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y fff,
Affair Proves One of the Most
Successful in the History of
, the Organization.
Chief Exeoutive and Mrs. Wilson
Arrive Early and Occupy
Gayly Decked Box.
nifi of all nation covered the waits
and celllnes of the al loft at the navy
Tard laat nUrht when the Army and
Kavy League (rave one of the inoiit torllt
llant balla In the hlatory of the organi
zation. The ball, which I an annual event,
wma an unuaual auccesa, due pcrhapa to
the prracnce'of President and Mrs. "Wil
son, wfco occupied one of the nayly
deokrd boxes which surrounded one end
of the lone hall. '
They were amonr the early arrivals,
few participant other than the recep
tion committee and the floor commit
tee havlrur assembled when the national
air announced their coming. "With them
were Mrs. William II. Boiling, Miss
Holllnc. Miss Edith Benhnm, and Col.
W. W. Harts, the President's military
aid. Thev remained about nn hour and
a half and seemed to enjoy watching
tho hundreds of dancers, who Included
members of army, navy, official, and
resident society. There were few diplo
mats present.
The Marino Band and tho band from
the Mayflower played alternately from
a hlsh, pennant-hunx platform facing
the entrance to tho ballroom. Tno Dan
opened at 9:3 o'clock and lasted Into
the yvco small hours of tho morning.
Cammandant Presents Guests.
Ca.pt. James alennqn, commandant at
tho Yard, presented the guests, who
were received by Mrs.'Qlennon, the of
Xlclal hostess, Mrs. Alexander Sharp,
o.halnran of the floor committee; Mrs.
Hugh L. Scott 'representing the army;
Mrs. William 8. Benson, representing
the nuv; Mrs. George Barnett repre
senting tho marine corps, and Mrs.
Thcodcit; Jewell, who took Mrs. Albert
1 Mil's' place. Mrs. Josephus Daniels
was to have been In the receiving line,
but yins unable to attend at tho last
moment because of the Illness of one of
her sons.
Among the boxholders were Admiral
and Airs'. George Dewey, Col. and Mrs.
Robert Thompson, Admiral and Mrs.
W. H. Brownson, Mrs. Julian James.
Mrs, Charles Boughtan Wood, Admiral
and Mrs. Richardson Clover, Capt. and
lira. T. At Baldwin and Miss Katherine
Judge, the Secretary of the Navy and
Mrs Daniels,' -Admiral and Mrs. Bow
man McCalla, Mrs. John Miller Horton,
of Buffalo: Mrs. John Rodgers, Mrs.
Joseph Letter. Mrs. John Faure, of New
Yorjt: .Mrs. Jjdword Llacum. Mr. Hllas
Casey, and'Mme. da Oarna.
Admiral and Mrs. Dewey had two
boxes, which Tfero occupied by parties
of friends, in one, Mrs. Alexander
Sharp, chairman of the ball committee,
entertained Mr. and Mrs" William
Rucktr. of Charlottesville, Va.; Prof,
and Mrs. Stlmson Brown and Mrs. Wll-
Dam Prlngle, of San Francisco.
Young Daniels Has Box.
Worth Bagley Daniels, son of the
Secretary of' the Navy and Mrs. Dan
iels, In one of the boxes entertained a
party of young people.
Mrs. Silas Casey' and Miss Sophy
Casey had with them In their box Mlas
Kretchmar, of Chicago, Capt. J. C.
Wilson, U. S. A., and Capt. Benjamin
Tappan, U. S. Ni
Sirs. John Miller Morton entertained
a. box party. Iter guests Including Mr.
and 'Mrs. Howard Clark and Miss Nan
nie Randolph Heth.
Mrs. Richardson Clover had In her
box Miss Margaret Draper. Miss Eudora
Clover, 'and Miss Beattlce Clover.
Admiral and Mrs. Willard Brownson
had among their guests In their box
Commander and Mrs. Charles L. Ilus
soy. Mrs. Bowman McCalla had Jn her
box Dr. and Mrs. Francis Nash and
Commander and Mrs. Arthur MacAr
thur. Jr.
Capt. ' and Mrs. Baldwin and Miss
Judge. had among the guests In their
box Mrs. Carroll Frazer and Charles
" Mrs. Wilson In Black Velvet.
