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Nothing To Do. But Sit, Look and Listen At Theaters This Week
I : : 1 . 1 . : . , : '.
"Masked Model"
A New Operetta,
At National and
A Winter Garden
Production at the
Belasco Promise
No .Tax on the
TWO musical comedies, ons
brand new-, dosirouB of being
called an operetta, ami the
other content with merely being
known 'an one of those nice old Win
ter Garden things, will literally hold
out their arms to theatergoers this
Nn nnp will have to think.
Who would care to, when several I
hundred (counting both companies)
beautiful young women and hand
some young men arc doing their
utmost to prevent just such a catas
trophe ?
After "Margaret Schiller" and
"The Greatest Nation" with all duo
respect to their authors and pro
ducers and companien, one coniMlctc
city full of foolishness is if "not an
antidote, at least an alleviation."
AI.TMOrOII from the nound nf the
nnnip "Thr Maskort Model"
mlcht be mistaken for one of
Marv J. ' Holmen' novel, or
omethln on the order of "The Hidden
Hand." which we believe wns written
and dramatjied many veara ago. It Is
nothing of the kind.
The name mav awaken clxll war
meniorlca. but the production for which
It Rtanda lj ald to he an nn-to-the-secend
operetta, written by Carl Woeas,
with books and Ixrics hv Harrv mid
Robert R Smith
The Smith Brothem. of theatrical (no.
not couxh-dron) fame, are a valuable
nnset .ipcaklntf well for the taste and
discrimination of the producer. This
In well, since Carl Wocsa is described
a belnc a "new" composer and Kalh
erlne Galloway, the prima donnA fsald
to be the srreat discovery of the seaBon)
has evidently heen undiscovered up to
the present moment.
As. another proof that the new oper
etta is thorouRlilv modern, despite el
dences to the contrary, wc call atten
tion lo the fact that masks are all the
ra;e this ear. Kvcn wrestlers wear
"A World of rieasuio." plus Clifton
Crawford, cornea to the Belasco this
week This is a succeasful New Yoik
Winter Oat den pioductiun of lavish
every tljinB. Enough:
comes to Keith' this week In
a short play. "Ashes," wns
born on the Island of Jersey,
In the English Channel October M,
1S52. Her father was AV. C. K. De Bre
ton, dean of Jersey. When she was
only sixteen she was married to Kd
ward Langtry, an English merchant
Her husband's wealth and her father's
social standing gave her the entree Into
English society, while her close friend
ship with the late King Edward VII,
then Prince of Wales, made her fiimoin.
Khe decided to go on lit- professional
stago malting her debut as Blanche
Haye In "Ours" at the Maymarket
Theater In January I, 18y.'. Her second
part was Kate Hardrastle In "Sho
Stoops to Conquer." About five yearn
later sho came to Ameilca, winning
fame as the "Jersey Lily."
Just to show that the faith In Wash
ington as a first night town Is not dim
med, two new productions are planned
for the week of tne 21st.
At Keith's, "The Wedding Gown." a
one-act sketch by Mlsa Mary K.
Brookes, a gifted "Washington news
paper woman, will begin Its tour of the
Keith vaudevlllo circuit, while at Poll's.
8 K. Poll announces the presentation
of the prize play, "In Walked Jimmy."
Misa Brookes' sketch Is known as
"The Wedding Gown." a clever comedy,
tho plot of which concerns the reconcili
ation of a voune srltl and her sweet
heart through the formers attempt to
sell her wedding gown. The benign In
fluence In the play Is a sapient sales
woman in a second-hand clothing estab
lishment, who puccceds In showing both
the boy and ht sweetheart that they
ore mutually to blame for their misun
derstanding. . . . . ,
The Piece will be enacted by a com
petent professional cast, which s now
in rehearsal with tho author acting in
nn advisory capacity. wniked
After its premiere here, In "v olKea
Jlmmv" w be seen on Broadwav. If
thplew Uvea up to the expectations
of Mr Poll and General Manager
- t
Ruth St Denis, danse artiste, who
was to have, appeared In a special mat -nee
at Poll's Theater tomorrow nttei
noon. has cHn,-,
National: "The Masked Model."
Premiere of Musical Tomcdy.
