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President and , Mrs. Wilson
Hosts to Visitors to National
t Congress.
President and Mrs. Wilson were the
host ot the delegates to the .National
Missionary- Congress this afternoon at a
reception driven at the White IIouso to
which all the delegates and their wlfes
wore Invltod.
The delegates assembled In the Cast
Room where, the President and Mrs.
Wilson greeted each of them.
Immediately after the reception the
third session of the congress was called
1 to order by Chairman James M. Bpeers,
of New York, at Continental Memorial
Hail, Tho afternoon was dovltod to
hearing tho present day appeal from the
world at large to the American laymen.
The appeal was presented for the Mos
lem world by James U Barton, foreign
secretary of the American board of
commissioners for foreign missions; for
tha Hindu world by John P. Jones, of
the Hartford School of Missions; for
thirty years a missionary. Jn India; for
The Buddhist world by B. Harrington
L.IUell, seventeen years a missionary to
China of the Protestant Episcopal
hoard and from the Christian world by
Bishop Francis J. . McConnell, of the
Methodist Episcopal Churqh.
Milllon-oDllar Arc.
' A. E. Cory, formerly a missionary to
China and at present secretary of tho
Men' and Millions Movement of tho
Disciples of Chrlit, sounded tho Key
note of the missionary movement, ho
declared this morning,, when he stated
that this Is n, nYUIon-dnllar ago and
needs million-dollar men.
Mr. Cory was ono of tho reoresonla
tlves .of thev several religious denomina
tions encaged In missionary work who
reported at the morning session of the
congress what had been accomplished
and suggested what could be dono upon
this basis. Mr. 'Cory's remarks wcro
addressed particularly to the business
i men In the church, lip sold. He wanted
to e thn men who had organized the
great business -.concern to take up tho
work cf organizing the grea church
work. Ho said thic could bo dWu and
Is being done.
i J. I. Clark, one of tho rromlncnt lny
mne of tho Lutheran rhnrch. reporting
for his denomination, spoke of the. need
of business mon In the mlsxlnmrv
movement He salct that a .Troup of
ten captains of Industry in the Luth
eran church, have revolutionised the
system of. work among the lavmen nnd
tho raising of money for missionary
work. Heruggested that' ever denom
ination secure a similar group.
Fisher Taken Change.
The morning session wns opened with
devotional exercises .conducted by Pavld
.McConnughy, of .New York, secretary
of the Every-Member Play of the Pres
byterian church. Chairman James M.
Speera Introduced Fred B. Fisher, as
sociate general secretary of the Lay
man's Missionary Movement to take
charge of the meeting.
Or. John M. Moore, aecretarv of thn
Baptist Forward Movoment, was the
first speaker. He told of the steps taken
leading to the establishment of doflnlra
systematic missionary educational work
in wo Baptist Church.
John W. Wood, secretary of the board
f missions of the Protestant Episcopal
Church, told of tho advance made by
thel Episcopal -Church, hv The last ten
years. He said the missionary contri
bution, of his 'church had Increased from
9810,009 to (1,687,000 annually In ten years.
Give Abundantly.
Charles A. nowland. secretary of the
laymen's Missionary Movement of the
Southern Presbyterian Church, told of
the movement among the churches to
give as much' to mission work as they
epenfl on themselves. There are a uum
ter of such churches. He apoko als of
the Individual laymen who wero work
ing consistently along the same lines.
One layman; he said. Is supporting an
entlro mission In oKrea, with thirteen
missionaries. The same man supports
missions In Cuba and Africa.
Dr. Qeorgn Heber Jones, of tho Meth
odist Church, -gave a. statistical state
ment of the work that had been done
among the Methodists during the last
ten years and of the systematizing of
the work. He paid special tribute to
the leadership of Col. Elijah E. Halford,
8. Earl Taylor, andi Fred B. Fisher, In
the work that has been done.' W. P.
8chell told of the work In the Pres
byterian churches of the North.
President Hears Address.
President Wilson was one of the most
Interested in the audience which at
tended tho Inaugural session last
night . during 'the course of 'the re
markable address by John It.
Mott, general secretary of the Y. M,
C, A. on the missionary responsibility
falling upon. American laymen through
the war in Kurone.
