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i j v r .t
f M! owing narafdidU of lh iliUh'inti I
madA by the two American; ,
"Th6 explosion cceuiTed t 3.C5. An
hour ml n, half, fiom rolkii6n, Bx
rl6lon occurred without Vm llhtet
warning1.-' '
'Some men and women Jumped over
board at Once. Six boats were, launched,
on capahlnc with paancnuera.
"At least fllftocn , people were sev
erely wounded. Among them Dr. Wilder
0.. Ptnlleld. Ocorgo Herbert Crocker,
and' Miss Uafdwln.
"At ll:H. a French ship came up and
took oft thp women and children and
halt the men. and Miss Baldwin, who
was unconscious. r Four or flvo other
bata then' came up nnd 'took the men
to England.
"One mail died on the way to England.
Five dead were left on the hulk, no
Americans anion? them.
."Know of onlv three Americans, who
got; Into life boats.v They were Mr.
and Mrs. Baldwin nnd Miss Baldwin."
The two Americans said the wireless
remained Intact. The boilers also re
mained1 Intact and electric lights
burned until the passengers, left the
This disposes of any claim that
might bo made that an interior cx-
floslon' caused tho vessel's deatruc
lon. Ambassador .Sharp, nt Paris, said the
American consular ngenl nt Dlcpoe
reported that there wero 386 panan
Kra and $5 of a 'drew oil the SuasdX.
The, consular agent .telegraphed
Sharp later that 350 passengers had.
heenHanded, and that he understood
that sixty, or eighty passengers had
been killed by the explosion.
Ambassador Sharp raid that soma of
yL'.?u&'Jvor" already had j-eached
rjtrlf. One of them. Samtiel Hemls, Iri
forrqed him ho had ,haii several per
son's, killed bythe explosion.
Overshadow Mexjco.
ThegtatoDepartment haa.no additional
advlcis on the' sinking of the Dominion
line tennir 'Englishman, tylilch "was
reported' orpodo'cd off the British coajt
vfltli the probable loss of four American
H,c. ' '
ll dispatches from tho embassies In
Paris find London Rearing on the Siia
aex, case' wore .sent Intmedlntely to tho
White, Hours' and to Secretary of State
Luiainc's home.
Whether the State pepartment will
brng; tho. matter personally to the at
tention 'of tho Uertnan and 'Austrian
governments on lliti evidence now be
fore the 'd'-partnitnt, ha' not been de
cided at thli lime.
, Reports af the torpedoing of thqso
tw'p'.vessslB overshadowed tl)0''Mexlcari
situation tbday. No official would fore
cast what tho Government's action
might be.
lp' the last note to tho German gov
ernment oh submarine wurfare. the re
ply to the third I.usltanla note, sent
July 21 last, the United States served
notice- on the German government, that
any future submarine uttaqks Imperiling
.American nve wuum no rcgarucu an
r'dcllberatcly unfriendly."
Since then there linn been a number
of' cases where American lives were lost
or Jeopardized by destruction or vcssqls,
but In no mm wua legally proved that
the, vessel wns torpedoed.
Investigations of the sinking of the
Dutch (liner Tubantla, the Norwegian
h.tL- Klllim nml allpareil submarine nt-
Uck' upon the French steamer l'atrla
wtie In progress -when the Sussex ana
Englishman disasters were reported to
th- state Pepartment.
These new cbhcs involving loss ot
American lives bilng the submarine ls
etles to n head, and may force the
Phon-down which has been facing the
AQminlstraton since the l.UBltnrvIa was
sunk ten montrtn ago.
Will Hold Window
Display Contest
A three-day wlncjow display contest
among Washington merchants' is being
atranged by the Chamber of Commerce.
The "stores aro to be divided Into five
epual classed. Scholarships In the In
ternational Correspondent Schools of
Rqranton, I'a., to consist pt complete In
struction nnd a set of textbooks, valued
at $500, will be given as prices.
