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Is Borrowing
Clothing a
Social Error
When Sister Wants to Bor
r row Ycur Only Coat, and
You Come Home 40 Find
Brother in Your Only
Shirt Wh'at Should be
Done? Should the Thing
' be Looked Upon as a
Grime or as Merely a.
Social Error?
THE Conductor haa boon asked to
consider tho question of, borrow
ing clothing.
Aaldo from the deep opprecla
1 tlon of tho compllmcn; accompanying
the renucat. tho seriousness of the ques
tion at hand la thoroughly recognized.
It would seem that the first atop In
uch a consideration would ho an at
tempt to discover whether, or not bor
k rowing clothing be a mere social rrror or
a crime. Social errors can be overlooked, '
but crimes must bo followed up and
punished. .
Thus we havo In the beginning the
two distinctions:
Clothing borrowed without permission.
Clothing borrowed with permlaslon.
Without Permission.
Under tbla head comes all clothing,
hats, ties, and other accessot lea to dress
ovhlch are taken and worn WITHOUT
the nsrmlsslon of tho true owner.
Tho fact that tho person "would havo
lent It to me" had he been nt home la no
excuse. Borrowing without permission
ls'the same thing as stealing outright.
Manv things aro to be considered.
There may bo objects In thrt placo
whero the garment Is kept which the
owner docs not desire, to have profaned
by tho public gaze.
Such as unreturned handkerchief,
sundries, and perhaps even other things
which do not belong to him.
Then again, the shock of mcctlnc
one's only clean shirt In the busy mart,
fondly clasping tho bosom of same one
other than Its owner, Is frightful. Yet
It In a well-known fact that dodgo as
one may, It la almost Impossible to
keep from rncctlni; tho owner w.icn .a
urreptlously borrowed garmoni Is
worn. Capplllary attraction ag.Un.
Clothing borrowed wlthour permMclor
fosters murderous Instincts, hatred.
Jealousy, and other III humors. Tho
habit of so regaling one's self on tl-o
possessions or others is to sneak ulr.ln-
ly very reminiscent of our friend the
cock-roach, who lives ontlrelv nnnri tniit
which he can take when tho, owner Is
away. The subject Is even now only
faintly touched upon.
With Permission.
Tho habit of asking to borrow cloth
ing Is a despicable thing at tho bent.
When one docs not know a pe.'ron
well, the affront It unpardonable but
when ono docs know tho owner It is
even moro.-iudlcatlve of a small, mPin,
mind. '
For fhame upon ho who would fouc
through circumstances, the loon of a
garment. "I went out of my way to
stop and buy for you, now lend me
that dress suit."
The fact thit the favor entailed with
the second icquoet far outbalances tho
first Is of no moment to tho chronic
clothes borrower. H knows no law.
Ho Is as apt to ask for the loan of u
pair of whlto kid gloves, because ho
paid your car fare as he Is to denvnd
your enno In payment of having passed
"you tho sugar.
r Ho la a nicimco to public health and
happiness. He sti ps at nothing. r'o
gurmeilt t.i too sat rid for him. It
would take two columns nine miles
long to adequately tell of him.
m 4
And In sew of such wo would render
our decision.
Slnco borrowing without asklre Is tho
cramo thing as stealing, we would ileslg
noti) such a social ciior.
But slnco borrowing with permission
is a deadly and Insidious Intuition upon
Mlfe. liberty, and happiness. It consti
tutes a crime
One-Uno tragedies.
Woman Recovers Speech!
The Gentleman on ur left nnjn thnt
if April it." 1m o terribly unhappy,
vrlint rlinnce hits poor old Mnrcli 4
next yrnrr
Thoughts on Easter.
Oh, what's the use
I spent mv last cent
Oil u palt ot high whlto shots to uso
on Easter
And it rained,
tltut utlll 1 wore them)
And sterped Into u nucldlc.
Now 1 haxtn't enough mo.icy to buy
A cr.ko of boqp
To vuh Ihera with I
Item: (Prom the diary ot the youniiest In
Any Family). .
Well Caster Sunday Is 6ei. I tlcl not
have food lu,ck at the .White lousc, I
wore my new hat 'which was a bea.it. And
a fine suit with pleats In tho hick, 'the
trousers come below the knees ami look like
fifteen years old easy. I picked tcss and
won a lot hut had bad luck. I'm Kind that It
Is rainy today. I inrf stay In a day mid
get it out of my hair and not miss any tun,
Back to Your Plowing.
