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Department of Interior Supplies
Agricultural Program for
Home Tillers.
Following is a schedule for summer'
rardecine furnished The Times by the ,
Department of the Interior. Every one .
Intending to (rrow a garden this sum-'
mer should clip this schedule and keep J
It for refereoce. j
Transplant cabbage and lettuce plants
from plant frame or cold frame to ear
den. Transplant tomato, pepper and egg
plant from flats or hotbeds to plant
frames or cold frames.
Transplant some lettuce plants to hot
bed In schuol for early crop. (Hlace
plants 1 foot apart each way.)
Sow In eed beds of hardy perennial
flowers, such as columbine, platycodon,
pinks, hardy larkspur, coreopsis, oriental
Popples, pinks, hardy carnations, gaillar
dias. Sow in seed beds eeda of hardy bi
ennials, such as foxgloves, canterbury
hells, hollyhock, sweet William, wall
Prepare flower borders: spade the soil
deeply and mix in quantities of well
rotted manure.
Plant garden peas (wrinkled variety),
spinach, mustard, radish, beet, turnip,
rarrot. onion and parsley seeds In gar
den. Keep oll between rows mellow.
Watch for English sparrows.
Transplant late tn April tomato,
pepper, and eggplant from plant
frame or cold frame to garden.
Bed sweet potato In plant frame.
Sow celery seeds in plant frame.
Transplant annual flower plants
into flower borders.
Transplant dahlia and snapdragon
plants into flower borders.
Plant summer flowering bulbs.
Plant beans, Swiss chard, kohlrabi,
carrots, parsnips, salsify, corn, cu
cumbers, melons, squash, and okra.
Sow seeds of alyssum, cosmos, mig
nonette, and nasturtium In flower
Keep soil between rows mellow.
Saray for insect enemies.
Plan for disposing o various crops.
fare for lettuce plants In hotbed..
Car for aweet potato plants In
plant frame.
Sow seeds of brusscls sprouts in
plant fraii.
Plant beans, pumpkins, ar.d corn.
Keep soil between rows mellow.
Spray for insect enemies.
Harvest and replant crops prompt
Transplant sweet potato plants
from plant frame to garden.
Sow tomato, cabbage, and collard
seeds in plant frame for fall crop.
(Son' tomatoes in early June. Sow
cabbage and collard! in late June).
Sow seeds of hardy perennials In
hotbeds. Shads plants with screens
made of slats.
Transplant in seed bed haidy per
ennial flower plants and place plants
six to twelve Inches apart both ways.
Plaril beans, corn. s
Prune spring flowering shrubs and
vines after flowers have fallen
Plant dahlia roots.
Keep sail between rows mellow.
Spray for insect enemies and plant
Harvest and replant cropt promptly.
Transplant plants of brussels
sprouts from plant frame to garden.
Plant Irish potatoes, beans, corn,
carrots, and rutabaga.
Keep soil between rows mellow.
Spray for insect enemies and plant
Arrange for a canning demonstra
tion. Harvest and replant crops promptly.
DIM Pennsylvania avenue.
March 0, 101"
Charles F. Xesbit,
Washington, D. C.
Dear Sir Your name appears in
this evening's paper as leading
the movement for home gardens.
Perhaps I could be of some serv
ice in some way, merely as a
worker. My time is occupied
through the day managing'
store, and I have no land or back
yard, to cultivate.
However, I have an Interest in
the movement, and If there are
any meetings to be had to discuss
same, would like to be present.
I have done farm work for sev
eral years, .and would enjoy a lit
tle plowing or cultivating outside
of store hours for recreation only.
Would be "pleased to hear of any
one taking this up. Tours very
truly, E. W1NNE.
Grecian Girdles
Paris says so they are there
fore, here. Jewel studded, some.
All are artistic, many exquisite.
Price $1.00 to $12.00.
Street Floor Jewelry Dept.
HOURS: 9 A. M. TO 6 P. M.
