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' f - t- u mT ; , n v "r v
7 'jr r?
SUSAN DTSAtti In tho three weeka
tHat have panaod alnco tho return of
the President ond Sirs. Wilson from
their weddlnjr trip, Mm. Wilson hns
won her spurs os chatelaine of tho
White House and astonished ovon her
most ardent admirers by the rase, and
firaco With which she, It -woman with
small acquaintance With official life,
Has taken over tho reins of leadership.
Mrs. Wilson as hostess for tho 4(1)00
fruijat assembled nt tho White Houso
on January 7, Mrs. Wilson presldlnu
with the President at two state din
ners, tho one In hon6r of the Cabinet,
tha other a diplomatic dlnnor, Mrs.
Wilson welcoming the ladies of tho
Preslocnt'a official family at an Infor
mal cmlnlnc "Cabinet meeting," and
. Wilson "at homo." for a few score
or hor old friends and tho President's
scored on each occasion an unquali
fied success.
Moreover, sho succeeded equally well
In the rolo of guest of honor, dining
with this Vlco President and Mrs. Mar
shall, with tho Secretary of State and
Mrs. Lansing and greeting tire scores
of people who were preenteJ to her
nt the ball given by the representa
tives of tho .Latin-American republics
in honor of the President and 'his bride,
with much cordiality and seeming nt
erly unconscious that she was the
eynbsuro of all ioyca...
Just now Interest center In the re
ception whlclTlh'e' Washington Club la
giving tomorrow afternoon In compli
ment o Mrs. Wilson. Thlr -liospltplity
Is unlquo from the fact that the honor
iucst has been for sowe years a. metnr
bor of tho club and most ol her close
rlends are included on Ita roster
Preparations are being' made on a lav
It h scale, there are to be quantities of
riowers and a charming musical dm
jram by the Chamlnndo quartet, under
he leadership of Miss l-lsa Kuvncr.
.lollnlet but, there will be no guesta
tHslde the club members. This regu
'ntion I to bo so strictly .obbervod that
cards of admission have been issued.
the matter of the diplomatic din
ners the Whlto House xtecred vcry.cans---'
'the Scylla of social stug
lo Cliarybdls ( diplomatic
fleeting to invito the dlp
i the neutral natlonn W
ncr gVrn for the repre
tho allies on Friday an.t
ty for tho seulral powers,
aiiord the envoyj of tho gov
ernments not at wur the unique dis
tinction of attending two official White
House dinners within three dnys. This
may prove an expensive way out of the
iWemma, but Uncle fiam must keep his
neutrality on straight.
Kvdn at that. Friday's dinner wasn't
an easy situation to handle, with several
of the officially neutral nations on the
verge of Joining the conflict, and never
before has a mistress o; the White
Mouse been cabled upon to solve a more
Hfflcult social problem. Those who
Had the honor to be among tho guests
ire loud In praise of the tact with which
Mrs. Wilson met the requirements of
the occasion. ..
Tf wn -n unprecedented thing for the
President of the United States to be
entertained by a group of the diplomatic
representatives of foreign countries, al
'hough tV beautiful Pan-American
'"nlon building may be called neutral
ground; btit that was by no means the
ihlcf topic of conversation. Dear me,
no What set tongues a' wagging was
the .areful senaratlon of officialdom
from the rank outsiders and the con
sternation that being "outside the line"
caused some of Washington's shining
social lights, who consider themselves j
th 1rnt-
Frankly curious, I Dressed as close a
nosslble to the ropes to take In the
ceremonies attendant upon the arrival
if the President and Mrs. WllBon, and
ruly I found myself In good company.
ieJdom have I seen so many gowns,
ind never a more beautiful ball. Every
thing was done lavishly, but in excellent
taste, and the setting was too beautiful
or words.
Everybody missed little Mme. Pezet.
xho was suffering from an attack of
trip, and I heard Mrs. George Bar
nett, herself Just out after a Blege of
the samp pesky trouble, condoling with
the minister on hcr nbscnee. Mrs. Bar
nett was very handsome In a black vel
et gown, with a fluff of white tulle
wanned round a throat still delicate.
trs. McAdoo looked pretty as a pink
nd did much to relieve the first for
nallty which followed the pomp and
ircumstancc of the entrance of tho
ucsts of honor.