Into the room of tho country edi
tor came a bluff old farmer with his
eighteen-year-old son.
"I've como for a little Information,
sir," he said hopefully.
"I shall bo delighted to do what I
can for you," was tho polite reply.
"Well, this son of mine wants to go
Into tho literary buslnuss, anil I
thought you would be able to tell If
thero waa any money In it. It's a good
line. Isn't It7" , , ,
"V-e-e-es," rolled tho editor hesi
tatingly. "I've been In It myself for
a good many years and "
The farmer thereupon looked around
at the shabby office, and then at the
shabblor editor. -
"Come on, Willie." he ordered. "Back
to your plowlnjr, my lad!" Philadel
phia Ledger.
"I hearA Mr. Suburbs aneaklncr most
beautifully of his wife to another lady
on the train Just. now. Itather unusual
In a man these days."
"Not under the circumstances.- That
was a new cook he was escorting out."
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Seen In The
POI'I,IN, a perennial favorite,
comes back to us again In tho
usual colors, now tho manu
facturers manage It la a ques
tion, bit, tho shades and tlnta that
they assure us cannot bo ob
tained In more cxpentlvo goods bob
up n.i serenely us ever. The price,
too, la tho same, Si cents a yard.
Striped aport hats In colorings .to
harmonlio with tho now awning
garbort'lncs arc $3. GO t uuo of tho
department stores, Thy ate ready
to wear, with a band or p.aln whlto
or tho color of tho strlpo.
Tra cling clocks of rod and dark
green leather aro $1 at a Fourteenth
street shop. They nro handy to
tuck In tho suitcase or traveling
bag, and so Inexpensive that dam
ago need not necessarily bo heart
breaking. Ono of tho if street clothing stores
Is having Its annual salo of a well
known brand of hosiery. They am
nominally Hoot stockings, but tho
slllt part reaches abovo the -knee.
Thero are a hundred colors to chooso
from, and the price is 1 a pair.
Chamolsctto gloves in yellow or
white aro SO cento a patr. This Is an
especial bargain because tho price
of plover has motiMted appreciably
cotton' at well as d being affected.
Thote'H a very good looking pair of
Havana brown pumps to he had at a
Ninth street boot shop for $4. Boots
of di'il: brown and white the brown
being tho lower portion and tho
white much llko a spat aro tho
same price.
(Telephone Mln (MO for Information ro-
?:ardlnK the names of the establishments
n which the article mentioned ' above
may be purchased. Inquiries concerning
news 'of the shops ahould be addressed to
The Shopper, this office).
Peanut Macaroni.
One cupful macaroni.
One-half cupful of chopped peanuts.
Ono cupful of whlto sauce.
nread crumbs.
The macaroni Is boiled In salted water
until tender, then Is covered with cold
water nnd drnlncd. Butter u baking
dish, put In ono layer of macaroni, a
layer of whlto snucc and a laycr of
peanuts, nencat this layer process until
the macaroni In used up. Then the top
In covered with whlto naucc, bread
crumbs and a bit of butter and the
wholo Is baked until brown.
Cream Rice Soup.
One-half cup cut raisins; 'J cups rice
stock; 2 cups milk; 1 teaspoon salt; 1
teaspoon butter: 2 teaspoons flour;
teaspoon coarse buttered crumbs.
Tut rice stock on to boll, add nalt and
raisin- melt butter and add flour:
mix well, add to rlco stock and boll
three minutes: odd the bolllns: milk:
nerve with buttered crumbs.
Melt 1 tablcsDoon butter, take soft
bread and rub between hands to'mako
coarse, soft crumbs without crust; cov
er with the melted butter, put on plo tin
In hot oven to brown.
Peanut and Banana Salad.
Two bananas, cut Icngthwlso and
Mayonnaise dressing.
Chopped peanuts.
The peanuts should bo kept on Ice be
fore cutting, then they aro nllccd. cov
ered with mayonnaise dressing and
sprinkled with peanuts.
"Advice to
Young Men
For several years this column has
been headed with tho title, "Advice
to Girls," by Annlo Laurie. Notwith
standing the suggestion that her
counsels be restricted to the girls,
tho column has grown more and more
Times Pattern Service
rfL-3rY fifi
lllllirr KsKKk "Kr
till vW SSSSt3L.
74 JIM mMi
r33 MmEm I HlRu
ammwwWliSml B'AllMlft
)saaaaaaRtHl sasBflB I "I SrsaHB B .UnMM ftl
tfclZE MUKr DE
No. 733. Street and Number
SIZE DESIRED City and State . . .
