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Eleotro-Chemlcal Society Told
of Maximum Efficiency In
- Warfare Devices.
Trcop Twenty Entertains At'dience
With Amateur Theatricals.
American chemlats could duplicate and
Improve on the work of Oerman scien
tial In warfare devices If called upon
to tl9 to. according tn three sneakers
who talked before the American Electro-
cnomical society today.
Magnesium, used for "atar" bomba.
flare Ushta. and ahrannel "trallera." la
made in thla country now In better
gradee than were ever Imported, aald
Or. W. M. Qroavenon expert chemlat,
or wew yore.
O. Orenateln, of New York, Indicated
that American chemlata could Klve
Dolntera on the uae of rjolaonoua Raaea.
Ho aald that It la doubtful whether
large numbera of men hate been killed
by the uae of chlorine gas alone, and
aald that thla aaa muat lie mixed with
sulphur, or other Ingredients, If It la to
reacn iu nigneai emciency in aeam
Inflating War Balloon.
Oapt. Edward D. Ardery, United
tntea Engineers, explained the atorlea
of how Germane uaed non-inflammable
aaa for Inflating war balloona. He aald
that an air Jacket chanted with nitro
gen protecta hydrogen within the bag
irotn flre.
The war haa "brought the engineer
to the front, not only of the fighting
line, where he aharea honora with the
doctor and the nurao, but of the whole
complex industrial organization back of
thla gigantic struggle," aald Lawrence
Addlcka, president of the aocietv. He
aald the present European struggle la
a "mechanical and chemical war." The
preparedness campaign In the United
States be described aa "an organised
Piece of engineering-."
Mr. Addlclca aald eventa of the last
two yeara have accomplished what
would have required at least a century
of peaceful development. He urgea en
gineer to take an active part In legla
latie mattera and public affaire, which
are coming more and more to touch
upon ineir specialties.
A committer e;inlilnr- ti,. v.l.
dent and all past presidents of the so
ciety waa lormei thla morning and In
structed to placo Itaelf at the disposal
of Congress to give information to all
Congreselonal commltteea when called
Thla step waa taken aa a part oT tiSf
ciinri io uo maiie aurinz tne coming
year to gain greater co-operation among)
both governmental and private agencies
for the promotion of electrochemical
inventions and their application.
F. A. J. Fitzgerald, of Nlaanr.x Falla,
thla morning wns elected president of
the society. OtlKr officer named were:
C p. Schluoderbcrg, of FltWUinh;
Prof. A. L. Walker, of Columbia Uni
versity and F. J. Tone, of Nlattara
Falls, vice presidents : Prof. W. D. Bancroft-
of Columbia University: Dr. E.
F. Rr.eber. of New York; br. Carl
Horing, of Philadelphia, board of man
agers: p. a. Salom, treasurer, and J.
w. Richards secretary.
Sessions This Week.
The sessions of the society will last
throughout this week. Today and to
morrow they are scheduled for the New
W'illard Hotel. On Saturday they will
re new in the aaaembly room of the
Electrical building at the .Bureau of
Breakers today said that the Niagara
Falls could be made to yield .to needs
of men much more power than at pres
ent without marring its beauty.
Borne of the claims made were these:
A saving of 6.600,000 tons of coal a year
could be effected by a slightly Increaaed
uae of Niagara power.
A dependable aupply of nitratea for
U,A !n exPloelvea could be eatabllahed
which might preserve natlona in time
of war.
Chemicals UBed in many industries
could be produced, to the benefit of the
entire United States.
Discuss Niagara Falls.
Speakets who touched upon the Nl
agra Falla topic were I. P.. Kdmar.ds,
conaulting engineer; F. J. Tone, man
ager of the carborundum plant; A. H.
Hooker, manager of the electrochemical
works; all of Niagara Falls, and W. B.
Landls, engineer, of New York.
"It is a crime to ourselves to waste
such un opportunity for tho develop
ment of Industries, transportation and
domestic conveniences, and a crime
against future generations not to con
serve our natural resources," said Mr.
"It Is no flight of far.cy." said Mr.
Hooker, "to say that our lives and of
our families in Niagara Falls, Buffalo
and more than 1.000 other cities, depend
upon the use of cither llnuid chlorine
or chlorine In tho form of 'bleaching
towder" or hypochlorite for tho sterili
zation of our water supplies to a point
where epidemics of typhoid aro
These products, he said, could bo
turned out by using tho falls.
Co-operative work In research con
nected with great Industrial problems
waa urged in a symposium of promi
nent college professors.
Urges Practical Research.
Lawrence Addlcks, president of the
society, opened this symposium by urg
ing that university laboratories take up
more practical lines of research.
