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ers. Ocean Steamship Company, pier'
35, North Tlver, Jfew York." '.
Tlie second Was as follows: '
"No news yet of Captain Borum,j
City of Memphis. Shlp'j papers
found today in a biscuit tin in the
captain's boat, which was picked up
11a.m. 16th instant.
"Boat showed signs of hasty aban
donment. discarded overcoats, etc
with bright silk handkerchief at the
masthead as flag, showing boat waa
not abandoned until after daylight.
It is barely possible that all nine of
boat (the captain, four other Amen
cans and four foreigners of crew)
were taken by German submarine.
but moro probably by some friendly
craft havlntr no wireless."
Mr. Lansing refused to comment in
any way on the situation, ana wun
selor Frank L. Polk, on receiving the
newspaper men at tho Mate Depart
ment, dismissed all Inquiries saying.
"Gentlemen, tho situation is too
grave to discuss." "
Agreed on Idea.
Officials seem agreed, on the Idea
that while the 1'resldent would have
no authority himself to declare war
and could not, without authority from
Congress, call for volunteers or un
dertake to send an military ex
pedition to Europe, he can send any
part or all of the American fleet out
to sea to patrol the lanes of commerce
used by American merchantmen snd
convoy vessels through the danger
It is taken for granted. r course,
tr&t any such action as this would
lead te open hostilities and that prac
tically, if not legally, the United
States might well.be at war long be
fore the fromal declaration, is served
by Congress.
City of Memphis Survivor Tells of
Hardship on Cold, Rough Sea.
LONDON, March 10. Shortly be
fore noon today consular report to
the American embassy here declared
that the captain's boat of the tor
pedoed American steamer City of
Memphis was still unaccounted for.
There were eight men in this boat.
In ail, twenty-fourmembers of the
crews ot two or ms-tnree American
ships sunk -by German submarines
were missing today. The three
steamers were the. "Vigllancla, the
City of Memphis and the Illinois. All
the crew of Ule Illinois were" safely
landed. ,
The Vigllancla was struck by a tor
pedo without warning. Lookouts did
not even see the periscope of the sub
marine, nor did the U-boat emerge
from the sea after the ship had been
struckMier death blow.
The City of Memphis was first
struck by shellflre from the subma
line and then sunk by a torpedo.
The men reported missing re:
City of Memphis Captain Borum,
four. Americans and four ether citi
zens of the crew still missing. '
Vigllancla Third mate, fourth en
gineer and thirteen men still miss
ing. Third Engineer Thompson, one, of
the survivors, of the City of Memphis,
said the German submarine cruised
about among the lifeboats bearing
.survivors of the American steamer,
seeking the captain. The U-boat com
mander talked briefly with Captain
Borura ,and then departed, after re
fusing; assistance.
"There was a heavy swell on at
that time," said Thompson, "and to
this was added the discomfort of a
biting cold wind. We all suffered
severely djirlns; the night, and our
boats were separated. Everybody
lost all belongings."
-Attack Submarine With Rifle Fire
and Force Its Withdrawal.
NEW YORK, March 13.Two aero
planes saved the steamer Eastgate
from destruction by driving oft an
attacking submarine near the French
coast, according to the crew of the
rescued steamer, which docked here
The Eastgate was stopped by a shot
across the bow shortly after leaving
t j'sjuce, France. On orders from
the commander of the submarine the
- Kestgate's crew took to the boats.
The submarine was about to launch a
torpedo when the aeroplanes swooped
Into action, attacking the boat with
Tide fire and forcing it to withdraw.
Depart From Artnapolis Academy for
Destinations Which Are Secret.
ANNAPOLIS. Md., March 18. The
work of the post-graduate school at
1be Naval Academy practically came
to an end this morning, temporarily
t least, on account of the detach
ment of seventeen Junior grade lieu
tenants who have been students
there. This leaves only thie or four
fctili in attendance, and their orders
are expected shortly.
The destination of the detached of
ficers is a profound secret, but there
is no doubt they will be used in the
t-cherae devised by the Navy Depart
lnent for tho protection of United
States commerce. Many of tvs of.
llcent left Annapolis during the" day.
The carry graduation of the first
class of midshipmen has become more
probable. This can be ordered by the
Secretary of the Navy at any time.
.. F Ln EberIe- superintendent of
the Academy, is in close touch with
the department. H .i.i. A.i. '
J?nnl.Vi, moveme"n that direc
tion had been made as yet.
hif0 v0?"1 fr ''" "U'rlct of Colum
bia Fair, continued cold tonight
temperature about 2 degrees. Tues-
. V: ' , '": Kentle to moderate
cast wind.
