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"".HiA h'?F'tfi''bJ't, I. '
v -r -
Written by
' ;,,Tho Elementary Spirit.
Cv N 'this morning, bo (air and r'est
i ful a day, Dr. Payson Alden
, and Myra Maynard rode out to
the cemetery to leave a flower
tribute on the grave of tno seit
m sacrificing Hindoo.
The ungraded earth of the pathetic
mound was marked with a simple stone:
i 'In memory of
(.. i Died
f i December 21. 1915.
' Ago 27.'V
Myra's face was wet with tears as she
tftoked at this humhlo final resting place
o f the man who had given his all to save
her llfo and that of tho physician. And
Alden wiped away a suspicious moisture
from his eyes, as he turned away
"Poor Hajll 'Greater lovo than this
hath no man, that ho gives his llfo for
hi frfnnH T wnm!lr If tVlft fir.rlflce
lias been really worth It all. These lm
Dlacablo scoundrels are still so active. I
that I am almost beginning to despair, J
ODsorvea tne pnysician. . . . . he snarled Ingratiatingly. A blood sac-
"You must not do that." objected rlflce. even as part of the service It
Myra, forcing a smile, as they walked Beif, jB n sufficient ?"
back to the waiting automobile, "for 1 1 Tho elemental spirit looked about,
am suro that t,hey aro at. their wits' 0ne of tne,c hcr0 aM.mbledT" It
J"5',...1 f?cl B0 rcIlevcd. now: filcr iheB0 I oaked. and the members trembled with
tcrrlblo days. Let us forget them for a apprehension.
few more hours at least." Tho master laughed and looked at the
..S'.i ",. "i,JSi.iX,,.M,.H.it "'"
"forgetting1 wns decide! v one-sided 1
For In a small, crudely dug craven not
many miles away, the clan of the Dell
Worshippers were assiduously pursuing
a neWllno of activity.
The members hardly understood tho
nature of their tasks, as they followed
tho bidding of the High Master. But
that gentleman somed suro of his re
sults, and his evil face was wreathed
In 'sinister smiles of confidence as he
watched through a tiny peep-hole of
tho room whllo his confederates went
about their curious tasks.
In tho center of tho cavern was a hugo
stone chimney, with a large, open flro
place, such na may be seen In a num
ber of New England farmhouses, but In
this case tho freshness of tho mortar
which lntorsticcd tho crudo granite
rocks gave evldcnco that tho structure
was of recent erection. Tho black
garbed brethren wcro now bringing In
great faggots of dry wood, mumbling
o. strange, and unintelligible Incantation
over each fragment of wood, as they
deposited tho fuel upon tho andirons of
curious appearance.
ThCBe andirons wcra of curious ap
pearance; at tho end of each was the
grewsomo figure of an Imp, while all
about tho dank compartment were
painted upon tho walls and floors dia
bolical figures and skulls. Dcfore this
hugo fireplace was set a square, black
altar decorated with odd helroglyphlcs,
whllo In lis center was a brass lnccnso
Even as the men worked, a signal
came to the cars of the leader of cere
monies, who walked silently to the
heavily barred door. Some mysterious
knocks from without, a few whispered
pass words, presaged the appcaranco of
Arthur Varney. breathless and excited.
"I must see the High Master at once,"
he exclaimed, starting toward tho In
ner chamber.
"Yes, brother. But first you must
don tho robes of tho Black Order," an
swered the' leader. "I will announce
Ua disappeared, as the club man drew
the.ydork mantlo and hood about his
ihoulders and face.
The other members anxiously Inquired
of him tho news, but Varney shook his
head. Ho knew tho penilty for gar
rulllty, nnd disobedience: In this strange
folIowBhlp all news must first go to tho
supremo pontiff. The crashing of the
Master's gong apprised him that he
mlcht enter. And. so. with .low obeis
ance ho sidled Into the inner chamber,
to be greeted with the customarj sign
of the sinful craft upturned thumbs
and clenched fists, pressed against the
seared face of the potentate. Varney
bowed three times, on bended knees, re
turning ths symbol of the Horned One.
"Why art T disturbed In my medita
tions, varney?" rasped tho High Mas
ter, in his grating' voice.
