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" ', ij'f-i '",, i ., '...,,', .', , " ,,','! '!' f ;' '.' ...I ',' , i U,' -, : U i. , , ; ,i -, , ,'-, ' ' , , ;i , ', , ,";; : i.,7 . . , . J
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Tears Are Banned at Theaters This Week. Cheerful OfferirigsRuie
. .. .
1 W
VPollyanna' Known
'As The "Glad"
Comedy, With
''The Only Girl';
And "The Beauty
cal Comedies,
Make Week Hajp
py,One. WITH 'Tollynna" nt the Na
tional this week, 'The
Only Girl" at the BcIqhco,
afyi "The Beauty Shop" at tho Poli(
jnenver, mere win do no uijponu
nity for indulgence in deep depres
sion. There might possibly bo room for
bouI cleansing tear or two of
sheer happiness at the sweetness of
"pojlyanna," but as far as "The
Only Girl" and "The Beauty Shop"
are concerned,1 even sadly sweet
tears arc out of the question.
"?oJlyanna" Is the play made from
'thejbook of the came name by Eleanor
.Porter, presented by Kluw & Kr
langcr and George Tyler, and played by
'. company Includfn-t Patricia Colllnse
and' otheri of sterling reputation.
.The Only Girl" Is a. Herbert nml
.Bfosuon rriifllcal comedy which has been
jhere before, earlier In this season, but
which Is still enjoying popularity. Just
a( "did Its sister creations, "The Red
Mill," "Mme. Modiste," and othcis by
the same composers.
"The Beauty Shop," In which Ray
mond Hitchcock will bo recalled, will
present the Toll Players In the role of
musttal comedy artists. The consist
ently excellent character of the work of
this organisation which seems to be
ing percullarly to this city is sufficient
recommendation for :iny attraction
which they may present.
The special performance of "Ilcilda
Qftbler," which was to have been elven
tomorrow night at the Poll Theater, has
been postponed. The regular perform
ance of "The Beauty Hhnp" Will be
National: "Pollyanna."
.OLLYANNA" will reach the
local stage ut the' National
Theator for an engagement
beginning tomorrow night,
under tho management of Knaw & Er
langer, and George Tyler. .
As a comedy. "Pollyanna" strikes a
new and vclcomc note In the "spoken
drama" and has aroused the same cn-
thuslasm that it did between book.
Catherine Chlsholm dishing, the dram
atist, has written popular comedUs
tor May Irwin, Henrietta Crosman, and
BUlie Burke; alio also wrote "Kitty,
MacKay. ' in bringing "Pollyanna"
ivlthln stage limitations she has been
credited with pieservlng the humanity
and joyous optimism of Eleunor 11.
Porter's enormously popular stories,
"Pollyanna," tho Glad Book, and "Pol
lyanna Grown Up."
"Pollyanna" hu.i proved a keen delight
to theatergoers and comes hern with
the original cast ot distinguished plny
ers Including Patricia Colltngo, ns tho
Glad Girl; Eftle Shannon and Herbert
Kelcey as Aunt Polly and Dr. Chilton;
Arthur Forrest, at. the hermit Pendle
ton; JcsHie Buulcy, as the amlablo
Nancy; Maude Granger. Helen Weath
ersby and Maud. Hosford. as the "Ladles
Alders;" Master Bobby Tobln nnd Lorin
Baker, respectively, as Jimmy Bean at
different ages.
Thero Is no moro lovable and fascinat
ing figure In modern drama than tho
joyous girl vho comes into a crabbed
community to sweeten everybody by
playing tho glad game, nnd whose ca
reer In the comedy extends from the
checked-glrigham period to radiant
maidenhood of BWcct seventeen In chlf
fqn. Belaseo: "The Only Girl."
Jusical Comedy.
v " A A ilic nciuscci memer iuihuiivt.
