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Summary of Possible Terms
Offered By Berlin Meets
English Ridicule.
LONDON, Dec. 29. A declmlon to
call new armies into the field by con
scription, If necessary, in Great Brit
ain's answer to what officials regard
as a new "peace feeler' from Ger
man)'. Press dispatches from Berlin and
Geneva today contain new peace
hints and report that the official
news agency of Germany, the Wolff
Bureau, has sent to newspapers a
summary of possible terms of peace.
This summary, according- to the bu
reau, was prepared and printed by
the Xuc Zuericher Zeltung of Zurich.
Ridicule Peace Program.
Though the Wolff Bureau specifical
ly declares that, though clrculat'nc
this summar), it is not repruseiiuiiK
the government in putting out "peace
XeSlers," that view was generally taken
here today.
British officials ridicule the alleged
German peace program, commenting
sarcastically on the idea that Ger
many would exact hugu Indemnities
from tho allies.
The possible peace terms suggested
by the Swiss newspaper and printed
in Germany call for:
1. Evacuation of Belgium and north
ern Fruncc by Germany..
2. Establishment of a i'ollsh kingdom
under thd domination of ticrmany and
the payment of a largo sum annually
to Germany by ltussla.
Return of Colonies.
1 Payment to Germany by Belgium
of tho sum Belgium formerly spent
each year on her armies.
i. Return of all German colonies con
quered by tho allies.
o. Payment by tho allies to Germany
of an indemnity of about HGOO.OOO.UOU.
Thr peace terms, the Swiss newspa
per declared, should also contain some
guarantees that Belgium would enter
into no alliances with Germany's
enemies. Germany probably vould
maintain garrisons In Belgium until the
allies fulfilled all condi'inns of the
peace treaty.
Kicnch claims upon Alsace-Lorraine
were ignored by the Swiss paper in
drawing up Its tentative p.:a'c program.
The Geneva Tribune prints reports
that the German chancellor will visit
Vienna shortly with the object of open
ing peace discussions.
Sensational Rumor Sent Out
Through Overseas News
Agency of Berlin.
BERLIN (via -wireless to Sayville),
Dec 29. vlnpr Victor Emmanuel, Italy's
lighting monarch Is In a hospital near
tho Austrp-Itallan front after being
hit by an Austrian grenade, ac
cording to a sensational rumor re
ceived by the Overseas Newa Agency.
Execution for treason of a general In
timate with King Victor Is also re
mored here, the agency continued. It
'Travelers returning from northern
Italy say that In consequence of the
terroristic methods of the police all the
people of Italy are panic-stricken.
There Is a general dislike of tho -war.
and It la sal dthat if only tho right
man wore at the head of the govern
ment Italy would make peace, in spite
of the London agreement.
Roumanian Attitude
Subject of Conferences
HOME, Deo. 29. Diplomatic negotia
tions looking to Russia's Intervention In
the Balkans have been resumed at
Bucharest, Petrograd and Rome, It Is
The negotiations deal with the atti
tude Roumanla will take in the event
that a Russian army crosses her terri
tory to attack Bulgaria. Russian and
Roumanian diplomats have been In con
ference at tho Russian embassy sev
eral times this week.
The forecast for tho District of Co
lumbal Rain this afternoon; fair to
night nnd Thursday; not much change
it wuiiiciniuiii, luwem irmperaiure to
night about 32. Strong southeast, shift
ing to west winds.
Maryland Rain this afternoon; fair
tonight nnd Thursday; not much chango
In temperature.
Virginia Rain this afternoon; fair to
night and Thursday; not much change
In temperature.
Official Confirmation of Report.
Bulgarian Government
Investigate Charges.
Official confirmation has been re
ceived by the Stato Department of re
ports of tho rough treatment accorded
Mrs. Walter Fnnvoll. of Cliicago.J
lormerty or Washington, and Dr. R. C.
Forbes, a Red Cross surgeon, 'by Bul
garian troops entering Monastlr.
Cabled advices declaro that the Bul
garian government has ordered an lu
cstlgatlon of the Incident. The Investi
gation will also cover charges of tho
forced entrance of Bulgailan troops Into
American Red Cross headquarters, and
tho seizure of a quantity of flour, after
an American flag, hung over the doer
for protection, had been torn down.
The building was forcibly entered.
