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-V - y
Remaining Districts Make
Statement of Year's Prog
. ress to Baltimore Body.
.X'LgXANDIUA. March il.-Itcporta
of' tho 'progress of the churches In tho
remaining four dUtrlcU of the con
ference, Rockingham, Roanoke, Lewls
burg and M'oorefield, whlcTt had been
left from yesterday, took up practically
JJ of, this morning's session of tho
Baltimore conference of the Methodist
Kplscopal, Church South, which root for
the third day In tho Washington Streot
M'thodUt Church South. Tho pastors
of all of the charges In the districts
tero passed, and their characters ap
proved. )
five new elders wero elected at this
morning's session, Glenn Q. Martin, An
thony O, Lions. Harvey L. Hiving,
George G. Oliver, and Eltnor A. Lam
Bert. They will bo ordained ntthe 8 o'clock
service Sunday night at tho "Washington
Street Church. Deacons who will be
elected today and tomorrow will be or
dained on Sunday morning at the 11
o'clock service. Bishop Mouzon will
preach at this service. It was an
nounced that on Sunday morning at 9:30
ociock mere win do an old-fashioned
Methodist experience meeting, led by
tho Rev. W. E. Miller, of Baltimore.
At 3:30 o'clock this afternoon there
win bo. a missionary meeting addressed
by Thfr nov. C. C. Bush, a missionary
to Africa. Tonight's public meeting at
:30 o'clock will be In the Interests of
missions and will be held under the
direction of tho board Of missions of
mo conrerencc.
At 5 o'clock this afternoon the ban
QUet Of thn alumni nf thn DnnrtnlnVi
Macon College will bo held In the Young
People s building. About 100 members of
ine conierence are expected to attend.
The nev J; Howard Wells, of Harrison
burg, will be tha toastmastcr.
Morning Session.
'At this. morning's session the Rev. Dr.
A. C. MIUer. of Llttlo Rock, editor
of tho Aiknnsas Methodist; tho Rev. I
IJdivanl T. KlrUley, pastor of tho
Methodist Protestant Protestant Church
of this city, and the Rev. ia M. Recls
hpjn, prlncli-al of tho Ferrum Training
School of thn Virginia Conference, were
presented to tho conference. Tho re
Ugtpus services at todays session weio
Jed by Bishop Mouron, who read from
tho, third chnpter cf Carlnlhlans Tho
Rev. Dr. H. V. HamlU. of V.artlnsburK. '
W. Va.. led In prayer nnd tho members
united In slnplnp "Rock of Ages.' j
A meeting In the Inli rest of the Hun-
,day school was hold last rrlght In tho
church and a large congregation was !
.uresoni. m. j.,. walton. of Harrlsburv,
president of tho Sunday School Board,
Prayer, was offered by tho Rov. J. C.
-Thrasher, of MontiTfj, nnd tho scrip
ture losson was lend by tho Rev. W H.
Balcngor, of I.uray Tlie principal ad-rtrasiu-vva.
mnflC by tho Rev. Charles
T-'ME?faVVn- Tcn- suixrln
.tendiftit of VhK aludt Bible clasa work,
whp plane a strong appoil 'or the Sun
dav schools. Tho Rev. J. J .Riven was
-? on the rrogrnm and delivered an
Mdrcss -Banners wero presented to tho
-Rocklnghnrr. and Ronnoko districts.
'Plans Tiavo teen completed for the
ffolden Jubilee celel'ratlnn of the union
SS A"-0. Polllnitirf Conference and tha
Methodist Epl-ronol Church outh. in
Alexandria In IMC. t be hi Id on Sun-
"" imtrnion ii . o CincK,
fhm having been established by them
In 1853. , ..
. Shortly after his entry Into th-
buslnes' ho became a Junlur partner
nnd In 1907, upon tho death of hi
father, booame head of tho firm. hav
Inrr as his associate his brother.
Hurry. It, Burlce.
In addition tu his banking Interest
Mr. Burke was the treasurer of th.
Virginia Theological Seminary and
the Mplicopal Hlp;h School having
boon elected to these position upon
the retirement of Col. Arthur Herbert.
For many years as trustoo of tho
Hulaney estato ho , hud In chartfo
Uioenbrler Whlto Sulphur Springs. W.
Va.. contlnulnlnr In clianto of that
Moperty I'ntll Its purchano by tho
Chesapeake and Ohio railway. Ho
was a vestryman In St Paul's Lplnco
pal Churrh. , , . . , .,
Mr. Burke Is survived by his wife,
Who was Miss Esther D, Taylor: threo
sons. City Councilman C. S. Taylor
Burke, Dr. John w, Burke, of Wash
ington, and Julian T. Burke, Jr., of
this city, and two daughters, Mrs.
