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7cj Motorists' Queries
Motoring Department; The Tlmes
TVhlf pasting' through Boston recently
I -was told that ordinary tap water
cqWd be used for the storage battery,
yet the directions call for distilled
water. la there any danger In ualng
tap waten7 Alio pleaae tell me when
sulphuric add should too added. B. C.
In ,eom"e parta of tho country tho tap
water la puro enough to be used In o
storage battery, but It la well to be
careful. Most waters contain mineral
salta which ' will 'damage the plates.'
Distilled water. Is cheap and can be
obtained at any drug store. . Acid ahould
never ba put Into a battery unloia aome
of the electrolyte has leaked out or
been spilled. Use chemically puro add
Motoring Department, The Times
What Is tho best way to winter a car?
There Is no heat In tho garage, and I
do not, Wtcnd to use the car this winter.
Wow ahould tho atorage, battery be
taken caro of In the winter? What
ahould be done with the tlrea? Pleaae
answer In motor column. H. w.
See answer to A. P. In this; depart
ment. The storage battery, ahould be
left. at a service atatlo'n with directions
to dlschargo and recharge every month.
The electrolyte cannot frecio If kept at
1.J0O, but will freeze readily between 20
ant 30 degrees If (Uncharged.
Motoring Department. The Times
Some of my motoring friends Claim
that the brakes must bo applied gently
and others apply them vigorously.
Please let us know which la right,
i M. C. P.
Vho brakes muat alwoya be applied
KtVtly, otherwise they are apt to lock
theVvheels and causo them to akld. The
brakKg or. retarding effect la exerted
bctweiY) tho brake and brake drum,
whllo tft wheel turns, because' of tho
tt-actton between the rubber tire and the
road, If tli(S brakes are jammed on
suddenly tho Wheels are locked and the
car alldoa forward. The beat way to
stop the car Is to throttle down when
approaching the place, throw out tho
clutch, and allow the car to coast, grad
ually applying tho brakes.
must be acrapea. to a perfect fit, a
Job which ahould only be done by an
experienced machinist. Uso gasket of
thick paper put on with shellac to
prevent oil leakage. To prevent smoke
you will havo to feed In the oil a little
at a time. .v
Motoring Department,' The primes
I would like ft) know the best way to
store my automobile for tho 'winter.
Would you kindly tell me if I would
havo to remove the tlrca, water, oil, and
gasolene, arid la It best to leave the' top
up. or closed down? Would I have td
take out the dry battery? Also let me
know what causes a terrible noise when
throwing the clutch, and If It does any
harm to the car. What could I do to
atop tho leaking of the water and oil?
Will be very thankful for any informa
tion. A. V.
Jack up all four wheels and rest axles
on blocks. Itcmove tubes, fold, and
keep In house; but replace shoes on
rims. Wrap In burlap or sheeting to
protect from frost. Drain out all water
Carefully, opening Joints If necessary,
and removing plugs from pump and
water Jackets, It provided. Leave oil
In place. Draw off gaaolone, as it de
teriorates. Dry batteries will be uselesa
noxt spring. Cover metal surface with
cup grease or vaseline. Put up top, as
folds weaken the fabric. Nolso may be
due to worn clutch collar or sticking
dutch, causing gears to grind. To atop
leaks tighten bolts or put In new gas
kets. A leak In the radiator muat bo
Goes From. San Antonio to San
Diego Over frtany Baa Roads
Along Border.
JUat recently a Saxon Hlx touring
car made a run from San Antonio,
Tdx., to Han Diego, Cat., taking In
every militia camp on the border and
traversing roads In the TJexas wastes'
that never before have foil tho wheels
of a motor car. It parried represen
tatives of a motion picture company.
Starting from San Antonio, the party
of movie operators encountered the
severest tain storma that have swept
across that section df tho country In
twenty-two years. Near Klnloy; Tex.,
the Saxon plowed through miles and
miles of-mud up to the axles.
Unlike tho usual border trip, wnlch
follows a more or less beaten path,
the route of the "movie" car was cir
cuitous and led Into the desert coun
try. Uncle Sam's soldiery.. late militia
men of the forty-eight States, are not
all, encamped along the main trails.
They are lodged In little passes, at
waterholes. and along the bluffs of the
nio Grande, miles from villages or
Between Del Itlo and Juno, Tex., the
Saxon forded the Devil's river In rive
"planes. Out of Lanno Grande It trav
eled! a road that motor car had never
taxen neroro and at nan ignalio ran
and get unnecessarily alarmed about
sir batteries, for the addition of water
first will glvn an Inadcurate reading. It
la to be remembered that a weak bat
tery la very likely to freeie In winter.,
This always oracks the hard rubber Jars '
and ruins the battery. It cannot nap-'
fon nu a uuy cuarKCU Daucry. iotisc- i
quently owners ahould always look to ' K
their batteries very carefully' in the "
cold months.' I
Once Again We Offer You an
Opportunity to Secure the Greatest
Auto Value, Ever Offered
j &
Into heavy rains and high water that J recharging,
threatened to halt the trip.
however, went throtif
trlct without trouble
Tour starting battery must have lis
drink of distilled water every ten' days,
or It Is gplng to get sick on your hands,
and it will usually do thla at the most
critical time-right In the dead of win
ter, when the oil In your frankcase is so
stiff you can barely ''turn hor over."