"Master, I have Just learned from
Myra Maynard that this rascal, Payson
Alden. Is planning a now attempt
against us."
varney's volco trembled with appre
hension. "And what Is his wild scheme now,"
laughed tho confident Master. "He has
failed so far!"
"Yes. Master, but Myra told me that
he Is sure, of the new course It Is to
call back the spirit of HaJI, the Hindoo,
In order to destroy our society!"
The Master snarled, then laughed.
"I wonder what the fool's plan Is?
However, let them call the spirit of the
traitor, for nothing could suit my plans
"What more shall I do, O Master?"
asked Varney.
"Go with the other brethren, to make
the required number for our ceremonial,
thirteen. Obey the commands of the
leader, and we will soon succeed." was
the order, as tho light faded out. and
tho face of the demoniac ruler disap
peared from his view.
Varney Joined his fellows in the outer
cavern, to find them sitting cross-legged
upon tho floor, bowing to right and loft,
as they muttered their strango mantra:
"Oml padrl hum!"
Over and over they repeated this
weird phrase, as tho leader hold his
nrms befoie tho now blazing llrcplaco
in an odd rhythm.
For many minutes this curious ritual
was pursued, with no apparent result.
Suddenly, however, Varney wns hoi ri
fled to behold tho spectral shadows of
hands appearing above tho glowing em
bers in tho grate.
They Bcemcd to clutch appeallngly at
some unseen object In tho rolling smoke
Tho next surprise, to Vnrney as well
as tho other members, was tho appear
ance in the room of tho master him
self, who seldom mingled with them.
He knew that now must bo eomo tre
mendous effort of tho occult, and the
weird actions of tho fiendish leader
proved his surmise tp be true.
The master prostrated himself before
tho fireplace, muttering unfamiliar
chants In a veritable paroxysm of tenso
Tho crlep of the celebrants of this
evil ceremony, nt the command of tho
leader, now Increased In volume until
they were hoarso screams. It was a re
volting, unnatutal scene, and Varney,
despite his subservience to, his master,
being more In touch with the outer,
nprmal World than tho other strango
brethren, shuddered with a thrill of un
controllablo horror. His Iron nerves
wero beginning to give way to tho
etraln when a new apparition sent n
thrill to tho roots of his hair.
As ho watched the fireplace, the hands
fluttered once more, and a presence
began to matcrlallzo within tho seating
tongues of flame! ,
At first It was Indistinct, hardly more
doflnlto than the twining serpents of
the flro.
Then a red glow, above tho fire and
Intermingled with the smoko, became
n&ilcenblo. A hend, with eyes suggest
ing black coals, came Into view, and
later arms, a wiry torso, and gnarled
legs becamo observable to the exhort
crs. Tho master rose now, and waved his
nrms obovo hl9 head.
"Oh. Elemental of tho Fire, I greet
The spirit of the grate returned the
high arm signal, swinging back and
forth In its position over tho flames
UKo some nugo imprisoned ape.
Itfl-head. arms, .and legs were in con
atant motion, like the licking flames
Hereward Carrington.
which played about it. It advanced Into
the room, and with Its bobbing hea0
and shitting eyes, stared about at the
place with a curious, half-animal, half
spiritual manner.
The only one In the room who did not
cower back in fright as this specter
Joined the group was the high master.
The head of the strange spirit seemed
blazing with flames, and tho red glow
which surrounded It caused the eyes of
the members to smart as though from
dense smoko.
"What wishest thou?" came from the
eicmentars lips, in tones which sug
gested tho crackling, hissing noise of a
great conflagration.
Tho master regarded It stolidly for an
Instant and then replied With his cun
ning smile:
"1 wish a service. Oh, spirit of the
deadly flames. And. for this service, I
win rcwaan tnee weni"
"What la tho reward?" came the
prompt response, with a greedy eager
ness, -wnai ao i ooiainr.
The high master leaned, forward, and
almost whispered the response.
j uiooa sacriiicc me greatest r
ward which an elemental can obtain!'
"?'" "K."'
Vrt " M4 t.A .I.H.I. .l ... V,..
