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thrown up by scores of broad wieeled army wagons rumb
ling unde rtheir loads of war supplies. f
Nearly every other soldier seems to have, a sharp
shooter's medal on his breast. , Some display several'med
als. The field artillery forces are polishing up their weap
onstmd overhauling their carriages.
A big open blacksmith shop is shoeing horses as-fast-as
the smithies can work.
Each of the everal corrals for the cavalry mounts has
its quota of "rail-birds" discussing the fine points of the
animals. I nseparate corrals are the p4ck mules, the hide
worn tough whttfe the field and machnle guns'ha've rubbed
.their sides. ( .
Everyone in camp, is on the watch for a glimpse of a
troop of the "Fighting Thirteenth," which is momentarily
expected to dash in from Marfa, Tex., to complete the
Thirteenth's mobilization
Planning AgaintoCall
Refugees From Mexico
JTeartny that the movement or Ameri
can troops across the border In pursuit
of Frandico Villa may be the signal
Xor anti-American demonstrations, the
State Department Is considering the ad
visability of renewing its c (Torts to
persuade citizens .of this countr to
leave interior sections of Mexico.
A special tralnload of refugees, In
eluding thlrty-nve Americans, was ex
pected to leave Chihuahua City this
morning. ,
Twenty other Americans In the city
and seventeen located in the vicinity of
the town have rerused to come out.
Kerugees arriving at El Paso-from
Chihuahua City several days ago de
clared that tho Carranza garrison there
was manifesting hostility toward
The feeling of tension regarding the
probable attitude of the aCrrama au
thorities towards the Funston expedi
tion was iomewhat relieved today.
The State Department receive re
ports from border States of Mexico
stating that the agreement of the Uni
ted States to exend reciprocal prilllegcs
to Carranza troous to cross Into Amer
ican territory when pursuing bandits
raiding Mexican towns from the Amer
ican side had been well'recclved.
No Report From Sllllman.
United States Consul Sllllman, who
laid tho note of the United States bo
fore Carranza last night, has not yet
Teh advance guard of Funston's forces
was expected to get under way this
morning, but If the start has been
made the War Department has not been
The reports from the border stating
that Villa has abandonod his foray
against the American Mormons at Casas
Qrandes, and Is In the neighborhood of
Qalcana, heading eastward, may cause
a change in tho , plans for the troop
movements. Army orncers are inclined
to bellevo that Villa has changed his
tactics with the deliberate purpose in
view of forcing the American troops to
cross through territory controlled hv
the Carranzlstas, and endeavor thereby
to stir up complications.
The situation was discussed at length
at today's meeting of the Cabinet. Sec
retary uaKer is understood to have re
ported that Funston Is now In readl
ness to DUrsuc his camnals-n.
The President confered earlier In tho
day with Acting Secretary of Stato
Polk, who Informed him of the favor
able reception of the note to Carranza
among the peoplo of northern Mexico.
The President also talked with Chair
man Stone of the Foreign Relations
Committee concerning the outlook. He
Is said to have expresed to Senator
Stone a belief that there would be no
trouble with Carranza.
Before tho Cabinet meeting Secretary
Baker conferred separately with Sen
ator Chamberlain and Congressman
Hay, chairman of the Senate and House
Military Affairs Committee, In the
course of which, It Is understood, he
urged that the army preparedness bills
be expedited In order that the War De
partment might bo prepared for any
neports from Mexico to the effect
that Carranza has selected Gen. Alvnro
Obregon as minister of war in his cab
inet nave caused some uneasiness In
view of tho statementr In Mexican cir
cles hero that Ohrecon Is decidedly
antl-Amorlcan In his sentiments.
Officials of the Wnr Department re
fused today to comment on press dis
patches from San Antcnto, Funstoi.'s
headquarters, stating that tho pcneial
has asked for GO.OU) troops for servlco
nlon.tr the border during the tlmn the
punitive expedition Is operating in
President Does Not, Want -Ques-'tion
of -Use. Settled in the
Wrong Way. ,
Selected to Look Into Sanitary
and Other Conditions Sur
rounding Prisoners.
NEW TORK. March H.-To make a
scientific examination of conditions
prevailing at the great prison camps
In tJermany two surgeons of the stair
of the Johns Hopkins Hospital have
resigned and are now on their way to
Berlin, where they will report to Ameri
can Red Cross headquarters at the
American embassy.
For the last six months It has been
rumored that two American physicians
would be named to undertake this work.
