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Cooking Expert Gives
Recipe for Chicken Pie
1 ' , ! , I' I '
More Housowivos Visit Domestic
, Sclonco Show Here Than in
' Any Other City.
I Washington housewives have shatter
ed all records fort attendance At tbo
"Westfletl Domestic Science and Houao
'hold Appliance Exposition, which li bo
ting held at tho Arcade Auditorium.
Fourteenth street and Park road, un
.der the auspices of The Washington
, Officials And ticket taken at tho ox-
(position said today the number of spec
tutors and cooking school students was
.larger yesterday and Monday than It
had been In any other city whore the
exposition had been held.
At the cooking sohool, condUctod by
IProf. and Mrs. Bherwood P. Snyder,
"iMveral soore students at Washington
educational Institutions were observed
yesterday paying the closest attention
,to the lecturers and making copious
,xiates in books which they brought with
nm. Prof, and Mrs. Bnyder seemed
highly gratified over the presence of tho
college girls and tho fact that thov
jnade notes on the lectures. This, Prof.
Snyder said, proved that the girls and
housewives, who also made notes, were
venulnely Interested and that the ex
position was fulfilling its educational
i How Science la Applied.
' The subject of yesterday's lecture was
,"The Sclenco of Baking." It was Illus
trated by the mixing of the Ingredients
of bread, cake, and pastry in the model
kitchen by ProY. and Mrs. Snyder be
fore the eyes of the spectators. The
faking was also done In the model
Wtchen and the products exhibited to
the housewives and girls present.
t During tho course of his lecture, Prof.
Bnyder said:
'"To apply srlence to anything means
certain rules and method whereby suc
cess Is guaranteed. Failures am Im
powlble. Sclenco can bo applied to the
preparation of foods, onuallv as much
and to the same advantage thltt It can
'on in working any machine or instru
ment. "To make the automobile, the mn.lem
mechanic has to apply science. Kvery
part in tho mnnhino mint be in exact
proportion. Every part must bo odjuat-
,j.-u io uxu.cr.nrps. jnc materials enter
ing into the construction of tln ma
chine must lie of a quality tr carry the
'Btrnln demanded op tliem.
"The same rules applv equally in Te
PnkJng of a loaf of cake or broa I. the
roasting of a piece of meat, Vthero ex
actness Is necessary AVhen a woman
oakea a cake she must know the neces
sary Ingredient. She should under
rtanfl how test to combine those In-
, redlenls and el-onkl emjloyp :act
measurements and rclpcs complied in
accordance with the laws of physical
chemistry. F.y olwir Intr thene her work
'will be ccunlly successful today, n it
wan yostorday, or at any previous inio.
A Bit Sarcastic.
"Few women reallzo that thcro is a.
possibility of obtaining fixed results in
'preparing foods. For example, most
'women when they are baking a cake
'express a hope that they will have
f?ood luck. If they have good cake,
,they have good luck; if they have
Poor cake they have poor luck, aart
ake, sad heart, and the children have
Prof. Snyder was a bit sarcastic
jvhon he reached this part of his talk
,He advised thut If a woman produced
ff6"y. douprhy over rich. Indigestible
cake, she nhould clvo It to her chil
dren, for to throw It into the garbage
:an would be extravagance.
"Don't give this mess to your dog
or cat," said Mr. Snyder, "It might
Jclll them. If you want to be econom
ical, give It to your hoys and girls,
because It will not do any more than
,rause indigestion; pave the way for
future ill health which perhaps can
bo remedied by a fow dollars' worth
fof medicines, doctors or the under
taker. Since there are around 50,000
'doctors) In the United States to sup
tport, mothers might an well do their
part In supporting them.
For Health and Morality.
"I am -deeply sympathetic and my
whole heart Is in the work of aiding
mothers In producing strong, normal
boys and girls. I am not a physical
vulturlst, but I do believe in human
culture, and normal men and women,
'A normal man is a man strong In body
and mind and with a clean, high con
ception of life; the man with strong
n'uscies and pure blood cournlng
through his arteries. This is the man
that tse'ts the most out of life and
gives the most to the world.