V, 4l(tU J12 V.IUUIV fill IIOUII. .1Mb
one of theso yet perhaps one of those
If there ahnuld be moic treachery:
that we will know nnon. But now I
want the blood of a girl. I will send
thee to her If inv price Is sufflclint."
"Let mo havo the .jacrltico now!"
"Not until tho service Is accomplished
will I pav thcfl" was f)o tart rcplv.
The enlrlt hesitated and then agreed.
"I shnll do ft thou wishest!" It hisi
ed. "Who Is the girl?"
"Mvra Maynard! Thou mayct find
her through the ottur. and I will lot
thee work out mv will in thy own
manner. Begone, upon iho mission!"
The spirit returned to the fireplace,
vanishing with a leer on tho Ulitort-vl
semhlanco of features.
"Now. Vnrney. go ta t'nd out what
Dr. Panon Alden mav l- doing." di
rected the master, bfoin he disap
peared within tho secret room Inslilo
Varney bowed, mado the customaiy
thumbs-up sign, and In a few minutes
had emerged from the secret entrance
to the council rooms, 'Vnlkintf alon'
the street. -and pinching himself in wi
If he wcro nwakc, after this uorrlolu
The Ghoat of HaJI.
N Dr. Payson Alden's laboratory.
Myra and her mother were chat
ting with a young woman whom
tho physician Introduced to them
as a well-known spiritualist medium.
She was a plump, amiable woman, and
it seemed hard to bellevo that she pos
sessed such mysterious powors.
The phyMUan had Just completed
tacking up tin black portieres In thu
rorner of the ipom whloli constituted a
cabinet." It was n .din pie arrange
ment, strctchvd across tho diagonal oml
of the room..pf which tho canopy form
ed one side o the triangle, with tio
two solli Jferjel' walls nmMng the other
"Now. I have prepared this slate."
explained tho doctor. "I have placed a
slate pencil within, and havo tied it to
gether securely, scaling it with wax
nnd using my own eul ling on II, Mrs.
Maynard. I know that you have heard
of tdato wrltlti?. but novel believed It.
You nvv that the slate was blank, and
It was one thtt you bought and brought
for mo vourself. Shall wc go on with
the seanco7"
Mrs. Mapard, with an Incredulous
smile, nodded.
"Yes. doctor. You now I had for
bidden Myru to ever try anv more of
this work, but I have heard to much
of this spiritualistic nonsense, that I
decldod that seeing would be believing
or proving fraudulent," ho replied.
Myra said nothing, now studying the
race or tno medium with quiet Interest.
Alden Dioduccd a Dair of handcuffs.
which ho placed upon the medium's
"Why theso?" inquired Myra's
"Because I bcllove in making sure
that there can be no tampering with
our slate, nor with anv Dosslble In
struments. Tho best mediums in the
world have beep known to play tricks
occasionally. Sometimes they are tired,
and sometimes whllo under tho influ
ence of a spirit, they do droll, foolish
things. In this case we will be sure in
He turned to the medium, who had
smiled at his words, and was seating
rvrseu in a comrortabie, sloping arm
chair. "Now. madame. are you nreDared?"
he inquired, as he walked toward the
window to draw down the shade.
"Yes. although I am very nervous and
am afraid that I am not as calm, as I
noma do ror a. gooa demonstration.
May I ae tho chotogranh of your Hin
doo friend once again. In order that I
may do impressed with the memory7"
Alden nodded and produced tho Dhoto-
graph ot tho unfortunate Hnll.
The woman gazed long and earnestly.
ui mo picuannt icaiurus oi mo intel
lectual oriental.
I can see that he was indeed a
psychic: such deep, clear oyes. and
such a sensitive mouth. If any one can
como back from the other world it will
be he, for his spirit must be unusually
active, even now," she remarked, as
she closed her eyes and sank back into
the cnair.
There was an interruption, however.
which caused her to At bolt upright, in
nervous irritation, u was tne tapping
of the maid upon the door.
Alden, who was Just placing the tied
slate upon a small table within the
black cabinet, turned about angrily.
"Confound It. I gave orders not to be
disturbed," he said, opening the portal.
"What is it, iary7 wny ao you inter
rupt my work this way?"
