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'Mi V ,- ' .'J-',
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flbuntJant Strength and Surplus
ji Power Achieved at Minimum
i ' of Operation Cost.
Abundant strength to withstand
tough roads, and iiurplua of power to
hsure delivery in all sorts of weather,
at minimum cost of operation, aro the
leading features of tho Overland 1,209
hound delivery car. This now model
fV'a completely equipped motor vehicle
fcjalllng at J775 t. o. b. Toledo. Tho
body, containing 120 cubic feet. Is con
structed of pressed steel, with a hard
wood flooring; two-Inch metal flooring
strips add to the case In loading and
unloading; tho top Is solid with stake
support's,' and the car Is equipped with
storm curtains which give amplo pro
tection to the driver and merchandise.
It has'.a capacity of 1.200 pounds and
t,vo passengers. This model Is equipped
with a new typo electric starting aifd
Vnhtlng system. This avoids much
Wests of fuel, which rosults when tho
driver .of thjo car with no electric
starter leaves his motor running whllo
making deliveries from the car to the
' Practically all drivers will do this
father than hand-crank tho motor af
ter each atop; although the expense In
one Instance of this kind might bo tri
vial repetition of It at each delivery
compels serious attention. Tho starter
lone, means, a saving of much fuel.
Another feature of this model In the
large size tires H-lnch tires.
Tho new product has a floor length
of 77 Inches and a floor width of 4i
Inches, or hVA Inches at the top of tho
.flare boards. Tho height of the side
fianels'ls 15; Inches, with a 13-ln.oh tall
gate supported by chains. The body
measures 56 Inches from the floor to
the top.
The motor Is n four-cylinder cnbloc
motor, capable of developing 33-horse-power,
in brluf, tho specifications In
clude: Thormo-syphon cooling' system.
Hlgh-tenslgn magnctb Ignition sys
ten. Constant level splash lubricating sys
tem. TUlotspn carburetor, with hot air at
tachment. Solectlve sliding gear transmission.
Targe and powerful brakes, ample
for a much heavier car.
. J5ero(-clllptlc front and rear spring.
Artillery typo wheels.
Speedway Champ First
Of All Is Good Workman
Tt In not generally known that
Johnny Attken, the skillful automo
bile"' racing: driver, who by his con
sistent winning during the last three
months, has placed himself In the
lead fOr-Amerlcan championship hon-'OtBT.'-tfl
flrst of all a working man.
A taw days nftor each race he may
he found back at his labors at the
ACtory of the National Motor Vehicle
Company. Indianapolis, where he In
employed an an automobile expert.
He gives -no time to racing outside
of -that required to make the trips ,o
th.e different speedways, drlvo his
race" 'and return to his dutlos. His
ability and loyatly an a workman aro
emphasized by tho fact that he hns
.been wjt.h his present employers for
Jjxiotb than fifteen years.
jWilsons Vote for Hughes.
:SAPUI,Pjy. Okla.. Nov. ll.-Sapulpa
Trss tvfro men of tho name of Woodrow
Wilson. Mr. Wilson, sr.. was a Union
soldier and In a strong Republican. His
on. Woodrow Wilson, Jr.. Is a business
man. Both voted for Hughes.
f!Tttk iw
On,c of tho Late' Offerings From Detroit to Eastern Motordorn. Gcarshifting Is Inordinately (juiet. Driving
Operations Are Mado Unusually Light and Simple. Lines Aro a Littlo Radical,. But Virile in Their
Radiator Discusses
Motor Locking Law
Comments on the One to Forty-Dollar Fine Plaster
ed on Anyone for Forgetting to Guard
Against Thieves.
It Is against the law to park your
car anywhere for any period of
time without "locking" It.
There Is such a regulation, and
now, with a vigorous campaign to
ImprrBs It on the unttltlatcd, tho
police are going to teach motorists
to lock their cars-at II to HO per
It is as though there were a law
regulating that one must lock ontfs
house at night, and failure to Iock t
that house were punishable by tine.
The wise mind which makes our
motor code decided that John Jones
would not have lost his car had 't
been "adequately locked." So that
when Jim Jones and Sam Jones and.
nil! Jones leave t'iclr earn porked
"unlocked" ngalnst the ciirb they
arc fined.
