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Action Strengthens Advocates
of Measure, and Majority Is
LONDON, .Tan. 25. Franco hns ura
cil niiKlnml to declare an Immedlato
blockade, without waiting for flirthor
protests from neutrals, It wa.s ' re
ported today, on tho ovo of the formal
discussion of the blockade proposals
by tlio government In Parliament.
The pronouncement of French of
ficials has greatly strengthened the
position of Lord Charles Beresfor.l
and other leading advocates of a
stringent blockade decree. They pre
dicted toJay that the sentiment In
their favor will be displayed so
strongly In the House of Commons to
morrow that the government will bo
forced to take Immedlato action.
Tho blockade advocates profess to
have a largo majority In Commons In
eiipport of tbnt r.oliry. They piofQis
rd to have no definite Information as
to what course tho government bus
decided upon, but declared that a
blockading decter should go hand In
hand with tho adoption of a con
scription measure to prove to Ger
many that Kngland Is In deadly earn
est. Reports that the Swedish l'nrllamf-nt
has appointed a coiinriltttc on dpfer'-'e,
though given an i minims Interpretation
In soma war lots, only gave fresh ,n
coumement to the I lockade support
ers Tiny will an-ue In Parliament to
morrow when the debate oi.ens that by
decisive and Immediate action, tho gov
ernment cm rut cl objections from
neutral sources.
In a icUcr In tho Motning Post today,
declaring fotv Immediate blockrne of
German. Lcrd Eeieslnrd also protests
ngoinst the action of the British, rov
crriment in honoring passports of Gi-r-mnn-An'erlcans.
The Post prints i let
ter? fi'nm. another wltr declaring t'mi
Itngllshmen me hot ucll lilted in tin
Tillted StiUi-n and that Grat Britain
should not go out of her way to concil
iate America.
The Standard declared today that the
government will innKc Important nn-iiounce.-nents
ic-gardipg lstrlcrlnris on
importations when the blockade ques
tion comes m In Commons.
Ur S. to Protest to
London on Restrictions
To American Commerce
Would Give Text Books
To High School Pupils
Other Bills Affecting Educational Interests Intro
duced Into Congress Summarized By U. S.
Bureau One to Create National
A series of bjlls recently Introduced
Into Congrosn affecting educational
matters, Including one which would
provldo freo text books for high
school pupils In Washington, are sum
marized In tho current legislative cir
cular of tho United States Hurcau of
Education. ,
Tho bill to provldo freo text books
was introduced by t'ongtessman
Frank Uuchanan or Illinois. Labor
unions of the District have been urg
ing this legislation for many years.
Text books already arc provided free
In the District giado schools.
Congressman Simeon I). Fess of
Ohio introduced a bill to create a na
tional university to promote "the ad
vaneo of science and of tho liberal
and fine arts." Ho would have this
university co-operate with tho scl
cn Ific departments of tho Ke.der.il
For Civic Training Division.
Congressman Nolan of California
would have In the P.nieau of Education
a division of civic training, nt the
head of which would be a chief with
$4,600 salary. The object Is "to In
crease the efficiency of American cltl
zenshln by crlvlng Information and
personal assistance for tho IntroJuc-,
tlon and use of American democracy,
In schools. Institutions, corporations,
combinations, or assot-Iutlons of men,
women, nnd children."
Congressman Abercromble of Alabama
lias n bill to create an c.Nccutlvo de
railment, to In, known :i the P. prtrt
ment of Kducntlon, under a Cabinet -officer
to lw uYMfnaied the sk-ctvtiuy of
presentations to the 1'ritlsh jnv-
'ernment opposing nrltlsh restrictions
upon American rotrmerco In Its net
prohibiting "trading with tho enemy"
will go forward to Ambns.sador Pago
within a few dn.t.
State Department jfflclnln snld llint
Kngland Is to be told In vigorous and
unequivocal terms tha. the United
States Government nill not rccognlTio
ns Jegnl the Hrltlsh law disturbing
commercial relations of American Pima
or corporations which lwo German In
terests.. The Administration .will not question
England's right to apply the law to her
ew'i eoipnrstlons n'l" "I ' ' imt the
United State" will hpld illegal any In
terference with trade of Anurlcan tlrms
or eoiporatlons In which German citi
zen" mav have Interests
The position of the United States Is
that the citizen or subleet of a bel
ligerent living In n neutral state must
be recarded as being nci'tinl. Tho out
put of a German ovrcd i German eorr
trolled factory In the United States,
therefore, Is held tr linvn. the sime
rigiits ns the prodi.cts of any American
Class to Hold Exercises.