"Please, sir. there's a gentleman
downstairs who Bald that he was Invited
here by Mrs. Maynard. to sse you do
some experimenting," was the timid
Alden whirled about to Myra's moth
er. "Who was that?" he demanded, al
most ruaeiy. "i torn you this was to
bp absolutolv a secret taskl"
Mrs. Maynard answered with a show
of wounded feelings:
' Why. Dr. Alden. it's Just Mym's
fiance. Mr. Varney. He has shown such
Interest in your work, and he has been
such n scoffer, at it, that I was sure
you would be pleased to give him a
demonstration. Surely, we should have
no secrets from a futuro member of
the family!"
Tho physician scowled, and Myra
stammered In embarrassment.
"Poor, dear mamal You do certainly
upset more plans by your attempts to
be hospitable. There is no reason In
the world -why Arthur shnulit ha Intrnrt.
lng hero, and you have probauly dis
turbed tho mrdlum completely."
Alden bit his lip, and then smiled
"Well, Inasmuch as it a your Invite
tlon. Mrs. Maynard, I cannot be unso
ciable. It might not be a bad thing
to have this gentleman with us when
we do get Into communication with the
unseen. Bend, him up. .Mary 1"
In a few mlnutea they were airset-
tied Renin. In nuietude. ullhniivVi thu
medium had declared that she was more
nervous than cvor.
It would have been evident, had the
room been lighter, that Varney was far
from mentally comfortable, as h sat
there waiting for the demonstrotloon of
tho spirit. However, he concealed his
disquietude from tho others.
The medium strained and twisted In
her chair as she seemed Involved In
some Internal, mental struggle. Her
mouth was quivering as though she
wore trying to speK nnd yet couid
find no words. This effort was main
tained ror many minutes. Finally Mrs.
Maynard politely stifled a yawn; Vnr
ney laughed in his Irritating- way.
"I think the ghost Is pot walking to
night," ho said.
"Shut up or get out!" snapped Alden
rudely. The -other man glared, but
thcro was no reply to tho authoritative
tone. The medium was by this time in
fi cataleptic condition, her arms and
ower limbs stiffened out as though she
had boon frozen. Alden stepped near
her. and felt her pulse; It registered the
barest suggestion of a flutter.
"Listen! whispered Mvra tensely.
From tho direction of the cabinet they
could discern a curious scraicning
"It Is the lato pencil!" whispered
The nolso continued at regular inter
vals, and then suddenly stopped with
what seemed fo be n click ngolnst the
side of tho slate. The doctor stepped
toward tho swlnglrur curtains, but Mvra
stopped him.
' iooki sne snici.
The curtains were
Inilffinr nut. na
though some tremendous fan were blow-
ing behind them.
'Tt la t a ..!.! anl.ll kHAMBHlll
o tiivi iwiu ofim uiuitvt
Tvx-srRa. soueiiT
ed Aldon, stepping away. "The presence
is there! That Is nothing but solid walls
behind It and no possibility ot any
Varney was petrified with horror.
Tho others wcro too Intent in observing
the strango manifestation to notlco the
nervous twitching of his fingers. Ho
would havo paid n fabulous sum to bo
able to fly from tho room, but by sheer
determination he forced himself to watt
in sllenco for whatever might happen.
The Master was not In the habit of
confiding In his confederates and so
Varney wns Ignorant of what manifes
tation might take place from the queer
elemental spirit which had been con
jured from the glowing coals. But of
one thing ho wns certain a false movo
on his part would betray him to tho
shrewd nnd suspicious Alden, destroy,
lng the careful planning of months!
The curtain still puffed and sagged, in
the fitful gusts of the mysterious
"Oooh!" exclaimed Mrs. Maynard.
barely above a whisper, "I'm freezing. I
want to get out of this room."
"Wait! ' commanded the physician.
Now the curtains were agitated as
though someone were walking about be
hind them.
Mrs. Maynard screamed, and Varney
! sprang to his feet.
5 Tho medium was groaning In an agony
of mental pcrturtiation, wnue Aiaen re
garded tho cabinet almost Impatiently.
"HaJI!" ho murmurod. "HaJI, my
brother! Will you not come to our aid?