V evening, for n week's engage
ment, with matinees on Wed
nesday nnd ' Saturday, will be
presented the delightful musical comedy
success, "The Only Girl," the music of
vfhlch is a composition by Victor Her
bert, with story tlje Invention or
Henry Blossom, which was seen hero
earlier In the year at the same play
h6use. The story concern a librettist who la
In neea of a composer. Hn Is, as ho
flays, an avolder, not a hater o worn
eii. the more so no his three close
friends have decided that the stntn of
jpjttrlmony Is the real thin:. Suddm
lv he hears a melody that comes lloat-
4ng Into his room from an upaitmcnt
i.He thinks that It would be the right
theme ro mo new opera upon which
he Is working. Ho sends for the com
poser, who turn out to bo a woman.
Much against his whites, they agree to
collaborate with tho understanding aa
business partners only.
' Tbe return engagement f this de
lightful" musical comedy will be marked
by the nppenrance of this same com
pany that mado It so wondci fully suc
lssful In Now York. The members
'include- Wllda Bennett, Vivian Wcsscll,
Louise Krllcy. Lcona Stephen. Olga
'Roller. Thurston Hull. John Flniflay.
-Krnest Torronco, Jed Prouty. Rlchaid
Bartlett nnd all tho pietty show gills.
Poll's: "The Beauty Shop."
Musical Comedy.
11K UKAIll nnvJi . a mimi
cal comedy, opens tomorrow
oil's Theater. The three acts
lead Into one another in a
hlShly humorous fashion.
According to tho plot, old Ur. Budd
has highly lucrative practice In mak
ing one chin grow where two grew bo
fore. Notwithstanding the fact that
Budd Is a successful dcrmntologlst nt
the beginning of tho piny, he is hard
pressed by creditors. Driven to desper
ation, the doctor stnrts for Corsica to
seek a fortune that lias been left by n
wealthy uncle to tho doctor's ward, und
further developments df tho stoiy occur
As Dr. Budd. Mr. Van Burcn will sing
"All Dressed L'p and No Place to Go,"
and "Saturday Afternoon on liiond-
way, Miss Maigurrllo Stair will liavo
the roto of Loin, n Spanish dancer, who
captures Dr. Budd .Miss (Veil Kohl
tiaas will bo Anna, Dr, Hilda's ward.
Ben Taggart will bo Daniel Webster
Brlggi. Dr. IHidd's lawyer. Miss Flor
ence Rlttenhouse will play the part or
Vivian, bookkeeper In Dr. Budd's beauty
jMlrian S. Ptrflq, ot the Winter Oar-
1 ' . I
iimr'ckjM'-ir . .mmrLe"mmBmt.,' ; .irsm
iB, xAnmw$$&3LLwnLLa . .--' rH , viiLMMfi3L u
aHH ''...,fiaH-":.' .K;-HiHv v j j. :aiD'j . Mi.,' m. . :. --
imH ": :: -'w 'Mhhh v ,??;; 'm mMmm-mL i ?
1-hHhhKb ' ' '':':f:y4Bk xmwKmHBK1' -M
'TniBIEMiiiiiii iiiii j iiip Ifemfc . ;MF r
,:m:,,. -imtrimum I ' ,'i iiAiitoASP!'3r I , .jiiHII
den, organized the ensemble of girls and
yotinir men brought to Washington for
tho Poll production or "The Beauty
Gayety: "Follies of the Day."
coming week presents Barney
Gerald's "Follies of the Day," In
"Hot Dog, or What Does tho
1'ublic Want?" This show It a topical
organlzst'lou which keeps abreast of
the times and travesties nnd liJrlc.sgues
fads, foibles ar.d rcolishmcnt.i ot tho
day and pokes at current dramatic )uc-
In the new book written foi "Hot
IH'E,'' It Is sola thut tile Inst tra;e of
plot hax been eliminated, continuity and I
a ninictry or assign thrown to inu
winds, and medley left to reign tu
pvme. During tho first act. which reor,wcntn
New York's ' gay white wity,-' life on
Broadway is depicted. Ilv chance four
great pioliicer Dnvid Uelntco, Oscar
Kammersluin. George M. Cohpn and
Al Reeves meet oi-tslde Hotel Aitor end
discuss ways and me-ins for lining their
empty houses.