OnLy one tool Is necessary for the
caro of your battery. That is a. hy
dromoter, and It will pay you to get a
good one, for the cheap ones are worse
than none at all. This Instrument is
used to rend the. condition of your bat
teryi and also to fill the battery when
distilled water Is needed. Incidentally
only distilled water, or rain wator th-it
has not come in contact with metal,
should be used.
"Ilaln water collected through metal
flutters .or pipes' Is not safe, as it Is
labia to contain Iron, which will ruin
any battery In a short time. Test your
battery -very ten days with the hy
drometer, removing tho hard rubber
caps on the top of the battery to do this.
If possible, take your reading without
removing the hydrometer from the bat
tery. In this way you will avoid any
chance of spilling the battery liquid. !
"After reading distilled watee should I
be added to take the place or what has
evaporated since the last reading. Bat
tery acid does not evaporate. nd acid
should never be added by the owner.
This Is a delicate operation, and should
be left to the service station- man. Your
hydrometer should read between l,3uo
and 1.250 for a fully charged battery. If
tho float rises higher than thla out of
the liquid, giving a reading of 1,200 or
MM. your battery la weak and needs
the condition of your
lie flood dls- battery before adding distilled water.
Tho Saxon, j "Always read
I Many owners go astray on this point (
We have bean author
ised to sell, for a patron,
a latest model
This car Is NEW in the
most literal sense.
It, has been driven 166
It has never been driven
ovar 26 miles an hour.
It has extra equipment
in engine driven tins
pump, rear-view mirror,
bumpers front and rear,
clear-vision double wind
shield, extension pedals
and gear lever, and re
versed front seat
The owner offers It at
a tremendous reduction
over the Initial cost.
Here is a rare oppor-
tunny. -
Sterrett & Fleming
Electric Oarage & Bat
tery Service Station.
Champlaln Street at
Kalorama Itoad.
North 6060.
AHsrfatl Mr all ID PBVrt?
A $385
af' -JI AW All I CatfkaT llfl Neitria fifl faftnUaMt
fcfc lf ' T "S
3-3pd Transmission, Selective Typo, Elaetrle Starter, Electric Lights
4 cvUader. cast as bloc Left-hand Drive. Center Control Cantilever
Sprtogs, Top, Glass Frost, Speedometer, Electric Horn and Tool Kit
Gorson's Automobile Exchange
238-240 N. Broad SL, PhUa.
Department. Tho Times
t I draw off a small quan
tity or water from my carc-urctor. al
though I have not had the car out In
the rain. Where d6es It colhe from and
what can I do to aVotd It? A, N. C.
Tho water gets In from tho under
ground tank, where It Is condensed
from the air. Being heavy It sink to
the bottom and la 'so drawn out lint.
It Is poured Into your tank and finds the
outlet Immediately running down Into
the carburetor. Kit a drain .valve to
your carburetor. If on Is not already
provided, and open it occasionally. This
will carry off sedlraent as well as water
and so. forestall trouble. Also provide a
chamois "akin for youtj funnel and pour
the gasoline through It! This ahould end
all troubles from water and to a great
extent from dirt. ,
Motoring Department. The Tlmea I
have obtained a hydrometer for my
storage battery, following your advice,
hut If It becomes oroken I should not be
able to test the Imttorv. Please let me
know through the motoring department
ir mere la any otner way or testing a
battery. I am frequently n long way
from any assistance and- like to have
several methods to fall back on.
O. C. J.
Carry a voltmeter and test battery
while It Is deltvcrelng current to engine
or lights, 2.25 v. per cell ahows full
charge and 1.8 v. shows discharge. A
small trouble lamp miiy be used. If It
burns dimly the battery Is low, but this
Elves you no warnlngln advance. The
hydrometer Is best -and will hint for
enrs If earefjilly protected against
Motoring Department. The Tlmes-r-What
should the driver do while the
car is skidding? Some tell mo it Is host
to steer the way the car Is going and
others say to put on the brakes to
hold the wheels and steer tho way yo
want to go. Will this bring the head
of the car In the right direction?
' S. T. L.
The enr should bo pointed In the di
rection it Is trying to go and the brakes
applied gently. If you can get the
wheels going In tho right direction you
can get traction and ho hold the car
by means of tho brakes. If you Jam
the brakes on hard the wheels will con
tinue to skid. This will not bring the
head around, but will make matters
Public To Get Extra Mileage Guar
antee On All Makes of Tires
With No Advance In Price
Heretofore tires have been called upon to do not only their OWN work, but the WORK OF THE SPRINGS ALSO. This; nat
u'rally, has shortened the life of tires. Tire manufacturers, therefore, have been compelled to accept conditions as they have found them
and limit their mileage responsibility. There has been more mileage in the tires, but nobody has known how to get it out of them.
