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Tour. Planned as Final Move to
Win Sympathy, -of Whole
Country In Gampalgn. "
i (Continued from First Page.). -n"rpt
trlji a robto. which would prac
tically confine him to tho Middle West
Ib easily explained. Without the vote
of membora.ot.Congross from thlsjsec-J
tlon tho defense program has small
chance ql success;. For geographical
reasons, principally, the people of this
section are more orjess apathetic on
the question of proparedness With
many square miles' of tnountalh and
plain separating them from' the ftea
' coast they find It hard lo get the point
of view of the seaboard States and to
fear tho possibilities of Invasion by a
foreign foe.
The extent to which this apathy still
exists, not only In tho Middle WeBt,
but In certain sections of the South,
Is proved by the situation in Congress.
There all Is chaos on the subject Tho
1 Democrats from these sections either
' have small sympathy for the Admin
istration program, or are openly hos
tile. Thews is no leadership, and tho
power of the President to hold mem
bers in lino is not as strong as It was
, at the beginning of the Administra
tion. Feeling no pressure from' home
In behalf of preparedness, these DemO-
. crats are many of them "off the res
ervation." And they hold the situation
more or less In their hands.
For this condition many of he Admin,
iRtratlon leaders are directly blaming
the president. Tho preparedness policy
Is threatened with defeat, they say,
i principally because the President has
not taken on" the task of creating pub
lic sentiment but has left It for the
public itself to create n public more or I
less mystified and bewildered toy a dis
cord of opinions that emanate from
Congress. Acdordlng to these friends
of the President, had he from the first
kept the public constantly advised of
. what he Is trying to accomplish, he
would have minimized all programs- but
the one that hears tho stamp of Ad
ministration approval. And because
they bellevoMhat thcre'is still chanco
for thiB to be done, they hay at last
"minded, the President to go before
the country and prove that his heart Is
la tho program. They feel that, having
reversed himself , compIcte.lv in twelve
months' time on .(he need of belter pre
paredness he should go the Urol; to con
vince tho country that his present' views
are correct.
Fight Popular ITien .
At the time that tho President re
versed himself and adopted the causo
(of preparedness the Isbuo was un-j
doubtedly a popular one. It was at tho
hjlght of the crisis following the Blnk-
of the IiUsltanla, when war with
irmany was more Imminent than
fny people now recall, that the Presl
nt gave notice of his change of
nt, A year previous. In an address
fore Congress, he liad pooh-poohed all
Ik of- bigger army and navy, and laid
ress on what could bo expected from
e "citizen soldiery."
Vow, bo gave It to be understood that
had changed his opinions, and in
. ..anglng he broke Anally from the in
lluence of Bryan. At the time the break
with Bryan did not appear serious.
bluco then the situation has somowhat
With tho passing of tho Lusltnnla
crisis and tho gtMng by Ucrmnny ot a
promise jo be good, popular opinion In
tho Mldaio west grew again inuiifor
ent Although kept allvo In the. wast
and far West by. continued agitation,
sentiment in the mld-sectlons, wjiero
londershlp has boon lacking, Ulod down.
When tho Administration's defense pro
gram was announced shortly before tno
convening of Congress last December
all that members ot C'ohgies from tho
Middle West, returning to v nshlngtony
appeared to seo was thai the progravi
was tho biggest over presented, that It
would cost n lot ot money, and that It
it veTit through the chances ver,e" that
tho MJclcllc West, long a benellciary or
the congressional "pork barrel," would
have, to- content lUelf with smaller ap
propriations for rivers and nostoftlgo
' 4 Bryan Not Idle.
In the meantime lirjun was not Idle.
