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Stars And
Labor and Expense Entailed
in Production of "Battle
Cry Of Peace."
The irinkJns f "The Hnltle Civ of
Peace" Ihe, colobintcd "preparedness
picture," which boglna lift thltd week
, at Moore's Strand TheHtcr today, cli-
tailrd no end of labor, thought, iind
jexpetine. Commodoio Ulnektou, In com-. (Synopsis of rrcccdinc Chapters.)
iciiuiiB upun .nn mm, enici inc pic- Mnrv artrc-F. ii necuted cir inn
By FREDERICK LEWIS, Author of "What Happened to Mary" -Pictures by Essanay
jture uii a etiipeiidous tnslc anil ivqulr-( mimls
Ofl mnnv innntKa i mvml.iA " l,lln .. ..
..-.-. '"v: , wiui sui .. v.. ..... ....... . ""-., ---,. ..., ...i
intoiicaioii rnsi'-, cr !" -
Of Pollock, vvaa cm the (Ire eacnpc viateli
ln ror ljvntciloii. At Mnrv'a Irlnl rb
mpnlta unci hail the revolver Hit ii eld
tt-Rllfllea that Xlurj threaten-fil Vol lock
dlcr boys looked upon the cpleodrs as ' implicit, .nSii.
a liuce Joke ;
Physical Culture Responsible for
unc .nore oninroij, rnmic ,-crMJii. it i 0f u thoroughly Virions nnttire. I
THV little boy who appeared i thcte vveio innny mmislnB Incidents
clironlcaUr nfTllcted with mat do 9?r5i,rn?? ln. lL"J, "" .. Tho btt"'
J nier. but who aftcrwurd llvod to ion thc rHt 0rty tho nftVy )ad8 n'a B0,.
grow up into Americas moai
atrfnuoun citizen and ex-Pi evident, Is
not the only person who lived to regale
the public eye tluoUKh thc aid of physi
cal culture.
T.tttlc Mis Margaret Edvvarda was as
r.lcltly as Theodora ever thouRht of
belns tvhen a child, but today thc Is
the proud possessor of nn award fiotn
the Physical Cu'.turo Socletv of New
York for perfect development at the ubc
of twelve. Xot to mention tho fact
that she Is nulto strong enough, thank
you, to draw n man's sized salary from
the "World of Pleasure" as a member
of "Tho World of PIcasuic." Winter
Garden production
One Is Inclined to treat widely her
alded "perfect Bills" and "modern
Venuses" with scoin, but youns Mm
r of lluWil Pollock and In df ; JJ1.I
"The second day's nroeeedlnn. served
to remove all appearances or jest nud
at sundown there were n tired .ut of
warriors afloat on OvflUr Bay. One old
Krlzxlcd veteran retnatked to me, 'Well,
I helped Schley put a crimp Into Co
vera's fleet ut Santlaco. nnd I've c.iaBed
Spaniards pretty Well nil over Cuba,
but today lum been thc most strenuous
one of my mailtllnn career, and here
after pictures on tho soiecu will be
pood enough for me' Even CharleH
IJIchmnn, as tine a follow and ns ijood
an nctor iib bver drew tho brcutlr of
life, became peeved when a super In
his excitement larded on hli cinnlum
with the butt end of his nun, and Inter
In Uios plctuio hn laid tin) self snme
supei low with a clean swing to the
Jaw. The moxiitiltoes made life' mlier-
anie to the tiilnij clad dancers aa tney
pltoutod in ann uiound thc mendous
a, tribute to her but to a system oi pxer" j iMiiinni Mimmiiinvn rrrnnenilv
clses evolved bv her mother some ycais Pn,3 .V''!?"' . lJLn)l'c?..-LK?.li?.
clses ovolved bv her mother some yeais
ago. At that time dato not rurnisneci
by press agent the Infant "Mntgarct,
and three weeks, was given Just about
three hours to live. Just there Mrs.
Hdwards outwitted the doctors who had
made that diagnosis, started putting the
baby through certain exerclupx. and,
like all accepted fairy stoiles. Mai Buret
lived haopllv ever after.
Now the once frail child Is a thing of
steeled muscles and perfect health who
has the altruistic Idea or founding a
school some day where mother s exer
cises may be paused on to those In need
of them.
Miss Edward is Inclined to Impugn
tho motives of tcacheia of phvs'etil cul
ture in woman's colleges, for he says:
"Instructors pav more attention to the
latest styles than to the development
of the girls." , , ,
Have you evei seen a health tcachei
from Boston. Margaret'.'
Would People Go to Hear
Mrs. S. Homer Sing?
WHEN Willi IRWIN, the war
cot respondent, was in, Wash
ington during the past week,
he happened tp remark that a
woman who has won fame under a
certain name should continue to use
It a;fter she married.
It's her la.bel. ju.t like I necda i-Sls-
ult " he announcfd In spite of thK
R is decidedly miceiyJln whethet Mad
ame Louise Homci. prima donna, would
keep h operatic name In piefcience
to Just plain Mrs. S Homei, home-
maker Foi Mi p. Hoiur. homc'makei, t
is the mother of u tnmily of nix. '
and tho icd letter riua of hei whole i
ear aren't appearances nt the Metropo
litan, but hei acatioiilnc on l.ak '
(Jeorge, with all thc fmnll.v liom Fathci
Sidney down to the younscst klddlo of '
thc lot I
Thc fact tllat tho afoiesald Sydney I
liappcna to le a composer, and that his,,
t-ongs aic his wife's favoiltcs, onh t
dds luster to thc harmonv of this
ery domestic famil Mother Louise
lit cry nartlculai about the education !
of her younKsteis. nnd Is doing all she i
ihem promises to be a singer, too, some
day so ' the paternal fonts hae n
hante fot fuilliri fame in yeaii to
laid aside part.'" of ("eorgo Wnshlnglon'a
and Ntpnlcon' costiimeB and .lought
the shade of filendly trees. Qilte it
few accidents occmrcd. especially In
the vast mob scenes, wheic incessant
action was necessary.
"In the vltagrnph rd wo had con
structed an exact duplicate In wood t
the I'nlted States rapltol. When we
t.ot It afire the flames spread to some
of oui nialn bulldlncs nnd we had .1
hard time to conquer them. However,
in the film business wc nro eer rady
to meet any emergency and hnppIlN
nothing of soriou nature oci'rred
to mm tho nrtiitln duxelnpiticni a"
'The 15nttle Civ of reace.' "
"Did Mr. Page say who the friend
was.thnt had given him the check?"
