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Written by Hereward Carringtdn.
Dramatized by Charles W. Goddard,
Copyright, 1916, by the Star Company.
All Forslgn Rights Rsssrvsd.
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" llieMysiertesMyra
-B-m aiui-a- -at- -- aa-s-BB-am sjj)-aa--B-B v p-p-t-ss-a-- "--" -- --' -m vnp- tHHto flh 2LaW r HH
Hf r -a-ass-M saw --- "JlLw"
y m m v - a. - mm w ... w
(Synopsis of Preceding Chapters.)
Dr. Fayson Alden. a physician, who hat
spent years In (turfy or tha occult, ilia,
coven the. plot or a croup of lllack Ma
Iclana una Devil Worshippers to cause
the suicide or Myra Maynard no that her
Inheritance ,may rail to them. , Ha en
riekvors to warn her mother or the dan
ger, but l rebuffed, While Arthur Var
ney. 'Wealthy clubman, who lovea her
and pnya persistent-suit, ta tnklnjc tea
with the girl and her mother, a mrsterl-
ou coai anoveuer supe into tne nouse.
hurrlta up (he steps and riauba the knob
of the door leading to Myra'a room with
a black substance, which later uhowa
that In her somnambulism ahe walka to
a aecret 'panel or the library, Thnvuh
thla ahe entera a hidden chamber or the
manalan. Im thla room, under the hyp
notlo Influence of' the Dlack Order, Myra
Maynard automatically promlsfa to obey
mandates or the'unaeen mentor.
The nekt evening, while, the residence la
guarded by, a drowsy private detective,
the tlrl repeat her sleep-walking. It I
the eve of her twentieth birthday the an
niversary of the aulclde or tier two Ma
ters. Again aha entera the hidden cham
ber and la about to plunge a dagger Into
her heart when Dr. Payaon Alden. who
hi been 'emucgled Into the realdence
wrapped In the folda or a rug. reachea her
In time to nave her from death. Fhe
'wakenadaaed and frightened, to realise
, that ahe Is the victim or unaeen rorcea of
evil. Dr. Alden attempta to warn her
ef the evil, but her mother'e hysterical rear
or all things psychic, hinders hla efforts
at assistance.
" The Chamber of Horrors,
IT all seemed 'so pleasant, so com
fortably normal, when Dr. Payaon
, Alden nald an carlv afternoon call
at the Maynard home.
Ha could hardlv believe that nnlv a.
few short houra before thn beautiful
heiress drifted helplessly between life
and the hlaok bevond. In the mvaterloua
current of unseen evil. Yet there waa
tha window through which ho had made
hla forcible entrv for the. fortunate rec
onnolterlns expedition.
Ke felt triumphant. In a aense.
. But a foreboding chill, a vngiie fear
for another than hlmaelf forced Itself
upon him. aa he walked thoughtfully un
the lontr drive, through the grounds of.
tha estate.
"If ahe would only set awav from
this place she might escape the clutches
of these assassins," he thought. "I
muat auecest It to her mother without
JWhte,nlna; jlther of them too .,.u!?
Then I will fight It out alone, until the
battle la won. That la the best plan,
lifter all."
But the beat laid plana have the worat
manners tn the world: In thla rare thev
followed their usual obstinate habit and
nroceeded to go wrong.
Mvra greeted him with luat enough
suggestion of Intimate Interest' to aend
a thrill through hla onrc Imperrloua
heart. The scientific coldness of the
nhvslclan was not ntoof Hc.ilnut the
mellow slow of those surprising blue
"Oh Dr. Aldpn! It seems ace since
I saw vou last." she becau. as ahe led
him Into the drawing room. "Mother
has been so nervous this morning that
aha could not bear to tell me nil about
Myra. smiled and dimpled, as she con
tinued eaeerlv:
"And ooor Willis, the butler, has been
. spluttering pompously, and with what
looks to me more like stage flight than
anything elao. When I ak him ques
tions hn turns turkev red and stam
mers. Five times todav. doctor. I have
found him rpklnc under chairs nnd.dav
orports. beds, and chltTonlers with a
broom handle. Here Is tho way he looks
at Iho nOokB and crnnnlea!"
And Myra lauchlngly rolled ner eyes,
Tiufflni: out her checks and then atartng
in n droll way, ns she used the doctor's
walking stick, to Imitate the suspicious
"Well, he Is not to be blamed, Miss
Maynard." responded Alden, rather serl'
cutOy. "If he had been as cautious
about investigating your cellar and the
panels on the walls he might have saved
you from all this."
Ho paused In thought foV an Instant.
"Why, what do you mcaxsr Baved
, me from what?"
