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Miss C. M.4 Pennybacker Award
ed Gas Range, and Mrs.
Puette Vacuum Cleaner.
The Times baktnff contest, "which
brought the Westfleld Exposition at the
Arcade Auditorium to a conclusion yes
terday afternoon, proved an unquali
fied sucresa.
As a result of the contest twenty
seven Washington housewives werr the
recipients of valuable household ap
pliances or articles of food and $35 was
raised for the benefit of several needy)
families under the care of the Asso
ciated Charities. The money will b
given directly to the families by Mrs. II.
K I taring, chairman of the energetic
committee of -women which sold the
cakes and bread after they had been
Judged by Prof Sherwood P. Snyder
and Mrs. Snyder.
By far tho most excited person among
the 700 who thronged the Arcade when
the winners wero announced was Miss
C M. Pennybacker, of 3151 Seventeenth
street northwest, whose pound cake vaa
declared tho best In the loaf cake di
vision, and who was awarded the $53
Ban range.
JIlss Pennybacker Is a member of lit.
Ploaeant Methodist Kpiscopal Church
South, although this fact was not known
to either of the judges. As a result of
Prize Winners in Times
Baking Contest
Following is a complete list of the winners in The Times Baking
Contest at the Arcade:
First Sentinel automatic cook stove, donated by Sentinel Manu
facturing Company.
Won by Miss C. M. Pennybacker, 3151 Seventeenth street north
west. Second Universal coffee percolator, donated by Landers, Frary
& Clark.
Won by Mrs. H. D. Ruddeman, 722 Taylor street northwest.
Third Savory roaster, donated by Republic Metal Ware Company.
Won by Mrs. M. G. Copeland, the Rockingham.
Fourth Lightning ice cream freezer, donated by North Bros.'
Manufacturing Company.
Won by Mrs. E. L. Griffin, 616 Quincy street northwest.
Fifth Thermos bottle, donated by American Thermos Bottle Com
pany. Won by Mrs. T. J, Mount, 3531 Warder street northwest
Sixth Large jar Airline honey donated by A. I. Root Company.
Won by Mrs. E. J. Febrey, 3547 Thirteenth street northwest.
Seventh Three pounds Rumford baking powder, donated by Rum
ford Chemical Company.
Won by Mrs. Julien Summers, 314 Seventh street northeast.
Eighth Can Lowney cocoa, donated by Walter M. Lowney Com
pany. Won by Mrs. R. I. Kennedy, 2504 Irving street northwest.
Ninth Package Lipton's tea, donated by Sir Thomas J. Lipton.
Won by Mrs. W. Krows, 233 B street northeast.
First Frantz-Premier electric vacuum cleaner, donated by Frantz
Premier Manufacturing Company.
Won by Mrs. K. Puette, 3524 Center street northwest.
Second Thermos carafe, donated by American Thermos Bottle
Won by Mrs. W. D. Scott, 2000 H street northwest. N
Third Universal teapot, donated by Landers, Frary & Clark Com
pany. Won by Mrs. B. Souder, 1428 Perry place northwest.
Fourth Savory double boiler, donated by Republic Metal Ware
Won by Mrs. A. B. Rolling, 3327 N street northwest.
Fifth Universal food chopper, donated by Landers, Frary &
Clark Company.
Won by Mrs. W. A. Kiefer, 710 Taylor street northwest.
Sixth Three-pound can Rumford baking powder, donated by Rum
ford Chemical Company.
Won by Mrs. D. Griffiths, 85 Maple street, Takoma Park.
Seventh Large jar Airline honey, donated by A. I. Root Company.
Won by Mrs. W. S. Fisher, 1337 Parkewood place northwest.
Eighth Can Lowney's cocoa, donated by Walter M. Lowney Com
pany. Won by Mrs. E. B. Wine, 1326 Euclid street northwest.
Ninth Package Lipton's tea, donated by Sir Thomas J. Lipton.
Won by Mrs. D. D. France, 322 School street northwest.
First Bissell carpet sweeper, donated by Bissell Manufacturing
Won by Mrs. C. Whitebread, 1017 Euclid street northwest.
Second Thermos bottle, donated by American Thermos Bottle
Won by Mrs. J. H. Moreland, Silver Spring, Md.
