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Stl FUR WEDDING ,&fim.
stHLslltBflsilllflnsM ' fj'ilByp's w&IJiil Mtfc-M
, Miss May d'Alton Power to Wed
Lieutenant Lightle, of the
Bureau of Ordnance.
Miss Eloise S. Orme Engaged
to Thomas A. Robinson, of
Haverford, Pa.
Mm. James d'Alton Power announces
the engauemont of her daughter, Miss
May d'Alton Tower, to Lieut William
Tupper Dghtlc, U. S. N.
The marriage wilt take place on Tues.
day afternoon. (May 2. at Mrs. Power's
apartment In the Parkwood and will bo
followed by a reception.
(Lieutenant Lightle, who Is a native
of -Arkansas, Is on duty at tho Navy
Department, -with tho Bureau of Ord
nance, and ho and his bride expect to
make their homo In Washington for the
next year. Miss Power Is cultivated and
accomplished and Is decidedly popular
In Washington society,
and Mrs. William B. Orme an-
nounco the engagement of their daugh
ter, Miss Elolso Stuart Orme, to Thomas
Adams Robinson, son of Mrs. William
T. Robinson, ot Haverford, Pa. No dato
has yet been set for the wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. Orme and their daugh
ter, who havo been at Atlantic City
for the past fortnight, are expected to
return to Washington on Monday. Miss
Onme xnado nor debut In the Capital a
few seasons ago.
Judge Alton B. Parker, of New Tork,
came to Washington yesterday and is
at the Wlllard. Lieut. Commander
Frank Jtldgcly, U. 8. N.. arrived yes
terday opd Joined Mrs. Rldgely. They
are also at tho Wlllard.
Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Converse and
D. F. Converse, of Stillwater, Minn.,
who aro returning from the South; Mrs.
Starling W. Chllds, of New York, and
her sons, etarllng W. Chllds, Jr.. and
Edward Chllds; Mrs. Mortimer Davis,
of Montreal, and Miss Caverhlll. who
have been In Augusta, Ga.; William
Stephen Van Renssolacr. of New York;
Mrs. W. A. Burnham and Miss Burn
ham, of Trvlngton, N. Y., who are re
turning from Camden. 8. C. and Mr.
and Mrs. L. Y. Spear, of Now York,
were among yesterday's arrivals at the
To Wed April 17.
Mlso Elinor Fntman has selected
April 17 as tho date of her marriage to
Henry Morgunthau, Jr., son of tho
American Ambassador to Turkey. The
ceremony will bo performed at 4 o'clock
at ,thp residence ot the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Fatman. 23 Bast
Elshty-flrst street. New York, In the
presence of the families, and -will be
followed by a reception.
Mr. Morganthau will have hi father
n his best man, and tho Rev. Dr. Ste
phen Wise will perform the ceremony.
The engagement was announced on
February it. Mr. Morgunthau, wllh his
father, having arrived a few oays be
fore from abroad.
Miss Juliet CiPiby entertained at a
supper party last night beforo thu Fri
day Evening Lancing Class ut the Wll
lard. $
Among those who will entertain at
ilinnei at the Chew Chase Club this
evening are Mr. and Mm. Charles J.
Bell, Capt. and Mrs. William Mitchell,
and Commander and Mrs. W. V. Ual
braith. -
Congressional Club Tea.
At tho Congressional Club tea yester
day afternoon, when Miss Facgln was
the guest of honor, Mrs. William T.
Borland and Mrs. Frank H. Brlggs
presided at the tea table. Others who
assisted wcro Mrs. Randolph R. Rapley,
Mrs. Seth Shcpard, Mrs. Lcnore Sher
wood, Mrs. William II. Thompson, Mrs.
John Q. Tllson. Mrs. Charles B. Tlm
berlako. Mrs. Charles E. Townaend. Mrs.
Oscar Underwood, Mrs. Joslah Van Ors-
dei, Mrs. E. J. Trlbblo. airs. South
TTlmblo. Mrs. Chariest B. Wnrrt. Mra.
