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Carroll Electric Company In
vites Inspection at Plant To
morrow Night.
Managers of Enlarged
Electric Supply Firm
With music and a Fnyly 'lcked wn
rnl storeroom. Hip Cnrnlt Electric
Compiny will fcrrmill!' opn it the pi,
llo ll now bitiminr lit 71 1 Tw-jllih
street tompirow nlsM.
Tho story of this Arm l n. cnntlnu-d
imo of sixteen yenrs' rfdonvor. culniln
iUnff now In ono of the InrK.'st olec
trtcat encorna operntitm In th" Kt.
In 19tf the Carroll Kleetilc "on-pany
wu orcn'nlrcd and rnrrli'd m buxlneso
In a ilttlo chop in Ulc basement of tho
Bond bu'Mlnr. on Fourteenth .Urcct.
U wan an electrical conlrmtin? and on
Klncerlnir compnny then, end run ty
Ilnrrv It. nnil Louis D. Carroll, the
present heads ot the linn Tho business
oxpnniled, iiecessltntlne; removal to
larjrer niinrtim stvernl tlmea In tho
past few eara With the uddltlon of
numerous new deprutmonts embracing
every feature of electrical service, tho
three-story fclnxture just I'nlrhed wus
made necessary.
It ha a frontline of fnrtvelcht feet
morn than W.OjO iuure feet of Moor
space a c'uplh of lflj feet. The first
floor la occupied by the retail store,
having full llnee of evorv electrical do
mestic device liniiKiunlile, for the housa
hold ,aa well aa supplies for commercial
work. On Ihr tecond and third iIoom
are the olllcet, nnd In the roar ware
rooms on each floor.
The cnKineerliiK department haa been
equipped to mako complete Installa
tions, both underground and overhead,
lor power plant, refrigeration sys
tems, and other commercial work.
'Wo ire ready to handle competently
any elcotrlcal work," said Harry It.
Carroll yesterday, and In that aentence
sums up the completeness of the con
cern. Mr. Carroll Is now general man
ager of the company, and in direct
charge or the contracting and engi
neering hranches. whllo I.ouls D. car
roll la manager of the supply depart
ment. On Monday night Interesting displays
ot electrical goods will be shown In
ovary dopartment, and the entire
hullulng open to the public for Ita in
section and approval. The outside or
tho structure will be lllumlnatca Dy
powerful searchlights placing on It
from across the street.
Finds Efforts "To Be Prepared"
Are Expensive.
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r-fi wWliHkVv
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iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaK3nH5MHlHvi Va & "3 H
ku!kkkHHi.kkkVHi kS
A bag sale, the proceeds of which will
be "used for aiding tho distressed In the
United mates, will bo held at Itaiisch
cr's Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock
by tho American Ited Urosa.
Mlsa Mabel Hoardman, Whose home,
1RU1 1 street northwest, Is bring used
as n warehouse JTor the great number
of bags of all alzea and descriptions,
said today none of the money raised
by the sale would be sent abroad.
This Is a special fund, and It la hoped
to raise a largo sum. Tho bags will
range from sand receptacles for tots to
enormous clothes bags. Tho prices will
gtmlunto from S3 cents 19 that many
Wednesday night, beginning at U
o'clock, there will bo a mlcareme ball.
Following l the program for the oven
Ing affair.
Minuet Tho Misses 'Laura Delano,
Uryngu Haybaud, Caroline Nash, and
Kvellne Qlcaves, and Lieut. Alva Hern
hard, I. lent. Kclwln Watson. Morris
Voted and Montgomery Angell.
Hag Dance In charge, Miss Gladys
Ingah and Miss Frances Hoar.
The bag-What'a In 117 (
1'as scut Mlsa Manuela de I'ena.
llagdad dance The Misses Kranclse
Williams, Klenoro Morgan, Frances
Moore, ncien wolcott, and Kllxabcth
Htrdlng, and Mrs. W. A. Water, Jr.
t'as seul Miss Frances Hoar.
KaKnlne dance Tho Misses Cath
erine McCllntock. Cora Barry, Caroline
ugtwn-joncs, umn Anaerson, nnu aire.
Nowbold Noyes.
SHARON. Pa.. March 26,-When
Andy Dlttman read In the newspapers
that every American citizen should
know how to handle and shoot a gun
In event of war. he purchased a rifle
and began practicing In his baok yard
after placing a target against a post.
A policeman heard the shot and ar
rested Andy for shooting In the borough
limits. He was given a hearing before
Burgess J, II. Moody and fined K and
Andy turned the gund over to the au
thorities with the statement that he will
Join the paclllsts.