Mrs. Wilson wore a gown of black
velvet trimmed with Iridescent sequins
and a largo mauve orchid In her corsage.'
Mrs. William II. Boiling was In black
lace, and jet. Miss Boiling wore a gown
of turquoise blue satin and chiffon, and
Miss Ijonham wore emerald green crcpo
. Home of those In the gay throng
were Mrs. James H. Mann, Mrs. Stlm
non Brown, Mrs. Dennis Nolan, Mrs.
William Krlnglc, of San Francisco;
Mrs. Frank Heatty and Miss Kmlly
Beatty, Miss Janle Slemp, Miss Emma
Washington. Miss A. G. Remoy, Dr.
and Mrs. -Walter Wells, Mrs. Ward
Dcnys, Miss Gwendolyn, Dennis, Miss
Dorothea Denys, Mr. and Mrs. John
'Buchanan, Mrs, William Barret Rldge
ly, Miss Marjorle Helmbold, Capt. and
Mrs. S. J. Bayard Schlndel, Miss Pau
line Stone, Miss Ruth Wilson, Dr. and
Mrs, Walter Hlocdorn, Congressman
und .Mrs. Joe Eagle, Congressman and
AVs. Fred Britten, tJudgo and Mrs. T.
T. Ansberry, Mrs. Theodore Shuey,
Miss Dorothy .Shuey, Mr. and Mrs.
Howard S- Recslde, Mrs. Victor Whit
side. Miss Ethel Mac.Murray, Miss
J,oule Clark, Miss Dorothy 'Mason,
and Miss Anno Eliot, Miss Mason's
house gucrt, Mrs. Charles Houghton
Wood, Mrs. Charles O. Matthews. .Miss
Hilda Sykes, Miss Margaret Read, Mrs
terry Heath, Mr, and Mrs. iiampson
Gary, Mrs. Victor Kauffipann, Gen, and
Mrs. Medorem Crawford, and Con
gressman and Mrs. Thomas Cray go.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ruckcr, of
Charlottesville; Va., who camo to Wash
ington cterday to attend the charity
ball last evening, given under tho au
spices of the Army and Navy League,
are at the Willard. They wero guests
laU evening In one of Admiral and Mrs.
Dewey's boxes, of Mrs. Alexander
Sharp, chairman of tho ball commit
tee. Mr. and Mrs, A. M. Lindsay and Miss
Lindsay, of Rochester. N, Y., who are
on tht'lr way homo from Florida, are
also spending a few days at the Willard
as nro Mrs. S, p. Snowden Mitchell,
of Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Henry
T, 'yVlckhnm, of Richmond: Mr, and
Mrs. Peter Black, of Newtonvllle,
Mass,; Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. San
born, of Lynn, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Rawson, of nes Moines. Iowa,
and Mr. James D. Iglehart, of Balti
more, Ma. '
Mini Valarlo Emerson, of Rocheste-.
N, Y., and Mr. and Mrs. Charles D,
Barm-8, of Glen wood Snrlngs, Colo,, ate
visiting Miss Grace Storms and Miss
Elizabeth Malot Barnes, at their apart
ment In Fontanel Courts.
- -
Wife of Congressman
Mrs. William Kent Entertains
Wife'of Former Secretary of
the Interior.
Mrs. Waller L. Fisher, wife of the
former Secretary of tho Interior, who
has been .continuously feted during litr
stay In Washington waa the guest in Mr. Robert Lansing Is giving In cqm
whose hffnor MM. William Kont enter- ,iiim -Vto her miests. Mrs. Stebbins and
toJncd at luncheon tcdny.
Those asked to meet Mrs. Fisher
were Mrs Albert Sidney iiuricsnn,
Mrs. William Co RcdfMd, Mrs. Georgo
rs. Georgo
Amaryllis J
r. McLean, Mrs. Henry c..
Mrs. Leland O. Howard, Mian
Olllett. Mlsfc Ruth rntnam, and Mrs.
Ttrimn 8. Crelahton.
Mrs. Wolter V. Pt'ness will be host
ess at tea this afternoon at her resi
dence. In Sixteenth street. Mrs. Rob
ert Homvood, Mro. S W. Dempsey, Mrs.
Frederick Hicks and Mrs. John M.
Shafroth will preside at the tea table.