State Department advices said, when
Dr. Forbes refused to surrender to the
Bulgarians flour ho had purchased for
the civil population. Mrs. Furwell at
tempted to photograph the Bulgarian
soldiers during the raid and "hod her
apparatus seized and destroyed and was
momentarily roughly bundled''
St. Michael's School
Presents Cantata
Pupils of tho Sunday school of the
Episcopal parish of St. Michael and
AH Angels presented last night a can
tata, -scene of the Nativity," under the
direction Of Mrs. G. IT. Rni-neaton the
une cantata was tho feature of tho
Christmas foxHvnl In lh nnrl.l, Imll
The roles of the three wise men were
taken by a. Irwin Burncston, S. .1.
Howes, and S. Fowler. John Storv,
Charles Story, Ralph 8troman, Frank
Stroman, Lester Stromal), and James
Mrkland sang as shepheids. Incidental
recitations were given by Ernet Lln
ten. Gertrude Hammer, James Kirk
land, and Edna Blumer.
nl1 uiaus, impersonated by C. J.
Holiday, distributed gifts fnd candy.
18 Dead, 47 Injured in
German Train Wreck
BERLIN (via wireless to Savvllle).
Dec. 29. Eighteen German soldiers on
furloughs were killed and 47 wounded
today when a train jumped the track
at Bentschen station.
French Bombard Enemy
Works in Champagne
PARIS. Dec. 29. Bombardment of en
emy works west of Navarln faim. in the
Champagne region, and gienade fighting
near Chauines. are reported in this
afternoon's official communique.
British Army Officer
Hangs Himself in Office
LONDON. Dec. 29. Lieut. Col. Joseph
Greenwood, sixty, committed suicide by
hanging in the office of the Horse
Guards at White Hall. His bndv wn
found today.
Cause Fires, Spread Disease,
and Aid Criminals, Asserts
Crusaders against the billboards and
nolso nuisances reported to the Ameri
can Ciclv sedation at its morning
meeting at the New Wlllard Hotel to
day. When the association met for It
afternoon session Miss Margaret Wilson
pieslded and -spoke on "Tho School Aa
a Community Center." and other speak
ers, of national note, told about school
social centers,
"Tho fundamental difficulty In meet
ing tho billboard problem has been the
ohjectlon of courts to recognizing es
thetic considerations in regulating out
door advertising," said K. L. Millard,
of Chicago, in commenting on "Pres
ent Legal Aspects of the Billboard
Problem." .
Are Physical DaitRcr.
"Tho first objections to outdoor ad
vei thieim-nts," he continued, "are thab
they offend the eyes and that tho
.tiuctuns which generally support
them tend to create physical dangers
und nuisances
"I'lioy cuusc tires, spread disease,
and old criminals."
Baltimore was commendod for its
efforts In abating useless noises by
Mrs. Imogin U. Oakloy, of Philadel
phia. She paid that city had passed a
Voul-satletylng ordinance against
bulking dog " nnd she also praised
the appointment of a ''noise police
"He Is evidently the right man for
the light place," she said, "for by
persuasion ulbne he has induced blow
ers of whistles, rlngeis of bells,
drivers of early morning milk carts,
owneis ot cats and dog with reach
ing lung power, to abate all their
i.relfss noises out of regard for their
neighbor." '
For Musical Hot s.
Mrs. Oakley suggested that "If Mr.
Ford should fall in his endeavor to
bring about peace In Kurope he might
do much to promote peace of mind In
America by fitting all his cars with
musical horns."
"We all believe In the rights of the
Individual, and that if a man wants a
dog, or a. tooster, or a 'noise making
novelty' he has a right to have it,
Jiiht as he has a right to refuse to
be vaccinated and dlo of smallpox,
should ho earnestly i.leKlre to dlo that
way, but he must go to the di-sert to
enjoy those rights "
As a latter day version of a munici
pal Golden Rule, Mrs. Oakley suggest-
For Infants and Children
In Vtm For Ovr 30 Years
Always bears
Senator of
Supper de Luxe
Souvenirs Dancing Confetti
Special Attractions
Please, make reservations early to secure
table. Special New Year's Dinner, 1 to 8
P. M. 1.50 per plate.
v. s. BUREAU
R a. m 35
3 a m "A
10 a. m 28
11 a. m 33
12 noon 10
1 p. m 40
8 a. m 40
9 a. m 4
10 a. m 4T
11 n. m 4(
12 noon 4s
1 P. m 49
High tide at 1:01 n. m. and 1:36 p. m
Low tide at 7:33 a. m. and 8 10 p. m '
Sun rose at 7:15 Sun sets at 4:50'
Light automobile lamps ut 5:21 p. m.