Thoto liv t'rnoka
Had lost all faith in medicines,
but Dreco was working such
wonders, consented to
try it.
Total of 1,269 Army Recruits Ac
cepted in Ten Days.
A total of 1.369 recruits In the first
ten days of the campaign To tncrcaso
the army to war strength was icported
by the War Department today. For
the flvo days of last week the total
enlistment was 710 against S59 for tho
fTv'e daya of tho preceding week.
Three appllcanta were 1 ejected for
physical unlltness for every one ac
cepted, tho recrulllnjf report showed.
Adjutant General McCain suid that
during the week the number of recruit
ing stations had been Increased to 224.
During the coming week he hopes to
Increase the number to Wi.
"My daughtei brought home a bottle
of Dreco ono day. but 1 nrfolulely re
fused to tuku any of It. an I had taken
sc much medicine and tried dIPcrrnt
doctor without result, so she returned
It to 0 uomicn nud trot her money
bad. 1 kert heuilng of the wonderful
bencllta other people around me were
getting fiom it, t had ln-r go hack and
buy It ovci'ucaln. I um now on try
lourth holllo and am In better condi
tion than I've been In jears. The rheu
matism, pa.11.1 in my hack and limbs,
and ciinvtlpntiou mc much better. Am
not hotherd with blllouHncsx, coated
tongue, foul breath nor hcarthutn any
more. I sleep well and my stomach Is
much better. I have lived on ll'iuld
diet h Ions time, but now I have a good
appetlto and cat heartily of solid food.
Am gaining htrcngth, und am caring
for two furnaces In my home. That in
pretty good lor n man 18 vear old. 1
think " The nlovc Ir the signed state
ment of Mr. Oco. Schlerf, M9 I' rtrect
nortRweiit. wITc lis lived there for
yejira and In well Known. He was In
business In that nilghhnrhned when iho
northwcut ceetlon was but thinly built
lip. Ills race Mii'WH A'hnt powers Dreco
has to restore the svsiem 10 its ttrehittn
and normal ecl.vlty. For weak, run- I
'own, nervous ptoplc, or Ihofc whoxo 1
liver and khliievs iind bowels arc s'iiii !
glsh. constipated nurt tun wwn rnoiiim
Invent a dollar In Dreco. All the O'Don
nell stores ell it. A siiecl.il representa
tive is at Wt F Htreet store to cour
teously exnlnln it Sold nlo In Hyalt.
vllle by Ford'n Drut' Storo In Alexan
dria by Allen's Drug Store. In nacos
tla by rtury's Dwg Store. Advt.
j.1- -L-"jrg.. .. .
eaHHSim iasr sauiv isesfflii
fS13gr g
Rightfully Winning the Confidence of the American Public
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t !
A few of the facts for tho phenomenal growth of tho Saxon's popularity.
Continental six-cylinder, hlgh-Bpeed motor equipped with a Rayflold hot
water jacketed carbureter producing maximum efficiency of gasoline.
TIMKEN differential with spiral gears and transmission running on
Tlmken roder bearings Incased in an accessible differential housing on
rear axle.
GEAR SHIFTING Is practically unknown both In town and country
running. Makes IVi to 66 miles on high gear. Develops twenty miles on
the gallon of gasoline; 150 miles on a quart of oil. e.
FOREIGN DESIGN yacht lined body with gasoline tank under cowl with
simple gravity feed system, equipped with gasoline gauge in view of driver.
Positive feed and tank protected from rear end collisions. Body well
upholstered and of liberal dimensions both In width and depth for five
grown people.
112-INCH WHEEL BASE car will make a complete circle in twenty
four feet.
HONEYCOMB FEDDIS RADIATOR incased In black enamel frame
protecting the radiator and finish to the enamel.
WARNER steering assembly of the worm type, which Insures easy
operation and protection.
WAGNER two-unit starting and lighting system equipped with Ward
Leonard electrical fittings, which are thief and fool proof.
BY SCIENTIFIC construction and management the Saxon Motor Com
pany will manufiicture 35,000 cars for 1916 that cannot bo duplicated and
sold for within 25 of the popular prices of the Saxon Six oyllnder.
Saxon Six $815, Saxon Four $005 P. O. D. Detroit, Mich.
TIME 18 MONEY, but it will be well Invested to call Main 23, and compare the Saxon
Series Six with cars soiling from 26 to 40hlgher In price, and with the purchase of a
Saxon car you are guaranteed to give real service 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
SERVICE NOT A SIDE LINE in our business, but the very fact of our existence.
631-39 Mass. Ave. N. W. Call Main 23 for Saxon and Ford Service
Norfolk Branch, J 25 Brook Ave.