Johns Hopkins Hospital considers the
naming or two or us stare an nonor
of no little Importance. The surgeons,
who were designated are:
Dr. Stewart Vernon Irwin, a grad
uate pf Hopkins Medical School, class
or JSH. lie is a native or uaainna,
Cal.. and a graduate of the University
of California, class 1911.
Dr. Jerome Pierce Webster, a grad
uate of Hopkins Medical School, class
WW. He Is a native of Plymouth. N.
M., and a graduate of Trinity College,
class 1910.
Got Kaiser's Permission.
It was necessary for tho American
Red Cross to obtain permission from the
German military authorities for the
work to be done by Drs. Irwin and
Webster. The Baltlmoro surgeons will
have access to the Immenso prison
camps, where hundreds of thousands
of British. French and Belgian prison
ers are confined. IJrs. Irwin and Web
ster, It Is said, will bo attached to tho
American embassy.
Acordlng to ir Khoades Kaycr
weather, the British government re
quested tho American Department of
State to name two surgeons to visit the
British prison camps In Germany. Dr.
Fayerweather's name waa mentioned as
one of tho two to go to Germany, but ho
was unable to accept the appointment.1
It Is' believed that Di-h. Irwin and
Webster will be attached to a Red Cioss
unit after reaching Berlin, and that they
will Immediately begin their work of In
spection. The Baltlmorcans will doyoto
most of tlulr time to tho British camps,
and their reports will be mailo to the
British government, though subject to
the scrutiny of tho censor.
King Ferdinand's Heir Must
Turn Catholic to Obtain Dispensation.
ROME, March 14. Pope Benedict has
refusedt the request of 'Emperor Francis
Joseph' of Austria-Hungary for the
necessary dispensation for the marriage
of the Austrian archduchess who la to
weoCrown Prince Boris of Bulgaria.
Tho pontiff insists that this dispensa
tion can be granted only by the Vatican
the heir Co the Bulgarian throne
again becomes a Catholic.
(Contfnued from First, Page.)
la nnnsduranco that the Administration
will at onco take a hand. Air." Kent's
and the President's letters havo been
mado publlowlth tho President's per
mission., Kent's Letter to Wilson.
Mr. Kept write In par:
This water power development Is
something that, undcr'ahy proposed
legislation, will tun atUcast fifty
.years, , and .Under, the Hhlolda bill as
it Is being founght out in the Senate,
will run for an lndefluito time un-
.less upset. by.ro volution or cuted.by
the sovereign power of taxation.
The bill as It Is being paused In
the Senate will be extremely vicious,
and what amendments we can secure
by. conference with the House com
mittco are unknown.. Unless. some
one in the Administration takes
strong ground, there is every chanco
that nothing at all will bo dono, and
that the waters will go to waste
simply because some of us feel that
a waste for a year or two Is better
than to sacrifice all public rights
practically in perpetuity.
I know of no greater service that
can be Immediately rendered by tho
Secretary of War than the consider
ation of the control of water power
on navigable streams, which comes
Immediately undor his Jurisdiction,
and It will be my pleasure to put hm
in touch with tho best authorities.
We are making a light against
people who thoroughly realize the
i immense fortunes to bo made out of
control of these, our common assets
For Influence and lobbying
work, the water power crowd are
tho shrewdest and most dangerous
people that we bavo to fight in the
country today.
It Is Inherently necessary that
there should bo no doubt aboqt what
will happen if a bill goes before ou
inav uocs not uuiy proieci mo jjuuiiw
Interest, and one In such a nature
that tho Injustice may be continued
thruogh an indefinite term.
Indicates He Would Veto It.
Thu last paragraph of Mr. Kent's let
ter was an appear for the President to
Indicate publicly that ho would veto
such a measure as the Shlolds bill; and
the President's reply Is construed an
conveying about as dlrect'an Indication
as could well ho expected from the
White House. His letter said:
Thank you for your letter of March
7. You may be sure that I will call
the 'attention of the new Secretary
of war to the waher power question
at the earliest possible moment, for
you know, I sm sure, my deep and
genuine Interest In It. I agree with
you that It Is better to let the water
power run to wanto than to scttlo
tho question of the use of It In tho
wrong way. I am watching tho
progress of legislation with a great
deal of anxiety.
In the last session of Congress thn
President made n statement on thin
same subject, which wan uacd, though
only privately, with much effect to pre
ent the passage of what was consider
ed a dangerous water power bill at
that time.
The fact that this tlme-hc hns author
ized publication of his plain warning
Is aegarded as pretty nearly Insuring
tnat thcro will be no legislation at all
this hesslon.