"It Is not the body alone in which
we are concerned, but the mlild and
Frail ab well, and we should aim to de
elop a perfect human being. When
these three natures are normally de
veloped, they furnish tho best speci
mens of manhood and womanhood.
AVhen one of these natures is affected
or diseased, the other two are also
through their sympathetic relation
ship, and all must suffer through
fault of one.
"Foods In my opinion are tho pre
vailing influence which surround the
physical health and morality. I be
lieve that a man's body is In a healthy
condition when every organ Is per
forming Its functions, normally; when
tho ellmfciatlve channels are not
hampered n their duties and when
the body is free from toxic poisons
und impurities man Is not so suscepti
ble to be greatly influenced.
Result of Careless Cooking.
"We know that a large percentage of
the diseases from which mankind suf
fers arc the result of careless cooking
nnd wrong feeding, hnd wo are perfectly
Justified In saving that more drunkards
are made Itf mothers' kitchens than In
the saloon.
"To some it ranv seem a harsh and
rash stotement. but It is a recognized
fact that when a man's digestion is dis
turbed to an extent that It affects and
hinders the normal functions of his bodv
nnd disturbs mentality, he is more In
clined to seek the stimulus of alcohol.
IMsnv good parents do not realize that
medicines' used In sickness, more espe
cially the patent kinds, are often of a
naturo to Implant In the child an un
connilertiblo appetite for liquor.
"Parents are abundantly lustlned In
giving deep reflection to this condition
and governing themselves accordingly.
Proper nourishment will save manv a
bov and clrl from an alcoholic's grave,
and tho time to start Is now. in tho
home and In the kitchen."
Motion Pictures Attract.
The free moving clotures and demon
i tr&llons Ht tho scores of attractive pure
food booths, during which hundreds of
pcuid of samples were distributed, at
tracted a capacity audience to the even
ing uerformance.
To go to the exposition Is to return
hopie with a headful of new and valu
able Ideas on the selection of food,
cooking, and eatlne. and an armful of
samples, booklets, recipe books, and
iei helpful literature.
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""" "-'"' ;;y3-' ' - -II gMLMgP lis. B7' --y.
yOij'W fl9k & . -. , ' 'bv At ToP View of 8mc booths at
- ' sIsssPHvX isiJJHk , 1M ?' Food Show
m -t jl,: 'WBE!K Kb ' 'S:;; ;5 MRS- SHERWOOD P. SNYDER.
pSim W 100.8..1111 ' '" '; ffiS Takes No Further'Action
il!r7r!l i'JmUm Against Cash Register Co.
fa W rm-yWF ,;S MzMM
- hft; R'Vf vjry s-V,f?fJ T? : 5$8B1$I I ' 1 BWEBs i
bevis J'.wv' '' : , - , d 'xlfim1 0 a at- '
Today's reolpes as prepared by fiher
wood Snyder, who lectures at The Times
Pure "Food Show, at the Arcade, give
a good old dlhner dlBh chicken pic a
vegetable salad, and tho manner of
making cream fondant, the base of many
candles. In addition there Is Included
recipe for mayonnaise dressing, for
this or other salads. The recipes as
prepared for tho cooking school aro as
Chicken Pie.
Dress and cut up oho chicken as for
frying, put into kettlo or steamer and
cook until tender. Season with salt
when about half done. Lay the pieces
In a baking dish;, add enough water
to the stock to moke 6n6 pint, thicken
with ono robndlng tablespoon qf flour,
stirred smooth with cold water and
pour over the chicken. Make biscuit
dough over recipe for Southern bis
cuit, roll out to one Inch In thickness,
and cover the chicken. Bake In a me
dium hot oven.
Vegetable Salad.
One-half cupful shredded cabbage,
on cupft)l celery, cut In small pieces,
two pimentos cut In small pieces, one
red apple cu.t In cubes, one-half en
velope granulated gelatine, one cupful
boiling water, one-quarter cupful
vinegar, one-fourth cupful sugar, one
half teaspoonful salt.