W. It. Whitney, chief of the research
laboratory of tho General Electric
Company, said that, so far as research
is concerned one great laboratory woi'ld
produce best results.
"One man laboratories and one horse
publications." he said, "fall to fulfill
the possibilities of their discovers? be
cause of isolation from tho fields of
The local committee In charge of
the arrangements consists of Dr. Alter
ton 8. CuBhman. director of the Insti
tute of Industrial Research, chairman;
William Blum. F. K. Cnmeron. Q. W.
Coggeshall. F. O. Cottrell, F. P. Dowey,
John II. Finney. H. A. Gardner. Joseph
W. Harris. Homr D. Holler. F. A. Hol
ton. C. P. Karr. A. F. Lucas. E. C.
MoKelvy. Charles I.. Parsons, William
J. Rich. A. D. Rlckenbncher, C. P.
Townsend. John W. Turrentlne and T.
A. WlthersDOon.
The "women's committee Is composed
of Mrs. Cushman. chairman: Mrs. Cot
trell, Mrs. Coggeshall, Mrs. Finnuy,
Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Rich.
Concert Given For Day
Nursery At Rauscher's
The concert given at Rauscher's bill
room last night for tho benefit of the
Day Nursery Dispensary and itoof Gar
den was an artistic success In every
lr. George H. Wilson, of Cumberland,
Md a young pianist-composer, gavo
two selections from a new llusslan
ballet, besides two of his own com
position. Miss Jean Wilson gave several read
ings. Miss Marjorlo Davidson, soprano,
and' Miss AlwarUa Oasselmann were
the other artists. Mlsa Brlchtensteln
waa the accompanist,
Troop 20 the palsey Troop, of
Girl Bcouta. entertalrod Its frlcnda list
evening at tho New Masonic Temple,
Eighth and F streets northeast, with
theatricals and a dance. .
in addition to th0 regular program
announcement was rondo of awards for
work dono for tho troi.p in connoctlon
with the entertainment. Mlsa Marian
Bunnlera and Mlxa Maud Warner re
ceived the iiwartla.
The program Included a one-act com
edy, "How a Woniun Keeps a Secret'
aril scngs nnd reciutlona.
Oconto Hendricks directed the produc
tion (insisted by Q. A. Fugltt Tboso
who contributed to tho program were
Mlas Jnulero Brooke, Frank Gobel,
Misses Gitrtrnde MoNlehal, Ruth Mc
Coy. Ethel Entwiatie, Gladys.. Flsk
Allco AJhford, Julia' Harrison,. Marian,
Bmlth. Marian Bounders. Elsie fesund
dent, Elisabeth Hcia and Maud War
Hours and Places of Services Ar
ranged by Bereaved Families.
David L. Engcl.
Funeral aervlcea for David L. Engel,
who died yesterday, aged sixty-eight
years, will be held at the residence, ziuj
Eighteenth street northwest, tomorrow
at 10 o'clock. Interment will be made
In the Washington Hebrew Cemetery
h. i urvivri hv his wife, a daughter.
and two sons. He had "been for twenty
yeara a merchant of waanmgion. ana
waa long prominent as an Inventor.
Miss Florence Duvall Haines.
Funeral services for Miss Florence
Duvall Haines, who died Tuesday at
her mother's residence in the Albemarle
apartments, will be held at Bt. Andrews
Kniseonai Church tomorrow at 2:30
Mrs. Bridget Hill.
Tftinnr'al nnrvlrea for MrS. Bridget
iiiii wirfntv of John J. Hill, who died
-,... ......... -- v . . - . . - . .......
I yesterday, will De neia ai ner mie rci-
donco. 3J7 H Street normran, ""ui
than! i Ht Alorslua' Church, where
r.ntiwvm mHK will be celebrated at 10
William Fitch Keller.
Memorial aervlces for William Fitch
Kelley, consul at Rome, who died March
the U. B. B. Caesar, will be conducted!
by the .Rev. Charles Wood, or tne
Church of the Covenant, at the apart
ment of Mrs. Kelley. 303, Mtoneleign
Court, tomorrow at 4:30 o clock, lhe
interment will be private.
Mrs. Abby Senior Chase.
Funeral aervlces for Mrs. Abby Benlpr
Chase, who died yesterday, will be held
at Plymouth Congregational Church to
morrow at 2 o'clock.
National Committeeman and
Delegates From District Not
To Be Decided by, Convention
District Democrats will choose their
national committeeman, delegates to
the Bt. Louis convention and members
of the Democratlo central committee,
at a direct primary, Instead of a con
vention, according to a decision reached
by the Democratlo central committee of
the District laat night.