An Invitation is cxtenued to all mer
chants to enter the contest. Those de
siring to , co. operate In the movement
with tho Chambsr of Cdmmerco can
phpne or write Secretary Thoman Grant
at the Chamber, and their names wilt
be. entered.
The stores nre to be divided into the
following clashes:
Class A Department, dry goods, mil
linery, 'ladles' xhops.
Class B Clothing, men's furnishings,
hat apd 'hoc Mores, tallnr shops.
Class C Drug, stationery, iook, music,
art. Jewelry, china, cigar, confectionery,
photographers studios.
Class D Hardware, carriage nnd har
ness, sporting goods, leather, automo
bile, furniture, wall paper nnd paint
stores, electrical and plumbing.
Class E Grocery nnd provlslbn stoics,
bakeries,, rheat markets, florists' shops.
Southern States to Gain
From the Panama Canal
High English Official on Chan
nel Liner Aided in Work of
J. H. Hearley Describes Rescue
by American of Girl Who
'jbmped From Deck.
Southern States will be the first to
profit from development of tho fertile
ci'uhtry adjacent to tho Panama Canal
Z6ne, Brig. Gen. William C. Gorgas
declared in an address before tho
Southern Society at the Wlllard last
Remarkable results have been-nchlevcd
in a c&mparatlvcly short period, par
ticularly In the mntter of beraklng up
malaria and yellow fover In the tropical
zones, he pointed out.
General Gorgas. who has won a world,
wide reputation for his work in making
the Canal Zone sanitary, discussed the
general subject of "Sanitation In Trop
ical Countries."
Chile Threatens Berlin;
$12,000,000 is Demanded
ROME, March 20. It Is reported here
that Chile has decided to seize German
and Austrian ships unless Germany re
stores to her $12,000,000 which was de
;poslted In Germany before tho war for
the conversion of Chilean paper cur
rency Germany Is said to be withholding the
deposit with the object of averting tho
;aeIzuro af tho ships, but Chile haii de
cided to hasten tho payment of ihq de
kpot, which has already depreciated In
value 25 per tent.
(Continued from First Page.)
,went raving .mad, whcn the exptosion
occurred and Jumped overboard.
Premier Asqulth, Lord Kltchenor, and
other members of the British cabinet
were expected to go to Paris late this
week or early next, to attend tho nllled
war council. It Is .possible the "very
high Kngltsh personage" referred to
was one of these. ,
The statement, Issued by the ministry
of marine, said that the Sussex's captain
saw a t6redo-nloiit-Km. yards distant,
and made h vain effort to maneuver hla
ship to safety. Thet ministry of marine
estimated that fifty lives were lost;
Another' liarty of Sussex ' survivors
reaching London late tonight quoted the
captain as'saylnr'that he saw two wake
of tho torjxdo fifty feet from the ship.
He, signaled to the helmsman to'awlng
the steamer about In n (J'Prate effort
to save the vessel, hut wa too late.
AinbaOadOr Sharp has obtained affi
davits from several Anforlcan survivors.
llo"ls not yet convinced that anv Amer
icans lost their lives. In view of thr con
tradictory reports.
Tho naval nnd military attaches of
tho American embassy. Including P.erl
vnl Dodge, are ln Boulogne. They plan
to question the officers of the channel
atenmer and to examine the hull 'of the
Suesex When she Is drv docked.
Americana Testify.
Threo American passengers aro lesily
to testify that a torpedo struck the Sus
sex. The first train carrying survivor ot
the Sussex reached Paris yesterday.
Among tho arrivals In Pailf were several-
Americans, who went to, the Ameri
can embassy nnd made depositions. Hv
ersil of the Americans said theV dis
tinctly saw the furrow of a torpedo for.
some v yard Dcrore it readied me
For n. time It was believed at the
embassy here that. Robert W. Bliss, sec
retary nf 'the embassy, and his wife.
were on board the Sussex. Later on'
definite news 'i cached the' embassy ma
Mr. and Mrs. Bliss wero not aboard,
but that they hail taken the Southampton-Havre
route In crossing the
noxscnaera on the pusscx
say that several were killed nboard the
Vessel nnd that several were thrown
Into the water nnd drowned. l.lata or
the survivors" or tho lost aro not yet
The various accounts of the sinning
of the steamship vary In regard to her
position at tho time of the disaster. Ac
cordlnr to one version she was a little
n'.oro than halfway across the channel.