John McCluro Wlloy, Mrs. William Elza
wijuanis. Mrs. b. j. Williams, Mrs.
Otis F. Wlngo, Mrs. 8. E. Winslow. Miss
Mary "Wilcox, Miss Agnes Hart Wilson,
Mrs. George M". Young. Mrs. James
lonng, Airs. James 11. Brady, and Mrs,
William G. Branttcv.
Miss Faoglil give a recital, rousing
tho interest of her auditors by her in
terpretation of Mark Twain's argument
on peace. Sho also read selections from
Huayaru ivipnng and Anthony Hope.
The Postmaster General and Mrs
Burleson were tho guests In whose honor
Congressman and Mrs. Jouett Shouse
entertained at dinner last evening. Mrs.
F. Robins Mitchell, of Boston, who Is
visiting Mrs. Shouse, was among tho
Luncheon to Mrs. Pendleton.
Miss Ellen Fit Pendleton, president
of "Wellcsley College, who Is spending a
few days In Washington with her broth
er and slster-ln-law. Col. and Mrs. 15.
I'. Pendleton, waa the guest of honor
at a luncheon at tho University Club
today. Tho other guests wero tho om-
cors of tho Washington Wollcslo Club
ana n. ioiv 01 nuss x-unuictons ciosa
This afternoon, from i to 6 o'clock,
Mrs. Charles E. Hughes will entertain
at tea In compliment toMlss F'ondlcton.
Her guests will 1Q confined to Wellesley
nlumnac, mombera of tho student body,
and such school gjrls who aro expecting
to enroll at the collcgo within the next
yoar or two.
Mrs. Ernest Knacbol, president of tho
Wellesley Club, will receive- with Mrs.
Hughes and Miss Pendleton and the
membors of tho reception committee, of
which Miss Margaret Moorholse is
chairman, will assist.
At tho reception which the College
Woman's Club and tho Wellesley Club
will give for Miss Pendleton, at the
Raleigh on Monday afternoon, from 4 to
5:30 o'clock, Mrs. Emma Harper Turner,
president of the College Woman's Club,
will receive, assisted .by Mrs. KnaeDct
and Mrs. Lyman B. Swormstcdt, chair
man of tho commlttco on arrangements,
Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin Hillings Wil
1 Hams announco the cnciigomont of their
daughter, Ellen Lnno Jett Williams, to
Lieut. George Bamfonl Ashe, U. S. N..
of Raleigh. N. U. Tho wedding will
take place In Juno at Berryvlllo, Clarko
county, Va.. tho summer home of the
bride's parents.
Mrs. James Irwin Stool, of 1107 Q
street, Is visiting her mother, Mrs.
Robert U. Thomas, at Harrlsburs, Pa.
Miss Caroline Gcrkln Is arranging a
series 6f musicals to be given by Mr.
Kradkln. of the Metropolitan urcnesira,
Youngsters to Frolic in Rose
Room at Shoreham After
the Play.
Photo by Harris Bwlnj.
Who is to wed Lieut. William T. L ightle, U. S. N.
Mrs. Thomas W. Lockwood, Jr.,
Entertains for Mrs. Hamil
ton Speir, of New Jersey.
Senator and Mrs. Saulsbury
Have Vice President and
Mrs. Marshall as Guests.
Mrs. Charles Setden Is entertaining
twenty-eight small ru.bIh, friends of
her daughtor, Miss Virginia Bclden, at
a matlneo pafty at Kclttf's this after
noon. They are occupying four boxes.
After tho theater thoro will be a party
for them In the Roso Room of the
Shoreham. Tho table will bo gay with
spring (lowers In shades of yellow, and
all tho favors will carry out the yellow
The guests are Miss Anna Martin
Johnson. Miss Anne Halght, Miss Lola
rJtubbjeflold, Mlm SalUe AlcAdoo, Miss
Elizabeth 81ms. Miss Irene Canby, Miss
Mary Fox, Mfss Jean Tucker, Miss
Margaret Webb. Miss Marjorlo. Golm,
Miss Mary Elizabeth Belden, Miss Elea
nor Wurtsbaugh, Miss Alice Harding,
Miss Silvia Appleton. the Misses
Blanche and Barbara 8torebelgh, 10
Crago, Miss Margarot West, and
Eustls Hundley.