Kor Maryland fair, continued cold
tonight; Tuesday fair, warmer
Kor Virginia Fair tonight with
reezlng temperature. Tuesday, fair,
warmer, moderate north to east
winds. ,
8 a. m. ....A.." 7.... 25
9 a. m ..'.'.', Zo
I" m " ! 30
" m 31
J- noon ai
1 P m .T5
- P- m 37
3 P- 38
Average temperature for this date
r the last 33 year- 13.
Tide Table.
High tides.. 4:14 a.m., height 2.1
4:1S p.m., height 2.5
Low tides.. 10:5. m., height 0.3
11:3!! p.m., height 0.1 -
Sun and Moon Table.
Sun rose 6iM a. m.
8un sets ,.... 6:10 p.m.
Moon rises 3:51 a.m.
Moon sets..., 2:25 p.m.
.Light automobile .lamps 6i4P p.m.
Senators and Congressmen Be
lieve Wilson Should Prompt
ly Issue Call.
News or the sinking of three Amer
ican ships in rapid succession by
German submarines has profoundly
disturbed Congress. Many members
of the Senate and House are in the
city, anu the effectf of tlrS news of the
sinkings on them has been to drlye
from their minds' nearly every vestlgn
of hope that war with Germany can
be averted.
The recent sinking, of the Algon
quin was widely looked, -on as symp
tomatic that Germany Intended to
drive ahead Ip- her submarine war
with reckless disregard of conse
quences and ruthless disregard of the
property rights and lives of neutrals.
Now, the trio of blows at American
shipping has accentuated this fettling
among mer-ocrs or congress mat me
Berlin policy will not' be changed and
that America might 8" well quit
clinging to the hope of peace and
strip for action.
Would Hate Full Backing. t
Strong talk" to the effect that Presi
dent Wilson ought not to wait until
April 1C, but ought to call Congress
at onco in extra session, is heard.
Although the President has called
the extra session for April 10, there
Is noth'lng to prevent him Issuing a
new call for an earlier date. He can,
if need be, call Congress together Im
mediately, allowing only for time for
members to hasten by train to Wash
ington. This last requirements Im
ply one of practicability and the con
venience of members.
In view of the developments, there
Is little question but that the Presi
dent would be backeup to the limit
by a united Congress. The conviction
fhat Congress would have little hesi
tation, as things now stand, ln de
claring War, was noticeable on every
nana today.
Railroad Settlement Is Relief.
Sinking of American vessels, grave
as it is, is viewed as of no greater
Importance in Congress circles than-
the settlement of the railroad contror
versy. The feeling is evident onfall
lianas mai u war must come it can
be faced with comparative equanim
ity if the transportation of the nation
is safe and there is no tie-up of in
dustries. Senator Borah of Idaho, one of the
strongest Of the Republican leaders.
declared that if the situation is as
it appears. Congress ought to be call
ed In extra session within a week.
He said, nothing can b'e done until
Congress assembles except to go for
ward with the armlng'of shins.
"If I were the President. I would
at once summon Congress back to
Washington, and ask it to declare
war against Germany," said Senator
Weeks of Massachusetts. "If the
sinking of three American vessels is
not an overt act I don't know what
you would call it,"
MeCumber la Emphatic.
Several Senators and House mem
bers called attention to the fact two
of the vessels sunk were not headed
for Europe at all, but were coming
toward America In ballast, nd that
this aggravated the offense.
"The sinking of these American
vessels with their attendant loss of
American lives Is an act of war." said
Senator MeCumber efRorth Dakota.
War has been thrust upon us"
declared Senator Poindexter of Wash
Sweeping Changes, Affecting High
Officers, Are Expected.
Bf LT1MORE, March 10. "There will
be important changes In the Mary
land National Guard before many
weeljs are over changes that will
afTect some of ,the higher officers.
There Is to be a complete reorgani
zation of the guard In Marvlsnd. In.
eluding the probable recruiting
up 10 us war strength of 0,000 men,
Mrig.-tien. Charles D. Galther, who
nas been connected with the guard
for many years and Is thoroughly fa
miliar with conditions, has for some
'time contemplated numerous changes.
There is no doubt that the general's
laeas will Do put Into effect, soon.
Some of those who will receive
promotions are men who have, not
been talked about much outside of
their own regiments or battalions.
but who, nevertheless, have splendid
reputations for efficiency among those
who have watched their work and
know their ability.
