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Evangelist Preaches First of
His "Keynote Sermons" in
Baltimore Campaign.
BALTIMORE, March 14. Billy Sunday
win preach this afternoon at tho taber
nacle m "Pergonal Work."
This ii one of his ''keynote sermons,"
In which he urges ministers, church
Workers, and all who are atdlne him in
hit campaign to "sot out and root" for
trail hitters. "
Ho has not announced his night sub
ject. At noon today a meeting will be held
on the sixteenth floor of the Casualty
building to organize the business mon's
prayer meetings. Theso will be held
dally In the downtown section at noon.
Reports from last Sunday's collec
tions show a total of $2,7S5.W for the
day. The total amount raised in tho
campaign so far to defray the advanco
expenses of building tho tabernacle and
ott)er costs. of the campaign Is 1S.M.12.
Luncheon meetings for womon will bo
resumed today. These aro being hrld
In the downtown section dally from 11
to 2 o'clock.
Yesterday was "rest day" for tho
Sunday party. Mr. and Airs. Sunday
toured official Baltimore In tho morn
ing, were guests of Capt. and Mrs.
John Rldgely at luncheon at Hampton,
and In the afternoon Mrs. Sunday left
for Philadelphia and Winona Lake. Sho
wltl return the latter part of this week.
Congressman Greene Makes Pica
Before Society For America First.
Newly mode Americans, who come to
this country to find relief from undo-
slrable political or economlo conditions
at home, must throw their whole al
legiance to the side of America, Con
gressman Orccne declared in an address
last night before the annual meeting
of the Vermont Society. .
The speaker called Up the spirit of
'76 as an instanco when "America
nrst" was in reality tho slogan for tho
colonists. He also contrasted the
hardships they endured with the pam
pered life of the society man and
woman of today. .... ,., .
George R. Wales was elected president
of the socloty. Other sttlcers chosen
were Charles II. Urook. UoTge O.
Knapp, and Mr. Irving Woodrmt, vice
presidents; Mm. ;nco K. Ciiambcr.ln.
corresponding secretary; Ernest L.
Uanaalt. reordlnt; secrcta y: Hugh C.
bir.lth, financial secretary, nnd :tay
wond Hall, treasaror.
The board of Jlraco. will consist ot
Major D. 8. Fletcher, Walter W. Hus
band, and Mrs. Mabel It. Pierce. Tho
honorary pres'dnnla a'e ronicssmen
ureene and Ualo. Justices Staffi-ril and
rote, Judgo O. M ' icer. . P. rm
llngham, and C. B. Hugh.
Vocal selections were contributed to
the program by Mrs. Francis Shore.
Great Audience Greets It Enthu
siastically At Cincinnati.
CINCINNATI, Ohio, March H. Be
fore one of the most distinguished and
fashionable assemblages of tho city's
social and art and musical life, tho
Serge De Dtaghlleffo Ballet Busso
opened a brief engagement here tonight
. fh Mimtn Hall under Metropolitan
The biff building was crowded to tho
doors ana uu imu ..v.. ;
dancers was enthusiastic and cordial.
carried by the company, and conducted
uy jsrnesi .luueriitci, "o "" .
director, also caihA in for a great share
of the applause as did Frederic Frad
kln, the violin soloist.
Dlaghllefte, who was standing in the
back of the hall, started to the stago
after tho first ballet. He was stopped
by a crowd In the foyer and given a
round of applause to which he re
sponded In French.
All of tho principals were at their
best nnd the ensombles with tho Bakst
costumes and backgrounds, not only
were a. sensation, but they mode Cin
cinnati gasp u New York did at the
Musicale For the Blind.
A program of twenty numbers will be
given at the muslcalo for the blind to
night at 8:15 o'clock in the Library of
Participating In tho program will bo
Mfsa Frances Scherger. soprano; Mrs.
Milton C. White, contralto; Paul HlncB.
tenor; Milton C. White, bass; Mr i Sue
Burrows Jennings, pianist, and Milium
deLuca, flultlst.