With Mm. Mockay-Smlth and her
wo attractlvo daughters, was Glady's
'incc. William Bell Watkins, who
lends much of his tlmo In Washington
'ie' days. There were Jowels. Jewels
"d Jewels, such as 'tjno never sees In
H generation save on state occasions.
wlh I could find words to describe
you the decorations, "orchids, Amori
nn Beautv roses, pink azalea, lovely I
' upanose lines, narcissus, an asnmsi
i bscKgrouna or green, wnicn lurnm
ho nlace Into a veritable parad'so. But
I could go on forever about the balljan(j Mrs. Randolph Zano, U. 8. M. C,
without exhausting Its possibilities, and
I have goss(p for your sympathetic ear.
.. . .K,... Villi.. ..,.. ,1,
., , ii i- -VnAwL-.fc.PW" girl, with quantities of fair hair
other day there was n girt among the, co,or
inr. ?;L.W::!,"PaU,aJi::: debut here shortly after her father wa,
-'IMhk mi"-. w.iv-.i w.w , .. ,
ini'jA, i jui'iiiMir tiir.niun i mim,i v"nv,
lf..A. ia In haIhIb ; Is I'nlttat Uln.
." s? : 3 -
u rrfi nvflf
white satin, whllo wme Iho tall kid I
boots of the dainty wearer, and whlto j
.ji... m.io' Kinnv v.
nmcllus wreathed
ne wnoic Clieci wo tiuiio iiowisviunu. r r , x. . , , .
Wnrtowr. tho little lady', face was bo I '" Mexlco lurlns that t me
fumlllar. Of a sudden it eaiw to me. i D.rbara was vvlth her mother Then
,b was Virginia Lo Sourc. whom I had , 'n8t ummor, Congressman and Mrs.
not seen slnco Mie made hor debut here Stephens took a trip to Honolulu and
. ..h.i,p hol: "tlnolP Jn'"lspent several weeks with the Zane.
grndda lighter hod "come back" with
t'nclo Joe.
The Cannons sav that VlrelnK is all
L Seuw. but to m she has the lojk
of hcr grandfather, softened to femln
ty. Hhe Is pretty enough without toe
ing i beauty, but her undoubted por-u-Jaiity
and succcsk depend largely ur.on
tho wit. vlxaclty nnd buoyant humor
that are such marked characteristics of
tier aunt. Miss Helen Cannon.
It v-n Mlsa Cannon, by the way, who
relieved th boredom of the svoral
hundred chilli Individuals throuslng
ili( wimt entrance to tln I'.xee.ltlve
Mi nl n '" " Whl
ntici '
1 Inline
h i
Who hails from Kentucky, and has all the charm of the trnditionnl belle
of the Blue Grass region. She is th c guest of Miss Margaret McChord.
ahoulder, as (die finally departed, 'Veil,
many nre called, bin low fcrc fr".en."
And I iav nlwn, ulwl.diod .i certain;
bon mot which is ntlrlbutvci to lei Iti
may be nruchi yi'hal, but certainly it's i
unrth rwiuMiiii.i- i
. ... , w...n.
It happened In the days when Miss
Cannon llrat came to Washington and
when she took the husluc3 of return
Ing hundred" of calls very seriously.!
. lTor- mnrt Lnv miH tiRnklnff nalr
l wer fnmlllnr leht in th railing ec-
tt.c i. .!. oh"va - v-".ii"o ...-
tion. but one day hcr duty as an official
hostess took her to some queer corner
. . a.
in iiurwiuu-jt .vaaiuuiiiuii. xno nuut...
looked most
ueiapiuaieo. out sne oraea
. . ... ... . .
the muddy pathway and rang the bell,
what's more she rang again and again,
to receive no answer. Finally she gave
it up. -wnat-s tne trounic. couiuni 1)p wos on uuty for tw0 ycnrs or b0.
you raise them?" queried the friend lo)0nej Knne Is an officer of great cx
who was with her. "No," said Miss . MHpn.. n(i nietidld standing and it
Cannon, "nothing came to the door but
the smell of cabbage."
j (J course, aiiss uannon vas at Jirs.