Third Universal bread mixer, donated by Landers, Frary & Clark
Won by Mrs. H. Bredekamp, 2910 Twenty-sixth street northeast.
Fourth Savory 'double boiler, donated by Republic Metal Ware
Won by Mrs. M. J. Beardslee, Bethesda, Md.
Fifth Universal mayonnaise mixer, donated by Landers, Frary
& Clark Company.
Won by Mrs. G. T. Ash, 2523 Fourteenth street northwest.
Sixth Three-pound can Rumford baking powder, donated by Rum
ford Chemical Company.
Won by Mrs. D. Campbell, 3019 Twenty-fourth street northeast.
Seventh Large jar Airline honey, donated by A. I. Root Company.
Won by Mrs. M. Elliott, 1616 Kilbourne street northwest.
Eighth Can Lowney's cocoa, donated by Walter M. Lowney Com
Won bv Mrs. E. A. Tiffanv. 3409 Brown street northwest.
NNinth Package Lipton's tea, donated by Sir Thomas J. Lipton.
Won by Mrs. D. Griffiths, 85 Maple street, Takoma Park.
A Jar of Beechnut bacon was given the first-award withers.
Mn,. KATHERINE PUETTE, with her first prize layer cake.
Miss Pennybacker'a wholly unexpected
triumph the congregation of tho
church will Install a big gas range in
their new edifice In Sixteenth street.
Said Miss Pennybacker after the con
test: "Why, the Idea of my winning in
u cake competition! It Is astonishing. I
never dreamed of It. I simply uttended
several of Prof. Snyder's lectures, heard
hlin talk on cuke baking and went home
and followed his Instruction. I had no
Idea my cake would win. for I have
seldom or never hud any success In
cake bnklng.
"I prize the gas range most hlghb.
asid for the sentiment I think I Khali
kpep It In my kltrhen as a reminder
of the biggest surprise of my life. I
have a much bigger new gUH range in
my kitchen anil one euMer to operuto
than the one I received In the contest.
I think I fihall give the church my
big, new slmpU range so that nnvono
who knows how to cook can ue It '
Awarded Vacuum Cleaner.
Mrs. Katherlne Puette, who was
awarded the vacuum cleaner for the best
layer cake, was enthusiastic over her
victory, but not nearly so much as Miss
Pennybacker, for winning oake prizes
is no new sensation for Mrs. PUette.
She has won u number of them p)th
for layer and loaf cakes. In fact, she
relied more heavily upon her sexeial
loaf cake entri-s to win a reward than
upon her layer cake.
Mrs. Charles "Whltobread, who led "the
entire field In the bread buklng division,
uIho took her victory calmly, for she,
too, Is a repeater us a winner In baking
Miss Pennybacker s victory seenied a
popular one, Judging from the apilausn
giver her by other women members of
Mt. Pleasant Church, who entered loaf
cake.i In the hopo of Inning tho mt
range for tho church. Practically nil
of tho forty-llvo other entrants In tho
Pennybacker on her ruKe and autreed
that the Judges hod made no mistake
Each of the women who received re-
wards was delighted and fluttered
about the hall In high glee, spreading
the good news among their friends. In
the hall and making many telephone
calllsfto their families and acquaint-
Thn Points Considered l
ino loinis consioerco.
The women wlo entered cakes and i
llie other nvnureus or nousewivcs in
the hall when the judging was done
1 on mm. I n irroat ili.nl l.v varliltic lt-,.r I
" " '
Snyder and Mrs. Snyder at, they went
about their big task, of selecting tho
The points considered in Judging the
cakes were appearance, tuste, grain,
texture, molstuie, tenderness, spiinui
ness, and velvttnoss. In tho bread di
vision appearance, grain, texture ."liv
ing of tho ingredients, ki.eudlnt and
baking wero considered.
Each housewlve who entered .1 cake,
was given a coupon with a number on
It. A number corresponding to this wi
placed on ths cake. In a closed Ittr 1
were placed duplicate numbered coi1
poiiH containing the nsmes and ad-1
dresses of the entries. The jar was not I
opened until artcr the calces had hern
Judged. Then Prof. Pnyder and Mrs.
Knvder ascertained the names of the
holders of the coupons.