The Weather a Year Ago Todav
Fair, Temperatuie, Hlgn 45 elegit oi
lxw 33 degrees renumber Laxative
Hromo Quinine cures a cold in one du.
Iook for signature E. AV. GROVE. 2.V.
There is only one "Bromo Quinine."
Steam Table
From 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Best Quality Food
At Popular Prices
White Palace Lunch
1113 Pa. Ae.
iAvrn st. an nth i.
rf "1916" Home
Chancel Creations
II to 17 Qirard jfy""(l
$300 Cash lBHFRH
EASY TERMS Tlp- -fplt
Lots 20 Foot Frontage w; ' J '- " ";. ,. IHlv 1 I
They're built of the beau
tiful light brlcU with
black mortar, giving a
striking and exclusive af
reet. i;aeh has st large
rooms and concrete cellar.
gas and electric lights, e -
tra laige attic, extra lace
double cement poichi-.
hot-water heat, hardw iod
tluoughout, steel constric
tion, steel columns on
front porch, double obK
floors, servants' toilet in
cellar, extra laige laundi
tubs, etc
To Innnei'ti Tnke Ilroitk-
lnnil -nr to North Cuiillol
nnd filrnril xtrci'tn, tlirn
moIU ran (.Irani ktrert
I Only Hi
1L 1 Lef tJ
Thomas A.Jameson
61 New York Avenue N.W.
Plmnr North -10.1N for I-'re Auto Service.
Open and lighted uutll 0 p. m.
ed this paraphrase. "Lovo your neigh
bor as yourself, and keep ybur dog
and rooster still."
Would Save Nlngnra.
Necessity of legislation nnd n treaty
with Cnnada to save tho glory of Ni
agara Kails was emphasized by J.
Horace McFurlnnd before tho American,
v-ivic .AHBcwiuion last overling ut ttie
New Wlllard Hotel.
Mr. ilcKailand, who Is president of
tho association, suggested its a slogan.
J?.m?,' alcr from Nlagaia's glory."
"If Niagara Is to bo further picked at,
pared away, skinned, cui tailed, tilled in,
or 'improved,' If tho rapids aWo nnd
tho rapids below are to bo changed Into
mill ponds: If the whole spectacle Is
to be continued as that ot a helpless
natural wonder tho pconlo will keep
nulet and permit the continuance of the
present pioccks," he ald.
"If, on tho contrary, the people of
America want to keep faith with the
whole world, and to iae for themselves
and what Is left of the one greatest and
most accessible) natural wonder of tho
Western Hemisphere, they will make
their will known niomptly.'
Knos Mills, chairman of the National
I'ark Committee, of Estos, Col., spolto
on "National Parks and Preparedness,"
last evening. "Woman and Woodcraft,"
was Mrs. John Dickinson Sherman's
subject, and other addresses wore those
by Ullbert Qrosvenor on "The Needs ot
National Parks:" R. B. Marshall, gen
eral superintendent of National Parks,
on "What must bo done fox tho Parks"
and "Pictorial Glimpses ofur National
Parks," a motion picturo talk, by Rob
ert S. Yard, of tho Department of the
A national park service, which would
place, under one head the science, his
toric and recreational reservations of
the country, is provided for In a bill
Just Introduced Into Congress, Rlchaid
Xi. Watrous, secretary of the associa
tion, told delegates last evening.
Officers Elected.
J. Horace McFarland was re-elected
president of the American Clvle As
sociation at a business meeting this
morning, and other officers re-elected
Included John Nolen, Cambridge",
Mass.; William B, Howland, New
York city, treasurer; Richard B. Wat
rous, secretary, nnd the following
Vice presidents, Miss Margaret Wil
son, Arnold Brunner, (leorgo U.
Dealer, Mrs. Edward W, Blddle,
George B. McAneny, J. Lookto Wilson,
and Clinton Rogers Woodruff,
Members of the executive board
elected today were: Mrs. Elmer K.
Black, of New York city; Mis Mable
T. Boardman, of Washington; Aljen
Chafnborlaln, of Boston; Charles M.