Mr. Mott ls-the practical working
head of the Y.nM. c; A. throughout
the world, and has been Instrumental
In the establishment of or the promo
tion of work In established branches of
the organization In every country of
Europe, Asia. Arrica, Boutn America,
and in the United mates.
He made a complete survey of Eu
rope after the war began, visiting the
battle' lines of both contending factions
and Investigating the needs of the situa
tion. His experiences with the troops
on the, battle lines, in tho hospitals, ana
In the training camns were recited to
show the needs of the present situation.
Alleged Embassy Attache Does
' Not Appear at State, De
partment Conference.
' John B. Stanchflcld, attornoy for Wolf
von Igel, conferred today with Coun
sclor Polk of tho State Department, re
gardlng tho general case of the alleged
Gorman embassy attache.
After tho conference It was said
Stanchflcld tnlked Informally about von
Igel's Immunity, but made no represen
tations regnrdfng return of his papers.
Von Igel did not accompany him, and
has no appointment with Councelor
Stanchflcld cannot mako any represen
tations regarding tho papers. This
must be done, If at all, by German
Ambassador, von Bornstorff, and the
Stato Department Is ready to glvo him
such papers as ho may characterize as
Attorney General Gregory has turned
over to Secretary Lansing all the doc-,
umenta confiscated at the time of von
Igel's arrest, together with photo
graphic copies and plates from which
these copies were made.
This Is taken to forecaat the return
to the German embassy of all tho con
fiscated papers. Count von Ucrnstorft
has made a demand for the uncondi
tional surrender of all the papers,
claiming dlplomatla Immunity from
molestation of all documents In the
vinfliutfllnn nf 'an mntittAttA Att1iA'nf
the German embassy.
Administration' otilclats atatd that
wnne mo papers snow widespread par
ticipation of aorman agents In plots
against, American neutrality, thoro Is
Itttlo cvldonco connecting Count von
Bernstorff directly wtyh these ptots,
Auditor' Tweedale in
Charge of Workhouse
Auditor Ajonzo Tweedale la In tempor
ary chnrgo of tho workhouse during tho
Illness of Superintendent W. H. Whit
taker, whose physician has ordered a
complete rest for another month.
Auditor Tweedale will divide his time
between the workhouse and his duties
nt the District building.
Hunting. American Camels
In San Jacinto 'Mountains
RIVERSIDE, Cal.j April 27.-A. party
of sportsmen left' here, today for the
southern ' reaches of ihe Ban' 'Jacinto
mountains, to hunt American camels.
B. C. Reach, a prospector, brought
the story, that a drove of fifteen camels
was s6en Within a few miles of Balton
Sea, at tho base of tho San Jaclntos.
The camels wcro Introduced' for desert
travel more than half a century ago,
and when the venture was given up
tho animals wero left to shift for themselves.
Widow $atSsDjW$fot
Who Sells Husband Poison
'SCRANTON, Pa., April ,J7.r-HuJt fpr
10.000 damages was filed' today against
Thomas O'Connor, of Jessup, a drug
gist, by Mrs. Margaret Llewellyn, of
Pockvlllc, widow of Thomas Llewellyn,
who committed suicide in May last by
swallowing poison, which ho got at
O'Connor's store.
The widow alleges that tho druggist
violated an' act 6t ISfo', which prohibits
tho selling of poison to a non-resident
of tho town unless thcro Is a 'Physi
cians prescription.
Held Up Ehtylqytrtfon ,
'Recommendation Letter
BAN FRANCISCO. April IT.-Polntlnr
a gun nt the head of lit! former em
ployer, Ralph Glass, president of Ralph
Glass & Co., contractors, Wurren Fitz
gerald, a laborer, forced Gloss to sign
aletler.of recommendation This was
tho chargo mado b' Gloria to the Mis
sion street ttatlon notice.
Fitzgerald la In the city prison on a
charge of threatening to take life. Fits-
ferald, according to Glass, nppcared t
Ha tatter's office armed with a hatchet
Fearing an attack, Glass ran Into a
room, adjoining his office ito got u re
volver. Fitzgerald reached tho weapon first.
Mother' Frieid
The friend that the expectant
mother needs, brings peace, of mind,
freedbn from worry and added com
fort. Experienced 'women advise the
use of 'Mother's Friend because it is
so perfectly safe to use and has
helped a host of expectant mother. to'
a happy, normal fjxlstenw during thta
very important period. Mother's Frlond.
to bo. had at any drug store, to on ex
ternal treatment that relieves the ten
sion upoh the cords and luramenU that
come from muscular expansion. It
gently soothes tho' fine network of
nerves and brings honor relief from
abnormal pains, thus creating comfort
ana contentment. aqv.