HM fOllouiug In the Middle AVVst nan
always been a rospcctable sized one,
and he did not hesitate to cupltnllzo
the growing apathy toward national
defensa to tho crudlt At his nacltlclst
theories. To, what, extent Air, Uryan
was responsible for Jho back-nres
against preparedness 'in xneso 'tatcs
and sections of the South (s not, known,
of course, hut when Congress conj
vened and received tho President's1 mes
sage, making national detenso tho Dig
issue of the session, the remarkable sit
uation oxistcd wherein the Democratic
leader or tho House was openly hostile
to him, the chairman of tho Henato
steering committee, Senator Kern or In
diana, dubious, and thb Democratic
Speaker of tho HoUse, Champ Clark,
was being accused of ilirtlng with
Constantly widening In extent, this di
vision ,bcon tho Democrats Into tho
camps of preparedness, of Wilson, and
tho camp of antl-prcparedness, of
Bryan, has existed for approximately
six weeks. With, President Wilson all tho
while sitting back inSeclusion and'eaj
Ing nothing. '
J-UHt as the sulfation la a critical one
frnm tho standpoint of tho flntionn' de
fense program, so, some o tho frlcudH
of the PreUent fear, Is it critical from
the standouint of Democratic prospects
In tho election next fall. For a 16ig
time thoro has been the viow in certain
Administration quarters that so long ns
tho country had peace and proiperlty
President AVilron's re-election would bo
certain, regardless of Mdxlco, icgard
lcss of the one-torm plank, nnd regard
less of qther objections raised ugalnst
him. Recently, however, there, has been
a slight readjustment of views.
Would It Last?
Though still contending that peace
and prosperity could, swing the ejection
to his favor thoro are some -who nra
wondering how 'long prosperity might
last should there come a sudden cessa
tion of hostilities between now and
Bprlng, with ,the consequent and imme
diate shrinkage of tho vast export trade
in munitions, tho laying off ot munition
fuctory employes In largo numbers, and
with no high tariff to protect the coun
try from European exporters anxious to
regain their markets nt any obst
Such a situation, developing suddenly
between now and election time would.
It Is pointed out, rob the Democrats of
their present ndantnge i.nd leave tnem
still holding the Mexican lng and other
vulnerable achievements. Should, on top
of this, the Administration emerge from
the preparedness light, beaten nnd with
forces divided, it is believed that there
would be little, If any, hope of success
In November. Tho situation, the Ad
ministration leaders believe, Is up to
the President, and upon tho results of
his coming tour throughout the coun
try, they soy, will depend whether he
can still make good.
Welsh Move for Peace.
LONDON. Jan. 23. The Welsh branch
of the Independent Labor party has I
passed a resolution asking nne govern
ment to make a statement with refer
ence to terms pf peaco.
A '
Need for Larger Army and Navy
Emphasized at Mass Meet'
Ing Glee Club Formed.
Kriocked Down by Motor; in n p DnrninrO Tfl
Her Condition Serious Ui U. I , IIILI HMLO U
ALTCXANDIttA. Jan. 21.-Tjie Import-
n .,.,.. 1 vnllltnpv frnlnfnir for the b0V8
of the-Alexandria High School, tho or
ganization ot a military company in
that. Institution and the necessity of an
Increased army and navy for tho Unltod
States, -wore urged at a mass meeting
held this afternoon In the Burprlse
Thcatdr. The meeting was held under
the a,tspce of the Parents-Teachers'
Association of tlia iPubllc Schools, and
Stui)ley 0. Blnnton. of tho AJexnndla
High School, president or .the associa
tion, presided. The- speakers,, were Mr.
admDluV secretary' of tho Navy Lengue;
Miss Elizabeth Pop, chairman of tho
woman's section' of the Navv League:
Gen- H. W, Nichols, and Mrs. Kate
Wnllei Barrett.
Tho Alexandria Glee Club has .been
oignnlzed with the folio wine officers:
Jaini c Robdrts president: Miss Emily
Johnson.' secretary and Treasurers Mfss
Katiicrlno Waller, director, and Stanley
Q. Wanton, assistant director. The
next meeting or the club will the held
Tuesday evening nt tho resident? of Mr.
nnd Mrs. Winner Jojte Waller at their
homo In North View tcirnce. Itosemont.
Tho third dance of tho Junior Assem
bly was held last night In the Elks'
Auditorium. "Thoie were n number of
gueeti from out of the city.
funeral services for JohnMlanrahan
were held this afternoon from tho
Alnflmillfit Prntftfltnnt nhllrnh. nnrl wnrn
conducted by tho Rev. K. T KlrklcyJ
pastor. . .