This Is proper.
To leave your car unlocked by switch
key or chain or padlock Is to make
moro difficult the operations of tho
When you leave your car on tho
street n this unprotected wise you
are a criminal. You do pot merely
.encourage tho car-copplng crooks, but
you become .automatically an ac
complice by paving the Way In this
particular avenue of crlmo.
The average motorist docs not fully
appreciate the great burden borne by
tho police- of Washington.
Ttiey nave mucn to ao
Therefore, -when you park your
car anywhere, to buy a hat, a cigar,
or a new, summer suit, stop your
engine rfhd either pocket the switch
key. chain your wheels togothcr or
lock your gear lqvor In neutral.
Otherwise you. will be fined for bc
Ifg ii n accessory before the fact
that your car wax swiped.
Of course, your cac might not be
swiped. '
Hut It might be, or It might have
And JJuat what you will cost your
self Is up to the Judge who sits on
Yod arc an accssory, and acces
sories In this Instance cost from one
to forty dollars.
No cop Is going to watch your car.
That In too. much to ask.
He hai other things to do. While
he Is wntchlng for car-snatchura
somo motorist may be traiing reck
lessly down tho street at eighteen
miles an hour.
Hcsldes, It Is always a. reflection on
tho efficiency of tho police depart
ment when somebody's car Is ntolen.
A lot of fuss In always rained
when It disappears.
The law In therefore a good thing.
If you get soaked about I10 for
forgetting to lock your Ignition
switch when you get shaved, It will
serve you right.
You can't leave your car. purring
at the entrance to the theater white
you go In to buy tickets for tonight.
Neither can you leave It, chuckling
softly to Itself outside his door
whllo you wax extravagant and go
In to pay your tailor what you owe
If the Cop who catcnes you had not
been watching to see If you locked It
when you left It there, some crook
might have come along and driven
It away.
Therefore, look your car when you
leave It.
"From one to forty dollars."
Tho police aro doing fine work.
Olds Motor Works Man Teils of
Reduction in Weight of Pis
tons in Fdur Years.
IvTore Severe Strain on Real
. Merit 0f Automobile Than
Country, Expert Asserts.
"It Is a mistake," nays Claude Miller,
local distributer for tho Dort, "to sup
pono that tho real tent of a car's merit
In determined by country driving alone.
Tho exigencies of city driving arr quite
as severe and an many, although they
arc different In character from those en
countered In the country.
"Not only does the city driven car
run up far greater mllpagcs during the
neason, but It Is subjected to a fearful
strain In the sudden stops and starts
that are ncressarfly a part and parcel
of all city driving.
"The racking effect of continued and
frequent starting and stopping on a
car Is most sevcro, and many motor
cars fall to stand up under It. This Is
minimized In country driving where a
car In driven for considerable stretches
ut a smooth, steady rato of speed, even
though the roads nrc rough.
"Thero Is no question that the per
formance of a motor car over rough
country roads, through sand and mud,
kIvoh h good Index of the worth of the
springs and the power of the motor;
but no country driving, unless specially
arranged, exactly duplicates city con
ditions In demonstrating the flexibility
of tho motor or the. efficiency of the
"To nay that almost any car will give
good Hcrvlcc on the smoqth pavements
of a city In to exhibit a luck of motor
Ing knowledge. The cor that cannot
'pick up' quickly for Instance, in at ii
maiked disadvantage In city driving, no
Ik thn one that dnen not shift easily or
In which the brakes aro not extra cm-dent."
LANBINO, Mich., Nov. ll.-"A piston
weighing six 'pounds and fourteen
ounces In 1912 and a piston weighing
nlnl OUnron In IBM. That lollx thai linn)
of the marvelous development of a'Jto-
TTlnnllA mntn In U.i In., ... .......
--- --...".v.r, ill l,u luck IUUI JUHIBi
iyi VcrLlndcn, of tho Olds Motor
"Comparison of tho slx-cyllndcr mo
tor lined In tho famous r":smoblle
lymlteds wnlch were built In 1811 and
1812, and the eight-cylinder motor now
In use shows some startling contrasts,"
continues VcrLlnden. "For Instance, the
cast iron pistons used In tho 'Llmlteds'
were seven Inches long and flvo Inches
In diameter, whllo tho present Lynlte
pistons are nvo Inches long and 2?i
"i .,a ,n diameter. The circumference
or tho old Iron pistons was sixteen
lneilPfl. WIiIIa thm flll.Mlnlln. ll... !
tons are only H Inches around. And
jiid iron pinions were moro than twelve
".".? M "envy.
