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I" ? V ,
iSiaZ 4 rtfis School at
Winthrop, Md,, Now
Open to All Citizens
Vbiing Men Seeking to Learn How to Shoot Also Can
"' "Obtain Three Weeks' Vacation on Range
;- At Thirty Cents a Day. .
ThrsVweek' vacation under the most
sanitary condition!, vrlth nahlntr, swim
tnlng and canoeing thrown In, la the
latest offer of the Wlnthrop RlHe Ilange
officials to, tho young men of Wash
ington, ,,Capt- W. .C. Harlee, In command of
the shooting grounds on the Maryland
aide of tha Potomac, today announced
the determination of the range officials
to- throw open their school of small arms
to all young men regardless of their
fine club affiliations.
. Already a .great many applications
nave been received for the course,
among them several from a party of
Princeton students., and the Idek has
been ao enthusiastically received In
t Washington and elsewhere that promi
nent and 'Wealthy men, Interested In
.cltlsen preparedness,' have arranged to
itflv 'house partlea" this summer In
'connection with the amall-arms-coach
worje. , r I
' f Originally For Navy Men. '
Ever since the establishment of the
Wlnthrop range, which haa been thrown
openi to the members of civilian rifle
clubs, the small aftns coach school has
been conducted for the benefit of the
United States Navy.
..Thirty-two enlisted men and three ofr
fleers from every battleship In tho fleet
have Jbeen Instructed there, and many
have 'qualified as experts In the hand
ling of rifle, pistol and machine gun.
The general courses which the mem
bers of the local rifle clubs are talcing,
although giving those qualifying the
rnnlc of expert riflemen, do not instruct
In smalt arm coaching.
, 'Therefore, , Captain Harlee hit upon
theplttn of building up a corps of such
Instructors, and at the same time offer
ing a most profitable vacation at prac-
- ticnnr nominal expense.
Clean-Up Week Campaign Continues
Enthusiastically Despite Bad Weather
Mrs. George Dewey, Mrs. Hugh
L Scott, and Mrs. George
'Barnott, Honorary Officers.
With tho final work of conitmctlon
nearlng completion announcement of
thu personnel of tho start In chargo of
the National Bfrvlie Schr.ol for Women
waa mado todiy.
In tho list of staff officers are many
women prominent In social and In
army and navy circles.
The camp will open next Monday Just
i across the District Hue In Chevy Chaso
the three-Inch field pieces. Considerable
mention also will be devoted to In
structing the cltlien-soldters In the
mechanism of all small arms. This will
be accomplished by applying the "Jig-1
knn nllxxlA" nrtnrlnitl in th. npnblffmfl. I
. . . .-. . f. .... J....I...1 .1 ....f .L. ..
j' or instance a machine gun win do"i uuruiK mj tuuro itohm ui -uajr
TJlpse who apply for the course will be
Riven eacn aay one-nair aaya woric ai
Ihn .butts, where they will be In-
"strucfed In marksmanship.
and tha re
mainder 6f the time on the range Itself, i
Tnero they win te taugnt to marie tar'
gets, operato them, and use tbo held
telephones by which the scores are an
nounced. In addition to this they will be In
structed in the use of machine guns and
reduced to its component parts, and the
tiny bits of mechanism placed in &
sheet, and shaken so as to mix them
thoroughly. The student will then un
do lake the task of reassembling the
parts. Similar problems will be worked
out with rifles, pistols, and field pieces.
"The only expense which the course
entails," said Capt, W. C. Harlee to
day, "will be tho 30 cents a day ex
pended upon subsistence.
"The range can accommodate almost
an untlmlted number of students for
this course. Each man will be fur
nished free of charge, .with tentage, a
cot, bed clothing, and an outfit of
overalls and jumpers for use on the
range. ,
Lieutenant t3hulcr Commands.
"The course la under the direction of
Lieut O. 1C Shuler, of the Marino
Corps, assisted by Gunnery Sergeant I.
A. Willis, and" details of petty officers
from the Atlantic fleet.
