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Partly Cloudy; Warmer
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Demands Pouring in From Three Border
States For Protection' From Mexicans,
and Gardsmen Are Needed Transpor
tation Problem Serious.
SAN ANTONIO, March 25. General Funston may
Vt compelled to request more troops.
A flood of telegraphed demands for Federal troop
protection poured in upon him today from communities
near the Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico border.
As a result of this increasing pressure for soldiefs, it
was intimated at army headquarters, General Funston may
soon recommend to the War Department that a call be
issued for the National Guard of the three border States,
to.be used for border patrol duty.
Believing such action might alarm the Mexican people
. and render more difficult the task of the American expedi
tion and Mexico's de facto government, Funston, it is
known, has beer! reluctant to ask for the services' of State
General Funston early today, in response to repeated
urgent requests from General Pershing that the Mexican
Northwestern railroad be taken over and supply trains
operated betwen El Paso and Casas Grandes, informed
Pershing that authority from Washington to take such
action has not been received.
It was frankly acknowledged about headquarters that
permission is anxiously awaited.
With his line of communications reaching to Nami
quipa on the southeast, El Valle to the south and possibly
to Madera on the southwest, Pershing's need of a steady,
certain, and rapid supply source is imperative.
The Mexico Northwestern offers an ideal solution of
the transportation problem. Taking over of the road
would almost certainly mean the transfer of the border
base from Columbus to El Paso.
Reports of the killing of three Americans on Gibson's
ranch near Columbus, N. M., by a band of 100 Villistas,
were not confirmed. Major Sample, at Columbus, was
urged today in an early dispatch to .secure definite informa
ticfn as quickly as possible.
Feeling at El Paso is such that Sheriff Edwards may
ask Governor Ferguson for a detachment of State trosps
to assist him in protecting the city from possible trouble
with the Mexican population.
Villa Escapes
Dividing His
EL. PASO, Mmch Si. Villa linn es
caped tho trap formed by combined
American and Carrania forcca near
With a largo number of his followers
the outlaw Is believed tn have- reached
tho San MlBiiel country. Mllltaiv of
ficials expressed this belief when ic
ports of a battle between Amctlcan
troops and Villa's band failed to ma
terialize. Villa has scattered his forces.
A smalt number of his men may bo
surrounded In the .Namlnulpa district
from which reports persistently como
thnt tho American (expedition Is closing
,nAnSthcUr""roup of Villistas set lire to
Jnnos. north of tho American mnp In
M&5L!?:. t vmiHtim acaln crossing tho
border into New Mexico ami ktllUm twi.i
American women nnd one, man. "to un-i
confirmed nnd uncrrdlteil here. lie
story was brouKht to tJouflim by an mi
tmobllo party who received the roport
from an American soldier.
The numes of tho three supposed to'
have been butchered by tho MoMcan
tandlts have not yet been leirnert.
Their bodies hnvo not b'en rccovo.-ed
Another band of Vlllls'no In believed
to hnvo been connected with tho wrccl:
of an American troop tru n south oil
Cnsat Grandes. whercv tho Mexican
Noithwcstorn line 13 In General t'crsh
Inn'H hands. I
The enslne and several cars of cavalry
re-enforcements for , Nnmliuipu wero
ovcitumed near the Cuinbtos Tunnoi. I
There weto no fatalities anting tho sol
diers, but n number of cavalry Morses
wrm Injured and had tn bo shot I
The tcmalndci of tho journey was
ninde otcrland, I
Gen. Luis Hvrrcra, whose lumoicd tu-
Trap by
olt to Villa proved to be unfounded
BKaln became tho center of conflicting
reports today.
With '.'.OOO Carrnnzn soldiers Herrcra
Is reported en route to Parral.
Carraiua mllltnry nuthorltles. on'theiU S Permits Arm; Cartrn
other hand, s.ild that He.rrera's column, c,,,,Ils rtl ,5 drgO
wan sent into Houthom Chihuahua to
rnicn vnia i 1110 outlaw cuts through
tho I'no of Carrnnzu troops between
Ch'huahua City and.Madero
.Mexican Consul Uuicla, who Thurs
day night rcpoited Villa surrounded
near i:l Ozo and fighting with the
American forces Imminent, has rceo'veil
no further word of tho situation theio.
Villistas havo cut the telegraph wires
south of CnsuH Qrnndes.
.luanita Villa, the wife of the man for whose capture an American army
is in the field, has an American home, and American friends. What she is like
and what' happened when the search for her bandit husband began is told most
entertainingly tomorrow in
Commander of Patrol
In nfcfrirt of FJ Paso
CopyrlKht. Undtrwood &. I. mlarwnoil
--. n.
