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ii ' i null
Her Husband's Friend
fiords Devoted Wife;
She Seeks the Cause
He's a Goose, Impractical, Visionary, artd Full of Vague
Dreams"! Don't Like If At A'll, Wfould
You?" She Pleads.
HIS is what a woman a fine
woman, a good wife, a devoted
mother, a kindly friend said to
mc. T tell It as aho said it's
My husband has a friend the friend
of his heart, the friend of his youth, the
friend of his life and that friend bores
me ajmost to death.
He's such a goose of a man, So Im
practical, so visionary, sp full of vague
schemes and Impossible dreams, and
they're all about himself and my hus
band. He's going to Euiope with my hus
band, he says, and he wants to sit In
front of- the library fire and talk about
it, till I havo to go to bed In despera
tion. Theft, when they como back from u
i ope. they're going to work a While, and
go to Africa oh, not the. Sahara desert
or any pleasant, little, casy-to-get-at
place like that, but deepest, darkest,
scariest Africa. They're going to have
natives to pack their boats, iiy hus
band's friend utways says "pack:" I've
bf c.1 tB"Bht t0 8a' "carry." That's one
or the Ilttlo things that annoy me. And
they re going to plunge Into the jungle.
They never "go." they always "plunge."
lie's a creat fellow for getting one word
and saying It over and o'ver, till I feel
as If I could scream my husband's
"Won't Wc, Old Pal?"
One of them Is going to have the
fever and the other will nurse him
through It It's really Idiotic the senti
mental way he acts when he says this
and they'ro golnc to d'seover nmw
plants and rivers and a lako or so, and
they'll be named after them. Lake-Bill-
Jonn, or something like that. Oh. It's
quite too childish nnd absurd ! And
they know all the tlmo '.heyil never go
at least my husband knows It. Where
Is he going to get the money? But his
friend always looks mysterious and
says, with a kind of darklng glint In
his eye and a backward r.od of the head
that no one but a man who was dead
In love with himself ever made: "Oh,
we'll And the money all light, won't
we, old Pal?"
Then he tells stories such dull
stories! He tells them over and over
and over the same ones and wc have
to laugh at the samo words every time.
The children aro supposed to be vcr
fond of my husband's friend. They call
him "uncle," and he brings them p-es-fits
tilings he- picks up p bis Sun
day walks and ho tells us long, cir
cumstantial tales about how he found
this particular stone at u certain path
off a particular piece of road. And his
eye glints mysteriously nnd my hus
band, nods, nnd I wonder end woildrt
what on earth that particular pith
A Few Easy Recipes
Baked Apples.
ff preparing this dish wash, core,
and cut the apples Into eighths;
place In a baking dish and
,u,.t- ...i.L. ...... A Art nn
BPrWKlC Willi ftlltt. ..,
other layer of apples and sugar until
the dish Is as ful! as desired. Add
water as for biking apples In the
ordinary way. nake until soft, nnd
serve wllh the usual course at din
ner. The skin should bo left on the
Italian Creams.
To make these dslnties. whin the
white of an ess with a tcasnoonful
of water, and add a pound of Iclnsr
si.gar. Knead the paste smooth and
divide Into three parts. Color one
thlrd pink, and flavor with stravv
nerrv. another third pale nrreen. and
flavqr with vanilla, and leave tho re
mainder white, but flavor It with
lemon, rtoll each pieci out with
a rolling-pin to a quarter of an Inch
In thickness, brush each llghtlv with
whlto of egg. and lav one on ton
of the other, green, white, pink,
pressing them flrrnlv together. Moll
two ounces of desiccated chocolate
with a spoonful of water, and brush
thickly over both sides of tho cream,
letting one dry before dolnc tho
other. When finite set cut with a
harp knife into diamonds or tri
angles. Cheese Omelet.
Needed: Threo cges. 2 tablespoon
fuls grated cheese, pepper and salt,
1 ounce butter. 1 tablesnoonful milk.
To make: Beat the eegs thor
oughly, add the milk, cheese, and
seasonings. Heat the butter In the
omelet plan. Tour tho mlxturo Into
the pan and keen stirring it until it
begins to set. When nicely puffed,
brown tho top cither under tho cri lit
or In tho oven, and fold over Just as
It is Bllpped on to a hot dish
Cheese Fritters.
Needed: Two thbleapoontuls of
flour. 1 teaspodnful of mustard, 1
ounce of grated cheese. 14 tcacupful
or milk. 2 whites of ckcs.