Glllett Hill's party and held court all
afternoon. She Is a close friend of Mrs.
Hill und In particular of Mrs. Hill's sis
ter, Miss Amaryllis Glllett. The tea
was ever bo nice. At first tho crush In
terfered rather with the dancing, but
after it thinned out it was great fun.
Half the lower floor of the house, you
may remember. Is a studio, a delightful
room -which mndo a perfect setting for
tho laughing girls in their pretty light
Then it was good to see Mrs. Hill and
Iemlra after their long absence.
Lemlra Is" as frank and Jolly as over
and Just as good fun. I always re
member her as the girl who got ahead
of Mrs. Vernon Castle and Introduced
tho ukulele to Washington soveral year
ago. What's more she learned to play
It In Hawaii, where they tear the very
heart out of music. Mrs. I11H bwns a
good deal of property there, I believe,
and they spend much time In the is
lands. Lemlra is a really talented pi
anist, and has been a devoted student
of music since sho left Washington.
The party was for her young kins
woman, Airs. John Dean Glllett Hill, a
charming addition to the Hat of visi
tors In Washington. Nina Stockton
came up from Annapolis, where Bhe is
spending the winter with her aunt, Mrs.
Gcorgo C. Held, to receive with Leml'a
nnd stayed In Washington over the
-. en(j
Mrs. William D. Stephens tells mo
that hcr son-in-law and daughter, Lieut.
aro having tho pleasantest possible win-
I ter In Honolulu. You remember Bar
I bara Stephens, I'm sure, an unusuallv
elected to
Congrosa from California,
had Just one season In society, and then
z:'Jsz sr "m
, " ;""L, , "'" . o. T , """'"""
'"" ",D """ 1,"' ,???"" ,ms. ,,m"
aged to seo quite a little of hcr daugh
- r'J? months lieutenant Zan,
This summer Barbara expects to come
home for a visit, accompanied by hr
small daughter. MarJorle. Tha baby Is
sixteen months old, a fascinating
youngster. Mrs. Stephens says so, and
has less biased opinion to back her up.
rmy and navy people come and go
nnd, although vo civilian residents no
on forovcr. we never quite t.ot used to
parting with our friends of the servi-io
Thore seems to be a general exodun
scheduled for tho spring. Capt. and
Mrs. Bayard Schindel expects to go and
there are a numbc." of other army
people who will be manehued after
their four vcars' dJtv her. Capt. und
Mrs. Mnrn Bristol nnd Johnnie Isemnn
i re if Hie navy people wapxi dtjprtut
I A Chronicle
before m.iny moons have PH.sod Is on
iho carpet.
Mrs. John II. Uhodi'H, wife of I.lei.t.
"Ouity" Khodes, '. S. N Is bock In
town. uftT a sciifs of viulto in Mary-
land, .New iorK, and cisrv-iieie. l.ixe
many navy women whose husbands arc
doing sen duty, sho has sensibly decided
not to sit at nome bcc.-Jne she Is
temporarily husbandles. but to t'fke
n nn occasional party. She was at th
..ii . n. HI..Ul.,i.,lj
,.. .Vww u.,ku , ... ....-.
,u9t wcck -nd a.ulte a belle. ,
- I
, . ini.nuiin, a,i,ininn(
AIIU Jl l.V IVV MltVi.iillln ,-....---,
to arfny C011.lnront , vVnahIngt.)n
t,)e b (s Co", j0uerson R. Ken no,
Qf th(J jej'cnj (lirpn, whi has' Just ar-
rlv(Js lom j.ort Leavenworth, whera
s whlfpored that lie will eventually Iw
mado surgeon general to succeed Gen
eral Gorgas on hi'j retirement. That, of
course. Is still entirely in tho air. At
present he Is on duty with the Red
Cross. Colonel Kcane Iot his wife
within the last few month. He Is a
brother of Mrs. Fred Gallup, wife of
Cnptain Gallup, of the Fie'd Artillery,
yho was on duty at Fort Myer not so
very long ago. The Ganups are now
nt Leavenworth.
