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Of the Last
Of the Flies
fTjhe Tragedy of Being Left
the Last Leaf on the Tree
May Not Be Such a Trag
! edy After All, Provided
J , 0ne Be Enough of a Phi
VJpsbpher'To Be Able To
;' Think Up Thirtgs-There's
More Than Qne Way of
! ' Keeping Busy.'
ALT, of this talk about the last
all -wrong.
Being the last loaf li not a
Job. Not if one li a philosopher.
At first I wasn't a philosopher.
X buzzed around and attracted atton-
I was the last fly -and didn't llko It
60 I buzzed 'around of evenings
When the Ran whs lit and
In the mornings
"When It yosn't.
The housekeeper used to- lay for me
The old cat I
Until I found out that philosophy
Would make me live. Bo
1 stopped 'fussing.
And-the housekeeper,- although she
didn't clve up hunting. all of the
time, seemed more worried, and an
"noyed. Which
pleased me mightily.
That's what It means to bo a phlloso-
Ito get someone else's goat by not
Bawling when you are hurt.
Then they think that you are a hard
(Tour enemies call you a deep and
dangerous person.
Bur. your friends say It's your philoso
phy. Well maybe It's both. I ain't saying
Anyhow I'm going Into deep,
Terrible deep. I'm going to more
' than fulfill my destiny
Of bothering people.
Because now that I'vo stopped buzzing
and fussing,
When I pass away, and am eaten by
some spider in
A. dark corner
The housekeeper won't know I'm
And mornings and oyenings, when somo
truant breeze
Wafts In, or when some holso without
Is Indistinctly heard
Bhe'll say:
"There's that durned fly!"
And so
The last leaf dies contont.
To Make Buttonholes.
To cut buttonholes through two or
three thickness of material without
separating the fabrics mark place and
rise of buttonhole with basting thread
or chalk and with a fine stitch and
thread to match the buttonhole twist
Mitch closo to this mark. Cut the but
tonhole between- tho Unci of stitching.
This will not only hold the various
thicknesses together, but will form a
stay over which the buttonhole! may
be worked. All buttonholes should bo
dampened and pressed.
His Solution.
I didn't know you kept chickens,"
sua me visuor as .Mr. Buourns was
showing his garden.
VYou bet I do." said Mr. Suburhs.
"Every time I catch any of my neigh
bors' chickens scratching' up my car-
den I grab them and keep them. It
saves Buying eggs ana, Keeps my gar-
The Alphabetical Pots
mmmm . i 1 i tmmmmmmm I
fil- 'TV,-").-
lip- V, .
t Mm ' '.
I " u
"Say. daddy." said Tommy one even
ing, "were not some of the soldiers lost
In the great sand deserts at the bor
der?" "There certainly were, and a lot of
them gave us bad scares."
'How did you find them?"asked
"Well," answered his father, "when
they didn't come in on time we would
go out and look for them. And wher
New GhifteSe
iO many people object to using, bright
t oolors for embroidery- during the
summer months,1- as oolors suggest
warmth. When opo Is -.trying io forget
the humidity, keep cool by thinking
about Christmas and embroider- at the
same time white nr irrflnn is hftat to
work with and less disturbing than any
other colors, '
Of courso, thd approach 61 early au
tumn styles In embroidery Is generally
heralded by some brilliant- colored work.
This year, Chinese Chippendale embroid
ery heads the list. Not only is' It first
and foremost, but quite weird asMt la
attractive. If Is doubtful If, nny Volpr
scheme could bo brighter lhaiMhat used
In this now style of work, and yet as
harmonious m fhU ro.ntt. '
A ccnterploce; buffet; scarf and" rotrjid
tmiunr, uro mo iirsi pieces 01 mis new
work, which Is now belhg exhibited In 0.
storo noted for' Its advanced styles..
Design in SJcncJl Form..