Soak the gelatine In cold water five
minutes. Add boiling water, vinegar,
sugar, and salt. Allow It to chill un
til It begins to congeal, then add
remaining Ingredients, Turn Into
mold first dipped In cold water and
chill. Remove from mold to bed of
letture or endivo and serve with may
onnaise dressing.
'Mayonnaise Dressing.
Two yokes, one cupful oil, two tea
spoonfuls vinegar, one-half teaspoon
ful salt:
Add the salt to the vinegar. Beat
the yolks well; then add the oil grad
ually, beating' rapidly all the time. As
It becomes stiff thin with a few drops
of the vinegar at frequent Intervals.
Cream Fondant.
Five cupfuls granulated sugar, ono
and one-half cupfuls Water, ono table
spoonful vinegar.
I Put the sugar and water Into tho
Kcuie ana place over a hot nrc. Stir
with a. spoon or paddle until the sugar
Is dissolved; then wipe down the sides
of the kettle with a damp cloth and
see that every granule of sugar Is re
moved from t:ie sides of the tattle.
When the sugar begins to boll, add the
vinegar and put the thermometer in.
having previously warmed it. The
kettlo must not be moved while the
syrup Is boiling and tho syrup must
not be stirred after It begins to bolt.
Tim htllh of thn thnrmntnntnr must b
entirely covered: hence the necessity!
or selecting a Kettle in which the syrup
will be sufficiently deep. If a dark
scum forms on the surface, wait until
it collects In one spot and then remove
It with a spoon, being careful not to
disturb the syrup. When the ther
mometer registers 2K degrees, or when
the syrup will spin a long thread, lift
the kettle from the fire and pour the
syrup on n marble slab, heavy platter
or piled pan placed In water contain
ing Ice. Allow it to cool until It feels
allghtly warm to the bitck of tho hand;
then begin to work with a stiff knlfo
or scrapor, and keep working It until It
becomes' smooth and creamy and n
little later turni Into a solid tump or
sugar. But when this Is ,worked It wi'l
bocdmo soft and smooth. Tills fondant
can be kept In a closed Jar and used
as a baso for many candles and Icings
Gatarrh of
the Stomach
A Pleasant, Simple, But Safe and
Effectual Remedy For It.
ttiiaI packagr mailed free.
Catarrh of the stomach Is consid
ered practically Incurable. The symp
toms are a bloating sensation after
eating, accompanied sometimes with
sour or wator risings, formation of
gases, causing pressure on heart and
lungs, and difficult breathing, head
aches, fickle appetite, nervousness and
general played-out feeling.
f---H------------t. jtaflnT7-dp---
fiLvyu wjr cLH
"Gee. I Can Hardly Walt for This
Jllrh Soup to Cool I And to Think That
I Wouldn't Have Dared Eat tt Before
I Itegnn Using Stnart'a Dyspepsia
Most druggists know that Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets have relieved more
people of catarrh of the stomach, indi
gestion, heartburn and run down con
dition generally than all the patent
medicines and doctors' prescriptions.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets is the
simplest and most convenient remedy
for indigestion, catarrh of the Stom
ach, biliousness, sour stomach, heart
burn and bloating after meals.
Oet a SOc 'box from your druggist,
or send coupon below today for a free
trial package.
Free Trial Coupon
1 A. Stuart Co., 223 Stuart Build
ing, Marshall. Mich., send me at
once a free trial package of Stu
art's Dyspepsia Tablets.
Above MISS
Below MISS
Dr. Mary Walker Pleased
With Pure Food Exhibit;
Says It Is "Wonderful"
Pr Mary Wulker, wearing her silk
hat and attired In masculine garb, was
an Interested spectator at tho Wcstfleld
Domestic Science and Household Ap
pliance Exposition at the Arcade Audi
torium yesterday.
