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On What Men
Are the' Chocolate Eclair and
1 Pie a la Mode Eaters Mere
ly Hypocrites, Or Do They
Forget What They Have
Dined Upon For the 'Con
, venience bf Seeming.Con
The Debutante Rebels.
E said that I was Illy, and that
I filled my stomach with" use
less trash
Such as chocolate eclairs, and
pie, and Ice cream.
The wholo evening Ionic ho scolded me.
And reviled my tasto
And was so Interested In what he was
saying that
Ho forgot to sec how pretty I was.
(I had spent throe hours choosing the
new slippers I wore, notto mention other
And ho stormed, and said that It was
"Just ltko a woman to cat trash when
sho "was hungry."
And I didn't say a word, and was
ashamed, and the
Evening was utterly ruined.
Yesterday I saw him.
He was In one of thoso F street hlgh
tool eating places.
'And ho didn't see mc.
I 'watched. , .
He ordered a cup of coffee, two choco
late eclairs. '
And one pie with lec cream. (Bolting
Mine in five minutes.)
He didn't sec me.
Hut as he went out I hid a largo fat
Up., my sleeve.
And my self-respect came back In
great; slathers.
I had learned the real meaning of the
word;- JL
I thought It only applied to people who
To .tjc'Chrrsllansl
Waxed Moustache Speaks. k
Dear; Conductor: What you have
agalnst'-my waxci moustache? True. It
Isn'VrWwaxy.afl It'used'to be, because,
JfsTs, fully hard." with the -war and
veryttil'nif, to get good cosmetlque these
days.' But that Isn't my fault.
Bllll.5 don't think I'm sore because of
your stories about my hlrsuto decora
tion you aren't a copy reader, and you
can't eut that out without violating
the freedom of the press. I'm not. Be
fore ya. started our correspondence no
one ever admitted that I have a mous
tache. But now the fact has been recog
fefsed In black and white, and I'm all
puffed up.
Just the same, I would like to know
what you have against it.
(Dog Latin for Waxed Mostache.)
Since you assumo in the first part of
your letter, Stella (which has been
eliminated because of Its display of In
tense feeling on the subject), that the
editor of this column Is a female, we
take up the question of what we have
AGAINST waxed moustaches..
What Is more natural In light of that
assumption than for us to put a finger
In our mouth, and reply. "Nothing
against them yet, Stella, but we still
fcave hope."
Not Always.
Bacon Is your wife continually ask
ing. "What'a the trump" when playing
Egbert No, not continually, some
times rtie only looks it. Yonkers States,
How the Flying Ballet Does Its
Seemingly Dangerous Work Safely
A Visit td thfr Flies and Wings
of the Belasco Theater Re
' suited in the Discovery
That the Flying Ballet,
Which Looks So Danger
ous to the People Out In
Front Is Actually More
Safe Than Riding In An
IN the midst of an ensemble at
the Belasco this week two girls
suddenly flv out from the rest ot
the chorus, and beforo the audi
ence Is aware of whire they'cmtie
from, up they go like fnlrlos high
Into the dome sixty feet or moro.
They poise for a moment or two
In their flight, and then sink slow
ly and gracefully back to tho stage,
where thev stund for a moment nnd
then disappear In the wlngfl. Thoro
Is no sign of wires, yt they nro sent
up on wires, as overypne knows.
The machine which deals, them out
for ths flight Ip concealfd In the
very,' ton of the theater, on what Is
cajlod "tho gridiron," n stepl-planK
platform, Wilcb .is the highest point
above the back stage, oyer the stago
at n height of oxoctly twice tho
depth of the 'Ib asbestos, curtain
which Is lowered between acts.
Wires and Pulleys.