The designs are floral opes with a
bird, somolhlng-ltMrablueJay, only dif
ferent In color. Thf design J Jn-atqnclf
IV??' iT.no m1teW .used i rather
coarso, llko Bcrlm. but heavier; nhW an
4i. f' ,DJ,wten ecru and putty(
nJL'.l.1."1' flow. and leaves are
painted In purple, lavender, vermlttlon,
rea. orange and green. On some pieces
ih.?.bKiCk?roun,1.of the d"1" Is painted
blue 0n oth'r" u la dark
Tho designs are sold damped and col
Zl .1 on &e material, ready to om
bre dor. Tho finished pieces baVq the
cnt re design, (except- the Background)
outlined In heavy colored silk, hqro and,
there i a center of a flower or a-nart'of
U.Y2 lri! '".worked In coarso satin
stitch, but the remainder of the work
la In slmpto outline and darning stitch.
Homo of tho flowers, especially those
In the centerpiece design, aro worked In
an odd fashion. Tho painted petals are
outlined with silk, then here" and there
on the petals darning stitches are
worked. In silk a.shade deoper than tho
Plnt. lhese stitches nro placed about
an eighth of .an inch apart, so tho re
sult is a striped effect rjho background
being ono. shade .Vttndv tho stitches
another. tM . r. i -3
Large Flower In ,8'lk.
A large flower with five petals was
stenciled in a flat tone of lavender, two
of the petals were worked In silk of
tho 'same color (butllno and darning
stitch), and the remaining three petals
woro stitched in tho'.same fashion, with
a deeper shado of lavender. So yotfxon
readily see, while tho design la painted
In flat colors, by careful selection and
usn of silk, a shaded' effect Is the result.
Tho round pillow Is finished with a
putting or shirring of black silk around
tho odge, which Joins tho back and
front. Tho scarf has on tho edge a nar
row, putty.colored braid, interwoven
with black.
Crab Apple Cheese.
Wash tho crab apples and cut them In
quarters, removing decayed spots If
present. Place In a stone crock and
cover with a syrup mado of three
fourths as much sugar as fruit, boiled
with as little water aa possible.. Cover
closely and cook In a moderate oven for
thrco hours. Then press through a
sieve, boll up onco and pour into steril
ized tumblers.
Crab Apple Preserves.
Select perfect fruit for this purpose,
leave It wholo and do not remove, tho
stems. Weigh and make ,a syrup of ,in
equal amount of sugar boiled tflth Just
enough water to dlisoivo.it. When thick
as molasses, drop. In tho fruit, a few at
a time and cook very slowly till trans
parent and tender, 'men un. oui care
fully and place In Jalrs, boll down the
syrup sllghtl
tlv and
pour the apples.
When properly done, tho apples will no
a clear, translucent red in a aeucate,
delicious Jelly,
Watermelon Salad.
Cut the heart of tho melon Into balls
with a potato cutter and chill well, then
arrange on -Uttuco leaves and dress
with French dressing.
ever they were we usually found some
thing hanging around."
"A wolfr' ventured Tommy.
"No," Bald his father, "More than
likely it would be a ."
.. i
To complete the picture draw a
straight line from the dot marked A
to the dot marked B and so on through
the alphabet.
(Copyrlsht, nil, by jehn N. Wheeler, Ine.)
I recipes:'''
Stout Women Have Hope I There
; Is Balm. to Be Had in Gilead
Vifithef the Results Justify
1 :$a Work Or Not, Have
Hope Especial Attention
Is Being Devoted This
,,1'Xcar To the Sartorial
Needs and Wants of Stout
omenHow To Be
Happy Though Fat.
Here Is a' Costume Said. To
Make..tfie. Stout Women
Look Thin and To Be In
Style It Was Made By
Scientific Geometric Meth
ods t and By All Rights
'-Siiould Play Its Part Per
fectly. I
T would appear that Damo
Fashion devotes more than
enough timo to the Btyles for
tho jlim and well rounded young
ladyvand. gives scant time and
attention to-her stouler sister,
who finds it hard to dress be
comingly and in the latest stylo
without accentuating her stout
ness. However, this wrong is being
rjghted. With geometry as a
basis, color harmony as a guide,
and a great feeling of pity as
tho moving power, fashion arbi
trators this year arc giving more
attention to tho great majority
the large women.
This is one of the many new
Fall fashions to which much
care has been given. It is of
plaid taffeta overskirt with plain
taffeta bodies, sleeves, and un
derskirts. It possesses very
effective sleeve gatherings,
which are trimmed with but
tons. The collar is of taffeta .
finished with jet ornamonts.