Mrs. J. T. Sheplcy. Miss EJdlth Hop
wood Miss Amle Wondelschacfer, and
Miss Murtlm Valentino will aUo assist
In tho dlrlnc-rooni. miss wendci
tcliaefcr nod. Miss Mai t ha Valentino
will also assist In tho dining-room.
MIhs Wcndelschaefcr nnd Miss Valen
tine ate house gucits of .Mrs. Stlness.
Mrs. Nina E. Allender. chairman of
the congressional Union for suffrage In
the District of Columbia, has returned
from a visit to her sister, Mrs. Howard
P. Boyle, In Atlantic City. Mrs. Boyle
Is chairman of tho Second New 'Jersey
dlstlrlct organisation. During Mrs. Al
lender's stay a number of meetings
were hole In the Second district. A
Vlnelnnd, N. J.. Mrs. Allender spoke
on "The Formation of the Woman's
Party." a plan announced by the Con
gressional Union to secure the passage
of the Susan B. Anthony amendment.
Congressman Host At Dinner.
Congressman and Mrs. John A. Peters
of Maine were hosts at a prettily ap
pointed dinner last evening at the Pow
hatan, where they arc residing. Their
guest were Congressman and Mrs. Sam
uel Wlnslow, Congressman C. Bascom
Slemp. Miss Janle Slemp. Congressman
and Mrs. S. W. Dempsey. Congressman
and Mrs. Homer P. Snyder, and their
nouso guests. Mr. ana Airs. icau. or
New York: Mr. and Mrs. Howard S
Reeside, Mrs. Victor Whiteside, and
Wllllarr FowIer. The party later at
tended the Army and Navy League ball
at the navy yard.
The Congressional Club has sent out
cards for a tea from 2 to 6 o'clock on
the afternoons of May , 17, and 31.
Mrs. John W. Crawford, of this city,
announces the marriage of her daugh
ter. Miss Jean Hunter Crawford, and J.
Castle Rldgeway. both of Washington
and New York. The wedding took place
Saturday noon at the Brick Presbyte
rian Church, In New York. Tho brldo
Is tho daughter of tho late Lieutenant
Crawford. U. S. A who was on Ad
miral Dewey's staff.
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preparation for safely and quickly
faded and bleached hair in a fow
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ISafy T.wSMSMaj vSvSSSMH Hva-t wt. aSSSHai
l'hoto by Uuck,
Timberlake of Colorado.
Party in Compliment to Mrs.
Stebbins and Mrs. Valentine
Is Charming Function.
Ono of the most 'charming of the
many functions 'on the soclnl calendar
for this afternoon will bo the tea which
Mrs. Valentine, of Watertown. N. Y.
Mrs. Lansing will be assisted hv Mrs.
Josephus Daniels. Miss Agnes Hart Wll-
gon Mrs Jonn w DaVH. Mi
Warren, and Mrs. T. DeWItt '
Tomorrow Mrs. Lansing wll
Mrs. t.n. '
will entertain
Informally at lunchefn for her guests.
and on Friday evening Secretary ahd
Mrs. Laming will be hosts at dinner.
Mrs. Charles V. Wheeler will he host
ess at a dance this evening, when she
will entertain about forty young peo
ple, friends of her schoolgirl daugh
ter. SJIss Eleanor Wheeler.
Evening of Melody.
The entertainment which will be given
at Hnuscher'a tomorrow orenlnfr at 8:3U
o'clock for the benefit of tho Day
Nurery and Dispensary root garden
has been called an evening or music,
mirth, and melody. The patrons are
tho Vice President and Mrs. Marshall,
the Secretary Of State nnd Mrs. Lans
ing, Secretary of the Navy and Mrs.
Daniels, the Attorney General and Miss
Gu-eory, the Secretary or Commcrco
ana .Mrs. Jieaucia, me Dccreiary oi
Agriculture and Mrs. Houston, the Sec
retary of Labor and Mrs. Wilson, Count
von Bcrnstorff, the German ambassador;
the Spanish Ambassador and Senora de
Klano, and many others of official ana
resident society.
The principal feature of the program
will be an interpretation or Nylnskl's
ballet music from tho unpublished
manuftrlpt by Dr. George H. Wilson,
of Cleveland, composer and pianist.