It Is a simple arrangement of wires
and pulleys operated by an Inch
leather belt. Tho wlreit themselves
are less than an eighteenth of nn
Inch thick, yet the two girls who
all up nightly with them fastened
Last Year's Clothes Accepted as Buiqess
;, Garb No Longer; Trig Suits the1 Rule Now
Business Girls Have Come to
Realize the Value of Neat
ness In Keeping the High
' Estimation of Their Em
ployers' and Worrioiu
Finery Is Replaced by
Simpler Modes.
tome i
OMEONB hns Fatd-or. rather,
dorens of persons have
that the- two-rleco suit
is tho orlilnal. non-replaceable
potyniurlol. They hnvo hailed It as
the business girl's friend, thu cora
mutor'n, Joy, tho hurried houfowlfo's
haven. They Ipurtly proclaim that
a suit, plus an assortment of shlrt
wuUts, will enable a lady to meet
nny emergency with poise nnd calm.
Bo that as It may, no ono will
ilcnv that the suit Is the ono Inor.id'
cnblo feoturo of tho feminine ward
robe. With spilng days lilntimr.
nny, beckoning tho susccptlblu shop
wards, tho luro of the new suit
reaches tho buslneno Ctrl as voll na
her more leisurely slaters. .
A English wrlltr bewailed the fact
that during her yoars of servitude
ns a stenorruphcr sho was never
dressed, merely covered. Others
havo pointed out the fine distinction
between bclnf dressed and clothed.
She Slakes Discovery.
Time vas when tho, business girl's
workaday garb-was lost year's best,
pressed Into service because any
thing was good inough to wear to
office. Now sho rcullr.es that her
everyday appearnnce Is Juit ns Im
portant as her Sundiy garb.
Sho has Olscoverrtl that her
clothing must bo simple and neat,
without garish, colors or extreme
llins. Her employer does not pay
her to be conspicuous ho will bo
satisfied if she is neat and well
Notwithstanding the fact that this
J ear's suit, even of the plainest,
have surh a flaro to the silhouette
cs to cancel severely tailored effocts,
simplicity may be attained by leav
ing th0 suit untilmmed, andv wear
ing the plainest of trig hats.
Fashion writers Jiave waxed Jovial
concerning the checkered career that
is foretold for many a new suit
For once everyone seems to agree
that checks will be favored In pref
erence to unpatterncd materials
this spring. Some people complain
that ono grows ao tired of chocks
nh. but not this year's checks.
Design of Soft Gray.
Who could weary of a design of
soft gray, with a hairline of purple,
woven onto a Bupple velours? Or
golden brown, picked off with
squares of dull blue? These are
surely a far cry from placid shep
herd checks wherewith tho dry goods
merchants draped their tables each
returning spring.
Tho chief objection to the black
and whlto checks was that thoy
could bo copied In cheap materials,
costing but half as much as a really
good piece of cloth.
Of course, these looked about the
same at a short distance, and thoy
tended to lower tho caste of better
stuffs. One advantage of the new
colored checks is that they havo not
been duplicated In cheap cloth as
et. The cost Is from J1.G0 to U.75
or f?. ard, tho more expensive
qualities running to a width of fifty
two inches.
With this width, a suit with plenty
of flaro may bo evolved from four
y".d o tuff. with an initial cost
of 10 or ill. Lining satins may bo
to their backs say that "sailing Is
more Hufo than automoblllng!"
Indeed, after on Intpcctlon of tho
syrtem whleh Is Installed. and
which costs u umall fortune to opor
ate, It iIooh seem perfectly safe The
particular arrangement which has
ben Installed In Hie Belasco Theater
dlfferH, or course, from that of nny
other house, s'nee the architecture
differences In the building Itsotr aro
taken into consideration.
Here's the Apparatus.
Directly over tho domo of the thea
ter on the top floor of thu building
nro two stories. The first Is tho
property room where nil kinds of
matorlal for producing pluys Is
stored. Tho next story Is used by n
private gymnasium. The wires from
the "grldlion" come through both ot
these floors beforo they enter direct
ly Into tho theater proper. At ovcry
turn thoro nro a set of wheels or pul
leys, which must bo Inspected before
each performnnrc.