WVvSllUfl a ft V a! - ,
ataKaVJaHMuV Ml S&fjl "9 TllaParHPT j,. t ' I Jattsfllab'lBieit
rtUwaVralalalalalalalalalalBlalalalalalH V A 1 f m V alalalalalaB BelalalaHBialalalalBBHBialalalalalalalalalalala
Wf''KHP BlBlBlBlBlBlBWa ialBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlB
UGKatkKataiBF bibibibibibibibIbIbW a!
ST aAxjRllllBl jbibibibibibibibbibibibibibIibibibibV
KiS fflff aMiBW ' V SaSSalleBlleBllleBalleBlleBleaBlleBlleBfl
flS IHfrW sibHbibIibibibHbbIibibibibibibiI
vTWPlf ' h9bMHEbI r aBisiPiifll
VnSS ifflifflr bIbHbbIbibibHbBiIbIbibibibH
BT1 Hi ' HfSy SlBlBHBflariBlBlBlBSSlBlBlBH
mki M JuHw aaflBiv lasasasasasasasasB
mWf 4" sasasaflssasr LasasaSLasasasal
bIbIf I I I ft S Mk TA
Ukl T V jjje alalaB M T
?VlCfA' e
Isn't it funny that Marie, who isn't to "come out'' until next year,
much out, at all hours?
Laurie To Change Her Namie
Girls" Proves To Be Misnomer Because Most of the Advice Went to
So To Be Neutral, Annie Laurie Becomes to All, "The Chaperone."
a refuge for young men in search of
Perhaps the fact that this Is Leap
Year has had something to do with
It, for some of them ask the very
same things the glrlo were asking a
NEW style and in good taste
is this children's coat with
a cape collar which tones up the
garment by being made of con
trasting goods. The skirt section
gathered to Ihe body section is
well defined by a stitched seam
over which a s'eparate- belt is ar
ranged. The cuffs on the sleeves
are of contrasting goods to
match the collar and the. gar
ment complete has the full flare
that is popular in coats for adults.
The pattern 733 is cut in sizes
2 to to years. Size 6 years re
quires 24. yards of 36-inch ma
terial and half yard of contrast
ing goods.
To obtain this pattern fill out
the coupon and enclose 10 cents in
stamps or coin. Address Pattern
Dcpattment, Washington Times,
Munsey Building, D. C.
The Washington Times guaran
tees the delivery of all patterns
sent for through this service. No
patterns can hu obtained in person.
Owing to the Installation ot a system fa
distribution, orders may not be riled without
tome delay during, the next week, especially
those for patrons living outside ot the Dis
trict. All patterns wilt receive as prompt at
tention as possible.
April 25.
year ago. They wafU Jo know wheth
er or not they should keep on writ
ing If their letters remain unan
swered, they entreat help In patch
ing up misunderstandings and ask
estimates' on the Income necessary
before they can get married. Ever so
many other Important questions come
up tq be solved.
It seems hardly fair that that same
forbidding title. "Advice to Olrls."
should stand. Hence, In order that
it may more nearly approach the
broadened field ot Its endeavor, wo
are going to be noncommittal, and
call ourselves hereafter, Tho Chap
erone. Now I'm going to ask you to help
her when you send In your Inquiries.
Why not lot's havo more variety to
our questions, for one thing?
Many ot those who patronized An
nlo Laurie's a'dvice In the past seem
ed to think that her specialty waa
love. Day after day the letters pour
ed In, Imploring aid In winning this
young man's affections, or those of
that disdainful mnd.
Is love the only problem of tho
present genoratlont Isn't there ever
on occasion when tho advlco of a
disinterested third person would be
appreciated in something other than
an affair of tho heart,
1 here's friendship. Hunely some
of you would, like to ask questions
ubout that. Suppose, If you wero a
girl, your chum had behaved In a
way that seemed to you qulto rudo
and uncalled for. It might be that
The Chaperone could help you to dis
cover what tho matter Vvas and
straighten thtngs out for you.
I am sure that thero nro nny num
ber of other problems that will occur
to you from time' to time ana Tho
Chaperone will do her best to solvo
them for you. A mother may want
some advice about a daughter who
seems discontented, or a son who
cannot seem to decide upon a trade.
Thoro la another courtesy I'm go
ing to ask of you.