"Just what does the public want?"
hgconuM tho paramount riuestion. Each
K (Irmly set on his own rlnsw of amuse
ment nnd It is finally urranged to pro
duce n play fathered by each of the
four nnd leave It to tho public; to de
cide, all of which opens the way for
tho liodBt-potlgp presented by "The Tol
lies of tho Daj."
A stronc: cyst Is headed bv George
Murphy, Gertrude Hayes and Chester
Nelson. '
Keith's: Joan Sawyer.
JOAN SAWYER will be the princi
pal attraction this week at tho B.
F. Keith Theater, surrounded by
an tuxmented bill numbering
eleven features. She will bo assisted
by Slgnor Rudolph.
They will be accompanied by Miss
Sawyer's own Persian Garden Orches
tra. Among the numbcrH given will bo
"The New Fox-trot." "Tho Aeroplano
Waltz." "Tho Kurmaza," and the "Saw
yer One-stop," three of theso being
Chief among the ton supporting at
tract Ioiih will be William jGnxton and
company In "A Regular Business Man,"
Another ntellar feature will ho Beatrice
Morrclle'H sextet ol beauties In a grand
opera setting called "A Study In Royal
'Ililrd In order will bo Laddie Cliff.
Others in tho cast will bo Tony Hunting
and Carlnno I'nmols; Palfrey, Hall and
Brown, In "The Follies of Vaudeville,;"
Amctn, llro und mirror dancer; Delro,
plano-nccnrdcnnlHl; the Morln sisters, In
a dainty .llverslon; tho Prtthu News
Pictorial, nnd tho plpo orgun recitals.
Garden: William S. Hart.
WILLIAM S. Unit. In 111ms, vjll
leud the double bill at
Moore's Garden Theater
Siindn.v, Alonduy and Tues
day in "Hollb Hinges." The locals of
tho scenario is "Hell's Hinges,' tho
r.nmo colloquially bestowed upon a
frontier town, anil tho plot tolls how a
strong willed, uncouth Westerner
v.-rcoks venseunce upon a lawless com
munity. Tho supporting company in
cludes Clara AVIlllams, Alfred llolllngs
worth, Lovlst, Glaum, Jack Standing
and othcis.
Tho bucond feature of tho bill will
ho "Wife and Auto Ti cubic," stuulng
wiiiie uoiucr.
On Wednesday and Th.ira.lax tho
chief attincl.or. will be "l.ntihne ninl
tho Pliuto" with tlo iifiin chaiacters
(nucted b Lillian fJIsh ind Elliott:
i ITextcr The recondnrv nttrnillnn will
tui the Hi Mil episode of -'Stinngo Cubo uf
Mary Page,'' tho powerful do teethe.
sttilal featuring Henry Walthall and
1 Edna Mayo,
On Friday and Saturday Lllliaa Drew,
IMMMIIM -- ..-,. .
: i iflHiK7', , ' j!1
E. II. Calvert. Murguerlto Clayton and
El nest Moupuln will bi featured In
"The Vultures of Society." "Trailing a
Traitor," Interpreted by Ethel Tear nnd
other stars, will till out tne program
on theso days.
The Garden Symphony orchestra will
render bdcIb1 musical aCcoinDanlments
to each of theso exclusive photoplay. I
Loew's Columbia: Blanche Sweet
and Pauline Frederick. Films.
t "vKGINNINO today and continuing
b until Wednesday, Paulina Fred
erick will be seen in films at
Loew's Columbia In "Audrey"
a plcturo which Is Adapted from tha
famous novel and play of tho hi-io
name by Mary Johnston.