Laces to Treasure
Real' Laces, now so scarce-, treas
ured as heirlooms in families pos
sessing them. A eale extraordi
nary here tomorrow of just such
Street Floor Main Aisle.
1 Jm
fir Pla&L
Many Washingtonians An
nounce Intention to Strive for
Share of $100 Gold.
Letters announcing today's entrants
In The Times garden contest for the
$100 gold awards include the follow
Garden Editor of The Times.
Sir Kindly list me as a contestant
for "best garden" contest for garden
In rear of my residence.
613 Qulncy St. N. W.
Transplant tomato, collard, cab
bage, and 'celery plants from plant
frame to garden.
Sow seeds of lettuce and end,c In
plant frame.
Plant beans. bets. parsley, kohl
rabi, carrots, turnips, and garden
peas (smooth variety).
Keep soil between rows mellow. .
Spray fur insect enemies snd plant
Harvest and replant crops promptly.
Transplant lettuce and endive
plants in plant frame to garden.
Sow seeds of lettuce, endive; and
cabbage in plant frame.
Hoot cuttings of ruses.
Plant spinach, kale, mustard, win
ter radish, carrots, onion sets, and
ci lmson clot er.
Spray for insect enemies snq plant
Garden Editor, The Times:
Sir: Please place us In your garden
contest. We have a lot in rear of our
fire truck house. Eighth street, be
tween D and E southeast, on which
we are colnr to try to reduce the cost
of living.
N'o. 7 Truck Co.. D. C. F. D.
Garden Editor, Washington Times.
Sir I wish to contest for money
prizes offered by The Times for best
gardens In the District of Columbia.
My garden will be located at 3S10
Georgia avenue northwest, and de
voted to the growing of sweet corn,
tomatoes, string beans, lettuce, beets,
lima beans, radishes, etc
Sail Well Conditioned.
Garden -Editor, The Times.
Sir I am very anxious to .enter in
the contest of the garden growers. I
have a fine back yard which I have
cultivated and got In fine condition
for garden. I am going to plant
early, such as early sugar corn, peas,
tomatoes, string beans, onions, rad
ishes, potatoes, cucumbers, lettuce,
and later some late corn and potatoes.
621 I street southwest.
Garden Editor. The Times:
Dear Sir: I wish to contest for
money prizes to be ottered by your
paper for best vegetable gardens. My
garden will be located at 121 Seaton
street northeast.
Accepts Tinea Invitation.
Garden Editor, The Times.
Sir: I would like to enter the con
test for the best gardens, as men
tioned In The Times of March 14. My
garden- will be on ground owned by
my father in the vicinity of Twenty
sixth and Hamline streets northeast.
235 Rhode Island Ave. N. E.
Garden Editor. The Times:
Sir: I wish to enter the contest
for the prizes you offer In today's
Issue of The Times for the b'st back
yard garden. The bacu yard to be
turned Into a garden Is at my resi
dence at 61 K street nonnwest.
Garden Editor. The Times:
Sir: Please accept me as a com
petitor in your prize contest on gar
dening; that Is, if you take amateurs.
S.".9 Rittenhouse St.
Trimmed Hats
$5and $6
Important Pre-Easter Sale Tomorrow
The Palais RoyaJ Millinery chief, just
from New York, reports a large and ad
vantageous purchase. On sale tomorrow.
Can 'suc,h hats be duplicated at the prices
S5 and $6? Certain that some of them cannot.
I Choice of Sailor and Mushroom shapes,
hemp and lacquered chip. Trimmed with fac
ings,' grosgrain ribbon, brocades, feathers, frills,
1 flowers and wreaths.
Notions at Special Prices
Lining . Satins
Special Prices for Monday.
2Se quality, 21 e yard.
33c quality, 2c yard.
43e quality, 30e yardl
Standard quality. All yard
wide in a complete assortment of
the wanted lining shades. Also
high class for fancy wolk.
i:zlra Special
10c Lining Cambrics. One liny
Only. Xr Yd.