To make: Beat up tho flour, mus
tard, milk, and add the grated
cheese, also the. whites of tho ees
beaten stiffly. Have ready some hot
fat. and fry tho mixture, diopplng u
teaspbonful at a time. Drain nnd
Mock Crab of Chcc&c
Needed: One-quarter pound of
cheese. 2 ounces of shiimps. 1 tea
spoonful of salad oil (or butter). 1
teaspontul of vinegar, salt, pepjici,
and caveiine.
To make: tiiatc the cheeso and
mix It thoioiiKhlv with all the other
ingredients, h'eixe It hi Ilttlo china
cages garnished with parsley and ar
tanged unionc some well-hearted
N. B -The sin Impi miiy be omitted.
If liked.
Sausape a la llhulmcs.
To prepare this dlsh take half a.
pound of sausages, two cupfuls of
mashed potatoes, seasoning, milk or
iravy, two talespoonafuls of bread-
means to these two particular men. and
1 ,,,?,i l ilk " l don,t '' U t all,
would ydu?
Somehow. -when , hiy husnand's friend
comes to the house nnd he comes, oh,
eo very, very often I always feel that
I'm the third. He's nev'or the third, oh,
no ! Why, the Idea I He Hncw my hus
band before I'd ever heard of him.
And when my husband has promised
to go somewhere, with me or with the
children, sometimes my husband's
friend nets hurt fiot annoyed or vexed.
Oh, no. never that grieved nnd hurt
he is. And sometimes he acts generous
n.nu is nouir ana seii-aacrincing.
"I won't Interfere." he says,
I wouldn't think of that! Go
tUnft ...,. lI 1(11 1..-.
on, no,
nn n It'n
uai juuru uuidk. All Hint nil pcrc
by the fire and smoke nnd think about
the old days. You won't object to that,
..in .....on
alt here
mil J uu .
I do object to lti but of course I ctn't
say so. I have to got him a rlgar and
fuss about a comfortables chair, and
all the time my husband Uoeps remom
boring that his friend is waiting for
him, and so do I.
Docs the Friend Suspect?
I wonder how my husband would like
It if I had a friend who did this sort
of thing with me. Como to think of it
t have, nnd come to think of It I kno.v
.hist what he docs think. I'll tell you
about It some tiny.
T wonder what I ought to do about It?
T would make friends with the wife of
my husband's best friend and go to see
her when he was at home with the ton
sllltls nnd wanted her to sit bv the
bed and hold his hand, end we'd talk
ibout old times and look mvsterlous and
say. "Ah. well, there are some things
that no husband In the world can ever
reallv understand'
j iul inn wire oi my nuspanu rrienn is
J Impossible, utterly Impossible. She takes
u iiiKii urujio aim umcsuun uioii'in una
nerve pill, and when von xo to I he
theater with her she hns to ro to the
dressing room het-veen tlir Heta tn niiU
hr throat Tin gamle has such a pecu
liar odor about 1'. She says vou get to
iiin ii aiifr vou ve usra n a, wuiip, nui
I don't believe I ever should.
She's always solng to adopt ? child.
R.-imetlnies she thinks It will lie n. bov.
and sometimes a girl. Once she decided
on twins, and she wants me to o to
orphan asvlum? and help her pick out
I'd love to do that, only It's so trvlng
to keen ohoosintr and "hoosln;, and
never reallv taking any
So I can't do n thing with tne wife
of mv husband's friend. I really csn't.
It a too much of a strain.
T ullinniA T'll hn.'n In rf.t.; . - III..
the fnend arid so on pretending till he
uii 'i r- uu, vi wv move away, or
I wonder If mv husband has the slight
est Idea how I fee! about It. Do vou
supDosc he-has? .
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crumbs. Blanch the sausages by put
tliiR them Into a saucepan with cold
water, and bring them quickly to
the boll. Then drain "them., remove.'
the skins, and cut tljcm Into two or
four pieces, accordlhg to size. Place
those In a. greased -pie dish or fire
proof dish, and sprinkle them with
pepper and salt. Then take about
two cupfuls ofnlcely washed pota
toes, seasoned and nftlstened with a
little milk or gravy, and spread on
the top of the sausages. Brush over
with milk or egg, sprinkle with'
breadcrumbs, and bake in a good '
oven twenty to thirty minutes.
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Some Whims of
MUS exquisite negligee Is of
shell pink chiffon and cream
coloied lace The chiffon Is
accordion nlratnl nmi iinn0
vi'"' "-.