"From death! And aomsthlng be
sides that, something more Intangible.
I must tell you what happened to you.
Miss Maynard, for this Is not the end
of the affair."
Myra regarded him with an incredu
lous look on her girlish face, but the ln
tepFP sincerity of his manner Vnade her
l-ealize after a few worda that here was
no Jesting matter. Tho physician ex
plained the happenings, so far as he
wh.i able, of the two dramatic nights
before, lie told of his clandestine visit
to her room, where he placed the black
gtaln upon the door knob, so that when
she repeated her sleep-walking she
ml,ln leave the traces along whatever
banisters and walls she touched.
Ho told of his later discovery, while
h was playing the piano for her
r.iothcr and Arthur Vnrney, of the ringer
Irints upon tho panclnnd tho discovery
of the secret panel.
Myra'a eyes dilated with horror, as
AMrn described her descent Into the
clumber of horrors below.
When he narrated his own third "bur
glarious" entry, rolled in tho rug, hy
which he surprised the drowsy, watch
irnn and followed her barely in time to
save her from suicide In tho black cham
ber; the girl trembled and covered her
cyra with her delicate lingers.
"Ofi. I can remember some of it now!"
she exclaimed, faintly. "The candle, the
knife which dropped from my hand,
and your face In that dim light. Then
II nil went black, until mother bent
over mo."
She spiang to hed feet and approached
hint with an appealing gesturo of the
euhile hands.
'Doctor; doctor, what doc It mean?
"What havo 1 done Mi at is wrong to
brjim all this worry to poor dear
molher? I do not mind for myself, but
she Is so thoughtful, so. generous and
ofter the death of father, and then or
my two sisters, she has had such a
burdeb of sorrow to bear In her heart.
I can hardly believe, that such a grue
some thing could happen where Is the
Alden went to tho library, as she fol
lowed eagerly.
"There ho Bald. "And hero is the se
cret spring which opens It."
Ho, rubbed around with his fingers for
n moment, and suddenly the door slid
noiselessly back, leaving a threatening
xndw of darkness which caused her to
clutch his arm timidly.
What a surprising glow of strength
that Hunting touch diffused through the
physlclnn's veins! Ho was continually
surprising himself, and yet his calm
face did not betray hla feelings.
"Come, we will go down, and I will
enow It to you. just as I saw It. I have
my pocket light, which Is better than
a candln.'K
He drew a small storage battery lamp
from his coat, and directed Its concen
trated toys on the base-board of tho
"Ah. fee this!" he stooped down, and
kneeling, examined the groove "with In
terest. "What la It?"
"Oil! NMcc, smelly, machine nil! And
Jt )s fresh. The occult may deal with'
spirits, but It doei not overlook such
matter of fact materialistic things as
squeaky panels. Some malevolent snlrlt
has been here, within the last few days
to grease up thla little runway, so that
I4, covld bf opened without a sound. It
might be well to set a trap for that
same antral force."
"Astr'al? Materialistic? Malevolent?"
the alrl looked at him with a look of
comical bewilderment, as her smooth
brow-wrinkled over the strange words.
"1 don't know wliat you are talking
about. Bplrltuallsm-and such silly rub
bh" "Not es silly as some people would
like to think," was tho surprising re
sponse. "I will explain them all to yoti'
In ootd time', But, come follow me."
Somehow or other, Myra experienced
an almost childish trustfulness In this
broac-shouldered, assured stranger for
ahe, had hardly exchanged a score of
words with him since their first odd
Introduction. Sho went down the steep
ateps, us ho Indicated the path before
"There, do you sec the altar?" cried
Alden. "You knelt before that, and
there Is tho scroll. I must take that
-w'th mn to study the fabric and take
a photograph of the handwriting. It Is
a tell-tale clue which may some day
tell more than Its writer ever expected,"
.Myra was transfixed with a growing
4mrror. a she gased about the black
draped chamber.
"And then what did I do?"
Payson Alden did not answer. He
quietly raised the dagger from the floor
whero It had fallen, swayed back and
forth before.the Infernal altar, and mo
tioned aa though to plunge It Into his
own breast, simulating Myra's ges
tures of the night befora
With a scream, sho -spralng toward
him and caught his arm.
"There, you're Imitating what I did."
and h rhnrbl,! crrlmlv. 'TOn IIHI
lady, hurry up those terrible steps
again, ana see tnat you. never come
'down here. You must get away from
this house, with your mother. Bleep
walking runs tn your family, and we
mustn't let this thing happen again." .'