Nothing There.
"Come, Harold, It's time
to go to
"I don't want to go upstairs. It's all
dark up theme. I'm afraid."
"There's nothing there."
r." JU,t " 8obbd Harold-
' jut vrnat I'm afraid of."
School Lunch Must Form
A Well-Cooked Cereal Or Bread Will Supply StarchMilk
Building, While the Value of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
HE meals each day must supply
me cnna at school with suffi
cient food from each of the fol
lowing classes:
1. Cereal or Starchy Foods-Cereals,
eaten 'principally as bread, supply
nearly "Hilf of tho protein (commonly
thought' if a tissue-bulldlng material)
And nearly two-thirds of the fuel pr
energy in the American diet. The
quality of the bread, therefore. Is ex
tremely Important. Its crust should be
crisp and deep (Indicating thorough
baking), but not hard or burned. It
should be light and free from any sug
gestion oi sourness or ranciaity. Tne
crumb' should be elastic, and yet capa-
pio oi oeing easi y nroKen un
In tho
mouth without forming a sticky
or being too dry to taste good. These
qualities can be secured In rolls and
piscuit, as wen as in ordinary bread,
provided they are cooked thoroughly.
The objection to hot bread la due to the
fact that undercooking may leave it
uany u. ui iiismo, tauicr uiAU Be
cause such breads are eaten hot. The
child's . appetite for bread may be
stimulated by using different kinds of
bread, swteback, and crackers, by the
addition of raisins, currents, or nut
meats, and sometimes by cutting the
slices Into fancy shapes.
Cereal mushes and rendy-to-eat break
fast foods supply nearly the same nutri
ents as bread, a half cupful of cooked
cereal being about equivalent to a good-
sized slice of bread. A tablespoonful of
cream Is about equivalent In fat to a lib
eral spreading of butter.
Milk An Essential.
,8'.' ProteltT'Tlch foods-While bread and
cereals. come near to fulfilling one of
the Important requirements of diet a
correct proportion of nutrients providing
fuel only and those useful for body
building other foods which provide pro
tein In larger proportion as compared
with fuel should not be neglected. These
foods Include milk, meat (except tho
very fattest), fish, poultry, eggs, cheese,
dried means, cowpeaa. pears, neanuts, and
almonds, walnuts, and othernutf. .Nuts,
of course, also contain considerable fat.
Milk Is an absolute essential," not only
because it contains a large number of
nourishing substances In forms easily
assimilated, but also because, In some
wbjt noi now juny understood, milk
seems to promote growth and help the
body of a ehiid mahe g00(1 utt ot oth
foods. Milk is rich In most kinds of
mineral matter, particularly lime, useful
In the development of bone and tissue.
Milk should never be omitted wholly
from the diet of a child, If not used at
luncheon, It should appear at other
meals. For luncheon, however. It has
been found that such dishes as milk
toast, milk soups made with vegetables,
fish or vegetable chowders, and cocoa
are valuable foods, easily prepared at
home or In the school, bscause they re
quire no oven and call only for simple
utensils. White sauces made t vee-
inio juicQo, mux, or oroin airier irom
mtlk soup largely In that they, contain
more flour. When considering mtlk, the
food value of skim mtlk, which contains,
,sbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbk'''tH' xyr
: i ,'BBJBKajiJw9BjB' ' SBBBBBBBBBBBM V 1 ' -i
A . 7 fi4&SBBaK3UMvS vBBBBBBf!v $ W'wA
JbbbSbbbbbbbwHEa xlR
btVbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!BbSbb)bbbbbibbbbbbbbKbbbbbV bbK-bbbbbbbbbbbbH
a larger percentage of protein though
less fat than full, milk, should not be
Kggs, the next of the protein foods
commonly given to children, contain
much Iron and their yolks are rich In
3. Fatty foods Tho fatty foods, such
as butter, cream, salad oils, bacon, and.
similar foods, are important sources of
energy and nourishment for the crowing
body. Fats are best given In such
simple forms rather than In rich pas
tries or sweets.
Fresh Vegetables and Fruit.
4. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Be
cause ordinary vegetables, such as po
tatoes, greens, lettuce, green peas and
beans, asparagus, and others, and the
ordinary fruits do not contain much
fat or protein, their value In tho child's
diet Is frequently underestimated.
These things,, however, should be con
sidered a necessary part of the diet of
the child for the very Important rea
son that they furnish mineral and
nthfti matuHitlii rnlttrnrt in fnrm Snn.
and tissue as well as to repair waste I
and supply some energy, ureen vege
tables are valuable particularly because
they contain Iron In forms which the
body can utilize. Fruits contain a con
siderable percentage of sugar, espe
cially when they are dried, and sugar
Is a quickly absorbed fuel food. As
things eaten raw transmit disease
germs, care should be taken to wash
vegetables and fruits thoroughly In
several waters.' Many fruits, especially
those with skins, can be dipped safely
Into boiling water, while thoso with
thick skins, such as oranges, bananas,
and apples, may be safely washed even
What Women
Are Doing
London's business Is now practically
run by women. ......
The munition Industrlesln France em
ploy more than one hundred thousand
Women telegraph operators in thla
country number more than two thou
sand two hundred.
Massachusetts has more than nine
thousand school teachers on the pen
sion fund. , .
London has a school where women
are given a course In grocery sales
manship. , ,
Canadian women are organizing to
boycott German and Austrian manu
factured goods.
(Miss Orna B. Pfluke has been ap
pointed commission of charities in Mid
dletown, N. T.
Birmingham Is the only city in Eng
land where women are licensed as taxi
cab drivers.
In a fw years Germany will have
more women attorneys than any other
country in me worjo,
Th. Onv. women of Louisiana. Georgia.
and Alabama ara working for compul-
sory eduoatlon laws
Undtrwood A Uodtrwood.
Varied Diet
Is An Essential For Bone
Is Often Underestimated.
with soap. Dried fruits when washed
and put Into an oven to dry absorb
some or tne water, and thus are
softened and improved In taste.
b. sweets ana Desserts sugar, as
has been said, is a quickly absorbed fuel
iooa nna simple sweets Have thalr
place In the diet of air children. It not
served between meals or t times when
they destroy tho appetite for other
needed foods, there Isino objection to
them, They may be served in the form
of cako not rich enough to be classed
as pastry, cooKies, sweet chocolate,
simple candy, honey, dried or pre
served fruits, maple sugar, and loaf
sugar. In general, fruits, fresh, baked
or stewed or raw, and simple sweets
are much better desserts for children
than rich pastry which contains a large
tliuouiii vk mi.
V :
Thli Is the feeand. of a serlts of thrte ar
ticle! on school lunches, Issued toy ths De
partment ot Agriculture.
Times Pattern Service
E SPECIALLY to be favored ijecaiise.
it may be made with or wlthotit
applied yoke. a noteworthy fall fea
ture in separate skirts. This model is
cut in three gores and has two forward
and two backward turning plaits intro
duced at each side. The full length
front-closing with fancy buttons- is
stylish, and the flare at the lower edge
measuring in. size 24, 3 yards is
also a fashion note. You can be certain
of the same result as a tailor by follow
ing the pattern guide.
The pattern is cut jn sizes 24 to 30
inches waist measure. Size 24 requires
4 yards 36-inch material.
To. obtain this pattern fill out the coupon
and inoloso -10 cents In stamps or coin. Ad
dress Pattern Departmsnt, Waahlngton Times,
Munsey Building, D, C.
The Washington Times guarantees the de
livery of all patternasent through thla serv
ice, tiu pauarns can Do oDiainea in person.
One week is needed for the filling ot pat
tern orders. If patterns dp not come within
that time, notify this office for adjustment
. September 24.
xvanio tiMi,,,,,i,f,,IM,,MiM,,,,,iiMI iiiu,,.,,
No, 993. Street and Number. ...........
Wow tWHay Fever. Of
:-" Autumn May Easily
B$ Avoided or ' Cured
JIAT Is hay,ret(r7 Handker-
chiefs aklora dansle from tho
pockeiiajid. kerchool weep-
ing,"Tfheeilng victims have
"come into their own,"' The balmy air
fstraa to have no .charms to allavlato
heir misery. "When, xephyrs widely
Scatter the pollen or,, fertile particles
Of plant! senHtlVe. mufous membranes
of eyes? nOefahd .ributh, yield to Mb
irrltAtlng.'-tanueike,; juid .watery, Itchy
ft, leaky noi, snoe, and asthma
are borna'upon countless victims..
