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APRIL ?7, 1916.
a i
-- i , J i i I ' . I ' . . . w
were surprised" a few hours later
when they landed from the submarine
In tv collapsible boat.
3lr Hotter was conveyed across In
land on Saturday by a strong, armed
AacnrL wlin knw thn nrlennar inilv
by two liijtlats. He urriVed In London
iiiwuui iiir.iuim nnn immraiiueiy wm
lodged In the metropolitan prison.
,Thu fact that Casement has been
brought to Kngland U stand triaranil
Is dntalned In military custody leads
tb tho, assumption that he will be
tried, on the charge of high treason
'fhln clinrno has bQ$n prcferrid loss
than half n dozen times In ICnirland in
the last hundred year. The lant In-
tan;o wns In tho Boer war. resulting
m tn ciitviction or rtnur iiynon in
1"M. Mr l.vnch, who Ih now a member
or the House of Common, wna sen
tencod In death but the sentence was
committed, and. a year later a pardon
f". Maybo Beheaded.
Tho Kxpress suggest the possibility
that Casement, If convicted of hlh
treason, may bo behoaded. as under the
axlstlnit law a person found gutlty ot
this offense may, by croan warrant
receive the penalty of beTtoadlng Ih
si'atl of hanging. .
' Tho men connected with the nilbtu
erlr.tr expedition now In tile hands of
the rpvernment Include (Tasemcnt, two
Irish confederates untl twenty-two Ger
mans coinirKln tlio crew.
'TJmi chief Irtportunnc. "of tho capture
lies In' tho revetdticr.a mado of an ex
temtlvo plot having- ramifications In Ger
many, Ireland, and Amorlca. Irish
Americans ore said to have been larfte
ty Instrumental in financing tho revolu
tionary movemont.
The capture of the expedition by the
Xaw Secret Service Is considered a re
markably rood niece of work.
when arrested Casement Is reported
to have maintained a good front and
, apparently -was without hope of es
caoln death for treason. It. is be
lleved that his trial and condemnation
will, be speedy, although for the present
It Is not possible to say whether he
wilt beput to. death.
Representatives of the American em
bassy have been In conference with the
officials in charge of tho cose, pre
sumably rejtardlnx the American rami
fications. Irish Societies C3II
For. Mass Meeting
NEW YORK, April 8T.-T0 express tho
sympathy of the Irish of New York
"for the aspirations of the Irish people
to gain their liberty," the United Irish
societies will hold a mass meeting horo
on Sunday night. .
John Devoy, editor of the Gaello
American; Jeremiah A. O'Leary, presi
dent of the American Truth Society,
and Dennis Spelllssey are to spak.
Devoy Is expected to amplify his edi
torial of today In "which he says:
"Ireland 'Is now one of the belliger
ents; she haa proved her title to recog
nition as ohe of the small 'nationalities,
and has sealed the claim with her
In the Issue of the Gaelic i American,
in which the editorial appears, is a
news story holding that had it not been
for the warning of the British by Wash
ington, Sir Roger Casement's munitions
ship would have landed safely. It terms
the -warning "as an apt of the basest
treacnery ana .oisnonor."
Missionary Congress
Has Special Session
The National Missionary Congress at
Kt Camel Baptist church haa ar
ranged a special meeting this after
noon, for colored men. Tomorrow. Sat
urday and Sunday there will be similar
Adolphus Lewis Is acting as executive
secretary of the movement with head
quarters at the Twelfth street branch
of the T. M. C. A.
Pioneer to Speak.
Tho Rt. Olympia Brown,, of Wiscon
sin, Is to be the principal speaker at a
meeting of the Federal Suffrage Asso
ciation tonight In tho Public library.
The Rev. Brown Is a pioneer In
the woman suffrage cause In America,
having taken part In the Kansas cam
paign In 1H7. She still. Is active and
strong, and haa last none of .her en-
tnusisem lor tne votea-ror-women
The forecast for the District of Co
lumbiaovercast and continued cool
weather tonight and Friday; moderate
north .and northwest winds.
Maryland Local showers this after
noon: overcast and .'continued, cool
weather'tonlght'and Friday. Moderate
nortn ana.nortnwest winas.
