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Great-Groat-Grandson of Diplo
mat Writes of Experiences
fh the Trenches.
Deoorations Will StayUp Untjl
Thursday, v When Program
Will Be Concluded. --'
PARIS. Juno 11. Edmond C. C. Genet,
ona of the American volunteers under
tho French tricolor who have remained
In tho Forelgm LeRlon, came to larls
recently on the customary week's leavo
of absence. Ills vacation ended, ho re
turned to tho fighting sono, reachlnr tho
railhead nearest his rcslmcnt Just at
nightfall. Hero he met two olhcr Le
gionnaires also returning: from a fur
lough. The three comrades started ore
togother in tho gathering darkness to
And their corps,
Tho legion Is at present In a rather
quiet atictor of tho front and Its trench
es ato located In a dense forest. At
places the French and German lines
are 1.300 yards apart at other point
quite near together. Genet writes of
how her and companions came near
falling In tho hands of tho Germans.
Simple Matter to Get Lost.
On riturnlng hens I nearly prolonged
taj permission in tho wrong direction,''
he writes. "I walked a little bit too
far when I landed on the lino tho night
or tho 28th. It was uncommonly dark,
and In the denso woods among tho
many, many paths nnd trencheo It was
All (too slmplo a matter to becomo con
fused. "When I got that stramge, uneasy
feeling that something woe out of
place namely mo you can plcturn tho
(rather riotous retreat we three made.
TVe got so near tho Roche wo could
near them talking. Wo finally found tlm
Third Company of tho legion and de
cided It was best to -wait unUl dawn to
ao any more .nearrhlng for our com
'SSX'?0 Pen the remainder of tho
night there. I m thoroughly convinced
I"l"" " X". ol .",a B"nco outfit Is far
rarer on this side of tho line, especially
American at, thl Particular time.
We nre In tho trenches Just now.
and I expect It will be lome tlmo beforo
we return to the rear. Not only that,
but I feet sure there Is going to be a
JJrenuous offensive started by tho
French before long. T.et 1 come; tho
sooner the better, ond we'll drive tho
Boches back where they will cry Ka
tnarads' In grim earnest and for keeps.
Would Fight for Uncle Sam.
The papers are giving reporte of a
Very near severance of friendly rela
tione between tho United States and
Germany. I am glad to be bucking up
against tho Boches with Frnnce. but I
Purely will bo overjoyed If the tlmo Is
at hand, when I can face them In tho
ranks of Uncle Sam."
Genet Is the groat-great-grandson of
Citizen Gnet. Mho was French minister
in the rtAys of Washington. One of the
ministers sons married a daughter of
George Clinton, revolutionary governor
of New York, nnd It Is from Tilm that
Edmond Genot Is descended. Edmond
was one of tho crew of the United
States battleship Georgia when war
broko out between Franrc and Gcrmnnv
and his mother boucht his relacro that
he might come to Europe to fight for
the land of his ancestors. Tho young
Legionnaire Is only nlnteen. inrt ho
has been at the front for more than a
year. Ills home In America Is at Ossln-Ing-on-the-Hudson.
Girl Was Stricken Dumb
When She Was Discharged
ST. LOUIS, Juno 11. Declaring sho
was stricken speechless when sho was
discharged by her employer. Miss Nelly
McGlenn. thirty-two years old. stood
on the stairway In the building from l
a. m. until a.30 p. m wnen sne was
taken to tho City Hospital and placed
In tho observation wurd.
Then Miss McGlenn went on a hun
ger strlko at tho hospital, saying "she
could not eat If sho could not work.'
Forced feeding was employed, tho pa
tlent fighting tho attendants.
Dentists Can't Grab Teeth.
MADISON, Wis., June 11. If a man
acquires a face full of gold crowns un
der an agreement with a dentist that
he Is to pay cash when the Job Is com
pleted, can ho be prosecuted for obtain
ing property under falso pretenses If
he walks out without observing that
formality? He cannot. Attorney Gen
eral Owen said so in an opinion to Dis
trict Attorney J. I Kelly, Princeton.
