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Youngest Student At
George Washington
iV A"hwl4
Government in Control of Food
, stuffs Follows Teaohings of
I Advanced Thought.
TJnltcd Press Staff Correspondent.
7MB HAOUB, Nov. 8-6tate so
lailsrn I today growing by "leaps and
bounds" In Germany. In this way the
forernment Is keeping abreast of tho
Krowtb of socialism among the people
and to many observers tho present
DTowth of stato socialism Is tho fore
cast of a socialistic state In Germany
afttr the war.
The enthuslastlo reception which was
Blrsn Ilerr Philip Scheidemann, leader
of tho Liberal Boclaljst faction In the
Jtelohstaff. during' his speeches In his
district shows that tho people are al
jnost unanimously approving his ac
tion. And Scheidemann, who Is one of
the strongest supporters of the chan
cellor, Is playing an Important role,
back of the scenes, In tho present de
velopment of stato socialism.
Tho- most Important step which the
government has taken In this direction
Is In the regulation of the food supplies.
A central committee to purchase food
and distribute It. called the Central
Slnkaufgesellschaft, today possesses al
Tnosf autocratlo .power over foodstuffs.
No ono can bring food Into Germany,
rio firm con have It sent Into tho coun
try, and no one can sand food from
one German stato to another without
the jmermlsslon of the famous "C.
. O." '
Travelers today who bring with them
even a few pounds of butter, meat, or
other foods, must turn It over to this
company. Then this government or
panfzatlon sees that It Is equally dis
tributed, by having It sent to special
firms. As example of how this com
pany enforces lUt decrees Is cited by
a German woman who had a friend
rend four pounds of bacon from Copen
hagen. The bacon, through an error of
the postofflce. was delivered to her In
stead of to tho Central Elnkaufgesell
tchaft Tho "C. E. G." heard of It.
eent her a special letter ordering her
to send the food to the "C. E. G."
headquarters. Instead sho sent a letter
Raking permission to keep the bacon.
The "C. E. O." telephoned her that
rhe would havo to send the bacon that
day to a butcher near her home, who
Jia& purchased It from tho "C. E. G."
They told her also that If she failed to
do this she would be lined.
All Must Share Alike.
Such drastic measures are said to
have been necessitated by the publlo de
mand that "everyone share alike." Re
cently this same company, controlled
and directed by the Government, took
n census of the meat and fat In every
Berlin household. Those who have
meat stored will not bo given meat cards
until that meat Is eaten. That Is the
result of the stato control of food, the
flrst "big result In Etiropo of state So
cialism. The "C, E. O.." while It has been
freely criticised throughout Germany,
has, nevertheless, been n great benefit
to the country. For Instance, today no
one can Import food without nn order
from the company. Formerly when
anyone could buy food and bring It Into
Germany, various Import houses sent
Abelr agents Into neutral countries, who
Til4 agalnst-each other, thereby forcing
up prloeson all articles. Today the "C.
IS. O." makes all the big purchases,
makes one bid and pays one price. Tho
result Is that food Is botight much
cheaper than It was six months ago.
The government found It very difficult,
however, to control the food. Farmers
and rich land owners Insisted upon
slaughtering their own pigs for their
own use. They Insisted upon eating tho
eggs their chickens laid or upon sending
them through the mall to friends for
high prices, thereby evading the egg
card regulation. But here again the
government stepped fn. A farmer can
no longer kill his own pigs for his own
use nor for his friends and special cus
tomers. He must sell the meat to the
"C. E. O." Another result of state So
cialism. Beoauso It was necessary when the
company was formed for a large num
ber of regulations to be made things
were "regulated to death." In some
places food spoiled, especially butter,
egjra, and meat. But now things aro
different. The "C. E. O." does every
thing It con now to distribute the food
before it can spoil.
lily 3W4
r-rhoto by Cllnedloit.
Mary J. White Leaves
Estate Valued at $19,000
An entate valued at $19,000 was left by
Mnry J. White, according to tho petition
of her son. Robert P. White, applying
to the. Probate Court for letters of ad
ministration. Mrs. White died without
a will. Her realty holdings were valued
estimated at $14,000.
Hcnnlngs Cunningham Melons
Is Youngest Member of His
Class at Q."W..U."
The youngest boy who has arer
matriculated at George Washington
University Is thefjfteen-year-old son of
the Rev. J. Hennlnga and Mrs.
Nelms,, Henplngs Cunningham Nclras,
1121 Twelfth street northwest.
Young Cunningham was "graduated
last year from St. Alban's,' being the
youngest member of his class, and
three years below tho average age of
seniors at that Institution.
He is taking the sdentlflo course for
the master's degree, after which he In
tends studying law.
He Is a momber of the football squad
at the university, is six feet tall, and
weighs 172 pounds.
In tho words of some of his brother
students, be Is "s-o-m-e boy."
Mrs. Esther Vogt Asks Alimony
And Custody of Son.
Permanent alimony and custody of
their minor son U sought In a petition
for limited divorce filed In the District
Supreme Court today by Esther Vogt
against Fred II. Vogt
On tho petition of the wife, alleging
cruelty, desertion and non-support. Jus
tice Slddons Issued a rule against Vogt
requiring him to show cause Friday
why he should not pay temporary ali
mony. In addition to the allegation fcf cruelty,
Mrs. Vogt declares her husband gam
bled in their apartment, and the fear of
n. raid "caused her great apprehension."