Vlrrlnla. Partly overcast and eon.
tinned cool weather tonight and .Friday;
probably frost In mountain districts to-
cignt. Moderate nortnwest winds.
(U. 8. Bureau.)
a. m 47
. 9 a. m ...,;.7. El
10 a. m. ...'....,,.,.'..'.'...,......,, ,, 63
11 a. m. .......... ....... v..... .,,.,.,.,, 00
12 noon.................................. 67
1 p. m....,......,,,....... ..,,,, ,..,. 67
High tide 1:00 a. m. and 4:20 p. m.
t Low tide 10:39 .a. m. ,and 11 p. m.
' Sun rose 6:08 8un sets 8:47
'. Light automobile lamps 7:17 p. m.
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1 ' '
Attitude of-Ertiployes Toward
Assistant Register To Be'ln
vestigate'd. (Continued from First Page.)
him Benedict Arnold would be a patron
saint DM or did you' not say' that 7'
"None of your business."
"You are quoted as having said.
'America .Is n'othlngrbut the tall end of
British civilization.' Did or did yqu not
say that?"
"None tt yqur huaness."
"You are quoted as having said, 'Vul
var, vulgar, everything In America Is
vulgar.' Did- or idld -you riot say that?"
, gone qi your , Dmwesa.
"Did you hear. President Wilson read
his recent message to Congress?"
"None of your business."
"When you left the copyright division
to go to the Capitol to hear the Presi
dent' read his message, did or did 'you
not say, as you are quoted, 'The mouth'
Piece of the English Is going to speak
today, andl am going to hear hlmr "
"None of youp business."
Informed By The Times
Librarian Putnam yesterday was in
formed of the rumors of friction and
disorganization which Is reported to
exist in the copyright division.
Mr. Putnsm said he had not heard
.of the trouble before his attention was
cuiieo to it oy rne 'limes.
lie summoned Register Solberg to his
office and questioned him. The register
said he knew nothing of the matter
other than that there had been "a
rather generous display of the Ameri
can flag In the copyright division."
He said he had not been advised of
the cause of the display of the flag in
that particular division. In reply to
a question, he said he did not believe
the flag had been so much In evidence
In other branches of the library. '
Librarian. Putnam appeared to regard
tho case of Mr. Bruncken as serious and
worthy of immediate attention. He
summoned Mr. Brurgsken to his office
for interrogation.
Tho Times' representative was re
quested to repeat to Mr. Bruncken tho
questions addressed to the latter in his
own omoe earlier In the day.
Mr. Brunoken objected o this. Ho
wanted to know whether "I am on trial
beroro my superior officer or before the
newspaper tribunal."
Ho said he did not believe he should
be called upon to face accusations from
ouuiiyiuous accusers,
"i nave reo
mous letters
celved a number of anony
which I believe were writ-
ten bv tmnlnm nf thi. iihv ..i.t
Mr. Bruncken,. "but I have paid no at
tention to them, and I do not Intend to
Pay any attention to these accusations
with regard to private conversations."
Questioned By Putnam.
"Would you call a conversation be
tween an official of the copyright divi
sion and a number of employes of that
division while they were at work a pri
vate conversation!" Librarian I'utnam
"That would depend largely upon the
circumstances," replied the assistant
register. ,
"Is this an investigation?" asked Mr.
Bruncken of -the librarian.
Mr. Putnam paused for a moment, and
"I would call It an Inquiry."
Mr. Bruncken renewed his objections
to. having the questions repeated to him,
whereupon Mr. Putnam requested Tha
Times' representative to "repeat the re
ported statements to me while , Mr.
Bruncken U hero."
This was done, and the librarian
"Now, Mr. Bruncken, do you car to
avail yourself of the opportunity to
deny or.afflrm the use. of this language
by your
The assistant register said he still ob
jected to being made the subject of a
newspaper Investigation," and express
ed his contempt for newspapers In gen
eral "because, they rush Into print with
out verifying what they hear and with
out giving a man a. chance to state hta
side of the matter."
"Do I understand that vmi will nnf
reply either to the newspaper man or
Mr. Bruncken hesitated for a moment
and then said "I will answer questions
put to me by my superior officers con
cerning my official conduct."