Cleveland Forum Will
Hear of "Pork Barrels"
Mrs. Robert M. LaFollette, wife or
the Bonator from Wisconsin, will mako
the principal address before tho Com
munity Forum of the Grover Cloveland
School at the Public Library tomorrow
afternoon. Congressman James A.
Ftear of Wlsclnsln will also be a speak
er. His topic will be "Pork or Honesty
in LeEisiuiion
Tho mattor of the "pork barrel" will
be one of tho Important topics of dis
cussion to bo opened by Mrs. Benton
MacKaye. Mrs. Mackaye will devote
herseir principally to tho part that wom
en have played, and will play In fight
ing "pork barrol" legislation.
Clara Barton Memorial
Society Incorporated
Kor the purpose of erecting a me
morial to perpetuate th memory cf
the founder of the American Red Cross,
the Clara Barton Memorial Association
has been Incorporated.
Mrs. John A. Logan. Emily Lee Re
gan, Ada II. Weiss, Albertlne S. Oilell
and Cora Bacon-Foster are named In
the articles of Incorporation (lied yes
terday. .
Tho certlllcate states that tho organi
zation was formed through the Inspira
tion of the !eglon of Loyal Women.
New Thought Lecture.
Jamei A. Ldgerton, president of the
International New Thought Alliance,
v. Ill glo the fourth in the scries of
leetuies on "The Practical Apollcatlon
of the Trachliigs of Jesus Christ to
Present Pay Problems," tomorrow af
ternoon at 4 o'clock In Jtauschcr's Hall.
Druggists' .Association Wants
to Know What Sterilization
Law Means.
At, the request of. tho Botail T)rug
glnta Association of Washington, a
public hearing will be held In the board
room of the District building on Thurs
day momlng on the regulation govern
ing the uie of the common drinking
Section , of the regulation provide
that after July 1, cups, mugs, glasses
and receptacles used In drug 0 to res,
bar itioms and all places whore food
or beverages aro sold, shall be steri
lized by steam or hot water after each,
The druggists ask for a ruling as to
meaning ot tho terms of tho regulation.
Following aro their auerles:
"What is meant by sterilization In
terms clear to tho aerngo person not
familiar v.ltlt bacteriological technique?
"At" what temperature docs water
become hot under the meaning ot the
"What constitutes life of apparatus?
Is it limited ts service to a customer
or does It Include the handling of a
glass or spoon In mixing drinks, as is
frequently the rase?
"If apparatus is clean and has been
sterilized what objection Is there to
the use of dry heat or to uny other
method of .terllbatlftn?''
Section 3, provides .that all places
where fooii or bevorages rtre sold shall
be provided with "adequate facilities"
for cleansing and slerllzatlon. The
(Irt'ggists nilc to have the meaning of
the term "adequate facilities'' explained
and ask If on ordlnarv tub full of boil
ing water would bo sufficient or whether
a special iteainer would be required.
Sterilization apparatus, they point out.
Is not mado email enough to meet the
requirements of the ordinary drug
gists. Regulations as to common oups and
towels went Into affect on February 1,
Mrs. La Follette to Speak
At Forum Tomorrow
Mrs. nobert M. La Follette will be the
first speaker at the meeting of the
Grover Clevoland Community Forum in
the Public Library at S o'clock tomor
row afternoon.
Mrs. La Follette Is familiar with the
community forum from the fact that
U0 communities In Wisconsin have
them. There the centers nre held under
a law similar to the Hollls-Johnson
tncasuro proposed for the District.
Congressman James A. Frear. of Wis
consin and Mrs. Benton MacKaye will
be other rpeakcrs.