23-inch full count Cotton Lining
Cambric, in all the wanted culors:
plenty of black.
80c Floral Irint Saline. 3Sr Yd.
Yard Wide, heavy satin quality
fancy Satlne. white grounds with
handsome floral print design.
Pink, LL Blue, Hello, and Mais
I'.itra Special
$1.23 Brocaded and Printed Satins,
Mr Yd.
Yard wide, extra heavy satin
quality Lining Satin, in a hand
some range of Brocade and Flora!
Print effects, and all the wanted
lining shades. Extra Special, bOe
Extra Specul
ate Black Lining Satlne, 14c Yd.
30-Inch heavy satlne. lustrous
quality, a very desirable lining
'satlne. In fas black only 14c yd.
Plain and Brocade Venetians,
53c Yd.
32 Inches wide, satin finish Ven
etian Lining, in plain and brocade
effects. In all the wanted lining
-Palais Hoyal Second Floor.
Each 14e
. -Tc
.1c Cabinet Hair Pins.. 3 for 7e
5c Paper Pins, good qualUy S for 7c
:3c Bone'llair Pins, box - 10c
13c Hook Pins, best quality.... , 13c
Ic Dutch Linen Tape . 3 for 7e
1-c :4-d. Tape, white onl Each 10c
Sc Bias Seam Tupe 3 for 7e"
luc Colored Tapes. 6 ids. to piece 3 for 13e
Sic Sanitary Belts. Lach ,
Sic sanitary Napkins. LHizen
10c Sew-on Gaiters. Pair ,
I-.'c Best -Sewing Silk. 100 yards. 1 doz
18c Seam Binding, assorted colors.
21c Prussian Binding, blaclj. white..
iuc ueionc jiuuK-i.yes. iuru. ........ ....
luc IIook-Kyc Tape, black, white, yard....
joe Snap rasteners. tara...... ..............c
15c All-over Hair Nets 3 for 3Se
lie Delight Cape Shape 1alr Nets 3 for S3e
Sc Iron Holders....". 3 for 7e
5c Tomato-P.ln Cushions. ..... ........2 for 7e
6c Buttle Best Machine Oil 3 for 7e
Sc Itibbon Wire, black, white : lor 7c.
S5c Boys' Knee Protectors. Pair..... We
:5c Electric Curlers. S on card ...17c
Sc Linen Corset Laces. 5 yds 3 for "e
5c Collar Supporters, 6 on card 3 for Tc
Sc Silk Hair Nets , 3 for 10c
Sc Stocking Darners, assorted colors 3 for 7c
10c Dust Caps, assorted colors. Each ..7c
Sc Shoe Trees, good quality 3 for 7e
S9c Best Quality Steel Scissors. Pair 43c
10c Nickel Coal Hangers 4 for 33e
Sc Wooden Coat Hangers. Each .....3c
Sc Trousers Hangers., 3 for 7c
10c Wooden Folding Coat Hangers. Bach Tc
19c Green Braided Coat-Trousers Hangers ...ISe
12c Laundry Wax. with wooden handles. Dozen.... 7e
Sc Collar Bands, for men's, shirts 2 far 7e
29c Tourist Combination Cases. Each ......31e
Sc Emeries, cotton covered. . ... 3 for 7e
Sc Celluloid Thimbles, assorted colors 2 for 7e
Sc Mercerized Darning Cotton 3 for 7e
Sc Mllward Needles, ajl sizes 3 for 7c
Linings, Trimmings, But I
tons .and Notions at
Special Sale Prices.
Buttons, Laces.
Rosebud Trimming.
and combinations.
39c Satin
solid colors
34c ard.
39c Silk Tassels. In staple and
all the new colors, with metal and g
bead tops.. 33c. each.
50c Buttons. In Ivory and cellu--loid.
suit, dress and coat size.
black and all the popular colors.