ANKW operetta entitled "The
Masked Model" conies to the
National this week. Carl Woess
tr the rnmpo'er of this produc
tion The books anil lyrics, were writ
ten by Harry B. and Robert B. Smith,
tit- most sklllftil and successful of
iuerlcnn librettists. It has a connected
Uid Interesting stnr. The llrct act takes
pinto in Newport andj the second at the
'idnnts' ball li Vienna, pennlttlng dl-
rslty of scepo and action That fun
li.xls a prominent place In the schemo
of The Masked Model" Is shown by the
riT.ploment of such Mile romedians s"
I-riiiiK noane, .lonn v. vouiik. Donald
Maqdoniild, Arthur Htj.nfoiil, Eugene
Revore. Texas Oiilnan. Mary Robson
'lie plrl with the midnight eye), nnd
Ka Condon. Tho lyrle roles are en
trusted to Katharine Galloway, n new
prim donna 'ho Is the great dUcov
erv t the season. Thomas conke), nnd
Hihei iiiFre Houston
T Daniel Prawley Is responsnbic for
the intricacies of the staging, and Julian
Alfred put on the musical numbers.
Manager Maynard Walte has provided
an exquisite setting for the new comic
opera. Tho chorus is rich In pretty girls
who can sing and dance and wear the
latest styles In spring frocks. - Cora
MacGeachy. who designed the costumes
for "Around tho Map" also speolnlly dc-
" ' Oils plrrr
BH .aHaaaKS. '-a"a"akJ'BaaaflaaaKkAt" 1H HfS' " 'v! '9RBH9i1PfMBiHMHMniHFHIK' -jem- K?Wt;,1,' i ,
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L iflHftL "iiiim . jBilFMBlMff vi 'jjHSat VKflvHIHinHr B YaMP51ra - -1
1& Ufr.i27 nKa. .. .. . ZJVK V .vHT BK I narniBHBBWK j.'W. jaBiBH. ib wKrv
B - -Ifm:, rK IK -, Jr m
W IfBl' yfPI ife&fc ' H wimmMM:,'- -'.,' BbBHBbIl
injiT - i r-- iM I mm mM'ii i ' "in I'winini mEmmm- - ?&mr IKv BB ixSHH
IPKvaB " IBhSBBBbkcw $Hte. -..Letti' swAbW .. vflVMfJI
MB 'flkk 9b1 ' ' felBBBBBBlB lcaTH.HXK, GfiLLOWA wkb1& JBSm
ImBmmB iii jTiBiiiiiii vBBBB&wrlBli BlB BPf mB&&Bmk9BBBH1 . :ilill'iliBli: m
loBnBffaH v ;loBBaBft BaBBBBiiKiB' iPBBB ttfaBB BBnk Bl liVB'FBflBHBBflflHs .tmeamK&iZtizzmBmtk B
BBBf;jBBlcBP2Mr i 7-1 .iBBMBl f J'JcK 1
miBMTl mmw BB iP B SaBBBB'fiiBBBMii . mf 1
Belasco: "A World of Pleasure."
Winter Garden Revue.
THK attraction at the Helasco
Theater' this week will be the
fal! production of tile New York
Winter Garden. "A World of
Pleasure." Tho New York critics and
tho Baltimore reviewers proclaimed it
the blgRtBt as well as the best produc
tion ever offered fiom that famous
theater of musical revues
It Is a show of lavUh scenic effects,
extravagant costuming, Innumerable
comedians, eccontrlc dancing, and con
tinuous uctlon from tho tlrat to the Inst
The muxlc and 'vrles urm minnllo,! w
SlgjiiUnd Romberg und Harold :tter
Idge. respectively. Some of tho num
bers ure .vild to cumparu m "Tho Marry
Widow" and otliei lli;IU opera succeiK
which delighted Washington's thnuttir
goera ;i few veara auo.
In the cast are such rup't-il enter
tainers us Clifton t'rawford, reinemliered
ns co-star with Rendu McCoy In "Thn
Three Twins." Conroy ft Lo Mirle. .'ol
llns & Hart. Franklin liatlr. Vunitu
Fltzhugh. Helen Uoff. Kmllv Ml!cs.