Thla will be tho first direct primary
ever held hore, the convention having
been employed in paat yeara.,
Although tho committee at Its' meet
ing last night did not fix tho specific
day for tho direct primary here, It la
understood It will be held between May
20 and 30. Tho exact dato will bo de
cided upon at another meeting.
Representatives of twenty-one of the
twonty.two districts were seated laat
night. Lorenzo F. Warfleld, who pre
sented tho proxy of John Moghan, was
not permitted to take his scat at the
melting because of his nlleged hostility
to tne Democratlo party recently ana
because of "abusive criticism of Presi
dent Wilson."
The meeting, which was presided over
Dy itoDeri is. Aiamngiy, was cnaractcr
tzed by considerable enthusiasm, par
ticularly when the chairman reviewed
the legislative record of the present
Chairman Mattlngly, John B. Colpoya,
James V, Beyer, Henry Wells and Wal
ter J, Costello were named to select the
primary date and arrange tho details
for It.
Roosevelt Club Meeting.
The Junior Roosevelt Progre.Mve
Club will meet tomorrow nlghi at H
o'clock, at 612 Sixth street northeast.
Charles McGhon will read en essay on
Itooscvelt. Vli oubllo is Invited.
Russians Ask Help
Of Relative tiere
Prisoners f)f War In Siberia
Would Locate Hasyl Pow-
idajko, of Washington.
An anneal for aid. from far-off Siberia.
from 'persona whoae names and num-i
Dera are unnnuwn. to a. rviauvv u
Washington has Just come to tho Wash
ington V. -M. C. A.
Tnrougu tno international committee .
of the association the Washington as-1
Delation office was asked to locate and
inform the person. 8o far It haa been
unable to find him. I
His name is Hasyl Powldsjko.
The relatives aro prisoners of war In
Barrack 6A, Omsk, Siberia, They need
food, clothing, tobacco, and especially
Officials of the Y. M. C. A. here have
searched the directories, have gotten
In touch with Russians living here, but
they have been unable to locate the
man named.
Congregational Churches
Will Receive Delegates
A rttcrtlon by the men of tho Con
gregational churches of the city will
be teLdrred the delegates to the Men's
Missionary Movement convention, now
In acaa'on here, at the Firat Congrega
tlonnl Church tomorrow evening, at
C30 o clock.
Addt esses wilt be made by Dr. James
L. parton. Dr. Hubert C. Herring. Dr.
Howard A. Brldgman, and Mrs. Pitkin,
of Chicago.
Dinner will be served.
Describes Philippines
To Church Men's Clubs
An Illustrated lecture on the Philip
pines, under the combined auspices of
the Men's Clubs of Trinity and Christ
Lutheran churches, was given last even
In In Christ Church by Dr. Frederick
H. Morhart. , , ,
He showed pictures taken by him
during tho Insurrection, and during lhe
early occupation by tho United Btates.
He described the different tribes, with
their larguages and dialects, especially
tho Cnrlftlan Filipinos and Mohamme
dan Morros.
Thomas S. Gibson.
Funeral Bervices for Thomas
son, who died yesterday.
8. alb-
died yesterday, aged nfty-
wlll b held at his late resi
dence. 601 Duke street, Alexandria, to
morrow at 11 o'clock. Interment will be
Mrs. Joseph Jones.
Funeral services for Mrs. Joseph
.inn.4. who rilfit Mondav at ner rest
dene. SOS Twelfth street northeast, were
held today at i nnuy uapuoi v.nurtu
Wallace E. Landon.
Funeral services Tor Wallace D. Lan
don, who died Tuesday at Homeopathlo
Hospital, were held today at his late
residence. 1 R street northwest, thence
to St. Martin's Church, where requiem
mass was celebrated, imermeni was
made at Bonnie Brae, Baltimore.
Mrs. Ellen Dubant Lewis.
Fun'.ral aervlces for Mrs. Ellen Du
bant Lewis, who died Tuesday at the
residence of her son-in-law, 3618 Elev
enth street northwest, were held today
at tho Shrine of the Sacred Heart. In
terment was made In Mt. Olivet Ceme
tery. George F. Smith.
Funeral aervlces for George F. Smith,
who d'ed Tuesday, will be hetd at his
late residence. 927 Eleventh street north
oast, tomorrow at 9 o'clock, thence to
Holy Name Church, where requiem
mass will bo celebrated. Interment will
be mado In Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
Oliver L. White.
Funeral services for Oliver L. White.
who died Tuesday at his residence. E2S
Florida avenue northwest, will be held
nt the Nineteenth Street Baptist
Church, tomorrow at 1 o'clock.