Miss Jean Wilson, the monologlst, who
entertained the guests' of the late Mrs.
George Westlnghouse at the Riding and
Hunt breakfast at Lenox, and who Is
known In almost every drawing room In
Wanhlngton. will appear In costume,
and Miss Marjorle Davidson, n charm
ing Boprano, who has been heard In
Wushlngton only a few times, will sing.
Miss Margery Snyder, tho violinist, and
Mrs. Georgo Tohey, of Chicago, vocalist,
will, also appear on tho-program.
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ity, .
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laborious scouring of the
clean and stays sweet.
Many Attend Funotions Today
By Mrs. Charles Warren and
Mmo. Roso
Mrs. Charles Warren, wlfo of the As
sistant Attorney General, waa hostess
at a delightful luncheon today, when
her guests were asked to meet Miss
Olive Tlnkhom, of Boston. The other
guests were Mrs. Willard K. Snulnbury,
Mrs. Charles C. Gloveri Mrs. A. VS.
Bates, Mrs. Benjamin If, Warder, Mrs.
John Blair. Miss Mott, Miss Codman,
Miss Shorrlll, Mrs. Joseph, II. Bradley,'
Mrs. Atlerton Cushman, Mrs. Morgan
Hilt. Miss McCammon, Mrs. Richard A.
Harlow, and Miss Squire.
Mme. Roso was hostess at a luncheon
at Rauscher'H today, entertaining about
thirty guests. Among those in the party
were Mrs. T. DeWItt Talmage, Mrs,
William Alden Smith. Mrs. Joseph E,
Thropp. Mrs. Henry F. Dlmock. Mrs,
William W, Kimball. Mrs. John I-lnd-
sey Morehcaa, and Mrs. Claude uwan-
Mrs. Joseph Letter was hostess for n
children's party yesterday afternoon at
the Palisades, her country place on the
Potomac. Her guests wero the small
friends of her two sons, Joseph, Jr., and
Tommy Loiter. Sundry amuslng'gamcs
were played during the afternoon, nnd
tho Easier raonit suppuea me young
gdests with quantities of gay colored
eggs. Mrs. John R. Williams and Miss
Franclse Williams wero among' thoso
who assisted Mrs. Letter In amusing tho
MMs L. Marie Friday has as her
guest frr the Easter holidays Miss
Patrlrla Calvin, who Is her classmato
at Trinity College.
- -
Mrs. Underwood Entertains.
Mrs. E. Marvin Underwood, wlf of
the Assistant Attorney General, waa
hostess at 'tea yesterday afternoon,
when shn entertained In compliment to
Miss Sarah Moss, of Athens, Ga., and
Mrs. Dan ltuden, of Atlanta. Mrs.
Underwood was assisted by Mrs. Nora
T. Calloway, Mrs. George Tully
Vaughsn. Miss .fane Gregory, Miss Hol
land Fltts. Mrs. Elliott Cheatham, and
Mrs. George .Carroll Todd.
Recent arrivals at the Shorehsm are
31 r. and Mrs. Francis R. Strawbrldgc,
of Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Milton
Klein, of Now York: Mrs. R. H. Ed
wards, of Philadelphia; Col. Thomas
Dohcrty. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pfaff,
and Mrs. C. H. Watson, all of Boston;
Col. and Mrs. William Perry Sanger
nnd Miss Mary Sanger, of Sangerflcld:
Mr. nnd Mrs. William Twells Piers, of
Philadelphia: Mr. and Mrs. James Schlf
'cr and Master Walter Schlffcr, of Now
York, and W. H. Whltehouse. of Lon
don. Tho minister of Nicaragua, Senor Don
Emlllano Chamorro, who Is leaving
wasningion tnii week ror his own
country, where he will snend the next
tnree months, was received by the Pres
dent yesterday In order that he might
make his adleux. The minister will be
Accompanied to Nicaragua by Mme
. Moving To Country.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L. Nicholson
will close their apartment In Hammond
court Saturday and open Ihelr country
place. "Lenwlll." near Rockvllle, for the
summer months.
Elklns nilphant. son of Mrs. Alexan
der Ollphant. of Trenton, N. J.. Is spend
ing the Easter holiday with his grand
mother, Mrs. Stephen B. Elklns, at her
residence In K street
Mis Hannah Henley, or Rramwcll.