. The girl was silent as she obeyed hi
Instructions, given In that smqoth tone
of professional command which becomes
second naturo to the practicing phy
sician. Arthur Varney had compelled her In
terest by his Intense personality In an
entirely different manner from that of
this mild-mannered but direct man of
mystery. It seemed as though ch had
been used to ib advice and directions
for centuries. Sho Hushed ' at the
curious realisation of It.
"You must leave this house liafore you
succumb to the fate which overtook
your two sisters!" were the next strut
ting words, as she reached tne free air
of the library once more.
Myra gasped.
"Do you mean to say that my sis
ters killed themselves? And
that way?" sho cried, as the color left
her cheeks.
Alden bowed gravely.
"Yes. Many people know It. But your
mother was wise to keep you ignorant
of the fact until now. It Is time to
know the truth. Miss Maynard, for you
havq much to face.''
Myra stood facing him. her-face drawn
In anguish at thla unexpected knowl
edge of the tragedy which had sur
rounded her In the home of her .girl
hood. She felt a hundred conflicting
emotions then yielded to the most
natural one. She turned and ran pre
cipitously toward the telephone on the
library table.
"What are 'you going to do?" cried
the doctor. .. .
"I'm going to telephone the police. We
muat learn who was responsible!"
Ho caught the Instrument and forced
the receiver down on the hook, cutting
off the opon connection. . r
xne ponce nro ine inai on iu mo
world to intrust with such a secret.
They would. bungle It hopelessly, and
perhaps pave the way for another suo
ceasrul murder." .
"Murder?" and Myra whispered the
dread syllables. . .
"Tea. foul murder of the most villain
ous plotting. Murder unseen, unheard
by even the victims."
. "How have you learned all this?"
.Myra demanded. "You never met my
mother or myself unill two mornings
ngo. Yet you seem to understand moro
about our family than either of us.
Who told you?"
Alden shook his head quietly, as ho
drew away from the teltphone Instru
ment. "No one told me hy word of mouth.
But have you not hea.-d nf the curious
way in which one snip at soa, or some
amateur on shore, with" a wireless in
strument, picks up fragments of men
sages passing through the ether be
tween two other communicants, whom
he neither knows nor sees?" The girl
nodded, "Well, Miss Maynard, that
may give you an Idea of a little bit of
what I have done. There have been
a hundred and one Indications, to my
Investigations, of this crime. I have
studied you and the cise much longer
than you realize. And that 'is why 1
have come Into your life to help you,"
She looked Into his eyes with that
glorious trust which had thrilled htm
"I believe you. Dr. Alden." she an
swered, simply. "And I know you can
solve the problem; I know It!"
"Ho do I." he declared, "but only
with .your fighting help. We must work
together, you and I. If you huve the
nerve to risk your fortuno. your sanity,
and even your life In tho pursuit. 1
feel that we can catch the murderer."
bhe caught his hand, and all tne de
termination of her budding womanhood,
all, the bravery and flro of youth, were
In that clasp.
"I vow that I will sacrlllce anything,
everything, to learn the secret and bring
the criminal to Justice." she cried.
"Be sure that you darn to " he cau
tioned. "It Is more serTous than ynu
know, moro horrible and moro power
ful. I have studied It for yea. and
1 am only on the verge ot dtri Mr
knowledge of It. I have glvun up my
career for this work, to be a psychic
detective, for the betterment of my fellow-men,
and for the, perflation of
White Magic, In overpowering .the Black
Horcery of this unseen criminal!"
As he spoke, Mrs. Maynard had en
tered the library.
"Why, Myra," she expostulated.
"What aro you talking about?" She
folt a vaguo mistrust ot the physician,
despite the gratitude for his rescue of
Myra. The girl began to explain, and
her mother became Indignant:
"Occult! Occult! Psychic! Magic!",
i no worm necame almost a wan, aa
ahe nervously wrung her hands, "I
hoard those words for years until
they ruined my whole life. Myra, you
must not talk about such things. We
must leave this accursed house at
once and never return."
Alden had barely heard her. He was
engrossed tn his own campaigning:
but suddenly his plan had changed. Ho
turned upon ner quicuiy.
"No, Mrs. Mavnard, you muat not
leave. At flrnt I thought It wise, but
now I realize that this house, reeking
as It does of the magnetism of this
unknown power, Is an absolute 're
ceiving station' of the forces which
we must fight. We must trap tlrem
hy tapping their wires, and by using
their own weapons agnlnat them."
"Itubblsh!" stormed Mrs. Mavnard,
as sne leit ine room, nut Myra did not
echo the thought.