We need you, HaJI!"
Again the curtains rustled and bellied
In tho uncanny wind, but there was no
"HaJI!" and Alden's voice rose to a
vibrant cry, "I summon you, my friend,
to help those whom you alone can
The curtains parted and a grayish ap
parition became evident, advancing to
ward them. Mrs. Maynard oxcttedly
threw her arms about Myra's shoulders
and burled her face, as she sobbed.
Varney backed away from the figure,
into tho corner of the room.
The figure, more distinct now, ad
vanced toward tho physician, who did
not flinch, ,
It placed one hand upon the table
and with the other pointed a dim finger
at tne eager-, pnysician. now tne jev
tujes could be plainly seen; It was tho
Irs's's's's's's's's's's's's's's's's's's1 JH
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TiTsTlTsTlTSBsTsr ,BBBHHr jr " l ' iJ CK t sp'VPI!laTvr'
ftBBBBBBKr fsBBB?l?SBBr jjsj 1 r ' J MS aValsBBBBBBBBS
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lttiTBsDnBeassBTBBE : EjtmiKMHiWS&m
' I V a . H H
r I v I d
n.z'r.y dramatized by
familiar countenance of the murdered
.'tHajll Have, you no message ..for
me?" demanded Alden lowly.
Tho lips moved, but the voloe came
from the mouth of tho silent medium
who lay with closed eyes and stiff
fingers, In the chair.
It was Hull's voice, borrie through the
vocal chords of tho medium!
"Tho Black Order Is disbanded. The
Master Is dead, No more dangor. Good
bye!" Alden was dumfounded, as tho figure
began to fade from view, and Mrs.
Mnynord continued her hysterical sob
bing. -
Varney had breathed a sigh of relief,
and now his face showed the suggestion
of a quizzical smile.
"Well, that's god news. Isn't It!" ho
exclaimed. 'You're wonderful, doctor!"
'Ihero was a tone or exultation in .ms
voice, but the physician was too en
grossed In his own thoughts to notice
"I don't understand it I" he said
slowly. "Did you seo how his eyes
twitched and ho kept moving his arms
from side to side. That Is very queer!
It Isn't like HaJI, and yet it was un
doubtedly clear'
"Oh, I am so relieved!" exclaimed
Mrs. Maynard, "Hut let me out ot hecr,
doctor, for I cannot stand It another
She had thrown her arms about Myra.
In Joyous relief. Despite the strain, the
girl was happy In tho knowledge which
tho message had brought.
"Oh. It Is such good nows. Wo need
not worry now," sho said, as she
kissed her mother ecstatically.
But Alden shook his head dubiously.
"Hemembcr messages are not al
ways reliable. You had better be very
careful for awhile. But. there, the
medium Is coming from her trance."
Ho knelt down by tho woman's side
and began to chafe her wrists. She
groaned, nnd then her eyes opened
for a brief glance. She shut them
again as though wincing in pnln. Al
den raised hor hands and worked the
elbows In a peculiar manner to stim
ulate the circulation of hor blood. She
looked up at him now, her face drawn
and tired. At his suggestion Myra
had raised the shade and the room
was flooded with light.
"Oh, I'm stifling!" sho exclaimed.
"It Is too hot In hero. Can't you open
a window?"
A Perilous Ride.
YI1A, yielding to the glorious
weather, had decided to take
a canter on her horse. She
asked Varney to accompany
her, explaining that she would ride
down the river road.
"Well, perhaps I will Join you there,"
he said. "But I must get downtown
to the stable to get my horse. Take
It easy and I'll try to be up in about
three quarters of an hour.
So saying, he left, and within Ave
minutes was talking over the private
telephone wire to the master.
"The apparition gave tho message
which you wished," he roportod. "And
now Myra Is riding on horseback along
the shore road. Yes, she Is alone, and
will be there for nearly an hour."
Tho Master hung up the transmitter
and issued some rapid orders, which
resulted in a hurried ride for several
members of the Black Lodge. The
automobile which they used waa left
in a lonely stretch of woods about a
mile above the river road.