( The scenes of the story are lntd in
the South. "Audrey" Is a little girl of
the woods who was rescued from tho
Indians and adopted by Lord Howard,
.who placed her in the home of tha
Hinge minister. Her friendship for
Lord Howard becomes the subject for
gossip by the villagers and the mln
Istci denounces her publicly from the
pulpit. Later she Is ejected from tho
minister's house.
Thin bus v, Friday and Saturday,
Blanche Sweot will be seen In "The
Sowers," a story of political and social
conditions In Russia,. Prominent In
support of Mls3 Sweet are Theodore
Robeits, Horace B. Carpenter, Thomas
Mclghan and several others of the
Lasky organization.
Strand: Robert Edcson.
ROBERT EDESON in films will
be featured at Moore's Strand
Theater on Sunday, Monday
and Tuesday In "For a Wom
an's Fair, Name." The piece depicts
the" efforts ofa "Jealous-minded felldw
to besmirch' v. young wife's reputation
because ot an Innocent social Inde-
The husband properly comes forward
as his wife's champion, administers a
severe thrashing to tho scandal-moncer
and establishes beyond doubt her fair
name, 'tne aaaen attraction will bo
"Mr. Jack Wins tho Double Cross" In
which Frank Daniels creates most or
tho merriment.
Mnry Miles Mlnter will hold tho screen
on Wednesday and Thursday In "A
Convict's Innocence," In which n faith
ful sweetheart finally wins the free
dom of her lover who has been unjust
ly convicted. Ab tho supplemental at
traction Mack Sennctt will present
Charles Murray and others in "Tho
On Friday nnd Satin day tho attrac
tion will be "The Discard" containing
no less than three stars, Virginia Ham
mond, Ernest Maupaln, and Harry
Beaumont. Auxiliary comedy feature
will be "Almost a Heroine." with tho
leading role in the hands of Roso Mel
ville. Special mus csl acompanimenta will
be rendered, by tho Strand Symphony
. .
Miss Richards to Give
A Talk on California
MIsh Janet Rlchnrds will give a travel
talk on "California; Her Expositions
and Her Missions," at 'Rauschcr's to
morrow at 4:15 o'clock, for tho benefit
of the work for poor churches.
Mies Rlchnrds, who spent last summer
-nnd autumn on the 1'aclllc const, will
give n description of tho most Interesting
features of the two expositions, nnd will
also tell tho story of the missions,
nti etching from Hnn frnncisgo to tho
Mexican bolder.
Another featuro will be a special ac
count of the wonderful "Mission Play"
that wafl given at San Unbrlel, Just out
of Los 'Angeles, which In sopio respects
she found moro appealing and Impress
Ive, than tho "I'assjon Play of Obcram
meigau." A sneclal man of California has been
1 prepared for the lecture.
H;. 41
;BTflLNtiJ-i. Svrenrr
7T0L. 6. lE-Xe-UEtT
Music Events For
This Week
Pasquale AmatVj the-'great, bari
tone from the Metropolitan Grand
Opera, and Florence Macbeth, col
oratura noprano from tho Chicago
Grand Opera, will appear in Joint re
cital at the National Theater next
Friday afternoon at 4:30, for the last
concert In tho "Artists' Course,"
under the management of Mrs. Wilson-Greene.
In addition to the following pro
gram, Mr. Amato will sing "Erl Tu"
from the "Masked Ball," In response
to numerous requests.