The Surprising Mr. Varney,
At about this time another character
of .the strange developments was amus
ing himself1 In an odd way. geared in a
big lounge chair In his handsome bach
elor apartment, Arthur Varney pored
feryerlshly over the supply of morning
newspapers which had been brought to
him by his valet.
"Queer!" he muttered, as he nervously
bit his fingernails until the blood came.
"Not. a line! I've read them all over
twenty-times, from the first 'coluata-to
the smallest advertisement, Not a
He roso, pushing the sheets angrily to
the floor. Ho wont to tho telephone,
resting on a small mission tablo at tho
side of the room.
Three times ho essayed to lift tho re
ceiver off the hodk nnd as many times
ho dropped It back nervously.
.The black, eyes-burned like evil coals:
hla voluptu6us moutlrwaa bluish gray,
no longer hucd with lis ctirtomary full
blooded scarlot. Heavy ptirf.i e.iggcd be.
ncaiu cuner eye, and across ills fore
head was somo faint lurid mark sugges-
tlve of a healed burn. Deep lines chls- I
cucu on enner siue or nis noso, and a
purple hollow In either flabby cheek
gave further evidence of a night of
wild debauch.
And yet a man seldom Ilea to himself,
When hr is all alone! Vnrnnv rnn nnrf
staggered toward tho blnck wood buf
fet, talked to himself, as thtouch to
force somo spirit Into his aching body, i
"I need n drink, that's It. 1 need soma'
whisky. Of course. I do. Not n .Iiink'
after all their, awful Iiouim No won-i
der I'm groggy on my lees" I
He roureri out an extravagant tuni-
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blerful. His mouth twisted ns2ho winced
over the lite of the lUuor on his
parched throat,
"I'm burning alive We'll I'll rUU It
He wulhed to the window, drawing his
dressing pown about him, and mined
the saph., to hlln't out ut tho tflorlniis
flood of sunshine. A Oll.i monster
might have rnst tho .0tne mrlevjlimt
elate ht .llu blue vuult of tlm rkv ita
It t merged from It4 holo In the .Iraert
send denes
Thla tlmo hn lifted tho receiver from
hn hook, nnd In n thick volco .allfl
for a mimbor. Boon hi- received tho
"Ah. can T rpcnk tn'Mvrj?" ho
fflgned a cnlm polltones tlo as in
alrango. contrast to his tri-nivlln? lin
gers Tlu;n hp henrd hei vole over the wlm,
rllhuuch I evl(crmont held him dumb
fc tn Instant.
"Yes, y.cs. AVht la It. please?"
"Mvrn. Mvrn-lt s Arthur, ood
nio'iilng. clear lrl,"
Thne wits a "noto of Irrllntlrn which
iurlst-d him ns the girl's voice oame
'Till. It's vou. Well, i didn't recog
nize vfnir qc- n first. Yo'i T'iat have
a cold." Pni heiliited, nnd tlon (it an
aflrrthn.icht n'llck'v nd''"d' "Arthur
iia''" t'v'idfu illcover list
plrh rin ove' ni mi n you cart
nd I'll ttll OH ahmit "
Aldn. t hl ictijr ri,',n.'
ln to convince Mrs. Maynard thn It
u absolutely essential to the tirl'a
protection that he be allowed to con
tinue his Investigation with hor as
sistance. Tho iriother had finally glvon
a griidzlng consent ylcld'ng. ns sho be
lieved, td Jhe lesser of two evils. Al
lien had not oavesdrbpped nt tho short
tclephono conversation; perhaps later
developments might have been different
had ho done so.
. Myra. after Vnrney's promise to call
Immediately, left the llbrarv nnd cni
teied the drawing room In time to htfar
her mother's admonition:
,"tr. Alden. I ddn't know why I have
y elded to you, I will absolutely forbid
nnv further experiments of this dread
ful nonsense after todiy. No good can
come of it. and a wofld of evil may
"But. Mrs. Mavnard, I bellove your
daughter has unusual phvchlc power
she has shown In several ways that sho
Is mcdlumlstlc. "I want you to be with
her when we trv It. and then Vour
mind will be nt, aac. It Is very
Tho alrl came to them, her radiant
eagerness again tinting the oval faco
wllh tho wonted -peach-blow.
MBl LBssssssssssVssssssssssssssssJssssssMsssssssssssjBnssssV
rBS HsillllllK:silllllllllllllVlI9sjyjssMasmSslRa
ssT i ssl I p S&Z a w a a a ssssssssssssssssss- i ST . i I I I I I i slssssssss- . J rvsssssssssssssssssssiatssskssl Bsss i t , I r ssssU-asm Bsvf i s i i .. I
Thl Girl tdre"w fwa-s: v&om. ftixnjr
"What Is It? I'm so anNlous to help
you. Doctor?"