Other versions say that she was about
six miles fiom the French coast. The
embassy Is convinced that the Sussex
wns sunk by a torpedo, not by n mine,
ami that sufficient evidence on this
point was token from persons who saw
the track of n torpedo.
An Hngllsh passenger says thirty per
sons were klUed nboard and twenty
drowned through falling overboard as a
result of the shock of the explosion or
of Jumping for the boats.
Tim" whole forwnril part of the bow
was blown off. This passenger snys he
s.sw a woman lying dead on the Ueck
whom he knew from previous conversa
tion with her to have been an Ameri
can. He did not Know her name. He
placen the '-time of the explosion at 3
Survivors say that the only phslclan
aboard wns an American womnn, wnose
work In caring for the wounded nnd
those rescued from the water Is htgniy
pialsed. The survivors seen dla not
know the woman's name,
Several British naval officers are said
to havo been nboard the Sussex and "to
have snt reports to the admiralty giv
ing details of the disaster. It is re
ported that these officers picked up
plices of steel from the deck and are
forwarding them to the admiralty.
.Conflicting Reports.
A dispatch said that Elizabeth Bald
win was in a Boulogne hospital suf
fering from a broken leg and other in
juries. It Is possible 'that this may be 'true,
nnd that her father and mother re
mained behind with her nt' Boulogne,
though none of the Americans reacning
Paris tonight could recall having seen
the Baldwins alter the explosion. The
tear is growing that they may nae
been lost.
A l.lod's dispatch from Dover to
night reportedVthat Miss Baldwin, tne
American girl reported Injured, Is deno.
Tne dispatch also added G. II. Crocuer,
of Kltchburg. Mass., to the number or
Irijuted. stated that Crocker, nnd W. U.
I'cr.tield, of Hudson, Wis., havo rrac
tured skulls.
Lloyd's listed among the missing
Americans. Miss Gertrude Barnes, of
New York, n buyer for Wnnamaker'.i.
who was en loute for Paris, and Miss
Hllto'i. of New York. Both Miss Barnes
and Mlsg Milton, however, are reported
rescued In other dispntches,
Edward Huxley, president of the
t'nlted States Rubber Export Company,
and Francis E. Drake, European man
ager of the company, were rescued nnd
nre safe In London. They report that
there was a heavy. loss of life on the
vessel. .Mr. iiuxiov says that .several
passengers nnd. a, number qf the crew
were undouDtcdly Killed by the ex
Fire Causes Damage
Of $175,000 in Norfolk
NORFOOLK. March X-FIr today
destroyed th.' Progress bunding, In
Water street, and the plant Of the Co
lrnlal Cereal Company In Bramblcton
The total .damage will reach 1176,000.
The Progress bu Idlnc was occupied by
several big industries. Including the bltf
cold storngo plant of Ltbby, 'McNeill
iV i.iuiiy.
Tho tir'g n of the flro Is unknown.
i (United Press staff corresponrent;,
who was aboard the Subbcx.)
i'Allia, March 26. Curiosity, saved
tho lives-of nt least a dozen Americans
aboard 'the channel liner Sussex. , .
Ah aeroplane hove In sight Just be
fore, the explosion., W'th a d01'" ,qthcr
'Americana.! was' standing at the prow
of the boat, but rushed to the stem
to watch' the circling blrdman.
While, we were there admiring the
skill of the aviator we heard a muffled
roa. '1 ran rorw,ard .and saw tho wnobs
front of the Sussex crumpling away as
a huge spurt of water threw debris
upon the deck.