The men. garbed In street clothCB.
carried guns and they lost no time in
descending the steep dellvlty to the
winding highway by tho edgo of the
Here they waited in ambush for
many minutes minutes during which
Pyson Alden had been very busy
in his laboratory.
ror. upon returning to the room Be
found the medium still weak from her
exertions. He gave her a ltttlo tonic,
vTTJTjY 2, 1916.
imd as she started to leave'the room. i
suddenly remembered the scratcning
tound.whlch had come from the bound
!( -
i.i.Ai uu,n i., 4L... -t..ni.t ' l flat
queer that It put me' UP along ropej which hurig over the side
what was written." he i of 'the deserted Y?l- . . . .
.'in 'toward Mhe Tittle I Ahd with a sigh of 'relief she darted
ung towara ipo ".througn tho natch ,nt0 the 8hl,de of
message wan so
Off. Let. us see '
exclaimed, turn!
xiiey opened it, cutting tne seaicu
cords and saw a startling demonstra
tion of .the.Upknown Force. . .
For there, in the unmistakable hand
writing of the Hindoo wero these
"Not me not me. A Are elemental
has occupied my astral shell. Warn
Myra. HaJI."
The doctor turned dismayed toward
tho medium. '
"Heavens! We must aot at once. .
The medium' pointed to the spot on
tho table where the specter had rest
ed Its hand. The varnish was blistered,
as though by a hot irpn.
The print of the fingers was Indelibly
placed there. On the floor were several
footprints, burned Into tho wood. Even
now there was the faint' odor of
scorched varnish.
"Noi a minute to lose, for a Are ele
mental can actually set, Are to mate
rial things!" The physician rang for a
messenger, and then bado farewell to
thp distraught medium.
"Have, no fear." he told hor, "for I
know the antidote for these strange
spirits Wo will soon have it under
The messenger boy 'orrlved. lagging,
as usual with his class, but Alden gave
him a bill for unusual activity, as he
handed out an 'nvelope. He gavo the
lad a heavy gallon Jug of stoneware,
and shoved his shoulder Impatiently.
""- 1 .. .1. ..- .,J
"Bun nlong, now. with this note, and
you'll get another dollar If you are
back here In ten minutes."
"Where's It to?" asked the boy,
squinting at the nddrcs". "Oh. the
manager of Schmidt's slaughter house.
All right, guv'nor, I'll be on the Jump."
And ho made good his word, return
ing with tho vessel filled with fresh
blood from the slaughtered beeves.
"Gee, that's a bum cngo." said the
youth with a shudder, as ho pocketed
his second payment. "But I reckon
youse doctors his to buv all sorts of
stuff, donjt youse?"
Alden nodded and dismissed him with
a faint smile. Then hn hurried to an
apparatus in one corner of the labora
tory. This consisted of a broad, flat
bowl, upon a tripod. Above it hung
suspended a huge coll of electric tubing,
about two feet across the axis. Alden
tested It for an Instant, turning on the
current with a small switch on the
wall. The ultra-violet rays flooded the
room, making his eyes smart at the
sudden Illumination. He was satisfied
and turned It off.
On the shore road Myra wni canter
ing along slowly, enjoying the warm
i spring breezes, as she wondered over
Arthur varney's delay.
Sho did not observe three emlnous fig
ures concealed behind tho ledge of the
steep bank, but she was watched with
tho shrewd Intensity of wild beasts
about to snrlng UDon their rjrov.
"Now. shoot!" commanded ono of the
Down the hillside they plunged after
Unwitting of the pursuit, Myra nim
bly slid down from tho saddle to dek
somo flowers which were growing in
tne tnicit verdure between tne rocks.
She left her horse standing, and was
astonished to see, when sho had reach
ed the blossoms, that n man In a black
suit had mountnd the animal, riding
awav with It quickly.
"Stop!" she cried, and clambered
down, forgetting tho flowers In her
But tho rider paid no heed, and was
soon out of view, sho wns close to the
rlversldo bv this time, while behind her
was tho precipitous bank. The girl
turned to summon help. Just as the ie
port of a rlflq rang out from tho high
ledge above her.
A bullet struck a branch close by her
head, and she involuntarily screamed.
Too lato she realized the force of
Payson Alden's caution.