Avellng & Lloyd, the ramous Rosle
CJUInn. and a company of T, coirprlslng
the pick of this Reason's crop of chorua
Pali's: "The House of a
Thousand Candles." With ,
A. H. Van Buren. Stock.
APLAV of thrilling dramatic In
terest, "The House of u Thou
sand Candles," will he tho offer
ing of the Poll Players this
week. This drama had Its first per
formance In this city several years ago
and Is a stage version of Meredith Nich
olson's best seller of the sumo name,
Tho story concerns an eccentric old
man who decides to leave his fortune to
his young grandson, of whom he knows
little. In order to determine whether
the boy Is really tit to manage his
money, the grandfather decides to pre
tend to be dead. One of tho provisos of
the will Is that young Glenarrrt shall
marry a certain girl within twelve
The boy Is thwarted In his romance
by the machinations of a lawyer, the
executor of the will, who knows If ho
can prevent the marriage of the girl
and boy ho himself will nil plr to a
large Dart of tho wealth.
In tho role of the grandson, 'A. tl.
Van Buren will return to the cast of the
Poll Players, after an absence of a
week, while Miss Florence Rlttenhouse
will be seen is I lie girl In the case,
Howard Lang will have the best char
acter role which has been Intrusted to
him since he Joined the Poll cast, that
of Bates, the butler.
Keith's: Lily I.angtry In
"Ashes." Vaudeville.
LILY' LANGTRY appears at H.
F. Keith's Theater this week In
"Ashes." a Londop lumetlfi of
thr nobilll. by Percy Ken
dall. Site Is supported by Lionel
Atwlll. Leopold Slark. and Mile.
Gulllou. It has been stated by
tie critics who have xeen .her
lliat ill thlH play Mis. l-unt'try shows
her nltlstry bbtter. perhaps, than In
anything In which she has been heen.
As Lady Lnmbeit, the beautiful act
ress has the rolo of a wife caught in
a tlglt place bv -i designing frli-ul ot
her husband. The scene in lLi she
thwarts the bl.ickmaller Is described
ah full of suspense and in tinn. rotp lud
inu with a surprise denouement.
The re-enforcing bill Is led by Julian
Rose the original played of Alio Pot
ash" in the Montague Glass coined).
Mi. Rose dncp Impel sonatlons of He
brew chaiacterlstlcs collated under the
title, "What Happened at the Wed
ding " Ruby Norton -ipd Sammy !.ee
appear in songs and dances Othrr
numbers are the Old Homestead douhlo
oinrtpt pres"ntrl i. Frank Thompson;
1 k-i- -"F Ml m, . flBHBIBaBHaBBB ::.-lOBBBIif ' 'v B
Nan Halpcrln. singing comedienne: the
Four Meyukns, In a Japanese novelty:
Hui ton Dnnleli nnd Lester Conrad, the
boyish virtuoso. Lucy Ulllett and com
pany, "The Lrfdy from Delft," the pipe
organ rucltals, nnd the Pnthe New a pic
torial. Gayety: Social Maids Co.
Present "Busy Little Cupid."
STONE nnd Plllnrd, dancers, are
the stnrs of "The Social Maids,"
the attraction at tho Gayoty dur
ing the coming week.
Mr. HurtlK has provided a vehicle
that not only fittingly displays the tal
ents of his stars, but which. In addition,
gives every member of the company
eciual opportunity. The principal bur
lesuue Is in tlie form of a musical revue
entitled. "Busy Little Cupid." the
Joint work of Leon Berg and Will 11.
Vodmv, the former writing the book
and the latter tho special niiihic. The
plot, of necessity. Is exceedlnnly light,
and revolves around the escapades of
two American youths who go to Venez
uela In older to be near their sweet
hearts, who make their home with their
uncle In that most unstable tropical
All of the scenery, costumes, and me
dia nlcal dovices are original and costly
The cast includes such names as Billy
Baker. Billy Foster. Jack Plllard, Mrfrty
Seamon, Jessie Hlatt, and the Jewell
Strand: "The Battle Cry of
Peace." War Film. Third Week.
SO many demands have been made
for a return engagement of "The
Battle Cry of Peace" that Tom
Moore announces another week
of the picture at the Strnnd Theater,
beginning Sunday matinee. All house
lecords of the Strand Theater wcre
broken during the Initial two weeks'
run oi Commodoro Blackton's photo
grnphift masterpiece, nua tne picture
has had the rty Indorsement of army
and nnvy officials and mnny notable
men In public life.
