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1 1 ELS
Mexican Outrages Inevitable
Result of President's Poli
cies, Colonel Declares.
NRW YOHIf. Jiui."H.--CM. TVotlor'
.. , .,.., .niii-meriv Ipst nlfilit"
Bny, ittncr-
tteMcan poller
)ssnirr ot ho-
lu Chllninluiu.
States Ins a
icatlon fur In-
ij. it rhe ha'l for
? nlso. nccuectl
politic In liln
Germany and
.. ,l-!nr. Irfsue.
"What In ned in Mexico," nays tho
statement, "Is a kind of police work
that should be 'nnn by our reftulur
oriny, for It In not the work for voltin
tncrs. And tho man to lui'illo tbo lob
of cleaning up Mvxlcc Is Un I.ionnrd
Wood, thojnnn who did a shnllsr Job
In Cuba In micli fine shape."
Colonel Rooecvclt statrment fol
lows; "This drondful outrage is merely an
Inevitable outcomo of the policies that
have been followed In Mexico for tho
Inst five years and above all the last
throe yearn. Tho policy of watchful
waiting, the policy of not Interfering
with 'blood spilling,' the policy of nsk
Hnjr tho South and Central American re
publics to take from us tho responsi
bility that we were too timid to take
hhs borne Its legitimate fruits.
"In tho past the Carranzlstas, whom
President Wllsno has recognized as
forming the government ot Mexico,
havo done, to otir people Just exactly
such things as these Vllllasts have
"It IS but a year since President Wll-
The forecast for tho District of Colum
bia Knlr and colder tonight; lowest
temperature about 10 defyecs: Saturday
fair and continued cold: sentle to mod
erate northwest winds.
Maryland Fair and colder tonight;
Saturday fair and continued cold: mod
crnto northwest winds.
Virginia Fslr and colder tonight:
Saturday fair; moderate northwest
. tn
(C S. Bureau.)
t 3:20 a. m. and 3:47 v. m.
t 9:51 a. m. and 10: 30 p. m.
":15 I Sun sets at.
"a lamps at 3:S9 p. m.
son sent Ooncral Bcott down to the
border to mako n tronty with Villa, who
bad then already committed outrages
of this kind and outrages not only
against men but against womon
Got Arms In United States.
"President Wilson has permitted
thoso different bandit factions to got
from us or wlln our permission, the
arms with which tliey have killed
American private rltUens. American
soldiers, tho husbund und fathers of
American women whom tliey have out
raged. There in u hundred times llio
Justification fur Interferrlng In Mexico
thul thero was for Interfering In Cuba.
"We should have Interfered years
ago. Wo should not through tho regu
lar army, for this kind nf police york
Is not tho work of volunteers. We
should act with tho same efficiency
und the sntnn disinterestedness we
showed In Cuba, nnd tho man to do tho
Job ts General Wood, tho nuin who
did the Job In such fine shape In Cuba.
"But In noting tho effect of wairh
fdl waiting In Mexico, do not forget
tho effect In the world war of jiur
policy of-belng too proud to fight. Tho
dispatches from Washington Indlcdto
that tho pressuro of tho English fleet
has caused Oermany nnd Austria to be
lieve It unablo to carry on further tholr
HUbmnrlno warfaie against helpless
passenger ships. Tho illspatchcs Indi
cate that having thus been forced by
tho British Vnivy to ubondon the prac
tice of tho wholesale inurdor of non
combatnnt men, womon, and children
on tho high sens, they Intend to moke
bcllove to abandon it at President Wil
son's request ' with, as a bargain In ro
lurn, renewed pressure by President
Wilson upon Great Britain.