She fled down the road In the opposite
direction from that In which her horse
had been ridden, toward an old barge,
mnorrH tn thn hunk.
Two more shots followed her. but she
had made another turn In tho road and
was temporarily out of view frbm the
"Oh, where shall I go?" Bhe exclaimed
Sho saw that she was leaving unmis
takable footprints. In tho sandy shore,
and paused. If Bhe clambered upon the
bargo, to bide, her trail would be evi
dent, She saw, further down the
stream an old tree, fallen so that it
stretched down past the water's edge.
Hero wns an idea. Hho ran toward
the high bank, purposely digging her
shoes Into tho sand so as to leave a
dlBtlnct trail nn her wnv nast tho
Then sho clambered un Into the
shrubbery along tho rocky ground until
she had reacnod tho broad, uptorn
roots of the old tree. Out this she ran,
trombllng with fear, yet spurred on by
tho determination to outwit the pursu
ing scoundrels.
Behind her the members of the Black
Order were speeding through tho trees
to get in sight of her.
drop into tho water, where she could
uui rortunateiy tne gin managed to
Charles W. Goddard,
wade up to th old barge without the
telltale footprints before they came into
with hir virile vounr armi
ith her virile young' arms, strength
ened try desperation ftiyrit arow hoiAPir
line aecK. Even a ahe did so, ner per
secutors rounded the curve of the DanK,
apd looked in vain for her.
One of' the men pointed to the foot
prints, .made by the small shoes. They
dashed on, with bloodthirsty cries which
reached her timid gin within her re
treat, i
But her strategy had outwitted them,
Or tho passed, following the trail on
up the hill and Into the long stretch
or woods, to vainly beat the bushes or
And then a strange thing happened.
For as Myra rested from her plunge
and exertion sho saw through the door
way an uncanny figure. It was that
of the Hindoo, whose apparition she
had observed in Alden's laboratory
The figure rushed toward her, leering
with triumph. Tho girl spronjr to her
feet, running, stumbling. dVer the
debris of old boxes, broken boards and
the like, with which the Interior of th"
barge was littered, toward a room lar
Jjfclr in the hall, she could barely
?hi?T..a doo.Tva'' ond ho Prang In?
this Just as the specter was upon her.
?hhf ;Lamm! tno d00- "hut. and held
,hok.n,ob'.r.roxen.wlth terror.
On the other side of the partition ihn
Ish semblance of mirth, touching this
it did so the sparks began to glow and
the curling smoko to twine thfougf, the
stm monret0 fr,ghten th0 hor tM
SiT'iMS? t0 keep the "&
Suddenly the spector disappeared, and
the flames seemed to die down, but
Myra had lost consciousness!
?ack. ,n Payn Alden's psychological
laboratory the doctor was performing o
strange experiment, having refreshed
his memory of Its methods from the
pages of a musty old French volume.
I may be crazy." he muttered, "to
believe some of this. But they say It
has boon done-thot clementhals are
Jats, East Indian Troops, Be
lieve Fillings Will Keep
Wearer From Telling Lies.
LONDON, June 8 (by mall). Wear gold
In your teeth and havo a passport for
This is an Indian legend. It comes
from tho River Tigris, in Mesopotamia,
where British and Indian troops aro
fighting tho Turks.
Many of the IndKn Sepoys, fighting In
Mesopotamia are "Jats." a people of
Northwest India. "Jats" wear gold in
their teeth if they can possibly afford
How a newspaper correspondent drew
the .legend from one of the Indian sol
diers Is told in a dispatch direct from
the Tigris.
Tora, a "Jat" of five years' service in
the Indian army, was called Into tho
commanding officer's tent to explain
why "Jats" wear gold In their teeth.
The Sahib wants to know, the officer
explonled to Tara.
For Appearance's Sake.
"For the sake of appearance, Sahib,"
respond Tara. "To give therr an air."
"Is there no other reason?"
Tara pondered a moment and slowly
"There Is a saying among my people,
Sahib, that he who years gold in his
teeth must always speak what is true.
Gold in tho teeth stops tho passage ot
"But you have no gold In yur teeth?'
"No. Sahib."