"No, but we cat!ied bier."
'yhoc check was It?''
Mv brother's." . ,
"Wan he interested In Miss I age at
that time?" , ,
"Vcs. He hud always been. I think,
hut she wan not at all In love with
Itlni. Hhe had told me that." , ,
"Yet he gave her father a chce.t for
a lnrgp sum?" , .
"No." She flushed holly now;, and
cast a timid bianco at Mary, as If I'8-.1
denrecntlnir h ncnnnsllv of tllO tCStl-
monv In splto of the circumstances
My Time Will Come!"
HBP your eo on this man
Lnngdon! He was cltljer In tliut hud illt n wall of horror and ha-
tho room or at the door when trod between the erstwhile girl fr'.ends
.no. sne lontinneit. aiioi ; -
oarefuliv tnoosinu nrr
With the Local
to prevent thorn fiom InblbliiK tool huv,." Hhcll
rh knowledge while young. One of Which (ami
Production of "On Trial" Robs
Supreme Bench of Candidate.
TUB Supreme hmch lost n pos
sible cnndiilute forever thc nife'ht
that On Trial." which comes
hete next week, wns first pio
duced On that fatal occasion Rimer
Helzenstcin. a load-hniied outh with
Ingal aspirations made his debut ni
author and his llnnl pppcarancL as h
rising ouns lawyer.
Like manv jouthful ptodlglcs. Mi
Heizensteln was distinctly u self-mado
man lie id no diploma f 10m the
famous llaivard couise In playwilting
to bratidlrh on Uroadway. Two ycai.i
of high chnol, study ln h law offiee,
and ro'irse.i nt a law school sum tip
his highel education, which education
was punctuated by Intervals of bein
ijred from sundry Jobs. Through nil
this hurried existence one Ideal binned
-to write piajs. "On Trial" wan his
first effort nnd though most of the
hcenes aie laid in a court room, the
author receives such loige snlarles .11
to make his own piesence there in .1
professional capacity unnecessary foi 1
some time to come. 1
"On Trial ' comes to Washington next 1
work with the oilginal cast of Mi. 1
neUensteln'n Ottslnal play. Including1
Knderlck Perry. TieJcrick Truesdell.
nardmr Ciaiie. Nell Motin, Hans Rob
erts', Lawrence r.ddlnser. Jack Klcn
don, Mario Leonhard, Jane Whcatley,
r.thel Uonle, and Joan Moyer.
.Sydney Lloyd Wrlshtson announoes
the reorganisation of the afiiroi3n
choir of the Church of the Covenant,
replacing the present double Miarwt
with a triple iiunrtct. comprising
Miss Nctta Crlsf. Mm. Jewel' flown.
Alls HnrOj' Hui It. sopranos; MIsh
HciiIp.Ii Harper, Mrs. Lenore rnllcr.
Miis Marian McCov. conti altos.
l!i hard, nnoking. Y. ? Hl.incharri.
tenors, and .1. Walter Humphi' v, A
C Uorbneli ami flnr IIcIuik",
basses. Miss ' laic has aUn heen
onunaed aa one of the soptano solo
ists of the ecnhi ehoir to retil.ico
Mis. Ktliel Ho'.Cchn tJawlei. shar
Inc thc solo work with Mrs J'-woli
I'ow ns '
ThU diRiuc aoca into effect td..$,
the uftcl 00011 iiiiulr bclnr feiu.g 1
the new triple iiuartct, the eionlng
music by the choir of ICO voices. '1 ho
nttcinoon ntoinm includes "l.oid
I fc. J I-'athci." rinross, "l.oul. Kc-"
member Mc." llolden; "(Jo jjowii.
rentSun. Inthoiioldeii M'cst," frej ,
"Tho Loid Is Jly Rock." Woodman.
"Tin iv Willi .Me, O Mv Saviour,"
'ihe evening mudic opens with an
oigan nrcluue, "Jleditntlon," b Uart-
lott. tol'oweii o 1 ne llael
ev. ' Thece Are Lhcv
Caul, ' ll.muv and
Hirst Ah They.' MoihIc lisolui.
"Abide With Me.' Heed and 'Miiii-li
HcroKtie," .Mason, 01 gin post'udc
t'uplls ut Mis Henry (inoii'
g.ou 11 piano recital last 1-inlay
t'M-niii,; in li"1 LMgntli stieet 1101 in
w.jt, jih---ten in Mrs. Muinaii.
coiuial'o. 1 nuso pni ttcipating won
i,on itniiiiigslie id, l.ilii'l i.nui.t.
Liiiitn 0.enn, lienc (Jivrn, Ui 1
tlUde Sciiliiuil. llnnf Kukile. Miss
r.nz.ihtitii fiiiviltr, and mis linn..
Dave Pollock was mur
The winds of thc witness weie like
a stone flung Into a pool of subtle In
fcinco that arnt evei -widening
tipples jf jiosulbllltleH to lup the vciy
tlioies of i-iiiRllcloii Itsi If. flvorv eye
was on Langdon now, hut i secpt for
a tightening of tho muscles about his
jaw hs rae no sign of prtiiibntlon
01 nngoi and was stcn'lnglv indlffti
ent to the sweeping wave of conjec
ture which was like a nont'cnt thing,
so strongly was Its Inflcnce felt,
though not a man or a woman moved.
The actoi himself wns in p.nsy now,
hoVevei and east apolopellc glances
at both Mary and f.nngdon
' Von nay vou ovciheaid onl, a pail
of what ,vns said before tho police
came. Will ,oti toll us while ou
ftood and why you heaul only a
"e., sir. The dooi ophih out as It.
ulwiivs the cane In hotel looms and
when t .United t- open It 1 was be
hind it and tliiiofme not visible Hum
ilio room Hut I could heoi wlrtt vns
sjld whon Mi l.nngdon und rietectlv.'
Tnrlev fume oat fiom the Innci oori
of the imlte whoio they had gone to
look foi MIfs l'age."
'And when the police came, rt Id oii
ii-nialii in the toom i 1 did vou Join in
urn m-iicn foi .MI.13 l"ac '
'I Joined In thi Mcau-h. n,.d went
with the police down the flic-otcapc
und thiottgh the bn Ic ntioet."