She Informed the officials of the ex
position that she was deeply Interested
in the pure food campaign, and was
escorted through the hall, visiting all
of the demonstration booths and "the
Chamber of Horrors. '
After viewing tho exhibits and watch
ing the demonstrations, Dr. Walker con
gratulated tho officials of tho exposi
tion, on Its scopo nnd wonderful ed
uucatlonal value. She then signified
her willingness to get upon the platform
and make a speech on preparedness, but
as this would have Interrupted the cook
ing school and demonstrations, her of
fer was declined.
Among other visitors of note at the
exposition last night was Frank Dowel).
secretary of the National Canncrs' As
sociation, wno manirestea ereat interest
In the moving pictures, particularly
those dealing with the canning Industry.
The National Cash Register Company,
having complied with all the changes
demanded by the Department of Jus-1
tlce In the conduct of Its business. In
conformity with the provisions of the
Sherman anti-trust law, the Department
of Justice has decided that no further
proceedings will bo taken against the
directors and officers of the company.
Do Your Teeth Cause You Pain?
If they do you should see us for Instant relief. Our dentists are
caroful and gentle In treating all patient's teeth. Isn't that the
kind of dentist you want to do your dental work? Don't worry
about pain; we won't hurt you ask any one If this Isn't so.
Easy Payment Terms to All
.Sets of Teeth $5.00 up
I Gold Fillings .75c up
Silver Fillings 50c up
Gold Crowns . . .$3, $4, $5
Dr. Smith Dentists (Inc.)
Cor. 7th and E Sts. N. W.
Over Feople'a Drug Stare. Open Dally, S a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday,
O to 3. Reference, Second National nank. Lady Attendant.
f jffPllifjxlM' L
l fnrSKIm. r . TH
latj fOf - i- i w
' In in !l ii il , J
A SET $5
Today's Program.
1 p. m. Doors open.
2:15-3:45 Cooking school.
Lecture, "The Westfleld
Standard," by Sherwood P.
Snyder. Recipes ' demon
strated: Chicken pie, white
bread, vegetable salad,
t mayonnaise dressing, cream
8 to 9 Educational motion
11 Pure food show and house
hold appliance exposition,
except betwean 5 and 7 p. m.
Discuss Indian Myths.
The myths of tho Fox Indians were
discussed before the members of th
Anthropological Society of the District
at the Public Library last ovenlnu by
Dr. Truman Mlchelson, of the Bureau
of American KthnoioKy. William H.
Habcock also read a paper on pre
Columbian notices of American aborigines.
To Elect Officers.
Officers will be elected by the Colum
bian Debating Society of Oeorge Wash
ington University at a meeting in New
Masonic Temple Friday night.
. Chevy Chase Meeting.
A meeting of the Citizens' Association
of Chevy Chase, D. C, will bo held
at the Chevy Chase School this even
ing at 8 o'clock. W. M. Steuart. presi
dent of the assocluUon, will preside.
Matters of vital Importance to Chevy
Chase and vicinity will be considered.
Shore Line Planned.
ATLANTIC CITY, Feb. 2.-Two boats
dally to and from New York, making
the trip in six hours for a round trip
i are 01 j.w, are piannea wnen me in
let entrance is deepened to twenty feet
to admit of large passenger craft.
Public Opinion Indorses
this family remedy by making its sale larger than that
of any other medicine in the world. The experience of
generations has proved its great value in the treatment
of indigestion, biliousness, headache and constipation
relieve these troubles and prevent them from becoming serious ills by ,
promptly clearing wastes and poisons out of the digestive system, j
They strengthen the stomach, .stimulate the liver and regulate the
bpwels. Mild and harmless. A proven familv remedy, unequalled
Fop Digestive Troubles
LwtMt 81 ! Any Mdiclan ia U WwU.
5U ranrwhw. Ia Ihiih, 16c 28c
1 JSpyflrcST BURLESQUERSffgfc j
I ill! Farcical Travestyv y I
JOE EMERSON, The Eccentric Tramp
JUNE MILLS, The Comedienne of the Day

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