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rrr?T""TiT1 rnrrTrf
Secretary of Labor Wilson, and Daniel
IVHIard had labored almost Inces
tantlr since earl, Tr'iday lEht wllhl 5"?' J '"'" "
the four brotherhood chls and the
conference committee of railroad man
An official of the railroad brother
hoods v. ho would not permit the use
of his name made the (Tat declaration
that there would be no trike and that
the brotherhoods had won a complete
W. U. Lee. chief of the trainmen
and spokesman or The brotherhood
chiefs, asserted that he believed an
amicable settlement of all the differ
ences would be leached by Monday.
Mr. Lee'a reassuring statement
came after he was Informed that
many members of the four brother
hoods In Ohio, West vircinla. Penn
sylvania. and Illinois, failing to recele
word of the postponement of the
Mrlke, actually had quit work. Hi'
said he was not surprised at this. In
asmuch as there mi fo little time
less than three hours In which to
communicate with the men.
ot Talking; Idly."
"That t-liould be sufficient proof of
the fact that we were not talking Idly
when we aid all our members would
obey the strike order,' said Mr. Lee
We knew they -nould every one of
It was agreed with the lallroads.
he added, that In tbt event'of any of
the men falling to receive word nf the
chance In toe situation and Kolng on
strike, the railroads fchoiild not at
tempt to discipline them In any way
Mr Lee said he was confident the ml."
understanding would be straightened
out. and that those who had left their
places would return to work.
The optimism of Leo was not
Miared by the railroad managers
While no statement was forthcoming
from them. It was asserted that the
settlement of the differences was en
tirely contingent upon a decision by
the Supreme Court favorable to the
Adamson law.
Statement by Lane. "'
The following brief statement, sign
ed by Secretary Lane and the other
mediators, was issued
"At our request, and out of an ap
preciation of the national situation.
the, brotherhoods and the railroad
managers have resumed negotiations,
and in the hope that some adjustment
may be had that will avoid the neces
i-lty of a strike, the brotherhoods hate
wired, or telegraphed their general
chairmen, asking th it all action be
postponed for forty-eight hours. And
unless prior to that time advised of
a settlement, the men will leave the
service under the authority alrcudy
Tke mediators immediately retired
to absolute seculslon. They had had.
no sleep since they left Washington
at 4 o'clock Friday afternoon, and
were determined to make up their
much needed rest. '
Neither would the managers have
anything to say, Ellsha Lee, chair
man, sent out word that anything re
garding the definite postponement
submitted by the mediators 'must
come from that body.
President Wilson's offer, conveyed
by the mediators. Is a carefully guard
cd secret Not even an Inkling of
what form It took was announced.
Questions which took every shape
and form from an open ultimatum
from the President to a patriotic ap
peal were answered with the ready
reply; "Absolutely nothing to sa"
Gomprra on Scene.
Samuel Gompers, president of the
American Federation pf Labor, one of
the four mediators, did not arrive in
this city until last night, explaining
that he had been at Atlantic City and
dfd not learn that his presence was
desired here until yesterday after
noon. While It was generally understood
that a tentative agreement had been
reached, all who participated In the
(inferences maintained silence 'until
Mr. Lee made his statement.
From other sources regarded as au
thoritative. It was learned, however,
that three Important considerations
entered Into the regotiatiuns. These
Pressure of public opinion against
the strike.
The possibility of a decision tomor
row by the Supreme Court on the
constitutionality of the Adamson
eight-hour law
a prupoaai mat me railroads ac
cept the brotherhoods' "interpreta
tlon of the law In the event of Its
being upheld
Mr Lee admitted that the possibil
Ity of a decision by the Supreme
Court Monday had been discussed, as
"well a the Interpretation to be placed
upon the law bv both sides to the
Forecast for the District of Colum
bia Probably cloudy and colder to
Hght. temperature about freezing;
Monday fair.
For Maryland Fair tonight, and
Monday; little change in tempera
tures l'or Virginia Fair tonight and Sun.
da, little change in temperatures.
Tempera ture.