Anti-War Speeches.
Opposition to war will bo expressed
tomorrow night by Congressman War
ren Worth Balloy of Pennsylvania,
Congressman James H Davis of Texas,
the Rev. Ii. H. Farklnnon of Chicago,
and Mlra Rebecca Hhrlly of Dotrolt in
speeches at the meeting of tho Anti
War League in tho Public Library.
1 i
Capital Man Battles
For British in France
Edward H. Fellows Captain of
English Cavalry on Battle-
front in Flanders.
From a prominent figure, in Washing
top society to a hard-working captain
of English cavalry nt tho battle front
in Flanders such is tho transition
through which Edword M. Fellows, for
mer master of the hounds of the Wash
ington Riding and Hunt Clb, has passed
stneo leaving hero In May, 1914. An
nouncement of this and news that
Captain Fellows Is allvo and well are
oontalned In a lottor Just rccetvod here.
Somewhere In tho north of Franco to-(
uay is tne dtsiinguisnea looKing wasn
Ingtonlan, for, dcspltn the fact that ho
Is English by birth, descent, and man
nerism. Fellows chose to call Waahlnsv
ton his permanent abode until the war
caused him to reswear nis allegiance
to his natlvo land.
Standing mnro than six feet, of clear
complexion. Iron gray hnlr and mus
tache, tho former master of the hounds
attracted attention wherever ho mads
his appearance at social functions,
horso. shows, and hunt meets. He suc
ceeded Walter Tuckorman as M. K. u.
of tho Riding and Hunt Club, and be
came one of tho most popular "mas
ters" tho club ever had.
Entertained Here.
Mrs. Fellows augmented by her
charm and grace the popularity won by
her dashing husband, and the couple
soon became a Washington Institution,
being hosts at numerous delightful en
tertainments at which the "horsey"
contingent assembled at their apart
ments in the Highlands, and guests at
almost every affair of note on the city's
social calendar. Mrs. Fellows was an
American girl. Miss Bessie Tucker, of
Raleigh. N. C.
But tho carefree llfo which they had
both set out to live In tho Capital was
"too Ideal to Jaat long." to use the
words of one of their friends.
The counts was ohlleed in lav
Washington to no to England to aettlo
nn estate left to Mr. Fellows by the
win 01 an uncie. uney were in Kngiana
when the war started, and during the
winter of 1914 Placed their country
place, Charlton Manor, North Pewsey,
Wiltshire, at tho disposal of tho Canadi
an regiments.
Ib Made Lieutenant.
Early in the spring of 1915 Mr. Fel
lows could not longer stand the sight
of his fellow countrymon going to war
while he remained Idle. He enlisted In
the remount squadron at Ormsklrk,
near Liverpool, and was commissioned
a lieutenant of cavalry. In September
last he was commissioned a captain
and sent to tho Flanders front. Sev
eral times ho has been reported killed,
but fortunately has bobbed up alive
after each rumor.
Mrs. Fellows Is In London with rela
tives and friends of her husband. She
has advised her Washington friends
that they may reach her husband by
addressing him care of the English
cavalry at Dieppe, Franco, maybe.
Struck By Locomotive,
Asks $25,000 Damages
Suit to recover 126,000 damages from
tho Washington Terminal Company was
filed late yesterday in the District su
premo Court by Parrls Prince, through
Attorney Ucorgo S. ttulltvanr.
The petitioner Informs the court that
while employed as a track walker by
tho defendant he was struck by an en
gine near M street crossing and perma
nently Injured July 8, last.
The railroads running trains Into
Union Station are mado co-defendants
with tho terminal company.
Schmidt Widow Asks
Administratrix Papers
Meta Schmidt has petitioned the pro
bate court for letters of administration
In tho estate of her husband, August
scnmiat. valued at $3,C50.
Personal nroncrtv. including ih. atnu
in a grocery storo at 400 w stret north-
wen. casn. nousenom errccts, stock -In
mo neuncn urening i.ompany and a
promissory, noie, is iimtd at 17,900. Real
estate owned ty the deceased is value!
at $15,750.