W. Va., Is visiting Mr. apd Mrs. I. T.
Sam Plant, of Reno, New, la spending
a fow days In WashlnKton, nnd Is the
guest of Phil Fnedlander
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ruden, of Atlanta,
are In Washington for an extended
visit, and ore established at the Arg)le.
Mr. Ruden Is general advertising man
ager of the Southern railroad.
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Asthma, Head
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Woouunni Lothrois Drip Pot was designed to insure the I
dnnn si. .MtiKruder, Desi preparation oi our conee ana is .
pot It
Baltimore Club to Give Perform
(,anoe Here for Benefit of
Christ Child Sooiety.
The Paint and Powder Club, of Balti
more, which Is to present tho comedy,
"Dear Dorothy," In this city next Mon
day for tho benefit of the Christ Child
Society, gave Its premiere In naltlmoM
last night at Atbaugh's Theater.
, The production was all that was de
sired, and such flaws as occurred only
tickled the risibilities of tho audience
nil tho more, and embarrassed the cast
not a whit
The house was" thronged with a fash
ionable audience, the evening being a
benefit for tho Daughters of the Ameri
can Revolution. Decorated with Hags
snd Insignia of the society, the theater
formed tho background for ono of tho
most distinctly social events of the ca
son. When the curtain went up a room. In
the homo of Prof. Brnpder, at Palm
Beach, was disclosed, with a galaxv of
young and beautiful girls I) drinking
tea. Attention was focused upon the
stunning array of costumes, tho white
footgear, nt least a stze too small, and
the grett expanse of necks and backs.
Music Is Abundant.
Dances nnd tuneful melodies' were
nlent'fbl, "It's Different In America.'
bv Mr. Mackall and chorus, was re
peated again and again; so were "Ro
rallna" .and the Inspiring patriotic
"Baltimore." which closed the first act.
Townst-nd Scott, Jr., In yellow ballet
slippers, white socks rimmed with fur.
a whlto and yellow ballet costume and
long d(-rk curls through which sparkled
rhlnestono combs, performed is. bit of
toe dancing 4o a thunderous accompani
ment from the audience.
Charles V. McCann, as tho fair Wlnl
fled Mudge, waa a "hit." Cavorting
around thc stage, he gave the audience
a treat. But tho real chef-d'ocuvra
ci me when a too ardent lover, clasping
Vlnlfrlol tenderly, became entangled
with the red curls, and Mr. McCann.
an hnlr stood cmbarrassedly facing
tne unrestrained laughter.
Wore "Mostly Smile."
And dear Dorothy herself Tho girl
ish atmosphere died away completely
when Douglas Warner came simpering
In, c!ad In a Lucille gown of black
and white, and wearing a cherubic
smile for tho galleries. His waist was
trim and waspllkc, and his Hushed
cheeks might well have been envied
by any chorus girl.
J. H viand Kuhns. as Jimmy Chester,
made an Immaculate hero, and If his
lovemaklng was weak and his kisses
somewhat dispirited. It ticked the audi
ence. Certainly Mr. Kuhns' graceful
dancing brought a sigh from tho front
of "Oh, vhy wasn't ho a girl?"
Everybody was good and nobody
really starred. Two classic dances In
the second act by Benjamin Kurtz and
Edward L. Bartlett were real achieve
ments. Speeches wero made by the authors,
Oeorge V. Hobart and A. Baldwin
The (Secretary of the Navy nd Mrs.
Daniels win be the honor guests at
tho dinner which tho Chinese Minister
aiTd Mme. Koo will give this evening.
!-nst evening the Minister and Mrs.
Koo entertained at dinner In compli
ment to tho Secretary of State and
Mrs. Lansing. The other guests were
the Bolivian Minister and Mme. Cal
deron. Senator William. J. Stone, Miss
Mabln Stone, Congressman Henry 1.
.hloor. Mrs. Thomas Bayard, the
Counselor of the State Department and
Mrs. Frank Polk, Judge nnd Mrs.
Charles C. MoChord, Maj. Gen. and
Mrs. Arthur Murray. Dr. nnd Mme.
F. J. Yanes, Di and Mrs. James
Brown Smith. Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Wil
liams, and tho Counselor of the Chi
nese Legation and Mrs. Yung Kwal.
