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"Sfreotaoular Production Brings
Notable Tribute to Slavs a
First Appearance.
sHarmony in Color in Music and
to Costume Striking and
K Captivating.
I The first of the three evening per
formances to be given tn "Washington
hy 8erge Do Dlaghlleft's nallot nusse,
Jpok place at the National Theater
jast night before an audience which
M'as quite as reminiscent of Russia
lind continental gatherings as was the
fcreat batjet Itself.
j Even without the spectacle of the
dancers on tho stage, with the cur
tain lowered, there was no mistaking
ihe nationality of the sponsors and
the spirit of the attraction.
1, Russian was the sharp, heavily
Jieardrd ellhouetto of Conductor M,
!jirnet Ansermot. which was cast
romeo-llke against the curtain during
uin overtures, when only the foot
lights were on.
'Russian too, vero the high anJ
htmmerlng head dresses which show
it! hero and there In the audience and
p the boxes. And In pursuance of the
continental custom of refraining from
fcpplause'durlnc; the fourao bf the ac
tion of an offering, those who broke
Ihe spoil with hand clapping; were ad
monished. Four Ballets Giren.
Four ballets were given. "Cleopatre."
f'Le Spectro De La Rose." "Boletl Do
SjTutt." tnd "Carnaval." Whllo the first
ilamed ballet was quite tho most exotic
jind regally splendid of the four, rep
resenting an cplsodo In the life of the
"famous queen, with Us threefold sensu
ous appeal of color, harmony and move
ment, perhaps the second, "Le Spectre
Joe JLa Rose," was tho most beautiful.
r'Carnaval," the last ballet, revealed
the rich humor and the simple pathos
$f the Russians. All of the characters
Mif the Italian puppet plays appear.
IVOolell de Nult" was a 'spirited com
Tpllatlon of folk dances.
J J AH of the premiere artists appeared
?h the course of these three ballets
Xydla Lopokova. Flore Revalles, Lu
ow Tchcrnlcheva. Adolf Bolm, Leonlde
3fanslne. and Alexandre QavrllolT.
, Mme. Flore Revalles appeared as
"Cleopatra" in the ballet of that name,
supported by Lydla Sokolova as Tabor;
(Adolf Bolm aa Amoun, the luckless
arouth who aspired to lovo the Queen
;for an hour; Alexandra Oewriloft and
jHllde Bewtoke as favorite slaves, and
iMlecsyslaW Planowskt as the high
ptiest of the temple.
j Fliimlng and Brilliant
ijT?i scene which Leon Bakst has
.prepared for this ballet is flaming;
nd brilliant, with the angry reds and
'smoldering purples of an Egyptian
'tempi reflecting; the devastating
passions of the principals. Slaves, at
itendanta. and bacchnntes form a llv
'Inc. tortuously moving; background
tttpon whloh are wrought the events
Sin the tragedy.
. K young boy, Amoun, a hunter, loves
"Tabor, a young girl, dovotedly, until by
f nance In tho temple he sees Cleopatra,
be queen, lie is consumed with passion
, or her and craves an hour's bliss. It
:.ls granted him. but at its close he Is
Sjtiven the poison cup to drink, and is
Jieft'llfeless on the stage, where, broken
fc hearted. Tabor finds him.
i. "The Bpeotre De La Rose" In Its soft
Hnnocence and melting harmony of
'color, music, and setting, was In marked
I, contrast to all of the other ballets. A
.young glrKLydla Lopokoya) comes home
after a dance and stands looking out of
Cfhe window Into the night.
j She looks but tor a moment, and then,
creasing swiftly over to n chair, falls
asleep. 8he Is In Iter little white Mill
j Mown, with a big red fragrant rose in
Sher hand. Bho Kisses It beforo she
7 Sleeps and then dreams that li hat crme
.to lite.
M-A flame-colored creature enters the
iroom, the Incarnation of the rose. She
fiances with him, but at last awakes,
only to find that htr rose is withered
rind dead.