All decorations at Anacostla for tho
carnival which was cut short by tho
rain Friday night, will temaln In placo
until next Thursday evonlng, when ths
program wilt be concluded.
Privates homes and business houses
In Anacostla will bo Illuminated to
night, when tho public It, invited tu
Announcement lias been mods that
all lnvltod guests and other citizens
who were to be present Kr!dayvulght,
are, requested to attend Thursday even
ing. Thero wilt be a baseball gemo be
tween two teams of tho Potomac
League at 6 o'clock. A country circus
will bo staged at Kalrlawn at 7:30
o'clock, and there will be public speak
ing at 8:30 o'clock by the Commission
ers, officials of tho street railway, and
At 10 o'clock there will bo fireworks
and dancing. All the lights at Fair
lawn will remain in placo. A band will
Italian, Missing for Year, Vic
tim of Black Handers, Who
Hid Body.
An Inspiring Novel and Motion Picture Drama
Written by Hereward Qarrington.
, Dramatized by piarles "W. Godd'ard.
(Coprrltht, 1MB. by ttia Btar Company .All rrtrlsn ftlitita 'lUtorrfd). .
' nMnlM(,Ai fMm PnffA TwaWA.)1
lation signals, 'entered tho roonVvilej
lo6ked abdut' nervously. A 1 A 1
"Did you succeear-
"MrFmimlcs bluntly demanded of him.
"Yes, brother. Our causo has been
successful. 1 have como to claim my
Tho leader disappeared behind the
somber hangings. Ho reappeared al
most instantly,-
"Como within. The Master awaits
Tho gardener followed. Tho Inner
chamber was dark and tho man groped
helplessly for an Instant, ihen tho red
glow began to suffuse tho room and
tho face of tho Kvlrono appeared.-- ln
stlnoUvely tho gardener's clenched Jlyts
went, is his check, tho thumbi Upturned
the fellow back to, consciousness. ine
man's eyes rolled, bu,t he .seemed un
able to sDealt.f (At last, after mvaraJ
the leader ofl'mlhules of work, the unfortunate vic
tim's lips moved, and Alden leaned ovsr
him to catch svery word.
"The Master poisoned me. You will
find him In the new rooms under the
Alden shook tho man's shoulder ex
citedly. "Whore Is tho order?" he cried.
Mrs. Maynard and Myra were sob
bing, whllo Varney was standing quiet
ly In, the rear or tho. group.
An the man opened his eyes again,
Varney walked away to tho edgj ot the
porch, out of vlow. .
'i"cannot near to see theso poor fet-
il. dla," -tin tnlri Allien latxi-
i cnecK, uiu wiuiiiuo, uiJiuuiuu ............ .. ..,....
above, Ws ears. A rasping W Mn " SKKTOWW"?
fotlfl. ineenw-cioyon room?1 "" "".;h ... IS.
out In th
tho gardener
Id. Incena
EASTON, Pa.. June 11. With the legs
tightly bound by wire and the body
weighted with heavy iron plates, tho
body of Vlncenzo Nuniera. olios "Jim
my" Rossi, was recovered yesterday
from the hole of the abandored North
ampton slate quarry near Pen Argyl.
Nunsera Is the man the Eaaton police
havo been trying to find slnco Novem
ber . 1915. when, they say. lie murdered
Pletro Glalino, n trackman, nhlfo thn
latter waa working on the Northamp
ton trtction llnj at Sernth and Spring
Garden streets, by slishlng his throat
with a razor.
The nollen chnrce Ihnt N'nnnern n',
not only a murderer a white slaver, and I
me neaci or a uiacK Hand gnng that
had terrorized Easton, South Bethlehem.
uangor, and otner towns In the slate
belt, but that ho fell a victim to liU
own gang by falling to piny fair with
them In dividing their spoils.
