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Former Engineer Commissioner
on Trip Here From Pana
ma Canal Zone.
Successor to Colonel Coethals
Inherits Difficult-Task in
Assuming His Duties.
Bronzed by his stay in Jjie Canal
Zone, erect and military in bearing-,
slightly slim, bjit not a bit older look
ing than when he was Englneer,Com
tnlssioner of the District, Col. Chester
A. Harding', just named by the Presi
dent governor of the Panama canal,
is in Washington.
If there are two places Colonel
Harding looks upon as home they are
Washington, D. C, and the Canal
Zone. In these two places he has
spent much of his working life.
"The slides? Tes, that is the proper
leading question for an interview,"
he laughed today, as he squirmed
about In his chair at the office of" the
Panama Canal Commission. A swivel
chair most distinctively does not fit
his wiry frame and active body.
"Well, the slides are still with us,
but they are causing us no trouble
now," he went on.- "You see. we had
them well under control before the
rainy season was over. That is the
'time when they are most bothersome.
Now that the dry season has set.tu
there is little trouble with them."
Explain Canal Estimates.
Colonel Harding came to Washing
ton to explain to Congressional com
mittees the estimates for the canal.
There is no particular portion of them
over which any struggle Is antici
pated. They simply provide for the
continuance of some construction
work, principally dredging, for main
tenance and for fortifications. They
are little more than the amount ap
propriated for this year. For the
coming year, $25,145,062.35 Is asked,
as compared with $21,87200, last
"There are still about 25,000 em
ployes in the zone," Colonel Harding
said. "It Is a little hard to separate
these into the number doing construc
tion work and those needed for oper
ation. But I do not see how the num
ber can be reduced greatly for the
next few years."
The commissary department Is to be
continued in the zone; and the hy
gienic conditions remain excellent.
Bli Job la Hard.
To the former District Commis
sioner will fall one of the hardest Jobs
in the United States. Preceding him
was Colonel Ooethals, now a national
hero, and the work of -pitting the
canal through Its development period,
commercially. Is considered little less
important. If not bo spectacular, as
its construction.
It has fallen upon Colonel Harding
to step in and carry out the work
conceived by other man on several
occasions. He followed Col. William
V. Judson (then Major Judson), as
engineer commissioner and carried on
many of the big engineering projects
launched by Major Judson.
3Ionnment to C1one! Harding.
The District has one monument pe
culiarly Colonel Harding's own. That
is its municipal building. Back In 1S31
he was assigned, to Washington as as
sistant to the Engineer Commissioner
and was put in charge of the construc
tion of the District building. He was sent
to the Panama canal for the first time
in 1907 and remained there until 1913.
I: March of that year Colonel Hard
ing was recalled to Washington to step
into the Municipal building, and occupy
the big office tm the southeast corner
assigned to the Engineer Commission
er, in the building which Captain Hard
ing had constructed.
Began Utilities 'Work.
Jfot so tangible, but farther reaching,
was his work as Commissioner in
launching the work of the utilities
commission. The law creating such a
body here had Just been passed, and
fell to Colonel Harding, as an early
chairman of the board, to Interpret the
meaning of the rather complicated law
creating the commission.
Colonel Harding's particular work in
connection with the canal during its
construction was the building of the
Gatun locks, the Point Toro break
water, and preparation of the termi
nals. "Of course I am still Interested in
Washington." he said, "but when it
comes to what you have been doing
here, well, I have been pretty busy. I
want to find out for myself what has
been accomplished. I hear rapid strides
have been made toward a more beau
tiful Washington."
Colored Connoisseurs of Poultry
Convicted on Theft Charge.
One chicken, one mouth; four chick
ens, four months.
This was the decision of Judge Mul
lowny In Police Court yesterday when
Percy Brown, Arthur Brown, and
Thomas Stewart, all colored, were
charged with the theft of a dozen
chickens between them two days be
fore Christmas.
The chickens, twelve In all and val
ued at 80 cents each, were In a coop
in front of the store of Philip Krup
nlk, according to the testimony of
fered In the case.
Policeman Lawrence told the court
ha met the three colored men going
W the street each with four chickens.
They were sentenced to serve four
tcontbs In iall.
One-sixth of the questions asked
daily by subscribers of the Chesapeake
and Potomac Telephone Company, of
the telephone girls, are "foolish," ac
cording to J. O. Martin, an official of
the company, who described the work
ings of the local system -to the Nation
al Association of Stationary Engineers,
last night
"The phone girls." Mr. Martin says.
"are asked 18,000 questions dally. , Of
this number, more than 3,000 are
foolish." -
Knight and Sims Made Admiral and
Rear Admiral, Respectively.
Rear Admiral Austin M. Knight
and Capt William F. Sims, the two
officers whose testimony before Con
gressional committees Induced Con
gress to authorize construction of the
first American battle cruisers, have
been promoted to admiral and rear
admiral of the navy, respectively.