I'en among those who voted for tho
Shields bill In the Senate thero wan
widespread recognition of Its unsatis
factory character ns a conservation
measure. Thus Senator Walsh, on tho
last day of the discussion, said the hill
was imperfect, and did not nerve the
fmbllc Interest; but ho relied on Its bo
ng corrected In the House, and so pro
posed to vote for It.
Aero Fund $350,000.
LONDON. March 14. The armored
aeroplane fund opened In India now
amounts to morn than f350,000.
Crisp Gives Treasury Depart
ment and Holman Rule Ben
efit of His Doubt.
North Carolina- Women's Clubs
Petition for Clemenoy to
Save Her From Chair.
(Continued from First Page.)
hardshly oh anyone, but 'simply sub
mits this nronasltlon to the Home. If
the House approves of tho proposal, it
may vote It In the bill I If it disapproves,'
it may voto it down.
"The Chair thinks the substitute
amendment comes within the Holman
rule, and therefore .overrules the point
of order." ,
Congressman Borland's substitute pro
posal, as published heretofore in The
Times, proposes not only an olght-hour
day, but requires a reduction of 10
per cent In tho present working torce
ofall the Government-departments, this
reduction to bo made on or before Juno
W. 117.
It Is hardly believed Congressmen will
vote for wholesale dismissals to offset
an eight-hour day of labor on the part
of itho underpaid survivors.
Bill To Pass Today.
The i House will pass the legislative,
executive and judicial apropriatlon bill
as soon as It disposes of tho Borland
The eight-hour provision constituted
the last paragraph In tho annual bud
get, and the measure Is scheduled for
final passage this afternoon.
As soon as the legislative ' bill has
been raased It Is the plan of Majority
Leader Kltchln to call up the bill re
pealing the frco sugar clause of the
Underwood tariff law.
'ihls Is tho first of the revenue meas
ures which Congress must consider at
this session.
The Democratic leaders of the House
still hold to the belief that alt other
revenue legislation should be Included
In an omnibus bill, although the Presi
dent is Inclined toward separate consid
eration of tho Administration tariff
commission bill.
Immediately after this ruling debate
was begun on the merits of the Bor
land substitute.
The parliamentary discussion on the
substitute was participated In by Con
gressmen Mondell, Stafford, and Bor
land, the two former alleging that the
nubstltuto awn not In order. They con
tended that Mr. Borland sought to do
Indirectly that which he failed to do
directly on Saturday when his orlatnal
eight-hour rider went out on a point of
Both of these members Insisted that
the Borland substitute wan a dlvtsable
proposition; that two substantive pro
posals wore contained In It and that they
were not related one to tho other.
Congressman Borland contended that
the proposition! were closely related;
that tho reduction In force was followed
by a longer working day for the clerks
remaining, and tho two proposals went
hand In hand.
Mr Stafford argued that the legisla
tive appropriation bill did not cover all
Government departments, notable excep
tions being the Agricultural, interstate
Commerce Commission, and the Dis
trict of Columbia, whereas thn Borland
substitute would rover nil departments.
Therefore, Bald Stafford, the substitute
was not germntne.
Chairman Crisp said ho took this Into
consideration, but tho pending nppio
nriatlon bill covered most of the clerks.
Ho sold ho belle ed It In order under
tho Holman rulo for a niembor to offer
an amendment reducing the number of
clerks and retrenching expenditure! and
that the second part of th Borland sub
stitute was a natural consequenco of
tho flrnt
Approximately 300 members of tho
House wero ryesont during tho debate.
The attendance on the Republican side,
where opposition to the Borland plin
Is especially strong, bclns; Tore repre
nitle than that on the Democratic
Marriage Licenses.
WHIUm S. Smith, Chicago and Natalie it.
Earl T. Baser and Nellie M, Moormau, Mt.
Edward I.
Illchmdna. Va.
Mueller, and Virginia T. Darts.
e Htampn.
Halnlo r). Palmer,
Rudolph Thomas ahd-Desile Htampn,
jioo.ri nunnany ans
Georgian to Dine.
The Drat annual banquet of the
Georgia Hocloty of the District will bo
held at the Raleigh, April 1. The affajr
will be.informal.
V. M, J lairs ton Is chairman of tho
committee on arrangements.
TLhe palate IRcngal
A. Littier
Hours 9 to 6
Whether a convicted hUabund-klll-cr
shall break North Carolina's long
record of no capital punln)iment for
women, will be decided Monday when
Governor Craig will hear appeals or
clemency for Mrs. Ida. Bell Warren.