The mldear class of graduates of tho
McKlnlev Manual Tialnlni School com
pleted plans tcday fir elass-nlght exfr
rlses tomorrow nltrht. The clas?, which
hns forty-lluce members, 111 c Kit-dun
ted in tho auditorium of McT'lnlev
Manual Training School next Friday
Education. All tho rluhts. powers, and
duties of the presont Uurca-j of Kditcii
tlnn would attach to tho i.ew depurt
nient. , m . , ,
Provision for tl-e-nrginlsatlon of cpdet
romnnnles in high school. iti'fnr no
hiding of nniimer onmpa In nil Stales,
nnd In tlw Ulntrlct nt Coluii'hla. Is itmmii
In a bill ly Congressman Anderson or
Minnesota. Congrcsmnn McKellar or
Tennessee would establish u "military
training nealemy" H eaeh State nnd
tho Dlstilet of C-diimbla nun his meas
ure niovldes thnt tho Irnlnliw should bc
under 'lie direction of an nuny onicor
appointed by tho president ',
Would Create Commission.
Congressman Garland of Pennsylvania
Introduced a bill i-rentlng a commissi s-i
on educational, vocational am. mllltarv
navnl training, ti i- mmpcM-d of 'ireo
members of the Senate and tln-co of tin
House, to consider whelhel natlnml
grants hnll be mode to gfu's to stinju
lato ocntlonal nnd mllltary-naval train-
Congiessman Abereromble nlso Intro
duced a bill fiuihoilvliitr en atpromla
tlon to enable tho United States Com
missioner of Education to piomote plans
fr the elimination of adult Illiteracy In
the United States.
Citizens' Association, However
Thinks Education Board
Should Name Superintendent
Rub pain right out with small
trial bottle of old
"St. Jacob's Oil.'
Rheumatism Is "pain only." Not on
case In fifty requires Internal treat
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small trial bottle of old, honest "St.
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matlc pain, soteness, stiffness and
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lions of rheumatism sufferers In the
last half century, and Is Just as good
for sciatica, neuralgia, lumbago, back
ache sprains Advt.
In substantial agreement with the
changes In the school law urged by tho
Commissioners, with the exception of
the proposed appointment of the super
intendent of schools directly by tho
Commissioners, tho Tnkoma I'ark Citi
zens' Association Inst night took a
unique position as compared with action
by other civic bod'es. A report pf tho
committee on education favoring the
transfer of the appointing power of the
Hoard of Kducntlon fiom the District
Supreme Court to the Commissioners,
the reduction of the number of the
board from nine to five members, and
the appointment of the sunerlnftndent J
or schools by the noarrt or Ketuc-uioi,
was ndonted after considerable discus
sion, nnd a resolution ,',ns adopted
transmitting the report of the commit
tee to' the Commissioners nnd to Con
gress. The report stipulates that the teach
ers and all other school employes shall
bo "effectively 'protected from the In
fluence of politics, either partv or muni
cipal." pnd favors the appointment of
the teachers by, the Hoard of Education,
ns at present.
Prof. H. C. Gore", chairman of the
committee, presented the report, and
stated thnt tho committee had attend
ed tho hearings before the House Com
mltleo. arid had carefully considered
Commissioner nrownlow's statement be
fore thp association a week ago. In
addltloil to Prof. Gore, the mcmljors of
tho commlttco are Dr. D. N. Shoemaker,
Homer Bkoels, nnd William F. Wight.
Mnior D. 8, Wrtelitr. F. U. Union,
nnd Robert . Lcrch sroke against tho
adoption of tho toport. und J. H. Ar
nold, Dr. ehocmulur. Mr. Skcels, and
Mr. Wltfit rr-nko In favor of It.