.Col. Benjamin W. Atkinson, chief
of staff at the headquarters of the
eighth divIsIonof the National Guard
section of the Unlt.ed States army,
which were established in Baltimore
Saturday, is expected back soon. One
of the first things Colonel Atkinson
will dowill be o find out Just how
the National Guard of Maryland
stands fn the matter of equipment.
. v
YORK, Ta., March . 10. Lee J.
Spangler, who has done much proph
esying. Is out with his bulletin for
1917. Hn predicts that the United
States will go to war. and with
France will be the master of the
world. He alleges that the Kaiser In
a short time will be compelled to give
up. Spangler predicts that this year
will bo the most horrible year the
world has ever seen, but it will be
the last of wars.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
NINE Tablets. Druggists refund
money If it fails to cure. E. VV.
GROVE'S signature is on each
box. 25c. Advt.
Exclusive Agent for
Every Pair Guaranteed
908 7thStN.W.
BY U.S. FOR $250,000
Sinking of the steamer Illinois
will cost the Government War
Risk I nasi ranee Bureau $250,000.
The Illinois was Insured by the
bureau for this amount.
A large amount of war risk in
surance was also carried on the
Vigllancla for her return voyage
to tho United States, but it did not
apply on her outbound voyage, on
which she was sunk. '
The Illinois was sunk while1
homeward bound.
Defense Work Being Put on 24-
Hour-a-Oay Basis by
Army and Navy.
(Continued from First Page.)
tlonal Defense, and with W. S. Gilford,
director of the council, this afternoon.
The committee Is composed of Mr.
Vail, Newcomb Carlton, preslSent o(
the Western Union Telegraph Com
pany: Charles P. Hruch, vice presi
dent of the Postal Telegraph-Cable
Company: F. B. McKlnnon. vice presi
dent of tile United States Independent
Telephone Association, and N. C
Kingsbury, vice president of the
American Telephone and Telegraph
To "Open Bids Wednesday.
Secretary Daniels will open bids
Wednesday for several hundred. 110
foot motor boats to be ussd assub
marine chasers.
Secretary Daniels announced today
he had sent specifications to 100 com
panies with facilities for manufacture
of these boats. Bach company Is ex
pected to build several .boats, which
will give the navy a mosquito fleet.
manned by reserve officers, to patrol
every foot of the American coast dur
ing war time.
Expense of purchasing these boats
will be met from tlie U15.000.000
emergency appropriation authorized
by Congress for speeding up naval
construction. Daniels said today no
Presidential proclamation Js neces
sary to make this mLey Immediately
Will 3fot Hesitate.
Secretary Daniels said today he
'hoped commandeering of American
ship yards or construct Ion. plants will
not be necessary, but he sald-tf any
plant equipped to do naval work re
fuses he will not hesitate to take over
the plant for the Government,
President Wilson is said to be
ready to proclaim a "national emerg
ency" to comply with tha terms of
the naval appropriation bill and thus
legalize the commandeering of these
The Department's attitude Is this:
The country has reached a stage
where Industrial resources must be
taxed to place it upon 'a defensive
Certain munition concerns which
enjoy Government "encouragement"
are known to have facilities Indis
pensable to the Government's need.
It is their patriotic as well as their
"fair play" duty to come to the as
sistance of the Government at this
Aetien Authorised.
A provision of the last navy bill
authorizes the department to com
mandeer private shipyards Ind mu
nition plants in a national emergency
to be proclaimed by the President.
In connection with the criticism of
certain firms, the deoartment tndav
officially commended the "patriotism"
of the Carnegie Steel Company as
particularly worthy of mention.
There are. however, the department
said, many other American firms
In fact, an overwhelming majority
which have responded patriotically to
me uovernmenr .appeal.
Jn harmony with Us .policy of
placing credit where credit belongs.
the department Is expected shortly
to pubUsh the names of private own
ers of yachts and motor boats who
have Placed their vessels at the call
6f the department.
'"Art and act nnw" wit th tnnr
of scores of appeals telegraphed to
the White House to President Wilson
today. Patriotic messages offering
service and demanding the President
take aggressive action "before the
public conscience Is deadened" fea
tured the Incoming telegrams.
Boston Collector Threatens to Sell
Four Real Estate Parcels Affected.
