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Boston Baked, Beans As
They Should Be: A Story,
An Apology, a1d a Jtecipe
Being an Humble Request for . Pardon From Mother
.Brinton, New Englander, for .Printing a Scurrilous-
Article Purporting to Be, the Correct Recipe
for Boston Baked Beans !
By Will Nies
Weight Fluctuations
- Correspond To Changes
', ' Of ; Heati and Activity
di S3
BAKING In mind the fact that
a pig once caused a war, the
Masatlne Page wishes to
rntekly apologize for nu error
msdA by one of tho employes In thU
department In veclpe for biked
beans -Boston Baked Bcanc.
If a pig could cause a war, surely
o misstatement concerning UoaIoji
Halted Beans would at least inal;e
complications of a serious enough,
nature to necessitate tho exchange or
notes with the governor of -Roatoni
Thta hypothecated outcome, If.nuti
liehcdt mlRht perhaps aiiitit.'e.-'. iho'
masses, but It Is doubtful; thai- the
privilege of obtaining an ijiitosr.-jiih ,
from tho governor of Mustyn.uunjUts
would compensato fqr tho umnfuof3v
caused by the contentaof rjlaiiote,
Ann Mnrle Lloyd, perhaps Inf an
unguarded moment when her-Smith-
errr pj&od was uppermost, allowed
the tftle Boston Baked Hearts t.r ap
pear -pve a nondescript concoction
included under the general heed of
"A Ifc,w Kasy Recipes," printed In
this ecion of the ncwspapeV not
long aincc.
Until the, last', the Magazine Page
will hold .that the error was .unlnp
tentlondl, Not for one moment
would a sensible1 newspaper woman,
keen to the possibilities of Itbet. 'dare
deliberately to commit such an open
breach; of Ojsc'jpkine' as the one In
question; never culd she wantonly
incur'-'th.e hatred or .all of the sub
scribers on ;hls paper who como
from New England
Indoed, nol until Mrs. Emma S.
Brinton (formerly of Massachusetts,
one oXthe .first volunteer nurses In
"Washington,, and, at one time foreign
correspondent for the Boston Trav
eler) Tvnpt'eJo'ttte'edltprjOf this de
partment, and denied the recipe as
an thippstort did" sajd. department
knof ,of. the .mistake.
Tlie1 lclteV follows:'
As aa old' Xiv Khgmnd womin, uho
for eighty ytrs has onjojei a, weekly
dinner, iff Boston. Halted, Bean, 1 ,pro- ,
testi most earnrstly aglni the spyd
ln abroad of jhc recipe of Miss UoyU
In Friday' Times
While this might do for Europe, Alls,
or Africa, It would surely bp hunned
by the Boston for which It nai named.
' request that ou nlve tpaco for pre
paring real Boston Baked Beans as w
Caring for That Sweater SeA
L EM!" What? .Why.
I' . those sweater sets those
u skating caps and thos'ei
long. Hsht, gay scarfs borrowed
from regions of percnnlsi snows. ,
The revival of ico skating Oils. year
has p.ad' a 'marked effect on tcm
Inlne sport cloihes, and wool and
near-wool have come into their own.
II' these Alpine togs, were only al
ways blackaricl blue illke the bumps
their we'arefs receive in practicing
the new Ico stops) oil Would bo well,
but, alasr for the white and rase,
the dainty blue, and other delicate
mixtures whlcb soil most easily and
whose long, hairy .surface enmeshes
spot and stain.
How can" the woolen sport clothes
be Icleaned after they become
spoiled? -Be sure and lay them on
a clean surfaco or box when they
are not In use, as much of tho dirt
Is picked- up Indoors when they are
carelessly laid down. To gtvo them
dry cleaning In order to preserve
as long as possible their newness,
purchase a small quantity of fuller s
earth or powdered magnesium or
use good-cornstarch. Lay the arti
cle on a clean white cloth and
sprinkle thickly with any one ot
these preparations. Turn the gar
ment so- that all parts may ne tilled
and allow It to he over night. The
following day lift up and shake the
Garment thoroughly, using a stlft
tush, If there are distinct grease
spots, place clean white blotting
paper anftve and' below the spot and
press wltH a warnl Iron. Change to
fresh blotter until tho grease dis--appears.