After much dlsc-usslan the iIcIoriU. to
tho .Federation was instructed to op
pose .the referendum cm prohibition In
the District. Wllllum Munrt. Major D.
B. Fletcher, nnd J 11 Arnold spoko in
favor of the refi-rondiini, while the Rev.
Thomis P. Clark, patter of tho Tnkoma
Park Preshvierlnn Chnr-Ji. Homer
BUecls. James . IJvre. F, n. I Inlon,
nnd Dr. D. N". Ehoejnnl-ei- opposed It.
The delegate was instructed to use his
own discretion In voting on tho n'nllfl
cations or associations for membership
Jll te federation.
Temporary street repairs wcro re
n nested.
Die Loveliest Curly
Hair So-Easy to Have!
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tfcad looking with the heated waWng
longs, when (ho slmplo sllmcilnc'metlioj
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ural In nppearancc, und.nt tho same
time preserve tho luster and beauty of
,our trrbses7 l.ljuld sllmi-rino Is bj
agreeable to use. being neither sticky
nor greasy, jmd the oxcr-nU'u translur
matfon Is so pleasing the lliht trial will
make It your firm trlend.
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pom a little Into n iiaucer at bedtime,
dip a clean tooth brush n.t this and
draw the brush through tiie hair from
crown to tip. one stiand at n time. A
few ounces of this harmless liquid from
jour druggist will last a long time. Vo.i
will like It not only because the cuuy
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but because you will nlso find It an ex
cellent dressing for the hair. Advt.
Mnm friunHMfJ Uf
't? '
ToPepple Who Insist uppii.
Buying the Jest:
SINCE we first started making Beech-Nut
products, .our fixed policy has been this:
Never to offer anything for sale under the
Beech-Nut label until satisfied that its quality
could not be improved.
The Becch-Nut products will be demon
strated by Miss Kashner at the Westtield
Domestic Science and Household Appliance
Imposition which opens at
Arcade Auditorium, Monday, January 31sL
Maker of
Famous Beech-Nnt Bacon; Becch-Nnt Peanut Batter; BeecblVut
Tomato Catsup; Beech-Nut Chili Sauce; Beech-Nut Ofcar't Sauce
Beech-Nut Jams, Jellies and Marmalades
Beech-Nut Confection Chewing Gum and Mint
Visit the "Velvet Kin$' Exhibit at the Westfield Domestic
Science School, Arcade Auditorium, Next Week.
At tho inviba oa asmsssstt
You'll surely see iPr
We're dll of happy
mm. Jk
Tbo oIa H innio. XI nn
Whpn tho7 forro- ?Sn
A W"
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hold Appliance
, B
.. .
a-aiyy '' :
vm- &
Bcstor parKcs
and hffime treats
SdlGd Cartons
vw jj- r .ii
i- vi
of VM
At All
Jan. 31, Feb. I, 2, 3, 4, and 5
Held Under the Auspices of
The Washington Times
The icGlure Publications
The Ladies' World McGlure's Magazine
Featuriitg Ihe Westfield Pure Food Movement
as carried on by Prof. Lewis B. Allyn at Westfield, Mass., The Pure Food Town.
Lectures and actual Cooking Demonstrations, 2 P. M. daily, by the noted
Domestic Science Experts.
Big Educational Moving Picture Show "How the Be j
You Eat Are Made" every Evening.
Interesting exhibits of famous fopds and hojsehold appliances.
Doors Open From 1 P. M. Until 11 P. M.
Admission FREE to all Readers of The Washington Times
nwuotnui.u r-i-i-i"rww -rww...w..
ARCADE AUDITORIUM Jan. 31, Feb. 1, 2, 3, 4, S
The Washington Times The McCIure Publications
TKU Uektt irhrn property ttgned with the name and ttrttt addrtu
of the Koldtr entitles the bearer
It eimUdm em en tele Wr. U Tha Wtft.lJ "Dmwrie ScUnca Cr."
The McClqre Publications of New
York plan to deliver, without charge,
to every housewife signing the ac
companying ticket a copy of The
Westfield Book of Pure Foods com
piled by Prof. Lewis B. Allyn, for the
Board of Health, of Westfield, Mass.
"the Pure Food Town."
Cream of Ice Creams
Lincoln 390

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