"The Battle Ciy of Peaco" Is unques
tionably the moat talked-of Him creation
of modern times, and deals exhaustively
with a subject which is nearest the
heart of evciy loyal American citizen
the pioblem of America's unprepared
ness. Commodore J. Stuart Blackton
adapted the scenario from Prof Hudson
Mnxiiu's hook, "Defenseless America,"
which Is built solidly upon fact and not
liction Tile pictuxr is a call lo arms
against war, graphically portra) Ing the
defenceless condition of our count r), the
consequences to which this condition
may lead, nnd the wsy to avoid these
The scenic effects are wpndcrfiillv
contrlred, nnd the big episodes depict
the burning of New York city, the Na
tional Capitol In ashes, and the Execu
tive Mansion In rums. The picture
shows Just what would happen If this
.country were lrrvtodcd hv a foreign foe.
The actual lighting forces of the I'nlt
eii Stites arc trutlifullv shov n Thp
picture Is not a propaganda for war. hut
ii u i he pcice Willi honor for wh'ch
-M i r nnrnortiv pr.iys
In 'rriie Battle Cry ot Teace." are
seen 111011 notnblo Americans ns Secre
tary of War Garrison. Admiral Dowcy,
MaJ Gen. Leonard Wood. Dr. Lyman
Aobott. and Adm'ral Slgsbee.. The act
ing cist Includes such stage and screen
star ns Charles Rlcliman. Norma Tal
mage, L. Ropers Lytton Louise Beau
det, Harold Hubert Joseph Kllgour,
May Maurice. William Ferguson and
H?hs7 ' t4BK& IHIk '& v JHdlPUni
- !"& V jHBflfflBf
1 lwjilch n? vypcrlally written for liltn v IBHK S iMBM9HHHHVaf
This Week's
NATIONAI "The Masked Model."
Prenileio of new musical coined).
Evenings, 8.13. Matinees, Wednos
and Saturday, 2 15. Tuesday, 4:3),
Philadelphia Oichestra. Florence
lllnkle, soloist. Friday. iZO, Louise
Homer. Ten Star series.
BELASCO "A World of Pleasure."
Wiutur Garden Revue. Evenings,
s.-'O. Matinees, Wednesday and
Saturday, 2:20. Today at 15. to
morrow at 4, "Peru," Newman
POLI'S "The House' of a Thousand
Candles."' Stock production, "with
A. II Van Buren. Evening. l:lo.
Matinees, daily except Monday,
2 P. i
KEITHS-Vaudeville Lily ling
try In "Ashes." and others. Even
Ings. $ is .Matinees, dally, 2.15.
Sunday performances. 3 and S 15.
GAYETY Purlesque. Social Maids
Company, presenting "Busy l.ltt,le
Cupid." with Stone and rillard.
Evenings. 8.15. Matinees, dally.
2-lG. Sunday performances. 3 and s.
GARDEN-FllmB. Third week of
"The Battle Cry of Peace.'.' Today,
beginning at .1. Dally peiform
ances, from 10 30 a. m.
STRAND Films, Julia Dean In
"The Hansom." Today, beginning
at 3 Dall) performances, from
10 -SO n. m.
Held In "Madame la Presldcnte. '
Daily performances, beginning at
IO.ixk Toi'ay, Fannie Ward in
"Tennessee's Pardner," beginning
at .!.
William Humphrej. The. stage and
theater will be aproprlately decorated,
the attaches will be suitably costumed
and special musical accompaniments ny
the augmented Strand symphony or
chestra will add to the nim production.
Locw'h Columbia: Anna Held In
"Madame la Presidentc." Films.
ANNA HELD will make her pho
lodramutlc debut on. the scrcn
of Loews Columbia Theater the
llrst four days of this we'ek. be
ginning this afternoon it 4 o'clock, in
her former great trfge success,
"Madame PrMldcnte '" When this nro
ductlon taii rixiEcnted on the legitimate
sfage. wRJi Miss Held In the title role.
Its success nan Irntant, ni.d it enjoyed
unrivaled poftufeirltv in America as well
ns most of Us countries of Europe Tim
story deals with Mile. Oobette, a fa
mous stago beauty, who is ejected fiotn
tho hotel, in a small town, for hilarity
In the cafe. ITnnblo to find another
hotel that uit her needs she calmly
piesents herself nt the house of the
local magistrate who Is responsible for
her homeless dilemma, nnd before he
knows It goes to bed In the bedroom of
hlsNihscnt wife. Tho magistrate's su
perior, no lnss than the minister of Jus
tice, unexpectedly drop into town on n
trip of Inspection, and lo save himself
the simple-minded Judge passes off Go
bctte as hi wife.