Mary I. McBarr.
Funeral services for Mary I. McBarr,
who died Tuesday, aged sixty-four
years, will be held at her late resi
dence, Arlington, Va.. tomorrow at 2
o'clock. Interment will be In Congres
elonal Cemoterv.
The big Policeman valfca hla beat
Vlth swinging club end 6bids
No calloused aching feet for him
He uses Cal-o-clde
j,l . 1 FarAcUaf,Bunlaf,sad
I nl.0.rina weiy va, ouiotiMi,
Idl'U'Ciae Cornt. and Sore DubIom
. I . .!-
Gives InttanlFWIrf " " pora
-- ana resorts inecaute.
KctUlU IXMItively nannterd. Oct m hai I ram
ur amuui mc jumembcr tbe name.
Let the kiddles sco Chablln In "Char
lie's Elopement." Va. today. Home of
Charlie; 6c, Great war drama Sunday
"Last of the Line."
BEE FOn YOURSELF. 7i0 10th .1. N. W.
, Phone Your Want Ad to The Time.
;Wa!a Prt.
Various Forms
Of Headache
"It Is neoenary In order to treat head
aches properly to understood the causes
which produce tbe afTootloa" says Dr. J.
W. Ray. of Blookton, Ala. Continuing
he says, "Physicians cannot even begin
the treatmentof a disease without know
ing what causes Blvo rise to it, and we
must remember that headache Is to be
treated aooordlng to the same rule. We
must not only be particular to give a
remedy Intended tooounteraot tbe cause
which nroduoos the headaohe, but we
must nlia give a remedy to relieve the
pain until tbe cause of tbe trouble has
been removed. To answer this purpose,
antl-kamnta tablets will be found a most
convenient and satisfactory remedy.
One tablet every one to three hours
gives oomfort and rest In the most se
vere oases of headache, neuralgio and
particularly the headaohes of women'"
When we have a patient snbjeotto reg
ular attacks ot sick headache, we should
caution him to keep his bowels regular,
for wbloh nothing Is better than "Act
olds," and when be feels the least sign ot
an oncoming attack, he sboutd take two
A-K Tablets. Such patients should al
ways be Instructed to carry a few antl
kamnla tablets, so as to have them ready
forlnstaatnse. These tabletsare prompt
In aotlon and can be depended on to pro
duce relief In a vary few minutes. Ask
lor A-K Tablets.
Antl-kamnla tablets at all druggists.
VERSIZE is a marked ad
vantage in Goodyear No
Hook Cord Tires.
Three sizes, for example,
have 23 to 35 per cent
more air space than regulation Q. D.
clinchers of corresponding dimen
sions. This means a larger pneumatic cushion,
made still more easy-riding because high
inflation pressures are not necessary.
And this combines with the natural re
silience of Goodyear Cord construction to
produce utmost comfort; with its natural
flexibility to give utmost protection against
stone-bruise and blow-out.
Goodyear No-Book Cord
Tires are fortified
Shn-cutting By our No-Rfan-Cut
Blow-outs By our Oa-ak
loose Treads By oar
Rubber Rivets.
Puncture and Sldddlnc
By our Double-Thick
All-weather and Ribb
ed Treads.
Insecurity By our Multi
ple Braided Piano Wire
ill fib tuortrt OaarfjfMr Stnui Static Dttrfir (WsMr Ctrt Tint,
No-Book oHdQ.D. Chtukrfor nIiu mU tUkuttri
IGoodWear I
sv CORD ,451
o!y tires jijwcpyil
10c r?:iJ: GARDEN Vd ISc
4 HIM.
10 A. M.
6 P.M.
6 P.M.
No. 3 ETHEL TEARE 1h "CeuHtlBf; Oat The Cemtt"
tOpen 8:30 A. M. Close 5:30 P. M. Saturday Open Until 6 P. M
j-tU KTfuJf 3aJU2aJU, ,
Kanris Sealed Victor Records For May Ready Tomorrow
Tomorrow Friday One of the Greatest of
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New Spring Styles Including Samples and Surplus Lots From Leading Makers, anal
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IV Dill BUI pyewma kje .- w - --- --.. , j-, -, , v ....... ;---.
IUC) arrivcu iuu laic au uui oti bbico, u auiabvno (uuuoioi
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serviceable and easy to operate.
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Jardtnlore or book stand. Worth
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Wffri'lfcaaaaifiaT asaSaaaaaaT
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black. Seconds of the 26c 1Qnf
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ymna)iisj isjnaj.iaiiiajiiajiiaMajiia)ii iaj i
& 2&mtt J&mje & fc
cv j n Ja,

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