In unbroken lines fioin the shoul
ders. "
Over this foundation Is jvoin a
dainty Jnrket cf shadow lace Blilned
oer the shouldcis and trljnmed with
garlands of p"lnk and bluo chiffon
A tiny wreath of the roses orna
ments the .from of tho negligee. TJio
skirt terminates In a slender, grace
ful train. .
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Lacking the Strain and
Worry of Studying for
Examinations, This Work)
Is Planned to Supplement
Usual School Work, Not
to Replace It.
HAT coursea arc TOU
going to take it tha V.
c. A. this w nter
Haven't you enough time.
Mrs. Busy Homemnkcr,
to have somo real relaxation by
Joining tho "Bonk Lover's Hour?"
And you, Miss Business Girl, why
not learn to innke your own hats'
Fourteen-yes. exactly thnt number
courses ore either to be started
or rc-opencd next week and more
are promised for February.
Best of all, thu ttuchcrs end work
ers at tho V. W. Cv A. are,, pro.
pared to refute the objection that to
take a course would mean hard
study-hoirs of It. This Is- the an
swer: i
"Our classes are not Intended to
replaco the work of the school, but
tii supplement It Every course la
panned with tcference to tho I usy
girls and wmen who will take It."
Anyono conccted with the Y. W C
A. is ready with thl convincing ir
gument. Miss Florence Brown, the
gineral secirtnry. will sa prac
tically the same thlnir if she Id nuked
to toll something about this phase
of the wi.rk, and Miss Buth Keenev.
educational secretary, repeats tlio
assurance. It is the ery cornerstone
of tho work.
"Ve do not attempt to cover as
much ground as the night or com
mercial schools." Hald one nf the
other secretaries. "Our courses pro
gress mcro slowly berausi wo real-I-hs
that the women who study vlh
us absolutely have no timo for much
preparation between clisscs."
Await RcffiRtratitin.
The little folder of the educations!
department looks very misiricsv-llke,
divided Into departments like Any
college catalogue languages home
economics, art. commercial Instruc
tion, and physical education.
In some cases the courses are '
awaiting a sufficient registration be
fore announcing the date of opening.
- IXTEEN miles from tho mouth
K domalpa-of the Rajah of
Sarawak, stands the city of
Kuchlng. Here there Is held each
year a regatta, of which the
"bacdar" boat race Is the most ex
citing event.
Ono reason for the thrill Is that a
baedar boat crew consists of a-
cnty-flvc men.
Eighty feet long are bacdar boats
of Harawak-elght.v feet long and ox
tremely nairovv. The keel is niHde of
ono piece of wood, to withstand the
strain of shooting taplds. And the
boats arc built for the speed that
- w-as thought tlje chief weapon when
strlklnc In war.
The baedurs were the original war
boats or the Brunei .Malays, the plr
ratcs who settled In Brunei, of which
Sarawak was then a part. And In
thoso das the chief acted as the
Today the coxswain must be a
skilled individual, indeed, for he
btands In the center or the boat with
a flag controlling the stroke and di
rection. At the stern Is a man with
a large paddle, and ono at the bow
who helps tho helmsman steer. There
are thirty-six men paddling on each
side with short paddles, and they
watch the coxswain's flag with obe
d lent eyes. When the coxswain lifts
his flag they stop paddling and turn
their eyes to the man In the bow.
who raises his paddle in tho air
twists It about hi? head, and brings
It down on the other side. Thus the
stroke is changed. When ho brings
It down all paddles cleave the water
again simultaneously, and the bacder
leaps through the -water.
To sec a bacder boat race Is never
tp forget It. For tho boats flash
through the waves with amazing
speed, casting up behind a spray like
a mist so stinging that those in tho
rear must often keep their eyes
closed or be blinded. The noise, too,
lli?r5,f.1?' tt0.l tne men become so
excited that they scream and shout
as they did in the old days when
they bore down upon fleeing enemy.
But however bloodthltsty tho tfura-w-aks
were In the old das. they aro
simply ardent sportsmen in their
races today, prom all ovr tho coun
try come the natives to cheer on their
special favorites Or to celebiato with
n defeat. Indeed, n Kuchlng regatta
Is a hero worshiping event like our
many times multiplied.
(Copxrleht. iliB. bv .Nev.,p,per ,.a,ure
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Message Strangely Delivered.