"What had become of Miss I'asc.'"
I don t Know.'
"Jo you mean that ihe police did
not find whoio she had gone."
"Vei. '
'W'h U did mui lie "
"I returned to the hotel, got m hat
unci 'inn and went liuin
'Th.it Is nil," ssld the piorecutni'
Ihil Ihe Judge leaned forwird uivl
voiced the ,uc;itlon tlinf ovnljbody 111
Hie eoimionm wn l.liltvh .'(Ei;lllg.
"Do you mean to say Hint 11 young
Indv In an evening gown nnd with no
cloak walked tin ouch that Mrect back
of Hip hotel and that 11 one khw hei '
That a on and the. police got no clue
In join search?"
... . ...... 1 . ,...- ,,
, , juui iniiiui .uui 1 iir
disappeaicd absolute!, and no
lilioAA where she went "
i.inguon smiiin. nn the judge ''at
Inik with a little c.tl.imatlon that was
not complimentary to tho police , but I
when the name of tho next wltii"s 1
tang through the room lie leaned foi-i
ward again and sdoko witli some irn
1 tatlon to the prosecutor.
hlfilif'a nnlihf,
words. "Thn wns 'tost It. Mv brother
had not-signed that chock." v
"Do you mean." broke In the Judge,
"that the chock was foigcd?"
"Ycs ' ......
"How do you know; that?
"A detective sent b the bank camo
to tho Page home while 1 was there
nnd told Mrs. Page and Mnry and me.
Mnr didn't believe it nt first, but at
nothing df the episode ot tho forged
cheek?" 1
"fso. Aiary told me she cuuidn't near
to tell him about her father. Ucsldcs.
David had made her piom!i to keep
that part of their engagement a secret
irom evciy one."
"No, I tried to pemiade him to objected to the line of questioning, but
come homo with me, and when he the judge permitted it to go on.
wouldn't, t left him. In the hall, how - I t'innl'y the witness wa biought, do
ever, l met Miss Page. I Wanted her, to tho night when he took Mury r
to se Mi. Lnngdon at that bar. 1 to the door' of thc oife so that 1
toil hi tn tho door. I remember how
horrified she reemed and how shn
"It senna Inoro, III,1a ' nl.l 1,1. tinnnp KtincriTli.il to contnl luirself. I tried
settling bHck, nnd tho prosecutor asked, to steady hei . but suddenly slm
art If suddenlj seeing a new viewpoint: jtushed fiom me Into the cafe.
"Did your brother know of Miss! The witness paused dramatically, as
Page's love for Mr. tjingdon?" If he reaped tt-t Interest this plc-
"I don't know whether he knew theni tnre tr the past was aiNiUBlnp;.
or not. but he know later, because Mr. I "What happened then?" the prose
Lartdon told him." ; ctttor asked.
m,i .,,. i..... .i... . . i ! Forull that Miss Pntre went riff lit
::ie.-WhllB I w,s still back of the over to "non'a Uble. an J several
i1"' "aviu came to mint ror .iiary.i """, r ,'.i.""i .V Vii frui
and slid didn't want him to see she hadl ewed not to see them at all. . IIr
been crying, so she went out ngd Mr.l""d wn.S5Sir "w. ?. "
Longdon stood waiting for DavPd." I a,0"e' h hfS-iV.. th. JMiL Paco
i-n, .,ti. 1.1 nunnn in n mv nrnmr
linadnll tnlrl mv hrnlVir
that Mnry was veiv uuhapiiy In her en-1
gagement, hut felt that she was In I
nonoi oounci to go through with It,
and I he urged David to set her free."
'VVIiat did your brothel say?"
"Well, he oas very angry' si
.... .ii.i.... .. ,.... .. n, rimi mil mi a... ......- ..... .. . - ...-'-'
im . iiitni i wumci": i v ,, . . "-nvviril. uopif Cnllllgiy I I - K
an tale hc nl I she dldn t know thought It was Just Interferon
wheio her father was, though wo both ,0 g(,( Blln,)0ni,D xo want
guessed hehe was In the bni or tne frcP BO vol- tan miir'ry iert-
hotel He on mostly there. lien
tho detective had gone Mnry waiUed
to go and warn Ml. rage, uui i
thought It would be better to goto
David, and wo did. He was hoi rifled
when ho round out Hint It -was Mary s
father who had carhed the check be
cause, not knowing, he had nlrcady
told thc pollco to 'prosecute tho mini
to thc limit.. MnfJ tllca nn'1 beffged
him to do something lo savo hei
father, ami David said, '111 save him
tot vour mite, Maij. ir you will piom
Ife to do KOiiielhlng for me in return
"Did he mi what that nomethlng
'.'o. .Slu didn't even ask She Just
said he would do n thing In the
woild he wanted ir he would cave hcl
father. So he went with iim to thc
hotel and we got theie Just In time to
cave Mr Page from an est."
"How did ou 'save him,' as ou call
It '"
"David told the dotertlve Miat he had
foi gotten anout giving the check to
.Mi. Page and Hint It was perfects
"And MIsk Pago was natuinll) grate
ful to our hi other foi his having
saved her father?" prompted the dls
tilct Httoinev, a Uuih Inokc oti, nol
know lug how to go on.
"OtatctuP.' Veh. Hne Mic proiniscu
lu ninri jinn.
"llow oon were Mill loin of the en
gagement"" "Well," a faint little wialth of a
Millie crossed her lips, "1 had guessrd
what It was that m brother would
nxk Maij. and then I heard hei tell
Mi Laugdon '
"Win- Mi. Lnngdon at thc hou.'c nt
thai time'
tiled to push iter avrny, bi.t she cited
out4 Tinn't ill Ink any mole. Phil1'"
"Did Mi. langdon make anv rcplv'"
she an-
now ho
ce, and
her set
And Hip.