This s liquid be dont previ
ous to the all-over cleaning.
But- If the? sweater cap or scarf be
extremely soiled, a water-bath will
be necessary. .Here the chief point
Is to avoid Bhrinkago and pulling out
of shape, 'therefore, bear this decalogue-in
1, Prepare water" of tepid or 100 V.
2 Make a white soap solution as
follows' of 1 large' bar ivory soap,
2 tablespoonsfuls powdered borax,
H cup wood alcohol and '.! quarts
cold 'water. Shave the soap Into the
cold water and heat slowly until dis
solved; add borax and alcohol when
soap water Is cold. Mix well and
stir a small quantity Into the wash
ing water.
3. Ijay in. the garment quickly,
keeping It in a heap and moving it
with tne 'two bands up and down,
taking care that- no part drags or
weighs down the whole mass.
4. Remove from soap water and
put Into rirlstng water of the same
temperature, repeating above pro
cess - - -
6. Squeeze, but dp not wring out
The Baby. . ..
The sweetest little darling that the
world hits eer seen;
Of tranquil -disposition with no yearn
ing to b mean. , . ,
Its faco shows crept intelligence , and
beautv that is rat"-; . , I
The cutest little Infant In (he country
Its voiee shows splendid quality. It's
murtu to the oar.
And when it has the colic it's a sym
phony to hear.
It has, got a brilliant future, there U no
doubt of It
And there's not a thine to wish for to
Improve the kid a bit
M U is vour
Brooklyn Daily Eagle.
har 'ten-ed thsro to hundreds of visit
ors In our great exhibitions r . ,
Take one quart of white beans and
pirboll them until slightly oft to
the tour.h. Have regular earthen
bean pots with Civf. Por a lyiart
of beans threeqcarler pounls o fat
pork, rtt,d tushed. After bn ati-1
pork are. In Mis pet, pork on top. add
taMespoonful of dark moMun, rover
with water and bake slowly front's '
n. m. until -S or 6 p. m. twafnltlng to
Keep covired jwtth vatert. j
Thus have real old time Ysnkei
feast which we ferently hope many
may enjoy.
MOTitKrt nniNTON. .
January 10,1916.
' Out of respect to a superior knowl
edge, of which wo have not the
slightest doubt, we apologize and
. hope most humbly that the mistake
will never occur Again.
And In sheer grief over the whole
affair we draw a comparison. How
could MlssUoyd have ever thought
1 that four hours Was long enough to
bake- Boston beans !-'tIow dared she
desecrate them with onions and
cloves, pepper, and even intimate
that anv old kind of molasses would
do for the mesa!
-"J'rom 8 a. m. until 5 or 6 p. m."
No wonder Mother Brinton was In
sulted with four hours!
Wo have but ,one criticism to
make of her letter.
In our opinion.' It eeems more than
unkind, lacking in the proper spirit
which one would assume to He be
hind such a communication to say
that Miss Llovd'R recipe might do
for Europe. Asia, or Africa.
Poor Europe! "Why cut her off
from the most dellcl.ms of dishes
the very recipe of which Is enough
to make the mouth water mid In
clude with her at one tail wup
Asia, with Africa as an alternate'
Without any manifestation to the
contrary and not knowing what Eu
rope would do if properly Informed,
wo think that it is quite unjust to
assume in Ignorance .Mint her peo
ples, would endure Miss Lloyd's
manifestly preposterous recipe, when
they knew that real Boston Baked
Beans, of two centuries of fame,
could be ,had.
Iet the bars down, Mother Brinton;
give Europe and Asia tor if Asia
balks on any beans at all. Africa)
the benefit of the douDt. We have,
at least, done our part to spread tho
news in a mnnner befitting its im
portance. And this is not a Jest.
or rinse wafer. ,
6. Stretch garment carefully, espe
cially bottom edge, pockets, cap
bands, etc., getting it back Into nor
male shape.
7. Never 'hang up to dry. But lay
on a board .or table covered with a
white cloth and in a warm location
about TO F. .
s. Pin 'the garment fn shape either
with thumb tacka or large pins.