Dr. Norman Maclcod, the famous
Scottish divine, before visiting India
called on an old Highland woman in
niasBQW. wren ve gftB tao I,
niLv" faW' '" '" be cln' fna
?.T.,Lhat V'cnf aWfl '- India ten
ear sgp nn" never sent the scrape
of a pen tae his mlther since "'
' But. Katie." said tho doctor. "In
dla Is h very big place, and how can
I fnect to find hlnv ' "
iw?IV bwivo.u'Jl Just.u askln' for'
Donar. What for no?
Bo to, please thn old woman, ha
, promt rd trt ask for TJonald. and ho
ona-Ientlously kept his word. At va"
Ul? uortu. h0 "".,,B '"luory among
British ships, although It seemed
very much like loakMi- for a needla
In a half or hay. But It In the unex
pected that happens. A Dr. Mac
leols stam-r vvont un the Hoogly
ilver un outvva il bound vessel
passed cloo b- A silor was lean-'-
ovei' her bulwarks and moyed
bv a Mi-'dA,, impul c the doctor
shouted out-
"Ar vnn Dnnald Mactavish?"
. To M'tnt -s uipilso the man an
nounced Yes '
I)r Macleod had oulv time to
ho.Vt: .,."ou'! to wrlt, " our
rfiotlter'" as th vessel? drew apart
Tho reiult rt thl amazing meeting
w that th- ld lady received a.
rienltent letter from liar long n er
ected ion. ScotUh Amerleaa.
Here Are a Few
i .
Public Speaking,
Parliamentary Law.
Story Telling,
Spanish, , ,
Swimming, ,
Basketry, ;
History of Painting,-
Drawing and Color.
They appear In the folder, however,
and In many Instances require only
three or four more prosircuuvo pu
pils to start.
The English department offers flva
choices for the January reorganiza
tion. They Include grammar, liter
ature, and rhetoric; the booklover's
hour, for tho study of Shakespeare;
story telling, public speaking, and
parliamentary law. The story telling
course has been particularly success
ful during the fall term, and there
was no question of the demand for
a repetition this winter. Public
speaking and parliamentary law arev
like the story tolling course, rela
lively new. being studies but Recent
ly made of Interest to women.
Spanish Is the only foreign lan
guage to begin In January, though
others arc scheduled for later In the
In Home Economics.
The "room ocoipld by the de
partment of homo economics Is
wearing an expectant air these
iIhvh, awaiting the re-openlng of
classes In sewing, dressmaking
nnd millinery. A collctlnn of
buckram iihapes and ioIIh of mllll
nei'n wire Is heaped on a tall cae.
An Important looking, mtund
banc! is ready to give up various
dre:.sm.-tklng supplies. The sew
ing Is .if the simplest variety. In
(hiding utiueiweai and Infant?'
gowns. F-w women need to be
lemlnd-d that this Is Just thr time
of car to tenew the supply of
underwf-ai. Even though the
shops off.-r tempting bai gains, It
is n crcat deal more sntlsfa'-torv
to make them and here Is a
chanre to leiin how
Ambitious Indeed Is the proirr'im
for the dressmaking clas wah,
silk and evening gowns' The em-
liryo milliner? will studv the
making and covering of .vlre nnd
himUram. frame.? and construct
ribbon bowx and flowers. How
many women can tie til tractive
hpws or mak,e their own hat
The "focd values" couisc of the
department of home econopitcs
has been replaced In pomilarftv hv
the Bed Pros? course In dletitlc?
for tho horn. The lattor cover
orai'tlcnlly the same ground and
li-adc to a certificate Issued bv the
American Red Cross Ottu-r spcnl
course?. Including hyplenp and
home rare of thoesl-kTand flft "Id
tv the Infjtrcd Sls, underj the
Ptisplre (Vftlie Ited Croso. are not
f'nMicd nw vet and new term? -do
not begin until February or later.
In Social Problems.
A ten-lessori course In social prob
lems, also classified as a special
course, will reopen, however.
A studv of the hlstorv of the rinm.
Ish. Dutch, and Italian schools of
i . i .. l .. . I
painting Is offered bv the department -J
Of art. The htisv wnmnn n.l.n .. I
of art. Tho husv woman who Tiaa
little chance to have varletv and
color In her life will find the study
of 'painting one of the best antidotes
for mental stagnation Even those
Who know little or nothing of the
technicalities of art can caln much
from a series of lectures like this.