..... ill """ " ,v i'uuiiub mini-
out the transmission or any starting
apparatus. The present eight-cylinder
power plant with transmission and
starting, lighting, and Ignition system,
weighs only S50 pounds. The result of
this great difference In weight Is seen
""-' ," cunaiuer inai neven nines to
the gallon or gasolene was a good aver-
AITA ftinn tut.11 It... nAan.t h.aJ.1 Ml
Oldsmoblle, with the clght-cyilnder
...u.uii nrui.Hca irum iw 10 Iff miles lo
the gallon.
"Tho, piston displacement of tho old
while tho eight-cylinder motor displace-
iiirin m oiuy ;, yd me eigni-cyiinaer
motor develops B5-hor9owr. while tho
old motor developed only 67.''
Break Jail to Cejebrate
Victory of Democrats
HAIUMSUUna, Nov. It. Two "trust
ies," Edward 'Howard and W. I. Head
rick, both serving a six months' sentence.
Jimmied their way out of tho Dauphin
county Jail.
Howard left a noto explaining the rea
sons for the abrupt departure, saying:
"Eight hours and Wilson needs celebrat
ing. You can't ki;ep tho Democrats down
or In, either."
Will Roll Egg Along
x Track With L6ad Pencil
CAHMSLK. Pa.. Nov. ll.-Cumber-lnud
county partisans lire preparing to
mnko good their bets.
John Miller, who lost to J. William
f mlth, will roll a duck egg for a block
mi High utreet and down the Cumber
land Valley railroad tracks with a lead
Announcement of Advance In Price
On January first the price of the Cole Eight will be ad
vanced. .
Since our previous announcement there have been enor
mous increases in the cost of materials.
Practically evety material and manufacturing cost has
gone up.
Consequently the price of the Cole Eight will be advanced
proportionately with the increase in the cost of manu
facturing it under prevailing conditions.!
Present prices, however, will prevail on all cars delivered
prior to January first.
7-pajsenger Cole Eight Touring Car $1,595
4-passenger Cole Eight Roadster. $1,595
7passengc Cole-Springfield Toursedan $2,195
4-passenger Cole-Springfield TouVcoupe .$2,195
1 ' All prices f. o. b. factory
Tel. Main 3543
Henderson-Rowe Auto Company, 1012 14th St. N. W., Washington, D. C.
Service Dept., Main 2724
Co!a Motor Car Company, Indianapolis, U. S. A.
Department of Agriculture Bul
letin Shows Good Road
Increases of land value ranging from
2u to 194, and reduction of hauling costs
from 33M cents per ton mile to IS 7-10
cants, duo directly to road Improvement
In eight counties, provo conclusively
that dirt Is not cheap, when thai dirt Is
on tho highways. .
Theso and a number of other Interest
ing and Important facts aro presented
In a bulletin of about ISO pages Just Is
sued by tho Department of Agriculture
under the title, "Economic Surveys of
County Highway Improvement." The
work Is an analysis of results obtained
from road Improvement In four counties
In Virginia and one each in New
York, Alabama, Florida, and Missis
sippi, during a period of five years.
Following Improvement of the main
market roads, thn selling price of till
able lands served by the roadn in
creased from one to three times the
total cost or the Improvements Tho
grdss annual saving In hauling coaU
due to the good roads amounts to JK7,
400 for a traffic of about 3,175,000-ton
miles, whllo tho net saving, after de
ducting the cost of Interest and princi
pal for road work, averages 11 -10 cents
pet ton mile for hauling.
Before tho roads were Improved the
nverago school attendance was sixty
six 'pupils In each 100 enrolled, ns com
pared' with seventy-six after Improve
ment. Thus, ten moro children In every
100 are enabltd to no cure an education
ii k a result of better roads. ,
Improvements Made in
Windows of Closed Auto
The tendency toward greater conveni
ence in motor cars Is well shown v
the Improvements made In raising nnd
lowering the windows of the closed cars.'