Hay. fever has been described as a
disease which manifests itself in the
spring,' from the latter part of May or
the early part of June to the early or
middle '-part of. July, and In
tho autumn' from "the middle of
August to the end of . September-,
or "airly October.; iTho' spring at
tacks, usually last About a month, while
those in the fall often average about
six: ;rk-ln, duration.
tf.htf'tfi.tlJ Af aiH
iei'of field and forest are
blamed for, Its annual' nuisance. The
tiollen of wheat, rye. corn, clover, tlm
Othy grass, .goldenrod. redtop, blue
rass, ana ragweea mu piny ineir un-
art In Inducing hay fever or
Hay Fever Wllhout "Hay."
I Of course, all people- are hot equally
enstttto to hay fever; The mucous
membrane of some are more sensitive in
the summer when the air Is filled with
the odor of flowers than In winter when
thetalr Is pure and cold. Hay has very
little to do witn nay revor. -rne nun
dred and one grasses or "gramlnaceae,"
as botanical pundits call them, are
mare to blame.
Dr. William Bcheppegrell. president of
the American. Hay. Pever Preventive
Association., has -found that 1 per cent
fnV-ta.'BTsry hundred f- thei popula
lon of New Orleans Is at -times affected
With true hay flVer. ,in other words. In
a population of 3CO.00O the victims of
hay fever would be 2.S0O.
Persona susceptible either to spring
fever or hay fever have been Induced
to "break out" with their "colds" or
other symptoms at any season of the
year by means of dried flowers of the
different vegetation. In this manner
the precise type of hay fever la diagnosed;-
If a sufferer la so fortunate as to
find, the axact weed or flower which
offends. His jusceptiDie tissue renei
I and possible prevention of the dread
ed milidv la in slant. In one instance
a young lady who lived In a new sub-
urb was distressed one season to And
that aha was a victim ot hay fever.
She bemoaned her misfortune, while
her eyes, nose, and mouth all gave
evidence of her discomfort. Gloom
filled her heart until the' next season,
when the .streets. and pavements were
cemented, and velvety , green grass
grew Instead of weeds.
It may so happen that-the offensive
agent cannot be weeded out. In such
an' event tho individual affected
should In his walks and roomings
avoid the regions where such vegeta
tion thrives.
When the disease has fairly atarted
the mucous membrane of the nose
swells. There la an almost. constant
discharge from, tne eyes, nose, and
sometimes ,froro:the throat."- Breath
ing becomes difficult, the appetite
falls, sleep Is Interfered with, and the'
victim Is miserable and wretched.
Gradually the Inflammation travels
down the "red lane" to the bronchial
tubes. Wheeling, coughs, and attacks
of asthma preclude possibilities of
peace for the poor unfortunate. Some
times It may be almost Impossible to
sleep at all except in a sitting pos
ture. -'The inflammation 'may. even ex
tend to the stomach and Intestines,
Answers to Health
P. C. H. What will stop constant
, Take slx charcoal .tablets after meals
and ten grains of bicarbonate of soda
before meals, ,,
W. K. I am a boy seventeen years
ot age. am six feet two Inches tall,
and weigh ISO pounds. Should I weigh
The average weight for a boy of your
age la from 125 to ISO pounds. Accord
ing to your height your .weight Is about
B. "UT-it-Whafc will strengthen weak
Exercises such as-running, swimming,
dancing, and tennis do their share.
Massage the knees with an upward
movement and use a small electric vi
brator on them three times a day.
A Reader What causes a beating,
as of pulse, n the bleep muscle of my
It rrifcy. be due to some Irritation or
over-tuning of the muscles or nerves.
There, may be soma pressure on these
particular nerves causing strain.
and dlarrhoae may be added to the
uiner miseries.
The Prevention and 'Cure.