Putnam Orders Inquiry.
Librarian 'Putnam then informed Tho
Times man that "Mr. Solberg, who la
In direct charge of the copyright di
vision, will make 'Inquiry Into' this mat
ter, questioning Mr. Bruncken and those
who say they heard him make thes'n
statements, and Mr." Solberg will report
to me tne result or his inquiry. I shall
be out of town for two days, and expect
to near rrom Mr. uolberg upon my re
Regarding the flar Incident. emnlova
In the copyright 'division say that first
they purchased a large American flag
and placed It In one of the windows of
their office. This was removed by tho
cnier -ciera. a tew nours later they
purchased smaller flags ' and Dlaced
them on the electric fixtures over their
ucnjB. aiieso, too,-were rcmovca oy ine
chief clerk. ..
Register Solberg and Chief Clerk'
urown today toon run responsibility for
the' removal of the flags, saying there
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was a standing. order to .keen down
decorations of all hinds, ami preserve,
"the ofT.'cellko dlsnlty which should
characterize a Government division."
Roth Officials said they loved ..tho flag.
nrjq wnnieai in bd ji nrouno, nut iner
tllfl .net think tho fixtures should be
dccoVated except on special occasions.
Rumors circulating among .tho em
ployes that the fKs were removed at
tho 'suggestion or bohest of Mr. Brun-
ckr-n wera ridiculed by. Register Solberg
Berlin Says British
SankDjitch Warship
Brought Crkis in Holland Accord
ing to Reports to Ger
man Capital
RERUN (vla wireless to Sayvlllc),
April K.-The recent, crisis "In Holland,
when troops wero .mobilized apd prepa
rations' made for" war. Was" due to tho
fact that the .British had sunk a. Dutch
warship accorathg.'.fo reports brought
here tixtav. t .
. This fact was concealed from tho
xjuivn imuiic anu ino inciucm was
closed nfter Hnfcland had made nultablu
apology and had premised Indemnities.
trhe Dutch newspaper do Tribune Un
closes for. tho first Ulme' the reason for
tho flurry In Holland threo weeks nKo.
The newspaper, declares. that tho Eng
lish sent tho crow of the Dutch, war
ship ,to India to prevent the news from
becoming public and to avoid arousing'
popular Indignation In Holland..
The do Triqune snld .It learned thse
facts from a member of the crew of
the Dutch steamer Breda. .It was re
called here that Dutch .newspapers
tnree wceas ago reportea mat tne
Breda hnd ' been held up in England
and made to Buffer 'certain Incon
veniences, the nature of which could
not be mado public at that time.
Only 5,000 Russ in
France, Says Berlin
German Newspapers Ridicule
Idea of Taking New Troop
Movement Seriously.
BERLIN (via wireless to Sayvllle),
April 27. Only 6,000 Russian troops were
included In the-flrst detachment landed
at Marseilles, according to advices re
ceived here today. Tha Berlin newspa
pers ridicule the French for taking tho
arrival of the Russians seriously.
"The French people, who are easily
Impressed, are Jubilant over the arrival
of these Russians, who wanted a three
months' voyage," wrote Major Moraht.
"but the Herman troops learned how
to handle these 'bravest of Russians' In
Uallcla and In Poland.
"As to the Russian offensive which
began In an effort to relieve the French,
It may be considered as nearly finished.
Though the Russian offensive In the
Caucasus Is slowly advancing and Rus
sian trenches are built on the Rouma
nian frontier, there is no possibility
that the Russian 'Invalid' will be able
to obtain a decision between lUga and
Czernowltz, where they have made so
many unsuccessful attempts."
Mrs. Mary . Banks
Foujid Dead Today
Philanthropist of Capitol Hill Ex
pires After Return From
Making Sick Calls.
Mrs. Mar Isabella Bank, wealthy
widow and philanthropist, of 113 Kast
Capitol street, was found dead on the
floor of her, bedroom this morning.
Mrs. Banks had been making lick
calls yesterday. When she rammed
she comolali":1 she did not feel well.
