Before serving the gravy add
a Uttle sherry wine and serVo In a
bowl wlU the turkey.
"A variation of candied sweet po
tatoes, called sweet potatoes a la
Hill, may be an accompaniment to
tho roast. Boil largo sweet pota
toes. Cut In round slices one-quarter
of an inch thick. Peel one "apple
and slice It thin. Fry the potatoes
brown, place the apples on top
of the potatoes, pour over them a
Dolls,, $1.25
to $4.50
50c to $22.50
3th & Pa. Ave.
- "' -'
' Choi of, the Sbpreham.
Consomme Princesse
' . Smelts Saute au Beurrs
"" sweetbreads Jlugenle
Irtoast Turkey. Chestnut Dressing
Mashed Potatoes Brussels Sprouts
Boiled Onions v
Spinach a i'Ahglalso ,
Chicory Salad
c'nellsh Plum Pudding. Brandy Sauce
y- Pumpkin Pie
Nefpo.Ittan Ice Cream
French Title Does lHpt
Necessarily Mean Cook
ery J3eyond the Ability of
the Average Housewife,
and 'a Menu Prepared By
An Expert Chef May In
elude Old Friends in New
small quantity of honey and maple
syrup, sprinkle with sugar, and bako
for fifteen minutes In tho oven."
Chef Louis Pfaft. of the New Wlt
lsrd, takes great pride In the- fact
that his menus aro written, for tho
most part, in English. With the ex
ception of the nsh course and the
entree, tho Christmas dinner he "con
contributes might be that planned
by any housewife who wishes to
servb six courses.
All the choicest delicacies of the'
season aro combined in the menu
suppllod by Chef F. C. Goettelnrann.
Iced melon, with wine: baby Umb,
Bermuda potatoes, souffle a Lucul
lan feast. Indeed!
Which are to appear on TOUR
1 Christmas menu Saturday?
Piping Hot Waffles
and Plei-ity oMarigM
Marigold Margarine
f j.
j J
Teething Ring
7&aiy Often
Facial Malformations
(Copyright, WIS, by Newspaper Feature Servlci, Inc.)
A BOMINADLE habits of infancy.!
? i tnriHtA fev aIb mvtA tl.fii,rti.
less mothers, nurses, and maids,
more, desirous of Immediate
peace and quiet than of any future ugli
nesiior disease, are responsible.. for a
largo group of serious physical nialadios.
Perhaps one of the most felonious of
iniquities encouraged by children's
nurses is the" practice of Inserting ivory
rings, pacifiers, alleged "gum-horden-
crs" and "teething rings" Into .the
mouths of tearful Infants. These "gum
hardeners," "teething rings," and "pad
tiers" are of so little benefit that they
actually have been dubbed "deface-
lllcrs." Indeed, the .gums of infants
need no hardening, and tho teeth need
no more incentives to growth than do
tho nails or tho hair, which are of -tho
same nature.
Thumb Sucking Evil.
Dr. George Van Ness Dearborn of
Boston properly emphasizes that such
abominablo habits formed In infancy
causo many of tho far-from-lovely
faces of grown-ups, crooked and irregu
lar teeth, and some of tho frog-like
butglngs of the mouth, which are blamed
upon adenoids. Bucking of the thumb,
fist, flngors, or even tho lips, tongue, or
i-lnff-ilnrr nn nftan tiAnwna nn. ull in
fantile habits to be broken up by means'
or quimno solutions or epsom salts Kept
upon the particular objects sucked or
The instinct of self-preservation which
causes the infant to suck must be care
fully guided. Because of, a lack of prop
er training the deplorable lip, hand,
cloth or finger sucking and biting habits
are easily formed by the Infant. It feels
the Impulse to suck or blto and. per
chance, cries until something is placed
between Its lips. Then the Infant begins
Readers desiring advice should
1. To address inquiries to Dr. L.
K. Hirshberg, ;aro of The
Washington Times.
2. Tocnclose a stamped and aft
dressed envelope if a personal
reply is desired.
Here's a treat for. a vigorous appetite waffles
for breakfast piping hot and done to J111'"
brown torn. Spread a generous lump of Mari
gold over each, as you take them off the fire
On the table with them quick before they
start to cool You won't need much syrup
on them for '
will give them a rich taste that nothing else can
beat. Its flavor is fine and its appetizing good
' ness will make the whole family want more
Marigold is a top-quality foods made with care
ful nicety in white-tile churnerles. If s pure,
sweet clean. It has a firm place In thousands
of refined homes. Good dealers everywhere
sell Marigold.
Morris Company
tDBT '
Cause of
to suck and the formation
of a bad
habit. la begun,
Other Face Dcformers.
Second only to the face-doformlng
habit of sucking comes mouth breath
ing. It Is not only adenoids and over
obstructive tonslle that lie at the bot
tom of this habit, but negligence In
cleansing tho nostrils of Infants often
causes It Thickened- turbinate bones
of the nose and other congestive rates
aro also responsible for the habit of
improper breathing.
Cleft palates, halrllps. tied tonin.
rickets, scurvy and too early a loss of
teeth, also produce deformities of the
face. ,When tho softness and plasticity
of Infants' Jaws aro understood, when It
Is realised that they are as pllablo as
green twigs, the pernicious effects of
sucking nnd mouth breathing, upon the
symmetry and comeliness of the face.
will begin to be appreciated.
The Old Cat. '
I was not one of 'those cream-fed
That purr all day beneath the
kitchen stove.
Rather I ate the tablo scraps.
KU nonVnWheP I'S'd ho UI
Though they didn't need to say it.
For all night long I watched Jn the
Simpson barn,
Not for my food alone, but that no
allm-talled mouse
Should touch tho ptled-up ecrn-cribs.
Or taste tho smooth white oats.
I pattered velvbt-footed on the
Or slupk with soft-bodied creeping
through the hay,
Then pounced that.sharp.cyod. sleek
gray rat
Would never rob the grain-bins
At last my eyes grew dim.
I loved tosun myself and no't to
chase and' hunt.
"Tho old cat ain't no user now,"
was all they thought or said,
So they shot me.
Now I shall lie and dream all day
Upon tho Lord's front steps,
I shall lap great bowls of cream
And crunch the Bwet, white bones
of mice.
And I shall try to give old Simp
eon a welcomo
When he comes.
Ifever he does.
S "-
i .
"- ss"- - r

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