"Just to try a little hypnotism, to
got you Into a leceptlve mood to com
plete the message which was Inter
rupted last night."
It took Alden manv mlntitc-s to con
vince Mvra'n mother that hypnotism
would not dcatrov her daushtnr's will,
power, nor weaken her mind. With
tho skill of n medical leetuicr ho ex
plained the process, and finally was
rcntlv for tho seance.
Myra's messare to Vntnov had
mused 'two surprising conflicts of
thought In that xetlcnuin'x mind, Ills
wokIh. bs ho hunt: up tho recolvcr,
had been. "Thank God!" And the sin
ceiltv wtth whlrJt thcHO unftimlllar
words rrosscd the Up of the secret
vni vice ninrnlinr nt thn lllnck Pulnr wua
In bnfning contrast to tho sudden look
of terror with which ,hc rcgoidcd tho
telrnhone. hh It rang nuain.
"Who can that he7" was the pre-
lune to a muttered vniiev or impreca
tions, as Varnov steadied his nerves
with nnother libation at tl'o hnndy
buffet. ,
Tho hell persisted In Its ba'.eful sum
mons. At last he summtjned up tho courage
to answer, Tho message wns short and
to tne point
"Aro you there, Varney?'
'ine man answered in
a frightened
nionof) liable,
"Vnrney. so to the house at once and
iinu out wny sou railed!'
There was an ominous alienee, -yarney.
licked his parched lips and waited for
further Instructions.
"Come to me nt once, as soon as you
have learned the situation.. You have
had ono lesson. Is another needed? Iy
your platis, to complete the task befora
midnight tonight This Is your last
And the word ended In a curious hiss
resembling the warning of the cobra I
Arthur Yarney dropped the receiver
Into place, and sprang toward his bed
room. A quick survey of his features
convinced hlrrf that his appearance would
betray his nervousness. Ho rang tho bell
for his valet.
"A quick massage, James. 1 did not
sleep well last night, and I look ten
years older than I should. Hurry, now,
nnd call me a taxlcab, for I havo an
Important call to make."
Within . few minutes Varney was
ready for his mission. What a turmoil
waa racking his mind as he entered at
taxlcab to start on the long ride to the
Maynard home! His feelings toward
Myra had been concentrated by the
warp and wobf of the curious wooing,
which had Its Inception In the will of,
the master, to develop Into an absorb-
Ing passion tugging at his heart strings,
demanding a betrayal of the very pow
ers to which he owed his present
wealth, and threatening a destruction
more horrible than pen could depict
should he-let love assert Itself!
Back In the library. Myra had lm
pllclty obeyed the Instructions of the
Her mother "gave voice to a despair
ing remonstrance, which only Intensified
the brave girl's determination.
"Mother. I hate these occult things
worse than you do. But Dr. Allen and
I nrc going to start right now!" she
declared. ...
There was a finality In Tier voice which
set aside further objections. Her mother
sank nervously into chair to watch
tho dread proceedings.
Before beginning. Payson Alden sum
moned Willis.
"lTndcr no nlrcurustanoes at all must
we be disturbed. Miss Maynard and her
mother are vry busrr-eo kep any one
fiom entering, this roam. It Is a matter
of life nnd death. Da you hear?"
The Lutler nodded frigidly and left tha
library, w ordering at the surrender of
the mother.
"Now. sit In this big chair. Miss My
ra. nnd relax. Don't think of anything.
LefTonr muscles, your nerves and your
mind lust 'drift', and keep watching
me. There, that Is a good position and
we vill soon bo finished."
Alrtei. had closed the big doors be
tween ihe library and the drawing
room. It was well, for even as ho was
risking the preliminary gesturea of the
hOpnotii's suggestion the machine beap-
Jnp vainey nan spen up ine anvnway.
"I must see Miss Myra at once," said
the caller, aa Willis met him at the
"But. sir," and WIUIs coughed apa
logetlcn!y Varney. tossing aside his hat and, coat,
had excitedly started down tho hall
way. ,
The butler Intercepted,
"Excuso me. sir." ho said, touching
the other's shoulder, "The doctor has,
ordered that she must not be disturb
ed" Varney whirled about nervously.
"The doctor Is sho sick?"
"No sir: bexslng your pardon, sir,
ahe Is In the llbrarv. Will vou be so
kind ns to wr.lt In the drawing room?"
Vari"v i'ri"Med in acquiescence, as
he cudgeled his wits to grasp the mys-
He rtl down for a few minutes,
rtrnlnlnir his cars to ratch anv nx
nlnnatorj words from the other room.