AcTmiral Knight has been assigned
to command of the Asiatic fleet, vice
Admiral A. G. Winterhaltcr. Rear
Admiral Sims will succeed Admiral
Knight as head of the Navy War Col
lege at Newport.
The two officers jumped Into the
limelight a few months ago by giv
ing detailed accounts oftthe sea fight
off Jutland by the British and Ger
man fleets. The Sims report for a
time was suppressed, because naval
officials felt publication of the frank
views of the relative strategy of the
two fleets might be embarrassing, but
later the report was given out when
discussion of the suppressed report
reached the floors of Congress.
Rear Admiral Sims has been com
manding officer of the Nevada, one of
the fleet's newest dreadnaughts. His
successor in command has not been
Board of Army Officers Reports
Manufacture of Entire Sup
ply Is Not Feasible.
Senator Gallinger Agrees With
' The Times on -Its Suggestion.
Lawmaker Thinks Institution
Should Be at Fourteenth
and Upshur.
It is not desirable and not feasible
or practicable for .the Government to
engage In the business of manufactur
ing all Its arms and munitions of war.
according to the report cf a board of
army officers which was appointed un
der the provisions of the army re
organization act The report was trans
mitted to the Senate by Secretary
For the Government to en race In this
business exclusively, the board holds.
Is not in the Interest of economy or
preparedness General Crozler, chief of
ordnance, prepared estimates for the
Information of- the board showing It
would cost the Government for plans
and equipment for sftch manufacture in
peace time $32,000,000. For war time,
the cost would be P27.000.00a This
would provide facilities additional to
those- the Government has now.
The board was headed by CoL F. J.
Kernan, of the Twenty-eighth Infantry.
Announcement has been made by the
Mutual Film Corpotation of the en
gagement of Gall Kane and Edna
Goodrich on long term contracts for
the production of Mutual pictures. Miss
Kane will be a member of the American
Company and will be featured in special
productions. Miss Goodrich will be
given special feature work, however. It
Is stated.
Girls! Lots of -Beautiful
25 cent bottle of "Danderine"
makes hair thick, glossy,
and wavy,
Removes all dandruff, stops
itching scalp and fall
ing hair.
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hair sprouting out all over your
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only sure hair grower, destroyer of
dandruff and cure for itchy scalp and
It never falls to stop falling hair at
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cloth with a little Danderine and care
fully dravj it through your hair tak
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hair will be soft, glossy and beauti
ful In Just a few moments a delight
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The proposed municipal hospital should
be built at Fourteenth and Upshur
streets. In the view of Senator J. H.
GalUnger. whose name the Institution
was to bear.
In referring to an editorial In The
Times suggesting the appointment of
a committee to select a site for the
hospital. Senator Gallinger today In
formed The Times that he favors such
a committee.
Galllnger'a Letter.
Senator Gallinger's letter follow:
"I noticed In a recent Issue of The
Washington Times an editorial sug
gesting that, considering the great need
of a municipal hospital. It might be
well for a commission to be appointed
to select the site. In-that connection
I beg to enclose an amendment that
was placed In the last bill by the Sen
ate proposing that very thing, but
which was rejected by the conferees on
the part of the House.
"My personal opinion Is that the hos
pital ought to be built on the site at
the corner of Fourteenth and Upshur
streets, but the people of that section
of the city managed to make a large
proportion of the Senators believe that
It would be an outrage on those who
had built In that section of the city
so that It became utterly Impossible
to pass the bill in that form.
Provision Repealed.
"In our great desire to secure action
that wbuld result In the construction
of a municipal hospital you wJU ob
serve that the committee inserted
language repealing the provision con
tained in the District appropriation
act for 1015, which provided that the
hospital should be constructed on that
"As the needs for a municipal hos
pital are growing greater every year,
I am hopeful that an appropriation
may be secured in tho pending Dis
trict appropriation, bill for that pur
pose." The amendment referred to In
Senator Gallinger's letter provided
the site for the hospital "be selected
by a commission constituted of the
surgeon general of the army, the sur
geon general of the navy, the En
gineer Commissioner of the District
of Columbia, the municipal architect,
and the superintendent of the Capi
tol buildings and grounds. In accord
ance with plans and specifications pre
pared under the authority contained in
the District of Columbia appropria
tion act for the fiscal year 1015,
$100,000; and the limit of cost of
(the construction of said hospital
and accessory buildings Is hereby
fixed at 500,000: Provided, that the
conclusion reached by said commis
sion on the question of location of
said hospital shall be final and conclusive."
Is One of Four States in the
Union Producing This
Hopes every man and woman
adopts this splendid
Why la man and woman, half the
time, feeling nervous, despondent, wor
ried; some days headachy, dull and un
strung; some days really Incapacita
ted- by Illness.
If we all would practice inside-bathing,
what a gratifying change would take
place. Instead of thousands of half
sick, anaemic-looking souls with pasty,
muddy complexions we should see crowds
of happy, healthy, rosy-cheeked people
everywhere. The reason is that the hu
man system doe not rid Itself each day
of all the waste which It accumulates
under our present mode of living. For
every ounce, of food and drink taken Into
the system nearly an ounce ox waste
material must be carried outs le It
ferments and forms ptomaine-like pois
ons, which are absorbed into the blood.