Watch this column tor answers to
questions that are like thoso you
wish to ask, Kupposo some ono
wnnted to .know, for examplo,
whether a young man should object
If tho girl to whom he was paying
attention had other men callers.
That's an Inquiry that comes over
nnd ovor (or did come aver and over
to the late Annlo l.aurle). To
gratify the hordes of Inquiries, tho
answer to that had to bo repeated
until the typowrltor fairly begged for
Long, long ago It boenmo necessary
to forego publishing tho stamp lan
guage People took It too serious
ly. It's just Intended to be used as
a Joke, anyway, but tho way people
demanded It suggested that they
really beUeved In Its powers.
Another question-Quito- beyond the
Annette Brddshw
has been, for several years, very
noycr of n human being to answer
runs something llko this:
"I have been gc-ng with a young
man for thrco monthx, but h does
not como to see me any moro. How
can I regain his love'"
You see. without knowing either of
tho persons concerned. It Is Impos
sible to answer a qucutlnn like. that.
I don't bcllcvo thero Is a person on
onrth who is ablo to give advlco on
that subject.
And. girls, when you write to mo
about your men friends, don't cnll
them "fellows.-" I hog!
And. von me;, don't refer to tho
object of your affections ns "young
If any of you wish pcrsonil replies,
Tho Chaporono will bo glad to givo
them promptly If a stamped envel
ope 1 Inclosed with the Inquiry.
N Arlon, the chief town of quaint old
Luxemburg, thero occurs on tho first
Sunday In Lent a curious festival.
All tho newly-murrlcd couDlea of
tho preceding year uro then called upon
in cu-o thaiiKs for tho hanuiness which
has fallen or Is supposed to have fallen
to their lot. It Is tno day they uro sup
posed to pay for their good fortune in
substantial ways.
On the dujs meccdlng this particular
Kumlay tho brides aro busy baking cukes
and Innumerable sweets, and bulng
oranges nnd other fruit, for every wed
ding guest must now icreivo u gift. And
each guest who succeeded In obtulnlng
cvtn u tiny tin cud ot tho gurter ribbon
that ono of her girl friends stolo from
her after tho ceremony must now re
ceive from tho brldo a f'broUor or "fas-
ftenbohnen" thht sho has baked with
hot- own nanus. -1,'iiis gaiter riDuon is
supposed to exert a powerful Influence
In brlpglng ubout tho tlng of tho nup
tial knot for u".l unmarried owners. And
so, for u double reason, oven a tiny
silken fragment Is fought for and saved
with ultnost rougious eui.
itur li i Tin inwn ciiuuren who muni
most by tho festival. All tho kiddles of
Arlon lUBsomble early In tho morning,
unil with two policemen at their lieuu,
which gives tho procession ciuUe an c
flclal appearance, march to tho houso of
the nearest bride. There they sing, und
tho brldo und bridcgioom nnpoar ut tho
window nnd shower them with fruit ono
cukes. When tho song is finished und
the goodies havo o'.l been scrambled for,
the procession re-forms und marches on
to tho homo of tho next nowly-manted
Ho It goes all day long, nnd when night
comes tho children go homo tired out,
but laden with Innumerable) good things,
(Copyright, till. Newspaper Feature Rerlce).
Let Not Single Fly
Live; Constant Warfare
W, Sole Price of Safety
7 .
Aii' By dr. Leonard
p that fatal, malignant blood poison
ing, cal)eA anthrax, disseminated
by" cheap fura. by hair bnuhca.
slinvlnr brushes, or by leather and
hides? It U scattered In all the mrari
and, furthermore, it la spread bj flW-
Hevcntten yean ago Prof. NutUll.
formerly of Johns Hopkins University,
now of Oxford, .England, proved .that
flics visit thri carcasses of cattle dead
of anthrax and other epliootlcs and
thua disperse with their saliva, their
wings and their feet thoyvlrulent germs
thua picked up.
Experimentally, It wan shown that the
meat fly and the, horse fly are ablo to
carry anthrax bacilli on their feet and
In their proboscea. ' Allowed to walk
first over meat Infected with anthrax
and attorward transferred to well ani
mals, tho files become tho origin ot an
anthrax epidemic
Tuberculosis, like the summer com
p'alnt and cholera of Infant, is sown
broaJ and near by files. Experiments
and observations on the food habits or
files show that thla houaehold insect
la especially fond of human saliva and
Results Often Distant.