All grabbed lire, preservers and ran
for tlio uppr" deck.-' Four clvltjans
launqhed a lifeboat and'dropped It over
the aide.
'Our boat had 'Just struck the water
when we heard a soream from n girt on
the AlPPf r deck. The next Instant he
Jumped, 'landing squarely In the middle
of the boat. Ueveral of us threw out
our arms and broke her fall, so that
ane'was practically uninjured.
"1 am Miss Hilton, from New York.'i
she told ua when she had recovered her
breath. '
Her mother, Mrs, Edward Hilton, was
among the survivors landed at Bou
logne nnd 'Included ln our party, wnch
atrlted ln Paris tonight.
.Meanwhile- passengers were Jumping
by the dozen. We picked up several
nnd so did other boats that had Been
lowered, pur 'bont aprang a leak, npo,
despite opr efforts to plug the seams,
threatc,nod to sink nt any moment.
Samuel Bemls, d'f Medford, Mass.. who
was en robte to Join an ambulance
cnrTjs at the French front, was" the horo'
of the Sussex disaster. A woman noun-,
dcrlng In thov water near our boat
screamed loudlr for he'n. and then
sank beneath the wnves. ,
Bemls leaped Into the ater an I.
swam to her rescue. He brought ne.' to
our boat and ,wc dragged her In. The
sides by thlr time were so nearly level
with the water that to drag Bemls Into
the boit was to court disaster.
With n wavi) of his hand, Hcnili rolled
over on IiIh Hide and swnm sway as
carclesuly as If iievere playing In the
naves nt n summer resort. Certalnlv
few men havf faced possible death with
n iignter ncatt.
By this time the Sussex under the
head of steam she carried when she
was struck wns two miles away from
us, Bemls spied a raft some dhtanc
awi. swmn to it. and clambered
1 he Sussex finally came to n dead
halt. When we observed that she was
not sinking wc pullpd back, making our
way slowly "for fear that a chance w.ivu
might capsize our heavily laden, leak
ing boat.
We found those passengers who had
not left the (hlp gathered forward about
two mangled bodies nnd engaged In
caring' for the wounded. Thp bodies of
these two were the'only ones found on
the Sussex. Mqst of the victims were
blown off the ship by the shock of the
After dark wn began sending up
rockets and cracking out feeble wireless
calls from an Improvised wireless ap
paratus'. At U o'clock the Marl
Thcrese and a tug came alongside nnd
began taking off passt-ngcrs.
Bowen Stood Off Angry
'Mexicans With Pistol
Daniels Pleads For
Genius to Mobilize
Secretary, Says Strength of Navy
Measured by Engineering
. Talent of 'Country.
Declaring the strength of tho navy
wns measured by tho engineering talent
of tho' country, Secretary of the avy
Dnnlcls, -nt the nnnunt banquet nf the
Amcrlcnn Society of Nnvnl Engineers,
at the Army and Nnvv Club last nlaiit.
urged the mobilization 'of the nation's
acicntinc genius for tho advancement or
naval efficiency.
He' said- that- n maklnir up the ner
sonnel'of th naval. board, the vario'us
scientific- societies ot the country had
been RNUmI In multa Him ..(..Mnii. ,n
'tlint' nof.a dozen men would devote
their genius to naval Invention, but
the support or the entire 35,000 scien
tific men of the country would ho en
listed, ''Not In America or In Europe," said
the, Secretary, "Is there to be round a
thoroughly' dependable engine ror
submarlneM or aircraft.1 As you love
your country, work to meet this
-Mr. . Daniels expressed eonflderiM
tnat Congress would npproprl'tte
"1500.000.000 for the navy."
Senator Phelnn nf .Hrnml. (n.in...,i
the project.''f,or. Government ownership
of urmor-plato plants. It would at
.least stlffle tho cry that national de
fense agitation Is engendered by the
armament trusts," he said.
congressman , Ernest W. Roberta
"''?i niuni, cpinusiasm wuen ne ae
Clnred that Ihn'rlllof tmillila nf tho Art
ministration's naval pVogranv was tnat
It didn't gn rav enough.