Ihe first straw hat, also the pret
tiest, that I have seen this season was
tho ono Mrs. Ralph Goldthwaite woro
at thj attractive tea which Mrs.
Thomai E. Waggaman and Christlno
Waggaman gave last week. It was of
fine black straw, not much larger
than a toque, In the shape of an In
verted bowl, and was trimmed only
with black satin ribbon Agnes look
ed particularly well that day. Sho
was at the tea table as was the other
Agnes. Mrs. Albert "A lllett. Mrs. WI1
lett wore a black gown and a large
and most becoming puiplc velvet hat.
Mis. Wairgaman' seemed younger than
ever, find had all the pretty girls look
Inr to their laurels, and the men
they were theie In dioves. I have
never seen so many at a tea. and they
were still coming when I left.
Another pielty stiaw hat was worn
by Mrs. William Gie'selring at, the
hrtdcre narty and tea which Mrs.
Charles Mllburn gavo last week at
her lovely home In Sixteenth street.
Mrs. Gleseklng'n new model was of
fine tan-colored straw. In a three-cornered
toque effect. She woro an un
usually handsome gown, too, made of
very fine black lace over white satin.
Mrs. Mllbum's house Is good looking
and especially well adapted to enter
taining. Tho drawing room floor
opens up prettily, making a vista
from the drawing room across the
large reception hair and dining room
and through the sun parlor. There Is
a generous view of V atieet.
When Madame Sembrlch comes to
town this winter we shall see Chief Jus
tice and Mrs. White In a stage uox at
her concert and thereby hangs a taie.
Last summer when Justice nnd Mrs.
White were in tho White mountains
they nttended' a large reception given
in compliment to Mme. Sembrlch ana
her husband. L'pon being introduced to
Justice White the singer launched forth
almost immediately upon a long dis
course anent her beloved Poland, tho
needs, and sufferings of hcr compatri''
ota. Justice White was politely inter-
True Colonial dignity and sim
plicity of design Is shown In
We have the largest and moat
complete stock In the e!t
ostcd, but his always courteous manner
seemed to tho temperamental artist to
indicate unusual sympathy and feeling.
Whereupon sho literally tore from ncr
breast a decoration, a Jcwoled order
presented to her by tho Csar of rtussla
in recognition of her relief work among
tho Poles, and Insisted upon pinning It
on Justice White's coat. Ho protested,
but in vain. So when sho sings hero
he will return tho nretty compliment
oy occupying a stago box at her rccltal.J
Countess Oizycka Is up in Now York
sitting for her portrait, and Howard
Cushlng Is tho painter who has been
selected for tho pleasant taBk. So much
I havd learned recently. Think of tho
Joy to nn artist of painting tho coun
tess, with her Itssomo Bllmncss that Is
a porIUvo quality sho Is one of tho few
people I know -who are really avelte her
glorious head of hair, hor marvelous
clothes; which suit her exactly, ond
would suit none other, and her air of
I understand tho eountess met Mr.
CuMilng last summer at Newport and
took a fancy to hli work. Ho created
quite a fuiore there with his picture of
his beautiful wife, painted in the rolo
of Jonn of Arc. Bhe Is represented In
full panoply of war astrldo a great
horse, a truly commanding figure and
p-ilnted In a master fashion, I am told.
The portrait was exhibited at Newport
during the summer, and thereafter both
Mr. Cushlng and his vlfe were prodigi
ously petted and feted.
lme. dc Cespcdcs. tie charming Itni
Ipii wife of the Cuban minister, was
radiant on the oven'ng of the ball given
bv ho Latin-American diplomats In
compliment to the President and Mrx.
Wilson but. then, you really should
see her In the afternoon costume Bhe Is
wearing quite frequently these days.
In this she looks for all tho world like
a particularly fetching cover for Vosuo
or Vanity Fair. Thcro is a pointed
Victorian bodice of black velvet and a
barrel skirt of black and white, the
stripe running round about. A dell
.... i, .a ,..i.. , .u im.