Put there was no sound. He lit a
olpa'i-lte and endeavored to reason out
the miming of the mystery.
But lie could nrrlvo at no satisfac
tory ponrluilon,
"The doctor? The .doctor? I wonder
If H enn be that scoundrel, Dr, Aldon?"
Ho found thn answer to the mental
oucry ns ho allently tiotoed toward the
hlg dpc.Ts. Peering through the key
hole h beheld a sight which answered
more that this ons ntictlon and stlmu
Irted dozen mor In hla mind, which
wre ronrr disturbing than even this
rl r.gt alrht.
For there In the big easy chair sat
Mvra Mavnard. Mer oyes were closed
nod the long laah,ea drooped over the
wht of her na'a cheeka, ns t'ie head
lav relaxed on the padded choir back,
sui rounded Jiy Its golden nureolo or
Dr. Payson Alden, hla hands gently
iircsi.'ng and stroking tjia girl's rore
hend. waa sneaking tn Iter. In aoothlng
tnu "yilch were Inaudible tq the caves
Ynt Vrv understood too well the
mature pf hla strap wrn-V, an ha pn-
tl-l'pfj hit W-"tph wl" tirltrhl-lje Hnff,
H own rnto waa deenlv enc net In
tl'ls psychic adventure, and yet he hesl--Utea
to Interrupt until, he-cquia-m-
tcr tho secret of the physician's cam
paign. Tho girl had finally sunk Into the cata
leptic stato Of advanced mesmerism; the
doctor drew back to survey tho result
with an nppacrnt satisfaction.
Unseen by Varney, Mrs. Maynard sat
riveted to her chair with terror, yet
watching tho proceeding with uncon
trollable satisfaction.. I
"Now, do you hear the voices?" asked
Alden In a. tone distinct enough to bo
heard by the man In the drawing room.
Tho girl moaned nnd writhed In some
mental struggle, although her eyes did
not open.
iter hands opened and closed nerv
ously and her head twisted and bobbed.
as -though she were enduring intense
physical pain, Many times her lips
moved,, but no sound came forth, de
spite', the repealed urginga of the physi
cian. N
At last a tremendous spasm of mus
cular stimulation sccmea to onng ut
"He says.! he murmured. In a mo
notonous, colorless voice, not at all like
her own silvery tones. "Ho says what
does he say7"i
Alden leaned over her. excitedly.
"Let that friend from the other world
who communicated last night finish his
warning now!" commanded the physl
clan, tensely.
The girl continued her Indistinguish
able muitermgs, as Aiaen strove vain'
ly to understand her.
At last he noticed a twitching of the
fingers of her iight hand. She made
a curious spiral motion with her arm,
as though writing in the air.
Alden grasped tho opportunity at
once, ne arew nis prescription pad
from his Docket, and nlaced a. nenell in
the girl's fingers, which closed about It
"Now, write it!" he .commanded. He
held the pad beneath her hand, and
Through the keyhole Varney observed
this demonstration' with growing alarm.
Suddenly he sprang to his feet and hur
tied toward the front door, which He
adjusted so that he might re-enter with
out ringing the bell.
At first there was no result with- the
pencil, until Alden -held Myra's hand
gently In the encircling guidance of his
own fingers, to force the pad closer to
the point
' After several meaningless scrawls at
last legible letters appeared. Myra'a
mother had drawn near, controlling Tier
tendency to hysteria In the interest of
the weird actions.
The pencil advanced, at first with In
complete letters, and then It spelled:
VT-y-y-y-Your Your
e?k.ye!rso ,,nI" d,"ted Dr. Alden,
.iB . 'i Ume Varny had reached the
?, u..the.ihou.7S' from ,wher" hB could
poer into the library window. A cau
tious glance showed him that Myra was
iirn!.ihI0.,Lenlnr' wh,le the Physician
and her mother were too engrossed to
observe him. Tha irl. .....;..
$SSX V" the "' ' K -5S
iil.tJ?.1 ,uPP.d from the paper.
appeared "' and new wonl"
"Vour-Vour father"
rifKn h.JHl1rd. a,tArted and W0U,I h
n ?in..ihfiM,,c,J M?rn warned her with
!. Irre'l'tlble dominance.
Your father wlnh"
Then came another pause, as Varney
peered In once more. Hit black ryes
seemed to remlt vertlable sparks of
malevolence. ti mm,. v,i. ..,..
hands with sinuous gestures, toward
'he face of the unconscious girl.
Tho maaaag nmirrHi1 a AM,
droned his commands In the girl's ear.