"It affords, we think, an opportunity,
for a course In small arms work which
cannot be duplicated, and which at the
same time' Is a splendid vacation for
the office-bound young man."
Particular attention haa been paid
to the sanitary conditions at Wlnthrop.
At the request of the National nifle
Association, the Secretary of the Navy
has assigned Dr.. A. W. Dunbar, who
has just completed a tour of duty as
chief surgeon of the Wyoming, the flag
ship of the Atlantic fleet, to the Wln
throp range..
In addition" to accompanying the rep
resentatives of the different rlflo clubs
to the range, and Instructing them In
hygiene and first aid, Dr. Dunbar has
oeen maae sanitary orricer, sanitary
chief of the camp.
Applications for enrollment In the
small arms course may be made to
Captain Harlee at the Vloletta apart
ments, or to the office of the National
rtlfle Association In the Woodward
building. i
. i
.Sharpshooters' Course Is To Be
At Winthrop on
SXiH' i
'Assignments For Next
Two Days At WJnfhrop
High School-Cadets with assignments
from: - '"
Military Borvlc -Legion, 8 men.
National press CIin. K men.
Postofllce Department. 80 men.
, Woodward Building. 2 men.
jk ' flAJfORDAY.
11AH club officials, and those who
have qualified as marksmen from
all the cljfbs. the tatter firing the
sharpshooters' course.
vj; - -
Preparations are being made at the
Wjnthrop Rifle Range for the .visit Sat
urday fit the officers of all local clubs,
'accompanied by such riflemen as have
quallflod on marksmen, and who will on
that day shoot the sharpshooters'
course.- ' ,
.$t?lih' School cadets and a number of
vrfhmen from various Government de
partments visited the range today, in-
grains; sixty-four men from the De
pietmerjt of Agriculture Clubs, four men
from 'the Department of Justice, twelve
Men from, the Navy Department, eight
men from th$A State Department, two
jjn'fen from Uie 'W.ashlngton Fencers and
elghtmen from tho Washlngton-Platts-burg
Association. "
i Tomorrow,. In addition to the High
School Cadets, who will finish tho'r sea
SQjt'ot tho outdoor targets there will
benight men from the Military Service
L,eglorv four men from the National
Press Club, eighty men from the Post--office
Department, and two men from
the Woodward Building.
t'A letter has been addressed by Major
Fred H. Phillips, of the National Rifle
Association, to the secretaries of all
the clubs, dealing with matters recent
ly considered by tho executive commit
tee of the District of Columbia Rifle
In oidor to carry on the work of the
association, the secretaries are advised
that at the last meeting of the execu
tive committee a tax of 10 cents per
member In excess of fifty members haa
been levied on every club. All clubs
are, therefore, requested to report Im
mediately upon their memberships,
i An effort Is also being made to obtain
f the assignment of a faster steamer on
the run between Washington and Win-
throp, which now consumes nearly two
Ueglnnfng Saturday, a special assign
ment of sixteen targets with a capacity
t of ninety-six "llrers. ' has been made
for the benefit of those who wish to
Shoot "the sharpshooters' course. NO
special assignments have been made
tor this courso, except 'that providing
targets, however, It being understood
that those -who have qualified ns marks
men are expected at the range on Sat
urday afternoons.
"The Optic" Makes
First Appearance
The Initial Issuo of "The Optic." a
new puffrafflst organ, published by the
Congressional Union for Woman Buff
rtEB. Is being distributed bv young
Women of the organization among mem
Tiers of Congress and others today. The
new suffragist journal, which Is to be
published weekly. It Is announced. Is
a digest of press commento throughout
the country on the efforts of the Con
gressional Union to bring about the
passage of a Federal suffrage amend-
i Thin n.ivMt nrirnn nf fhn union I 1a.
Signed particularly for circulation
among congressmen. It being thn aim of
the publishers to present to them In
condensed form the expressions of the
press throughout the country regarding
their tight for the ballot.
Geodetic Survey, Hundred Years
' Old, Among Most Useful of
''Government .Bureaus. .