Lobsters at High Mark
BOSTON. March :. Lobsters have
reached the highest price ever known
In New England. They aro quoted In
the local market at 75 cents a pound.
list of Changes Announced By
Department Affecting Officera.
Capt Joseph F. Slier, Medical Corps,
relieved from duty at Army Medical
School, to Fort Mam Houston, Tex., for
dUtv fit 4h rUn.rtmATit t.hnntArv Tit
following officers of the Medical Ileserve
Corps are relloved from duty at the
Army Medical School, to take effect
uiun mo completion or ineir examina
tion for appointment In the Medical
Corps of tho Army, to Harllngen, Tex.,
for assignment to duty with Ambulance
Company No. 6; First Lieut. Joseph L.
Fnrden.-Flrst Lieut. Charles O. liutter.
Each of the following officers of tho
Medical Corps, will proceed to tho place
specified after his namo for assignment
to temporary duty with tho organization
Indicated: Capt. Harry O. Humphries,
Brownsville, Tex., Fourth Infantry;
Capt. Wllllnm 8. Shields, Brownsville,
Tex.. Third Cavalry; Cap.. William
M. Smart. Harllngen, Tex., Field Hos
pital No. 5; Copt. Jesse It. Harris, llar
Ilngn, Tex., Field Hospital No. 6; Oapt.
Edward M. Talhott, Harllngen, Tex.,
Sixth Cavalry; Capt. Charles L. Foster.
Mission, Tex.. Twenty-eighth Infantry;
Capt. Hobert W. Kerr, Fort Clark, Tex.,
Fourteenth Cavalry; Capt. William K.
Bartlctt, Eagle Pass, Tex., Seventeenth
Infantry; Capt. James S. Fox, El Paso,
Tex., Seventh Infantry; Capt. Craig It.
Snyder, Douglas, Ariz., Eighteenth In
fantry; Major Cosam J, Bartlctt, Doug
las, Ariz., Twenty-second lnrantry;
Capt. Lucius L. Hopwood, Columbus, m.
May rrnralftt. r.v.lrwi XtM4MH 1nM.. t.
Bevans, El Paso. Tcx Twentieth In-
inmry; japi. Tnomas J. inynn, Nogales.
Ariz., Twelfth Infantry: Capt. William
B, Melatcr, Nogales, Ariz., Twelfth in-
fnnf tV Pant flsknvwA TT t)U..n iv i
Paso. Tex., Twenty-third Infantry; Capt.
George H. Scott, El Paso, Tex., Twenty
third Infantry: Lieut. Col. Paul K.
Straub, Fort Bliss, Tex., base hospital;
Major William L. Keller, Fort Bliss,
'lex., base nosplta!. leavo for two
months, to tako effect upon his relief
from his present duties, granted First
Lieut. Charles B. Meyer, Coast Artillery
Corps Lieut. Col. George Montgomery.
Ordnance Department, or one of his
commissioned assistants, to Greenfield,
Mass., on official business pertaining to
the operations of the Ordnance Depart
ment. National Thrift Campaign
Indorsed By Thurston
Ernest L. Thurston, superintendent of
schools, addressed pupils of James Or
mond Wilson Normal Bchool, yesterday
afternoon on "Thrift."
Mr. Thurston Indorsed the national
thrift campaign, and said that thrift
should bo related. In school teaching,
not only to tho saving of money, but
to the saving of health, of time and
to conservation of natural resources.
Huidekoper to Speak
On National Defense
Frederick Huidekoper Is to speak at
the meeting of tho Society of Colonial
Wars tonight at the New Wlllard
Hotel. Tho society will consider the
question of preparedness. Mr. Huide
koper will support a resolution In
dorsing preparedness. Afterward nip
per will bo served.
The Shakespearean Collection
Makes Publio Library Ren-'
dezvous for Many.
For high school pupils and college
students, the Publio Library Is a ren
dezvous this week.