9. Turn tho coat or garment over at
lemt onco while drying.
10, Do 'not hurry tho drying, as, it Is
better t take two days to dry slow
ly and (thoroughly than to subject'
It tp mpre heat and dry in a abort
.time, far this will toughen the wool
and; make' the article, stiff.
Copyright. 1916, by Mrs. Christine Frederick).
Daily Fashion
N, UNOCAL dance frock Is
constructed from gray-blue
ribbon and .flesh - colored
rhlffon. Three bolts of taf
feta rlobon' in gra.y-hlue, the flve
lpch w'dth, Ms draped over a founda
tion .of chiffon with a softly draped
corsage and accordion-pleated skirt.
The ribbon is draped about tho de
cOlletage to suggest a graceful ber
tha, falling low oVex the shoulders.
Two bands of the ribbon arc wqund
tlglitly about the bodice, crossed" In
ftont with the ends tucked under
tho lower edge of the bodice.
A full overskirt. arianged from
strips of ribbon hangs from the
waist to the hem of tho skirt. The
lower edge of each atrip is ftineed
to the depth of about two Inches,
icopj t 11(, by Newspaper Feature ftetrleaj
IggVllflMMgsHgnMBflKSHEHglHMHflnlHgffifHMflKSnHgnHH --..
BKBijpH5KiS wr
gBggggggffggEiiwBHHIgggMMiKgto tAf Msafiyi vVilWpm TteT .It 3ti!tUHOEi8iRMB&E&mmL """ iegtfy3Tit&lgiaw
WBm?rSMEMsE&3t& mjSMB rir!!"--5!MfMggWggggggggggB
-vy y&it S-aHggBgggBiB
rft v-. ,m
Council of
CONVENTION of stiillcs-
thls should he tho bv-word
the National Council of
Women, now in session In
Washington. From Urn beaming
smllo with which l.ady Aberdeen,
international meMdnnt. creets all
comers; and the welcoming chuckle
of Dr. Knte Waller Barrett,
national president, as she Introduces
the various sneakers, to tho an
swering glint of laughter that makes
for discussions chummlly Informal
the whole theme of the convention Is
good fellowship and happv come
raderle. Nothing could have have been
moic democratic than the luncheon
veaterdav afternoon, with each delc
cate chattering awav for dear life
between courses. No Introductions -mercy,
no and no stiffness because
some ot the women present were
facing a member of foreign aris
tocracy for tho first time. Mis. Bar
rett, seated, when she sat at nil. be
tween Lady Aberdeen and Mrs. W.
E. Sanford, of Hamilton. Ontario, the
lntei national trenurer. was hospita
bly busv superlntendlnc the service
of luncheon. At tho table was art -assemblage
of women of wldelv variant
ideals and motives, such women as
Irs. John Havs Mammond. 'Mrs.
Arthur Dodge. Mrs. Frederick S'chbTT,
Mrs. Ellen Spencer Musaey.j Mrs.,
Aichlbald Hopkins, and Dr. Emm'
Bower. - '
. Informal Round 'fable
Thb round table uus os thoroughly
informal as the lurcheon had becn.'
Tho program was olimigcd ami "nu
llified to Include at least ten speak
ers not on llm o'iglnal schedule.
Mis. Atchlbald Hopkins sc untlc-d the
keyr.otc foi the ttlternoon with ;i
I Hot urte f housing conditions
In WashlnEtcn.
"Tho rtlley tCm In the capital of
tho United States has been called
votse than conditions In London
Hlums." said Mr. HopMns. "'.Va
rould drlNo twentx -three mllei in
AVashlnston alle?. One child out
of. ery throo dies betore.lt is on
year old
-The National Civic I'oOcratlon Is
plnnnlng it mo'ilPl hiOil- lor colo.ctl
p'-onif, with i evidences wading
pool, an niKlttnrimu. hack yuidi. u
llbrarj. antl an crm-rgpiiev hospital
Wc feel that tviiy woman should
do her part to temedy housing con
CxrHgki. lets, kr KmHH'
Women Is Cheerful Affair
Smiles and Informal Chats Mark Opening
Of Round Table of National Council, With
"Industrial Relations" the Recurrent Motif
dition linre if In no other city of
the roiihlrj "
l.ady Arordron smiled her ap
pioval. Sho has heen Intel ested in -i
sindhir project in Diibllir. It ap
pears. Miss Helen Sumnn sulmtltu'ed for'
MIsh Julia I.ntlii'fl. r.i the Childron'.s
Bureau, rrit-nking on "Housln-t Con
dltloiiH as Arfi'Ctlnj, 'Muld I .If" " .mil
tiacod t-cveral Investigitlnun of her
biireati to delcrmitic tin- ratio of
wage to hopping conditions.