.., lower vi0iico ujwarri to irani
you against the Black the Black"
There was a- sudden twitching of
Myra's fingers, aa Varney concentrated
all the force of his tremendous will
power Into one supremo effort.
Myra's hand, pressed the pencil upr-n
the pad with a force wMch brokp the
point and her eye-llde fluttered, as she
opened her blue orbs In suprlse at the
expression of her 'mother and the doc
tor. At the same Instant, Vnrney dodged
back from his position.
He rushnd back toward the front en
trance of the realdence as Myra strug
gled to her feet.
A quizzical smile brightened her face,
and brought forth the dimples once
"What have I been saying?" she nak
ed, and then her glance dropped to her
right forearm, which seemed twisted
In a muscular cramp. "Oh, doctor, ray
arm pains me dreadfully. What have
I done to It?"
"There, there," and Alden began to
manipulate thn muscles. "It will bo
all right In a little bit. Open and close
your I'ngera."
Mrs. Maynard was sobbing.
"Oh. Dr. Alden, this Is wicked! It
Is against all nature and I know that
you will mln Myra's health by such
sinful practices'."
Alden impatiently held out the piece
or paper. . . , .
"Do you call that sinful?" ho de
manded. "We have nlready established
n communication which may save har
life and even yours. Please do not In
terrupt. Mrs. Maynard, until we have
learned the complete messsge."
Mvrn rend, thn WOrda With aVldltV.
Her face flushed as she puzzled over I
the meaning. .,.., .,
"I don't remember touching the pencil
doctor." she anld. "And yet, I dc re
call slttlnrr hem. I could hear your
voice, seemed to seo myself sitting In
the chair, as though I wero an entire
ly different person. Wasn't it strange?"
A knock broke In upon tho conversa
tion, and Mrs". Maynard breathed a
algh of relief. Any Interruption would
be a welcome grace.
"Come In." she srd, and Varney
pushed back the large doors, to enter
with a suggestion of malicious amuse
ment upon his dark features, as he
ncrii'd to Alden.
"I hope I am not interrupting," he
Mrs. Maynard grasped his hand eager
ly, aa she began to pour out an Inco
herent nccount of tho experiment.
"How surprising!" and Varney plied
both mother and daughter with Innocent
queries which brought forth the story
of the preceding night. Alden, with tha
Indies' permission, Indulged In a qulol
clga'.'l.te smoxo, as ne studied tne,
The Newest Discovery Jn Chemistry
This Is a recent discovery of Doctor
l'lerce. who Is head of the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute at Buffalo,
N. Y. Experiments at Dr, PIcVco's Hos
pital for Beyeial yearti proved that
there Is no other eliminator of uric
add that can bo compared to It. For
those asllv recognized symptpms of
Inflammation a backache, scalding
urine npd frequent urination, ao well as
sediment In tho urine, or If uric acid in
the bjood ha caused rheumatism. It la
simply wonderful how sttielv "Anurlc"
acta, Tho ivst of results are always
obtained In cases of acute rheumatism
In the Joints, In gravel nnd gout, nnd
Invariably the pains and atlffncrs which
bo" frequently nnd nersUtently accom
pany the disease rartldlv dlmnimr. ,
Clo to Your nearest drug store and
aoply aaU far a,5C-cent package of
physiognomy of the visitor." without
vouchsafing any comment, varney re
frained, td Alden's surprise, from any
questions addressed to tho physician.
At last Varney ventured advice.
"You ifhouldnt allow It, Mrs. Mayn
nrd.i I've known of people going insane
from tampering with thla spirit busi
ness. It is very silly and dangerous."
He waa holding tho paper In his hand,
and ho smiled incredulously at tha
"I think you havo been playing a lit
tle Joko on yourseir, Myra. Take mjr
advice and let It all alone after .this.
I m surprised at a physician and a man
ot science, like Dr. Alden, wasting time
with such.chlidlsh sturr."
Alden answered his Irony with an ami
able shrug of the shoulders. Myra.
quick to sense tho -possibility of bitter
discussion, walked toward the drawing
"We must have some tea," ahe said. '
Sho rank the boll, and Lisa, her maid,
topped In the hallway, by the door.
"Yes. Miss Myra, I'll come rlht In
as soon as I throw out thla old plant,"
Myra looked at the pot which the" girl
held In her hand.
. 'Oh." she said regretfully. "My beau
tiful azalea-It has been withering
"I-,; 'ved it so, for.lt made such
splendid color In my bedroom."