Classes In drawing and color are
also to start In January. The work
begins with charcoal, morresslng to
color of any kind the would-be artist
wishes water color, oil. cravon. or
The basketry course mav bo de
lavcd owing to the difficulty of get
ting the proper grades' of reed, but
it 1? Intended that it shnll start a?
soon as possible Baskets of raflla
and willow, travs of various kinds,
and willow Innips are to ho made
The classes last threo hours In otdrr
that some actual work mav be ac
compll'hed nt each meeting
In addition to theso mire coutses
under the department of Hit. live In
decorative and applied design are
only awaiting a sufficient demand to
AH About Iron
rtUI.Y this Is Indeed the "Iron
age." enpeclally for tho
housewife whose many
household articles aro made
from Iron or Its modified metals.
The natural Iron ore is con
verted by different processes
Into almost different motals which
differ considerably In strength, fin
ish, and hardness. For Instance,
wo have tho wrought Iron, ns In
andirons and some other household
pieces, which Is actually shaped by
the anvil.
Again, there Is the far more
brittle cast Iron which is molded
to meet the conditions of definite
shapes, such an the treadle of a
sewing machine, or there is both
mild and haul steel, most familiar
In sclsbors, bed springs, and certain
parta of stoves and much house
hardwate. Steel Is very hard and
elastic, and Is therefore the par
ticular kind of Iron used lor cutting
surfaces or where any resiliency is
needed, as In a spring either of a
watch or a bed,
Tho housewife may not recogplzo
In her familiar enamel ware, or
so-called "agate" kitchen uetnslls a
product of Iron, but thl? Is true that
enamel ware Is nearly Iron covered
with a blaze similar to that used
on porcelain or china. Tho shaped
plcco of Iron la dipped Into tho
molten glaze which solidities on cool
ing, and which should mako an Im
pervious coating. It does this until
the coating Is chipped off, when It
is easy to see the Iron underlying
Tho common galvanized bucket or
pall or foot tub Is another modinca
tlon of Iron ore. Here we, havo tn
ihMU of Iron rolled wry thin ana
Pnr Ri i
sy vnm? Bmcerned, With- . ,
rir a T32l-Zi'j... r We,, . - ,,ja
Everything From Parlm$'cn-
tary Law to Domestic
Science Is Taught, and
NevfCourseS UI.B&Qf-
it fered Jusf as' Soon -as" a
; ; Definite Demand Afis'es.
be given. They Jnclude the thedry
and practice of deakn, the theory of
deslgif applied to doriicsUa art. com
prising an adaptation . of the first
course for home makers, designers
and lnterlo rdocorators. and a prac
tical courso applied to principles of
contumc designing and trimming:
decorative arrangement and window
drapcrv and Industrial art. applied
to textiles and wall paper.
For Physical Education.
The swimming pool Is piuving one
of the most popular attractions of
the denartment of nhVslent educa
tion, which boasts that Its activities
extend over morning, afternoon, and
evening. It has become quite the
thing for the shopper or the buel- '
ncss girl to stop In at tho pool In O
street for a refreshing swim before
going homo In the evening. The
course of Instruction lasts but eight
weeks, allowing for the formation of
new classes, about every two months.
After the course under Instruction
Is completed, supplementary swims
under supervision aro quite the
thing. Tho gymnasium classes are
paying much attention to Improving
posture this winter, and record are
kept on one of the walls for every
one to see. Indoor tennl? la a novel
ty, and the Epiphany gymnasium Is
used for this as well as for the
classes In basketball on Saturday
All these courses with no examina
tions at the end of the term, no
"cramming.' and .very little be-tween.clnss$AKtudyr-there
Is a very
ursent opportunity awaiting every
a?hington vfomfiit who wants some
Interest returned on her flpare. hours
of leisure, few though they be.
To give n rlih traniv flan
he tore adding the water mix veil with'
i lie ur (orree as much mustard powder
as will cover n threepenny piece, nnd
'? same quantity or salt for every pint
of coffee required.
Home people have a difficulty In re
mentherlng when pork Is really In sea
son, but If they will bear In mind that
It Is out of sea?on during all the months
that are spelt without an "r" thev will
know It Is In from September till April.
Keep a lump of soda alwas In one
cornet of tho sink. It will dissolve
gradually nnd trickle down with the
Orlmilnes. keenlnir tmlh ! aim ....i.
ami also the wasto pipe always rcsli
und sweetr---'- - -.
I'm n hii r nthh.. kit.-
tap In orde? to cover It up. then" if
cups or plates happen to Ket knocked
agaln?t the taps In the courne'oT'wash-
v a xfei.vxiiWMi; rr i vrfii.uuM
v v . vai i. 'x .
f ja - ' " -- mr- v vw mr m m i m. . m. m. m.w m 3-r .