"Is that why you tell the tall story
about all theso Oermans you killed at
"No. Slhlb." Tara smiled, l'it Is true
that I killed ten between two traverses."
"I heard tho story about gold helping
a 'Jat' to heaven,' observed the com
mander. A gleam of reminiscence sprang into
the eyes of the Sepoy. Then he delivered
himself of the legend.
Passport to Other World.
"Gold," he explained, "Is a passport
to the other world as In this. It is not
safe to carry it on the Anger or in the
car, whore it might be detached, bo it
is worn in the teeth."
Thus tho legend came out for tho re
mainder of the world to ponder over.
The "Jat" Is the best type of Indian
Aghter. He was primarily a farmer,
but conditions made him a fighting man.
It takes moro than a common enemy
to take a position away from a regiment
of "Jats.'' They fight to tho death.
"Jat" regiments fought In France as
early as November, 1914. They arrived
at a eritlcal moment and wero thrown
into the teeth of the fighting. The
enemy was halted wherevor the "Jats"
wero concerned.
'Socialist Editor Gets Threee Years
and Associates Lighter Terms.
PnrrSBUnaH. Pa., July 2.-Frederlck
H. Merrick, Socialist orator and editor,
recently found guilty of inciting to
riot in connection with tho fatal Brad
dock outbreak of May 2, was sentenced
to serve threo years and six months In
the workhouso. Judge Ambroso Reld
and T. J. Prather pronounced sentence.
John Halt, Rudolph Blum, and others
convicted with Merrick, received light
er sentences. Seven of the fourteen
found guilty were paroled. Anna Gold
berg, the only woman convicted, was
sent to Jail for one year.
Stolen Cattle Ordered
t Returned to Americans
BAOLE PASS, Tex., July 2. Governor
Mlreleo, of the stato or Coanuua,
through Mayor Schmidt, of this city,
slgnod a manifesto ordering the return
of 1U0.WJ cattle recently seized rrom
American owners Just south ot the bor
der. It Is reported that Carranza. soldiers
already are rounding up th stolen
vampires and are blood hungry. Thn
this ought to work."
He poured out the gory content ot
the Jug Into the shallow bowl.
As he did so he cried out: "Elemen
tal spirit of fire, como! I offer a blood
.." cv.en os h8 "Poke the spirit ma
terialized. m JVi1"1 fjn'ned the astral form of HaJI,
his friend, but as tho blood began to dl
appear, as though sucked up by an un
; Ponge, tho physician Towered the
?..,u?Lal?lnB tn0 eleotric colt. He
Pf fl? the, 'ever, and the biting rays of
,H2uUltnravlolet ,orce glowed forth.
.Muro.w,tln writhed and shrieked.
rawl,di''!nly chftned n form; all like
or HaJI disappeared.
t i'iwL.X0U 'etMvra Maynard alone If
I liberate you?"
ih'lyr...TnLth.e tbant tone of
the elemental, writhing in torture.
.i.?m?M' lf y.V. .Grcak h I can
nV,mJJlani y" aa1?! commanded the
fights" n l turn out th8
"yeses!" was hissed again. He dropped
the lever and the light disappeared. So
faded the vision a swell, and Alden ran
to tho telephone.
'Now I know what may be expected."
ho exclaimed.
A quick message to her home informed
him that Myra had gone riding on the
shoro rotd. Another call to Are head
quarters Informed that the only fire in
that upper district was a burning barge,
which was of little value.
.u"0,1., t0A ai on?e- . Tner "- lrl
there!" cried the physician.
But ho did not wait for reply. Instead
he raced downstairs, hailed a tajiicab
fortunately enpassant and within a few
minutes, which seememd eternity long,
he was waaing into the water, even as
the engine reached the scene. He dashed
Into the hatchway and leaping over the
smouldering Utter, forced his way with
shrewd instinct through the burnlnt"
barge until ho found the other door.
Another moment and he was out on
deck again, to face the surprised fire
men with the unconscious Myra in hie
As sho opened her eyes she gave him
a smile of Ineffable gratitude and that
smile, and the thought back of the
clear blue depths was ample reward for
tho singed clothes and blisters, which he
now realized he had acquired!
(Continued Next Sunday.)
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