Best quality Silk Soutache
Braid, one of the season's most
desirable trimmings for nllk.
georgette, and woolen materials;
black, white, and all colors. 12-
yd. piece. 33c. ' ,
Silk, Cord Girdles, with, tassel
ends; all colors: 2',i yds. long. 47e
rack. fj
Fiber Silk Braid, with plain's
center and Persian border, used
for sweater girdles: 5Vi in. wide. a
39c yard.
Silk Embroidered Banding, in
Oriental colors, with a touch of
gold: Z In. wide. 73c'yard. SJ
Silk Embroidered Medallions, In sa
beautiful colorings; effective de-
signs. 33c each. sj
'10c Pearl Buttons. Z and 4 eye;
large, medium, and small to m
match r 3 to 6 on card. 3 cards far
33c. H
Palaja r.oyal Street Floor. pa
I An Important Sale of Beautiful Laces
1,260 Yards of Rare, Real Hand-made Laces and 4,300 Yards of the Most Interestingly
Handsome and Exauisite Tvne of Loom-made and Semi-needle Made Laces.
Laces of rich, rare quality that It would be well-nigh Impossible to duplicate today, made by English,
Irish ahd European Lace Workers, whose ancestors ofttlmes for generations back have been lace workers.
Including wonderfully charming and pretty laces, from Alencon, Brussels, and Antwerp: Chantllly and
Spanish laces, embroidered Saxony aqd Tambour laces. Dutch laces. Ypres and fine flat Point Venlse laces, and a
wonderful assortment of strikingly rich Viennese bands. Motifs and Borders, some with the Vandyke point edge.
The Palais Royal has long been noted for fine laces and ornamental needle work.
This unusual collection goes on sale Monday at. In most cases, a fraction of the value today. Many of
these sets are broken, the edge or Insertion Is gone, and we are unable to duplicate them 'and keep up th
stock, therefore we are offering tfcem tomorrow at H price and even leao than half price tor qnlrk clearance.
A wonderful opportunity and just tn time for spring and summer dreumaklng. Recent Paris Model Gowns
of Callot and Jenny, feature laces of similar type to these and fine laces promise to be decided"? In vogue this
oeason for tnnuainga, neckwear, etc..
Lot No. 2 $5.98 Yd.
Lot No. 1 $9.98 Yard.
Originally Sold at from $12.98
to $25.00 Yard.
L'0-inch Real Cluny' Allover.
10-Inch Real Cluny Pointed Edge.
7-Inch Real Point de Bayeaux.
6-incb. Real Duchess and Rose
6-Inch Real Baby Irish.
S-lnch Real Duchess Edge.
6-Inch Real Point enlse Edge.
7-Inch Real Point Venlse Band.
18-Inch Real Baby Irish Allover.
t) CQ yard for Black Silk and Va
9t)t7 rlous White Laces; original
ly J3.50 to' J6.50 yd.
1 CQ yard for Black Silk and Va
i&l,OZ rlous White; originally 12.50
to 3.98 yd.
Originally Sold at $7.98 to
3-Inch Real Venlse Band.
6-Inch Real Baby Irish Edge.
lU-inch Real Rose Point Edge.
6-Inch Real Irish Point.
7-Inch Real Baby Irish .Band.
8 Inch Real Baby Irish Edge.
'18-Inch Real Princess Allover.
(51 QQ yard for Various White
OJL.OI Laces, to 10 Inches wide;
nrlrlnallv S2.S0 to 13.98 vd.
i DCn yard for Black Silk Laces and QQ 'r"J
t UOC various White Laces; original- Ou, Edi
i lr zi.50 to W.9S yd.
Lot No. 3 $2.98 Yd.
Originally Sold at $3.98 to
$5.98 Yd.
20-inch Llerre Allover.
20-Inch Princess.
6-Inch Baby Irish Edge.
S-inch Baby Irish Band.
4-lncJi Irish Point Edge.
3-inch Princess Band.
ratals Royal Street Floor.