" 'X
hik. no iihiiiurp win ne aone. ror even r c n ii ... i
very fragile china doeii not chin nr!..1,': Jir1.1"" '" m Joioir how to I
break, bocnuw; it has cha
K.-.... I., -u-.- i- j . F .'
need .Jo toucn
3P"'t.U ZrJU U 't
J I'lusli the ilnk thiouMil.vV well rlown
with boiling waterdatly.-a hole ket
tleful Isn't a drop too much to use. and
you must tako caro to have it boiling.
Don't make tea with or drink the nrat
water that comes from the tnpa In the
morning. I.et It run a little, so that
tho water which has been in the pipes
Hi: nlKht may be drajned away. That
wmen comes arter la more wholesome I
titan ttfh wTjlch ha15n lyln? In led K
nlnrn fne hnur? meimii' - I
. . v -..el1(v.t.
I Ive cents' worth of nermancanate of
potash crvstals dissolved In warm water
make a cood substitute for expensive
floor stain.
A thick paste of flour and milk Is a
chean substitute for an ees when cook
In? fish.
An economical and efficient deodorizer
In a sick room can be made out of a
Pint of vinegar bolled.j'Uh-bne ounce of
A chean and finite R cnnr baklnr
nowdrr substitute can be made by mlx
Ine thornughl four ounces of finely
cround ilce four ounces of carbonate of
sods and tluee ounces of tartaric acid.
Put tin oucli a wire sieve twice, and
then In niitlcht tins for us.
i An evrellrnt substitute for a paint
I clranei is to uavc tea leaves for a few
davs. tint them In n nail with a pint of
I water, strain, and use the "tea" for
I paint cleanslnE.
ihen iminerted in molton zinc, after
uie nietnou or dipping cnainelwaif
This ?heet of Iron covered win
nine is then passed between rollcm.
allowed to cool. aid is then caliea
"galvanized. '
The manv dlppeis. colanders, and
other pieces of tin. so-called, aie
mido ot sheet Iron covered with tin
by a jJupila6nrocoss to that wun
which It is coverod with sine Tills
tlnlshed product Is technically not tin
but tin plate. NickeJ la gencMUy
t'lated on to Iron na In the cheapur
kinds of faucets and man other
nickeled finishes tn staves ard other,
motal parts, 'i ho nickel is wolaeu
to the iron, becoming- a part of it.
The ono peculiar quality that ait
lion or Its products presents Is tnn
manner of Its tHrlshlng by the atr.
or lather the. moisture and oxides or
the air. This tarnish, unlike that or
other metala. does not adhere close
l to the iron, but scales off, and is
commonly called rust Thus, nny
object made of iron which rusts is
constantly exposing new surfaces ot
metal, so that the process goes on
and on, unless It Is checked. There
are two methods of preventing Iron
rust. Ono is to keep tho metal ory
-nnd highly polished, as a polished
sin taco docs not give nlacq. for any jlI
molsturb particles tb , actfinre.fl
Knives, tinware, stqvesplpea. Jicsfcl
iiui;ii m j ii-ji iiuiisnca will no'
lunt. The other method to prevent
m?tlng is to covet tho metal wun
r coating of oil. wax. paint.. or jirj.
liar siibf lance. Por;. Distance, VnHf 9
parts thnt we -treatejwllh tilt o.
that nro lacquered or covered vltn
vaseline, will nott rust because th"
oily coating prevents -the atr fro.i.
comrng sn contact with the u.
The way to avoid rust is. as It weir
to berfln with its grandfather ant-
not let It be horn, nr in tab ..--
cautlqnary methods 43ofarehand.ui
mat no tan .can. form,' ,, -.as
(Commit, ms, ly Mia, CBrUUas Jr4JlcKf
rorrtfc A Win
Pk r M Jt 1 3 f)vm llfj
i fc.i m "i -' am m
Turn M HOQTtl TWO! 7
fn l-,j(lHt vh "U 'I U I'! 11111 I,
r" " -- -'iij n 1 1 .j., , I11J
7 i '
Mv DR. L. K.
e-iONTROLMNa "disease "by means
. " ...
-ot-anu-ioxins, vaccination, anti-
tJ .aerums, fungicides, parasiticide,
antiseptics, and sanitation Is a
ted ous method which calls for constant
vlBllanco as tho price bf safety, in
rnany maladies, however, such as can-
S,!. 22?". 8lck1M- hd: rabies, even
these difficult procedures ant uncertain
and Impossible. The, destruction of n
Rerm after jt has attached merely
checks disease.