, : N
Used Upright Pianos
Light & Co.
Reasonable Terms if Desired.
F. G. Smith Piano Co.
1217 pSTREET.
rtny of Stomach
W te te Health Ij
UPj smgit vese.
Stomach Trouble causes a multitude
of ailments, and often results In Qall
Stones. Yellow Jaundice. Acute and
Chronlo Indigestion, Appendicitis, Con
stipation. Autointoxication. Qss Pres
sure. Fear of Heart Disease. Cancer
and Ulcers of the Stomach and Intes
tines, etc., etc. One dose of Mayr's
Wonderful Remedy has proven success
ful In thousands of cases of Stomach
Trouble. This explains its enormous
sale. Has been taken and Is recom
mended by Physicians. Justice of the
Sunremo Court. Congressmen. Lawyers,
Nurses. Ministers. Farmers. Educators.
Mechanics mobably your own neigh
bor. Many owe their lives to Mayr's
Wondorfut Remedy. Thousands say It
has saved them from tho knlfo. Con
tains ho'nlebhol or hoblt-formlng drugs.
FREE booklet on Stomach Ailments.
Address Geo. H. Mayr. Mfg. Chemist,
Chicago. Better yet obtain a bottle of
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy from O'Don
nell's Drug Store. People's Drug Store,
or anv reliable druggist, who will re
turn your money If It falls. Advt.
Increases strength of
d e 1 1 o a te, nervous,
rundown people 204
fier cent In ten days
n many . Instances.
I1M fnrf.lt It It folia
as per full explana
tion in targe article
soon to appear In
. this paper. Ask your
1aa(a . Jtsf mIb
about It- Jas. O'Donnell'a Drug Stores,
People's Drug Stores always carry It
In stock. Advt.
RSSSSstt? -. ' .isSSfcj :?.:::;'.l
W BcBssl
Look To Your Teeth !
If they are not in perfect con
dition, let me make them so at once,
as dental delays mean pain, trouble,
and expense. I will repair your teeth
at a slight cost and you will experi
ence no pain whatever. All my work
is guaranteed for 20 years your as
surance of perfect work.
Fillings in Gold, Silver, Plati-
Examination Free
Easy Payments Arranged
If Desired
Gold Crowns and
Bridge Work
$3, $4, and $5
, V
My Patent
Teeth, $5
Drip ,
47-420 yth Street N.W. ,,y,JnHdny"s.mio V
Oph. I.annliurxh & Hr., Over Grand tnlon Tea Co. Largest
and Most Thoroaghly Vqnlpucd Parlor In Washington
25c and 29c Towels
HHMjiat 15c each
Lot of mill seconds ot fine Turkish Towels, In
all white, and. with pink and bluo borders. Some
with names 'woven through the center. Heavy
double thread quality, large slscs.
Mill ends of Cotton Crash Toweling, fast salvage
on both sides. Lengths 3 to 10 yds. Suitable for
rouer or tea towels, Regular c value,
at, yd ..
STORE HOURS: Open 8:45 A.M.; Close 5:30 P.M.
NTH MB 0T Ttfu
'25c and 39c Art Goods at 19c
Remnant lot of Scarfs, Shams, and Centerpieces: slightly mussed from
handling. Various styles; bpo and two of a kind. Art Dept, First Floor.
Women's $3 and $3.50
Low Shoes at $1.95 Pair
A Friday clearance of broken lines and
discontinued styles of women's low shoes,
including Colonials; Pumps, and Oxfords, of
Rater. t colt, gun metal, and vici kid leathers.
. igh and low heels.
, Sizes 2x2 to 7 in the lot. Remnant price,
Si. 95 pair.
Here's Extraordinary Money-Saving News of
Fine Untrimmed Hats
Two Big Lots at Half Price and Less
Lot One
Worth up
to $2.00.
Sale price. .,
Lot Two
Worth op
to $2.60:
Sale price, i.