The laM half of the week, beginning
on Thuisdav mornlig, John Barrymore
will be seen In hi latest screen char
acterization, that of "Nearly a King,"
which was especially written for him v
William H. Cllffor.l. In this play, Mr
Rnrrvmoro is socn for the first tlim.
lepresentlng to characters In the sam
pioductlon. Too storv Is a talo of a
iiung American who lias tho great fo
tune, and misfortune, to insemblo th
Prince of Balwana, and of un adven
turous spirit who Is Just In tho throts
of being palmed off on a princess liml
lie has never seen.
Garden: Julia Dean In
"The Ransom." Films.
JULIA DEAN will be featured
Sunday, Monday, and Tuesda
at Moore's Gaiden Theater in
her latest camera production
'The llansum " The story deals wlih
stage IlCst nnd stage foll.s and Is
i.Japled from tho novel bi-arlng tin
Fum till.- by Richard Hardlne Da I
III this production Miss Dean appears as
a stage struck young girl who conns
undt'i the influeir-n of a coundreiu
theatrical manager. The auxiliary
altinctiun on these days will b
" Cupid's Bow."
On Wednesday and Tli.irsJav Arthm
llcnps ni'd. Mine Hanlon will be sei n
In "Tin' Devil' Pi aver Book."
The added atti 'lion will be Hmolu
Locltvood and May AIIIsom In 'l.lllu
of tUe Sulu Seas." n drama with a
thrilling shlpwreik and res.-ue In tip
strange South Seas. .On Friday and
Saturday Margarita Fischer will ap
pear In "The Dragon. ' The secondary
attraction dining this engagement
will be Flcrcnce La Badle In. a cap
tivating comedy drama "The Spirit
of tho Game." Special music bv the
Garden Symphony Orchestra will add
pw-ntlv to the effectiveness of thu
lllm plays.
Where To Go
Two concerts will ho given- by the
Smiling Beauties Company at the Gay
ety Thcatrr at 3 Jind 8 n m. today. The
following specialties will bo introduced:
r.jfcluslxe songs, by Miss Zella Russell,
Harry K Morton and chorus; dancing
specialty. Morton. Russell and Emerson;
if You Want a Doggie."" Ruth Wesley
nicl ""Jimt at the Sun Went Down," by
the UIJou trio.
At :: and S 13 p m. today, at tho B.
1-. Keith Theater the program will con
tain Elsie Janls. Ralph Dunbar's Mary
land singers, Will Morrlssey and Dolly
Hackctt, Claude and Fannie Csher in
"The. Straight Road:" Raymond and
Caverly. Corcoran and Diigle. Ralph
Lohse and Nana Sterling. Herbert's
leaping dogs, and other features.
Julia Dean will be heen on the screen
at Moore's Gnrden Theater today in
'The Rsnsom." Tho nuxlllarv attrac
tion will b Cuotd's Bow," featuring
Samuel Burns. There will be special
music h ihe Garden symphony orches
tra. "The Rsltle Cry of Peace" will open
another week's engagement today at
Aloorrs Strand Theater. This picture
has hioken all attendance records In
W"llnctnn. and Is the (jrflt and only
rhitoirraohlr production o hold the
screen of any local theater for three
.hi.. nsvii,l music anil hiii-iioi dec
niation aild greatly to the effective
ness of the presentation.
J Music Events For
This Week
Director Leopold Stokowski has made
up n program of surpassing benutv for
the 1'lilh.dclphi-i On-hcsira concert at
the Ni-w Nntlonal Tuesday afternoon.
Flore m.e lllnkle. who Is oni nf thn mm
j artistic sopranos of the du, and who
. Is lllsn nnr- nt tin. Innul ...nnl.i ul..nnP
I in the eoncert world, will be the sulolst.
The complete program Is as follows:
, Mozart; Symphony No. 3D. In E Flat;
juozuii: .Arm. uove Bono, from Lo
Nozze di Flg.iro;" Mendelssohn: "Mid
summer Night's Dream" Muslr. (a)
Overture, (b) Nocturne, (c) Scherzo;
Bizet; Mlcnel.i's Aria from "Curmen;"'
Siendi-cn. "Carnival de Paris."