Louis S. Greene, of Washington, and
Miss Esther D. Burke, of thin city.
Two brothers, City Councilman JIarry
It. Burke, of this city and E. J, Burke,
of Boston, ami three sisters, Mlssea
Fanny M. Burka .and Virginia R.
Burke, of this city, and Mrs. Charles
B. Eddy, of Plalnfteld, N. J.i also sur
vive htm.
While the funeral arrangements
have not been completed It Is ex
pected that the funeral will take
place on Sunday afternoon.
The fourteenth degree of Scottish Rite
Masonry will be conferred upon a largo
class by tno omcers or wasningion mo
mortal Lodgo of Perfection at a meet
ing to be held In Masonic Templo at
1:30 o'clock tonight.-
Salts, calomel, pills act on
bowels like pepper acts
in nostrils.
Enjoy life! Don't stay bil
ious, sick, headachy
and constipated.
I SS VlsHsLsiA
Most'ioid -oeoDto 'must fflvn' to inW
bowels some rerular heln. elsa thV
suffer from constipation. The condition
Is perfectly natural. It is just as nat.
ural as It is lor old people' to want
slowly. For age is never aq Active a
youth. The muscles ore less clastic.
And the bowels are muscles.
Bo all old people need Cascarels, One
might as well reruse to aid ueak eyes
with glasses as to neglect this gentlo aid
to weak bowels. Tho bowels must be
rnless nhvslpallv -.innt.in ni.fc s. w KeDl active, mis is Important at ail
Wilson, of Baltimore will pre-ldo and
unite ii'n principal BUOrt'S",
ion v. Harris, editor
pnuinem iUftnOdlst,
cat nancr.
( t Horn are ten survivor. nf that con-
ages, but never so much as at Mftv.
igo is noi a lime lor narsn physics.
iirlrlr. Tr r.l .. 7 " '" " utiiv iui iiai.n IJliysics,
t of the niMm,r ' oulh maf occasionally whip the bbweta
wl"l rc.d ilitorlB i lnt0 cilv"y; n,,t a ,M can,t be "
win rc.a ii nutorl- ovory day. What the bowols of the old
neea is a senile ana natural tonic. One
ferenct even- om f whom Is cxnoctaJ i.hat can bo constantly Used without
to b preKent In ivrsnn or Vnd TO tr. !inVh3 I"1; ",uchnlonlc .' CaeoareWr
Th survivors or rixliop A W WiisVn nnd l.hey c.oat only w ccntl Pcr Do
of BaUimrrc: K n.l,; sh.Al..": i an- Jg atore.-Advt.
tnl-ta Pffa
tnwn, W. V. Wiltinm V. Pitrinr m.Ii.
r---t-T.-i.i' --"." "." .."v. '. i
. iiici iNtiiiiiiiirii, .inim Kpin Ash
land. Va; J. n Van H-irn" Wol-
""iv vim. nno lien 'ami m w. if nil
7nli.a.luiu 1f ....
Waytiesboro, Va.
Tflt-M n TJ..ut. r. i
y UU..U1I i. UU1BC JJUaU.
Julian T. Burko. senior member of
the ffrin of Burlct 6 Herb'ert. bankors.
nnd onn nf Alexnndrla'n mot promi
nent cltlxeii. died at his home. 7t'l
Prlnco sireat at 7 30 o'clock this
riiornlrtK after a short Illness. Mr.
Tliirko was. taken 'slt-k ten davs ago
villi pneu onla.
His condition tanldly becami; crltl
rnl on aerount of thn condition of his
heart and late last week his condi
tion was res-aided as verv serious.
On Monday there was a rhaneo for
the better nnd ho vm somewhat Im
proved yesterdav. He snent a satis
factory night last nlarht and his
denth rame suddenly as a result of
heart failure.
Mr. Rurke was sixty-two vears old
havlnir been born In this cltv at tho
c-1d homestead of the famllv. 2ns
Wilkes street In 1RM He was a son
of tho late John W Burka and Mrs.
Julia II. Thompson Burke. After a
pramtnar school education In Alexan
dria Mr. Burko nttended Charlotte
Hnll, In Marvland.
Tie returned tu Alexandria nnd from
hore went to Baltimore, where he was
engaired In business for a short tlmo.