..?r6f'. Cur' boUnlst of tho Unlver
ity of Chicago, points out that, with
respect to plants, tho permanent disap
pearahce of diseases will be .attained
2in.iiniy.the nr4uctlon of disease re
anH .SJi1?8;1?. thA m'ltt' ot Plants
EC .J5?S n'maI. thlsjnay bo possible
JMrMfir'-"" to do-
ami liiimuj iJ" J Mjean are mated
S?vdd,P5!2: ? "Ifty, possible to
Will rV.l.t Jul " .lr,De:, or llno wjucn
ulL lBt t."0 m08t m clous and ma
ly fnllal.0" ghU of """M forme?-
Some Interesting Examples.
Tho loss of both animal and plant life
from disease i. ,,., ..
- --.-..... ilw melius
and parasites of many maladiei. r
known, and method? to control some
have been devised hut nM.. j
T". KlUfelVO. .11 UU-
nril.limrnUne raCe ,a 8,9W- although
Mice have hen mail, tr, ...... .
cer. Several ..,l..il. ., '?iA .":
?h'r..r'59..,Lavc ,b" V Immune
h.a i.,,r.i "l"Y a'cacs. Hybrids of
bu1?'.0Ka" .bLed.? ! for their
caiile lnfeclo:U!,C l"Cy "'' varlQUS
nf ihH w.;.Kn?wnft!n 80,D,C- members
?.nth? .hu.mn rmllj' are less prone to
fall Victims to tuberculosis, yellow fever
jM- ie, inan otners. it i. none the
ii "VJ?ent.that a ucept(blllty or pre-
;l..-lri , " '" y " "eans
necessarily assoclatnd with . .wi..n.j
Condition nf Mi lnl..II...I v.... '
------.. -. ---v. ...v...uUni unnuic per
sons in health an vigorous, apparently.
Answers To Health Questions
n. t? r f fit4TA mhus.- -j
nln. htin a nilf'li itranr niUlii. ..Ull.
lasts for quite 'a while. What will jou
prescnoo roc tVT. v . ,
""Hiip, inBUIIK .QVgr IWO CCKS Call
William M. Please give me some In
formation Jn regard'.'to my wife's case.
Hhe has heart trouble.
My good man. If you will kindly ex
pain more explicitly your wife's trou
ble. I will give you the desired infor
mation. K. V. B.-I am troubled with a gojtte
13e.isc advise mW'"" 'fl s "
trti In. - .
.uro(erun .-
l no.ttjer "method .urio jutKfrfir. in '; ...j
L" ?,?;., Atra,n '"ern.il medicine.?, such i
. tn-2lnlrIJbu& B'HnJ' may bp
tn experimentally j
I filllll .WClCDI.r.. . ... I
.- ar g
1 1 gma'l Club" ForfMeW
- awi..fi '" -.
X 'AntlquefSrm1efs' Club''
founded not for pursuit of
the opposite sex but for pro
tectionIs tho boast of Sa-
1.TP0 in-
3Lfl n.n..
adds, further, that its sccondarv
purnpse Is to-inake HfMllvablo for
thostf unmarried wpmejiiiwho are so
unfortunatojts Jo bVdaamed to dwell
In Pabctha.
"It has always been In Sabetha
that unless vou aro married you do
not have much cljajice for pleasure."
aV;MJsactok.v-Yu cannot realize
what rftlseTjrsomeVf our 'most pros
perous old maids suffer.
"Many of us, hav0,.been Invited to
bo members of-gome of the women's
clubs, but tho majority of other
members are married. At meetings
all we hear Is talk of babies and
children and different kinds of hus
- bands. -We havo a fcellnc that wc
aio onlv allowed to come as a matter
Of kindness. ,
'What pleasure do we cet out of
this, talk of babies all the time'
The small town, you know, never
Rives a srlrl a chance to marrv hap-
Tfio Kind You tefavo Always
..DeWa- . jiV?a. tPVXL. of.
Aoblteils: TKt nrlK.f
sfela fiooKTaVdrrxtteY let!
. '" .
Children Cry for Fletcher's
VJR JR.H sasl SsiBiiMjHi HisC asaBt iB afa S bbbibV tsK
personal euptervlsion for over 30 year;-' Allow no ono
efTw61..11 tlllsl CountorImittlpns and
liTVi"a?"J?'' arilbufc rlments,'.anU-cnilaiieer tho
health of Chlldron-Eiperlenco against Experiment.