The direct opening Into the theater
Is n smull oblong block which may be
Been by looking caiefully up nt tho
I minted celling,
dock hns been
A smull oblontr
removal here. utiH
tho wires let through.
Thoy go down to tho left of tho
stage, and aro fastened on hooks Just
outside of the asbestos curtain. In a
- ; I " :. I .
Checked suit with the usual Hare of
giving a
had as low as 69 cents a yard, and
there arn the guaranteed satins that
cost-twice as much. Silk and button
holo twist, a few dozen buttons, and
a pattern there are the Ingredients
for an eminently practical and at
tractive business suit.
Fullness Below Waist.
Most of the suits havo managed to
make use of two distinct flares
one at tho hem, the other a IKtlo
below the waist line, where the coat
goes exploring the breezes on Its
own account. This flaro Is mado
all the Jauntier .by a belt, and belts
complement the 'flares on Just about
99 per cent of all tho spring suits.
. Several methods have been used to
bring In this extra fullness below
tho waist, line without making tho
coat seem bulky. A separato Piece
of material may bo pleated under
,the belt to form a poplum; If longer
lines are desired, a series of in
verted pleats may run from tho
shoulder to the belt and allowed to
expand at their own sweet will be
low the waist, line.
The lower edgo of tho coat may bo
dark sccno, tho young women step
out of the wings and tho wires nro
f aened to their backs. They wear
Btllt leather corsets, with queor pad
lock looking arrangements bctwocn
the shoulders. Here tho wires aro
attnchc-il and released by menns of a
small latch string.
Girls Are Experts.
Tho two girls who do the flying
nio experts nnd havo specialized In
thut purtlculur lino of work.
Miss Frieda Hoffmann has been
"flying" for ubout seven years, but
tho other girl, MIbh Kthcl French, hns
only been doing this work for two.
"I'm perfectly satisfied that thero
l& no danger In It." said Miss Hoff
mann when Interviewed on the sub
ject. "The corsets which we wear
nro perfect, und when you consider
tho constant Inspection of the ap
paratus, there Ib less danger than
thero Is In tho ordinary automobile
lido with un nverngo driver."
Both young women aro or average
height and weight. '
They nro not totally unafraid, how
ever, and woic horrified to think thnt
a woman had gone up on tho slonclri
scufTcldlug to look ut the niachlno
to which they nightly entrusted their
lives 1
The cost nf this ballet alone Is sev
eral hundred dollnin a performance
for less than five minutes work.
coat and skirt and a broad belt;
short-waisted effect.
Irregular, with a decided din at
either side or at front and back.
This requires caroful tailoring to
givo a properly fitted apeparance,
and the home dressmaker would do
well to use simpler designs If she Is
to attempt to mako her own spring
Many of the collars are high, some
of them even buttoning around tho
chin like those on winter suits. A
number or collars are high at tho
back, with straps across the front
fastened with buttons or frogs to
give a military air.
B.uttopsarv the generally accepted
trimming. For those with slender
figures lines of buttons from the
Times Pattern Service
NOW is the time of year when
most of the department
stores nrc having special sales of
nainsook and longcloth. Now it is,
too, that the forehanded woman
begins to replenish her stock of
lingerie, knowing that the home
made kind is cheaper and more
satisfactory than the garments
usually offered by the shops.
The added value of a bit of
handwork, which makes French
lingerie so expensive, will double
the beauty of almost any article of
clothing, with little extra trouble.
A simple scallop, a vine or wreath
defining the yoke, and there is
trimming enough for any chemise.
The one in the sketch is a per
fectly cut garment, made in regula
tion or envelope style, with a round
or square neck. The graceful lines
conform to the figure.
The pattern, 663, is cut in sizes
36, 40, and 44 inches bust measure.
Medium size requires 2J4 yards of
36-inch material.
Price of pattern, 10 cents.
To obtain this pattern fill out
the coupon and enclose 10 cents in
stamps or coin. Address Pattern
Department, Washington Times,
Munsey Building, D. C.
