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Seer Sees Startling
Events For Capital
In the Coming Year
Continued fronwPdge1 One.)
February and catastrophe on the seas. While tho navy may gain
in June, looses are likely in tho middle o? tho month. Trouble
over loans is presaged for the summer. September brings a
crisis, followed by an upward sweep for the better in December.
Italy may expect victories and reverses in rapid succession.
Riots over food and credit are probable. Conditions should im
prove in May, but a member of the cabinet will be in trouble.
From September, 1916, to May, 1917, lost ground should be
(regained, if the King escapes' danger from the late Bpring' to
Belgium has little hope of better times until 1918 or J919.
Peril and losses threaten King Albert in February. Women and
children may suffer additional horrors. More public buildings
may be destroyed.
France should find its financial condition improved during
the course of the year. The army may suffer setbacks in March
and April, followed by heavy losses in July and August. Gains
are prognosticated for early April and June. In November and
December, treachery may be uncovered, and the end of this new
year of 1916 probably will be a crucial time. There is menace
for the lifo of President Poincairo in March and April and again
in July and August.
Russia has little hope of encouragement in the message of
fche planets. January and February should expose a chain of
conspiracy extending back to June, 1915. For the Czar, serious
losses and possible injury are foreshadowed. April is an adverse
month, and he may expect little good until after August. If he
survives, next December will bring gain to him.
Austria has little promiHO of great change. The aged Em- '
peror may die in early spring or "aummcr.
Holland has a sinister augury. Events having their origin
in 1916 will reach a climax in July. Personal danger to the
royal family and Iobs of estates or property belonging to the
realm are to be expected. There fs an ill omen for January and
March, when dangers on sea and land are forecast, and possibly
an invasion by a hostile army. Sudden and severe catastrophe
arc probable.
Norway shows intrigues and conspiracies from January to
June. In March conditions involving naval activities are fore
told. From April to November the outlook is serious.
Sweden may have a threatening time in January, and again .
in June. A crisis in international affairs may be postponed
until December.
Although the United States begins the new year more
blessed than any country in the world, the stars forewarn the
people that they should prepare for a year of startling events.
Business conditions probably will be much affected, since the
element of surprise is prominent in all public affairs. Men .and
women of every class are counseled to be most conservative in
their expenditures. The year will be a time for safeguarding
money and property.
Those who speculate are warned jot extraordinary fluctua
tions in the stock market. These will be followed by scandals
caused by failures and embezzlements. The sudden death of ,a
person of prominence in banking affairs is prognosticated. Two
financiers will end life, one in January and one in July. Foreign
loans will be much discussed. Brokers and speculators' should
be especially careful in the autumn, as the last of September
and the first of November are under a sinister rule. The coming
summer, July 1 to 15, is under an unfavorable sway of tho
planets. Bankers are fdrewarned that the public mind will
readily entertain fear. They should guard against possible runs
on banks and consequent failures on stock exchanges. New York
and Philadelphia come under a direction that indicates excite
ment. There is also an aspect that may mean repudiation of
foreign credit.
Farmers will reap large returns from crops, but unsatis
factory conditions may cause losses. Cold and 'dark weather is
indicated; storms of unusual violence may cause heavy losses of
live stock. Breeders of horses and cattle have the promise of
large profit, but they should take precautions against the spread
of contagious disease.
Floods on the northwestern coast of the United States are
prognosticated. Seattle may suffer damage. Disasters under
ground may be numerous. Mining has an unlucky sign, read as
indicating accidents from explosions and fires. Santa Fe, El
Paso, Bismarck, and Leadville have an ill omen.
High tides and floods are likely to cause losses in Eastern
and Atlantic and Seaboard States.
The eclipses of the year tend to high winds and destructive
tempests. The Panama canal may be severaly damaged in the
last week of January and the first week of February. The last
of July and the first of August and the end of October also are
unfortunate times, in which damage that is costly may be looked
Earthquakes may be more numerous and more widely ex
perienced than in previous years. The Middle West and Central
America may be disturbed by shocks January 26, 30, and 31;
Canada and the central of the Atlantic States, April 17 to 24,
which time will also be dangerous for the West Indies and the
Panama canal. These seismic phenomena may be especially
severe at sunrise and sunset. In South America and Central
India these upheavals of nature may take the form of landslides
and tidal waves, windstorms, tornadoes, and cyclones. Special
dates read for these cataclysms are as follows: Winnipeg to
Galveston, Vera Cruz, and Guatemala, January 31 and February
1; Dawson to Tahiti and Manila, February 3; western Pennsylva
nia, Charleston, the Island of Jamaica, the Bahamas, Equador,
and Peru, February 13. In the summer the following dates are
probable: Winnipeg to Galveston and Central America, the
Sonora river, Lower California, western Arizona, and Nevada,
Helene, and Butte, Mont., July 13 and 1.4. Floods and disasters
from the air possibly severe heat and thunderstorms afe indi
cated for the North Atlantic coast about July 26, when Jamaica,
Porto Rico, Haiti, Santo Domingo, and the Panama canal are
opt to suffer severely. There is a tendency to fire, eruption, -or
seismic shock in the Yukon district July 29, but the influence is
more likely to affect Australia.