CQ yard for 1 to 10 Inch Mercer
Utl Ized and other Laces; orig
inally tl.OO to 12.00 yd.
ror .oveu
Laces; originally" S)c to
75c vd.
QTT ISQ $1.35 satin c -j no i
A Special Price For Monday's Sale.
Colors for street and evening wear. Including Ivory, Cream.
Pink. Lleht Blue. Mais. Nile. Reseda. Rose. Emerald. Russian.
Havan. African. Copenhagen. Belgian. Pearl, Steel. Nickel. Taupe. .
Tan. Biscuit. Chartreuse, uold, wistaria. Turquoise, iieno. ugm
itavy. uark Navy, and Black.
Chiffon Taffeta. S1.33
Yard-wide soft chiffon
finish Dress Taffeta, for
dresses, Twalstsa and trim
mings, in a complete assort
ment of street and evenlnx
' shades, including several
changeable effects navy
blues and black.
Sport Poplin. SUM Yard
40-lncbes wide, even weave,
lustrous quality Chiffon
Faille Poplin, for sport salts,
skirts, and trimmings. In
shades of Grey. Gold. Rose,
and Tan. with color combi
nation sport designs.
$1.25 Navy French Serge Q Ce
300 Yards to Distribute at This Price iJ J
42 Inches wide, all wool, flnetwlll dress weight French Serge,
In a true navy blue. The price 83c yard on this 300 yards or
serge Is less than manufacturers- cose price loaay.
Novelty Shepherd Cheeks,
I-iO to.
Hi inches wide, new spring
style, black and white shep
herd checks, with color com
bination over plaids, for suits,
skirts, and trimmings.
Falala Royal Second Floor.
Serge Plaids aad Stripes,
-IS inches wide, all wool,
fine .twill serge, in a band
some assortment (over 25
styles) of color combina
tions for suits, dresses, and
Palais Royal Second Floor.
; SUITS in Basement Store at - $
At the daily midday Lenten services
ii the rhurch of the Epiphany this
week, the following will apeak: The
Rev. W. L. De Vries. Monday: the
Right Rev. john Gardner Murray.
Bishop of Maryland, Tuesday and
I weanesaay. ana tn iiev. Mejson I'.
...r- .,.. , -. Dame. Thursday and Friday. At 4:45
COMMERCE CHAMBER PLEA. 0-cock tomorrow afternoon the Rev.
Trying to bring a large sewing far- Dr. C. Ernest, Smith will speak,
tory here, the Chamber of Commerce I "
last June pledged to pay a year's rent TRIBUTE TO DR. SMILLIE.
for the factor- owner. Of this, less I n,0iutona of sympathy for Miss
than half lias been realized. Letters i,yda SmiJIe. sister of the late Dr.
of appeal have gone out from the i ThoTOas William Smlllle.. official pho-
tographer of the National Museum
manufactures' committee, authorized
to raise the money Joseph Berberlch,
chairman, again calls attention to the
Increase in business at the factory
since iii, wno died Marrh 7, were,
forwarded her today by the Federal
Photographic Society of America.
Suits at $15 are not scarce but is not the price too low for complete reliability? Not if you make
a selection in the Palais Royal Basement Store! Of course you have to see and critically inspect note
the stylas, materials and tailoring of the suits here at S15! Styles include pinch back, plaited and tailored
models, plain tailored and sport styles, of men's wear serge, gabardine, wpol poplin, tweeds and checked "ZZZ
cloths. Note the collars, pockets and the details as in the more expensive suits! I
Hundreds of Silk Dresses at $10.00 to $17.50 and Coats at $5.00 to $15.00. , ,
This Basement Store literally a distinct store witness the Easter Dresses here at the many prices between $10.00
and SI 7.50 and wonder. ,.,--, I
Coat Dresses Sport Styles Empire Dresses Tunic Styles Plaited Dresses Draped Effects Barrel Skirt Styles
Dance Dresses Extra Size Dresses Plain Tailored Dresses Embroidered Styles.