Federal Commissioners Indorse
Tinkham Bil lat Conference
With City Heads.
The Civil Service Commission today
Mronsly endorsed the Tlnlsltnm hilt
nuthorliing tho President to place all
District of Columbia employes under
the civil service and clnsslOed scrvlco
Tho commission's cndotsrinent wb
itlven after a two hours' conference,
hold with Commissioners N'cwinp.u and
Kijtz. nnd Congressman Tlnkhani. of
The Tinkham bill was referred to the
District Commissioners by tho District
Committee, which Is considering the
The Commissioners availed themselves
of tho first opportunity to ascertain tho
sentiment of tho Civil Service Commis
sion to tho bill.
Naval Committee
To Grill Daniels
Secretary To Go Before Body
Next Week to Defend His
Secrcfiry Daniels will go before tho
House Naval Affairs Committee next
week, to Intend his administration of
the Nay Department.
Members of tho oommlltco hostllo to
Mr. Daniels uro expecting a lively ses
sion. They hnvo warmed tho gfiit nnil
huve promised themselves and their
trlenda a plcasuroablo tlmo toasting
him. Congieman Urlttou of Illinois
and others of tho eo-mmlttco h.io tneir
questions all prcpaied.
Tho Secretary will bo called on to an
swer every criticism ilm.'d at nun ty
tho naval exports, and out or his own
mouth his foes hope to prove tho asser
tion or Admiral Bradley Kirtko, that the
Secretary ot the Nwy fihould either bo
f.'.ik'Bed or muzzled, or eliminated.
Chnlrmnn Lemuel P. Padgett, or tho
committee, will be the Secretary's chlor
To Be Shipped to Mexico
Mexican Ambassador Deslgnato Arre
dondo todny arrangeil with Secretary
Lousing for the rolrnso of a cargo ot
ammunition on tho ship Monterey nt
New York.
The vessel was to have sailed for Vera
Cruz yesterday, hut Wns held up b cus
tom's authorities.
a i
Mrs. 1Vaite Now Declares, "1
Him. I Want to See
Im Punished."
Says 'Accused Dentist Gave Her
Medicine, and She "Never
Woke Up."
OIANP ItAPIDS. Mich. Mnieli Z, -C
ork Louise Peck Walte. wife of I'r A
Wurmen Wnlte. who until yeslerdnx was
n stanch defctidct of her husband,
turned nsalnst him today.
Vp tn Friday morning. Mrs. Walto ,
had not be'en shown newspaper accounts I
of tho tragedy and on Thursday through
Intimate friends hc had tried to com
ntunlcate with her husband by long dis
tance telephone.
When confronted with the New Yojk
Authorities' proof of her husband's pur
chnsn of arsenic nnd the existence of
the "other woman" she biokc down to
day. "How could ho have done It?" sho
sobbed. "Arthur, I hate him. I want
to sea him punished. Iln took from me
mv mo titer and father and they say he
4 planned us WU me. I believe them, it
MS ttrrriMev . . .
Sho men loiu wo siory 01 me ucain
of hot1 mother.
'Mother wns not feeling well tho
nlRht before she died," sho said. "Hho
was restless, and nftor I nnd retired Ar
thur went Into her room and gnve nor
some medicine. .Mother never woko up.
Hho Just slept until she died. I was m
bed asleep when Arthur cumo In nnd
nwakened me. lie told mo mother had
died. He was nlono in tho room with
her nt the tlmo."
Mrs. Walte made a new will following
her repudiation of her husband, in
which ho wns rut oft entirely. Ktcps
already have been tnken to tie up n
joint bnn'c account In tho names of both
Mr. nnd Mrs..Walto in New York.
Dr. Waite Sees Death
In Chair in Poison Case
NEW YORK. Mnrch S3 With Dr.
Arthur Wnrrcn Walte, fnshlon-plnte,
von b vnnt and globe trottor, a prisoner
(Continued on Pago Twelve.)
Men Charged Wilh Illegal Entry
Said to Elect Trial on
Cnnble to prepare their defense tor
tihil todny. Mnnon I.. Howes and J. K.
Klllott. sustH'ndert members of the po
lice "vice Kiund,'1 churged with unl iw-,
fully entcilng the Ijomc of Mrs. Iloao
Kcnnett, 31S Relnwnro iivemio iorthcast,
pioimed n conllnuanoo until next j
Wednet-dnv In iollte court todai.