This choreographic tableau is as
I ranged by L. Vaudeyer, from a poem by
'tTheopole Gautler. The music Is Corl
jjVon Weber's "Invitation to Dance." and
"the dances are arranged by M. Michel
Ljln "Solell De Nult." assisted by a
rviioiun vt iwrbhiiib ana oounons, una
spirited Russian music of this ballet
was given by tho Rlmsky-Kbrsakow
I "Carnaval," the last ballet, simple of
fening out cnarmingiy decorated from
lime to time with tho picturesque dan-
ijumo to time wun mo pi
leers themselves, exploltec
JBbf nine of 'the principals
1; Stanislas Idztkowskl t
exploited the abilities
wns n. mtrv.1.
5ously graceful and magically agile
i?Arlequln; Adolf Bolm was grotesque
iiuciTuii Jvyuitt ivopoKova, woiumDine;
iplme. Lubow Tchernlcheva. Chlarina.
nd Mme. Sokolova, I'apllllon.
Tonight's nroaxam will -! "Tj. nvi.
hides." "Lfcnres Midi d'un Fauna."
IfTe Trinco Igor," and "Schcherarado."
. ts. x.
Music's Function Shown
I In Ballet's Orchestra
!? When M Serge 'lo Waghlleff said.
Cf'Ve bring to you Russia In the color
J off our painters and In the rhythm of
lour composure," ho voiced something of
J 'music's function in the glowing- and
Jnnlmated pictures presented by the
ft Ballet Russe in the first of thr.lr three
performances at the National Theater
past ovenlng, but not all.
t The dance bestows an Important em
jphasis on the arlcty of rhythm- In
music; but music Is to the billet Its
jc-nty spoken worn, tho revealcr of its
moods, without which It would be life
less. I The orchestra of eighty players un
jtler tho dlicct'.on of Ernest Ansermet,
lis a splendid irpanlratluii M 11 ills-
r.npilsliecl pcjhoniK.1 conpoteil of
'leading inuilrlans from muny of tho
(foremost cicliPMrHS In khiropc. Its
'Playing was Iwllnct with the spirit.
Jtlie rhthm. of tho Hlav. and M. Aiihoi
, linet emphusb.ed with accent, with a
JMtiong bcit In his synropntion. the rn".
clal characteilstics that llw ballet so
piphlcsll,v ileplcted.
J The overture- to the all-Riifslnn muslo
Jof the etpcnlng ls.llet "Pleonatie,'' t-ni-
bodied tho royal splill of Uie picture.
!ht times martial and again rich, almost
.wicred was this numlc of Tanelef. it
la been said that tho rhlef fault of
tho Rum Ian Ualtct was that Us ra-
Amber Fizz, With Pepper Sauce,
and Salt, Thirst Quenching
Staple Women LUotomers;
RPOKAXn, Wash.. March Sl.-Wh.it Is
moro virtuous than a soft drink sa
loon? Nothfhg. This Is the Impression
that ts left after a tour of Inspection
when the valedictory echoes, of New
Yeur Kvo had died away and when
strangers wore still coming In from
tlmn to tlmo uiul demanding Indignant
ly to be told why Old Susquehanna ryo
was no longer available. Patrons nnd
proprietors of tho saloons still had the
air of hnrdly believing that It could be
true. They stood about a If waiting
for some one lo snap his fingers and
awaken them from thn bad dream. '
There Is an atmosphere of sudden
sanctity nboiil the saloons. Tho thirsty
customers of the reformed alcohol par
lorsand the customers nro .by no
means few stand about In diffident at
titudes, strangely low voiced and dis
creet. They do not any longer employ
strange ami suipnurous oatus. uncy un
not oven spit upon the' floor, as was
onco their wont. They' do not pounce
upon one another In mortal combat.
TIum drink their near-beer and they
call for their clam nectar ond depart In
peace. . . .
The transition, however. Is not as
atinnL'Inar tn tlirt man who llflS lived con
tinually In Spokane for the last fifteen
years ns it wouiu on 10 sumo mp vn
Winkle returning hither for tho first
iimn mnci 1MM. Those who have been
hene all tho time have seen the saloon
go through a gradual process 01 evolu
tion, from the time when everything
went until tho present day era. and
have observed that it wes a process of
steady restriction inae mauo me sa
loons more and nion orderly and unex
citing right up to the ultimate change
that took place January 1.
Fifteen years ago tho local restric
tions on saloons were hardly worth
mentioning. Ao long as a saloon did
not sta;o,too many homicide in a short
space of tlmo It could operate unmo
lested. Then, about the time gambling
became a felony successive city admin
istrations began to make rules govern
ing the conduct of drtnklnr places.