One 6f the least appreciated branches
of the Government service, and one of
the branches least known about, Is tha
Coast and Geodetic Survey. Yet it haa
been organized for a hundred years,
and the duties It performs are of the
utmost value to shipping.
To all nations whose territories touch
the sea or who have any commerce on
the seaa. a full and complete knowl
edge of the coast. Its nature and form,
tha character of the aea bottom near It,
the location of reefs, shoals, and other
dangers to navigation, the rise and fall
of the tides, the direction and strength
of the currents, and the character and
amount of magnetic disturbance Is of
tho greatest practical usefulness.
To supply this knowledge, the gov
ernments of the sclef maritime nations
nave In modern times made aurvoya of
their coasts by the most exact meth
ods. It waa for this purpose the United
States Coast Survey was organised, a
hundred years ago,
in 1871 the scope of the survey work
was enlarged to lncludo the determi
nation of geo3raphlc positions.) and
other data for the surveys of the In
terior States. In 1878 Its designation
was changed to the Coast and Geodetic
The word '.'geodetic," sava a recent
bulletin Issued by the Survey, refers
to the various operations and Investi
gations In which the curvature of the
earth's surface Is taken Into account.
Instead of treating the surface as a
plane aa Jn ordinary surveying.
hundreds of women will be Instructed
In first aid work, nursing, sclgnallnr.
and othr subjects which vlll fit them
for Intelligent service should tho United
8tates become Involved In War.
Thcro will be day classes for resi
dent students. In addition to the class
es for the women, coming from other
States who wilt live at the camp.
First Drill Given.
In preparation' for the coming n
campmeut, about fifty young women of
Washington wero given their first drill
this afternoon. The drill will be held
In thn bit; ballroom of tho Now Wll
lard Hotel
Tho enmp will bo under the direction
of MU iillxaboth Elllcott Poo. com
mandant, and Mrs. Vylla Poo Wilson.
adjutant general.
'ittere win also be a full complement
of battalion and company officers.
Personnel of Staff.
The personnel of the general staff as
announced today Includes;
Honorary commandants Mrs. George
Dewey, wlfo of tho Admiral of the '4
Navy; Mrs. Hugh L. Scott, wife of the
chief or staff, U. S. A., and Mrs. George
Harnett, wlte of tho commandant of
the marine corps.
inspectors mm. Mary Logan Tucker,
daughter or the lato (Jen. John A. Lo
gan, and Mrs. S. L. Wilson, of Sa
vannah, Ga.
Aides Mrs. James M". Thomson, of
New Orleans, daughter or Speaker
Clark; Mrs. V. G. Odenhetmer, or Balti
more, president general, United Daugh
ters of the Confederacy; Mrs. D. R.
Russell, of Washington, wife or Colonel
Russell; Miss Mary ttaxer, or Wild
wood, N. J., and Mrs, Henry D. Joy,
or Detroit.
Honorary aide Mrs. Gibson Fahne
stock, of Newport and Washington.
Satisfactory progress In the construc
tion of the camp and Its equipment was
reported to various committees of the
National Service School holding meet
ings today.
Woman Rookies Won't
Don Trousers in Camp
SAN FRANCISCO, April 27. Women
here who will go to the military en
campment on the Presidio army reser
vation June 1 will not wear trousers,
as tha member of the American Wom
en's League of Self Defense, of Now
York,' propose, according to Mrs. Fred
erick II. Colburn. who has the drills
In charge.
Instead, each officer and enlisted
women -will -wear a snug little khaki
Norfolk jacket With a sensible wide khaki
skirt fully six Inches from tha around
and elkskln shoes which will stand
washing. Topping It all will be a round
khaki hat something like sailors wear,
and the ribbons on It will rank. Each
woman will have two skirts. A plain
whlta shirt waist will complete the outfit.