. '
and black velvet eltppcrn on a pair of
small, slim, dainty feet, complete tho
costume It nil sounds lather "tremo.
but on Mme. de CespcoVs. who Is both
prejty nnd ch!c. it Is quaint, not queer.
nna entirely rascinaung. un .nmc
de Cespedes as chatelaine, the Cuban
legation has come to plav nn Important
part In the life of the Latln-Amerlcnn
contingent of the Diplomatic Corps. '
She has llkowlso many, many warm
friend among resident Washlngtonlnns
and seems destined for social leader
Pretty little Mario Carroll whs back urlscd when the marriage came n. crop
in town fnr n short visit lo-st Wrok ner at Bono last August. Mrs. Tinker
ltn.lA rnwM Inni.nn, -Afl ,nH lllA
daughter of an old Washington fainllv.
who suddenly found herself pictured' Jn
the current magazines as the latest)
. .. .. .. .. ..
"uroaciwav ttenuiy. uoesn i n seem
L-..., ...,.. .. .... u
UUBlirtl. 1 i Ul) Bll3 in ilt:ilj vnuwhl,
and talented nough to have met with
Instant success, but then sha seems
scarce iv grown un. Jiano nan a snon.
experience In a Washington stock com
pany, then a! vear or two ih Now "York
and this season she was given the in
genue part in "Rolllmr Stones." So
. . . . . .
ie"-ninK waa huc hi me iui uhu hi ruu-
cessruuv did the "luveniie. wno pmreu
opposite her. handle his part that the,
n'av was practically rewritten to givol
the two of them lnrger scope. Marie
is too sweet and sensible to have her
head turned by sudden success and camo
home utterly unspoiled. She grew un In
Wnhington nnd has ever so many'
friends here. Hcr mother is Mrs. Win
throp Carroll.
- -
On Wednesdav I chanced to be calling
In Wyoming avenue between Eighteenth
and Nineteenth streets, and. from the
arrav of automobiles and carriages. I
might have been faco to face with a
White House reception. Of course, the
occasion was the Cabinet calling day,
and the cause the fact that three Cabi
net homes, the Lanes', the Daniels', and
the Wilsons', are located in this self
same block. Moreover, there aro ever
so many other Interesting people gath
ered together within its confines. Sen
ator Luke Lea and his famllv have n
house there. Rear Admiral Robert
Pearv nnd Lieut. Comdr. Arthur J.
Hepburn represent the navy and Col.
Henrv P. Kinesburv the army. Judge
Joslah Van Orsdel has his home In that
block, and likewise several prominent
members of the bar. among them Mason
Richardson and George Amorv Moddox.
Other residents, whose names are quite
familiar to vou. are the Rozter Dulanya
the Clarence Aspinwalls. and the John
A. Hamlltons.
Chevy Chase Club members are la
menting that the club house should be
overhauled at this time o' year, Just
when the season is at its height, for
six weeks or longer, the greater part
of the first floor will bo torn up. Tho
tea room In the northwest corner Is to be
10-story Fireproof Hotel all
outside rooms; every sleeping
room with private bath; many
rooms have parlor connection.
Corner 16th and Eye Sts. H Wt
Special Table d'Hote Dlnno Every
Evening, 6 to 8
A hotel that reflects the many comforts and refine
ments of an experienced, skillful management home
like and livable, luxuriously appointed. In the most
exclusive section, yet accessible to all clubs, theaters
and shopping district.
PARIS & KIRBY, Managers
uttllkcd for dancing until tho repairs
are completed, but that arrangement
does not seem to make it hit with tno
members, Indeed, there was only one
dinner of any size there last Wednes
day. TIih room Is really too small to
hold more than a handful with com-
fort. , Tho Hoor of the main room has
been in bad condition for many months,
so it docs seem that Ita familiar un
evenness might havo been put up with
until summer. Tho trouble comes, I
am told, from tho fact that there is no
cellar under this part of tho building,
the boards are laid right on the ground,
and hence the dampness plays liavoo
with tho surraco in no tlm.