Suffrage Petition.
Twenty-one feet of suffrage signa
tures were affixed to a petition received
by Congressman Claude Kttchln, chair
man of the Ways and Means Commit
tee, today from women voters or Il
linois, asking that Congress adopt the
Susan B. Anthon suffrage amendment.
The petition was prepared by the
Chicago branch of the Congressional
Union for Woman Suffrage, and was
mailed to Congressman Kltchin.
Passes Resolutions for Quick
Consideration of Chamber
lain Bill.
William H. Lacy Says One Dose of
Mayr Remedy Ended Ilia
William H. Lacy, of Washington, D. C.
for throo years suffered from derange-
menU of the stomach nnd digestlvo
tract. He was threatened with un
He tried Mayr's Wondeiful Remedy.
In a short time he declared he had been
restored. He wrote:
"I have suffered threo years every day
with -a miserable feeling and was treat
ed by the best doctors, whom I know
made some wonderful curex, but guve
me no relief.
"Three weeks ago they sent for a
surgeon to operate on me, I read of
your treatment and I took a bottle.
Whatever there wus the mutter with me
lias disappeared, and I feel as well as
ever. They say I am a little ascd : I
am sixty-three years old. 1 feel as veil
as i ever aid in my lire."
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy gives per
manent results for stomach, liver and
Intestinal ailments. Eat as much and
whatever you like. No more distress
after eating, pressure of gas In the
stomach and around the heail. Get one
bottle of your druggist row and try it
en ar. absolute guarantee If not satis
factory money wlH be returned. Advt
Congressional Delegation Goes To
Elkins For Funeral.
Tho Senato and House of Representa
tives ore urged to drop consideration
of all other matters and pars the Cham
berlain bill for tho Increase of the reg
ular army at once In a resolution adopt
ed by tho oxeoutlvo council of tho Array
The recessltlcs of the present sltua-
tlon In Mexico mnkn It Imiinratlvn that
wio momoers or congress should glvo
Immedlato attention to tho army af
fairs, the resolution states.
Tho Chamborlaln bill provides for tho
organisation of the regular army on a
basis of 178,000 men on a peace foot
ing and 248000 on a war footing.
Six months will bo required for tho
organization and equipment of, the ad
ditional regiments authorized, tho coun
cil states in its resolution.
The Chamberlain bill incorporates all
tho important features of tho general
stall plan for the Incrcaso of tho army.
The Army Leaguers stato they h
llevo tho army In Its present form pron
ably could handlo tho actual warfaro
In Mexico, but tho situation of the
country generally presents a problem
that has many morn Important angles.
On Flower Culture.
Kenator Wesley li. Jones of Washing
ton wilt lecturo on tho resources ot
hU home State, with particular refer
ence to the largo varieties of flowers
grown thore, at tho second opon meet
ing of the Brookland HrotherliooJ to
night. Tho brotherhood will meet In Lord
Memorial hall, Twelfth and Newton
streets northeast.
Following tho funeral services for for
mer Senator Henry Gaasaway Davis at
tho residence of his daughter. Mrs.
Stephen H. Elkins. 16 K street north
west yesterday afternoon, tho body, ac
companied by friends and relatives,
was token to West Virginia for burial.
A Congressional delegation also ac
companied tho body to its last resting
place. Others who went Included Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Lee und their two
children, Halllo and Henry Davis, chil
dren of Jthn 1'. Davis, son of Senator
Davis; fcrmer Senator Davis Elkins,
Richard Elkins, U. Elkins, H. M. Hen
ley. J. a. Emmart, nnd C. S. lioub.
John T. Davis left liabana. Cuba, Sat
urday morning and is cxptcted In K1
kins In timo for tho services there.
Services yesterday afternoon were
conducted by the Rev. Dr. Charles
Wood, pastor of tho Church of the Cov
enant, and a quartet from the choir of
that church song.