Weather conditions have had no ef
loot In lessening the enthusiasm of the
thousands of workers who are co-operating
In the 1918 ''clean-up palnt-up"
Officials of the Master House Paint
ers and Decorators' Association, under
whose auspices the campaign Is being
conducted, regard the results accom
plished last weok as "just a starter,"
Whllo thousands of loads of trash and
refuse have been removed, there aro
other thousands yet untouched, and It
Is to these the committee will direct Its
efforts during the next three weeks.
Liberal applications of paint havo Im
proved the appearance or scores of
buildings, but much remains to be Cone
in tho way of renovation.
Paint Stores Reap Harvest.
Kvcrywhere thcro Is a demand for
painters. Iteavy sales are reported by
the paint stores. Fences as well ns
buildings are appearing In spring attire.
With tho coming of war mweather It Is
expected tho demnnds on the painters
will be Increased,
The committee urges that In enririr
r buildings, grounds be not neglected
Nothing, they point out, ao mar the
snector. said today that n number Of
. V i ...-- a . - . .
sucn reports airoauy nuvo ocvn re
api'caronco of a handsome realilcni'e n
an unsightly lawn. In connection w th
caring for tho lawn, they advise also
cleaning the back yurd. , ,
Expenditure or a little money now In
the lmproeinent of sanitary conditions,
they say. may .result In satog 4 much
large" amount In doctors' bills later..
Rerorti. of nuisances addrossot, to th
Health Department will rocolvo prompt
C. R. Holman, chief sanitary In
Householder mav aid In the campaign
by a strict compliance lth.Jhe pollco
regulations, which require thcni to pro
vide proper receptacles for tho collec
tion or (.-arbage, luhea and mtscellano'
ous refuse.
Garbuge receptacles must be made of
metal, nnt trust bo watertight nnd pro
vided with a tlghtflltlng cover, with a
Handle. Afh receptacles aflio must fc
mado or metal, and must have a ca
pacity of not less than ten nor mora
than twenty-four gallons.
Miscellaneous retuse receptacles must
be or a suitable kind which can be
easily handled by one man. Paper or
other light refuse, liable to be blown
t'I'M"H'H MM I I I M"M III I Ml lilM I I MM 111 II II lil-H-I-
Spirited debate of the water power
lue is promised in Washington the
first week In May, being the conferenoe
called by the National Conservation
At tho last gathering or the conserva
tion congress men almost came to
blows. The reeling Is said to be strong
this eat, and spirited contests are
Participating In the sessions wilt be
members of both houses of Congress,
and prominent business men from all
parta cf the country. Glftord Plnchot.
conservation leader, Is reported to have
been preparing for the fray for months.
The rending water power legislation In
Congress Is expected to furnish ma
terial for discussion.
One question to be taken up will be
the relation of wator power to the
manufacture of nitrates for explosives
and fertilizers.
Tho delegates assemble at tho Wlllard
May 2 for a three days' right
For Sore, Tired, Swollen Feet, For Aching, Ten
deiyCalloused Feet or Painful Corns-Use "Tiz!"
Whole year's loot
comfort for only
25 cents
"I use Tiz when
my feet ache, bum
or puff up. It's finer
Beautiful Flowers
Are Always Chosen!
No matter what the event whether a wed
ding, a dance, or other social affair, or just a
remembrance for a friend, Glide's Flowers are
always chosen.
Their matchless beauty is the result of
years of constant care. Their longevity is due
to the fact that they're grown in our own green
houses and delivered just after cutting. ,
Let our experts arrange the floral decora
tions for that coming event we'll be glad to
give you estimates.
Telephones: Main 4277-4274279
i 714 12th Street N. W.
Gude Bros. Co.
Members Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association
1214 F Street N. W.
fl-M'H'M'M-1-H 1 VI IMl'M 1 M'H-H4M-M'H 1 III I II IW-H4
about, need -not be placed In receptacles,
provided It Is bundled, tied, sacked, or
(otherwiue iirroperiV, secured.
iteguiatlons provide that alt recept-
V...V . vi..i.f ....vwiv. .. v WW..V...W a
collection; days, between 7 a, m. and
fl p,
The campaign, 'Which heretorore has
been Confined to one weex,wlll be con'
tinned, for. three, weeksr and possibly
longer.' The Idea, aa explained by A. H.