County Detective Nelmeyer had tried
for months to iret trace of Nunsera. and
Lawrence Cordotto. who was said to
have been with the former on thn clay
that Glalmo was murdered. Cordotto
was found at Strudsburg three weeks
ago, and arrested. He denied connection
with the Glalmo murder, but said that
Nunsera himself had been murdered.
He said that he had accidentally wit
nessed the crime: that Nunsera was first
killed and then the bodv was wranned
with wire, weighted down, and thrown
into the quarry hole.
John Wollers a diver from Phlladel
nhla. came hero Thursday, and yester
day, on his sixth attempt, brought up
me noay irom 105 teet or water.
laib tnis afternoon James curra. was
arrested at Pen Argyl and Cordotto
Identified him as one of the men who
had murdered Nunsera.
Insists Upon Being Taxed
For $2,000 Worth of Dogs
ATCHISON. Kan., June ll.-On the as
sessment rolls of Brown county the
name of F. E. Kelly, who lives ort tho
Klckappo reservation. Is down for $3,MU
worth of property. Mr. Kelly's hogs,
cattle and Implements are valued at
11,510, and twenty dogs at Jino each.
They are hounds.
County Clerk John Mathowson thought
there was a mistake In entering the as
sessment and took the matter up with
j Kelly. Tho owner of the twenty dogs
insisted on standing pat on nis returns,
and In addition to paying personal tsxeB
on the twenty hounds, he will also have
to pay the regular dog tax.
ropped revorenjuuy to
nis Knees. , , .:.,. ....
"What Is the result, brother Did
you obey my mandate? lias tho win
of tho order been fultillcdY"
The gardener stammered, and then
answored thickly. . . ,
"Yes. Master. Sho is dead. Give mo
tho antldoto which was to bo my re
ward. 1 feel tho poison already ,work
Ing." .
Ho stictched out his hands Imploring
ly. Tho Mastor'a face had now btComo,
discernible In' tho glowing light. vlf',l
ovll pontiff was posed uh usual, wllji his
thumbs In. tho diabolical, horn-llko kts-
turo,' his laco nppcnnng abovo'the,
black nltar. Ho lowered his hands and
claw like fingers, drew forth a whlto
vial, filled with, some liquid, appearing
beforo tho anxious eyes uf tho gar
dener. "And so you have obeyed me? You
havo earned forgiveness and life."
"Yes. Mnster. Hut bo quick. I feci
tho poison gnawing at my heart even
The gardener oJ'cs dropped ucroro i
tho piercing blto of tho Master's somber i
eyes. Tho Master rose from his posl-'
tlon. taking his fingers away from the.
covotcd vial. Tho gardtnT stiod up.
t arguing, .pleading with u frenzied In-.
tensity. . .
"You fool," snarled tho rider of tho
villainous cult, "you llet You ar a."
blunderer! 1 know tho truth. You can
not have tho antidote -you must meet
tho fate which Is decreed by tho or-'
dcr. Death Is your portion now."
Tho gardener runnlntlj noticed the
Isolation of the vial. Ills fingers clone
convulsively about It. Apparently
yielding to the Inevitable, he dronpfd
his head and turned away, iecrtlng
tho vial. The Master nnd the leader of
ceremonies exchanged s-nlles He left
the room without Intercdence
Onco tn the outer apartment, hp hur
riedly left the placo Down a lonely
lane hp inn. free from tne fear of tho
brotheihood. He ran Into Arthur Var
ney, who pointed nn accusing finger at
You navo ranrrr erica me latter.
"I will tell the master"
know I failed'" cried the man, ex
ultantly, "But I havo obtained tho anti
dote!" With the words he gulped down the
contents of the vial and ran on. Vor;
ney started to follow, then changed his
mind. He quickened his pnee and was
soon In tho company of the mnster
"Kear not, varney. The mnn will
enrn his own reward' Tho first pill
that ho took was harmless. The con
tents of the vial which ho stole from
me were well, ho will find out"
Varney did not understand. Hut out
side of tho Maynard mnnslon the gar
dener was staggering with increasing
weakness. Alden wan stepping down
from the porch to tho ground ite
pointed toward thn gateway excitedly.