Mrs. Rllen Cohort, slxly-slx years old,
of 030 Third street ssutuwest, who was
knocked down by, "an nutomobllo irt
Nichols avenue, near tho Government
Hoouital for. tho Insane, lost evening.
Is. In a sorloun Mmliiinn nt the Casualty
Hospital. Physicians- 'declare her
chances for recovery are slight. She
probably Is suffering, they say, from a
fracture ot tho skull and Internal In
juries. Jnnles II. Johnson, aged twenty-four,
of 227 First street northwest. Is held by
the pollco of tho Eloventh precinct
pending the outcome of the woman's
Injuries. Johnson, according to tho vo
lleo, was operating the automobile. Mrs
Cobert. who resides with her daughter.
Mrs. William Thomas, was crossing
Nichols avenuo shortly after 0 oclock
.When the accident occurred.
The Rev. Josef W. Hall, pastor ot the
Seventh Day Advontist Church ih this
city, has been, detailed by tho foreign
mission board to field evangelistic work
In China, and with hla wife, will sail
from Seattle on March 7. Mr. awl1 Mrs.
Hall will leave Alexandria about Feb
ruary 1, apd will stop at several places
en route to tho Pacific cdast to visit
frclnds nnd relatives. Elder Floyd E.
Gibson, of Colonial Beach, who for
worn etlmo has had charge of tho Ad
vontist churches throughout tho north
ern neck of Virginia, will succeed the
Rev. Mr. Hall In this city The Seventh
Day Advcntlsts have secured Odd Fel
lows 1VH In North Columbus street. In
which to hoUHthelr Saturday afternoon
Mr and Mrs. Ocorgo "W. Hulflsh have
sold to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar B Pler
Tont the two-story" brick dwelling at 1H
North Columbus street. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Hulflsh left today for Havre. Mont,
where they will make their home.
Members of Mt. Vernon nnd Mary'
Washington Councils. Daughters of.
America, will leave Alexandria, fronv
tne coiumous street station, at T.vt
o'clock tomorrow night to attend a rally
of tho order In Washington.
Martha Washington Chapter. No 4:'.
Order of tho Eastern Star, will give a
theater narty to PoM's Theater, Wash
ington, Tuesday night.
With domands for compulsory military
service and greatly lncroascd .army and
"navy, (he National Sccutlty League
placed Jtself on record lost night as
favoring the plans of the general board
of tho navv and the gencrul staff of
the arlhv. ns opposed to the Ideas of
Secretaries Daniels' and Garrison
Secretary Garrison's recommendation
lo enlarge the regular armv was spe
cifically Indorsed. .But in every othor
lespect tho lenttuo lined up for a larger
degree of preparedness than has yet
been submitted to Congress.
further. It recommended the Joining
of all forces favoring preparedness into
one big organization: and a council of
national defense, which shall assume
tho function now vested In the Presi
dent alone of recommending military
legislation to Congress.
In addition to coast artillery and
auxiliary troops, tho "mobile regular
army." it was declared, should be in
creased to four complete divisions.
State mllltla and volunteer military
systems wcro attacked by resolution.
"This nation has oo long Ignored Jho
great democratic principle that every
citizen is bound to render military ser
vice,' said George W. Wlckersham,
former Attorney General.
Tho three-day convention, of tho
league was concluded last night with a.
banquet at tho Willnrd, at wnlch 450
men and women gathered. Speeches
Were made by President Menken, toust
tnustter; former Attorney General Wlck
prnham, Senator Lodge, Jamys M. Reck,
former assistant attorney general;
Georco Haven Putndm. the Boston pub
lisher, and John Purroy Mltchel. mayor
or New xorn. Many rormpr caoinct of
ficers wero at tho truest table.