Elsie Ferguson waa a guest at Mrs.
Armstend Davis' dance tho other eve
ning, and was quite the belle of tho bat;.
She wore a black gowp her clothes aro
always perfectly marvelous, I thins
with a garland of crimson roses that
swung freo from tho waist line wnen
she danced, Of course, the women took
In tho details of her frock from decol
tngo to hm, with a keen eyo for point
ers, but the men had eyes only for ner
pretty face. Sho looks younger In ner
proper person than on the stage and
even prpttlor while sho dances cnarm
ingly and has a most winning manner.
Tho party, by tho way, was ono of tne
prelliest of the season, tho Ulaynouse
since Ifs remodeling being perfectly ap
pointed for everything but playu.
All-of-a-sudden weddings seem to bo
quite tho thing In Washington. The
elopement of Ruth Lester and John
Huchanan came hard upon tho heels of
Madame Vassllleff's marriage to Com
mander Mlshtowt, and even white
tongues were wagging over tho marriage
of thcue two young things came the
new's that Mrs. Colby Dodgo had be
come Mrs. Kdward Laroque Tinker. -
Mr. and Mrs. John Buchanan came
home last week, and were duly for
given. Matrlmonv seem not to havo
Interfered with the bride's popularity
In the leant, for when I saw her at the
I supper dance at the Wlllard Thursday
.evening the men were flocking about her
and breaking her dances Into little bits.
I suppose ono can't bo Btcrn with a boy
and girl like that, but-well, whafi dono
Is done, and there's an end to It.
Mr. Tinker, whose marriage to Mrs.
Dodge took place on Monday. Is a New
Yorker, but he has been In Washing
ton a great deal this winter, niauu-iin-
(nir n i
Inic n Bultc nt the Shoreham. He Is the
nnmatuAH nt n mnal rt rrmrdlnn TV cur.
a ,ong boat.ghnped ftrcen machine, with
ft W00livu mll ..., ulne uke" a aohL
Mr. TnU n. r.mn , Washlncton
M ft young widow. Her husband, tiieJ
lato Victor Cordcll, of Baltimore, leil ner
a comfortable fortune, but provided,
( understand, that she must give It up
f he married ngnln. However, tho
gtorv goes, when she decided to become
the wife of Mr. Dodge. Mr. Cordell's
children arranged a settlement upon
her. Tho Dodgo-menage always aeomel
n particularly contented one. and
Washington society was greatly sur-
lir.d ulwil-4 1,0TI A SOCiiil faVOTite. aPd
Is .trefnely wlliyundamuslng.
,.,..., ,nr for
Mm. Victor Kau Tmu n "'r fx
fiirn which h wcai.i nulla irwmenviy
-r-- ... ,.... .n,n. in
with allernoon costume, have come ln
for much favorable comment, iniy
a.-o both becoming nnd unusually haud-
It was at Mia. Fred Denr.ct: a
' DU1I1L.
. .. . . . . ,,..-,.. Dorothv.
that 1 avet heard two xorncn talking
nbout them. One yecniVd to approve
or the way Mrs. .iCaurtmonn woru tho
ICU UUI1WU i-i w...w..-w-, - -
scarf, with the tails hanging d-iwn her
I BL1II1. nivit '
.. . , i,, ,0lin. Yes." re
, Inttrked thn other casually. 'I like tha
111; IV HIWI fclt- ,- ...-. .
tolls of Keiiffmann.
Kathcr clever. I
v' i?rfii.ri. k Kichelberccr will be
at homo Ealurdoy 'olternoon for the
last time Una reason and 1 do want to
stop In to make my devoirs. The Elch -
U.V.,. ... .-. .. .... 1
cltcrgers have a most delwhtiui littio
house in Bancroft place. guBi o. icw
doors rrom uu- evn ""iroo !'" j t the National Theater for the Work
lntcrcstlng home. Mrs. Elclnlrerger nff Boyfl. Homei wJth thftt mUo
, ccelved last Saturday also and m, .iiony BJBed .,u p ,D Adverttoe.. the
peonlo dropped In that tho party to K ,,. ... .,.,,...,.,,. ,.