Lnngdon snld. "1 want her set fron ho-
cause she doesn't love you nnd Is
hi caking hei heart over her promise
to ma ii. v vou.' 'What is that to jou?
asked David. 'Do you think she In In
love with ou?' And Mr. Lnngdon said
nnurll, 'I know she Is, but that has
nothing to do with the matter. Can't
you bo decent for onco and set n gltl
ftee when she doesn't want to marry
ou?' That made David even more
tiirloiis. nicl he fairly shouted, 'Mnry
will leain to love me fust enough, once
we're married, nnd 1 shall never set
her fi oe fihe has piomlsed and I'm
coin? to soo tnat she keeps that prom-
i-e r,rsiii", no you inniK rm go'ng
to lo cvervSody sav thc Jilted me. after
we've nunouneed our engagement this
wnv ? I should sny not.' '
"Did Mi. Lnngdon repl 7"
o. ie ju.si turnod round with a.'
sin iig nnd walked away, nnd 1 came
mil Hnd Joined mv brother."
"Did he ask If ou had ovei heard?"
"Did vou tell him of the conversation
between Miss Page and Mr. Lnngdon'."
"Yes I felt Hint he ought to know,
v. oti-f-voii see, ho was mv brother, even
tnoiign Mnry wns my friend.
"Yes. He said, 'why should I stop
tlilnltlne? What have I to live for"
Then she put her nims around lila'
nook, nn I It was wjjllc thpv not ihns
that Dave Pollock came In. There
vote :i lot of Jolly tilends with hlir.
It wasn't a mbment befotc he saw
1 iinednii nnd Mlsn PaKt at the tab'"
He looked mndder than I've ever seen
iuiv man look. Hially. 1 didn't know
what would happen His nresenoe
f-ectnecl In sober Lansdcn oompletelv.
I rlirhed forward, fearing theie would
be a horilble scene, and urged Pollook.
ti o nvvav. He pushed all of im
back '1 want to et at him" he kept
c tiling. 'Just let mi get my hands
on him.' Langdon was trying to k"
Miss Page out of tho place He did
mocecd, while several of us held Pol
lock hai lc by main foi re. In getting
Mnrv Into n little an t room r sort
rf na-l net to the cafe"
"V.CB co on Mr. Brandon." urged the
niosi i ulor. who seemed pleased with
hi wltnos
"Well. Pollock wns determined to
follow them, nnd couldn't m event
him I Xound myself dinccod into the
HU'p room with him and I nlammcd
the dooi But Dave for fome icason.
wb calmei now "What docs this
mean Mnry? ' he said
" 'It means. Miss V.me answered,
'that 1 rant marrv anvone but Mr.
L.mciion ' and Lancdon went on. 'Now.
11n.. tvl.uC Arn n pnllir In tin atlflllt
Illrt vniir 1iinf1i.e rnntrn nnv .nm. I Tli.-. ninxoriilnr intorrnntid "Did Mr
inept?" Lancdon know at that time that Mmv's
"No, he Just flushed up u little, then fjt'iei hnd forced Ml Pollocks check?"
hr lsughed nnd said thcv'il huve to ! "No. sit ho tIIiI not for Pollock pro
got over It. nnd he was going to marrv dm ed it at that moment and Langdon
Jin', anywaj." (didn't know what It was He looked at
"Did Mi Lnngdon eor mnke nny Mis.1 Pace who loomed overcome with
othoi plen to jotir brother, or sec Mlfs Pinotion, 'WhtM does this mean. Mar.v V
1'iufe ngnlnv" he asked But she didn't answer
,.v.t .1... i... u if u. .1 .. ,aT ' n'
but Mr
"Your honoi." bioke In lansdon.
lenplng to his feet. "I object. Tho
witness Is now repeating mere hearsnv
No hj ranif whllej v.is ivittne talk- nn, iH i,nf .staling facts of her own
lug t-i Mrs Piige Mno and David unwledpe"
vveio In the next room, u I went to ut . Ttip (.;lrt wii sustain that objer-
Mi Lnmdop In He stopped at tne ,,,.. Hn)d Ulp jtUgr piomptij. -mi
gtito. Iiioking nl nil I rother n i.itonio- p00ck. ou must not repeat what y
mi.-, riiu i iii"i n.v i,ii. ... niive 8mpiy
nn i i nun ni'iu ,' nvtr i..'iiiiiii, i.li
toward the poih the others enino to
tho dooi. Scridcnlv David cuught Maiy
up In his aims and kissed her. hho
seemed to itiiivrsle against him. and,
" Lnngdon. thlnkin: that my brother had
' klssei Mar, nmlnst her will, riirhod at
Mm nnd till fPt nod to stllke hltT
"Yoin bono? ' It was Langdon s
who sn lcnl" harsh and strained "I
'I ho following fiunllf look pail in
the iH'iiiiiiy i Viiai ot mws .Mane
.Mil oui t. Lftellp l.ovis, Lillian
teii. iielrn senaruian i",un.a
siti, .Maiiei llowir, .ilargiieiuc Me
-inoinih, .ilai: t llliKiii, iithetiin
i' M (ii, alat'iiaict l.cc .Vi.ii A. ii.no,
.m.ii wiciiii, i'.vk Mnei, Augusiu
Mnvei. IOiujo tliown. Anna jiit
nolz, and Hull- (iieeoe.
Notes of Stage
.Se.tily lS-i jiingeir wercpioscill
it thc MM ii.'lieaifal oi the isu
inton Ointorio ,oeletv at the
.luieii oi tne oL-nnit ..lomuo
(veu.iu. Ihe soclctj is picpaim
.,cndeit.sohn a ".St. Paul' for pre
sentation in April or A1aj. with
&ydne Lloyd w'rlghtson dliecttng.
Miss.Velma Shnrp of Michigan,
pianisto. was heaid for the first time
In this dt ut a recital given mi
ThurfMtn) .llRhl ut the Colonial
School for cjlrls. i:,.r.i Klghteenth
.street, togethet with Miss Marv
If.ibclle Hall, of this city, soprano.
Miss Hhurp completed her muslml
studies abroad and Is a pupil of Lct,
UictlEk, and also studied under
Malwlnc Bice, and Ignaz Kiledmnn.
uenn oi Vienna
"is It 3 oui Intention, tdi. to devclon
through the tvstimonj of THIS witness
the vvheieabouts of Miss Pace after
the minder" It scums to me that thill
Is the testimony that should be hi ought
forward now"
"Your honot. the movements of Mis
Page bet wen the time she was left in
conscious In the mom at thc llepuhll,"
until the following moiiiing nill hme
to be told bv Miss Page hei self Tlie
am not known to me .ind I have in
wltncos to tcHtlf to hei wheiealiouts
oi action? t have, in fact, heen unable
to get nn) one who m tunllv saw ilm
prisoner during hei flight Thc trulli
muft rome out. of com so and 1 have in
IllO lllinilinc laiiou uiu sirier ui uaim .!,.