Income of Father.
"Our Investigations In Johnstown.
Pa., and Montclalr. N. .T.. have
fhown , tho same result," aha snki.
"When tho father's salary was less
than W23 a vcar. the in'ant death
rate is two and a' half tlrrva more
than when tho wagC3 worn l.-rK) or
monv The Income of the fa'.'.wr !
ttrmlnes thd environment of tho
hub v."
'.adv Aberdeen sookc of -t ijiodcl
settlement . In Ilqme, which she
vlrlted vhen the coiTnqil held Its
quinquennial convention In lill.
"Tho plan is much the same as
that Mra Hopkins has given. There
ae vards or courts and pla snakes
for the children, and mo.Jel laun
dries" (she 'pronounced It 'anOUcs.'
thr only Hlernlnnlsm of tn after
noon i. "The people nrcn' rrsponsl
blo".or keeping their hall and Et.i)r
ways clean, but thev must onl their
children to acho'il spotless. And thutc
a-o prlzee prizes for this ind diIko.i
for that,. I myself have bediming
to atart lust such a place In Dublin. '
Tho talk swept around to suffrage.
-as dUcusaion Is alwavs bound to do
when "women aio concerned. Mrs.
AlanzQ MHJcr. of California, spoko
on tlit political situation In Ivr State,
revlovving thq laws that ",wa bitlaensv
had passed since equal suffrago be
came. a law.
.This led naturally to Mrs. Arthur
Dodge, president of the Antl-tlufCrage
"1 feel like 'an an'omaly," sho'salJ,
"being hero as an antl, when I am
pro for, everything whoro women are '
concerned except politics."
Simpler Philanthropy.
Mrs. Hammond, from her corner
of the table, pleaded for simpler
"Just as the general" practitioner
is returning to Ills former position
In tho medical .world, ro the sp.
c-lalizcd philanthropist Is loBlng pres
tige. L.ct'8 all of us women link
hands and unite hearts to help the
Mrs. Frederick Echoff, national
fm(mrm StrrHt. m. rtl Jrltw nto fMr4
president of the Congress pf Moth
ers, claimed a universal Interest,
"for overj body likes children and I
represent their mothers."
Bai-1; again to the supposed theme
pf tho afternoon housing veered
the informal speeclilrts. Mrs. Kllen
Spencer Munsey lose to lemark.
"If we want to have am pride In
our Capital at all. It must be a model
city. No city can be a model with
an alley system like Washington's."
Time was up, the business sessions
upstairs automatically broke up tho
round table and, still smiling, still
talking as If their lives depended
upon it, perhaps to women they had
never .seen befote, tho members of
the women's council dispersed.
Anti-Suffrage Notes.
Suffragists maintain that it women
ha,d the vote the Government would
spend more on' education, sanitation
and charitable enterprises, in 1913-14,
out of an expenditure of 71.000,000, the
Massachusetts towns and cities spent
for education 93l.3SS.CO0; for libraries.
Jl.U5.O0O; for pensions, Jl.214.000; for
health and sanitation. $6,4S7.P52 ; for
charities, W.m.OS--', for recreation.
Can the suffragists name a woman
suffrago State In which more than W)
per cent of thr public money was spent
In Such ways? Krom Cambridge Antl-
,Suftrage Association.
Instantly Clears vAir Pass-
lages; You Breathe Freely,
.Nasty Discharge Stops,
Head Colds and Dull
1 ' Headache Vanish.