From among the forty-six loRf
cakes, Prof. Snyder selected sixteen
of the best, after poking holes in the
slices cut off, testing the springiness
and moisture and sizing up thn gen
eral appearance. Then, as if ap
pealing to the supreme court, he call
ed In Mrs. Snyder, who went over
all the entries, but failed to add any
to the sixteen selects. Tho two then
stood by the table on which the six
teen cakes rested and viewed the
cakes with most critical eyes.
How They Judged.
They massaged, squeezed, and poked
the slices. They turned the pieces
over and over. They tore the slices
Into Blireds and mashed the mass up
Into a lump In their balled fists. First
they tore hunks from the slices, then
they broke off bites, and wound up
by breaking off flakes, testing tho
big and slnall pieces as they broke
them off. Not entirely satlslled, they
seized knives and cut Into the cakes
again to test the uniformity of tho
grain. The loaf cake required almost
an hour for decision.
Prof. Snyder and Mrs. Snyder nar
rowed the competition for tlrst honois
down to No. Gl and No. 78. 'Jme and
time again they tasted these cakeJ,
cut' slices from them, and laid them
side by sldo to compare the texture,
irrain. etc. anJ flnallv agreed unon
No. 61 as the winner. An hour later, j
1 alter ma jar nun ojeueu, ji wun
I lAunififl Mint TIrh T'tf.n nvhn nWnr vn M
the holder of coupon No. 01, and Mrs
It. D. Huddemun, of 722 Taylor street
noithwest, the baker of cake No. 78.
The awaidlng of the othei prize In
this class was almost as difficult as
selecting the first leward winner.
Award Winner oPundcake.
Miss PennybucUer's entiy wna a
round pound cake, with a half Inch
whito Icing on It Pi of. nydr said
this was the first pound cake that
ever won a buklni; contest in which
he served as Judge. It was entered
District of Columbia Increasing
cloudiness, probably followed by rain
late tonight and Monday. Light, url
able winds.
Maryland Increasing cloudiness, prob
ably followod by rain lute tonight and
Monday. Light, vurlahlo winds.
Virginia cioutiy ,ionigni ami aiondaj.
i'rouuDiy ruin
Light, variable winds.
1 .. m...
8 a. m..
9 n. in..
10 a. m...
11 a, m...
High tides 10:13 a. m. and 10:37 p m.
Low tides 1:21 0. m. anil 4:11 p. m.
Sun rose at 7:00 Sun seln nt
r. 23
Llcht automobile lumps at o.yj m.
BACKER, with her first prize
loaf cake.
with her second pri.c loaf cake.
jood, angel cake, maple cuke, silver
. ,.i .nmi- ol-. i..i k-...i .
l',Kc; sPc'Be cake, finger bread, etc.
ol all sizes, weights, aid ahapes and
decorated with many elaborate do-
Mens of Icing.
The layer cake decision also gave
the Judges considerable trouble. Prof.
Snyder announced that Mrs. Puetto's
' a3 if superlative texture, grain,
elvetiness. smoothness, moisture! and
tenderness. The same was said about
the caKc entered by Mrs W. I. Scott, a
Virginia woman, who Is visiting rela-
tlVCH at 2000 II Street nOrtllWPSt.
Tout.l -Inn.. .l.nI.I.J Ikl. ....... . A.
. cr... aiuuu uvmitu Mill UUIIIUHI, as IUQ
canes were equal In merit otherwl.sn.
Alter many comparisons and much
tasting, the Judges awarded tho prize to
Mrs. Puette's whlto cake. Mrs. Scott's
entry was u layer cake flavored with
hitter almond. Tasting the cake Indi
cated a llttlo too much salt
After the contest Mrs. Scott said: "I
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duced to DJ.U.VV
knew that butter was too salty. I
should have washed It." To which
J'tof Snyder said: "If you had washed
tle butter and removed the trifle of
lU that oozed from It. Mrs 8nder
nd I probably would havo remained
nere many hours trying to decide be
tween your cuke and Mis. Puctte's."
Although highly enthusiastic over tho
10) or more cakes. Prof. Snyder was
more conservative In his remarks about
the bread. "Just say for mo that the
tlrHt prize winner's entry stood out In
bold relief from the 123 other entries of
blend, rolls, and biscuits." Ills mens
med remarks Indicated that the bread
content had disappointed him. Most of
he bread was "Just averaee" and some
"f It was burned, or "a little dark," as,
the women said an they watched their
bread being Judged.