S a in SU
' a m .TJ
Jo a in -12
11 a m -tr.
12 noon -11
1 p m -I.1
" p. m .-i -12
Tide Table.
High tides. 3.05 a.m., height 2.l
:',:i p. in., height -..
Low tides. '...Ml . m.. height n.l
In 13 p. in., height 0.2
Sun and Moon Tahle.
Sun rose 0:15 a. in.
Sun sets 'li:IM p.m.
Moon rises R:ll a m.
Moon sets 1.1U p m.'
Light automobile lamps fi 4" p m.
Increased confidence that the
threatened nation-wide railroad strike
will be averted was manifest at the
White House today after receipt by
the President of a detailed report
from Secretaries Lane and Wilson of
their work In bringing ahoufca truce.
The President refrained, however,
from making a, formal statement, lie
rested on the 'statement Issued last
night. In the form of a telegram to
the railroad and brotherhood leaders,
in which he said.
"I am exceedingly glad that the
conferences Kate been reopened and
that the prospect of a settlement
looks brighter.
"I hope most earnestly, for the sake
of all concerned, and most of all for
the sake bf the nation, that the two
parties will continue to draw closer
together and that a little further con
ference will lead to the result the
whole country hopes for and expects."
Detafta Are Withheld.
Details of the reports received from
Secretaries Lane and Wilson were not
ghen out. Secretary of War llaker,
chairman of the council of national
defense, was at his desk early this
morning. He had remained at his
office late last night.
Secretary Baker has kept In con
stant telegraphic and telephonic com-
People of Blacksburg Defer
Festivities As Incident
of Shooting.
(Continued -from First Tage.)
Illd section of Virginia, and It Is
doubtful If there was anyone more
papular than young Btockton Heth.
The Vawters, Jus married, came
here fifteen years ago. Mrs. Vawter,
who was Miss Henderson, of Salem,
near Itoanoke, had long been famed
as one of Virginia's beauties. They
soon had hosts of friends. They hava
tw children, a boy of ten and a girl
of eight.
Funeral ToU.
The warm friendship, of the people
for both families has precluded the
sharp division of opinion that usually
follows such cases. There is no dis
position to take the outside world
Into the confidence of Dlacksburg; In
fact, there la an apparent effort to ro
municatlon with Secretaries Lane and , trlct ,nr details of the case to the
Wilson, and has kept the President proper authorities,
fully advised by telephone of the ac-, The funeral of young Stockton Heth
tititle. of the mediators. was "j'W this afternoon at Radford.
n,. .!. .ii.n ,r ,-iuTi'tlie old family home. The father.
by officials watching developments Capt. Stockton Heth. a veteran of the
here to.the statement by W. O. Lee. t civil w arrived from California jes
head ofihe trainmen and spokesman t terday. aj Clement Heth, an officer
in lilt" unuru siairi nnnjr, u uiuwin
of Stockton, and two sisters, -with
whom the young man had lived upon
the family estate, Whltethorne, near
Iilacksburg, were present.
time and tried to prevent the profes
sor from shooting.
"Standing on the step next the top.
taking effect In Heth's abdomen.
Bernard Williams, a Virginia Poly
technic Institute student, rooming In
tne house, was aroused by the souno.
of voices.
ton Heth, Jr., do not wish to discus
before the public the facts In connection i
with hi, death, but Inasmuch as coun-
Prof. Vawter fired three shots, Jnll'sel for the accused hae made the state
ment that he had been guilty of a be
trayal of friendship, they feel It Is only
Just and proper to state that from their
In estimations, the evidence shows stock
Railroad Congestion May Bring
Want to People of
for the four brotherhoods, that he be
lieved an agreement averting the
strike will be reached by Monday. ,
Determined, on Vengeance,
Clement Heth today declared that
his family would leave nothing un
done to see. that justice was obtained,
lie expressed anger ove published
stories concerning the character of
his dead brother.
Meeting Tomorrow Will Discuss1 ;We have L".olutel: f"nk
-,1b, V.VIVWM, SBb hm ...