"Look, there ho comes now!"
As he spoke the policeman had grasp
ed the man and waa dragging him Into
the gateway. The gardener Inst un
consclouancss and the bluecoat lifted
him bodily, bringing him up toward the
house. Alden rushed towhrd them nnd
saw the froth upon the man's twitch
ing lips.
"The man Is poisoned," cried Alden
He drew a hypodermic from n pocket,
medical caBe, and endeavored to bring
16M. die," 'ho told Alden later,
taieanwhllo all efforts to restore the
The policeman
I sent In h pall
for an ambulanco Which arrived In n
few. mlnuterf f roro tho nearby branch
hospital, .liut.no science could prevail
against -the deadly drug that was eat
ing at tho unfortunate's vitals.
"1'oor chapl He's, a. goner," was the
remark of the ambulance surgeon. "Hut
we'd better rush him down to tho ward
to sen .what. wo can do."
Dr. Alden endeavored to easo the
shock to the girl and her mother, after
tho unfortunate Jiad been borne away
with (Ve Wuocoat tiding with him.
"Well. lUif.nnmnerarilacarrlago of the
P.vll.nlAtiH. T wnnrter sttfht fhv ,ui .,..
TVexif' I. " .
rfDn JUdeitiwaa Matlhed to learn ven
'soonorilhan'ho ekpedtod. ,
," (To Bo Continued Next Hunday.)
Sec thla episode today at the
Hippodrome, 9th St. and N. Y. Are.
Daring Thief at New York Grand
Central Pick Least Valu
able Bag.
NEW YOKK, June ll.-Out of nun'
dreda 6f registered mk.lt bags, soma of
them containing many thousands of
dollars, a robber, or robbers, at tne
Grand Central Terminal last Wednes
day night picked about the least valu
able of all, by a scheme which is de
scribed as unique and daring.
with only eleven minutes' leeway, a
man crawled under the platform ledge
of track No, U, where train No. !ss, the
last western man, was loading, ana
grabbed an Inside sack, which might
have contained bank balances en route
between untcago and New if org. lie
found himself later in possession of a
sack consigned to Portland. Ore., tilled
with registered packages, one of which
contained a Itu bill, another a broker's
invoice, tnree or four with small
articles of jewelry, and others with
nondescript merchandise. On the same
platform in pouches exactly similar
were fortunes.
Carries Valuable Mail.
Train, No. as, made up entirely ot
malt cars, leaves the Orand., Central
Terminal at :ll everjrrevenlnr" It is
tho aristocrat iof. all mall trains, for It
carries such things as bank clearances
not sent by express, Government de
posits, and things of like value. It
would make the fortune or any train
robber, but It travels with the speed or
tho 'twentieth Century limited, and it
connects at Chicago with mall flyers
which make record trips to the Pacific
"The 'train Is made ud on platform
No. K, on the upper level at the Termi
nal, and when It Is making ready that
particular platform Is as closely guard
ed as a foreign ruler. However, under
the projecting ledgo of the platform is
a shelving spaco about three feet wide
and four feet high alone- which the
"knookers." the men who (est wheels
and air brakes, can go lust before a
train mills out
It happens that at the far end of the
platform an excavation on the Lexing
ton avenue side of the terminal begins.
No one thought of this Wednesday
nigni wnen me registered man arrived
at !l5 for the t:tl train. There was
not much time to think of anything, tot
It all had to be done In sixteen minutes.
It was known further that at 9:21. five
minutes before the train's departure, the
xnocicer" would come along and ex
amine everything under the platform.
Find Empty Sack.
The man who did this on Wednesday
night found an Inside pouch, which is
smaller than one of the big leather
cases, nppea open and lying on the
track. Everything had been taken from
It. The checkers Inside the car discov
ered at once that It -was the Tortland
pouch and reference to the postofflce
record showed that it had contained
eleven placet.