Friday will be a day of wonderful value-giving
in our millinery department, for the sale we 'have
arranged for tomorrow offers the season's biggest,
and best advantages in untrimmed hats. Bargain
tables in the millinery department will .contain hun
dreds of high-class Untrimmed Hats,' divided into
two lots, priced at half and less than half retail value.
Largo i and small hats of mllan hemp, Lizcro hats
and body hats in black, navy bluo. purple, old rose, and
burnt. All the accepted modes of the season, includiryrM
the fashionable bailors in all sizes, and other popular
Hats Trimmed Free in Our Free Service Trimming Department.
Lot of Winn and Fnncr Feathers, In black, white, 1 Lot of Flowers, Hoses, and other trimmings. In all
and color: some a trifle soiled or mussed. AQg colors. Values worth up to 50c to he closed out in.
iuv tomorrow at, ouncn auk
"Values up to $1.00 at
A Clothing Snap for Just 85 Men in
This Friday Sale of
Men's and Young Men's
$12.50 to $15.00 Suits
at $9.25 ,
They are one and two of a kind
suits left from our best selling lines and
we've marked them way below regular
cost for quick clearance tomorrow.
Will you be one of the lucky 85 to
share this bargain?
Suits of all-wool materials, in Fancy
Mixtures, Checks, Stripes, Neat Grays,
Browns and All-wool Serges. Every
garment well tailored, and lined with
mohair alpaca.
Sizes in the lot from 15 to 20 and
34 to 43.
Men' Separate Trousers, Rood as
sortment of patents; one and two
of a kind; rises 30 to 40 Inches
waist measure. Values (gl OF
worth $2.60 and $3.00 pair WlOt)
10 Men's Slip-on Italncoats, of
double texture cloth. In olive shade;
finished with loop sleeves;
sizes 34 to 42. Regular flQ OK
36.50 value H)0,tO
28 Men's nnd Yonnar-fen'a Suits,
.all hand tailored; new spring mod-
"els and colorings, fllsea 33 to 42.
Values worth from 318.50 (MO AK
to 325.00 H&HtD
15 Men'. Tuxedo Suits, of iblack
vicuna finish' cloth; gross grain
pllk fared; odd slsesvfrom 37 to 44,
including stouts. values worm
from 3 18. B0 -to
1325.00 .'
39c and 50c Imported
Colored Wash Goods
Our entire stock of remnants of imported wash fabrics in
cluded in this big Friday clean-up all at one low price that
provides the greatest savings on record.
They consist of tne following:
36-ln. Silk and Cottoa Crepe de Chine, .. .36-lri. Silk and Cotton Boa-
nr Hlllc. ...30-ln. Hllk and Cotton Ppncee . . . , 40-la. Imported Cotton
Corduroy. .. ,47-lu. French Itntlne. . , .40ln. Flesh' Color Lingerie Ba-tlste....-40-ln.
ftngllsh Jacquard Crepe Suiting. .,, ,40-ln. Embroidered
Voile.... 47-ln. Bordered Crystal Voile. .. ,27-ln. Silk and Cotton Hasakl
Silk,... Yarn Mercerised Poplins.... Etc.
In black and all wanted street ahd evening shades, .Useful lengths
for dresses, skirts, coats, and waists. -
Reihnantsof l5c,19c &
25c White Goods t. '. .
An accumulation of hu ndreds of yards of choice,
new, wanted white fabrics for spring, and summer
waists, dresses, and suits, including Double Twill
Gabardine, Two-ply Plain Voilo, French Crone Voile,
Domestic Longclotn, English Nainsook, Marquis
etto, Gabardine Stripe Voilo, Roving Stripe Voilo,
Shadow Stripe Voile, and other high class white
nemnnnta of staple White Goods, 36 and 40 Inches wide. Innliirtlnir
l m .. . - th . s .i.. Tji- t. - .- j. :: L"L""
sucn lavorues as; rrcnesi urKuuuic, inuia juinon, 1'iain voile. Mar
quisette, etc, uooa useiui lengms. vaiues worm sc, iuc, and 1240
a yard, at ,
36 and 40
In. Wide
China and Japanese Mattings
Regular 30c, 35c and Ia
40c Values, at 1 VC '
Extra heavy weight Seamless China and 180-warn Jananese Mat
tings, in remnants from 5 to SO yards; also a few odd rolls contain
ing full 40 yards. Included are handsome carpet designs, checks, and
stripes, in green, red and bluo.
ourin Floor.