She went to her room at tho :siinl
time. When she did not appear this
morning Joseph Uague. with whom
Mrs. Banks made her hoem, found her
on the floor.
A doctor was summoned, but she had
been dead for hours. Mrs. Banks was
fully clothed, and It Is believed she ex
pired suddenly while preparing to re
tire. Mrs. Banks Is the widow of DavlJ
Banks. She haa no close relatives so
far as Is known. Throughout the
neighborhood she was known aa philan
thropist, though she lived somewhat
the lite of a recluse. 8ho had a laryo
Income and was liberal In charltler.
Bhe .was .a member of the Mctroptll
tan Presbyterian Church, and.n church
Elkus Slated For
Morgenthaps Post
President Wilson has decided to nomi
nate Abram I. Elkus to succeed Henry
Morjenthau as ambassador to Turkey,
It Is authoritatively learned.
The President has decided to grant
VfKanM. !...,,' Min.,t moffo .nrnai ttrtIA
ago. that he be relieved of the Turkish
FiOSt to taxe up ncuve worn in me
Jnlted Htates for the re-electlbn of the
President. ....
Ish government as to whether l-lkus
win pe sausiaciory.
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Members' Wapt Btogr3phles -''lusirVteuV-becoration
Identification Discussed.
The' Congressional Record today; CQA-
.tajnn o petition sjgne'd hy rtxivtwp
Member pf ' the'. House recommending
that tit all future lsines''ot the Congreaf
biiiiihi uncciory nv, pnpiograpns oi ipo
tju hiorribcrs of thn House 'accompany,
their antoblpgraphles in that annual
Furthermore, the Home voted in
formally, lato yujtordny to Includo In.
tha Bnrnhort rrlntlnr;blll on an.eml
mont authorizing publication Of Tphoto
gnipha .in the ..directory., 'i xx
Aiynmuslns dclwte.'Vnrtlclnrdln.by
handsome' and .not'sp honds'ome.rrlem-boM'j)r,the')louo.ii)rcelI.Uttt,adoi-tioti
pf. tH6 amendment Congresamxn
Kdwards. of Ooorgla and amlth of
Idaho, tposcredThe anWfldment.
. Amonir the- reasana.advnnt'.ft whv. tha
P'cttires.of.mernberi .ought to be.pub-i
Ilrtied. ih ;tnc directory the follqwlnr
wcro-enumc-ratcn in'tne not" lion:
Members -would "be 'rn'oro quickly ao-
iuairucatwiui:.eajCit,oinr: ,ouicjais .in
the 'departments .would" easily recognise
members and make .'introductions less
necessary; the directory' would bo more
valuable aa a. public document: tha x
penfce would be nominal, only a few
nlinitrAfl AnXInrm anih,.a..lAM.
When Congressman otagsdate suggest--
ea maving, pictures or. raemDers. ana
nlush covered, album far vth clark'i
desk, Congressman Smith' Insisted- that
thls'.was aa "serious matter.' and he did
not Intend to.'reply to Jocular Inquiries.
Mr. ,WaIsh said that "ft. might be:mad
to nave me nngerprmis to eia in ino
identification of members." '
Military Stores
Saved in Ottawa
Arms and Ammunition Are
Housed in, Building Which
W.as, in Flames.
First reports were that there had, been
an explosion, but It waa later discovered
that this waa only the "back-fire" from
ohe of the big military trucks. Guards
prevented anyone from entering the
building. A considerable number of
machine guns and quantities of small
arms and ammunition are stored In tho
Attorney Mum on
Colleagues Killing
ICASHVIM.E. Tenn., April 7T.-KU
torney Charles1 C. Trabue, out on S,
000 bond, refused today to make any
statement In regard to the killing of
Attorney Harry 8. Stokes yesterday.
Trabue Is charged with first degree
Stokes was counsel for "taxpayers"
In a suit 'which involved Investigation
or missing city- books. i
Trahue was engaged two months ngo
to aid the city's leaal department. Fro-
auent clashes between the. two occurred
uring the hearings.
Stokes was hit by two4 of tie throe
shots fired In his office. The pollen ay
there are no witnesses to the shooting.
although several persons wero in an
adlolnlng room. . '
Men whose wealth acarecates millions
of dollars offered' to provide bond when
Trabue waived examination and was
bound over to tne criminal court.