Postofflce authorities said yesterday
they had discovered that some one
working with a platform man or aided
by a hook had abstracted the pouch
from a pile on the platform. He had
known that he had only eleven minutes
to do the trick and had taken a chance
of getting something valuable. The total
value of the loot was only a few hun
dred dollars. It was said.
Found Guilty on Charge
Of Soliciting Bribes
MUNCIE, Ind.. June II. Gene Wil
liams, deputy prosecutor, was found
Sullty of conspiracy to solicit bribes to
iv bv a lury here this morning.
Tne penalty is iwo to lour jeara in
Federal Commission Ready for
Last Phase of Gasolene Inquiry.
The Federal Trade Commission to
morrow will enter on the last stage of
l(s effort to find tho "reason why1' for
the high price of gasolene.
The commission's hearings on this
subject are' to bcsln tomorrow. Nearly
two score oil companies will haye rep
resentatives present to give their views
on the soaring crfco of automobllo fuel.
Commissioner Harris will conduct the
hearings. They will be held at the De
partment of Commerce and may last-for
several weeks.
For some months the commission has
been engaged In a study of this ques
tion. Since this began the cost of gaso
lene has varied little. The report Is
formulated and awaits the Inclusion of
tho Ideas of the oil men about the sit
uation. When the hearings are ended not
much tlmo will elapse before the re
port Is sent to Congress.
Children's Day.
Children's Day was observed at the
Mt. Pleasant Congregational Church to
day. The Rev. Clarence A. Vincent
preached a sermon especially appro
priate for children, a large number ot
boys and girls were baptized and a
special musical program was rendered.
Jeffersonvllle penitentiary.
will file bond for appeal,
ily Men mn (tits'
frw SMjIt f Br
wf ttmtij. Vi
net nut Mini
Km evTWTui
rmintsu u
I, , ., sbbsbbsbssj MM 'Osls' JWW WIWT0 OSTsF
E .,iSS!fri,, Nn- Wit Sfl ta Ml rlWir
EfJK 1
I WANT toprnnlt to roariatfiruy
imn. ii rnu nave Kneumtilim or
N.urtlli, acuta or chronic ao inattrr
what Tour nnrlltlnn rrlf tn.H.
nam us iau ana i;urtv Tnou
and! rail It "Tho noil wondirful
book Tr written." Don't arnil a
pt 953 Brockton, Maa.
II '
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Thousands of Flags
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MM ' ' ' l
Tomorrow, -'je
1 I
' r.'i: I
"At Last! Something Different!"!
HAT is what you must of necessity exclaim when you have read this most
unusual story. If you're a regular ALL-STORY reader you have reason
to expect stories far out of the beaten path in this, the Magazine of Sur
prises, yet this particular story, by reason of the sheer novelty of its conception,
caps the climax.
Those Who Walk In Darkness
A Complete Novelette By Perley Poore Sheehan
It is but one of the many features of this week's issue, which is beyond all
question the biggest dime's worth on the stand. Its interest never lags from first
to last it holds the attention of the reader. Read it, together with the other .good
in ine June lura issue oi jf i
All-Story Weekly
Tffl? M An A 7 INI? fW QTTttPRIgl?Q f
'f ?9V- N" ft
- I I.' J,'
, r"' :;nl
E Hum ii.jiv..l
id liJ i "iiai
J -n K- Tli
Trader Brayne's Daughter
By Vance Palmer
Beginning another absorbingly interesting serial by this popular author. 'A
series of remarkable adventures transpire on the west coast of British India, which
are as strange as they are unusual. In four installments the second part will be
published next week. ,
On The Ham-ahd-Egg Circuit
By John G. Miller, Jr.
Rather an unusual title, isn't it? Just as its peculiarity catches your eye, so
will the story hold your interest.
Professor Barker Harrison-Tartar
By Achmed Abdullah
If you read much modern fiction you will have learned something about the
theory of reincarnation. A' new and startling application of this theory is to be
Lfound in this story, written by a master of Eastern lore.

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