Means of Aiding Trac
tion Strikers.
society women of Washington pre
pared today to manifest fn practical
form their sympathy for striking
street car men and their families.
A meeting hag been called for II
o'clock tomorrow morplng at the
home of Mrs. Charles Kdward Rus
sell. 1U.!5 Fifteenth street northwest.
Plans will be made to boycott lines
of the Washington Railway and elec
tric Company.
Traffic on the Mt. Pleasant line
would be particularly hard hit If a
boycott Is called. This line runs
through Connecticut avenue, Dupont
Circle and Columbia road.
"Women and children are made to
suffer." said Mrs. Russell. "We plan
to do all we can to stop this suffer
ing. "The company has no right to em
ploy strike breakers here at high
wages while its loyal employes are
thrown out of work and treated unjustly."
Wies and families or striking
'and we have beenoldlng nothing
back. We are disturbed as much as
others over the Incidents that led up
to the events of Monda? night, and I
have 'been unabje to learn any more
than la already known. The state
ment I gave out In Itoanoke following
the death of my brother was correct.
He died before he could tell more."
The statement referred to contained
the declaration of the dying man that
"Mr. Vawter" had shot him.
Clement Heth has announced that
he will take an active part .in con
Junction with Commonwealth Attor
ney Roof. In the prosecution of Vaw
ter. A. I. Harless, one of the attorneys
retained by Prof. Vawter, has an
nounced that the accused will take
the stand at his trial In May and tell
the Jury a story so sensational and
dramatic that there will be doubt of
his acquittal.
"Prof. Vawter himself will take the
jUand," said Mr. Harless. "and he will
the jury of the circumstances which
led" to the killing of Stockton Heth. I
again make the statement that there
Is no Jury In the country which would
convict a man for doing what Vawter
did. He shot to kill and to preserve
When he heard the shots ton was not only not cullfr of such an
he rushed out into the hall, and there offense, but there Is nothing on which
found Prof. Vawter standing over the accused can properly base a plea of
Heth with the revolver Inlils stand, the 'unwritten law.'"
Williams was dispatched for the doe- Professor Vawter I at liberty under
tors. He nrst got Dr. William F. J10.0CO ball.
uvuuenun, oi me canege, ana later
Dr. P. D. Elliott. He siood on the
sidewalk, shouting for Dr. Elliott.
asleep In the upper story of his druu
store, and his yells awakened L. P.
Hill, another student. Hill hurrjefty1
urrsseu Rim rusneq lo me street,
catching up with Williams a going
to. me nouse or I'ror. vawter.
"When he arrived he found the pro
fessor still standing near the body of
Heth. The doctors followed a little
later, and Heth was taken to the col
lege Infirmary, and later to Itoanoke.
While Professor Vawter was.standing
wtih the pistol In his hand, a door
down the hall opened and little Char
ley Vawter, white faced and trem
bling, appeared.
'"Papa," he iald, 'shall I take
Rachel tp Aunt Virginia's house?'
"'So,' answered bis. father. 'Go
back to bed"
lrsere Strlrt Silence.
Prof. Vawter and his wife, besieged
by newspaper men and some friends,
are maintaining the strictest silence.
Courteous always, they refuse to dis
cuss the circumstances which led up
to the affair. Prof. Vawter Is said to
'have expressed displeasure at the ac
count of the affair given In several
newspapers, but Is not willing to' con
firm or deny ony reports. Prof. Vaw
ter s a small man, much below me
dium stature. He Is quick and ener
getic of action. He has brown eyes
and Is slightly bald?. Yesterday, for
the first time since the shooting, hu
appeared before his classes. In hi
accustomed manner he gave his stu
dents assignments and dismissed j
mem iur me usy.
Mrs. Vawter spends nearly all her
time at home with the children, and
a pitiful Incident of the case Is re
ported to be her efforts to keep them
from understanding.
"Father shot a burglar." she Is re
ported to have told the children, "and
you mustn't play with the girl and
boys for a while."