They made them close at 3 in the morn
ing, and there were proloivred searches
for keys that had never been1 used.
Then tho curtained wlnerooms and the
"ladles' entrances" went, and the elec
tric pianos ami some of the slot ma
chines. High license came along and
the number of saloons dwindled. Sun
day closing beenme. effective end air
tight after some resistance.
Free lunches, condemned on sanitary
grounds, disappeared, again after
some resistance. Screen anf1 opaque
windows wero removed, so that any
one could get from the sidewalk a com
prehensive view of any calnon Inter
ior. Closing- time became 12-SO. Tho re
tirement of demon rum in favor of car
bonated flir was more radical than any
of the other moves, but It was after
all only a logical outcome.
Thus It haa come to pass that one
may stand tn front of an identical bar
where not long ago It was an Insult to
ask for anvthtng less potent than n,
straight whisky and order butteimllk
or sweet elder without ven getttnir
sarcastic remark from the bartender.
?fiasls was placed on the drama rather
han In the muslo Ytt the scenlo
music of Rlmsky-Korsakoft gave- real
substance to tbls trosedy with Ha love
i)f true loveliness was the love music
as played by the solo violin, Fredric
Fraokln, and the muslo told poignantly
the grief of the slave whoe favor hy
the queen had brought htm death.
Colorful, vital, ond abandoned was the
Olaxounow mlislo of the "Bacchanale."
Russian again was the "Solell d
Nult," with Its music" by Rlmsxy-Korsa-koft.
An entr'aot prelude to thla typlcat
picture was the third movement of his
'Autar" symphonic suite, in which Its
love lvrle of great beauty waa con
trasted with the national touch it fore
shadowed. Mn Ansermet gave It with
a strong individual charm. Nor was the
music overcome In this'daMllng ballet.
Its delicacy was as potent as Its fanfare
of sound through Us grotesque portions
and Its folk-festival abandon.
webefa "invitation to me uance
could be nothing other than a "pas
deux." Its lightness and charm were
not marred, but rather beautified by
some of the most beautiful dancing of
the evening.
One may protest that In. the most
romantic mi' sic of Schumann's "Carna
val," a picture half grotesquo is out
of place. This piano music Is so Inti
mate one needs it most or reverie.
But the carnival spirit Is put amply
Into tho orchestration nnd the spirit of
Colomblne (Mile. Lopokova) and Arte
quln CM. Idzlkowskl) were visualized
with a graco and charm that disarmed
all reproach. J. MacB.
Save your hair! Double Us
tinoiiir in o fayir mnmflntc
Ukauiji in ti iitr iiiuiiiwiiuj,
' Try this!
" " " v" '
Hair stops coming out and
every particle of dandruff
Try as you will, after any application
of Danderlne, you can not find a single
trace of dandruff or falling hair and
vnnr Maln will not Itch, but what Will
please you most, will bo after a few
weeKs use, wnen you see new nair, lint
and downy at first yes but really hew
hair crowing all over the scalp.
A little Danderlne Immediately doubles
the beauty of your hair. No difference
how null, racicu. prune ana scraggy.
int moisten a cloth with Danderlne and
carefully draw It through your hair, tak
ing ons small strand at a time. The
effect Is immediate and amaxlng--your
hair will ne lieui, nunv ana wavy, ana
hv an nDnearance of abundance: an
Incomparable lustre, softness and luxuri
ance, the beauty and shimmer of true
hair health.
Get a :-ceni Dome or Jtnowiton'a
Danderlne from any drug store or toilet
counter, and prove that votvr hair Is as
pretty and soft as any that It has been
neglected or Inlured by carolets treat
mentthat's all.
Danderlne is to tho hair what fresh
showers of rain and sunshine are to
vegetation. It goes right to the roots,
invigorates and strengthens them. Its
exhilarating, stimulating and life-producing
properties cause the hair to grow
long, strong and beautiful. Ad?t.
Actress Explains How
She Keeps Her Youth
i ir .
"The good looks of an actress are
without question one of the most Im
portant Items In her assets, or,' as one
might say, her stock In trode," siys
Wllda Bennett, whose personal attract
iveness adda no little charm to "The
Only Girl," The Henry Blossom-Victor
Herbert musical comedy, the attraction
at the Belasco Theater next week.