A few counties still open for live dealer in Maryland and Vir
ginia. An opportunity you cannot afford to miss if you can get it.
Here's your opportunity, grasp it.
Strendtk - EgPJ2ffSf
$1.5(j English
98,c pc.
36-inch English Longcloth,
fine quality and soft chamois
finish, for women's and chil
dren's garments1, 12 yards to
the piece. Eighth Street Annex.
Washington's Fastest Growing Department Store
Open Daily -8:45.
Close Daily 5:30.
Tub Silk Blouses
$3.00 Values
At $1.79
Women's Blouses of fine
heavy quality tub silk in a
large' variety of beautiful stripe
effects. Tailored models In
sizes 36 to 42. Second Floor.
AID OUR PROGRESS Progress and prosperity go hand in hand. Our business has again outgrown the property in
which it is housed, and again we must rebuild enlarge. May l the builders take possession of the entire 8th Street Annex,
which will be razed to the ground and be supplanted with a modern 6-story structure of steel. The departments there located,
must be moved to the 7th Street building. Their stocks must be immediately reduced and the stocks of every other depart-'
ment must likewise be reduced to give a part of their space to the transplanted departments. n
SHARE OUR PROSPERITY We will pay you well to help us make these necessary stock reductions at once throughout
the entire store. Every department manager has received their orders, and our daily announcements will convince you that
these incomparable values are unmatchable. Thousands of other specially-priced lots, too numerous to men.tion and not adver
tised, will be displayed around the store and designated by special tickets. Look for them.
Extra Specials
For Monday Only
No Mail, Phone or
C. O. D. Orders.
Extra Special
18c Black Sateen
12c yard
30-tnch Black tiateen, with a
highly mercerised flnlnh. The cor
rect weight for bloomerf, petti
toatH. maids' dreiaei. &c.
tth St. Annex.
Extra Special
Women's 50c Drawers
39c pair
Women's l)rawere In extra slien.
mado of good quality muslin with
cambric ruffles, finished with hem
stitched tucks.
Extra Special
50c Stamped Scarfs
29c each
A largo asiortment of Hemstitch
ed Scarfs stamped In new and dain
ty deslgne. Size of scarf. 11x50
Inches. Ith St Annex.
Extra Special
25c Sofa Cushions
19c each
lS-lnch Hofa Cushions, covered
with various, grades of cretonnes
In a large aisortment of light and
dark grounds.
Fourth Floor.
Extra Special
15c Talcum Powder
1 lc a can
Meunen's Xlorated and Violet Tal
cum Towder. The regular ISc size
Main Floor.
Extra Special
25c Hatpins
15c a pair
sterling Silver Hatpins In a largn
assortment of pretty styles and
Main Floor.
Extrri Special
25c Furniture Polish
19c a bottle
Kasy-.Method Furniture Polish,
requires no rubbing and will not
scratch or mar the flnosi furniture.
Fourth Floor.
Extra Special
Children's Dresses
75c Values
At 50c each
Presses of fine quality madras,
In all-white or pink and blue trim
med Frenrh styles, with belt and
pocket (sizes 3 to yoars.
Third Floor.
Extra Special
59c Bungalow Aprons
At 39c each
Made of good quality Manchester
Ginghams, full length and extra
large "die. Kimono sleeves, fin
ished with bolt and pockets.
Third Floor.
Extra Special
39c Stamped Towels
25c each
Large size and extra heavy qual
ity Turkish Towels stamped with
your Initials.
8th at. Annex.
Extra Special
25c Check Nainsook
15c a yard
BOO yards White Pajama Cheek
Nainsook, extra fine quality and
full 36 Inches wide.
8th St. Annex.
The Greatest Suit Offer of the Season
1,000 Exclusive
Model Garments
Which you will concede by comparison to
be better than Suits selling in most stores
as high as -$35.00
The co-operation of three leading makers is responsible for this
extraordinary value right now when you are deliberating on your Easter
suit. Solve the problem here tomorrow and profit by these savings.
All Sizes for Women and Misses
Choose from a wonderful assortment, including Plain Tailored Suits,
Fancy-trimmed Suits, Braid-trimmed Suits, Button-trimmed Suits, Sport
Suits, the Chic Ripple and Full-flare Jacket Suits, Taffeta Silk Suits, in
navy blue and black; Black .and White Check Suits, including fancy and
shepherd checks; Novelty Suits and many others.
Materials include Serges, Gab
ardine, Poplin, Whipcord, Nov-,
elty Weaves and Fancy Mixtures
of various kinds.
The colors Choose from
Navy Blue, Black, Brown, Tans,
Resedas, various colored Checks
and other new Spring Shades.