J. Iris-Mellforr, of the Russian em
bassy, has gone to New York for a
short stay. He Is staying at the
- -
Mr. and Mrs, George Warren Offutt
have Invitations out for the marriage of
their daughter. Ethel Gertrude, to Ben
jamin Soulo Gahtz, assistant paymaster.
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m M WW m A
V. 8. N at 8 o'clock on the evening of
Saturday, May o, at the home of the
bride's parents. Tho ceremony will bo
followed by a reception.
Miss orfutt's uncle, Charles Trlbby,
wilt give a dance In her honor at tho
Willard on Saturday evening. Miss Etta
Louise Taggart Is entertaining this aft
ernoon at a linen shower In compliment
to Miss Offutt,
Miss McCumbcr Entertains.
Miss Helen McCumber, daughter of
Senator and Mrs, McCumber, waa host
ess at an Informal luncheon today In
compliment to Miss May Power, whoso
marrlag. to Lieut. William Tupper
Light I c. U. S. N. will tako place on
Tuesday, Kay 2, and Miss Hanna Wil
lard Taylor, who will bo nut-rlcd on
.Monday, May 8, to Charles Clay Bayly,
Col, and Mrs. William Cary Sanger
are the guests In whoso honor MaJ.
Gen. und Mrs. Joseph P. Sanger will
cnteilain at tea at tho Country Club,
"Grnsalands," this afternoon, Mrs.
Sanger will be assisted in receiving by
her diughter, Mrs. James Mandevlllo
Carlisle, and Mrs. James Marlon John
ston. '
- -.
Miss Murphy a Bride.
Among the Interesting weddings or
Knstci week will bo the marriage this
afternoon of Miss Agnes do ltlccl Mur
phy, daughter of Mrs. Annlo B. Murphy,
to Henry Loud Cranford. wlflch wilt
tako place this afternoon at 4 o'clock
Moobwarb & Xotbrcw
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$3, $4 and $5
Platinum or Porcelain
. 427-429
Hours: 8 a. m. to 8
Opposlto l.annliurKh &
1'nlon Toil Co. I.urceat
Equipped I'utmrH In YNnahiimton.
In the apartment of the bride's mother
In the Dupont.
Mcr. James K. Mackln, rector of St.
Paul' Catholic Church, will periorm
'(Continued on Pago Fourteen,)
You can keep your hair at Its very,
best by washing It with this simple,
Inexpcnslvo shampoo, which cleanse
the hair and scalp thoroughly of all .
tho dandruff and dirt and leaves a
clean, wholesome feeling: Just use a
tcospoonrul of canthrox 'dissolved In a
cup of hot water, afterwards rinsing
thoroughly with clean waters One finds
that the hair dries .quickly and evenly,
Is unstreaked. bright, soft, and fluffy,
so fluffy In fact that It looks -more
abundant than It Is, and so soft that
arranging It becomes a pleasure. Atj
scalp irritation will disappear and thai
hair will be brighter than ever betore.'
Advt. -y
re emc bat bhvx
Silk Dresses, $11.50
1 jj6 F S7.
(No Drsnch Store.)
New Colored Mercerized
Curtains for Windows
and Doors 'r
Medium Spring Jnd Summer
Weight Mercerized Fabric
Curtains shown in solid col
ors of the Shiki wcavo effect
with line borders in brown,
green, blue and gray; $4.50
pair; light weight ecru
grounds with colored line
borders, $2.50 pair. Madras
and other Colored Curtains
for windows and doors, $2.00,
$3.00, $5.00 to $8.00 pair.
Imported Scotch
Madras Curtains
Scotch Madras Curtains have
' always held a strong place in
the minds of our patrons for
summer use. They will be
even more popular this year
because the dainty tints har
monize so well with the pre-"
vailing schemes of decorating
and furnishing. The soft
cream ground has the daint
iest floral and conventional
colored figures in pink, yel
low, blue and green. Priced
at $2.50 the pair.
of my modern dental
Wl.'nn -hSSM&SV
Teetk $5
Will Net
Slip or Drop
7th St. N. W.
p.m.; Sundays, 10 to 4.
Tiro., nnd over a rand
ami Moat ThoroiiRlily
ft WMMM m4 V
5 ft

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