"It is the duty of every actress to
guard her looks most sedulously, for as
long as she is young and charming she
need have no fear that her popularity
win wane. In the case' of tho ordinary
woman, she Is only called upon to take
more or less caro of her good looks
or what modicum of beauty nature has
endowed her with and Jf she lapses in
her enthusiastic attention to skin, hair,
eyes, and figure, the result is not fatally
serious she can go on and enjoy life
Just the same, and perhaps when she
has more time, take up her massage,
her exercise, her treatments, and phys
ical culture again.
"Work, like acting, sets lines In the
face that If not carefully combated,
would soon add years to one's appear
ance. "The actress then is forced to give
many hours of her 'leisure' time, when
not on the stage; to the conservation
of her beauty. She also must devote
some of the time to the preservation of
her health; and fencing lessons, horse
back exercise or long walks in the
suburbs often take up a portion of her
day. 8bJ J also compelled to keep up
her dancln. 'or her music by taking
lessons outside of her regular work.
It is also necessary that a certain
amount of her time be given over to
her dressmaker.
"After this fitful day. there remains
Ilttlo tlmo for writing the many neces
sary notes, or for enjoying tho -nn-panlonshlp
of friends. Yet the uctress
keeps her youth and her attractiveness
longer than women In any other walk
of life even the woman who has plenty
of money nnd nothing to do but to take
care of herself. Why Is this?
"What mysterious charm if youth
dees tho actress possess: what access to
the eternal Fountain of Youth? specu
lates the discouraged ordinary woman,
who begins to grow old at thlrty-rtvo
that sho can sway hearts and act the
part of a dobutante successfully when
other women of her own generation
attend the play 'with their grand
daughters? "The actress, for one thing Is always
in the atmospherq of youth.
"Tho actress, being a part of the
drama, has even before and around her
the influence of beauty and of charm
upon the sterner sex. The sex Instinct
and the relations of men and women
toward each other form the chief in
terest of almost every play woman's
charm, woman's fascination, her little
tricks of cajolery and magnetism, and
man's surrender thereto ull these aro
paramount Influences in the drama. Is
It not reasonable to suppose then, that
the woman dwelling and working in
such an atmosphere never forgets the
youth In herself."
F JTatft
w .-a av1
r ariunrr
Wide Variety Found in Offerings
to Patrons of Motion
ture Theaters.
Kitty Uordon will be seen at Cran
dall's next Bunday, In a return engage
ment of the World Film feature, "As in
a Looking Qlass," the scenes of which
are laid in Washington.
Monday and Tuesday, Charles Cherry
villi be seen In "The Passers My."
founded on C. Haddon Chambers' work
of the. same name. The story mainly
concerns Peter Waverton, a wealthy
bnchelor, who finds pleasure In seeking
out and studying odd types.
Returning from his fiancee's home
one night he brings Into the shelter of
his llbrarv two tramps and a cabman
of a "nlghthawk." Waverton's butler
discovers an unconscious woman on the
doorstep and carries her Into the house,
where tils master discovers that It Is
Margaret Summers, beloved ny him
years ago.
House Peters, supported by June
Klvtdge, will bo seen on Thursday and
Friday In "The Hand of Peril," which Is
tnkon from Arthur Stringer's story.
Jeorge Ade's comedy, "Just Out of Col
lege," will be seen Haturday and Sun
day with Kugenc O'Brien and Amelia
nuinmerviiie icaiurcu.
Robert Is. Mantetl, generally conceded
to be one of America's foremost trage
dians, wilt bo seen at the Empress next
Hi-nday, Monday nnd Tuesday, In tUo
Fox production, "A Wife's Bacriflco."
Mr. M&ntell Is supported by Oenevlevo
Unmoor and a capuble cost.
Wednesday snd Thursday, Bertha,
Knllch will appear In the Fox feature,
"Slander,", a remarkably strong story.
The supporting out Includes F.ugenn
Oimond, Mumto Kelso and Edward
Vun Sloan.
Lois Weber and Phillips Smaltey will
bn seen Friday nnd Saturday In the
Elue Bird feature, "Drugged Waters."
The program for the Leader Theater
next week starts Sunday with "The
Cheat" In which Fannie Ward has won
much success.