The winter solstice and the vernal equinox are not alto
gether encouraging for theatrical affairs, although they indicate
a period of change which will be most beneficial for the future.
During the next few months motion pictures will continue under
a most fortunate direction of the planets. There is a lucky sign
for the introduction of color into the drama of the screen, for
educational pictures and for advertising through the use of the
For the legitimate drama new and surprising evolution
in the taste of theatergoers is presaged. Success for serious
plays instead of the merely frivolous is predicted. A tragedy is
foreshadowed among the big producers. A partnership of the
&st importance will be broken, either by death or by a quarrel.
War probably will continue until 1918, although 'March, 1910, may
bring strong hopes of peace.
As the sub-cycle of Mars continues until 1944, this will not be the
last conflict of the nations of vthe world.
March and June will be memorable months in the United States
because of internal troubles as well as external dangers.
Germany may suffer adverse conditions in January and March.
Death of a person of rank, possibly a member of the royal
family, is indicated.
England shdlild expect peril from air raids from February 3 to 7.
Personal danger for the King or one of his sons in March.
Italy has a forecast of alternate victories and reverses. Trouble
for a member of the cabinet in May.
Belgium has little hope of escaping from its overshadowing cloud
of calamities until 1918 or 1919.
France may suffer reverses in March and April, followed by heavy
losses in July and August. President Poincare should safe
guard his' life.
Russia will uncover a long train f treachery. Personal injury to
, the Czar is probable. April will be unlucky with adverse
direction until August.
Holland has the forecast of much trouble and possible invasion.
Producers who have largo investments are warned of sudden
and unexpected events which may afflict four of them, and there
is danger of serious bodily injury to one of tho younger men
who has made a great personal success.
Owners and managers of theaters are forewarned of a fire
or catastrophe, possibly between May 1 and1 May 9. This is
likely to bo somewhere in the West or South.. This'period and
the end of June are unlucky, ns there may be a severe loss or
bankruptcy for a theatrical manager. There is a sign also read
as indicating a demonstration or a riot in a place of amusement.
A prominent man may die or be assassinated. The summer may
bring ill luck for actors, especially those who are engaged in
the moving pictures. Accidents on the water or in motor cars
are probable. A wreck where many may be lost is foretold for
July 26 or August 24. A divorce suit which will create an
extraordinary scandal because it affects many prominent per
sons is prognosticated.
Woman suffrage is likely to meet many obstacles in 191G,
as conditions affecting the campaign for political equality are ad
verse. A sensational setback or active treachery on the part of
politicians probably will cause a scandal which will produce a
libel case against a prominent writer or scientist. Changes in
leadership and in campaign methods are likely.
Hospitals and charities should greatly benefit. The new year
will bring many demands upon all philanthropic organizations.
Churches will engage in new humanitarian movements, and
there will be a tendency toward the restoration of a living faith
and the harmonizing of science and religion.
Reforms will include the reorganization of procedure in the
legal world, improvements of courts, and the speeding of many
forms of litigation. Prisons will occupy much attention, and the
treatment of convicts will be radically improved.
With the awakening to a knowledge and consciousness of
the occult world and a new interest in regard to the psycho
logical and subliminal conditions, there will be extraordinary
imaginative work in art, music and literature. The coming of
the superman and superwoman will be heralded.
In connection with the labor trouble, strikes and riots, many
catastrophes arc indicated. Railroad accidents and explosions
are probable in the Middle West. There may be serious trouble
in the Southeast (possibly in Virginia) which will stir the
Fires and disturbances are probable in Washington, D. C,
or near the National Capital. New York city comes under an
adverse rule from July to November. The figure is threatening
for the safety of railroads and steamers. There may be strikes
among longshoremen and railway employes. A tragedy on the
water is forecast late in May. This rule of the planets may
tend to produce sudden reverses when conditions seem to
promise peace and prosperity. A serious catastrophe long fore
told to the principal city in the United States may occur before
next November.
The new year may add a long record of deaths among
artists, musicians, actors anil writers who have attained high
place. The closo ot brilliant careers will mark the beginning
of new schools in all lines of attistic endeavor. The year 1916
will be a time in which "old tilings shall pass away."
Throat and ear troubles arc likely to be prevalent, especi
ally in March, stomach and nerve maladies also will be more
numerous than usual.
The political forecast for 1916 gives warning of personal
dissensions, party bplit3 and disorganizing influences. Tho Presi
dential campaign is likely to be one of the bitterest and hardest
fought in history, if the reading of. the stars is to be believed.
Civil service, postal affairs, the army and the navy will con
tribute complications to the usi.al problems that confront can
didates. The rise of a resourceful and powerful leader is ind'eatcd.