Pollock to develop an Important llli" oll n,( s-iy; Vls Polio- k is
hi the ease foi the Stau ,. n-isdon i.t..i, nd vo.n hrntliet
Again Lnngdon smiled, slid the Juilg" v Uyi.r, , np,f"
sat buck with n Uttlo Fhtug. as. nnii'i Vn xti rn V.ptwoor tl"tn end
a inurmurou wive of . eminent a in' f!,(f ,))n, i),m,. iin,i n right to kl"s her
curiosity tho name of tbe new witnci ,)lt tht fh'v were encased "'
was lopratrd -w h-if did Mi. Lnncdon ssv hoii '
"Ruth Pollock! -iIr ,,du't rs onvthlog 11" '"a
The sistei of the dead man wnn )lirnr(1 nrr.,inil ntnl wnllod nwv, nnd
throughout Hie esiliei testimony had AJr ,c(1 tf, r-v."
snt unnotlecd .imotig tlic throng, was ' Wi the ongaaoniont ' ' vnui hrother
, tragic Ilguie 111 nrr craiuiiR inner. , Mi r.,pn )Tl.ri ptllillc"
garments as she went lo the stand i" Vo. , ,i,noc '
"Miss Pollock, vou have known tho -nji, Vil1l) i.tj,., n,.' i.'i liarce
prlcorici, Marv Pnge, fin aomo cars. ,, r, ,,npnv n i1Rt od nfrion?
have vou not?" .... , v" llnr -voloo was s-noiv nm-
i sir ... A aaA n( rii r.is, l Tiieninni 4 ni i --
f. CI C sV"l ' at eviioni n - nv . ..--
heard from others, onlv
uliHt vou raw and heard votliself.'
"May it please the court." cried tho
prosecutoi. quickly, "I shall be glnd to
have nil of the nnsvver of thc witness
with the exception of the words 'not
then stricken out. for whnt Mr. Bran
don said, he will tell the couit him
self." Brandon! Lnngdon winced at the
name, and Mnry. .lifting her head.
tinned a pull cf despairing eyes upon
nili'ht see him. I-nnmlon. within.
"Did vou .notice inythlnc peculiar
about Miss Pago's appearance at that
time And If so, tell the Jury what you
"! noticed that Miss Pace seemed
tcrrlblv excited, and when we got to
tho door that led to the cafe, there was
tioslttvelV an expression of hoi ror on
her faccj I never saw any one so un
strung. Hhe had on nn evening gown, of
course, and I saw " Brandon paused
Yes7 What did you see?" cried
"I saw a strnnge mark on h'r shoul
der finger-prints that I'jiiic and went In
the most uncannv way. I wns quite
tinncived mvsclf Mls Pane was bv
this time looking thtourh the door at
vou. air. Langdon."
Thc prosecutoi was on his f"ct hi a
moment. Hvorvone was grcatlv excited
What did this strange testimony mean"
People 'whispered and craned their
"1 object" shouted the district at
torncv. 'This storv has no beating
"Overruled." His Honor calmly said.
"This testimony, cried Lansoon a.
Wiumnhant note In his voice. ' will have
an imnoitant bearing on the line of de
fense J shall later adopt " ....
"1 object again." fairly yelled the
prosecutor. "Such talk tends to preju
dice thc Jury "
"Overruled," again the Judge drawled
"Jo that the first time you ever saw
these marks?" Langdon asked.
"Yes. sir."
"And the last time?"
"No. Six years later "
"Tell the Jury."
The witness coughed as if preparing
for un ordeal.
"It was the night of the opening ot
Miss Page In New York 1 couldn't ge
a scat, so I stood In the rear of tho
house, near the side. After the second
uct, I think It wai-i there was loud ap
plause, nnd Miss Page came before the
curtain several times. I saw Dave Pol
lock In a box. and Langdon down In the
orchestra. I noticed that Mist. Pago
bowed directly to him more than once.
I looked at my vvutcii. I was n pollco
reporter then, and It was almost time
for me to be on duty al the station So
i hurried away. Things were dim wnen
J got there, so 1 sat In a corner nenr
the stove and must have become n little
diowsy Prcttv soon I can't toll what
time it wns. but It must have heen a
couple of hours later Langdon camo
lushing In He was looking for Mnry
l'age Wo roognlzed each other, nnd
J was surprised to find him In such a
place on such an errand Then he told
me of tho murder of Pollock You could
have knocked me down I wns dazed,
bewildered. The next 1 knew Lnngdon
had gone out htirrledl The police wero
us excited and confused as I.
"Somehow the night wore on. I had
to stav on duty In the morning, verr
early, the prisoners w ere brought out
I from the pen. I hadn t slept much A
mo.eM ngr.ns. . hi ( evidence ;. ontlrj.lv , " t '? c'd tiTask VnU their
irieleviiri (iT-cl lonilln-' 'IP o MnihltiR fem,s ,.le to leagued igainst
ih-i he i n-ailiw upon the ca-o at l.1,.,1,,.,, na, f. ,ir,, ad liberty.
l'ont nlui though he tiled to smile rejourn -
Ti-.eu Pollock told him the straight
tmlii 'Her fathei did It." 1 tcmember
he said, 'nnd ho'n cointr to marrv me.
Now. dp von understand?'
"Langdon thoucht he was bluffing
'You skunk' he shouted and Pollock
wnvi.j tho check In his face. Langdon
" il bed it and thero was a struciHo.
The check toic in two. nnd when lang- nanor was hrnuzht in. and I saw-
don looked at the piece he held, he saw . stating headlines, telling all about
thst P bore tho forged signature, as! the murdei. That woke me up, 1 can
liiu j-heo nan winieii u i saw mm tell vou!
turn white as a sheet But suddenly' Had the "ltuatlon not been so tense,
b" s i lied and then he went culmlv over' there might have been laughter lieio
to a lamp on the mantelpiece and! jit the court ro
buineci IL I remember as though it
hud been vesterdav how hapov Miss
J'acc looked when she thought this evi
dence against lici father was de
atiovcd." The people In the court room gasped
with relief. Ihc.v cculd almost share
Mnrv's sense of icllef. But thev were
1 soon nromii. back wllh a shock as tho
w nncfcs went or.