Monday and Tuesday Florence Rock
well will be seen in "He Fell. In Love
With His Wife." a love stiry baaed on
K. P. Roe's novel. Miss Rockwell is
supported by Forrest Stanley, Page
Peters. Lydla Teamans Titus, and How
ard Davlei.
Wednesday and Thursday Marguerite
Clark In "Still Waters." will be the
feature. Friday and Saturday, "Black
list." the latest picture In which Blanche
Sweet has appeared, will be the fea
ture. Blanche Sweet as the little school
teacher In the mining town wins over
the president of the corporation, and
forces htm to abandon unfair practices.
"The Crucible," another of Marguerite
Clark many successes, will be shown
next Sunday.
CrandaU'a Apollo.
Mary Plckford in the Paramount
screen adaptation of John Luther Long's
story "Madame Butterfly,"' will be
seen at CrandaU'a Apollo next Sunday.
As the forsaken Cho-cho-san. the little
maid of the flowery kingdom. Miss
Plckford presents a confiding, pathetic
Other photoplay features to be seen
during the week follows: Monday,
Nance O'NIel In the V. L. 8. E. fea
ture, "Bonis in Bondage;" Tuesday,
George Beban in "Pawns o Fate."
Wednesday, Triangle day, Douglas
Fairbanks, supported by Margery Wil
son, will be presented in the Triangle
Fine Arts production, "Double Trou
ble." and the Keystone comedy, "A
janitor's Wlf' Temptation," with Fred
Maco and the Keystone players; Thurs
day, Pauline Frederick In tho Para
mount feature, "Lydla Olimore;" Fri
day, Mary Roland Jn "The Price of
Happiness;" Saturday, Bessie Harris
cale and Frank Mills In "The Golden
rinw." nnd Weher and trleldi In "Thn
'Best of Enemies."
Dates for High School
Cadet Drills Announced
Assistant Superintendent of' Schools
Stephen 15. Kramer, who I In charge of
military instruction In tho schools, has
announced that May 31. June 1, and
June C havo been selected ns the dates
for the annual drill of tho High School'
The white cadets will drllr on May 81
and Juno 1, and the colored cadets on
June f. The drills of competitive nature
will be held at American League I'aik.
The annual Indoor rifle matches are
scheduled for March 30 and 31 and
April 1, and aro to e held at the
National Guard armory.
State,. War, and Navy Club
To Sell $20,000 of Bonds
A campaign was launched today for
the sate of W0.000 worth of stock of the
newly Incorporated State, War, ana
Navy Club among the 6.000 employes or
the three departments,
w.?ho.D.,,n.wlul "Breed upon last night
When the club voted to Incorporate with
capital stoc kof IfiO.OOU and decided to
sell immediately 4,000 shares at 15 each,
holding In reserve tho remainder of the
I1""' nol to enlarge the clun.
Consideration of, the question of pro
Mcllng a permanent home for the duo
LI' ily! until the campaign for
sale of stock Is placed well under way.
Boy Falls From Window
And Skull Is Fractured
Ernest R. Fowler, twelve, of ll 1
'fc?1 ""Utfast. Is at Providence Hos
pital with a fractured skull.
The boy was Playing in a vacant
hovse at Twelfth street southeast,
last Tuesday, when ho fell from a sec
ond story window, landing In an area
Doctor Says Nuxated Iron Will
Increase Strength of Delicate
In atany Instances Prrsan faivr r.
fered an tula agony for years doctor
Ins; for nervous weakness, itomarh,
liver or kidney disease or some other
Mllsaent Tken their real t rookie ytau
lack of Iron la the blood now to
New Tork. JC. T.-In a recent rt!coune
Dr. B. Sausr, Sp.lallit, of this city iMtd:
If ou wr to mako an actual Wood test
on all ptoplo who are III you would probably
b greatly astonished at the. exceeding large
number who lack Iron and who are III for no
other reason than tho lack of Iron, The
moment Iron la supplied all ttulr multitude
of dangerous symptoms dlrappur. Without
Iron tha blood at one loses the power to
chansa food Into living tltsuo and therefore
nothing )ou eat doea you any good: you don't
get the strength out of It Tour food merely
paaira throush your system Ilk corn tnrousti
a mill with the .rollers so wld apart that
th mill can't grind. Aa a reault of this con
tinuous blood and nerve atarvatlon, p'npl
become onarallr weakened, nervoua ad all
run down and frequently develop nil aorta of
conditions, . On Is too thin; another la
burdened with unhealthy fat; some are o
weak they can hardly waist somo think they
have dyapepala. kidney or liver troubles some
can't sleep at nliht. othera nre sleepy and
tired all day: aome four and irritable: soma
aldnny and bloodless, but all lack phvslca
worse than foolishness to take atlmulallng
medicine or narcotic drugs, which only whip
up your fagging vital powers for the moment,
maybe at the expiate of your life later on.