Aleutian, chairman or,, the bampalgn
committee. Is. to give1 every resident oC
tho District the opportunity to co-operate
In the work of making Washing
ton mora beautiful and more sanitary
The New Age.
The world 1 going to the yelpers;
canons have given place to cannons; tno w
mllt-r to niter, and saint Petor to salt'
pde.. Yale Record.
4-1 H H 1 1 I M 1H t II I.I II 1.M 11 1I1M 1 I Hill 1 MI 1 11 111111' Vi
Make House Cleaning a Joy! f
The Liberty
(Electric Vacuom)
' 1 l(
It's really a pleasure to
"clean up,rwith this won
derful device. It has
emancipated hundreds of
Washington hbusewives
from back-b V e a k i n g
Less than one cent per
hour is the cost for current
consumed in its operation.
We were awarded con
tract by the U. S. Govt,
for this cleaner in com
petitive tests. It is now
being used in all postofticc
Telepkse Mais 7320
h-m i m 1 1 m m m m m 1 1 1 h-m-i-h-h-i-h-m m-h-hm-m-!
Reduce .
Time and
Labor in
The Laundry
A plentiful supply of steaming hot waW U th
greatest sad in reducing tho labor in tha laundry; in tha
kitcbaa sad or sal bousewosk. Its many convecuenoea
in bot weather in the bathroom and tha nursery wttlbs
appreciated by your whole family.
Tha Quickest, cheapest and assist way ts secure
plenty of hot water is with a, t
-v "Vulcan" Gag Water Heater
No extra trouble; labor or heat in your kitchen. Al
ways ready and reliable day or night.
A "Vulcan" Gas Water Heater In your home
means an actual saving of tirne, labor and money.
We will install one for you oa such easy ersas that
you can readily afford It.
Write or 'phono C
OBlOt atxtTelC.82M. ' i
h m m in i in i mm urn him mi i i m m i m i m m m m m i i-rmm i m im.wm i m m mi mm h
Uood-bye, sore reet, burning feet,
swollen Teet, tender reet, tired reet.
Uood-bye, corns, callouses, bunions,
and raw spots. No more shoe tightness,
no more limping with pain or drawing
up your race In agony. "Tis" Is' magi
cal; acts right oft. Tli" draws out
alt the poisonous sxudatlons which puff
up the reet. Use "Tla" and wesr small
er shoes. Use 'TU" and rorget your
root misery. Ah I how conUortable your
reet feel.
Get a a-cent box or "Tlx" now at
any druggist or department store.
Don't suffer. Have good reel, glad reet.
Jest that never swell, never hurt, never
et tired. Eewsre ot ImluUoa-Advt.
Insure Your Clothing Against Moths
The Cheapest Kind of Insurance Is
Directions Beat and brush
out and off all moths and moth
eggs from the garments before
packing away. Then hang them
on the hooks inside, or otherwise
pack them within. Next turn down
the flap at the top and slide on the
tube bag-closer. .Last, hang or lay
the bag away.
Caution Be sure to wrap all
light-colored, delicate furs, such as
Ermine, also light, delicate-colored
garments, in stout paper before
putting in the bag.
Garments put into these bags
and sealed moths won't touch
dust cannot get in. Sizes for all
30x37, Business Suit 50c
30x50, Overcoat . . . .60c
30x60, Ulster .75c
30x64, Auto Coat 90c
22x30, Muff Box 40c
30x22, Ladies' Sack 40c
Tarine Sheets
Line boxes, wardrobes or
trunks with Tarine Sheets, and the
moths will keep away.
40x48 in., 5 cents a sheet; 5oc
roll of one dozen sheets.
R. P.
727-29-31 13th St. N. W.
4 .
i-in i in hi mn ih.h.H'1 minimi i h i i i-mm-mmii i i iiium-m-h wi in-m-M-Hin-n-M-H-M 1 1 1 ; i-hm-m-h-I
i II
r H
I 1

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