The materials are Chiffon Taffeta and Crepe de Chine, all self-materials or combined with GeorKette Crepe, Silk Faille, Satin and Pongee.
COATS New Spring Styles, at $5.00 and up to $15.00 Short sport styles, long plain single belted styles, high waist, and plainted .
styles, with big collars and over-collars of white broadcloth on silk. There are coats of
In all the new shades of rose, Spanish gold, apple green, Lopcnnagen Diae. Deet, tan, navy, ana disck. oiyics ior misses ana women. .
And every one at a surprise prices alter you have made a critical inspection. .
Silk Dresses vy special $10-00 a
Dance and Evening Dresses in lovely colorings, some
worth twice Sio. Materials are taffetas and nets combined .
over metallic cloth, as well as nets over silk and plain taffeta!
Cl-ir cYirtit. monv ili-ino fflf"pfc nnH nnfTc whi1 nfriirc nr H
l OIVII IJ JIIS1V I14UI11 UIHpb bllWbM M..V. J'....., ......w w..w. u.m
Many piaireu styles, so mucn in ucninnu jusi now wun plain. .
belt slightly above the waistline. Others with regular waist- . Trimmings consist of ribbons, rosebuds, metallic em-
line. Nearly all have white collars. i broidery, nets and laces.
I'alaU Itoynl Dnaement Stare. ' lalaU Itoyal riaiement Store. 2
Dresses $10 to $12.50 values $8.75
Materials! Mohair, Panama Cloth and Sfrge.
Colors Burgundy, Copenhagen, Red, Green, Tan as
well as blues and blacks.
'Basement Store
A score and more of "Bargain Tables" each filled with
dress and home needs at money.saving prices. Five hints below:
att.jMk. -jlPlkw
j: vivivn .i
- - - I
I 5? Record Shop i,r,r I
W Over 60 and lOe Store H
Moire Petticoats
39c .
Black satin stripe, with 14-ln(h
flounce. If houclit and snll In a
regular was the price would he
Tfic. Limited quantity here tomor-
rw at only 30c.
On ilaxcment Store ItarKaln
23c Yd.
New Skirtings In white; stripe
in iroM. blue, black, lose, nml
ureen. checks In fpW. Rreen. ami
blue. 2K Inches
tr yard.
ij foM.
w iflu.
perlal t
Table Covers
Huch Damask Covers, scalloped,
nrdlnarIK- retail at $1.00. Onl
300 of them to distribute. -
" I. -I-- . .,.- Yfl Aala.
On Iiasement Store llariram
Children's Dresses
ee these Wash Presses. "Izes
6 to 1 1 vears. Mothers who kn"v
materials and needlework ill
want to buy an armful or these
dieses. .
On Iiasement htore Bargain
29c Turkish Towels for 17c
5o dozen here tomorrow morning all will be gone be-
fore closing time. To create a fair distribution not more than
i three (3) to each purchaser. Extra heavy, 18x36 inches, with
f pretty pink and blue borders.
Palais lloyal Uaaement Store llarcatn Table.
$1 House Dresses at 69c i
On Sale Tomorrow 312 of Them
f fJsllHif sa-iklHr V
Such dresses come and go in a day 312
here tomorrow morning. Rules of sale at 69c
each not more than three to each purchaser,
none C O. l and no phone orders.
Pictures do not tell you of materials or needle
work but histor tells ou of these periodical
sales in this Basement Store. These particular
dresses are full Sl.oo value.
SIZES 38 TO 46
Choice of Gingham Dresses in plain pink,
blues and browns. Also in stripes and checks.
Note Trimmings of embroideries that will
i ash and come back intact from the laundry.
And note that the needlework is another
Beginning Tomorrow at 9 A. M.
69C for Choice
JSr'And don't forget the score and more of
Bargain Tables each is worth a visit.
PalaU ltoal riaaemrnt Mare.
$ y
1i T B
I k
I if If.
ifl ill a
lfe H
. t
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