There was a dramatis moment during
the dinner, when there was thrown
unon the srreen the Picture of Gecrco
Washington with his words ns first
If we desire to avoid Insult we must
be able to repel 't:-if wo desire pare it
must be known that we nre nt all times
ready for war." It brought tho diners
to their feet, singing "The Star-Spangled
Senator Lodge of Massachusetts, after
advocating an nnnv of 1 iJO ii) jicn,
questioned me nccuriry nr tnj rren
dent's preparedness message.
HEN the Great Grief
Invades the Home
it is then 'too late to give thoughtful consideration to the selection of a funeral director.
In this announcement it is our. desire simply to call your attention to the fact that
all our facilities are at your service andvthat you may call us at any hour of the day or
night with the certainty of thoughtful, considerate attention. ' v
The time to" think of these things is now not when, you are submerged in sorrow
anrj we want you to think of us as a friend, ready to come to your assistance at the
time of your greatest need. .
The cost is entirely governed by your own desires. As an illustration of our,
service, we caivfurnish " '
A Complete Funeral
For as Low as
This service will include a beautiful cloth casket, to be selected from a varied as-
so'rtment on 'display in our showrooms, hearse,- three carriages, sash for door, .embalm
ing, shipping (when required), shaving, robe or suit, chairs, candelabra, etc. in fact,
everything necessary to" make the funeral complete. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
i - '. ,
No Extra Charge for the Services of Our Lady Assistant
. ,.
s Always Open Parlor for Funerals
1520 Wisconsin Ave. M W.
Telephone West 950
t.J. JduAXUtfr
First Move In foaming Tempor
ary Head of Convention to
Be Taken Tomorrow.
CHICAGO. Jan. 23 The flrst niovo in
thq selection of a temporary chairman
for tho Republican national convention
in Chicago next June will be mado to
morrow when the subcommittee of tho
Hepublican national committee mentn
In the Congress Hotel.
National Chairman Charles D. Hllles
Is expected to arrivo hero lato this af
ternoon. Fred W. tJnham. rhnlrmnn nt
tho Chicago committee on arrango-
iiienui, nas an preliminary 'details per
fected. It Is understood tho Coliseum will be
arranged Just as it was for the 1912
convention. Them In nn hint n. n
who will be selected as temporary
vumi iiiuil,
Willing to Cross Atlantic Again if
Necessary, .According to
Word From Detroit.
DKTOOrr. Mich.. Jan. 23. Henry
Ford has not abandoned his efforts for
world pence. If necessary, the Detroit
millionaire will cross tho Atlantic again
and devote his time nnd fortune In fur
thef efforts to stop the European war.
This information comes from Ford
headquarters here. It was" declared
Ford is in no way dlsappblnted in tho
results bo far of the pence cruise, and
that ho is entirely satisfied with the
personnel of the i permanent peace tri
bunal. Whether tho Detroit .manufacturer
Hill return again to Stockholm nnd
thcro personally direct tho peaco cr
torts probably will not be determined
tor several necks. His decision on
this matter wilt ho influenced large!
by the report of his lieutenants now in
Kurope, If they believe his presence
In Stockholm will further the peace
cause lie Hill go; otherwise, ho docs not
believe It necessary, for him to do more
fhanfurnlsh all the funds for the malnV
tenance of t?.c peaco commission.
Pastors Aid Relief
Work For Hebrews
Remind Congregations President
. Has Set Aside Next Thurs
day ns Donation Day.
Cptnp!ylngt with the request of Rabbi
Abram Blmbn. a number of Washing
ton ministers today called tho atten
tion of their congregations to the fact
that next Thursday has been desig
nated by President Wilson as national
Ilebrow relief day throughout tho
United States. On that day ''contribu
tions will be received by the Red Cross
and special committees for the, relief of
tno war-suicken nourews in Europe.
Simon Wolf Is chairman of the Wash
ington committee,
Louis D. Brandels. chairman of the
provisional executive committee for
general Zionist affairs. . has requested
tho pcoolo of Washington to co-operate
In this humanitarian movement. I In ex.
presses tho belief thnt $5,000,000 will bo
raisea in tho united states next Thurs
day. G. W. U. Freshmen Dine.
With Dr. IT. A.' Clayton aoting an
toastmaster, and addresses by Dr. I V.