Wie rover thero are cuspidors, ga
bago cans and similar receptacles, there
files will be Xound infecting themselves
with whatever bacteria are present.
nice are among the filthiest Insects
alive, yet they come in contact with tho
mouths and food of helpless Infanta by
Y.a 4na stf ehniiaanrta. f
A great to-do was Justly made when
a maniac recently In New Vork nut
acid down the throat of a baby and it
died. At the very lime inia nappenea,
mi in the same neufriborhood. hun
dreds of infanta wore receiving their
fatal knell or doom rrom-niea wnnoui
the slightest signs or a hubbub on the
part or tho very mothers who mado
the nati outcries. .....
When a. Mv Hunts on the baby's lips.
milk bottle, or food, some mothers do
not worry, because death from tubercu
losis cast annii rrom lis miio mourn
hv & flv will not show ud for mar
years afterward. Human nature ia only
horrified by Immediate and dramatic
dangers. Human naturo seems unable
to abide" preparedness
TIM stomach and intestines of flies
Answers To Health Questions
n. S. C What In meant by "stitch
ing varicose velnsT" 2. How long does
an operation of this sort take?
The surgeon will understand thla
term. It is too teohnlcal to explain to
tho layman. 2. It is impossible to an
swer this. It depends entirely upon the
number and size of veins to be treated.
Mrs. F. R. Kindly advise a remedy
for a scaly spot that comes on my arm.
Paint th affected carts with fluid ex
tract of grindella robusta to four parts
of water.
A Dolly rteader My heart thumps ter
rlhlv nhen I exert myself. Kindly ad
vise a remedy that will help me. 2. I
havo n fever in my roreneau. wnai
will relievo thlaT 3. What will keep my
hair from turning grayT 4. Kindly ad
vise a remedy to relieve an itching skin.
Hao tho heart examined by & spe
cialist and In the meantime avotd excite
monf and keen the bowels active. 2. If
you have a fover it is present all over
Summer Drapery Plans
HI! you planning to change your
window draperies for some new
arrangement? Then yott can't
begin loo early, especially It
you'll need tho help ot a atemstress
to get them sewed and hung Just light.
And there are rules about the cor
rect hinging of curtains that any ono
can follow, even with tho most inex
rcnilve hangings, and so make them
jqual In bvutity to aomethlnt far mora
In the Hrat place, what shall tho now
curtuln.nxitcrlal be? If the room la an
exceedingly light one. and you cau
therefore chooso darker hanjlng. you
havo a wealth of material to chooso
from In the printed linens, and cre
tonnes of dark color.
Ono home-maker produced a beautiful
set of Ir.yxptnshe window hangings tor
a vcrj light toom from some inoxpen
nlve crosii on which she stitched a
four-Inch border of pink cretonno. A
rcprf or two for bureau topa and a
cushion cover wero made of a similar
combination, and the reaull waa very
bttraotlve Indeed.
Tor a less sunny room, perhaps the
light muslins, ntta and light cretonnes
nro neat, but in selecting the colon
they must bo chosen with the light
ing facilities of the room in mind.
Fn hnnKlng curtains too, tho light
ing of tho loom must not be obscured,
oven If tbtio h a praiseworthy dcalro
to d'splay n ttuiitllul drapery!
i. .n. t.nm thp hciutlfui Smnorted
rink cretonne curtains were suspended
fiom tho top o( the window to within;
a, lew inches of the floor, full breadth
exposed, and the effect waa positively
cd the eye nnd held It. The cretonne l
curtains dominated tho rcfttn unUl they
gn yen tho headache
ny drawing the curtains to Jne aide
tho whole effect was linproyed Immedi
ately, and liHti-od of the curtains dom
inating tho loom they gave inetoly a
pleasing. artiBlii. suggestion to It.
Whether tho pattern of your hangings
sholl be elaborate or plain depends, too,
on tho walls near them. If tho wall
paper In a lively one, and. the wall con
Inlrt. manv nlcturei. the hangings must
De no Blmple and freo from patterns or
decorative errecta as .you can gei mem
On hn nthep Imnrt If VOUr wall treat'
ment is very slmplo and your wallpaper
I-- - . . '
jll The more critical your tea taste the mora , ftjfegateZTL
certain you are to eijoy Liptoa's Tea.$ fHsLftHfti fll
""" rSL ' ' J JaD ) Formosa -Oolong. Entileh i SMLTnTHl Wm
7V ?& mPfS. Breakfast, Ceylon Green. ' gK-UQfttM' Tm
Vw V mMMrrunAjftr.anasi CfCSPPt JsH
- yfiiiftrMtiuiiiiinMiiunMiiiuliMilMiiiB JW
" ijyjj"W""ElwlEsswiilWaW
klene hiiuberg.
show that the very ones which may
alight on your table have previously
visited alck rooms and worse, places.