"Pollock had fallen down, but be rc-
Tlie nt 1 csnnc I UACHlll y'H' m - ...... ..- ....,.i ......l-,.!.. hl,ln f lie
To clotrlot aitornev smile In trl- '" !,K '"(I ' UT" b I'mm ,n the ' , ' 0h y "'' -She eiud. 'What shall I
urn h II- limrd "p.nth.who looked jn Perhap.- lend j added w eg hi l" ' , c o. Phil" TI' do whntevci vou say.'
",n;j,l-l .,. .ho l-frrruptmn. nA sM 7 """,. ,: f?, ?, J V,o h 7lenel eVl ;."!' "'"M .:.'.. ?l. ''!??. "
j i i.v j muij . , ! . i jn h uMir f"jrisrirnrp iciaLia.
--. ii..
in an ocony of i""S": , ",n",", ' ,' m m.methlnt like tha ' can't renwm
PRiiinsr the fntllltv of that dcIio lo fc1 r,t ,,0fl . counM, Therevvaa
par Msr the rckln',- in of these iUl ,on,ethlnc nl f.t hl not hoincr weak
ecaln and toon ho tiirnod es If to go
i' loohci prruv down-hearted
,vii,n,r.rla .mnmnrlp thot brOUllt
Hirohhltic aehe to In- ev n l'oilt tht
was onlv bnlamecl v the liltlei es
ultatlon or the thought lhal at least
Pollock wn' Hi: ri now nd lie vowed
to himself that Mjrv should soon i"
Cre nr Ihe livv nf rail is of DlVid.
What did Po'Iock c'o nil this time'"
"He linnneH ui tlien when lie aw
ih.it Lsnrdnn s linok wss turned, nnd
'i"d to pit l r.miH nroii'il Mlsa
iree ot hit- i .i ',' ;: ",C':ir,,i I ' oge r-n" irnpen Dsei,. nn ir sne hated
bill lie did not fice the fleeting thougl'i I him , rr)nn,her she unid scniotliltis
of the piho Hint nitglit Have to ne paiu ,lt, -o0n't tcuch me. Dave Pollack!
for that froccirm ni .rnir i".c M II keep my word with you I'll co
et "!'
Mo , cold ' ''" ':r':"rt0" 'V1 l'r-"'h with this but VOll'll re
l-e tool the Stnrtci tnotisi ms f" P .- ai,t tl ,, rmi of j 0(Ir )fr
I., vi '-on nnm i" ' " - "-". vonll r-cret t f toll vnii!"
fi-t! r' "into npnosl ii. it he vvnnteii .,.,, rrforltor ,onined Bstlsfnetion.
in pm ini i t'ii- r
. Li...... av nun iirr f-v
T IS II THH"l- " . . r Trt ftnin 1 I IP II vis imm I , ....U-..l I.I- l.-uJ- A t
remafned liuipnite mentis .wcciwmui. . . -. , trnveied from Mar r."" ti,i ' i,- moo.I theie and I ' r i "i .""""" Bl l""c 'a8t
"W. you. 'hi ..the. alu a friend of, frS,IUle motho.r who -,' S &&Tmx ?A rtort him didn't
s? U ,nhh,nlr fo oulotlv ,l -f"?-' SJio -o'e in M? voice as he ansverc. uyx 'rdon '
"Wns the. e ever nnv close, relation-, I'.rlv behind , ,,,r '7-red ;ell , .No ( loseeumr'.s first incisive cjues ion I . v , fp , M ,
i,intnni that of mere trlendslilp be- I-m fae . I know thev vv ere not . nrv,rton vou wore present, weie ,, . nnJ.wrlc.(i thp TVtne'9. readllv.
,&W&&&&&&JiiS - ""- ""h -" izMl --:-- Mass
and vot ro 'limply changing tho aaped
of things. Tho prosecutor s next ques
tion came ouicklv ,,..
"Wns ycui brother happy In his en
gagement"" he asked.
"I don't know how to nnswer that
wns happy because he ( Kuth edd shviv
met hut now it "" Mnrv a inai weie
aeet.sntorv end Ruth', that t r tiou-
Ul.l ...l I, toa fn nnswer to tllllt IO-
proo'oh, rathe, than the startled look
on the nroseeutor's face that mnd
lie nil ciew up together. I wns not
laitietilHiiV intimate Ith Mr Tol
lnei, " snld Braiu'oii rir.lv.
"D!d snvtlilng occur to led von to
believe that Miss Pnge was not happy
m Ve. ensr.somcnt
There vill be a larce jyiuilent chotus
Hliied in the production of "Old lieldci-'
iicir' at Poll's next week.
Jojle Heather, at Keith's next week,
was one of the seven vaudevll'e acta,
ngaced to surround Mme. Bernhardt!
when she appealed in vaudeville lu
New Villi
Willa '1 Mack's new play. "King,
tjueen. J-ck." in which Irene Kcnwlik
s to pin- the stellar role, Is not to
be produ ed until next fall. The pic
mlere vvii, take place, utder the direc
tion of A H. Woods, at Atlantic City
m August 13.
"The Master Spy," a war play by Hi
1mgaa1d Karl Giaves, is announced
lor production In Match. It is foun i
d on hl books, "The Secrets of the
(Iciinan War Office" and "Tho Secret
f the Ilohenzollcrnr." Hi Groves si
he was for twelve years in the sec tot
eivur Intelligence department 01 the
ieiman government.
1 ourciiun. ii-
The progtam included the follow- wanted to tri-rry Mary, nut ne new ,,..,., ..a ........ -y. "---. . v-.
Ing romposltlonss: Sonata. Op 31, No. she didn't love him . """"J .,""- r;'",,"lh, iip wns'
"!"r",,HaH ZIX'A. ' "V'ho r.rl l'u,Mie,l and answered Icr, nn.inr w h.o I was sum no one else , ,,, , , tr . . -. ; Ijr in inj
llil "Orlllen iSehiimiiiim Mlia .. -at. co'ih llnd , ,, , nsei v nto. v -li- m- "tin rmn
i-M'&& I ;;o"u- ST.. u. to,e p,o;;hecks. L-o-doi, h ? d . .-rreled about ,
"A m ' Moil. U M'nRhV' aiRl- 'T?.Mle --innln- son w . enel.ed fmm a M. longdon who hnd boo,, .,-. Inc ; 1 went In -nH; of Mngflon '
mV..ii, mm "In 1 PomI n tJurdcn ' .m ... X c7v .Tbmdened heait bioke the tm.tlo.. came into tho ennsorvntorv ' -in,-... ,IM tea. p.vl him'."'