Delter and several members of the class,
the annual banquet of Uie freshmnn
class of the College of Veterinary Bur
geons of peorgo Washington Univer
sity, was belli last night at tho Capitol
Park Hotel. Musical solos were con
tributed by E. Rombcrger.
Report of Enemy's Entry Into
North Sea Stifs English to
Issue Challenge.
I.ONDON. Jan. p. Tho report that
ho German fleet, led by new dread
naughts carrying 17-Inch guns, 1 pre-'
paring to cngago tho nrltlsh fleet in '
the North Ben,' brought forth from
every sailor In tho English navy today
n wish that tho probability would bo- ,
come a fact.
Men of thti British fleet from Admiral
Jcdico down, could wish for nothing
better, nnd chnllcngo the enemy. No
one In England's navy believes tho
story of tho 17-lnch guns, but It makes
no difference. All the British sailors
want is the German fleet out In tho
North Sea to settle the auestlon of
naval supremacy in one tremendous
A young naval officer at one of tho
bases of tl British fleet expressed tho
sentiments of all his comrades when
he said:
"Tho Gorman high sea fleet can
choose the dny, tho hour, nnd the rlaco
of battle If they will only come out and
You Can Tell the People Who
Have Iron in Their Blood
-Strong Healthy, Vigorous Folks
Doctor Nn ,Ordlnnr N'uxated ron
Will Make Nervous Itundorrn People
v200 Stronger In Two Weeks'
lime In Many Case.
NEW YORK. N. T. "One glance is
enough to tell which pooplo have Iron
in their blood." said Doctor Saucr. a
specialist of this city, in a recent dis
course. They are tho ones that do and
daro. Tho others are in tho weakling
class. Sleepless nights spent worrying
over supposed ailments, constant dos
ing with patent medicines and narcotics
for nervous weakness, stomach, liven or
kidney disease and useless attempty to
brace up with strong coffee or other
stimulants are what keep them suffer
ing nnd vainly longing to be strong.
Their real trouble Is lack of iron in tho
blood. Without iron the blood has no
power to change food into living tis
sue, and therefore nothing you eat docs
you any good; you don't get tho strength
out of it. Tho moment Iron is suDnlled
the multitude of dangerous symptoms
dunppear. x nave seon dozens or nerv
ous, rundown people who wero olllnir all
the time, double and even triple their
strength and endurance and entirely get
rid of every sign of dyspepsia, liver
and other troubles In from ten to four
teen days' time simply by taking iron In
the proper form. And this, after they
had in some cases been doctoring for
months without any benefit.
If you are not strong or well vou owo
It to yourself to make tho following
test: See how long you can work or
hoSv far you can walk without becoming
tired. Next take two five-grain tablets
of ordinary nuxated Iron three times
per day after meals for two weeks.
Then test your strength again and see
for yourself how much .vou have sained
There Is nothing like good old Iron to
put color In your cheeks and sound,
heaitbv flesh on vour bones. But you
must take Iron in a form that can be
easily absorbed and assimilated like
nuxated iron if you want it to do you
any good, otherwise It may prove worse
than useless. '
NOTE Nuxated Iron recommended above
by Or. Saucr, Is one of the newer organic
Iron compounds. Unlike the older Inorjanlc
iron products. It la easily assimilated. dow
not Injure the teeth, mako them black, nor
upset the stomach; on the contrary. It is a.
most potent remedy, in nearly all forms of
Indlcestlon. as well as for nervous, run
down condition. The Manufacturers liiAe
such creat confidence In Nuxated Iron that
they offer to forfeit $100.00 to any charitable
Institution If they cannot take any man or
woman under CO wbo lacks Iron and Increase
their strength JOO per cent or oe In four
necks' time provided tbey have no erloiM
organ lo trouble. They also offer to refund
your money If it does not at least double our
strength and endurance in ten days' time
It Is dispensed In this city by O'Donrvll's
Drug Store and all other drbgeit. AJvt.
"Where Yeur Dollars Count Mest" Mfo 4
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New thrce-quartor length, waist-fitted
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