Unless he grants mercy, Mrs. War
ren and Samuel Crlsty. with whom
she once live as his wife, will die In"
tho electric chair March SI for the
murder of James G. Warren.
Governor Craig refuses to give the
slightest Intimation whether-the ap
peals for mercy by women's clubs, or
the State supreme court's opinion
of the murder as the most brutal that
ever came tq its notice, has most In
fluenced him. ,
Mrs. Warren's own story is that aho
chloroformed her husband 'While he
slept, and that Crlsty 'strangled him.
Then Crlsty and Mrs. Waxren'a son-ln-
law, mutilated the dead man's head so
it could not be recognized, and burled
It In a creek where It was found.
When Mrs. Warren and Crlsty saw It
In a morgue, they declared they could
not Identify It, but Warren's family did
later, and the trial resulted.
Appeals for' Mrs. Warren's life have
been made by the Antl-Caplta! Punish
ment League and by numerous women'
orrunlsatlons, the latter basing their
appeal on sex.
Muncle. Ind., women wrote that they
parsed their resolutions on Lincoln's
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Cardinal Gotti Is Near
Death; Gets Last Rites
ROME, March 14.-Cardlna Gottl, pre
fect of the propaganda, Is gravely 111.
He has been given the last rites of the
Cardinal G(jtl. was given the red hat
In JS95. His office of prefect of the
propaganda Is one of the most Influen
tial In tho Catholic church. All mission
ary lands. Including somo parts of
America and Africa, are under the juris
diction of his office He was born In
Genoa. March 3. 1X34.
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The forecast for tho District of Co
lumbia Unsettled tonight and Wednes
day: probably rain or snow; tempera
tttro tonight 34 to 36 degrees. Gentle to
moderate easterly winds becoming vari
able. Maryland Cloudy tonight and Wed
nesday; probably rain or snow. Mod
erate northeast winds.
Vlrglnlu-Unsettled tonight and Wed
nesday; probably rain or snow In north
and rain In south port'on; colder In ex
treme west portion. Moderate, easterly
(U. S. Bureau.)
8 a. m S3
9 a. m 33
10 a. m...., U
11 n. m 43
It noon 45
1 p. m 48
High tide 3:6.' a. m. and 4:18 p. m.
Low tide 10:33 u. m. at)d 11:10 p. m.
1:13 I Sun set 6:07
Tho refusal of the ?ope to sanction
this marrlago appears on the face of
a; to put a stumbling block to the pro
posed strengthening of the Austro-Hun-garlan
bonds by a new marriage.
When King Ferdinand, as crown
prince, married Princess Marie-Louise
or iJourbon-Parma. n 1833, the family
of 'tho princess Insisted on the condi
tion that the Issuo of the marrlnir. hn
brought up in the Roman Catholic
ralth. A constitutional amendment to
this effect was passed by the Bulgarian
In 1836, however, the King's eldest son
and heir. Prince Boris, then only two
.enra old. was "converted" to the Or
thodox faith, the Orthodox Gree:c
Church bolug the national faith of Bul
garia. This was done to effect a recon
ciliation between Bulgaria and Russia.
The rendition stipulated bv the family
of King Ferdinand's first -wife In marry
ing tho King did not apply to Prince
Boris. Thoro arc no children from tho
second marriage. '
Curlouslv enough, the chief object of
tho vnunt; pilnso's convention, which
had been a marriage between him and
the Grand Duchess Olga, daughter of
Cxar Nicholas, had "fallen through."
The marrlago was to be announced at
King Ferdinand's coronation In 191'. hut
never was. Tho chief reason is be
lieved to have befn the refusal of tho
Czar's daughter lo marry Boris, the
grnnd duchess, according to gcne)al re
port, having been In love with tho
Utand Dul, Dlinitrl.
With tho failure of this marriage be
gan tho gradual estrangement between
Bulgaria and Russia.
Cars Tied Up While
NEW YORK, March 14,-Thousands of
freight cars Ho deadlocked on eastern
tails In the seaboard freight tlc-up
while Maj. Gen. Frederick Funston is
beseeching railroads In the southwest
for cars to transport soldiers and sup
nlles to tho border.
Army men, however, pointed out that
after Funston's border natrol Is r.atah.
llshed and tho active expedition la under
wuy there will be supplies available
from the Middle West sufficient for sev
eral months' campaigning during which
uma ina ue-up win nave to do aiiovi
ated. .
Eun rose.
Light automobile lamps 6:37 p. m.
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