New figures will appear in tho political arena, and bitterness
will be injected into public issues. Personalities will be in
troduced into contests for oflice, and scandals will be uncover
ed. Both orators and editors will come under a rule that in
clines toward virtuperation and rancor. The same occult forces
that make for cruelty in the 'war will be at work in the political
President Wilson's horoscope reveals many great forces at
work for him. He will have a jear of tremendous responsibility,
the greatest in his lifo. In an hour of grave emergency he will
rise to the zenith of his power and will gain great honor.
There is a sign road as indicative that political plots laid
in Dcrcmber will be revealed in late January and February.
He is warned against possible treachery on the part of one-time
friends. March is a tiir.e when he should take care of his. health
and protect himself against overwork and worry. Ho should
beware of accidents this monl1. and in the first two weeks in
Julv probably will hr.nr the President many anxieties,
especially in regard to nuvnl affairs, and May is also a time
for more or less worry. Congress will give him trouble, for
it is predicted that delays in passing bills, especially those
carrying important appropvjntions, will bo exceedingly embar
rassing. In the Senate rrrious opposition may develop. The
session may be one of much oratory and filibustering.
A candidate for President will gain much publicity and win
support early in tho r print'. He will be a man little heralded
and may cause intense fooling that will produce party rehisms.
President Wilson's chief concern, however, will not be poli
tics, but the national volfnjv. The lunations of January and
February are threatening to tho peace of the country. While
both February and May are forbidding for shipping and in
idcate possible difficulties with lhe nav, June and July are both
times for serious import for credit and safety. Secret foreign
enemies and conspiracies that affect Congress are likely tb be
exposed in tho latter purt of April. There will be also a scandal
in which foreign envoys are implicated. Letter or writings that
discredit a dipolmat will cause trouble.
The assasKination of a public man is foreshadowed. He
will lose his life because of t.ome financial or political affilia
tion, it is foretold.
With nil the dangers and troubles presaged by the planets,
there is the augury of ninny wonderful achievements in the
ne.t twelve months. Science will nnnounce inventions that
will be epoch-making, Hloimuro will add ports and novelists
of high rank to Us lists, nmsir will become national concern
ami religion will be more and n:drc n practical, everyday prac
tice of faith and right living.
No Attempt at This Session to
Establish a Budget Sys
tem. N
Half Dozen Committees Mak
ing Up the Annual Supply
sasss niuni iuuk uuLiKNd vuuni muai
720-722-724 Seventh Street N. W.
There will be no attempt at thin scs
Hlon of ConBrcs to establish a "bud
Kot system" of appropriations, nlthouKh
the leaders of both parties regard tho
nresent method of handllnc the annuat
supply bills ns unsystematic and hap
hazard. Plans for the creation of a
budget system, however, havo been
practically abandoned, and tho special
committee named by the Democratic
caucus to dcvlso n system regards It as
impossible to make the change at this
time. ,
Tho special committee named to re
port on a budget system at this session
comprises Speaker Clark, Majority
leader Kltchln, and Congressmen Hay.
Fitzgerald, Garner, Stout, and Sherley.
Tho committee, after an Investigation
of tho subject, has decided that there
In so much work ahead of tho present
Congress that tho appropriation bills
must be handled in the old way.
Half Dozen Commi'tecs.
Under the present system apprdprla
tlon bills In tho Houso are handled by
more than a half dozen committees.
The economies of one committee may
be offset by .the extravagances of an
other, and there Is no centralized au
thority for keeping down the appropria
tion totals.
No Change Posmhle.
Chairman ritzgeruld and Congressman
Sherley. the two ranking Democrats on
the Appropriations Committee, are
r.trong advocates of a change. They :ire
convinced that the annual appropria
tion bills ot Congress are handled In a
way that would not be countenanced
bv anv groat industrial establishment
where system and centralized authority
In essential. The special committee,
however, has been forced to the conclu
sion that It would be impossible to put
through a lnw for the creation of a
"budget committee" nt this session, and
tho several appropriations committees
rn going ahead with the making up of
the nnnual supply measures.
The tentative nrosrnm constdnrnl liv
the caucus Investigating committee wos
the creation of a big commute1, of
fcrtv or more members, to take yearly
nccount of tho probublo expenses and
tho revenues of the Government. This
committee would adopt o resolution
llmlllnjf tho appropriation for each
branch of the Government service leg
iolntlvo. executive, judicial, sundry civil,
military, naval, 'and public Improve
ments. The appropriating committee
then would be required to I-eep within
the limit of appropriations set. and no
eommlteo would be nuthorlzed to exceed
Its particular allowance
House loaders vet hope to work out a
plan for abolishing the present system,
but l was ndmltted today that tho
c-hiingc cannot be made at this session.
Wins Wine Dinner for 4
By Taking Plunge in Sea
ATLANTIC CITV, Dec. 26. Watson
Herbert, a Chlpago visitor, won a wine
dinner for himself and three others by
taking an ocean dip.
He made a bet with Thomas Herbert,
n cousin, that he would take a flve
mluuto plunge, and the wager was ac
cepted. Herbert was In the water eight
minutes and Miewed no 111 effects.
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