BOSTON. March 19. Unless Thomas
W. 1-awson and the members of his
family, as heirs of Mrs. Jeannlt A
Lawson. wife of Mr. Lawson. make
payment to the city of taxes overdue
various Jtnrcels of property will be
sold at auction by city Collector
The property Includes real estate at
53S Beacon street. I Charlesa-ata Ka.t
corner of Hay State road and Italeigh
street, ana corner of Bay State road
and Charlesgate West. Th. .mnimt
due for taxes is about 400. Collector
Curley has announced that he will
sen tne properties at ouftlcn April
4 unless payment Is made before that
I Will MakeTour Teeth Sound and Healthy I
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. . ... r J, Second National
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Cor. 7th and E Sts. N. W.
Over People's Drug Store. Open Dally. 8 A. M. to H P. M. Sunday
a o 3. , Deference. Second National Bank. Lady Attendant.
Score Greatest Success Since
Germans' Early. Sweep To-'
ward the Marne.
(Continued from First Page.)
the Germans were unable to take
with them In Jhe flight cheered the
victorious troops. ,
"East of iJic Olse Germanttsecond
lino positions were carried. To the
east of Nesle, at several points,
French have reached the Nesle-Ham
"North of Noyon the French have
occupied Guiscard. Cavalry has reach
Art th Sit nii.fln YtnHnn.l rnirf.
"Around Verdun on Sunday evening
a vtoJtnt German attack was sioppea
short In French machine gun fire
curtains. v
"Between-Avaucourt andDead Man
Hill. German losseswern heavy. In
their attacks they reached only ad
vanced positions between Hill 303 aSd
the edge of Avocourt Wood, from
which they were expelled after hand
to hand encounter."
Retire Before Advancing Russians.
Who Occupy Harunabad.
PKTKOGRAD, March 19. The
vance of Iluaslan force's, the official
vance of Iluaslan forcts, the official
statement regarding operations In the
south today stated. Russian forces
havo occupied Harunabad.
The Grand Duke Nicholas, now com
mander-in-chief of'Russla'a war forces
at Tlflls, today ordered" the release of
all political prisoners at Baku and ex
horted his soldiers to continue to obey
their lawful chiefs. He urged they
"defend their country and support
Russia's allies in this unprecedented
struggle." -
Troops and Populace Stand To-
gether In Moscow.
MOSCOW, March 10. Troops and
the populace united under the. red
flag that formerly stood for anarchy,
and violence was the strange spec
tacle here today.
It followed yesterday's fraterniz
ing of the two forces ln a great pa
rade. Most of the soldiers wore bits of
red ribbon on the breasts of their
uniforms, while the civilian paraders
bore the red flags aloft
Petrograd Is quiet, and a similar
condition appears to be apparent ln
other parts of the Russian empire, ac
cording to the first cablegram received
from Ambassa'dor Francis since early
last weeK to tne state Department
Only Machine Gun 8quad and Bi
cycle Troops Left Behind.
The German retreat over the thirteen-mile
front from Chaulnes to the
Olse Is precipitate. It is of an, en
tirely different character from tha
German retirement before the Eng
lish north of the Somms. There the
Teutons are fighting hard.
Today tha French forces began
comparing the German retreat before
tnem with the retirement on the
Marne. Only machine-gun squads and
bicycle troops are being left behind
by the enemy to cover the retreat
Many of these are being taken prls-
Dry Goods Dealer and Restaurateur
File Petitions In District Court.
Petitions In voluntary bankruptcy
were filed In the District Supreme Court
today by George F. Harbin, ho con
ducts a dry goods business at 313 Penn
sylvania avenue southeast, and Andrew
J. Rady, proprietor of "Rady'a Cafe."
60S Pennsylvania avenue northwest.
Harbin places his debts at t2.411.Sl,
and his assets at $18,917. Rady seu
forth his debts at tlStU. and his assets
at 11.050.
You apply a little Poslam on some
affected part at night. In the morn
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irmiM. It hmild be subdued, so much
so that you will want I'oslam to keep
right on.
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writ t,i Kmereency, laboratories.
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He careful of the soaps you use on
your skin. I'oslam Soap Is safe, bene-
nclal, qeiigimui. .auvu
All Buildings at Hospital Heat
ed for First Time in Two
All buildings at St Elizabeth's Ho
pltal were'beated today for the first
time ln two weeksl
Because of coal shortsge and the
threatened railroad strike, all the
heating boilers were closed down four
days ago, -and patients,' attendants
and members of the hospital staff
have suffered much discomfort.
There has been no sickness or suf
fering at the institution for lack of
heat, Superintendent White declared
The hospital has an extensive
pjjwer plant which supplies light,
power, heat and water to all the
buildings, and runs the laundry and
repair machinery. For months the
supply, of coal has been short, and
It was possible to keep Just enough
for operations.