The sale of cakes bv Mrs. Harlng's
commlttco was snlrlted and was con-
li (led a short time after the awards
wore made. The nrlre-wlnnlng cakes
l'i ought from Jl.r0 to X2 each, while the
others weie sold for CO and CO cents
nniece Townrd the end of the sale
Manager Wlllard. of the Arcade
mounted the block and nuctloned off the
lemr.lnlne cakes, acaulltlnsr himself like
11 professional and winning warm thanks
from Mrs. ITarlng nnd her committee.
Hope to Come Back.
At the conclusion of the contest Prof.
Snvder sold: "A great manv of vour
ladles have been kind enough to thank
Mrs. Snyder and me for conducting the
cooking schoot. T want to snv to vou
oil that, while we deenlv appreciate
this, your thanks are rcallv due to The
Wnthlngton Times, which, through Its
nubllc-splrltcdness and enterprise,
brought this exposition to vour city and
provided this Instruction for vou and
pleasure for us.
"Had It not been for the enternrlse of
The Washington Times, the Snyders
would not have been In your city, and
w would have regretted that very
much Thank your progressive, "Vnibllc
splrlled paper. We hope to. return to
Washington, but we cannot say any
thing about that now."
The exposition closed alter the cake
sale, and was pronounced a big educa
tional success.
Ritvr AitcfralSon XAfioo !
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1-rench governments in Dccomhcr
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Shrapnel Bombs Found
Ten Miles From Dublin
DUHL1N, Feb. C.-Great excitement
was caused here by word that nlno
bombs, tilled with shrapnel and highly
explosive muterlals, were found by chll
dren In a drain tit Lelxllp, ten miles
west of Dublin. The police ordered an
Immediate Investigation, but havo mado
no arrests.
Concert Today '
Orchestral Concert by the U. S.
Soldiers' Homo Band, at
Stanley Hall at 6:45
March. "National Emblem "..PaglO'
Overture. "Phcdrc" Massanet
Morceau. "Ferenade". ...Czcrwonky
Selection. "Alda" V-dl
Intermezzo. "Miami-.... Van Alstyns
Value de Concert. "Invitation t
Dance" Von Weber
Medle), "Songs of the South."
Limpc. Over
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Physician Successful in Efforts
. to Save Mrs. Myrtle Cogan,
Gas Victim.
Illoodransfuslon. a 'method which
physicians say has never been used" In
the District before to cure gas poison
ing, has saved the life of Mrs. Myrtle
Cogan, wife of James F. Cogan, an em
ploye of the District pumping station.
who was louna overcome py illuminat
ing gas in her home, 1228 W street
southeast, yesterday.
Cogan submitted to tho taking of his
blood by the doctors to save his wife,
and It looks today as If his sacrifice Is
to bo rownrded. Mrs. Cogan has com
pletely regained consciousness and Is
showing In other ways signs of quick
recovery f,iom the poison.
Mrs. Cogan's case was considered
hopeless yesterday morning when she
was taken from her home. At thn hos
pital It was said that she was dying.
Uncle Sam's Workers to
Match Marksmanship
Sharpshooters of the Government
civilian service will participate In a
program of Indoor shooting at the Na
tional Itllle Association Shooting Acad
emy. In Fifteenth street, below Pennsyl
vania avenue northwest, Thursday
from :30 to 10 p. m. The novlco lniei
bureau team, match will he shot One
or more teams from each bureau arc
The rules define a novice as one- who
prior to Jannuary 1 last, had not shot a
string of ten shots with a military rifle
under army, navv or National Rlflo As
sociation regulations. Tho Interbureau
championship tourney will be held from
j'euruurv u to April fc.
State Department Men
Organize Rifle Club
Officials tnd employes of the State
Department organized a rifle club yes
terday along tho same lines as the clubs
organized In other Government depart
ments. Tho following officers were elected:
William Walker Smith, president; Leon
J. Can ova, vice president; Charles W.
Williams, secretary, Joseph W. Mc
Mahon, treasurer; Miss Ethel G. Chris
tenson, assistant treasurer, and Wallach
A. McCathran, executive officer.
Tho club will have monthly practlM
flhootn at the Army Jllflo Range at
Winthrop, Md.
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I'll ' 'V' J- .'"' ' ' I" 'It
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twtfjfcm mm m m

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