End-of-the-Month Reduction Sale of
Women's Spring Suits
Odds and Ends, Samples and Regular Stock'Left
From Easter Selling
Values up to $25, at
The best suit opportunity presented to;
Washington women this season. A month-'
end clean up of one, two and three-of-a-kind
models remaining from our most
popular lines of spring suits. All sizes in
the lot, but not aH sizes of every style
and material.
Gabardines, Poplins,
Checks, Mixtures and
Materials are
Serges, Shepherd
Novelty Suitings.
Styles include Snorts. Flare, Belted,
and Tailored Suits, in all the leading col
ors and combinations. Choice of values
worth up to $25.00 at TEN DOLLAR9.
Rare Bargains Await Value-Wke Women in Tomorrow's
Sale of Silk Remnants
Choice of Qualities Worth CQ
Up to $1.25 a-iYara at . . . Ol7
In view of the advancing costs of all silks, this Friday sale
is indeed remarkable, and shrewd silk buyers will be prompt to
take advantage of the savings, '
The collection Includes fine quality silks. In the follofelnir weaves:
30-ln. Colored Satin Messallnes. .. .30-ln. Colored Silk Poplins, .. .30-
la. Colored Faille Popllna.'. ..30-la. Black Silk Popllaa. ...40-ln. White
Crepe Georgette. . ..Etc.
Qualities worth up to 31.26. a yard at 89c tomorrow.
ncmnants of finest quality silks. Including- 40-ln. Colored Crepe de
Chine, 38-ln. Colored Chiffon Taffeta, SB-In. Stripe Chiffon Taffeta. 36
ln. Check Chiffon Taffeta. 8Sf In. Black Chiffon .Taffeta, and 3t-ln. fJQn
Black Feau de Cygne. Worth up to 31.60 a yard, at, f C
Remnants of Dress Goods
Worth 50c, 75c and $1 Yd. . 'i Q
38 to 50 inches wide, yd. at. . . . O v
A Friday dispersal of all the remnants from our regular
stock of dress .goods, including qualities sold regularly up to
$1.00 a yrd. The assortment comprises:
Check Suitings.. 1. Storm Serge. .. .Mohair Brllllantloe. .. . Diagonals
....Delge Sultlags.... Crepe Mistral... ..Novelty Serge.... Shadow Stripe
The most wanted fabrics for springs and' Rummer suits, skirts, and
dresses. Sale price, 33c yard.
With Every
May Manton Pattern
-Contains .28 pages of beautiful
Illustrations, with fashion newa
of interest to every woman. Get
your copy tomorrow free with'
every May Manton Pattern at
Cook's0 Linoleums v
Regular 65c and 75c OQp
Values, at sq. yd. . .
Genuine Cook's Cork-tilled lino
leum, 8-quarter width. In lengths
from 2 to 15 square yards. Plenty of
tho same design, so that enough may
lie had to cover a large site room,
office, hall or vestibule. llght and
dark colors, In tile and parquette
flooring designs.
Fourth Floor.
LaceCurtain Samples
29c, 50c, and 75c -l Q
Lot of salesmen's samples or
Bcotch Lace Curtalm 80 to M inches
wide. In white, Ivory, ecru and
nrablan shades; each piece contains
from 1 to Wi yards, which makes
them desirable for basement, bath.'
hall ond kitchen windows. They may
nluo be utilized for vestibules, tran-'
poms, scarfs and many other pur
poses. '
rirst Floor Uargaln Tables.
Women's Wearables
Women's Dlack ft ml White Petti
coats In assorted, striped ,effects;
made of Imitation jhcatfie'rUIoom;
with flounces, and narrow nifties;
elastic waist bands .Regular AQn
69c values 'il'l
Lot of Corsets, Including R & O,
P. N., and Thompson's Glove Fit
ting, ntedlum'and long' models; of
batiste, heavily boned and finished
wlUi .ubso nuppor'ters; mostly all
sizes. Regular 31.00 AQ
values U7C
Women' Combination Garments.
of nalnSoolc, corset cover 'trimmed'
with val laqe J and ' embroidery,
drawers trimmed wltK laces; A An
medium sUesv fil
Women's Mnlnsoek' 'NlghtgotrmiJ'
square and rdund yp'kes, of beau
tiful laces and embroideries com
bined with ribbon. Regu- KO
' larly 7&o"each ...r..,.i,. tiuC
Tpffetn SlikVettlcents, In protty
changeable effects and plain col
ors, for street and evening wear.