The train carrying tho body Is due at
Elkins late this afternoon nnd the body
will lie In stato at the Davis home until
tomorow afternoon when services will
be held at the Davis Memorial Church.
Interment will be at Maplewood Ceme
tery. Mrs. Barrett Lectures.
Mrs. Kato Waller Barrett will speak
this afternoon on "The Family and the
Church." at Epiphany Church as a
part ot the scries of Lenten addresses
to women.
Mrs. Barrett talked yesterday on tho
relations of the "tn-laws," who were
compelled to live with a married couple.
Instant relief with a small
trial bottle of old
"St. Jacob's Oil."
Rheumatism Is "pain" only.
Not ono case In fifty requires inter
nal treatment. Ptop drugglnKl Rub
soothing, penetrating "St. Jacoo's OH"
right into your sore, stiff, aching Joints,
and relief comes Instantly. '"St. Jacobs
Oil" Is a harmless rheirmallsm llnhnrnt
which never disappoints and cannot
burn skin.
Limber up! Quit complaining' Oct a
small trial bottlo of old. Honest "St
Jacobs OH" at nny drug store, and in
Just a momnt you 11 be free from rheu
matic pain, soreness, and ntlfTnPus.
Don't suffer! Relief nwnlt you. '"St.
Jacobs OH" In Just an good for sci
atica, neuralgia, lumbago, backache,
sprains. Advt.
New Sanitary Law
In Effect Now
"No person shall provide or expose any cup, drink
ing glass ... in any place under his control
. . . unless such cup, drinking glass . . . has
been thordughly cleansed and sterilized since last used"
Individual Jfcg&ifiup service complies with the
law and the cost is trifling.
ndividval Drinking (j (mpany
DUtribuUd by
Tchphon your ordm4444 Main
ni-i-M-ri-ii i i ! -9-vm 9'm'''99m9J.m
? The Women's Store
1109 G Street
Spring Fashion Exposition
AH This Week
Every Day Brings New Creations to Our
Already Complete Stock.
They are stunning, aristocratic, and individual
' embodying youth, grace, and becomingncss. In
: every new laonc ana new snaaes; eacn sun is oeau-
tifully finished, elegantly lined.
Suits at $25.00 j
No suit house south of Now York can offer such
a value. Inspect these suits and you will be con
vinced of tne wonaewui value. v '
Two Attractive Millinery Specials
SC..., $7,501
j ana
These smart hats were inspired by modistes of Paris, but made
X for you by our own skillful artists, who adapt the motifs to .the
Z tastes of American women. All the new shapes effectively trim
f f iiif ifffitiitififffiiiff iiif laiTeitfiTti
W, 3& 5tfco$&$ Sons,
S ano llth St
We jre showing the
most comprehensive dis
,play of slip cover mate
rials to be found in Wash
ington and call your par
ticular attention to our
unexcelled facilities for
taking care of your needs
In this direction.
On all orders taken dur
ing March which can be
made up. and delivered at
once we will allow a spe
cial discount of 10 from
our regular estimate.
' A" postal or phone call
will bring a representa
tive to talk over this prop
osition with.you '
$15.00, $20.00 and $25.00 Panel
Curtains, $3.95
Hand Made Panel Curtains of which we can
secure no further supply, made of Renaissance.
Cluny, Heal Arabian, and Filet Laces on lm
poited net.
Mostly Kcru In color, and only one panel of
a pattern.
Can be used for odd windows or cut up for
fancy work purposes.
Sofa Pillows at Special Prices, made in
our own shops from discontinued patterns of
imponea uamasK ana urocaae.
Pillow worth regularly up to
$5.00, now ,..i...,
Pillows worth regularly up to
S7.50, now u-
$1.50 Leather Table Throws $1.15
Full large size skins, plain colors, tan,
green, olive, and brown.
$5.50 Matting Covered Utility Box $4.35
Covered with flno quality matting and finished with
rottan edge. Shellac finish Inside.