Aria, "QUI lu voce," I PuritanI,
Bellini. Miss Macbeth; "All 'ac
iiulsta dl gloria," Scarlatti; "Lungl
dnl car3 bene," Sccchl; "Danza
lunclulla, Durante, Mr. Amato;
L'olseau bleu,' Dalcrozc; Tes yedx,
Uabey; VUlanollc, Dell Acqua, Miss
Macbeth; prologuo to Pagllaccl,
leoncavnllo, -Mr. Amato; Vlcns pres
do mol, Balaklrow; Pendant 1c bal,
Tschnlkowsky; Lilacs, Rachmantoff,
Song of Varlaum,' from Boris Dodu
nott, Moussorgsky, Mr. Amato;
uld Mo Discourse, Bishop; Star Try
sta, Bauer; An April Shower, Ho
berg; Tho Song of Sunshine, Thom
as, Mil's Mnebolhj'Cacatina, "Uurgo
al Factotum,' from Harbor of Se
ville, Rossini, Mr, .Amato; and duet,
uondollera, Hcnschel, Miss Macbeth
and Mr, Amato, ,
Gulsoppe Bamboacheck will be nt
, tho piano, t
Elmendorf Lecture On
Sicily Thursday Afternoon
Sicily, with tho majestic Mt. lfitnn,
tho Mndonlc, tho Acpllan Isles, nnd the
relics of Grnoco-Roman art, will bo tho
Illustrative theme of Dwlght Elmen
dorf's travoltalk to bo presented at tho
Nnllonal Theater Thursday afternoon at
The tour will start nt Naples' and con
tinue through Pompvlli Pozzulol, Ra
velin, Amain, Sorrento, and Capri;
tlienro to Palnrfno, tho picturesque capi
tal city of Sicily, with its Norman Ca
thedral, Its palaces, churches, museums,
and orange grdves. Other places to be
ltlted will bo Syracuse, Taormlna, and
Ho3bkji Edison "PaAQUAijE, HMrVdo- c3bftrfiawyxjfe
The week of April 3 .will probably
be a noteworthy one for theatrical
Washington. David Belaseo experts at
thut time to procure a new play in
the theater hero that bears his name.
Tho piece Is a rolscd version of "Tho
Ciadle Sustcher." by Rol Ooopcr
Megeue, author of "L'nder Cover" and
l'nder Fire." When originally pin
eluced by George C Tyler, Robert Lir
inlne played the title role. In the Be
laseo edition. Frank Craven, who will
be remembered as the clever nuthp.
nnd star of "Too Many Cooks." will
play the leads.
An early attraction, announced nt the
Belaseo, Is Grace George In repertoire,
which will comprlso "Tho Liars," "Tho
New York Idea," "Major Barbara,
and "Tho uann.
John Galsworthy's ' drama, "Justice."
will be given Its Hrst New York noar
ini. nt the Candler Theater, April 3, un
der the direction of Corey, wllllnms, and
Klter. The cast will Include John Bar
rymoro. Cathleen Nesbltt, O. P. Hcggle.
Henry Stephenson, Rupert Harvey, and
"The' House of Glass," now nt the
Candler, will go on tour, having com
pleted an eight months' run.
Grace George has solected Bernard
tilrow's "Captain Brnssbound's Conver
sion" as tho flfjh and last play ot ncr
rcpertolie season at tho Playhouse, in
Now York. It will be presented Wed-
j ,,, Ttr.i..Vi i
r?.y '"':; .il. Vnrt her season at
tho Playhouse on April 2.'. and the fol-
.... will Ivecln nn encage-
ment with the World Film Corporation
KO. KngUgCmeniB will m uv n
in Philadelphia, Boston, and Detroit.
.Mis George's second season nt the
Playhouse will begin about September
General Manner Edward F. Albee and
,.,. . . n.. .... inoi irviilnv In tho city
on route' from Florida to their New
York home.
Klttv Gordon nnd Jnck Wilson will be
Jointly starred next season In a now mu
sical comedy to bo produced by l-red h.
McKay, called "Tho yuecn nnd the
Clown." At tho present tlmo Miss Gor
don is playing a motion picture engage
ment with tho Woild Film Corporation
anil Mr. Wilson Is appearing In vaude
ville. Victor Herbert, who wrote the delight
ful music for "The Only Girl," is also
the composer of thirty-live other muslcn
plavs. Among them tho most successful
being "Tho Fortune Teller, "Tho Sere
nndo." "It Happened In Nordland," "Ua
betto." "The Singing Girl.'- "Habes in
Toylnnd," "Mile. Modiste." "The Red
Mill,' "Tho Prima Donna,' "The
Anjeor." "The Lady and the Slipper,"
"Cyrano do Borgornc," "Sweethearts,
"Tlio Madcap Duchess," etc.