Ko matter what any one telle you. If you are
ot atrong and well you owe It to yourself to
NO n-rVnir
. urer ever offer
grade for J IlVa
25 cents th
rette, " '5-cent c.
e money gual'(y value for
Weto-compe,eorar .
U7- u true."
Bill Wouldt Forbid
Stop Watch System
Committee on Labor Reports
.Tavcnncr Measure to the
Installation of the Taylor system or
any other stop watcher time measuring
system, In tho navy yards and arsenals
of tho United States Is forbidden by a
bill reported to tho House by the Com
mittee on Labor.
The bill was Introduced by Congress
man Tavcnncr or Illinois. Fearing the
installation of such a system In the
Washington navy yard, the machinists
of that yard, headed by N. P. Alirat,
Is now In operation at tho Watcrtown
arsenal and there wns prospect of it
being used at tho Rock Island arsenal,
and possibly oher Government shops.
Tho Tavenner bill mak.es It unlawful
for any person having charge of the
work ot any employe of the United
States Government "to make or 'cause
to be made, with a stop watch or other
time-measuring system, a. time study
of any job of any such employe between
the starting and completion thereof, or
of the movements of any such employe
while engaged upon such work for the
purpose of fixing a standard of ser
vice requirement of such employe."
Representatives of organized labor
have consistently fought such systems
on the claim that they "speed up"
workmen to the point of being mere
St. John's Lodge Chapter
Will Hold Ladies' Night
Motion pictures, monologues, and mu
sic will feature the ladles' night enter
tainment bv St. John's Lodge Chap
ter, No. 11, F. A. A. M., at Masonic
Temple tonight. There will be refresh
ments and dancing.
Worshipful Master Frank B. Ketcham
Is in charge of tho arrangements.
People 200 in Ten Days
make the following test. Bee how long eu
can work or how far you can alk without
5.Mm,nVS?- Ntxt uk tw nve-gTaln
tableia of ordinary nuxated Iron thro time
per day after meals for two weeks. Then
h'nw rn,,r,n,Lh '". ntl T yourself
now much you have gained. I have teen
alllns all the time double, and even triple
. ""strength and endurance and entirely
"5.r ...of ,B'r symptoms of Uyipepala. ller
and other troublea In from ten to fourteen
daa lime simply by taking Iron In ttm
proper form, and Ihl. after they had In omi
cases been doctoring for months without ob
taining any benefit. You can talk aa you
p 'e about all Ihe wondera wrought n new
remedlee, but when you come down to hard
facta there la nothing like good old Iron to
put color In your cheeks and sood sound,
healthy rteah on your bone. It Is also a
STeat nerve and etomach atrengthener and
the beet blood builder In the world. Tho
only trouble waa that the old forms of In
organic Iron like tincture of Iron. Iron ace
ste, etc.. often ruined people's teeth, upeet
their alomacha and were not aHlmllated and,
for these reasons they frequently did moro
harm than good. But with the discovery of
the newer forma of orsanlo Iron all this haa
been overcome. Nuxated Iron for example, la
pleasant to take, doea not Injun tho teeth
and I almost Immediately beneficial.
..w.u .ira ni.iiui.LLyirii 01 nuxun iron
have auch unbounded confidence In Its DOtaner
...i ...ri -uiiiviim niiDunceaieiii met
they will forfeit 1100.00 to any Charitable In
stitution If they cannot tako any nun r
woman tinder elxty who lacks Iron and In
crease their strength IH per cent or oxer In
serious organic trouble. Also they will 're-
tuna your money in any case In which
Nuxated Iron does not at Icaat double yonr
strength In ten daya' time. It Is dispensed
In thla city by James 0"Donnell Drug Bteree.
Rlker-ilegeman, People's Drug Stores and all
other drusaists. Advt.

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