If patterns are not delivered
vIthin three cays, at the latest,
after the request has reached this
office, kindly notify the Pattern
Department. No patterns can be
obtained in person.
Name .
No. 663.
Street and
New Spring Suit Need -Not
Be Expensive to Be Pretty
and Mpdish There Is an
' Attractive Chdice 'of
.Checked Materials, and
Little Trimming' Is Needed
on a Colorful Background.
shoulder seam to the edge of the
.coat aro attractive, but fatal for
Hhoso Inclined to bo chubby.
The buttons usod are of various
shapes, most of them In tho round
or' ''acorn" stylo. Others aro flat
and oval. The novelty buttons aro
legion and almost any material may
be supplied with ready mado but
tons that harmonlzo perfectly.
Plain black silk or soutacho braids
may bind the edges of the coat or
outilno a scam of tho skirt. These
are narrow and moro of .an accent
to tho lines of the suit than a trim
ming. For suits In colors with which
black would not look so well braids
of the darkest possible tone to har
monize arc In good taste. Black Is
always given . the preference, how
ever, since It offers an opportunity
for corresponding simplicity In ac
cessories. RECIPES
Lamb Chowder.
This Is really a way to utilize trou
blesome left-overs of roast lamb, and
the flavor really resembles that of clams.
Cut the scraps of meat Into half-Inch
dice, using about two.cuptuls to the
following proportions of other Ingredi
ents; two flntly-cut onions, two pota
toes, half a can of tomatoes and a pint
of water.
Simmer until the potatoes are thor
oughly cooked. If tho flavor Is weak a
bouillon cube or beef extract may bo
added. Blco may replace tho potatoes
If desired. If the water bolls away too
rapidly more may be added.
Marahmnliow Fudge.
Beat two' cupful of sugar, two-thirds
of a cupful or. mine, ono-mira-or a cup
ful of Corn syrup, a tablespoonful of
butter 'and half a cup of- cocoa (more.
If stronger Chocolate, flavor is desired)
for five minutes before putting the mix-
turn on the stove.
Cook until the syrup will form a soft
ball when dropped In water. Add anoth
er tablespoonful nf butter, a quarter
cf a tcaspoonful of salt and a teaspoon-
nil or vaniua. ueai until it inicKcns.
Add ten marrhmallows, cut In pieces,
Just before i-eady to pour In the pans,
In order that they may be only partially
melted. The pans- are to be greased
and lined wlth'pleces of marshmallow.
Ambrosia. -.
An easily prepared dessert that ap
peals particularly to children calls for
sponge cake, whipped cream, candled
cherries and mnrshmallows. To the
whipped cream, flavored with vanilla,
aie added candled cherries, halved, and
marshmallowa finely cut.
This mixture is heaped upon squares
or fresh sponge cakn, with a wholo
cherry nt the very top.
Gingerbread and Cream.
Hot glrgerbread docs not seem a des
sert possibility, yet there am several
ways In which It may bo used to good
advantage When the cake Is fresh,
ruvnrnt whlnned cream may be hearted
upon It. When It li stale. It may bo
steamed and served with a hard or
brandy sauce.
March 24.
Number. . . .
and State
lull Wl
Numbness of Members' '
JNJpf Entirely Due to Age;
1 Numerous Other Causes
THEItE Is an absurdity in blaming
tho flight of, years for maladies,
tho causa of wnlch might better
bn found, If honestly sought.
Truo enough, each group of years
may havo certain predispositions to
somoi ailments. Just as scarletlna and
measles aro moro prone to occur In
chlldhoood. This, however. Is no rea
son why old age, middle life, or Infancy
should be given as "causes" of the
maladies which are accidentally asaocU
ated wllh that- period.
Toothing Is no moro the source of
dysentery, coughs and other Infectious
diseases than old age Is of paralysis,
heart disorders and Bright' disease.