How en will be represented by Attorney
A. A. BliT.ey, and It I, Williams, assis
tant In the cfflcn of tho Plstilct Cor
poration Counsel, will lc-fend Klllott.
Asslitant District Attorney linlph
OIncii who Will prosecute the rase,
agreed to a continuance.
Tho Government' (attorney wilt be
advised Wertneiilay as to what mode of
trial will be demanded by the accused
officers Tim men cllher can request
h trhl by jury or nlnco their case bo
loro J ud co James I'ugli nlonc.
The defendantn nlso are privileged to
rresent a motion to Mimsh the Infornia
tifn. but li Is iindervtood that they will
elect to go to trial m tho iharce preferred.
Explorer Marooned
Near the South Pole
Hasty Preparation Made to
Search for the Marooned
Arctic Explorer.
LONDON. March 13. Hasty arnnse
ir.ents for the fitting ofU of n relief ship
to go In seanii of Lieutenant Bhvlclc
tun's Antarctic expedition were bein
n'ade today, though the fate of Shaclt'e
ton nnd other members of hU party
war In doubt.
The Now Zealand authorities wcte
urged by mblo again to attempt who
les communication with the shin Au
rora, which first reported tho Shackle
ten party In peril. '
Tho Aurota's wireless mcsingp was
badly g.irblru In tiausmlsslon.
Wife Is ConGdcnt.
Ladv S.iacKhton nn'I his exulorer
friends pieu-ss confidence that Lieuten
ant Shackleton and hlB nion will icturn
They believe Simtkletun b this time,
cither has .ibanJoncd h s attempt to
cross the I'olt-i sens fiom tho A uth
American side, uiui Is ioturnln to
IK'Uiios Ainu, rr that he U already
safely ocr the iouth Pole and will aouii
Join Captain McJntosh and his men nt
Uipe CrnMcr
Antarctic fowls will simply the fiaity
with food If their lallrma run thort.
Polar exports declaic.
Only biie'f dlspiuches, telllir. of the
disaster tc the Nexi Xe.1l11.1t patty of
the Shackleton expedition, huvo reuchej
Accaiiillng to thesei illspatcren, tho All
roia broKe ndrlft from lyi inomlnjfs
last Mnv doling a violent hllrzard.
Cant Mcintosh with eight men, was
nshore at that time mtnMIs '"n:: a fold
depot nnd rngnsed ii nelinlv ext.lon
llimH. The Auiorr iliiflei nortliwaid hi
tlie pn k lee for ten months, coveting a
ll(.inri of l.jfXi miles 'ler rudder was
t-nnpned ofl. but nf te i iMfltnfc fioe tii
Ice (lelel, tho new constructed u tcm
pinnry steering gear.
Ship May Return.
Unless the dnmnge ic tho Aurora wan
too seere. It Is the tight posslbln sho
may bo In condltlor to re urn to tho
tellef of the Mcintosh patty.
If u tellef rhlp is Mtcd oJt at unce,
It may reach Cnpo Ctozler and escipo
bofmo whiter nt the -'o.tlh Polo, comiit?
In Juno nr.d Jul. clcnn the lco butler
aealn It Is trost proWible, however,
that ni relief fhltt will reich tho Capo
until KXt r-ecmnhei unions tho Aurora
lh in shape to return.
Admit Trying to
Poison His Wife
Negro Pleads Guilty, Confessing
He Mixed Arsenic With
Bluckbury Cordial.
Charged with intent to kill his wife.
Martha II. Ilrooku, bv mingling at settle
with blackberry cordial, Hut ry n.
Itrooks, rolotcd. pleaded guilty In tho
Police Court today, nnd wan held for
tho grand lury In J5.CU0 bond. '
Prool.s. who lives nt 41 D stroet south
east, whm rested early today by Da
teiilvcs i vleu nnil Urudley, of the
Tenth pro 'n't,
Uetei liv HonUn it.ij's tho woman
brought I ' a bottlo of wine soveinl
days ago. She toM turn, ho says, that
It had hj " Hm to her with a note,
bearing 0 nnnw of n old friend. Her
suspicion'. W'i moused before sho
drank any H t'. mi1 h)io naked the po
lice to l.vtut.
Tho be-' of w'.' was analyzed Jty
the Ulst '.' ol'ViiL found to contain
poison i.. o fru: was obtained for
tho nni.t oi 4kt'who lias been
separate I from Blfl Wfe.
Renewal of Submarine Terrorism Indicates
Possible German Decision to Disregard
Promises to Warn Enemy Merchatmen,
Officials Admit.