Ho then hecamo connected with tho
tonkin firm of Burke & Herbert,
which was then composed of his
father nnd Col. Arthur Herbert, tho
No penon alive It itronser than Ills kld
nryi. The mlauta the kidneys become dlar-
Is flushed throughout tha entire ytem. Th
SIM? "t0' ." """ today can tw
pro f keeping tha kidneys working
JLiiI'1.1' dr"' In this vicinity
can probably tall you or many well-known
Km"':? wm Solvax- ,he standard kldne"
remedy, has restored to health, often after
)Jj!y.hJ.K h'.? many other methods of treat
ment with little or no benefit.
There are hundreds or people who vr
not the least bit surprised when they a"
"!" 5V ",t O'Donneirs Drug btorals
selling Bolax on a guarantee to refund the
SnIyKi,n ?I " dld not M"ee. This re
markable kidney remedy Is guaranteed to
help the worst case of laty. Vlu.h. or
c logged-up kidneys or the general headachy
k nkly-backed. pfaed.ont condition that af
nicts peopl. suffering with kidney troutla.
BoUax doea not simply relieve. It alms to
Tha best kind of advertising Is tho nralse
f P.1??"'1 customer, and ere ire hun
dreds today praising Boh ax because It has
dona for them what It Is advertised to do
Not very long ago they were Kfnicted with
'.manner of sTcklah. uncomfortable lns
an8 each day seemed to bring with it -new
ache In some other part of their body Vara
" Solvax they are one mofe wfsht and
chipper, smd able to enjoy life at lu fullest
"h n? m?r: .fear ot uttering. "f,t
We doubt If any other kidney remedy has
fin1?J.,UC,r. R. Urg? rentage of curtsaj
SoUax. ;t Is so large that its owners irt
perfectly safe In standing ready to "fund
h1?nPrlC4i, ?ny cu'omer whom It doia not
help. This Is a good time to sVt iii .-i
you ought to takJ advamage,f!tthX,,,"oRonrd
Oet It from O'Dnnm-ll'n Ttr?,, H.-il " . 1V.
ell nocked drug atore.-Advt r
Cheapest Remedy Made at Home 128 Teaspoontful for 50c.
When In need of a remedy for tho
treatment of Bronchial Affections, such
as Bronchitis. Whooping qough. Croup.
Stubborn Coughs, Colds, or Hoarseness,
don't simply ask the druggist for a
"Cough Medicine," but get the best.
Tell him to give you Schlffmann'a New
Concentrated Expeotorant, Instead of
being Induced Into buying somethjng
else purely on the strength of some tes
timonials or tho exaggerated claims of
the manufacturer. The same "Money
Hack" guarantee goes with eyery, bottle
of this remedy sold by O'Donnell's Drug
Wore as does with Dr. Bchlffmann's ra
mous Asthmador and your money will
be refunded. If It does not give perfect
satisfaction; In fact, even more, If It la
not found the best remedy ever used for
these affections. In buying this new
remedy, besides securing the guarantee
these druggists give, It will like is o
found the most economical for use, for
the reason that one bottle (60 cents'
worth) makes a full pint (100 teaspoons
ful) of tho most excellent coUgh medi
cine after being mixed at home wirn
one pint of granulated sugar and one
halt pint of water. Ono bottle will
probably, thereroro, be sufficient for a
whole family's supply, while tho same
quantity of the oltl.t ordinary, reaay
mado kinds of medicine would cqst be
tween $3 and 13. It Is prepared from
strictly harmless plants, 'contains anso
iutel no nloroform, opium, morphine,
or any other narcotic or Injurious
drugs as" do most cough remedies, and
It can therefore bo given to children
with perfect safety. It Is pleasant to
take and children are fond of It. Abso
lutely no risk whatever Is run In Buy
ing this renjedy under the above posi
tive guarantee. It. J. Schlffmann, Itod.i
Ht. Paul, Mlnn.-Advt.
U. $., Experts to Study '
Tradi in "South America
Three trado experts of the Bureau of
l''irelgrf.n'nd Dbmcstlc Commerce .will
salt for Bouth' America next month to
study the markets for American tex
tiles, electrical appliances, and boots
and shoes.
t'hlllp 8. Bmlth, of Now York, will
tako up the work of tho cicatrical ap
pliance markets'. W. A. Tucker, of
Massachusetts, will study tho markot
for electrical appliances, and II. U.
Brock, or the bureau staff, will taue
up boots and shoes.
Textiles, principally cotton goods, are
among tho largest of Boutn ,Uii i
Imports, and heretofore tho t'nltotf
Btntes has furnished only a small snare
of this trade.
Oj.pose'8 Literacy Test t
In Immigration Laws
-Declaring there Is less Illiteracy
among Hebrew Immigrants than- any
oth,er class, Joseph' Tepper, Zionist, In
an address heforo tho Ahavas Zlon
Society at 1223 sixth streot northwest,
last night, protested against a propoted
literacy test In connection pith the
Immigration lawn.