"Some of tho professional Qerman
Amerlcnn leaders havo announced if
this were done and tho barpaln car
ried out. President Wilson would gain
the entire flennnn-Ameiioan vote. A8
a mattor of fact, cloven months have
Kone by since President Wilson notl
:led Oermany that he would hold hei
to a strict accountability I' sha sunk
these ships, right months huve gone
by since tho Falnlia and-lator the T,u
flltanla were sunk. Shin after ship
lias been sunk until tho total of llvss
lost exceeds 2.200. and President Wil
son has done nothing except to wrlto
notes, ench being: followed by a fresh
"It Is worth while calling; attention
to the' State Dt'pat tment's assertion
today that It had warned Americans
to keep out of Mexico. In this re
spoct President Wilson Is copying the
example of Ambassador BornBtorff
when he warned tho Americans to
keep orf the I.usltania, which warn
ing was followed by murder. But It
is at lenst to bo said of the Oerman
ambassador that the murders of
which he gave warring were of citi
zens of a foreign land In President
Wilson's rase the warning was fol
lowed by murder of citizens of our
own land
"We did nothing when our citizens
were murdered on the high seas by
Uermany. Apparently wo Intend to do
nothing about the citizens that havo
been murdered by Mexico nnd remem
ber that President Wilson had recog
nized the Mexican government whlcn,
nevertheless, he so distrusted thut he
warned our citizens that at the peril
of their own lives they munt not stay
In Mexico.
"Meanwhile, for three years our
army and navy have deteriorated, and
Bryan. Kltchln, Hay, and the other
party associates of Mr. Wilson seem
bent on rivaling one another as to
which can most successfully obstruct
the purpose of the American people to
prepare .for Its own defense. And Presi
dent Wilson is himself personally re
sponsible for the fact that during tho
eighteen months since the great war
began not one step In prepsredness has
been taken."
Senate Confirmation of
, Chance Is Expected
Indlcatlons'today favor tho rniiflrnin
tlnii of Pos'tinnster Merrill O. Chance.
Tho Semite ComniA'ee on Postofllces
In not disposed tn believe thrt allegB
lions that Mr. Chance Is n Republican
and hepco hot entitled lo appointment
by a DeinfternJilK Administration.
Maple Tree on Orave.
axnOt'DBBltnO. Va .Inn. 13.-Jstns
MnMntnb.r formprl' of New York city.
died at his beautiful country residence. '
Maple Court, lie was engaged In tho?
Illmuer i.nsiness. jusi peiine inn ueiiui ,
he made a final request that his body
bo burled in the Shnfer .School Housu
Cemetery nnd that on each corner of'
the plat n maple tree should be planted.-'
Lieutenant From Seattle
Wins Bride at Front
LONDON. Jan. H.-Onc of the real
romances of tlut War will cultnlnato soon
at Amsterdam In the ninrrlage of I.leut.
II. a, ltawllns, llorncmouth. England,
formerly ot .Seattle. Wash., to Miss K.
Do Jong. At tho outbreak of tho war
Lieutenant Bawllns, living In Seattle,
enltstwl lit the office of tho Blltlsh con
sul thero. iteturnlng to Kmtlnnd. ho
whs commissioned un officer In tho
rovul naval division, and went to Ant
werp with lustou ChurohllKs navui
brigade, ltawllns met his future brldo
In the inilltkrv IiomdIIiiI at Amsterdam.
nftcr his brlvader'was forced to retreat
Int'- Holland. Tho hospital was In
charge of Dr. De Jong, who often
brought his comelv daughter to visit tho
wounded. It was love at llrst sight,
when she saw Lieutenant Bawllns. .
; ?
I Why rheumatism and lumbago sufferers should drink phos-
phated hocwater each morning before breakfast
A lArf
In b
JBSBjr ffl IT TTTl
Just as coal, when It burns, loaves
behind a certain amount of incombus
tible material in tho form of ashes, so
the food and drink taken day after day
leaven in the alimentary canal a certain
amount of Indigestible material, which
If not completely eliminated each day.
becomes food, for the millions of bac
teria which Infest the bowels. From
this mass of left-over wostn material,
toxins and ptomaine-like poisons, catled
uric acid. i formed and ben sucked
into the blood where it continues to cir
culate, collecting grain by grain In the
Joints of the body much like rust col
lects on the hinge ss shown above.
Men and women who suffer from lum
bago, rheumatism or sore, stiff, aching
Joints should begin drinking phonphnted
lint water, not as a means to magic
relief from -In. but to prevent more
uric acid forming In the system. Before
eating breakfast each morning, drink a
glass of real hot water with a teaspiiou
ful cf limestone Phosphate in It. This
wilt first neutralize and then wash out
of the stomach, liver, kidneys, and bow
els the provlous day's accumulation of
toxins and poisons; thus, cleaning,
sweetening, and freshening the tntlro
alimentary canal, each morning, beforo
putting more food Into the stomach.