Just as necessary as It is to clean
the ashes from the furnace each day.
before the fire will burn bright and
hot, so we must each morning clear
the Inside organs of the previous day's
accumulation of Indigestible waste and
body toxins. Men and women, whether
sick or well, are advised to drink each
morning, before breakfast, a glass of
real hot water with a teaspoonful of
limestone phosphate in it, as a harm
less means of washing out of the stom
ach, liver, kidneys and bowels the In
digestible material, vAste, sour, bile and
toxins; thus cleansing, sweetening and
purifying the entire alimentary canal
before putting more iooa into me stom
Millions of people who had uwir turn
at constipation, bilious attacks, acid
siomzu" - - - '
nights have become real cranks about
the morning msiae-Dam. a quarter
pound of llmeston phosphate will not
cost much at the drug store, but Is suf
ficient to demonstrate In any one. Its
cleansing, sweetening and freshening ef
fect upon tno system. jyavu
f Iii SIGHS' f
I Eg Eil555iB
1218-1220 F Street
Telephone M. 7604
jfifl, LOANS
rtelM. Vs. (.outh end of Hlxhway Brldco.
FT automobllta from ttb and D its. nw.
Exercises at New High School to tfe
Held February 15 and 16.
The dedication of Central High
School has been set for February
The first day of the celebration is
to be devoted to the formal dedication,
while the second will be left to the
alumni and students.
A musical program and a number
of addresses have been announced
Members of the Board of Education
are to be among the speakers the first
evening. Hundreds of alumni from all
over the country are expected to be
present at the exercises. The student
body is working on a program 'to be
Maryland Is one of the four States
In the Union which produces chromic
iron ore. California and Oregon
boast the largest mines, but Mary
land .and Wyoming are next.
Two years ago there was one small
mine in the United States, situated
in, Shasta county. Cat. The output In
1014 was less than 1,000 long tons.
The output foe 1016 Is well over
35,000 tons.
Even in the face of large imports,
SS.C01 long tons in the first ten
months of the. year, the home prod'
uct has Increased.
It Is interesting to note that the
J price abroad for the imported mate
Irlal averages $12.66 a ton, while the
home product, ore containing 40 per
cent of chromic oxide,' has for some
time been quoted at $13 to $16 a ton.
Chromic ore Is used chiefly In
1 chemistry and metallury. It la used
extensively In the manufacture of
colors of dyes. It also Is an efficient
refractory material for lining, fur
naces, making chrome Crick, and steel
alloys, for which tCere is a largely
increasing demnd.
Defendant Attorneys Await
Finding of Virginia Court
of Appeals.
operation .of the road was not begun
until December. -1012. .
Tho Old Dominion claimed that be
cause of the delay It was forced to
rent steam locomotive and .trains and
v...i.- ..nA a Inn AT Sai.227.
which, it was claimed, offset tae bal
ance due the wesungnouso .-.
The Westinghouse company is being,
for $81,652, with Interest from Attest
7.1012. "
The Court of Appeals of Virginia at
Richmond la expected to hand down
an early decision in the $100,000 suit of
the Westinghouse Electric and Manu
facturing Company against the Wash
ington 'and Old Dominion railway.
Final arguments were made Wed-
reEday by Attorney Wilton J. Lara-1
bert and Senator Thomas S. MartJnN
aided by C. v. Meredith and Judge C.
r NIcoI. for the Old Dominion, and
Edward Garrett, of Leesburg, and
Eppa Hunton, of Richmond, aided by
E. E. Jackson, 'for tho Westinghouse
The suit was begun in the 'Loudoun
county court, at Leesburg," by tho
Westinghouse company more than a
ear ago, being based on the alleged
failure of the Old Dominion to pay
InvfulUfor $122,087 worth of material
bought from the Westinghouse com
pany 'for the electrification of the
steam road between Bluemont, Wash
ington, and Alexandria. It waa al
leged that the Old Dominion actually
paid only $40,435 of the $122,087.
The Old Dominion alleged the
Westinghouse company had contract
ed to deliver the material so that elec
tric operation of the road could be
begun July 1, 1912, but on account of
alleged failure of the Westinghouse
company to deliver on time, electric
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Itching Scalp, Gray Hairs,'
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ness, irayneaa and dandruff.
m.- - fc. ia. Interfered with the.
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ful and Invlwrattnr balr treatments known
Iml formula.
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ParUlan Sase Into my scalp." ar w
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Jr admired. This stope Itching scalp, keep
uie balr from falling out and makes it easy
to dress attractively.
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of this Inexpensive French hatrlressuuc from
O'Donnell's Drur Store and drucslsts very
,a wtth nunntea of aatlsfactloa or
money refunded. Advt. - . .
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Majestic Brand 240
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Green Bag a great favorite in the
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