Mary Plckford, tho movlo star, will
appear at the Hlppodromo Sunday night,
March '.li, In a sketch staged under tho
direction of Daniel Frohman. Miss
Plckfoid will donato her share of tho
receipts to tho fund being raised by tho
motion piciuro jiuiuairy im inu .wiuro
Fund Endowment. .
David UAInsco will produce three now
niRvn this soring, beginning with a com-
cdy by Rol Cooper .Megruc, rehearsals
for which have already begun. It will
be piesonted for the llrst tlmo about tho
middle or April In Atlantic City, with a
cast Including Frank Craven, Henry
Htunford, Harry Lelghton, Carroll Mc
Comaa, Marlon Abbott, Allen Tliomaa,-
- Chncc' - ? - JC&c&za
Mnywood Glnn, Homer Barton, Margot
William. Josephine Drake, and others.
In May, .Mr. Belaseo will produce a
new play by Willaid Mack, based on a
story by John Morose, entitled "Alias
Santa Claus." with a cast that will In
clude, Mr Mack, Tammany Young, Ed
ward J Porter, David Landau, Annie
Mack Be.-leln. nnd Camilla Crune.
I'lnncei 8tarr will appear late In May In
n new romantic comedy by T. Wlgney
I'erctvat and Horace Hodges, in ner
company will be George Glddens, Henry
Stephenson, Jerome Patrick, and Haldce
Mrs. Annie Adams Klskadden. mother
of Maude Adams, died In Salt Lako
City, March IT. Miss Adams, who can
celled hor engagement at the Empire
Theater, New York, to go to her, was
nt her bedside when she died.
Derwcnt Hall Calne, son of the Eng
lish novelist, will make his llrst ap
pearance on the American stage, April
tf, In Buffalo, when he will present "his
father's plaj, "Pete," with himself In
thea leading role. He will make a spring
tour in the nlay undor the direction
of Henry Miller, and will be seen at a
uroadway tnenter tne beginning or next
season. Ho has played the leading role
In "Pete" more than 100 times In Eng
land. '
"Mavourneen." a comedy of Irish life
by Louis N. Parker, produced this sea
son by Sir IferDcrt Tree at His
Majesty's Theater, London, has been
obtained for production by Corey, Wil
liams and Rltcr.
Raymond Hitchcock will make his
London debut nt tho Prince of Wales
Theater March SO. In a musical comedy
entitled "Mr. Manhattan," unner tno ai
rectlon of Grossmlth nnd "Laurlllard.
In the cast will bo Freflerlck Voire.
Austin Melford. Robert Cunningham,
nnd Iris Hoey, who played a season In
.-sew York in "Tonight's tne .Nigni.-
A. II. Wood has signed n contract
with Mnrjorlo Rambeau whereby ho
will star her for a term or years.
He will llrst present her In "Gentle
men, Think It Over," a new play by
her husband. Wlllard Mack. He has
also acquit ed for her use, it Is said,
a new ptav bv Max Marcin, entitled
'Cheating Cheaters." t
Miss Rambeau was recently seen in
"Sadlo Iovot" under tho dlrectloli of
Oliver Morosco.
Tho Charles Frohman Company Is
conducting negotiations' with a view to
presenting tho musical comedy "Sibyl."
in London this snrinc. The cast will
lemaln tho same as that now appearing
In tho piece at the Liberty Theater,
including Julia Sanderson, Jonald
lirlun, and Joseph Cnwthorn.