Get a small bottle' anyway, Just to
try it Apply a little in the nostrils and
instantly your clogged nose Hiid ston-pod-up
air passaues nf the head will
open, you will bieathe freelj , ilullne--)
and headache disappear By morning'
the catarrh, old-m-hcad or catarrhal
sore inroai win ne gone.
ELI'S Cffifl
IV gravity- Is far from a Jesting mat
ter, weight Is. not to be laughed at,
for weight Js only grovjty. , Arlatptlo
"reasoned hat the fcif-cft'of gravlli
tlon the null of a smdlW bodv hi' rf
larger-acted mow energetically In tho
Instance or larger masses. than In smnll
er ones, when ulr Intervened. Gallileo
proved experimentally, from the top ot
the Leaning Tower at Plea that tho
yrchjrhts of bodies have veVy little In-
iiuenco' even when they fall thtough
Iho nlr. ,
In a vacuum If- human life could sub
slat long thcreo- rrfaft weighing- r3
pounds, a girt weighing 79 pounds and
a lourtccn-inch cannon ban would all
fall exactly, at 'the same speed.
The .welcht Of a Uvlnc bodv. stranca
an It may sound, Js much more elastic
man its neigntt
If any one weighs Jilr.iselt at nlsht.
especially after & hearty meal, and then
uguln before breakfast the next morn
ing, he may be nmazed to find a differ
ence of from three fp five pounds. Thnsq
,b.wuui iiisuu,uiuy nun una ,iau
to cat and drink, ne well, as upon the
time he dined and the -vork he per
formed. Guinea pigs, kept under observation
by Major lliramond de 'J.aroqtiette, M.
D., during the year.1913, Jn glazed cates
en a balcony at Algiers, were glvon
ilxcd dally rations of 100, grammes of
green meat, whieh was always con
sumed, and a ration -of Oats fiom day
to day. A vessel containing n known
quantity of oats was placed inside tho
cage for this purpose so that the guinea
pigs could take as much or as llttlo as
desired. The weight of what was loft
over showed the, amount consumed day
by dav. The sutnea nlKS were all
weighed, ut first dally, then every fourtlt
day. At no period or tno year nut
they cease to be alert and lively, except
on three or four occasions when thov
t-eemed to be Inconvenienced by tho
heat, the temperature In the glazed
cages exceeding 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
An Amazing Experiment.
Below Is given a resume of the figures
relating to three guinea pgs under ob
(ervatlon taken regularlv between ".
t ember. 1912. and December., 1913. These
figures go to show that the quantity of
oats voluntarily consumed, that Is. tho
Kprctlto and thercforo the alimentary
ration! followed ft curve Inverse to tnat
of iho-lntepslty-and duration. of the sun
shine. There cre more or less regular
-Individual variations from one day 10
The next between one Rplmal and nn-
cther, jiuuthe averages, cstaaiisnea once
A fortnight, once a month, or bv scamn.
)iow for all the same regularity of this
inverse rosaiionsiiiP Detwecn ins ex
ternal tcmner.iture and.tnl.f00(1 ration.
Deducting the variations of weint,
ati'n "apart from the green meat which
Wovef varied, the average 'maintenance
rntlon'ln Winter was four grammes of
'oats for everVSWl gramniesiof animal.
leverage .tcmperaivirftw qcgroes v.; a
$nsp?er? To Health QtigsUvMS
h in. i ..iih'ii it i ii
l&kce the weight
y Avpto- ill VarcKy. oily, fatty, rich.
nighlv .sfaaonen.Tooas, canairs, prti.i.-r.
vigorous -rortlse8 -will help you. (Domestic-
sHCscstlcn are not rusne througn
thu rplumns.)
t '
M D. Your auestlon cannot be an.
irw-rcd' in these columns. If you will
send a stamped, self-addressed onvclope
wltlf tho question teceatea 1 will be glad
to answer.
II. G. Will nu plrssc tell me the
cause and remedy for plmnls and olack
hendt? .
Thev re sometimes caused bv ;
grit of the city streets and smoke, so.ae-
Hot Tea Biscuits.