Two weeks ago, to conserve the
coal, so as to insure the water sup
ply and essential pow;r, and suffic
ient coal for cooking, tho boilers
heating the quarters of the nurses,
attendants and hospital staff were
shut down.
Pour days ago, with the 'coal sup
ply low and a railroad strike threat
ened, heating boilers for the build
ings for patients, and even the sick
wards, were cut off.
A fresh supply of coal wuriu-iln
yesterday, sufficient for several days.
and when the mercury fell below
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niture covering, draperies,
freezing last night Dr. White gave
orders to fire up all the boilers. It
will be possible to keep them all
going, he said, since the raUroad
strike has been called off.
Dr. White stated that all those ln
the hospital, patients and employes
alike, had made the best of the situa
tion, and there had been no com
plaint, as the causo wa understood.
"The worst any one has suffered,"
he said, "was the discomfort of cold
rooms, Which was a real one." .
No further 'shut-down Is antici
pated, as Dr. White is confident be
can get sufficient coal to keep going
until warm weather.
But Germany Doubts Russian Revo
lution Can Survive. s
BERLIN March 10 (by wireless).
Germany is not sure the Russian rev
olution will.be able to survive, in the
face of the Russian people's demand
for bread.' .
High circles today were frank in
stating their opinion 'that the revolt
waa distinctly an aid to England and
the entente. The old government has
been suspected of a desire to make
a separate peace. But tha new for
eign minister, Mllukoff. Is known lure
as England's friend. He and, all other
members or the cabinet are known to
favor continuation bf the war.
These German officials suggested
today that 4n view df the fact ihat4truct,on ot tho "chasers," the depart-
Ihe Russian Socialists favor an Imme
diate peace there Is likely to be an
other revolution against the revolu
tionists started by the workmen.
Doubt is expressed that the 'new
regime will be able to give the people
bread. It was precisely thfs pinch of
hunger which, in, tire main, caused the
first revolution.
Berlin newspaper comment today
expressed disbelief that a country
rent with internal fights can success
fully advance
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Also Will Take Ovtf Private
4 Motorboats Already in
Appeals to, mora than 100 boat
building concerns to at one provide
the Government with 200 or mere
110-foot motdrbos.ta for use as sub
marine chajrs have been aent out
by the War Department, It waa offi
cially announced today.
Bids In response td the appeal will
be opened on Wednesday.
The "chasers" will bo manned by
naval militia and the enlisted men's
volunteer reserve, consisting largely
of fishermen and seafaring men along
the Atlantic coast Large numbers .
of these havo volunteered for Imme
diate service on the "chasers" should
their services ' be required. It was
The boats will be constructed out
of the $115,000,000 emergency fund
appropriated by Congress far use in
a national emergency. They are to
have from twenty.flVo' to thlrty-flve
knots speed. Deliveries are expecUd
to be begun within four' months.
in addition to tne immeoiate- con-
ment has nlans perfected for taking
over all private motorboats of suf
ficient sizo and speed to meet require
ments, should the country- need them.
Naval boards - in eevry coast StaJ
have listed all available vessels and
drawn tentative contracts for their
transfer as naval auxiliaries. Tele
graph orders from the department at
Washington to close the contracts and
take over the ships would be all that
Is necessary, the "department stated.
Boats as small as eighty-five feet. -and
possibly smaller, will be subject to se
lection. G STREET
New Spring Suits !
19i7 Spring Suits for 'men and young
men, in the very latest models of the season
stfch as pinch backs, belted Backs form
fitting styles and semiconservative and con
servative styles for the young-qjd men.
Every suit 'guaranteed strictly all-wool and
hand-tailored, the product of-many of the leading
tlothing- makers of the1 country.
Materials are Scotch cheviot, tweeds, easai-
and unfinished worsteds, in 'every
newest color effect as well as plain Dine, green,
gray and oxford flannels and vicunas.
Style and workmanship the equal of suits sold
for double the price. "
Sires, regular, "stout," and "long."
Palais Royal Street Floor. 1
of Special: Sale's
Were to $10
and Panama Cloth
hleh waist. nlxlr,1 .. ...i.ii.
69c Aprons
Tomorrow H f
Patrons are waiting for
this news of a new supply
of better than usual Bungalow
Aprons. 331 of them here to
morrow morning.
Best Gingham, with 14-lnch
flnunne and trimmings of
bias folds. Fait colors.

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