Tho engagement will probably begin
in May nt tho Atlelphl Theater. ,
By tho death of her husband, Con
giessmmi William G. Brown. Jr., of
West Virginia, Mrs. Izotta Jewel Brown,
who was leading woman with Otis
Skinner In "Your Humble Servant," at
the- Garrlek Theater. In February. 1910.
will Inherit his fortune, said to amount
to between w.mw.wg and w.uw.uuo. Who
wna it Miss Izotta Jewel Kenny, nnd
was known on ihe stngo as Izcttn Jewel,
At the tlmo of. her marriage she was
leading woman at roil n Theater.
It was Ville-"The Only Girl"
p)iilnc In St. Louis' recently, an elder
I iy poiitlcniiu ptCBcnted himself nt the
door or in,' mentor 1:1 wnicn tne nenry
Blnwoin-Vlclor Herbert musical comedy
wan playing, nnd linked fnr admission.
When requested to Identify himself, ho
raid: "1 nm the author ot the author."
It wbh Blossom's father, who lives In
I St Louis. Now it Is plain where Henry
gets ius cotueuy instinct.
, Attractions
Coming To
1 '" ) i i .
On Mopday, Apr!) 3, "The Little Shep
herd of Kingdom Come" will be seen
for the' first tlmo on any stage at the
;Belsco Theater. It 1b a new play by
tvugene wmier, luuiiucu uu win iuious
novel by John Fox, Jr. , .
The cast Includes: Jack Davis, Rob
ert Forrest. Mona Hunerford. Wallace
.Owen. 8. James, R. It. Barrett, Frank
uernacK, uremc vu,i ustiu nmi,
Louise Mackintosh, Crosby Little, James
Mace. Olaf Bkoolan. Robert Rogers. C.
D. Woods, Mark Price, Joseph Mann,
and Jack, the dog..
Manasrer Fred Q. Bcrrer announces
'"Clothes," tho celebrated metropolitan
success, an the attraction ror next ween,
at Poll's Theater.
It la a. society drama In four acta by
Avery Ifopwood and Channlng Poljock.
'nvA. 4",m..A H.,a,HA Imam a..at.., ,1
uiawc ucuiiic hi,i.iliiicu 1101 '' -
cess in it with a record of an entire sea
son at the Manhattan Theater, New
Henry Miller and Ruth Chsttertoa
are to head the company when"Dodr
Long Legs" returns tc the National
the evening of April 10, fnr a second
and last engagement In Washington.
Jean Wetatcr's now famous play
was produced nt the National a .little
more than two years ngo and scored a
notable success. Tho play returns with
Mr. Miller himself in the title rale and
with Miss Chnttcrton, who, in the In
terim, lias become a tnmpug young star,
'In the role of Judy,
The latest and most popular edition of
the celebrated. "Zlegfeld Follies" 'Is to
be exhibited at the National the week
commencing April 3. Channlng Pollock.
lUnnoId Woir, and Geno Buck' supplied
the lines and lyrics or the surrent re
vue. Joseph Urban painted the Bcenery.
Louis Hlrsch and Dave Stamper are re
sponsible for the music.
The huge cast will include such popu
lar local favorites as lira. Claire, Anna
r'cnnlngton, Ludllo Cavanagh, Kay
1-eur.MI, Emma Hag. the Oaklnnd flls
tnra. Mni Ifennesav. Lucille Rtorer.-T)nr
4othy Uodfrey, Graces Jones. Qladys
uoitus, itert wiiuams, i-eon isrroi. v.
C. Fields. Ed. Wynn, Charles Purcell,
Will West, Carl Randall, George While.
Phil Dwycr, -Addison Young. Armur
Rose, Ethel Delmar, Eleanor Dell, and
many others.
Adele Rowland will leadline the B. K.
Keith Theater bill next week. '
Frank Mclntlre, late star of "Tne
Traveling Salesman." fill offer "The
Hat Salesman." Still another special
feature will be Amelia Stone and Ar
mand Kalisz. The balance of the bill
will contain Charles Howard and com
pany: Will Oakland, the minstrel tenor,
and his associate troubadours; Dolores
Valleclta and her troupe of Indian leop
ards; Dolly and Mack, In a musical ef
fort; Myrl and Delmar, in "Over the
Garden Gate;" the pipe organ recitals,
and the Pathc news pictorial.