Mli t all mil Vjciatn" 1 csche- V.11 L Tt tl-" t c ilea ton. nnd Mis. i-t ,11-ln mo- - 111-0 I fo'' I; sh'.-M' ' Hrnndon Itu-hed ind nsnln his eves
ti'. r . ?.' '..''... o"..u.i (i.cscno- stll'-iss nt tr.nt n'1"- ,'",,..., ,, ' ,. ...ai,, 1 ., ,, kid behind . m.-na unnmllitpiv toward T.ancdnn ns
u..,,. ...lh3 rimiiK Iir-'c"" Inher" iiHiTds' "" th- pnV'smi f. "The.wht .hot , would ' .r.Vo-,-V---o, gr. oness ns he snld In n
An organ leellal Will be cUc, . ".viil.l.r- own eve. toai -dimmed Mtiry re. -.70 w nv . Rut- I'ley rlMn t ,. , " e- vn.e0.
"n-10 noment " .aid 7 s.n-rdon "I'll
toko the v.-Itnoss. If yon please"
F.v adroit iiiestlonlntr. the voune- at
tornev hrnushr out the fact thnt Bran
lon M'lif t'mo sfter the enlsodes he
hit nnrrited. hsd come to New York
inn' served on the Dnilv News as a
po'lce reporter The district sttoiney
room was so still you
rnnlrt hnve heird n snowflakc foil.
"What was tin .surprise, nn Instant
Inter, to see Maty Page enter thc room
from r side door. In full evening
. Initios, hut with no hat or loaf 1
could scarcely believe my eyes I
thought I'd gone mad, or something!
Whv, I'd Just been reading about her
and there she stood, pale and beau
tiful, but bewildered and frightened
A police officer took hold of her I
knew I wasn t dreaililng thon. nnd I
started up too, the newspaper still ln
mv hand
'"Who Is this worann'' tho sergeant
said . , . ,
" "We don't know who she Is, the
officer answered. 'She wouldn't talk.
She was pulled last night with a cou
ple of '
'Just then I was close to her. the
didn't recoitnlco mv, she seemed
stiangelv dared almost hynotlred.
Then she caught sight of the paper In
my hand with Its big type running
across the whole front page 'Sensa
tional Murder ' She grabbed, and read
It. horrified, nnd all .lust stood there
looking at ncr. without saying a. word.
Kven the sergeant was silent She
seemed to devour the story And then
-some vision must have come before
her eves, for she whispered something
.im.ii' v.nttio.' 'whiskv.' and her laca
nnd arms became tense, I looked at
her bare shoulder, nnd that's when I
saw those strange finger-punts again
They came and went ns before. I
couldn't believe it "'
Tho witness paused There was no
sound In nil the room
"Go on." urged Langdon, at lasL
"Then, the outer door opened, and
vou. Mr. Langdon. came in. You looked
ilred. haggard, bedraggled. You still
had on evening clothes I remember,
turning directly to the Jury, 'what- n
sensation Mr Langdon's presense cre
sted his name hnving been in every
headline, too. Miss Page saw htm. He
went up to her without r word, and
thev embraced cacli other Ann then
Miss Page stepped forward to the ser
geant's dask and whispered, so low that
I could hardly hear her. 'I give myseir
vn '
(Continued Next Sunday.)
Parkei A. Hord Is the authoi or "A
Mix-up. ' which the Shuberts hnve sent
n torn with Stella Mayhew atunei
New l-'ligland will pass i veidlct upon
ihts pln during the week.
Harry l.;iudei s now play, "The Nlrfii
HeioVe." which finished Its bookings in
Boston on Saturday night, will oe held
in reserve for a New York hearing.
niowing accounts come from Coluni
iius Ohio, concerning The Ohio
1 ady ' In addition to "I'ollannn ' 1.
looks as if George C. Tyler and Klaw
vs turlangcr nave another success.
Krslwhlle Susan" Is having wondci
rul success at the Gaiety Theater, in
New yoik
Miss Ktliel Du iio Houston, who is
playing this week in "The Mrnked
Mod).' has a number of fi lends in
Washington. Miss Houston played 111
Madam Butteiny" lu the role of Su
zuki, undoi tho management cV the
VUorn Opera Company, and wns with
Christie vfacdonald in "Swtethcnrt
"Mnld In Mnerlcn" is in Hpringheid
Ms st the present writing minus
Mile razle who does not enjoy one-
i-h tmnlS
l.pipnuuv inu.cn inn cvc-nlng m
7.30 o clock by McHcmy Mel'hoiri,
assisted by Mi'. La '-"-ill, ropiono.
and the choh of thc church. Tin
progtam Includes excerpts from
"Samson nud Dclllnh,' Hi. Sauis .
"Barcuiolc," Lemarc . "1-cai Not, ')
Israel" Buck. "Ave, Maria ' Luszl.
The usual organ rrcltnls vvll begin
Kobruaty lii ..t 440, with Mr. He
Chord as the organ sol-. 1st, nsistcd
by Hie choii !inu varlcis lugcrs.
Chniles Tiow bridge Tittmann, bas
so, has just 1 etui nod f.om Dettolt.
whcie Im aung in two concerts, one
with the Detroit Symphony Quite1--tra
before an audience of tOOO and
the other a song lccltnl Mr Tltt
niiinn met with gieat Micccss, being
obliged in repent a pan of the at la
"In dlcscn Helllgen Hillen" fiom
Tdcunit's "Magii Pluto," which he
gavo with oirhe'tia.' ni'd having the
distinction also of bein the first ,o
sing lu that city the 'Wind Soug."
by Rogers, which he gave ns encore
to a group of thiee songs at the
1 nme concert and which met . Ith
unusual response.