What fs CASTOR I A
Castorln , is a harmless snbstltuto for Castor OH. Par
jrorlc, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It contains neither
?rEi,!2VMorphin2 n?,r othv nwotlo substance, it de
troys Worms and allays Feverlshncss. For moro than
The Chudron's Panacea Th lrnfiiAM w-t i "
Th itRlndf Vou Have Always, Bought
Bears the
n- -ff
i si m . affi
In Use For Over 30 Years
KM -i
Resisting Race
, l ' I,
r"V! t
HS their n'i.tuij!. '.-'''' '
2ftteff' oWS on
fiusceptlble plahtss and rfnlmals ir
?i nn.?pen to A,tack only uTncer
taln stages of their-.growth. infnl
and susccptlblo I anot er Chickens
Kfx Srlir.1? 'WfcJV baclllusrbuuS! ?
... Rcrms, to which they are also VI.
Possibility of Success.
Man Inured to ojjdoor life 'la lmmun
to pneumonia unlass he. smokes, drinks.
cep"t' "' vZ. ,puB.r:
w,bh,avteOn,ri?.,0n1' as a,8 lt
lnll,.tM,ieve,QDn,.cnt of n disease-resist-'
voCiClc.7 S tn'ocB it has been dls
!?? "W "vo'va Immunity may
cratloSs dUanDeai" ,n succeeding, gen--
..Ji,e oof lht il. ia noselble it. d
ifiSni d'eae-rcsistlng racea U found
m?eJh.theCt tha. aWerenC kinds of
w.-T,. an.d Par8te tend to restrict
themselves to certain peoples. Negroes
are more Immune, to yellow fover .virus
fAT1 J a r?,.wh " t,t' . JeB aro 1" suscantl
rices tubercu'ois than are other whlt
Germs may not be ablo to penetrate
uie sitln membranes, or various cover
ings of the anatomy. Kven If they are
able to enter the victim's tissues they
On th0 other-hand'.1 tnri'Hlssues miy
furnish appropriate food.' vet nlmuitane
ouslv deal tho ImadJnc germa' death "
blovy with noisorw or antl-tOKjna sener
ntfd, '.". V" bQdv L,lo a mouso in
veigled Into a tran by meana o'r 'nrarish.
ing cheese, the door slams down on It
and destroys Ihe Invader,
(Copyright, mi, by ..Vowseaper rture
Fmlce, Inc.)
T ake a tablesnoonful of milk of mag
nesia about hnir .in' honr berofs-meals
inj' a wiiipiatyjji vpf Ui rJlatwit
half an hrtnTftrtef Infra!' TaKealty
;-xi rpirt- in (Jy ppi, tir, practice, deep
renthlnK JAfdi rtiifci dpenU "rtdtfwfjv the
noi nine, sleep tiylye hours In tho
."entv-foui, obtilnlng at,Jcaat eight or
nine hours' .-lcop rinrlnc' thcnlsht- Do
not exei else- too vigorously.
Readers dcuiring advice should
rememhor: """
1. Toaddteas!
WnRhinp-tori-PJttiVti' "
2. To enclosr a stamped and ad
dressed envelope if a personal
reply is de&ired.
piiv. fot'-Mrinrnrf"Tn'?nj?;rtt,en
s.o to the cities It Is natural that
there aie mote marriageable voung
women than men "
The club I? not officially organised
JjnderJhe iwni- of the Antique
Spinster oiuh. thouch the members
have ftfflen nto the habit of calling
It that Tho Queen Elizabeth Club
l thepfnM title. The committee
on cntertHlnmort In nlannlng a scries
of reception nnd dances for thl?
wlnterthnt aie likely to set a new
standard for Sabetha.
.A Warrior's Finery.
CJeorse has become n.uch Interested
in I'laybMfoJlerivAtrtt he was con
tort tornaW arftffftcP-nierely wllh a
stick for a sun then ,t this request, hi
mother made hOn wit-iaper hat. to
which I.itei-Jie-M'decPfl'nlume picked up
in the chicken v.. id. Then he must have
a b1t. nnd this nafrally led him to
nsl. his fathoi to whittle him a 'word,
but one d.ry, he inic from the pictures
wPh nnoilier jletai)
-Iotheii" he niKod. "tot any old
Inushr!- 1 cap hfYe?--
"What for'
'Ive been loo' '"s a' a picture of Na
poleon irjd ha h'V- scrubbing brushes
on his Mio 'dri Pt -turo Procress
Bought Las boi-no the slrnia-
Signature cf
liiiaiiirinoxJirv lit- -T- i- -
-.-... -..-

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