'The -Kissing Maids" la the apjnewhat
alluring title "ot the "company "which
comes to the Gayety next week. The.
piece Is (headed by Sam Howe. Others in
ine cast are Margaret navln, Eva Mull.
Btenhle nderaon. Hal Plerson. Tonv Cot.
telll. Vera Desmond, Charles MoVsn.
autier Mandeviile, Anna Vernon, Harry
Preecott and the Columbia Trio.
John McCormack, the great Irish
tenor, is to give a recital at Poll's on
the afternoon of April 4. at 4:30 under
the management of Mrs. Wilson-Greene.
Maude Fav. the nrlma donna from
the Metropolitan Grand Opera, who was
announced for a recital o n March 22,
at the National found it necessary to
postpono her appearance n Washing
ton unm April 6 at i:au an account or
illness, .miss Fay is a California em,
und there Is great interest being mini-
leatca jn ner concert nere.
Pnderawskl. the greatest of all pi
anists, will be heard In recital at the
National Thursday. April 13. at 4:M.
under the management of Mrs. Wilson-
Greene. Paderewskl Is a household
name, and the mere announcement that
he will play, is sufficient to "fill the
house. His program will be announced
Francis Bushman will head the pro
gram at Moore's Garden Theater Sun
day. Monday and Tuesday week of
April 2 lu "The Wall Between." He Is
assisted by Miss Beverly Bayne. Other
attractions for the week include Charles
Richman In "The Surprises of An
Empty Hotel:" Frank Danlsla in "Mr.
Jack Buckb the Alimony;" the Seventh
episode of "The Strange Case of Mary
Page," featuring Henry Walthall and
Edna Mayo; Virginia Pearson in "The
Hunted Woman" and Lillian Walker in
"A Cripple Creek Cinderella.'
The program for the Strand Theater
week of April 2. Include Florence Reed.
In "Woman's Law" built around one
of the absorbing domestic topics of the
day, Mabol Taliaferro, remembered as
the star of "Polly of the Circus,"
"Springtime" and other successes. In a
new photo-play vehicle, "Her Great
Price,' and another film creation to be
announced later.
This Week's
Calendar .
NATIONAI, "Pollyanna," eiomedy.
by Catherine Chlsholm Gushing,
with Patricia Colilnge, Effle Shan
non, and Jlerbert Kelcey. Even
ings. 8:13, Matinees. Wednesday
and Saturday, 2:15. Thursday. 4:39,
"Southern Italy and ttcily," El
mendorf travel talk. Friday, 4:30,
Pasquale Amato, baritone, and
Florence Macbeth, soprano. In re
cital. BKLA8CO-"The Only Girl." musical
comedy, by Victor Herbert and
Henry Blossom, with Wllda Ben
nett. Evenings, 8:20. Matinees,
Wednesday and Saturday,' XSn.
l-OLI'8 "The Beauty Shop,", stock
production of musical comedy, with
A. H, Van Buren. Evcnlnvs, 8:15.
Matinees dally, except Monday,
GAYETY Barney Gerard's "Folllea
of the Day" present "What Does
tho Public Want,", burlesque. Erven
tngs, S;l.r; Matinees dally. 2:15. To-
" day's performances, 3 and 8:15.
LOKW'S COM'MniA Pauline Fred
erick In "Audrey," films. Toca.
beginning at 3. Dally, beginning
nt 10:30.
GARDEN-Wllllam 8. Haft in
"Hell's Hinges," Alms. Today. De
ginning at 3. Dally, beginning at 11,
8TRAN1 Robert Edesmi In "for n
omnn's Fall Name." films. To
day. beginning at 3. Dally, begin
ning ni ii.

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