The attraction Is the collection of
Shakespearo pictures, In the exhibition
cases on the second lloor. Nearly 200
pictures are Included In this exhibi
tion. They form only a small fraction
of the pictures devoted to Shakespeare
contained In the extensive picture col
lection In the library. Besides those
shown hundreds aro being loaned to
high school and college classes and to
clubs which aro making a study of
the dramatist In honor of his anni
versary. Tho collection on exhibition ha
prints of some famous portraits, such
an the Chandos head, the Dreeshout
portrait, the Jausen head, the .Felton
head, and the busts in Trinity Church
and the so-called Stratford bust.
Pictures of Houses.
Then there aro nlctures of Stratford- '
on-Avon, of Shakespeare's house, of
Ann Hathaway' cottage, and of the
Globe, Swan and various Elizabethan
Scenes from a dozen of his plays are
shown, and there are character pictures
of famous actors who have played In
Shakespearean roles.
The pictures are taken from the li
brary's collection ot more than, 25,000 ,
mounted pictures. This collection Is
constantly being added to by pictures
from magazines, from newspapers, and
from prints which are presented by
friends ot the library. Librarian
George F. Bowcrman welcomes the
print collections.
Are Widely Circulated.
Theso pictures are widely circulated
and not only schools and clubs, but In
dividuals who are taking art course
draw them out. One portion of the
collection is devoted to Biblical history,
and this Is drawn upon by Sunday
School classes. A wide range of subject
Is covered. One of the most complete
collections Is the geographical one, and
vying with this aro the literary and
historical, collections.
Tho art collection Includes not only
reproductions or famous pictures, but
pictures ot statues and architectural
Newspapers draw freely upon the col
lection, and In times of great catas
trophes, like the Dayton floods, the
Frisco earthquake, and the Jamaica
earthquake, three of the four Wash
ington papers have used library pic
tures on the same day.
Mrs. Thomas W. Lockwood. Jr., was
hostess nt a charmingly appointed
luncheon today, when she entertained In
compliment to Mrs. Hamilton Spelr, ot
Mcntclalr, N. J., who Is spending the
early spring In Washington.
Invited to meet Mrs. Spelr were Mrs.
Thomas Hutchinson. Mrs. T. DeWItt
Talmadge, Mrs. S. C. Ncale, Mrs. Sam
uel J. Gruham. Mrs. Louis Pennington,
Mrs. Charles Henry Butler, Mrs. Charles
Wood, MrsAWllllam Sinclair. Miss Helen
Stcwurt. Mrs. Victor Kourfmann. and
Mrs. Esra Koon. Tho table had a
graceful centerpiece of white lilacs and
pink sweet peas.
Mrs. I. T. Mann will be nt home to
morrow afternoon for the last time this
Mrs. Thomas S. Crelglton Is enter
taining a few guests Informally ot tea
this afternoon nt her residence In Nine
teenth street. In compliment to Mrs.
mfy To,wnc, of New York, and Mrs.
V llllam Post, of Englcwood, N. J., who
aro her guests.
near Admiral nnO Mrs. W. W. Kim
ball will bo hosts at a small and In
formal tea this afternoon at their resi
dence, 17B7 Q street.
Arranging a Recital.
Mrs. Georco Pcabody Eustls la nrrnnz.
'Ing' a recital of the song cycle, "In a
Persian ilarden," to bo gtvon at tho
Playhouse on the afternoon of April 11,
at 4 o'clock. Mrs. Elliott Woods, Miss
Fnye Bumphrey, Myron Whitney, nnd
John Barncc Wells, of Now York, will
bo the artists, with Mrs. Eustls at the
The recital, In which much Interest Is
already being shown, promises to bo one
of the most delightful musical events or
tho early spring.
Miss Elma S. Moulton, daughter or
Judgo and Mrs. II. H. Moulton. has ar
rived homo from Wellesloy College ror
the spring vacation. Miss Moulton will
be graduated in June.