Services at St. Peter's
For Order of Isabella
Vesper services wlll.be held In St.
Peter's Church'fiunday at 7:80 o'clock
In hopor of Queen. Isabella of Castile.
The services will be under the auspices
of Court District of Columbia, No. III.
National Order of the Daughters of
The Very Rev. Peter J. O'Callaghan,
of the' Apostolic Mission, will deliver the
The committee on arrangements com-
.prises Mrs. George A. Home, grand rr.
gent:.3trs., James B. Flyi-n, Mlsa Ross
A. Dugsn, Miss Marguerite- Boswell,
Mrs. Edmund 'Deeds. Miss Elisabeth
Monohan, ana miss Jtatnenne uaooing'
ton. ,
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hot-water heat, electric lights,
laundry and servants' toilet.
Double porches, paved alley.
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Associated Charities Acknow!-,
' edges Further Contributions'
to Funds.
The Associated' Charities today ani
nbunced that the two "Daddy Long
Legs" funds for avhlch contributions,
have been sought during the past' week;
are growing rapid v.
' The first fund Is for a widow with
mrce smaii cnuuren, ana wunoui rom-,
tlves abU to assist her. Ten dollars a
week Is needed In this family. Contri
butions to this cause have already to
thted S102 in contributions, Including;
'Previously acknowledged ,..,,nM
Mrs. Q. H. 8 ....i. ......... 6.004
irs. j. i1. jj.... ....... ............. 2.00
Mrs. 8. D. 8 '.... ........... 2.60
No Name ...,,,, ...,. ,, 6.00
Q. T. -D.. ........,........,,,,,, 6.00
Mrs. A.. ............. ................ 10.00
Tout .10160 (
Tha second fund,, designed for art
Invalid breadwinner undergoing hos
pital care .with a wife and thVee'chfl
dren, at present totals $7.S0. It' IS
mado up of contributions as follow:
Previously acknowledged ...6.00
Mrs. Q. II. 8. ................ .,,... 6.U0
Mrs. J. F. D 1.U0
Mrs. 8. D. 8 3.50
No name -. .- 6.03
O. T. D 5.00
i,, ....... ........
.... t7.H0
Seniors, Upholding Measure,
Beaten by Georgetown Juniors.
Arguing in favor of a literacy test In
the Immigration legislation of the
United States, the Senior Debating So
ciety of the Georgetown University Law
School was defeated by the Junior De
bating Society of the institution last
Edward T. Hogan won the individual
cash prise of X. lie and Basil Thomas
made up the team of the Junior- society,
which "Won the debate. The senlor'team
waa composed of Granville Wyche and
Johji T. Raftls.
The board of judges consisted of Ben-
ator Thomas J. Walsh of Montana, As
sociate Justice Charles H. Robb, of the
District Court of Appeals; Frank I
Polk, counselor for the State Depart
ment: Charles Warren, Assistant At
torney General, and Hugh J. Fegan, of
tne taw scnooi racuity, nobert b.
Whelan presided.
.This is the last of a series of four de
bates conducted by the college, a cash
prize of $S having been awarded In
each case to the Individual winner.
A nnai debate is to he held next
month. In which the four winners will
compete for a cash nrlse of HO. to de
termine the best debater In the college.
A.J10 ivinnsr. oi uia mrcv preYioua ua-
bates, who will compete 'with Uogan,
are Robert McGaully, George Helford,
and James Qlblln.
William Bruce King
Re-elected to Office
William Bruce- King was re-electod
president of tho Columbian-George
Washington Law School Association at
the reunion and smoker of the organisa
tion at the University Club Inst night.
Tho other officers elected were Myron
M. Parker. Allen O. Clephane and
Arthur Hellen, vice presidents: George
W. Dalxell, treaaurer, and William C.
van Vleck, secretary. The following
executive committee waa chosen: J.
Holdsworth Gordon, Arlon W. Cush
man and James M. Kerry.
In addition to the university Glee
Club, a quartet composed of Charles
t. Tinman. Kan carpaugn, Arrnur a.