IRVIN T. DONOHOE has found a way to get that mileage out of tires. Records of tests made by manufacturers and car
owners show that tfre insertion, of an anti-frictional, self-lubricating bronze bearing between all the leaves of. the springs, from end to
end, gives free, smooth, uninterrupted spring action. This enables the springs to absorb their proportion of the road shocks, and makes
possible this sensational tire guarantee. v !
Motoring Department. The Tlmea
Would like to have your ndvlce on the
following questions: A slight knock
developed In our engine. I took It to a
garage and asked the foreman what
It was. He said probably a bearing.
I took It to the shop and they tightened
up bearings, etc., und the knock could
not bo heard. Only one wePk had
nnssec) when the same knock carrft
back. Some people tell me It Is -In the
spark retarded It can be heard moro
distinctly. I would like to havo your
opinion of above. I hope to see this
nnswer In tho automobile page, and I
thank you in advance for same.
K. J. S.
p, s. What advantage has an over
head camshaft to others? Would a
correspondence course In automobile en
gineering help a fellow to know about
an automobile? E. J. S.
The only thing to do Is to keep hunt
ing until tho cause of tho knock la
found. One of the bearings may, havo
loosened or It may b'e a loose wrist pin,
worn piston (giving piston slap), or
glowing carbon. If flywheel Is fastened
to shaft by a key, that may be loose.
Also look for a glowing point of metal
in cylinder heads. The overhead cam
shaft Is moro accessible, but It requires
more attention for oiling and la apt
to become noisy. There are several
good correspondence courses, but for
the man who simply wants to under
stand his car and tako good core of It
careful reading and consultation with
experienced men should glvo him all the
information necessary.
Motoring Department, The Times I
havo a 1913 Twin X motorcycle, and I
want to repair engine and put In some
now engine bearings. I would like to
know the best way to rcmovo tho old
braas bearings und fit the new bearings
In without cracking the crank case?
Could 1 use bearings made of Babbitt?
Do you think It advlsablo to use the
brass bearings made by the manufac
turers? I would Hko to know the best
way of putting the crank case together
to prevent the oil from leaking out
around Joint. When I put a little oil
In the crank ' case the engine smokes
badly and when engine Is not smok
ing (oil coming out of the exhausts),
I can take out drain screw and the
crank case la empty. One engtne bear
ing leaks badly. I thank you for the
abovo Information In any way you can
advise me. 8. S.
Dy all means use the brass bearings
ns Dabbltt bearings might be too soft.
If old bearings do not come off read
ily they may be pried out or cut away
wMk cape chisel. Tho new bearings
TO ALL PURCHASERS' OF NEW CARS Register with Irvin T. Donohoe the tires that are on yoiy new car and secure the
advantages 6f this guarantee. ' "fe.v i
This Wonderful Mileage Is Accomplished by the Use of
Sarid coupon below for
free booklet conteJbung
valuable information,
for car owner.
"The Lubricated SptJnq&eaf Bearing
The Saving On Two Tires Will More Than Pay for the Cost of Dann Insert
We Have in Stock a Set to Fit the Springs of Your Car, No Matter What Model Make or, Year.
Dann Insert' is a SELF-LUBRICATING BRONZE BEARING that fits between the leaves of the springs in ypur car from end
to end. It s packed with a special graphite compound which will not flow liquid and which insures maximum efficiency at all
times. This BRONZE BEARING allows spring leaves to slide freely over each other-to do the work they are expected to do.
Keeps the springs continuously, permanently lubricated eliminates rust makes springs act'freely, flexibly, easily. Your car will
ride as easily as though it were floating on air. '
We Guarantee Easy. Riding or Your Money Back After 30 Days' Use
Dann Insert is packed in a box all ready to fit the springs of your car, regardless of make. You put Dann
nisei i ii uut utu opwHo. a vfu uuiiiui nave iu uuy new Bfjuugo.
Demand Dann Irtsert in the car
you buy.
The tire guarantee is open also
to all owners whose cars are now
equipped with the Dann Insert.
KHTtf ya3Mdlliy .5 ffA J1 rMe1rMgS: iiHiiiimnyiiiiiriiin i........ m f ar.ffl.'.!!"iigT
jiw am f anBPBBBBBBj VI T" a w ImrrT mi ..mmm............. . Bang
m. v iafttTnrTaMiaJi r","'TniiF""'''uTMFTIniSw"''""1' 1
m jgg T
j "T"r ""vr
T. Donohoe,
1318 14 th St.
Phone N. 6736
Please send Booklet.
"The Btory of Easy Rid
I ntf." also price of "Dann
Insert" for my car, No ob
ligation on my part.
1318 14th' St. Phom N. 6736.
Model Year.

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