The speaker declared that If in immi
grant was strong inorallv and physic
ally, ho had enough stock In. trade to
ln self-supporting, and eonsequt-ntly a
good cltlicn.
K, H. Alpher, president of the society,
Introduced the speaker. -
Eno's Valet Coming to"
Testify in'Wlir Suit
PAIUS, March Z4.-iThe French gov
ernment has granted a leave of ab
sence of sixty days of Edmond Blgaut,
a. private In tho French army, who
was valet of the late Amos V. Eno, of
New York, so that he may go to New
York In May to testify In the Eno
will case. ... . . . ,
Both sides, In the will contest desire
BlBRUt's evidence as to tho testa
mentary capacity of Mr. Eno. The
foreign office, which Is understood to
have acted on representations from
the American embassy, recommended
to the ministry of war that It grani
thlr unusual leave.
Millions for FarineJ
In Protection of Birds
WINNIPEG. Manitoba. March 2l.
Oame preservation ln-Manltoba, North
Dakota, nnd Minnesota was Jargued
here today by the Audubon Society. De
claring that It represented "the M per
cent of tho population that does not
shoot prairie chlckon." the society asks
for laws protecting the bird, whose
ergs, it says, have largely been destroy
ed by frost.
The protection qt plover, woodcocks,
snlpea, and tlprs would save American
agriculture ,80,000,000 a year, the society
says, because these creatures live on
seeds and Insects.
'Piamond in "Sea Weeds.!
John II. Carrington, a ''whltd wlng.T'
thought he had unearthed a new speci
men of sea shotl when he raked a whta
stone from scncod on Virginia; avenud.
It was a dlamorid borpln. ,lot by Mrs.
M. Hess, of Philadelphia Ho was sub
stantially rewarded. ,t
TK Xaftatf ud CUttrca
Dwarf tears
I 61 'mmfimmmm-a 61 1
jmummi IMM m m m-m mx m n 'iir'ffii in . kkok' wi mi mi 11
your home uJiures n
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Star Per An
Soap Cake T
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Sugar lb, y
Smoked Siusage 1 C
Vienna Style, per lb. 1 ill
Kingair's OA
BaCOD, PerPonad Bex OUv
Trlde of Montgomery, 6 lb. - -2le
Pride of" Montgomery. 12 lb. ...4Ck
Prde of Montgomery. U lb. ...70c
Flour. Sanitary 6-lb. sank 2-le
Flour, Sanitary. 12-lb. sack..., 43c
Flour, Hanltary, 24-lb. rack. ...KHc
Flpur, yold Medal, 6-lb. sack . .21c
Flour, Gold Medal. 12-lb. eack..4Hc
Flour, Gold Medal, 21-lb. sack .OSr
Flour, Ccresota, 6-lb. sack 34c
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Flour, Cereiota,24-lb. sack ... 0.1c
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Challenge Brand 11c
Eagle Brand 13c
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Onfe Peck
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Apricots, Snap. 3 lbs. Tor t....-.23c
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can 10c
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can -Be
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lllce. Broken, lb,
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Mb. Bag lb 4kitC
CEREALS (Breakfast
Harley 16-oz. pkjr
Corn Flakes Washington
Corn Flakes Post Toastles.
Corn Flakes. Sanitary ,
Orapo Nuts, pice
Shredded Wheat
Pufi'cd Wheat
Oats Quaker .
Oats. Sanitary..
Puffed Corn ...
Tuffed nice ...
Cream of Wheat
Hoss' Whole Wheat Biscuit...
,. 4o
,. Ho
Salad Dressing.
Small bottle Bo
Larco Jar SOe
Lenox, cake 3b
.lap nose, cake TVio
P. k G, Whlto Kaptha 4o
P. & G. Ololny. cake Re
Star, cake 4c
Ivory, small 4e
Ivory, larso To.
Fels Naptha -to
Mfe Huuy 4He
h'oap "owder, Fels'. kjc 4o
Koap Powder, Soaplnn 4c
Soap X'owdcr, Ptur Naptha 1 lb 4c
Soap Powder, Star Naptha,
4 lbs lite
Soap Powder Sanitary. larro-..10o
Gold Dust, 6c pktr 4o
Hold Uust 25c pkK , IKe
Washing Soda, 3 lbs. for Be
Can....! I C
llanquet llrnnd.
A UBual 25c seller and positively
one of the best qualities obtainable.
A Visit to Our Stores
And a careful Inspection of our
offerings will quickly convince
you of the many benefits of
trading with us.

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