Sho asserts that tbey were ordered to
vacate their apartment at Tenth and N
streets northwest because of Vogt's
In support of her petition for alimony,
Mrs. Vogt declares that her husband
has an Income of- $300 a month. The
lnlntlff Is represented by Attorney E.
- Oles.
Salesman, Well Fleeoed, Says
He Thought It Was Being
Done for the Movies.
NBJW YORK, Not. (.-John Cooke, a
prosperous looking, (otherwise It
wouldn't have happened) salesman,
came from T.ynn, Mass., to see how New
Tork was standing the strain. lie look
ed Into several shop windows.
While thus engaged, a stranger whose
clothes and bearing suggested solid
achievement spoke to him.
"I'm taking a look at the big town
and I Judgo you're doing the same," the
stranger volunteered. Cooko admitted
that the appraisal was accurate, and
dwelt on tho glories of Lynn.
"Why, we're almbst neighbors," his
now friend exclaimed. "I'm from
Brockton myself. Maybe you've heard
of my factories." He produced a card.
It read "George 8. Snow, Snow Shoe
Company, nrockton, Mass." He aug
gested that as two slghtieelng Bay
Staters they ought to explore New York
Cooke agreed. They went uptown
on a bus and alighted on Riverside
Drive near Grant's Tomb. Who should
come rushing up but on old and cher
ished friend of Snow's, slapping his
baok and crying: , "
"As I llvel ' Bnow, how In Bam Hill
are youT Who would ever think -of
running Into you this way? How'd
you ever get away from Brockton
when things are so busy? .Bless my
soul, but I'm glad to see you," and
so on.
flrfbw was equally delighted. He In
troduced his old comrade to Cooke as
Mr. Clark. He asked Clark, what he
was doing,
."Well," said Clark, "you've oomo
along at Just the right time."
He swept a hand around until most
of the horlton was covered, and ex
plained: "I've Just closed a deal to buy
Grant's Tomb and all this adjoining
property. I'm planning to build a lot
of apartment houses on It, but on
looking 'things oyer I find that I can't
quite swing , tho proposition alone;
How wouloV you tike to go Ini with
mo, Snow?"
Snow was sorry.' lie fully realised
the possibilities, but his capttal was
tied up In shoos at tho moment. Per
haps, he suggested, Mr. Cooke would
like to mako a little Investment. But
Cooke, although impressed by' tho de
sirability, of Grant's Tomb as nn
apartment house site, tntlmuted that
the deal Was a little beyond his reach.
"Oh, well, that can wait. It's a small
matter anyway," Clark said, and they
walked down the drive. On tho way
Snow and Clark matched for a I10O bill,
which Snbw won and handed to Cooko
to hold. There was to be moro
matching which Cooke was to' be lot
Into, and as proof of good faith so
Cooke says he gave all his capital,
itt.GQ, Into the keeping of Snow, along
with tho original tiro"
Stranger No. 4 burst Into the coln
malchlng game and wrecked IL He
knocked Clark down with his fist, col
lared Snow, 'and yolled at Cooke, the
salesman from Lynn: "You stay right
here till the wagon comes. You're the
"Ahal" retorted Cooke. "I see what
this Is now. This whole business Is for
the movies. You don't get me into It.
Mr. Fako Detective." He started to
slam tho man thus addressed, but the
latter drew a revolver, .showed a badge,
and said:
"No fake about me. Detective Miller.
Fourth branch. Come along and I'll
show you what you've beon up against."
New York was spinning even more
rapidly than Cooke had hoped.
''Real detective!" ho panted.
"Real detectlvo," grinned Miller.
So Cooke went along. At the station
house- he was assured that his friend
"Snow'' was Charles Murdock, with a
coin-matching record in Boston, Phila
delphia, and Pittsburgh, and that Clark
was John Clark. Murdock and Clark
were held In $1,600 ball apiece for ex
amination. Cooke had to miss his vote
In Lynn to testify against them. '
Y. M. C. A. Leads World
Wifh 23,707 Members
CHICAGO. Nov. 8. With J8,707 mem
bers, the Chicago Y. M.C. A. leads the
world In site, according to W. E. Hypes,
president, today. In a recent member
ship campaign 5,071 new members were
gotten. ,
New York's association has 22,530
Apply Poslam
9 howif quickly
mkln Is cleared
Blemishes of an eruptions! natura,
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driven away very quickly by Poslam.
Its healing work in stubborn and ag
gravated Eczema oases is often re
marked as wonderful. In most surface
skin disorders Poslsm sesms to supply pre
cisely the soothing, controlling influence
needed. Comfort is Immediate; Itching stops
and as far as suffering is concerned the
trouble may usually be forgotten soon after
Poslam is applied.
Worn Soap, containing Padam, UanaU
to Ktallh of thin and hair. Try daily ttu
montkbr toiUt and bath.
JVr FIUSE SAMPLE, writ to SmrtnT
LaboratortM. S3 West 26th St. Nw York City.
Sold by all drags! tts.
S3 sw
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thingr she can't finish. -Tb-
bacco ain't any .exception.
VELVET is naturally
aged for two years. No
artificial methods.
xcepuon. jf
Stationery is pe
culiarly expressive. ,
pnes personalitU.Xt
POTtantthat detalscSatK
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