At least five American citizens are reported to have
lost their lives in what appears to be a revival of Ger
many's campaign of submarine terrorism.
Four of these are reported missing from the British
Dominion liner Englishman, which, an official dispatch to
the State Department today asserts, was torpedoed off the
British coast;
At least one more American is missing in the list of
survivors from the British Channel steamer Sussex, re
ported to have been torpedoed off the French port of
Dieppe. Elizabeth Baldwin, of Philadelphia, daughter of
the man believed lost, was severely injured by the ex
plosion. .
Although official confirmation of the attack on the
Sussex Is lacking at the State Department, officials believe
the reports to be true.
Gravest apprehension has resulted. It is realized
that if investigation proves that the two ships, or either of
them, met the fate of an unwarned attack, the most serious
complications are likely to result.
It will mean, officials admit, that Germany, availing
herself of the opportunity afforded by the complications
of the Mexican situation, has definitely decided to cast to
the winds all past promises to the United States, and to
pursue relentlessly her intention of attacking all enemy
merchantmen without warning, and regardless of the
human freight they may be carrying.
Four U. S. Citizens
Believed Killed On
Liner Englishman
Oftiilal confirmation was -ecolved at
the State Department today of the
filnllni; of the Crltlsh Dominion liner
rngllshniau oft the northern coast of
Vt least four American citlrens, all
members of tho crew, are believed to
have been killed. They nre:
Peter McDonald, horse foreman. 53
Cherry rtrtet Uoblen.
P. I3'tll;Icy, hoi soman, address un
Unown. M A. Uuike, horseman, address un
known. Cleorge McDonald, trimmer. 37 Com
mon, Lawrence, Mass.
The depattmcul mado public tho of
lleial text of a tcport from UnltoJ
Suites Consul Aimsttong, at Bristol
England in which the flat statement Is
made that the vessel, ivitivntVI bound
for Portland. M. wns torpedoed.
Accotdlnir to the Iltillsh cmbussv
here tin Hngllshmnn was unarmed.
The offlolnl roport wns n follows:
"Dominion lino steamer Dngllshman
tContlmied on Second Page.)
Call The Times
You can get the
result of the Wil-lard-Moran
,by calling The
Times, Main 5260.
"The bout is call
ed for 9:30 o'clock
and if it lasts 10
rround? will finish
about 10:30.
V.. i
4 V- -J-
One American Lost
On Channel Ship;
Three Saw Torpedo
United Press Staff Correspondent
Aboard Steamer Sussex.
OOULOONK (via Paris), March M.
One of the twelve Amcrlcuns known to
haio been aboard tho channel liner bus-
sex, believed to havo been torpedoed in
crossing tho channel yesterday after
noon, is missing and believed to bo lost.
UllzabcUi Baldwin, of Philadelphia,
scvoicly injured and her father reported
Three American passengeis agree that
they saw a torpedo.
It Is estimated that titty or the Ju
pasiengera lost their lives, though It ts
possible somo woro picked up nnd taken
Into other port.
Tho Sussex left Folkestone shortly nft
er noon yesterday under excellent
weather conditions, mid was neating the
! tench port of Dieppe when she was
struck. I was convctslng with other
Americans among my fcllow-passcngcrs
when an explosion suddenly shook the
whole ship.
Lifeboat Destroyed.
One of the Sussex's lircboats was
blown off by the fotco of 'the explosion,
and splinters sent hurtling high Into tho
nlr. At the same time n fountain of wn
ter dnshed over tho side of theihlp
It wosv about 4:30 oclock when the
Sussex wias struck. Many passengers
were standing near the rail watching
tho outhno of tho French coast when
tho explosion rocked tho Sussex
Several wero hurled violently Into the
wator and It was among these thut tho
casualltlos occurred.
Boats wero put over tlio side at once
but I was told that several persons who
were gathered near tho tall previous to
the explosion wero not picked up.
Tho sussox listed badly Immediately
after the explosion ond It was fonred
for a few minutes that sho was about
to sink. As the steamer settled, panic
hroko )U aboard, particularly among
the women and children. Officers ran
about cnlmnliitr tho passengors, and In
a few minutes tho vessel uppoarcd to
right herself.
The survivors temnlned nbonrd tho
Sussox until 11 o'clock Inst night when
most of them were taken off by tho
Theresa. V0 were landed here calls
The explosion ocputred forwntd of tho
ship, wounding many persons Tho
wlrclosj house was shattered and for
this reason it was Impossible to summon

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