By the time cold weather cornea UM
sufferer Is worn out and exhausted un
less hols ablo to go to the mountains,
seashore or some other .place where th
air' Is purer and the pollen of, vegetation
Is untrHtailnV r
Although-.there are powerful druM
which will reduce the suffering, daager
may lurk In extreme measures.
If you are numbered among I
Urns .of hay fever, you should keep your
skin actlvo by a dally bath, take a good
deal of sleep during the day aa well as
ai nigni, ana, most important or an,
you should keep the bowels freely open.
An alkaline antiseptic solution diluted
In water shouUl bo used In an atomiser
to spray the inflamed parts; ' An ' oint
ment made of six grains' of amrrionlated
mercury, to -one-half ounce ot white
vaseline also should be applied to the
nostrils. Oargle your mouth and throat
every hour or so with a solution contain
ing camphor, peppermint, wlntergreen or
oil of eucalyptus. This treatment may
be begun at least a week before the at
tack of annual misery Is expected. Fol
low It tipias'long aa suffering continues.
This w)l modify, conditions materially.
It must be' remembered that the relief
or euro' of hay fever la difficult. 'While
one may. be cured by "moving away
from the neighborhood of a back lot
where, 'weeds grow, others must go hun
dreds .of miles away from the source of
their troubles.
' "From all ovldcnco, hay fever of tho
late summer and autumn kind Is mora
easily Droventcd than cured. Pollen vac
cines and "serums" and chloride of lime
are helpful remedies, but the removal ot
the causative, plant, .whose pollen scat
tered by the. four -winds It4 offensive to
your mucous' iticmbrances,' la more-effective.
... , i .
The' conquest of so-called hay fever
has proved to be ono. of the most baf-.
fling of medical sroblems.
Despite the
fact that It is rarely. If ever, a fatal
aliment, its distressing features are auch
a source ot acute sunenng to those af
flicted that physicians who have It and
other victims of the disease hare banded
themselves together In various part of
the world undor the name of Hay Fever
Association, grimly determined to solve
the problem of a cure.
(Copyrlsht, lilt. Newspaper Feature Berries)
Face Powder
(In Green Boxes Only)
Keeps The
Complexion Beautiful
Joft and velvety. Money back It not
entirely pleued. , Nadine Is purs aol
harmlees. Adheres until washed oft.
Ireventa sunburn and return ot dls
coluratloni. A million delighted users
prove Us value.
Tlnti: Fleeh, Pink, Brunette, 'White.
Br Toilet Counters or Mall. 00c.
.Vallqnul Toilet Co., Paris. Tcan.,..
r-rlcee. S5c, c, Ttc, $1.00.
PI ceo
"""",wv BOcto 93.00
MAT. WED., SSe TO 91.00.
Direction Wm. A. Brady.
Mats. Tue., Thar., and Bat, Ko and Bta,
The Belaxeo, XHE
N. Xnepnb,,, NATfJRAI
fluccesa IjAW
."Text Week "Bringing Up Father"
B. F. KEITH'S 9?
Mats.,- 23c. Erea., 23c to $1.
Two Stars Triumphant.
In "A Vaudeville In Flour Ezqulilte
Pousse Cafe." Danee Creation!.
Mar Kaudaln, Six Other Succeaiee.
S&'uFglTZI SCHEFF ftft&Mr
Continuous. Morn., Aft., 10, IS Cacts.
U:Wa.m. to 11 p.m. Nlihu, 10, li. M Cants.
Grand ripe Orsan. Symphony Orchestra.
That Faclnatlna- Parisian Novelty
Next Woete The Sightseers."
Home of the Independent
Burlesque Circuit
CIim Tueeday Evenings,
National ,IMnea Armory, G near Oth.
Open Hon., Thurs., Sat. evea. Dancing l:H
to U p. m. Band A Orchaatra with aololtt.
Lettons any hour. ,'iliS 10th st. nw. Eat, ljoi.
Individual and Private Instruction,
Belatco Theater Bids. It. MM.
OLOVER'8. Ml !d. Clauei reopen 8st.'S
. Claim Tuu., Sat. Prlv. letont any 6
Me. Ballroom for rent 15. Phone W. lira.
open all summari
Uato WTO. PraX. Mrs. Wyndham. tu UlJa
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