500 squares of Tapestry, Repp, Damask,
Brocade, Velour, etc., about 24x24 in., for
pillow tops, or can be used to reupholster odd
Specially priced at 50c, $1.00, $1.25,
up to $4.00 each.
Sample Lengths of Net, Voile, Madras,
Marquisette, etc., mostly 3 yards in each
piece, values up to 75c' per yard. lO-ir
To close out, yd IA2W
Upholstery Fabrics at Special Prices
1 yd. and 3 yd. lengths of Imported Damask ,
Tapestry, Brocade and similar fabrics.
Owing to conditions abroad we can obtain no
more ot thc&e and we have marked our samples at
an average reduction of about 1-3 from rosular
price. .
French Double Faced Velour Portieres,
green, tan, olive, and wine color.
Regularly $20.00 and $22.00 $17.50 pair
Tapestry Couch Covers, 60 in. wide and
full length reversible patterns.
Regularly $5.00 $3.95 each
Nottingham Lace Curtains,
Reg. S4.00 '..t.w..r $2.95 Pair
Nottingham Lace Curtains,' -
Reg. S5.00 1...... $3.85 Pah
Ecru Macka Curtains .
'Reg. $, 25. ...-rtJ -.,ri,.85p Pair
White and' Ecru Madras Curtains,
Reg. S2.25 $1.75 Pair
White Bobbinnet Curtains, with insertion
of Battenberg Lace, Reg. $4.50..$3.35 Pair
White Irish Point Curtains,
Reg. $5.00 $3.85 Pair
White Irish Point Curtains,
Reg. $6.50 ..,.: $4.95 Pair
Tapestry Portieres, assortment of! colors, but not
many pairs of any colors. Regularly $5.00 eq QC '
and $6.00, per pair 5O.I0
Tapeatrr Portieres, mostly in brown and (JJtr rje
green. Regularly up to $8.60; per pair..., D9lO
Snnfaat Hep p Portlerra In practically, all colors.
No more of these goods can now be had.
Specially Priced at $8.50 and $10.75 Pair.
Cream Scrim Curtains, plain or lace edge. (PI A A
Regularly $1.50; pair D-LUU
White Marquisette Curtains, lace edge. CJ1 Of"
Regularly $2,001 Palr - - &XOd
White and Cream Valance Curtains, lace fl1 n(r
edge. Regularly $1,75; set Dl40
While Marqalsette Valance Curtain, plain double
hem and Insertion of lace. Regularly $3.00; J0 nr
net WUtCtO
. High Grade Wilton Rugs
We are showine all the best makes, such as Bieelow Aidebil. Hartford Saxonv. French.
Hardwick, Empress, etc. in plain, self toned, Persian, and Chinese effects. AH the newest'
n1nfinorc V
Sizes Range from 2212x36 to 12x15 ft.
Prices from $4.50 to $125.00.
The Nearness of Spring suggests house
cleaning and the desirability of Vacuum
Sweepers. We carry the Bissell and Torring
ton. $7.00 and $9.00
Fine Quality China Matting 19c per yd.
Japanese Cotton Warp Matting. . .21c per yd.
An attractive line of designs and colorings
to choose from.
Special Clearance of Fibre and Grass Rugs, consisting of designs and qualities we will
cease to carry.
Santex and Newtex Fibre Rugs, 4.6x7.6, $2.45 Imported Grass Rugs, 9x12 . . .$5.50
Santex and Newtex Fibre Rugs, 6x9. . .$3.75 Imported Grass Rugs, 8x10. . , $4,75
Oriental Rugs For this week we are offering our entire stock of Room Size Oriental
Rugs at 2S9& from the marked prices. All the desirable makes and colorings, including the
most interesting collection of Chinese Riigs ever offered in Washington.
If you are not prepared to use your purchase now we will store it free until the fall
season. Prices range from $75.00 up. No rugs sent on approval during the period of these
extremely :low prices.
The Mol Complete Office Furniture
Department in Washington
FirsT: Floor, Eleventh Street Building

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