The Heth 'family has Issued the fol
lowing statement in answer to state
ments that the shooting was justified
under a "sanctity of home" pica:
In the hours of their tragic bereave
ment the family and friends of Stock-
Railroad congestion, north and
south of .Washington, Incidental to
the impending strike threatened the
city today with a serious food short
age. Freight transportation on the
Baltimore and Ohio system Is at a
standstill. No freight has been
moved since 7 o'clock last night.
Officials of the Southern Railway
and the Pennsylvania lines, while
stating that thalr roads have not as
yet been affected by the strike anil
that their freight is being amoved
with all rapiaity, do not deny that
several hundred carloads of perish
able foods are lying on the Southern's
tracks Ip the Potomac yard'. These
cars have destinations over the. Penn
sylvania's lines.
When asked today If it was true
that the Pennsylvania railroad re
fuses to accept these loaded cars for
transportation, officials of the South
ern evaded the query by stating that
up to this time there has been n
unusual halt In the movement of
freight on their lines. Pennsylvania
officials were equally reticent con
cerning the halting and prospective
stagnation of this large food supply.
llnor officials of the Southern,
however, admitted that the longer the
movement of these cars Is delayed the
more serious becomes the question of
sending freight through the com
pany's Potomac freight yards ner
Alexandria. This condition, they ex
plained, assuredly menaces the food
supply from the South.
. - .
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I in
street car men hae been Invited to y,,, ,anctlt y of hll home
attend the meeting, rians ror neiP-. u took prof. vawter four hours to
tell his lawyers the long train of clr-
Ing strikers and their families will be
mapped out.
The committee, organized yesterday
under the leadership of Mrs. Denton
MacKaje and Mrs. Russell, Is com.
posed of Mrs. Anns. Zon, Dr. Anna Pol
lock, Mrs. Marie Manning Gasch, Mrs.
Adelaide Nea1e, and Mrs. John L.
cumstances which led up to, the shoot
ing. Many rumors are current In Iilacks
burg concerning the shooting of Heth.
and the following account was told
by a man who was on the scene with
in forty-five minutes after It had oc
curred: Prnf Vwtr with fr T'awtar
FOUND TRAMP HEN. and his two children, and the wives
ATLANTA, March IS. The rods of of three professors, arrived at the
a rambling box car brought to J. W. i'"r "" " "' aner 10 ociock
Bradley an unusual but most accept
able present, 5
Bradley, who Is a car Inspector for
the Southern Railway, was going
Monday night from an entertainment
given In the village. Prof. Vawter
took the three ladles home and re
turned to his house, putting up his
m.J.t.lnA II.. 1-.....n M.. UK- . .
about hi. work lo the cold gray dawn h ',?,' '.""a" - -
when he saw some kind of a owl f , t, ,b
perched on the rods of a freight carlt0 eU j d '
of a train which was just pulling In i
from Ilirmlnirliam. He investigated ! Was Invited to Stay.
4and found a fat. sleek and thoroughly He WM invited to stay all night
'" I "," T because sWs oalnd accepted the invitation. About
tine a bird ' i midnight the three retired (o their
How for the hen had ridden on Its respective chambers, Prof, and Mrs.
chilly perch and where she boarded j Va'w ter In one room and Heth In the
the train remains a mystery.
guest room, acoss the hall. At about
2 o'clock Stockton Heth and I'ror
Vuwter. both clad In pajamas, met In
the hallway between the rooms.
"Thero was a quarrel. Prof. TBw-.
ter was heard to say something about
getting his revolver. He went down
Ucause the War Department re
riiirc-s the immediate use of the ur
mory, the bazaar and fair now b Inv
c-ondurtfd In Ilalttnior fnr the bene
fit of the allied powers will close to-1 the stairs Into thu library and re
morraw night. It was originally plan , turned Heth was standing at th
n-d J" 1",'1 the fair Tuesday night, i top of the steps, apparently unable
Reports from th financial committee j to believe that Prof. Vawter would
,liu' tliut ahimt S'J.VI CMMI linn ht.t-n ' t-r v nut tlit, llir.,1 Mpu v,i. 1.1
--- - - . -..-.. . . j .... .... ......... ... ,,.. ,.,, VI
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