"Well, why worry-there efro hundred
of florists in the city, and there's no
reason why you should not have anoth
r." said Varney, Then suddenly looking
at his wutchTne added: "But, gracloas,
how timo files. I have an appointment
at my club, and must be getting down
there. I rushed over to see It I oould
heL') yow In any way. But. I see noth
ing so terrible in somnambulism, nor
tn that stupid writing matter. Just
avoid It, ray dear girl. I'll try to see
you lsler."-
He Ignored the physician, who watch
ed the departure with quiet amusement,
although a serious firmness showed
about his mouth.
Aa the door closed, he addressed Mrs.
"I hope you will not misunderstand
my efforts, Mrs J Maynard. But these
thing are not as foolish aa some people
would think. You realize what my In
vestigation accomplished last night I
havj not told you all T .know, even
vt. But there Is one. thing I want
to nsk you, for your 'further protec
tion." Mrs. Maynard grudgingly admitted
his help.
"Yes, you may be right, doctor. I will
do whatever I can. But. I beg of you
not to repeat thla mysterious magnetlam
or whatever It Is. I shall go mad If
I have -much more of this to worry
a bout-what can I do now?"
"You can Invite me, to sttiy here -in
your house tonight, to ward off a repe
tition ot anything like that of last nlgt.
Will you forgive my presumption? You
know how worthless that other "watch
man was!
Mrs. Maynard hesitated, and then!
agreed. It was strange, and to her a-
most unreasonable yet , the racking)
memoriae of the preceding evening, and ,
of those other tragedies of former yeara
mado her finally welcome the presence
of the physician.
"Oh, weil. I presume It Is necessary,"
nnd both Alden and Myra laughed at
the resignation of her enforced hospital
ity. ..JJ Qetor took tha ajrl Into jthe
llbl-atyTto explain rnore- of the science-
of the mlrd, and th'tealm.heyond the
mind, Mfclch they were soon to explore.
The Hand of the Master.
THE black-robed worshippers of
the Black Order were busy In
their weird ceremonials before the
revolving disc. The ominous
sworls of the Incense twined In the
dim light from the half-concealed
lamps. losing themselves In the gloomy
heights of the big chamber.
Some unusual Incentive seemed be
hind the energy with which the cele
brants of the black mass bobbed back
and forth In their rhythmic movements.
as thev changed the dread 'taantra,"
on which the evil minds concentrated
to project their vile powera.
A summons from the outer world waa
mysteriously Imparted to the 'leader,
who stooped his incantations, to ap
proach the entrance.
More knocks and a few muttered
words, resulted In the admission of
Arthur Varney.
A hurried request for an Interview
with the supreme chief of the Black
Order was borne In by the master of
Three crashing detonations of the
brass gong gave Varney the signal that
he should enter. A robe about his own
shoulders, he stumbled into ' the dark
Inner chamber, where once more the
sinister vision of tho evil one grew
into luminosity and then fafed out.
Varnev made a low obeisance, with
his clenched hands to his cheeks,
thumbs upturned In the sepret sign of
the devil worshippers.
Before he had raised his eyes the
snake-like gaze ot tho master was'
fixed upon his nervous face, aa the
red glow permeated the black-draced
"What do you wlsli?" hUsed the blaok
"Master, heed me. We are in great
The master sneered and smiled, with
that cold-blooded leer which suggested
a crocodile to the affrighted Varney,
"Fool! There is no danger for the
elect. Who dares threaten us?"
Varney explained what he had ob
served and heard In the .Maynard house,
as his preceptor stared through narrow
silts ot eyes, whose expression was baf
fling In Its hard concealment of tha
thoughts behind it.
He handed to the master the paper
upon which the automatic? writing had
been registered by Myra.
Then, ' for tho first time within his
memory, did the, leader, of the Black
Lcdgo betrav excitement. The master
glared with a look ot fury at the atrag.
gltng letters.
(Continued on Page Sixteen.)
"Anurlc" manufactured by Dr: Pierce,
or oven write to Dr. Pierce for a large
trial package (10 cents). If you sus
pect kidney or bladder trouble, send
him a sample of your water nnd de
scribe symptorrfs. Dr. Flerce's chemist
will examine It. then r. Pierce will
report to you without fee or charge.
Note: "Anurlc" Is thirty-seven times
mote active than llthla In ollmlnntlnff
uric acid, and Is a haimless but reliable
chemical compound that mnv bo safely
given to chlldi en, but should be used
only by grown-ups who actually wish
to restore their kidneys to perfect
health, by conscientiously using , one
box or moie In extreme cases as
"Anurlc" (thanks' to Doctor Pierce's
achievement! Is hv far the most perfect
kidney and bladder corrector. Dr.,
Plerco's reputation la bock of thU xnedl
cine. Adn

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