In Spite of the Low Price Alterations Free of Charge
Suit Section Second Floor Lansburgh & Co.
Navy Blue Taffetas Are Scarce
In Spite of This Fact, Here Is An Extraordinary Offer In Our Rebuilding Sale
7,500 Yards 36-Inch Navy Blue (IM Ifl
Chiffon Taffeta SS, Yd. 1 L V
Every yard b absolutely all pure silk and pure dye firmly woven, heavy quality chiffon
finish. Just another evidence of our silk selling supremacy. There is no need of going into dull
trade details to tell you how or where we got them, but they are here, and in several of the most
favored shades of navy blue.
Come tomorrow and secure your share of this wonderful value
$1.50 Wide
Black Silks
All pure silk, nnd perfect In every
36-Inch Prati do Sole.
K-lnch Taffeta.
16-Inch Molr Velour .
36-Inch Batln Hrorncle.
40-Inch Brocade Crepe.
IP-Inch Tuffctla and Peau de Cyce,
$1.50 40-inch All-Silk
Crepe de Chines
97c a Yd.
All pure silk, heavy quality,
in over 50 colors.
8th St Annex lansburgh & bro.
$1.50 32-inch Tub M Ifl
Crepe de Chine $1.1?
A large assortment of extra
heavy quality all pure Silk Tub
Crepes that will wash and re
tain color and finish. White
grounds with beautiful colored
Sale of Notions
Offering extraordinary values in small
wares that must interest every woman in
Spool Cotton, 2c a Spool
The famous Anchor Brand, in black
and white. All numbers.
White Tape, 24 ynrtla
to tho
piece W
Cap Hair Net, 25c OKn
value. Two for.... CtOKs
Cotton flroagrnln Ilclt-
Inic, all wldthx. 4n
Yard 4C
Dram Tin, full
.160 count. A
33c Hnnhnry IlrlU, t(n
all fllzes. Kach... XVL
Machine Oil
will not gum.
l.lnurrlr timid, nil
colors, A piece
I'rrt lloiika nnd
Krn. 3 cards for. . .
Silk Mram IIulldlnK,
1.1c value. A
'Mr Cnlorlte for rccol
orlnp straw 1Qn
hats lUC
that 0
Main Floor -LansburKh & Bro.
Your Opportunity to Buy
Dainty Undermuslins
1,000 Garments, QQr
$1.50 Values, at ZssC
A special purchase direct from the maker,
bought at a big concession in price. Every
garment fresh and perfect and made under the
most sanitary conditions. Included are
Night Robes, of fine quality nainsook and
cambric, all prettily trimmed with dainty laces
and embroideries.
Night Robes, in pretty white and fancy col
ored crepes.
Teddy Bear Chemises, of fine quality flesh
color batiste; choice of hemstitched or lace
trimmed models. '
$1.00 Undermuslins, 69c
Nightgowns, Petticoats, and Teddy Bear
Chemises, of line cambrics and nainsooks,
l.ace and embroidery trimmed.
Thlid Floor I.HnsbufKh & Bro.
' Extra Special
$2.50 Satin Marseilles
Full-size Satin Marseilles Quilts,
closely woven and nicely flnirJied.
Several very rich designs.
Fourth Floor.
Extra Special
$1.25 Suhfast Madras
37c a yard
IS-lnch Ktnuino Bunfast Madras,
In a good assortment of plain col
ors, sultable.ror window or door
hanglnBs, v
Fourth Floor.
$1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 Wool and Silk-and-Wool
New Spring Dress Goods
Widths,40 to 54 Inches, All Colors and A
Black. In Our Rebuilding Sale, at a Yd., Q G
We have blue-penciled prices in the Dress Goods Section until all semblance to real value
is ruthlessly ignored. Our present quarters must be vacated by May 1, and only one-half the
area will be allotted to woolens in our main building. Time is fleeting, hence these sharp and
decisive reductions to meet the emergency. But READ ON. Here are the facts in detail. Choose
from 100 pieces 4o-inch (all colors and black) Silk-and-Wool Poplin, 75 pieces 42-inch all pure
Wool Empress Poplin, 50 pieces all pure wool 44-inch Imperial Serge, 54-inch Black-and-White
Shepherd Checks, in medium and large blocks; 44-inch All-wool Navy Blue Storm Serge,
56-inch Palm Beach Suiting, Green and Blue All-wool Checks, Tricolorcd Plaids, Cream Storm
Serge, Cream Pebble Crepe, Black Storm Serge, Black Mohair, Black Henrietta, and a L(r
host of other desirable fabrics for one da. Vahrs up to s 1.50. Choice, ard 0"W
Eighth Street Annex Lansburgh & Bro.

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