Dow, of Jamestown, N. Y.J Morton B,
Hull, df Chicago; Thomas H. Martin,
of Tncoma; Miss Louise Klein Miller,
of Clovcland; Enos Mills, of Estos
Park, Col.; Leo J. Nlnde, of Port
Wayne, Ind.j Frederick Law Olm
sted, of Brookllne, Mass.; Mrs. Tercy
V. Pennybacker, of Austin, Tex.;
Charles a. Plummer, of Salt Lake
City; the Rov. A. II. Scott, of Perth,
Canada; Mrs. John Dickinson Sher
man, of Chicago; Howard N. Strong,
of Minneapolis; T. C. Thompson, of
Chattanooga; tho Rov. John Van
Hchalck, Jr., of Washington, and Prof
Frank A. Waugh, of Amhorst, Mass.
Postoffice Christmas
Business Sets Record
Reports received nt tho Pcstoffice De
partment today showed the postal busi
ness In various big cities during the
Christmas holidays was from 15 to 40
per cent greater than last year. Tho
average increase wbb about 25 per cent.
In many of the postofflcos the clerical
forces were compelled to work thirteen
hours continuously to take care of tho
great volume of letter?, packages and
cards. Figures showing the total salo
of stamps nnd aggregate of business
done by the poofflces during tho holi
day aro oxpected by the department
next week.
Grand Jury in New York to In
vestigate Fresh "Charges of
Alien Conspiracy.
Prisoner Hangs Self.
PHILADELPHIA. Dec. 29. Arrested
on a chnrgo of robbery, Walter Bender
hanged himself early 'ortay In his cell
at City Hnll. Ho used a strop for tho
purpose and had been dead several
hours when his body was discovered by
a turnkey. '
(Continued from First Page.)
States District Altorncv II. Snowden
Marshall, of New York.'
House officials expert on precedent
declared Buchanan could not be forced
to retire from Congressional duties until
tried. Conduct of an Indicted member
of Congress Is largely a matter of per
sonal taste. Precedents dug up today
are conflicting. Former Senator Mitchell
of Oregon, indicted for nlloged land
'frauds, resigned, but former Congress
man Cnstlft of Pennsylvania Indicted in
th? Harrlshurg capltol scandal, retained
hti sent and attended House sessions.
Declaring his Indictment was a "frame
up" in District Attorney Marshall's of
fice, Buchanan today said disclosures in
the impeachment case' before the Houso
Judiciary Committee would reach men
"higher up" responsible for alleged per
secution. Buchanan was undecided whether to
await arrest urtder tho bench warrant
Issued In New York, or go there volun
i tarlly this week to plead not guilty and
arrange ball. Department or justico
officials said his actual arrest Is not
Bench warrants are expected for
JTenrv S. Martin and Herman Soiiult
els, of the so-called "anti-trust league,"
and former Congressman Robert Fowler
of Illinois, general counsel of the peace
council, indicted with Buchanan.
Nearly $3,000,000,000
In 'French War Loan
PARIS, Dec. 29.-Nearly M.000,000,000 la
the amount of the subscriptions to the
French "Victory l,oon." according to
An official announcement. The offers'
came not only from France, but frorn
Knglnnd, Switzerland, Holland, Spain,
Argentina, nnd bthcr foreign countries,
showing universal confidence In the
stability of tho government and iti
credit abroad. Of the sum $180,000,000
will bo used to lepay advances made
by tho Bank of Franco.
BERLIN (by wireless to Sayville).
necembor 29,-Cash payments on the'
ilVrL German war loan reached $2,777,
978,000 on December 23. this being 91.4
per cent of the total subscription, the
overseas News Agency announced, this
despite tho fact that only 75 per cent
of the total Is so far due.
If you suffer from Eczema or any
itching affection so torturing and ag
gravating, Poslam la ready to free you
from distress, as It has in hundreds of
cases. Allays itching and soothes in
flamed skin. Quickly relieves aggra
vation and distress. Takes sorenets
out of cuts, scalds, bruises, comforts
Itching feet and various forms of itch
ing Irritation. For skin protection make
It a point to keep somo Poslam handy.
Poslam soap Is medicated with Pos
lam; tho ideal soap for dally uso on
the skin; toilet and bath.
For samples, send 4c stamps to Emer
gency Laboratories, 32 West 25th St.,
New York City. Sold by all Druggists.
Close Daily at 6 P. M.
Close Saturday at 6 P. M.
j 1 i
jP 4
8 k
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lent Scales er
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use Accurate
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Reliable In every
.'a maao in
America, uet
ouik early.
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rr. 'ir"v. .
HEinpEii -n
L J 'f i'V I It rtt' i 'Mr In"' m U
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I r-'iir'' ' ' '"' " '' By"' t
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