If you want to serve the biscuits
fresh and hot to your guests at un
nftemoon tea. here Is a good way lo
Into one quart flour .Rut , one tea
snoon salt, three level teaspoons ak
Ing powder, and fift all. together into
a small mixing howl. Then melt orid
tablespoon shortening and pour Into
one cup sweet milk, pouring all Into
tho flour. Lightly mix to the con
slstenry ot dough for rolling. Roll -ind
cut an Inch thick, placing In baking
,.nn ipjiiIv for the oven. Daee tho
nan In a cool place until wantoil for
baking, about twenty minutes 'ifforo
serving, in the tfternnon. Hy the 'Imo
the cloth Is laid nnd the refreshment
brought forth, thoy will be done .ind
found delicious. They tan be picp'tied
In tho early morning and left all dfij.
Farm and Home.
Use of Fruit In Diet.
In the Woman's Home Companion
Cora Farmer Perkins. In charge of
the famous school of cookery that
was conducted by the late Fannie
Merrltt Farmer, writes:
"There Is no article of diet that has
Increased In 'use during the last few'
vnats so rapidly as .fruit. When fr-sli
fruits aro expensive and difficult to
obtain, dried frtilts may well take
their place Among the dried fruits,
dates, figs, and prunes hold a con
spicuous nlace Thejr combine so nd
mltahly with many Ingredients that
tho "housekeeper finds them of Ines
timable value in a. great variety of
dishes, covering a wide rango In
cookery. Some recipes follow that
are given with the object of Increns-Inp-
tho use of dtlcd fruits, which am
always a valuable addition to the die
tary." L
End such misery now! Get the
small bottle of "Ely's Cream Balm"
at nny drug store. This sweet, fragrant
balm dissolves by the heat of the nos
trils; penetrates nnd heals the Inflamed,
swollen membrane which lines tho
nose, head antl throat) clears the o'r
passages; stops nasty discharges nnd n
feeling of cleansing, soothing relief
comes Immediately.
Don't lay ewake to-night struggling
for breath, with head ' stuffed; nostril
closed, hawking and blowing. Catarrh
oi n cold, with Its running nose, foul
mucous dropping into the throat, nnd
taw diyness Is distressing hut truly
Put voi,r faith Just once In "Kl'n
Cream Balm" and your fold or catutih
4 vUl surely disappear. Advt.
0 to
grammes per cbnt ih thfc spilng and ftu
tumn. ivera:e temperature 71.? degree
7.1 and S grammes per cent In summer,
nverage temperature degrees Tahtcn
heli.1 The bodv weight of all the guinea pics
followed that of the temporature In win
ter, spring and atilumn. but In summer
the relationship tyas reversed, for their
weight diminished after tho-THldtllu of
June, when I he average Mmoratun
was above 0 dctficc F, It hean to In
crease In October; when tho temperature
aaaln returned to this avrralto of hi
Variations With Temperature,
The Increase of weight continued from
February to June In spite of the marked
diminution of tho oat ration, which fell
from 4.2 per cent to 2.7 per cent. Evi
dently the rise of temperature and he
sunshine had compensated for tho rc-
ductlon in the regimen.
Similarly, in autumn, the body weight
diminished with the temperature, In
spite of a notable Increase In the ration.
Lastly, In summer, the loss of (weight
was not in proportion to the reduction
in the quantity of oats consumed, which
at that time fell to J.C per cent on an
average. Tho ration of green meat re
mained fixed, while the evaporation
from the tissues during the hot season
reached a high level.
It Is also remarkable that the weights
most nearly approximated in May and
November were most divergent during
the perjod between August 20 and Sep
tember 10, which was the period of the
greatest heat at Algiers.
These facts show that like vegetables
and cold-blooded animals, though in less
degree and In a different manner, warm
blooded animals undergo fluctuation cor
responding to the season and to the
variations of temperature.
They also seem to provide a further
proof of the theoretical conception of
nutrition by absorbed heat and direct
utilization by animals as by Plants of
the radiant energy of sunshine. This
conception of the absorptldn of 'tne-solor
rays, and not merely a lessened loss of
body heat, which was advanced some
tlmo since to explain certain effects of
light baths, corresponds to, numerous
biological observations, especially those
bearing on the extraordinarily reduced
food rations of certain natives in south
ern Algeria who pass their days lying
half-naked In the sun. Their dally food
consists of two or three, hundred,
grammes of flour or dates,- that ,1s .tS
say, U00 to l.GOd ''calories Jn lICu pf'tiB
3.O0Q calorics of the normal average- fa
tlon in 'Europe. ' o '
Sleep and doath, two J win if winged
and matchless .swiftness, out 'of silent
pace, aro, somewhat alike fin cav'ng a
lightening of the. burden .of avoirdupois.