The Detioll pres said of his
lecltal: "Urn Is a finished aitlst. cap
able of fine legato and good Inter
pietutlve work What li Importuni
in a. iccltal slngci. Mr. Tittinan.i
mnntfostly enjoyed hia work Mem
ory will linger longest ovei his more
romantic, not to say sentimental,
contributions. In which he Is most
thorough! master of thc Hltuatlnn "
For the past two years Mi Tltt
mnnn has been study Im, with Myion
Whltncv. Ji., of thlb cits
1 1 ..,.. .-.. 1 ,. --...- ., 1.1., ., ,. ..,,, . ... . . . .... ,. ,
.iiei.eii not hoi hands vei' nlnglv. nan "HJd Miss l'age huj iiiiju"c ....-.. lie wns n 111 nar. ui tnuin? witn
, .Tii,..Sr.c- "Mother Mother" and ,o, on-r.-fonienl "' , .. 1 fvuMr";"
,,,-,.. ...... - ,,,A I,, ,, inmnn!, 1 -i'i,r weie rsiKiTt-r nnnin 11 .- un-.
I Oia . rtil n 11 hint "
Lne . eel hlnibiek. nnd. draw hit hei , came in. slid the thst ihlnv I he.iid ..Yor Oi. lath-M. I urged him to
n arVnsn hot distorted fnce smother- was. i have jlven my woid. Philip, and 1 ,, ,, nt onf, nf the tnhles. I wn .
a -ne .on- tlint shook her thin shoul- . T must go th'oush with it-even If It I MI, , ,P1 ,,, pr lilm tnke nnvtlilng
rterh like n storm, as the prosecutoi ' U'lls me.' She was half civlng. and I u, ork it when I raid so he an
.enented his question ' ivn.1 bonified because .he had scorned pvvered Mm! lie was drinking to fo -
It al hnnneneil sovcin! vests aso-' 0 sin l'ng and gnv nil evening. 1 ,.,.t tint lie hnd lost a girl who still
cue mnvbo sis Maty and 1 vvie very , thought do wns settlnsr setting ice-on- neil him though Mio was r-olnr ti
ood friends nt thnt time nncl 1 wasi(rd to -ho'iia encaged Then Mr ,.)Utrv another tnin T asked him If
Zt hoi home n grc it deal Sc. I knew; i4,,nBcjon Hft quietly 'Marv. vou don't 10 meant Mary rne. and he said
lb it-that -thev wetc gieatly in need ot.iove him. do you." And Mary said. 'A ou .
rnnit i dn rt iiiiiii i iiiirf1 it tiniv iiiii-t i nn xii aiiibii w i i ii nun icinir
..tt 11 a nresslng need. 01 do.JOU m,,n in th n'orid thai 1 love.' Then he
Jmeaii slmnlv that they WPe,f,oor.,IM took hot in his aims and she htoke
oth she sum lies.-j."- . ... - now n ana sounen, oui wnc-n ne nu iv
nooi hut st the same lime I stvenK j ,n,ko )lP1. ,av ,1)p y,oua break hoi en
nvei'iosnl Mi Pace si v thai there an,n q1 wouldn't and she would
of I
would ho ruin for all of thorn nnd that ot tc.n ,,m whx he ,,nd piomlsed to
thev'd bo turned out on the st-ort un- marrv Dax)t ShP onlv said thnt. she
lcpa he 'got the nonev be for. mot ii- col,(1 0P1. bc rrPfl unP,3 David gave
Ing Maiv overncaui in..;. "
when no wont out she Hid I -.t t.V
In" to think of some vvav bv which wo
en. Id ral.e monev It was vvh.lo we
Roller Skating cIIm"
pnns Ate i Ninth it N. TV '
Pilly I0:0 lo I- SO-- l '' V Hi
Amtrlca l.rsc n4 I1nt aitatlna ArM
roiiiu - "T"- ..... . n,. ...
were 'till taiKini mui - -
back. He he-had been .lrlnlinj and
he vvne vmving a ohck around his head
snd . lied 'I've done a good turn for a
lii. i a 1, .!, those who help them
selves' He seemed terribly cxoitcd.
IUl iiiniiciiiair, ,
.j ,.! Ant ncnlll a ltUC
Vav.ns that he v.ntited to cash
chock before the Panics cloied
Special Tour To Famous Hotel
IlnllT !-erv Ic-e- Slodern Meel Mamrti
Cltj Ticket OffiCe. 731 l.'.th St. ., ,
iWoolwsiM Bi i'dii'i
her liack hei nromise "
"Do von mean to say" Interrupted
tho Judge, "that Mr Langdon knew
PROF. WYNDHAM,M5,h,,,BM8,'jw. w
All dani-e. Clues. Rl- rrlvn-t any hour.
GLOVER'S J3 ::nd, cl. ilnci Tiis.,
Thurii Set . .0. Idls trie prlvt ! Mon
an hour 50. all ilimrs lav-ght. Uint mm
od Hne billrooin tor rent ti l'h vV 1L.
J!RS CODU, 100 K K ST. N W.
Plio-ie Main 5Sli. Leifom In cla "r evnln.
A8mbl Lance Kvny Monday Evennnr
formrrly MIPS
W . all -tsnt'ii.-Phone
X ."SI
coi i.rr.H mx mth i v
taught private lc-anon. Tk
HI? Qf'C SI N. W
Mil I CIl'C RKI.ASCO IHEAIa, fhons
rnlbbCIl O $J L'P tO-UlMlntfU
Diu, Oiturii evtolu tl w fwmV.
808 K St. N.W.
"The Russian Frontier"
In S Big neels.
"Poaltlvelj flrnt time shown an
Tilirre." ( hnrge of the Ituailnn
Coaanc-ka. The rendition of camps,
etc. Thc men lu action. The mofct
vvcindrrful mir n'etiire ever filmed.
See the linttle In thc pine forest.
i:tra ndded attraction Mary
Puller In "K Heart of n Vlermald."
niMiM. roMonini
Lord John's .Inurnnl No. .1. entitled
"Three-fingered .lenn?."
7tltand F Sts.
All This Week
Commencing Today At 3 P. M. and Every Day
Following From 1 to 11 P. M.
The Most Pretentious
Motion Picture Ever Filmed
Based on Rex Beach's Masterpiece of Life In the
Alaskan Gold Fields With Its Pulsatinc
Passions and Red Blooded Vigor
The Masterful Personality
The Accomplished Actress
'I'IiIm Monater Production In Mne C.iont Itrrln, Itcplete VMtli the tmos.
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Best Mnn Is the Quickest AV'lth the Trhn.rr.
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the Film World.
Children, 10c; Adults, 15c

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