"UJf. '? VI t ?."! B-- Home is enough to guarantee!
' v j,
Dorothy Drake's j.trenvous season la-t
winter, when she was a debutante, was
too much for hcr nnd this j ear she has
been obliged to take n complete re it.
Indeed, ahe has been really ill for sev
eral month, had a half duzen opera
tions on her throat, and Is just begin
plng to Improve. She has been obliged
to refuse all lnvitatlcns, even Tor par
ties of an informal character, much to
the regret of the young people.
Mrs. Alden Smoot, who has been suf
ferins from typhoid fever, is another in
valid who Is beginning to uu about
again. '
In two of tho Cabinet homes a mild
tragedy was enacted on New Year
Day, and the day thereafter. Had you
been anywhere in tho neighborhood of
Mrs. Daniels' home or the Garrison
residence In Connecticut avenuo that
afternoon, you would easily understand
how It happened that all the available
receptacles for cards were exhausted
and scrap baskets called Into service.
What was Mrs. Daniels' distress to
discover next day that tho boskets had
J mi1
Miss Ernd J-Icrzog, of New York,
Makes Debut Here at West-
ninster Church.
A young Ngw York singer, Miss Erna
Hersog, mezzo-soprano, made her
Washington debut In a song recital last
evening at Westminster TYesbyterion
Church, under tho auspices of Airs,
i'mnk Byram, organist of tho chUrcu,
who was also" her accompanist, and as
sisted by Miss nuth Branson, violinist.
Miss Ilcrzog, in a varied program, dis
played a voice that was musical anu
mellow and free in its delivery, thougn
not very large. In tho sustained work
of tho Gounod "Ave Maria" her singing
waa admirably smooth, and hor lighter
selections wero glvoil most pleasingly,
notably tho "Leaves and the Wind," uy
Cooper, to which she aCTcd several en
cores. Miss ttrotison gavo much pleasure
with her selections of Massenet, the
"fechon Rpsmarin" of Kielsler, nna a
"U psy pance," by Nachez. Bhe played
very musically tho Uorccusc by Atosso
as encore. j. MacB.
been carefully emptied into tho fire.
Now the women of this Cabinet aro
punctilious about returnlmr calls, nnd
tho wives of the Secretaries of War
ana tho Navy like particularly to 'keep
track of the men of tho ecrvlco who
have called, so this waa no small
shock. Mrs. Daniels refused to be com
forted until she discovered that Airs.
Garrison had had exactly the samo ex
perience. Mrs. Albert L. Mills will not receive
tomorrow afternoon. Mrs. Mill nhMrvm
Monday afternoons at home all during
tho season; she is usually unassisted
nnd everything Is quite Informal, but
so pleasant are theso "days" that scores
ui pcopic urop in s.mply for the plea
uie of seeing their hostess and not be
cause they "owo Mr. Mills a calf-a
rare thing in this systematized society
of ouru. Tomorrow, however. Airs.
Mills is to be a guest at the reception
hlch the Washington Club U giving
for Mrs. Wilson, nnd she whispered In
my ear that she herself has a. number
of Monday calls. to make.
Mrs. Appollne Alexander BUIr, the
former talented and popular director of
the Monday Morning Musical Club,
writes from Englund that when she Is
not annoyed she is amused at the echoes
which reach her of the rumors current
in Wushlngton. It Is sold, first, that
roe is engaged to a British army sur
geon; second, that she Is 111, and, third,
that she is coming home thia month. I
have Airs. Blair's word for It that all
tnree stories are entirely without foun
da t Ion.
She Is at Elmleigh. the beautiful homo
at Llttlcbourne In Canterbury, which she
purcuuscd some years ago, and Is hav
ing the busiest sort of a winter.