An cntorUlnment will be tho benullt
vaudeville tea to bo given early In Muy
by the District of Columbia Division,
United Daughters of tho Confederacy.
Miss Alice Theobald has entlro chargo
of tho affair, which already Is claiming
tho nttcntlon und Interest of resident
and official Washington.
A delightful vnudevllle will be given
during part of the afternoon, starting
nt a o'clock, and will bo followed by
("harming matronr, asatnted !v Wash
JngtonVs nt'tractivo idebutnntar). ,wlU
Bcrvo" refreshments throughout tho
Among those of the younger set who
havit leccutly Hlgnlllcd their Intention
of Joining tho National Servlco School
camp at Chevy Chase In May aro Miss
Anna Hopkins, dnughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Neville Monroo Hopkins, and Miss
Phyllis Moore, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. John Passett Moore, of New York.
Miss Elizabeth Deeblo and Miss
Louise Davidson will also take the
Lansings To Ue Honor Guests.
The Secretary of State and Mia
Lansing will bo tho guests of honur at
a dinner this evening, vlth the Japan
ese Ambageatlor nnd Viscountess Chin
da as hosts,
and Mrs. Christian llcmmlck will
also bo umnug the dinner hosts of this
evening. They will havo clghteon
Mr. nnd Mn. Hemmlck will also give
a dinner next Friday evening, und
Mrs. Hemmlck 1ms cards out for a
luncheon on Tuesday.
A number of Interesting box parties
were arranged last evening for the per
formance ot tho Imperial Ballet Russe
at the National.
Senator and Mrs. Saulsbury .enter
tained In compliment to tho Vice Presi
dent and Mrs. Marshall, with Senator
and Mrs. McLean to complete the party.
Tho Minister of Nlcuraucua had with
him Senator and Mrs. Stone and the
Asslstuut Secretary of Stato and Mrs.
John K Osborne.
Mr. und Mrs. John V. Wllklns had a
box for the evening and had with them
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Glaugow. Mrs.
Joseph Letter and Robert Wlklns;
while Mr. and Mra. Etdrldgo Jordan had
as their guests Mr. und Mrs. Georgo
i'caDoay tsutis, Mrs. Preston Gibson,
and Basil Miles. Mr. und Mrs. Jordan
entertained their guests at dinner before
tho ballet.
Mr. and Mrs, James W. Wadsworth
also entertained Informally at dinner,
taking their guests. Miss Barbara Blcl
stein. Mr. and Mrs. Mandevlllo Carlisle
and George Marvin, to the National
This evening the Russian Ambassador
and Madame Bakhmctefr will occupy a
box, as will Mrs. Robert McCormtck,
whllo Mr. and Mrs. William Corcoran
Eustls will have Mrs. Marshall Field's
To Give Recital.
Tho Kate Gordon Chanter. Southern
Stalcj Woman's Suffrage Conference,
will glvo a mid-Lent recital In tho
Gold Room of the Hotel Lafayette on
Aionaay evening, April 3, at 8 o'clock.
Tho following artists will participate:
Mrs. J. J. Loving, Miss Clarlne McCarty,
Mra. Hugh A. Brown. Mrs. Charles
Zurhorst, Miss Sylvia Mctcalf. Mrs.
itnymonu u. uicKey, ana aiiss isisa
Ranor. Accompanists, Mrs. Charles
ui-ooks smun ana .Mrs. ucorge Metcair.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Phlpps have como
from tho South for a visit in Washing
ton en roulo to their homo In New
York, and arc stopping at tho Shoreham.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ward, of Lon
don, who aro In Washington, aro also
at tho Hiiorer.am, and others registered
there are Mr. und Mrs. A. H. Carter
and Mrs. E. W. Sells, of Lcesburg. Va.:
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Oakford nnU
Miss Frances Oakford, of Haverford,
Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Strawbridge,
Miss Anna Mrawbrldgo and Edward
Strawbridge, of Philadelphia, and Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Dean, of St. Paul.