Mmc. Louise Homer, controlto. will bo
the aillst at the .ninth of T. Arthur
bcriea of ten concerts Friday afternoon
at i.M (it tin- New Willard.
Generall) aci-ordod the foremost place
ainuiig tin- great contraltos of America,
Mine. Homer ,s ino of Hie leading stars
of the Metropolitan Opera Company,
nnd one of the most sought after con
cert artlHts of the countrv.
Foi the concert the following program
has heen .irranged: "Dem L'nendllcheu,"
Schubert . "Auftracge." "O W.ie Ltehllch
1st das Madchen." Schumann. "Sapphic
Ode," "Biithehnfl." Rrahms. Arl.i, '('ho
Faro Senza Eurldlce," from "Qrfeo et
Eurldlce," Gluck: "How'a My Box ."
"Sheep and Lambs," "Dlnna AskiAle,"
(new). "The .Storinv livening." Sldnev
Homer; "On -the Seashore of Endless
Woilds. ' John Alden Carpenter: "Dawn
In ih" lesert." Gertrude Rns.s: "Song
of the U'oniU." "1 Know Where I in
i, oln ' "The Next Market Da)" (Old
Next Week
"The I'rincess 1'nt," Henry BloMoni
and Victor Herbert's latest operatic
m;cw, dliect from the Cort Theater.
New York, and with lis original ens.,
L-iisi-inuic, aim ircneiia, win pe me
Mclcoino offering ut the Belasuo for
the wcelc beginning Monday night. Kl
canor J'nlnter, i-am n. Hardy. Alex
ander Clark, Joseph It. JLcrtora. Rob
ert Ober. Louis Cnsavant, Martin Hay-
don, liva Kullon, Nora Vovaslu,
Ralph Rlfc'gs, and Katherine Wltchin
are the principal nlngcis, comedians
and dancers.
"On frlal,' a New York success f
ni-urly two sebsoiiH, comes to the Na
tional Theater. next wck.
The appeal of "On Trial" Is found
l'i its vlsuallfntlon of a story from
i fa I life that combiners Urn tensx
interexi that attach s t tin- light for
acquit) al ly nn in-cured murderer,
and tlio bcttlc of wits by the district
attorney and the lawyer for the de
fense. Stock.
The 1J1 Players' will l seen next
week In one of the most popular ro
mantic clcsslcs of the American stage,
"Old Heidelberg," a comedy drama In
which Richard Mansfield scored.
"Old Heidelberg" tells a story of stu
dent life In the famous Uerman uni
versity city. Tho plot concerns the love
of a Herman prince for the charming
daughter of an Innkeeper. A. H. Van
Huron will be seen In the stellar role
of Prince Karl, the Mansfield part,
while Miss Florenco Rlttenhouso will be
tho charming girl in the cast.
Weber and Fields come to Kelth'a
next week These comedians, reunited
' for vaudeville, a'nd are presenting
Mike and Moyer." mixed with extracU
from "The Pool r;ame." "The Statues,"
I and others of their past hits. Other
nuniDers in tne phi are Josie Heather
and company. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
Voelker, Marshall Montgomery, Bert
Melrose, in hla falling stunts; tho Klvo
Statues, and other acts.
The dpcitinc Widows Company comes
to the Gnety Theater next week with
an entirely new production. The cast
Includes John Barry, Billy Evans, Ruth.
lorhwood. Abe Leavltt. Johnny Berry.
Annie Mark. Georgia Mack. Babe Dusev
nd William Grieve. In. addition to the
two ususl burlesques, an olio Is n part
of tho show, consisting of seven spe
cialties In all. The burlettas are en
titled "Tho Ucautv Shop" and "All In
Kun." The scenic Investiture, costumes,
ind electrical effort are new, and th"
r horns 1 composed of more than
Music Events.
Mrs Wi'son-Greene will present Mme.
ndckt Wagnerian soprano, arid Clr
euco Whltehill. Arcerlpan baritone, both
tars from The Metropolitan Grand
OtKira, in a olnt recital, with a com
plete Wagnerian program at the Na
Io:aI. Friday, February 1 at 4.30.