"I have almost turned into a band
age," she writes, and then goes on to
speak a word in praise of the poise and
cheerful plrlt of the British people In
this time of trial. They send their sons
to fill the gaps In the ranks "somewhere
In Prance," put their daughters to
nursing, and those that stay at home
"do their bit" as best they can without
grumbling this In rural England, of
course always 'sculn' the slackers,
who make much n&lse, 'fbut aren't ao
many arter oil
Next fall Mrs. Blair really does plan
to return to America and certainly she
will find a royal welcome In Washing
ton. In her you nnd an unusual combl-
nation of musical talent and executive
ability which waa Invaluable In her
work with the Monday Alorntn Club
and made her a power In Washington's
' musical contingent.
Tomorrow evening comes the benefit
ltfl success, for that moBt appealing
I charity has the support of half the
fashionable folk in town. All the boxes
American Beauty
delivered direct from 6ur own greenhouses within the
hour after cutting, provide an appropriate remembrance for
the aniversary, wedding, theater, or whatsoever the oc
casion. Order by telephone if you like Main 4277, 4278,
4279. We're members of the Florists' Telegraph Delivery
Gude Bros.
Victor Victrolas and Recorao
1300 G Street
I have Jit'-i tnUc-i. j-hI ' o' Ihe- tc
j pirtcv up n read iiIth.ii '.
Tlion there's Calvo'a vine u ' i TIiiim
day afternoon -for (he lfcmc it or tli
Flotilla Committee,, .whloh sends aji
tomoblli rculpied with surg" -(,-pllances
to the ndvrfnco linen In Vib ic
for the Immediate icl'of of tho woun-'vi.
As If this comblnntlonof a great causi
and a great singer woro not enough,
thcro aro to be throe assisting artist.
Sarlos Halzcdo, harpist, a Frenchman
bo has been Ih the trenches until
recently; Galileo Qasperrl. and Loralno
Wyman; nn orchestra of unusual merit
and a chorus recruited from the ranks
of Washington society girls.
Miss Wymnn's first appearance In
Washington Is In Itself a matter of no
little Interest. She Is the daughter
of Julie AVyman, a famous singer of a
generation ago, nnd a puplt of Yvctta
GullberL Her contribution to tho pro
gram will be a group of old French
songs. gl'cn after the bewitching man
ner of Mile, oullbort. and several quaint
old-fashioned English songs sung In
crinoline. '
Miss Wyman has sung abroad nt,
woll as In this country. When ("vr'l
Maude first heard her It was In Amer
ica, I believe he was so Impressed with
her charm and artistic ability that he
put his theater at her disposal for her
.London debut. A pretty compliment,
n'est-ce oas?
Doesn't that make you want to attend
the concert, particularly with Calve
singing the "Marseillaise" as a grand
finale? I wouldn't miss it for some
thing pretty.
With love to you and yours.
Your friend,
ClUb of Colonial Dames
Observes 9th Anniversary
The ninth anniversary of the Club of
Colonial Dames waa celebratrd-at the
clubhouse, SOI Sixteenth stiect north
wf, yesterday nfternoon. Officers of
the club in the receiving line Included
the first vice president. Miss Alary Mor
ris Ambler; the second vice president,
Urn. Hughes ouphant, and tne rccori
Ing secretary. Airs. Gilmer Brcnlzcr.
Mrs. Eugene' Van Rensselear, Sirs
Kdward II. Ghecn. Mrs. Ellas Casey
nnd Mrs. Murray Addison ioured tea
Airs. Bernard Bawl, chairman of tlv
house committee, wan In charge of th
Dead Letter Sale Is
Held at Home Glut
The Home Club of the Department
the Interior held a "dead letter Bale
all Ita own at the clubhouse, .in JacV
son place, last night.
At an improvised nostofnee 400 pad
ages were sold, some of them at
"Jitney a grab" and others at con
petltlve bidding. On some of the larg
packages, that afforded speculation (
to their contents, bidding was bris
The money realized is to be used
framing club pictures. i
Card Parity for Children,
The auxiliary of the Catholic Hor
Bureau or Dependent Children w
hold an entertainment and card Par
next Thursday night at Carroll Ha,
William Aladlgan. accompanied by Al
Armand Gumprecht. will render a m
Blcal program.
European Plan.
Washington's Most
Exclusive Hotel.
Noted for its cuisine
and perfection of
individual service.
n. S. DOWNS, Manager.
An Acceptable

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