There lo an exception -to this; Daylight
inactivity and avcrbundapcbqlf sleep re
duces the oxidizing properties of the'
body, and thus allows weight to go up.
This, fioweyer. Is not the rule -In health
and a normal amqunt'o'r'etivlty. , ?& ,
Copyt, ui. by Newspaper feature: eriee,.,)
r '
times by iro'rJerrfofc
Chuan in.n l.'. TL-Arf'wt. ' y , !'
cosmetics. Do nbf us'ei'iiAr'
foap when" cltanslhg the tacoy.hu
lotion maqe of the followimr; Glvnrrih
i ounce! sulphur. I dram; ; rose water.-1
ounces. Take 3 dron of Fooler's ar
senic solution in water jifter meals. The
h.cJlV.ead , n,.av i"5 ta;i?n ou' Wtri
benzoin and glycerine. 1 tctispoonfuLof
each to a cupfu' of rasew.ttor. :Arily to
the Plmulea Iodide of -sulphur. 4 qfam:
simple cerates. 1 ounce. wn.
: - , :
"Aiisious Mother"-1 have a bdight
years old nbnut whom l am ?V5fW
worried, as he alwava lias' a cold. l-fW'W
unusually tall for his no; fNothlrig,
seems to help him: he cats very mtl
and drinks milk. His room' !a wellVenO
iated at night. Vhat hH IJo-M
Take him to a liospltal for a thorough
phvs'cal examination as rcon as djssi
hie. ,- .
r. o. c-
. f.". Kindly advise hie of eoo)e
harmless to use on the ci:hr6ws
Icethem crow. " f'1 ' f
to mal-
Massase tho following into tho eye
brows each night: Capsicum vaseline.
1 dram, while valine, i ounsa.
lteaderR -desiring advice should
remember: ,
1, To address inquiries to Dr. L. .
K. Hirshbersr, tare of Th
WeghinRton Time.
2. To encjope a stamped and ad
dressed envelope if a personal
reply is desired.
To Put On Flesh
and Increase Weight
Oood d Ire To' Tilln Peopl?
'I d certainly give most anything to
that way. declare many thin men. and
women Stun a result Is, usually not
mposslblo despite past failures. 7Most
Hon Pe0L0 ime V,c-Vm5. t mal-nutrl-tlon,
a condition, which prevents the
lutty elements of 'food froni being taken
up by the blood as they are when the
powers of nutrition are normal. Jn
btead of getting Into the blood touch
of the fat and flesh producing elements
fL m thHe ."'tesHne until" they pass
from the boay as waste.
To correct this condition and to pro
rJ10 healthy, normal amount or fat
the flesh making food elements must
be so prepared in the digestive pro
cesses that the blood will accept and
distribute them throughout the body.
Ihcre is a preparation called Sargol,
which works on this basis and which la
sold by neatly every druggist on
positive euarantee of weight increase
or money back. Hundreds have testi
fied to weight Increase from Its use.
Sargol doea not of Itself make fat
but Is simply a combination of ingre
dients of acknowledged merit that,
taken with meals seems to better en
able tho digestive organs to separate
the fattening elements of the food and
to prepare them In a form which the
blood can r.cadly absorb. Sargol comes
li Cablet form. Is pleasant and easy
to take and Its action Is perfectly nat
ural and harmless. Sargol Is sold by
James O'Donnell's Drug Stores and
druggists evciy where who aie author
ized to tefund the full purchase, wlc
If welpht Increase Is not obtained,
XOTK Sargol is recommended only
as a flesh builder and while It has "pro
duied excellent results In cnBes of ner
vous Indigestion nnd general stomach
disorders cure should be taken by tho
using it who do not want to Increase
weight. Advt

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