A quarter pound of limestone phos
phate costs very little at the drug store
but Is sufficient to make any rheumatic
or lumbago sufferer an enthusiast on the
morning inside bath.
Millions of people keep their Joints
free from these rheumatic acids by
practicing this daily internal sanitation.
A glass of hot water with a teaspoonful
of limestone phosphate, drank before
brenkfast. Is wonderfully Invigorating;
besides, it is an excellent health meas
ure because It cleanses the alimentary
organs of all the waste, gaseji and sour
fermentations, making one look and feel
clean, aweet and fresh all day.
Thoso who try this for one week may
find themselves free from sick head
aches, constipation, bilious attacks, sal
lowncss. nasty breath and stomach
acidity. Advt.
1319-1321 F Street
January 14
1319-1321 F St.
Purchases Delivered Free to Any Part of the United States by Parcel Post.
New Clothing Arrives Daily
We're not offering you "the balance of a season's stock," nor a line that we
have gone out and "picked up at a bargain" almost daily our cases are replen
ished with brand new suits and overcoats received direct from our manufacturers
who are under contract to furnish us a certain number each month.
We can guarantee you the same high qualities you have always found in our
shop, and with the woolen market in its present state the prices quoted below
are simply ridiculously low for such values.
Among the overcoats we include the exclusive West Point Military model.
It has greater individuality than any other coat shown this' season, and can be
found only in this shop. There are also many of the double-breasted, long, storm
models, so very desirable just now.
Suits and Overcoats
l 4-
t txp to $25
Values up to $30
We can simply say that we're perfectly willing to -refund
your money if you wish to return one of these .
Suits or Overcoats after you've purchased it and exam-
ined it at your home, even if alterations had been made.
(OJ ff G & 11th
Opens Early Tomorrow X Usual Time Is 9
History Repeated
' This time last year a similar
announcement was made of final
reductions in prices of winter cloth
ing Suits and Overcoats
Selling up to $25.00
The hundreds of these 1915
1916,. Overcoats, Balmacaans and
Suits will be located, for quick
selection, on Street Floor, near to
the door of this New Shop G
Street, two doors East .of Eleventh.
in Tomorrow Mornin
and Slip Into the Overcoat, Balmacaan or Suit You Fancy
Furnishings are also to
be included at finally re
duced prices.
With the Clothing
On street floor, near to the
door of this New Men's
Shop. Entrance on G street
$7.00 Sweaters
$6.00 Sweaters
$5.00 Sweaters
$3.50 Sweaters
$6.50 Bath Robes ffiTQ5
$3.50 Bath Robes .&fit
5oc Slippers 35c
$2.00 Pajamas rj Q
$1.50 Pajamas . . . 1 J)0
S2.0Q Shirts j;i 15
$1.50 Shirts
&i & Si.So Silk Cravats. fiQf
SS Antn Ptlnvpq A Aft i
1 "' " .PTtvl
$1.50 Walking Gloves. Cj f 5 j
S6.00 Mufflers ... SA. (lfl
S2.5Q Mufflers . . .tj 5
75c Underwear . .
75c Onyx Hose
50c Onyx Hose 2Qf
25c Onyx Hose 1
Basement Shoe Shop's Special Bargains
Values Up To $5.00
Values Up To $3.00
If -M
Racpmfnr 9fin Srinn The Palais Roynl isin touch wit1 aU thc fnmous makers,
UidbClllClil JliUC kJliup an(j when thev begin their spring productions we get their
surplus winter stocks at nominal prices.
Shoes Branded With Famous Names
Look for the names advertised in the magazines for the names of the most famous $3 to $5
Shoes bunched into twov gigantic lots at $1.65 and $2.65 for choice. Bronze kid, black gun metal,
and tan and black calf shoes, plain and novelty effects, in sizes Zli to 7 and widths A to E.
Basement Shoe Shop 4 Seconds by 6 Elevators
A-Lisner ' The Palais Royal
G Street

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