Pierce and H. W. Howard contributed
to the entertainment.
Cut By Flying Glass.
Edward Flaherty, of 1020 Florida ave
nue northeast, had his Up cut by .'lying
plain when the- automobile of Edward
G. Ftshur. of- lOM Florida avenue north-
rnit collided with n talerronh'nole on
the Bladensburg road. The windshield of
ilia niacmr.0 was nrnxsn.
Steamejr uSt. Johns" leaves
7th Street Wharf, Fricjay and
. ; " v Saturday at' 9' & M, -rttStop-
i- Png Aiexahdria' going
and returning.
Trains also leave-Union" -Station for Quantico at
' ' 7 :20 and ( 1 :00. A. M. on Friday, and at 7,:20 and 1 1 :Oo
A. M., and 2:00, P. M.on Saturday.
ready to find grave
of porothy Arnold
Convict Glenno'ris May Be Taken
to New York to Show Spot.
PROVIDENCE. April. 27. Octavo
Qlennoris, the conyjot whose stftrtUnc
statements hava put the New , York jk
Ilea once more on a search for Ions
tost Dorothy Arnold, win bo .permitted
to go to New York and point oi t ine
house nearWest Point, under which,
he declares, her' Body was burled.
Warden Davis, of the Ithodo lstanl
8tale prltcri, declared today that while
an o'flqlM petition for a permit had not
been received, ho was wllllng'that ttlon
porls' be token to New York.
UUnnbrb(,ls eager to go to Htv Tork,
4 - i
Basement Store
' mJSntfrtrh
Window Screen
Frames, complete with
corners, screws )Kt
and slides swOV
4Part., 49C
1 The too or oven. ''
Steel dlso . for heat
ing sad Irons.
1-Asbestos - lined stand
for baking.
4 The base, as a toast
er. -
Lawn Mowers, i self
sharpening knives; 8
Inch drive wheels
12-Inch slse 93.09
14-Inch else 92.'iS.
16-Inch slse $2A
Lawn Mowers, ball
bearing, S-Inch drive
wheels, , self-sharpening
B r a ad Boxes, roll
ing top, large QQn
12-Inch cite.
14-Inch slxe.
4-plece Aluminum
Saucepan Set HQt
family sixes 1C
"mm J WBM!
Garden Hose. 60 feet
long; t-nly: coupled and
guaranteed; complete
with brass 0. ntr
' spray nozale
Rake with
foot handle...
4-plece Canister Bet.
lllus- nnn
tted OUi
Spades.. ,
Hoes, e-foot
handle .....
Shears. ,best
t rated
Per Doxen.
I (-foot Step
witn Ducitst
6-foot, E6c.
.. Plant now, blooms
all summer.;
Bfeepent Wore.
let the
Excursion To
New JndusMhl
Kg. declared the detectives In their
ttrch dug In the wrong house nnd
will 'only take hint to New York and
Wtt Paint. '
4" VT "
You can make delightful shampoo
'(wlth very little effqrt and .for a vcrj
trilling cost, it you get from youi
'druggist-a package of canthrox and
dissolvo a teaspoonfut in a cup of hoi
water. Your shampoo Is now ready.
Just pour a little at a time on th
scalp and rub briskly. This creates aa
aibundanco of thick, white lather that
thoroughly dissolves and removes th
dandruff, excess oil and dirt. Afjei
rinsing, the hair dries quickly, with a
flufflnessN that makes It seem heavlef
than it Is, and takes on a rich usta
and a softness that makes arranglngili
a pleasure. Advt 'V
ftalftfe IRoal
9 to 6
Ironing Board,
on stand
Curtain Stretcher,
complete with
KKK.1:. 59c
Wire, best
weather - proof;
Klectrlc Iron
lete, guaran
teed 10 years
Mrs. Potti' Sad
Irons, 3 in set, with
handle and fQ.
stand jV
i... ...g98
. 25c
Gra s s
. 25c
Shoe Blacking llox,
with Iron foot rest
and holder lor
Bath Room Stools:
white ename.', with
ruber tipped
" " '-as'
VI . VLr
The Avenue at Ninth

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