Joseph Malkin, 'cel'lst. who ahsres the
'list desk of the "cello section of the
Boston Symphony Orchestra with Heln
lich Warlike. Is announced as soloist at
the fourth concert of the archestpi at
ilie National. February 15.
Mt Malkin Is one of the many dis
tinguished artists who are veritably
lefugees In this country. A Russian by
niith. he was a resident of Berlin when
the war began, nnd counted a3 one of
i ho greatest 'cellist virtuosos of hla
time With the war It became a nuta
tion of meiica or a concentration
i amp. and he chose America and the
Honon Smphony Orchestra )! will
Play Salnt-Saen's Concerto in A minor.
No 1 i
The principal attraction of ilm ,inuia
feature program at Moore's Strand Sun
day. Monday. Tuesday and Wednesd.-iv.
the week of Feb. 13 will be George Paw
J,JLtl "ndWIIIard Mack In "The Corner."
Ihe auxiliary feature on these days will
, he Winifred Greenwood In "A Modern
' ?',h,n- On Thursday, Friday, and
Saturday Orrln Johnson will bo featured
in "The Penitents." The added attrar-
tlon on these days will be Sam Ber
nard In the comedy. "The Great Pearl
, J angle.
'alio Orev, late slat of "Kirk iM
Aiul Tully Vnrshull, i memb'reirTor Ii'ia
work aeoe Brookb Im "Pale; In l-ull. '
will head the bill at Moore's Garden
Sunday, Mi.t.uay .ami Tuendav of the
)V,'e.,c ' I-'ruar L tr X). Grif
hihii flur.izaiion of Granvllln Wui-
, wick novel. "For a Woman's IIoiioi "
I ho suppUiiiehtni) .ittl uctlon will ho
Mabel Normand and Roscoo Arbuckle fii
I latty and Mabel AdrilL" Olher nt-
1 unctions annul need for tl e remainder
in wir iPt-K iiiiiiHie Klcliard Buhlti in
"A Man's Muklng" Ijuly Waypr .rev
J, "Outwlifcl. ' nnd Anna Little In
When the Light ("iunr- ni,n f ,,
ed on one of Rudyard Kipling's best
Beginning Febmaty 13 and contin
uing the first four days of the week.
Charlotte Walker will be seen on the
screen -of, Loew's Columbia in a. pli
turlzatloii i of hei former utarrluu
vehicle 'The Trail of tho Lonesome
line,' which when seen In apeaking
form had Its premier at the National
Thator In th's cil.
The last three davs of this w;
' lorenco Roelcweil will be seen In -
U'vivul of the gvest Charles Froh
I ,..",, .oniP,y' l,c K,J" I" Lov Vih
Ilia Vri fk iitltlnK .. I. .- .
- ....... ..linn n ii preseniea or
the atii'.r.is of London became on nf
Ihe rtrrent fur.ns Jn the annals of
dramatic hijtoiv.
Newman Lecture On
"Peru" Tonight at Belasco
"Peru" the fourth subject in tho
South American seties of NewmaO
Traveltalks. at the Belasco Theat
Sunday evening nnd Monday a ftcrnooa
at J, Februaiy 6 and 7, brings the easy
chair travelers to tho most roinan lo
nnd historically Interesting portion of
tho entire continent. Vivid color v!e
will unfold a wondrous panorama of
mountnln scenery, awe-lnsplrlng In It
magnitude. Against this backgtound
will be seen the gayly costumed Indians
of many tribes and plcturesquo Spanish
structures of ancient origin.
In Lima, "The City of Kings." and tho
one-time capital of all the Spanish
coloninl possessions, many relics 0f tha
days oT Plzawo will be found, while
In Cuzco. the temples and strbngholds
of the -wonderfully civilized Incan Km
plro will tell volumes about pre-hlstorlo
Afnerlea. Arcqulpa, whoso plcturesmio
strcta present a spectacle hardly equal
ed In all the world, will also be I i
cluded In the Itinerary as w(ll a Jourm v
on the Oroya railroad across thi gro't.
continental dliide passing through the
Galera Tunnel, the highest point In tho
world lesrhrd by a railroad. Llama
trains, on tlielt way to Callao. tpe chlof
port, and other phases of life peculiar
to Peru, will be shown In motion
tuns of startling realism.
J i
l f

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