Mrs. Marshall Field, who left Wash
ington the first of this week. Is spend
ing a fow weeks in New York, and has
with her her niece, Mrs. Albert J.
k iAftKjefc'ft
A toll.l preparation of nrll
IT.Ip. to tnAletX dudratf.
Por ft astorlac Color b4
Safety First
Indigestion, constipation, biliousness
and many ailments of the digestive
organs are often the source of serious
illness. At the first 6ign of disordered
conditions take the reliable family
remedy that is always dependable
Utt-t 31. ot Any MwUcIae U & WerU.
Sold oTonrwlnro. In box. 10c. 3Bc
, 14U Sf. Park Head
try Ki
at 81
Meaday. Taesday
A Tbarsslay Xt'ks
Tuesday and Friday Afternoons,
J. A. WlbLATtn, Gen. Mgr.
Public Announcement
, -
1' sBBMBflssnSirKr'&il '-'' $-
t iiaWsssst-VBW i' jssi HaM' l-:4 :
i- JP.SP;SaWam'''8WaWslaf-1
i TIIifMsssssKS ZlSJv'',fesj'
"i. tasssssssH r3-i aawP iHssv-vI u & nifl '
BrifedSBBBBBKai IB KXjMa3tlS U
Crandall's Theater, 9th and E SU: N. W.
It is with the greatest pleasure that we announce our new Theater,
known as the Avenue Grand. Notice is hereby given that this Theater
will be closed April 3, thoroughly remodeled, and will reopen about
April 15 as a first-class Feature Photoplay House, with the best pictures
obtainable and a high-class orchestra.
We now operate, as you know, the Crandall Theater, Ninth and E
streets northwest, also the Apollo Theater, 624 H street northeast, and
after April 15 we will give the Southeast section an up-to-date theater.
Our intentions are to have a first-class theater located in each
section of the city, placing us with our chain of theaters in a position to
always furnish our patrons at the various theaters with the best in mo
tion pictures, accompanied by good music.
Our next announcement will deal with our proposed Jarge theater
in Mt. Pleasant, located on Fourteenth street, the exact location to be
made known at a later date,-and at this time wish to assure you that
we have absolutely nothing to do with, and have no connection with,
any other that has recently been announced in the Mt. Pleasant section.
We make mention of this fact to set at rest any false impressions and
as answer to the many inquiries which have been received requesting
information as to whether or not we have any connection with any of
those formerly announced on Fourteenth street.
We also take this opportunity to advise the public about buying
stock in moving picture theaters.
Investigate the Following:
CrandalUs Apollo Theater, 624 H St N. E.
IssssaL I KssssslslsssVK ssiBwgPshsssssssCTsssssssssssssssssssK "'i"'
Crandall's Avenue Grand Theater,
Perm. Ave. S. E. bet. 6th and 7th Sts.
Another Crandall Theater To Be
Announced Soon.
1st. What is the financial standing of those most interested?
2d. How much stock have they subscribed for, and how much
actual cash did they invest?
3d. Arc there any PROMOTION FEES, high prices to be paid
for LEASES, or is there much watered stock?
4th. What salary (if any) arc the officers of the company to
receive 7
6th. Will the total investment be so great that a profit Mould be
utterly, impossible?
6th. If there were a profit, would they declare dividends, and
divide it among the stockholders, or would they dispose of
the profits in high salaries to officers of the Company?
7th. Have the organizers, whoever they may be, had any prac
tical experience in the moving picture business, and have
they been successful?
This last question is a very important one, for, regardless of what
their financial standing may be, thousands of dollars have been lost
injhe moving picture business mainly through the lack of experience
and unnecessary expenditures. '
I want to assure the public that 1 make this statement purely for
their own benefit, as in many cities large stock selling propositions
have been floated, and the public have suffered through stock jobbers.
My advice to those contemplating buying stock in a moving pic
ture theater proposition, is to give the above very careful consideration.
(Signed) h. M. CRANDALL.
U In vasnineion tor a visit.

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