J. W. Powell., president of the Fore
luver nnipDitiiding company. In re
spond ng to the toast "The Navy and
wie timpuuiiders;" declnred . that the
"u.yy, P'Wtmcnt nd the private s'lilp
5Vllyng concern' of the country. tf,ei
worHJhg, at arms length," and without
"cnr'Admlral'-vY. s jJwj,on ppke 0
i.i ? 'srii- njiunm u. uaundert on
Industrial Preparedness:" Engineer-In'
unier if. n. QrlfTln on. "The Naval
"""""'. .ana uuy ilnion on. "The
..nvy una ine press."
master J 8" SIcKe"' "ct'd " !'
"M 1 I
1 w
-- I - -
jn. t
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Partly cloudy tonight. Monday show
ers ind cooler. Gentle to moderate east
T-Ind, brooming variable.
Maryland-Pnrtly cloudy toijlght.
Ehowera ind cooler In the western pnr
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Strattan Funeral Will
Be Held Tomorrow
EL PASO, March 26. Lieut. Thomas
Bowen. who fell 100 feet while flying
near Casan (Irnndes, has arrived nt the
Fort Hllsi hoipltnl to be trented for
a broken nose and bad bruises.
Bowen stated that on a previous, less
serious fall, while scouting in Mexico,
he was surrounded by u hundred Mexi
cans, some .irmed, who cursed him and
mnde threatening ndvunccs.
Ho held them nt bay with his nrmy
pistol, nt the same time working on
his aeroplane until ho repaired the ma
chine nnd resumed his flight.
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city-wide nilFiloii tonltlit, were held tu
duv n Washington Fid'copil churches.
The special Lenten devotion whlih
havo leen in pir.gress tor t 'ekf.
will conclude t'mcht with etaborit
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New Dress Skirts
$1.98, $2.98, $3.98, $4.98, $5.98 and $6.98
More Drena klrt hero thnn In nnj other ftore In tlila city: all the
her.i malerlala for rprlnv weal, stripe. nlaliU, chechr, new pprinu
ohadei, hlack and navj Kklria foi die-;, btmluesa or Keneral wenr; all
regular and extra lze, no charge for altetatlons.
Lingerie Waists,- 29c
an Ilorrn l.aillm' Wliltr l.lnKcrle Wnlnt) ncntly tailored Htylek.
regular 75c and $1 values. Special Monday at
Muslin Underwear
(Jood anHortment of Kino Mimllii Underwear, Including i met Covers,
j-.iivunin i-iinintr, uiiiwith unu uutviiH. ill wuuo unu n.ih voior,
lilts mini uriiHii.v itiiiii ui ,i;fi; 10 tuv Mere loinuriov
KeRuiar -ir yuainy Muxiin loinct covcra nnd
Special at
r: 39c
75i- Silk Coret Ciivcrc,
while and flcidi, at
$2.00' Cropo de Chine Cor
M-t Cuvura at
$2.00 Silk Knvelope
Chemise at
Silk Underwear
The New Corsets
$2.50 Crepe it ChlD Envelope
Chemise. whlt'nnd'f1ih, Oji nn
ni ,. fci.oy
$2.50 Silk l'n(1irKirt -i,
chnngcahlc hIihoX, at...
If you wnnt your eprlim null to fll perfectly and .
must have new corsets. When you buy corjiete lice
Ice of our expert corr.otlere absolutely free of i'haiei,
plcte line of all the new models In the loading ink'
Corsets, and our expert llta and lace.i every nirt.et
service, corsets ai
i iut rlgh) you
i"' Kt the 6erv-
e havo n com
f "f IllRh-craila
N. rnifKe fur thin
$1.00 to $5.00
MILTON R. NEY, Women's SpeciRlty Store, 801 Pa. Ave N. W-

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