At times they talrly teem with bacilli
of tuberculosis. Ten out of every six
teen niea examined by Dr. Mayward
had these germs in them.
In the warm months flies have not
far to aeek to find tho deadly bacilli of
Infantile diarrhoea. The child's "sec
ond summer" has nothing to do with ita
troubles. It Is the lono fly hovering
around the cleanest, sweetest, purest
milk that plants the bacilli of disease.
r.ot alone the ptaguo and Aslatlo
cholera, sleeping sickness, and elephan
tiasis, but other terrible diseases, which
strike much nearer home are appor
tioned to innocent and healthful per- '
sons by the supposedly "harmless
Shame of Mankind.
Curious to retate, sore eyes are occa
sionally spread by these insects. Diph
theria, smallpox, ophthalmia, yaws, and
even leprosy have been spread by flies.
Dr. 'Wherry, in 18: Dr. Leboeuf. in ,1312.
and Dr. MInett last year noted that
ulcers of lepers exposed to files wcr
sourcen of many leprosy bacilli later on
found In- the saliva and under the feet of
Worms, and the eggs of tho round
worm, the plnworm and other lavac
even maggots of the files themselves
aro occasionally found in the stomach.
Intestines, kidneys, ears, and noses of
children and adulta.
You will agree that these tacts are the
shame of mankind. Not a atngle fly
should be left in a civilized community,
legislators should pass laws against
them. No lawmaker who opposes such
sanitary legislation should be returned
to his office. Campaigns against tho
fly should be started all over the coun
try, and started at once.
The sick and the bablea can be pro
tected. Will you do soT
Pood and refuse can be safeguarded
until consumed. Flies and their breed
ing places can be eliminated by methods
previously described In these articles.
Catching files one by one, and trapping
and poisoning thero wholesale in organ
ized community campaigns should never
be let up from one year's end to the
(Copyright, lilt. Newspaper Feature Kml'ce).
the body. People often mistake a flush
ed face for fever. 3. Take ten drops of
tlncturo of ohlorldc of Iron in a wine
glassful of water through a tube after
meals. Mako a -paste of carbonate of
Iron, one dram to an ounce of vaseline
and apply a little to the scalp. Alter
nate each night with sulphur ointment.
This should be repeated until the gray
hairs disappear, i. Apply each night to
the affected parts a little of the follow
ing: Calamine, Wi drams: slno oxide, 2
drams; phenol, H dram; glycerne, 3
drams ; lime .water and rose water
enough to make three ounce.
'jr. N B. Does cocoa butter make hair
grow on tho face?
Cocoa butter does not usually promote
tho growth ot hair.
7.. K. Kindly advise what will clear
the faco ot blotches.
Never use sojp or hot water on the
face, but wash with cold water nnd
then apply a. good old cream to the
uatne ti
tho faco In glycerine and
rcao water.
patternless, the flowered or ornate win
dow nanginga are a gooa conirasi.
If you are using but one pair of hang
ings for your windows they should end
at the caaement.
Ir, however, they aro two pairs of
hangings an inside curtain ot net or
thin silk, or what is kndwn as "caae
ment cloth" as well as the outer heav
ier fabrics, tho outer drapery should
hang within a few inches ot the floor.
However, the double aet of curtain
are not generally deemed necessary for
summer use. Indeed, it la not alwaya
good taste to use them even in winter,
when we like to see heavy, warm hang
ings about us.
For example, doublo curtain ahould
not be used If tho room la not very light,
nor with amall wlndowa, nor in a room
that Is amall, as they will give it an ap
pearance of clumsiness.
A word about the curtain poles. The
leaa in evidence your rod or pole or other
means of supporting your window drap
ery the prettier will your drapery ap
pear. It vou simply must use the conspicu
ous knobj and poles that you have,
perhaps you can paint them the sama
color as their background which may
be tho wood moulding or the wallpaper
and they will be less obtrusive.
Tho right hangings can make a simple
room beautiful, and the wrong hangings
can spoil all the effect ot expensive
furniture andk pictures. Bo it's worth
while studying your drapery problem L
(Copyrlsht, 1111, Newspaper' Feature Hen Ice).
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