Old carriage construction methods wcro
used In the first motor closed cars put
Vast Improvement has been made,
however. In tho last few years, and now
we find a window controlled by turning
a crank. For Instance, In the new Mar
mon 34 closed cars, which are attracting
ao much attention on account of their
lowncas and lightness, the front and
aoor wlitdows are raised and lowered
simply by turning of the crank.
Auto Thief Tells How
To Protect Your Car
BT. LOUIH, Mo., Nov. 11. Om Lewis,
the leader of a band of three brothers,
who are held here charged with mur
dering two policemen, growing; out of
their activities as automobile thieves,
has told how machlno owners can
prevent thieves from taking their,
machines. He laughed at the suggest
tlon that safety locks, platen and
other devices bother expert thieves.
His remedy, as he told It. to Chief of
Detectives Allender, In the 'presence
of reporters, 1st '
"Just cross your spark plug wlrss.
Cross two of them and the cylinder
won't hit. It will take a thief Hours
to find out what's wrong, but It won't
take the machine owner but two
minutes to cross the wires and male
his machine safe."
This theory of Lewis' Is based on
his principle that the success of an
automobile- thief depends upon
"quick get-away." Motor Age.
We have been author
ized to sell, for a patron,
a. latest model
This car Is NEW in the
most literal sense.
It has been driven 75K
It has never been driven
over 25 miles an hour.
It has oxtra equipment
In engine driven tiro
pump, rear-view mirror,
bumpers front and rear,
clear-vision double wind
shield, extension pedals
and gear lever, and re
versod front seat'
The owner offers It at
a tremendous reduction
over the Initial cost.
Here Is a tare opportunity.
I Sterrett & Fleming
Klectrlc Uarage & Bat
tery Service Station.
ft i
) Champlain Street at (
0 Kalorama. Road. (
j North 5050. J
MATCH the new 1917 Velie Six with
any car of the higher prices, and
point for point you will see that
you cannot buy better construction, better
equipment or more luxury than the Velie
gives you at $1085.
What, for instance, can be finer than the Velie's long,
graceful streamline body the latt word in smart
design, the product of bodybuilders whose creations
have been world famous for many years?
What can be more luxurious than the Velio's deep,
luxurious, tufted, genuine leather and curled hair
upholstery? Better upholstery is not put into cars
at any price for better is not made:
Whatismore approved axle construction thanTimken
Axles, front and rear? This is a distinctively high
priced feature. You get it in the-Velie at $1085.
Come and see this remarkable car. Eight body
styles meet every requirement, town and country.
Model 28, five-passenger Touring, $1085; four-passenger
Companionable Roadster (original and excep
tionally, smart type), $1085; two-passenger Road
ster, $1065.
Enclosed bodies, exclusively designed: Cabriolet,
$1485; Touring Sedan, $1685; four-passenger Socia
ble Coupe, $1750; Town Car, $2200.
Call or Phone Knr Drmoiuttrallon
Dettrr Still
North 62 1 1136 Connecticut Ave.
No, Rooms
1760 Euclid Street
and t room
yd bath.
S rooms
sod t baths.
Corner lT(h and WllUrd fHrcota.
I mom ana
bcth to
t roomi
and btth.
The WuMnrtnn Loan
. Trust Co.,
I Sth and K sts.
K.r ilre-prbur Duiidiug, cjrtval
tUphon; alt outside rooms:
elMtrlo elavatori; roctpuoa
perioral blsh-clu sorvlo.
. 1 Nw aparimrnt. all tare out-
I. N, Ruth. I side rooms; two electric elvt-
1 tort, telephones In apart-
ao premUta. 1 ment with all n!ctr. irrvlco;
turnlehad and unfumtibad.
loto n ut. N. w.
1 room
and bath.
S room
and bath.
I A i roomi. b.
Uanaftr on PremU
W. T. Wttcalf.
UM E St. N. TV.
FurnUhrd it luird,
Juat weJt of 181 h at. Fireproof.
Strictly up-to-date. Larfe out.
aide rooms and porch; Su
perior aarvlc. rtoth car lla.

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