Neat tucked flounco and under
lay; clastic walit (J- QQ
'bands!..... f.,'..t.n., ..-.! tOA.lO
Nnlnsiink Corset CoVcrii, trimmed
with. iimbroIdoryjeilRlngs, also all
over embroidery; sliphtly mussod
from handling; Regularly in.
26c each , . XV K
Women's Mnslln lirnwers, with
tucked flounces, seme with em
broidery ruffles; fitted waist
bands; odd lots and rlzcs. f 1QA
Regularly 25c pair..; Atw
Girls' Dresses,, and
Babies' Apparel
Girls' Gingham Dresses, checlts
and. plain colors also of light col
ored percales; niudo with loose
belts and neatly trimmed collum;
full platted skirts; tlzos' 6 to II
years. Regular 69o KA
values .-'. OUC
, Wlillr I'lqio lints, for the little
tota' also -of white dotted swlss;
neutly trimmed; good aeiort- Cfl
ment of t-tyles uyv
Infants' J'lque Cnirlr.gr llnbes,
'full size: neat scalloped KQ
edges with turnover lap.s... Ju
Odd Lots of Furniture
At Greatly Reduced Prices
14 Odd Bed Room Chairs and
Rockers, mahogany, golden oak,
and walnut. Values (PO QQ
worth up to 33.60 iDiuO
2 Circassian Walnut Chiffon
iers, plate mirror; solid construc
tor 'Regular Qf Q flfl
price, 335.00 JDla.UU
8-Hair Mattreses, I ft. 8 lze;
'covered with fanoy striped tick
ing. Regular 31.60 ,C. QQ
30 Feather Pillows, covered
with A. C. A. ticking; one or two
of a kind. Sold up to QQ
08c each Oui,
One Fumed i Oak Sectional
Book Case, four com- fl- -I QQ
plete sections D1JU70
Six White Enamel Beds, 4 ft
6s4ze; two-Inch posts. PO QQ
Worth 4.60 D6.aO
2 Odd Quartered Oak Buffets;
E4 inch tops: colonial design.
Regular 349.50 COQ Afi
values tDit.UU
Bargains in Boys' Clothing
Iloyi' All-wool Yoke Norfolk
SnltM, of navy blue serge; with
full lined and taped Knickerbocker
pants; sizes 5, 6. 7, 8, 11, nnd 16
X.!!!!"w $3.69
nays' Two-pnnts Knickerbocker
Suits, yoke Norfolk models. In Bal
kan and- English patch pocket
styles; In 'brown Kray, blue, and
two. tone mixed colorings. Hlzei B
to,17,yeara. Values worth flJQ QQ
14.00, 34.50, and 35.00 DOOV
Jayenlle Salts, In vestce," Tommy
Tucker, and Dutch Daddy styles, of
shepherd, checks, casslmere and
cheviot, brown and gray mixture
also navy .bluer serge: sizes 2VS to
8 years. Values worth up (PO rTQ
to. $1.00....;..... ;. Q6tV
4 ... i
Boys' Knickerbocker Pants, of
cassunerc and chovlot: neat dark
patterns. In brown and gray mlx-
turns; sizes 0 to IS years. Values
worth C0 and 69c 'i:
noya' Knickerbocker Salts, yoke,
Norfolk style", light and dark
mixed fabrics, in neat, serviceable'
patterns; sizes 6 to IS (PI QQ
year. Regular $3 values. ...tDJ-.QI
Iloya' nnd ftilldren's Hats, ot
straw and washable materials; in
various btylcs and rhnpos; 'white
and colors; suitable for boys front
2H to JO years of age. Reg- Ol7g
Ular 60c nnd 69a values Of C
noys' -Oc ICngllsh Band Oolf
Caps, assorted patterns; u'nllned
nnd taped seams; sizes fur boyo
from 6 to 17 T7rt
years -, ....,..,..,,.. XI C
$5.95 Summer Art Rugs, $3.45
21 Largest Room Size 9x12 ft. Summer Xrt Rugs, made in one
piece (no seams), in small figures ,and medallion designs, , In 'greens,
reds, blues, and tans. "
fourth Floor, .
' I

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