Therefore, when with tho advance of
yfiV c.om a greater number of periods
of tingles, numbness, "pins and needles"
and "goln-to-sleep" sensations In the
arms or the legs, do not so leadlly .lay
tho trouble to '"old age."
If you will obicrve when and where
Jf0"" arm or leg "goes to sleep" you will
find that there has occurred unusual
pressuro upon the affected member, alid
that a thick nerve trunk has been
caUghty between tho folds of tho bent
arm ,or leg and squeezed too ttghUy.
Influence of Alcohol.
Men given to carousing are particu
larly subject to tho sensations of ants
creeping over the skin or , pins and
needles pricking the armsor legs. The
benumbing ericct or alcoholic bever
ages Is well established.
If to grog-guzzling there Is added
falling unconsciousness with an arm
or a' leg doubled up, the "booze." Plus
the pressures upon tho sciatic nerve of
tho leg or tho deltoid nervo of the arm.
Induces a form of palsy ot tho affected
member "
Answers ,To Health Question-
'J. B.-j-I am n young man of twen
ty hi traveling salesman by1 the way
and nave a- rather young appear
ance. I thought possibly a mustache
would' tend to make me 'look older.
Will you kindly tell me how to hasten
the growth of. one, it I decide to havo
Krenuent shaving and massage la
about tho beat one can do to en
courage the growth of a mustache.
It. F. O. If you will kindly send
a stamped, self-addressed envelopo
with your query repeated, I 'will be
glad to give you the desired Infor
mation. Mrs. II. F. P. What cauws blood
firessure? 2. How is ono affected by
t? 3. When In your blood pressure
normal at-the age of thirty-four 4.
What would you prescribe to overcomo
fclgh blood pressure?
Blood pressure Is earned liy pressure
of tho heart, the bluod ejid'thi-Melst-nnco
In the arteries. :, If ycu.' mean
lilnh Mood pressuro, sometimes one
not affected at all. 3 Tho blood pres
sure Is normal at the azi- of thirty-four
when the Instrument rcclsters Wl. -I A
quiet, i.nccntlmcntal life, tall ot rest.
Bachelor Girl's Reflections
MnVTILLA used to dress In
Pink, blue, or red but now
A gown of "claret" or 'champagne."
Or "dregof-wlne." so sho avers.
With trimmings or the new "char
treuse!" I think her colirs rather queer;
And ct, when I suggest that I
Would like a suit or "roaming beer,"
A hat of "bourbon." "scotch," or
And sporty "Jock Rose cocktail" tie.
Myrtllla'a horrllled-but. why?
Flirtation Is a rasclnatlng experiment
In the laboratory ot Love, In which tho
foolish carelessly play with combusti
bles. A man won't decide on a motor car
untU he has spent two or thrco weeks in
The Working Woman.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics of tho
uepnrtmcnt of Labor, after an exten
sive Investigation among establishments
employing Stf.000 employes, has Issueu
soiuo reports concerning the women
w oi ken or tho country.
Two striking features are tho low
wages paid to women and the oxtrcmo
youthfulness or many or thoso em
Ployed. In throo rrcat Industries tho
Southern cotton group, the glass Indus
try, and tho Pennsylvania silk group,
more than two-thlids or tho girls em
ployed wero found to be under twenty
years of age. On tho other hand, the
pioportlons twcnty-tlvo years or age or
over was preat enough to suggest the
need or vocational training for girls, as
was the fact that In many Industries,
the pioportlon or married women runs
from 10 per cent up to b0 per cent. Tho
Importance or the woman worker and
or tho child wage-earner is realized
when one lenrns that the bureau has
Just Issued a report about theni that
lllls ntnqteen volumes.
Itripure water
Health Insurance
"The purest water
in the world"
In cnxeM of O bottles
In 15 Kalian Jin,
so cents
Telephone North
Rising Buckwheat
IcikIh In favor becauso It gives uni
form Hatlsfactlon and Invariably proves
most economical. Demand "MlLLMt'H."
At Your Umcr'it-No Comumoru Hupplieil.
'Wholcssl Qroceri. 11th and M U. 8. .
h HHrOft
This slight paralysis from pressure
does not always come from drink, but
It Is made worso by tho latter.
Tingling, stinging and numbness ot
the arms or legs are commonly Inter
preted as a -'sleeping" of the members.
The exact degree of compression nc
essary to produce auch "pins and
needles" sensations differs In Individ
uals according to their muscular and
fleshy development, pnyslcal state ot
health. Inherited vitality. Indoor or out- ,
door occupations, exercise, food, and
many other conditions. . . , ;
Other "Poison" Causes.
What Influences the nerve-cords to
day In this regard might havo no in
fluence upon them tomorrow)-
you might remain -out fate tonight,
and obtain so llttlo sleep and rest that
your, fatigued arm, bent but slightly
under your body, would become numb
and senseless.
At another "time, after hours In the
arms of old Morpheus, you might
double up your legs and arms like, a
Jackknlfe. make a coqiortlonlst of your,
self even deep In sleep, and awaken re
freshed and wlthdut the slightest evi
dence of any tingling, benumbed, or
"asleep" feelings In the arms. or legs.
It Is all a matter of which ox Is
gorod. Not .only Is each, person "a law
unto himself," tjut tho'aw, s not one
for the Modes and -Persians: it Is not
hidebound, but" changes with time,
place, circumstances and Individual
conditions. . -v ,
Besides .the poisons ot alcohol, those
of tobacco "colds," fatigue. Infections,
gtfrms, ptflnlsi 'gasoline, Varnishes, bad
air, kidney disease, high blood pres
sure, and, many others .ars apt to pre
dispose ybur arms, legs, hands or feet
"td fall asloep."' ' ' ),
Before the troouble can be cured the
cause must be found and eliminated.
(Copy't. 1116. Vcwrapaper Feature Syndicate.)
fresh nlr..and slmpla'dlct help lo over
come high blood pressure. Massage is
also helpful. ,
It. C. F.-1 am troubled with an In
tense Itehlng of the body. I can obtain
no relief. Wtuxt will you advise ma to
do for this?
Change tho underclothing every day
unci take a. dally bath. Alao apply the
following lotion to the affected parts
each morning and night! Calamine, 214
drams; zinc oxide, 2 dramsi glycorlne.
2 drams, phenol, & dram; Umewater and
rosewater enough to make three ounces.
Readers desiring advice should
1. To address Inquiries -to Dr. L.
IC Hirshborg, care of The
Times. ' -",
2. To enclose a stamped and ad
dressed envelopo if a personal
reply Is desired.
looking them over; but he will decide
on a wife In two or three minutesand
then spend tho rest of his days in
"looking her over."
A man seldom marries when he ought
to; ho simply keeps putting It off until
some girl comes along and gets him so
tangled up that he has to.
A girl's heart Is like her dressing
table crowded with tenderly cherished
little souvenirs ot love; a man's, like
his pipe, carefully cleaned and emptied
after each flomo haa gone out.
A man never seems to get cold feet
from skating on Ice except wnen it
cnances to be the thin ice of senti
ment. A man loves a. woman first reverently,
then madly, then tenderly, then dearly,
then comfortably and last. duUtully.
Most actresses are married now and
tben; most literary women off and on.
most society women from time to time.
Copyright, 1)16. by Th Press Publlabtng Co.
(Tht New York Evening World).
i heals sick skin 1
5 The moment that Resinol Oint- H
E ment touches itching skin the itch- H
Inp usually stops and healinp 5
begins. That is why doctors have
5 prescribed it so successfully for H
over 20 years in even the severest 5
and many other tormenting, dis-
fiRurinK skin diseases. Sold by
all dnigsists. For a cUar com'
I flexion use Resinol Soap.
in in iii iii iii iii iii iii in ut iii in in in ma

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