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Bears. Attempt Several Raids,
Exerting Pressure on Steel
and Forcing United Shares
Down to 109 Street Ex
pects Early Decision on Gov
ernment Financjng.
NEW YORK, April ". Chronolog
ically, today's short session of the
stock market, was the first war mar
ket. As has been freely predicted In
recent weeks, the general list re
ceded several points with a display
or more or less nervous activity, but
the opening was quiet and narrow
and at no time was there anything
to suggest panic
Trading was still in the hands of
the professional traders for the most
part. Extensive new lines of shorts
were put out and groups of bear trad
ers made attacks all along the lines,
particularly on United States Steel,
"which sold down early to 109 with
some recovery at Intervals. This pres
sure exerted against steel with con
siderable force caused the .other stock
In the steel list to suffer losses
all the way from IHx in Mldvale Steel
to nearly 0 points In Bethlehelm Steel
"B" stock.
The formal declaration of war came
at a time when the stock market was
closed. It was not to be expected,
therefore, that the excitement ordi
narily loked for under such clrcum
stanees would.be forthcoming, a day
after the event. Energies are de
voted now to making war as effective
as may be. "Wall Street expects to
see some decision early next week on
the Government financing plan. The
latest offered Is to make a bond Issue
for half the amount to be raised,
that rs to say some $1,800,000 by twenty-year
2 per cent bonds and the bal
ance by taxation.
Efforts to supply the Government
with steel at minimum prices has
met with success in saving the Navy
Department some $18,000,000 at a
pflee for steel plates near $70 a ton.
Some companies quote the same
steel in the' open market as high as
$140 a ton.
Th. ott.r-w nt the bears caused
timid holders in many oases to let
their holdings go at a sacrifice, but
h. irinnmnii was checked to some
extent in the second hour. At the
lowest levels losses in the Industrial
list ranged from 2 to 8 points.
The steel shares rallied 1 to -points
in the last half of the session.
The copper group was down 2 points
with fractional Improvement.
On reports of German raiders off
tfcu .ot the shinning stocks yield
ed two to three points. The equip
ment, munition, and other specialties
were actively sold with recession of
two points or more. The railroad list
was quiet and steady. Union Pacific
sold about two points down, and Head
ing nearly three. Bonds were quiet
bat generally firm. Government is
sues, however, were quoted one-half
to a quarter off. The grain market
was strong In the bullish Government
report on the condition of winter
The London markets are closed un
til Tuesday. Foreign exchange was
but little changed, save for further
sharp advances in francs and general
stiffening of allied rates. Bank clear
ings this week totaled $6,015,476,309,
a gain of 20.7 per cent. New York
clearings gained 21.7 per cent.
Today Quotations.
Todaya quotations were:
Open High Low Close
AJax Rubber. 71 71 70 70
Alaska G 8H 8K 8 8
Alaska Jun... 6K 7 H 7
AlChalMfg. 26K 26K 26 28M
AmAgChm. S8K 88K 88 88
AmBtSug... 95H 85H 2H 04M
Am Can 47H 47i 45 46M
ACanpf 106i 10GK 106 106tf
AmCarFdy. 67 67 65M 66
Am Cot Oil... 40M
Am HAL.... 14
AmH&Lp..- 64K
A Ice Sec 27
405i 40 40
14H J3i UK
64H 63H 64H
27 27 27
19H 10 1BH
62 52J 62K
68 66 67
15tf 13tf 15
62H 60 62H
101 98H 99K
60 58 58
Am Linseed..
Am Loco
A Malt C....
AmMaltlpf 19
Am Smelt 101
A Steel Fy.. 60
Am Sugar.
Am TA T.
1HM 1HM iH l"H
.. 124H 124H 123 123K
AmTobac.207 207 207 207
Am Wool 51 51 49K 50J$
Am Zinc 34Ji 34i 33 33H
Anaconda.... 81 81 78 79Ji
A.T&SF.... 102H 102H 101K 102
At a Line.... 114 114 114 114
AtGWI 107H 107H 104
At G W I piu62K 62Ji 62fc
AsRCo 3tf
Bald Loco.... 59K
Bait & Ohio.. 77f
B&Opf.... 73
Barrett 114
Beth Steel.... 135
BetStB 135
BklynRT.... 67H
Burns Bros... 11G
Butte Sup 42Jj
Cal Petm 22
CalPetpfd... 52
Cal.&ArIziIl 81
Can Pac 159X 159X 159X 159X
CenLethr.... 89$ 89X 8CX 87$
CenLethrp.. 113, 113$ 113X 113X
CerdePCop.. 36 3B 36 36
Ches&Ohlo.. 69 59 58 58
ChlOW 12 12 12 13
ChiGWpf... 33, 33, 33, 33X
CU4KW... 113H "3X 113i 113X
3M&StP... 81 Bl BO 60
.. n W1 Oil' M( n
Llilie UIP -74 "7l f7l Yl
ChinoCop.... 55 65i 64 64H
CCC&StL. 45 45 45 45
ColFI.... 48 48X 48 48$
ColOE.... 44J 44X 42i 44
Con Can.... 91$ 91$ 91 91
Con Can pf... 110 110 110 110
Cons Gas 119 119 119 119
CornPrcd.... 23i 23$ 23 23$
Cruc Steel.... C6$ 66$ 63K 64
Cub Am Sue 190 190 190 190
Cuba Cane..- 45f 45f 44$ 44X
Cuba C pfd... 90 90i 90f 90
Deere pfd 98 98 98 98
Del Hud 136 136 132X 134
Dlstrir'Bo.. 17K VX 16 17
DomeM 17X 17$ 17f$ 17$
DrlrgsS 76 78 76 78
Erie 27 27$ 26 '26J$
Erie 1st pf.. 39$ 39$ 39 39
Erie 2 pfd 32 32 32 32
Gen.Clg.Co.. 44 44 44 44
GenElec 163 163 161 162X
O Mot new.... 113$ 114$ 112$ 114$
Open H'xh. Low, Close.
GMpfuew... 88M 88H 88 88
GtNorpfd... 112i 112K 2K 2tf
ON Ore 32 32 30H 3QH
UreeneC 42 42 41 41
Goodrich 63 63M KS'i 62
GulfSS 119H lK 117X "7M
Ill-Cent 103H 103M 103H 103H
Inspiration... 57W 57M 66 56H
IntNkl 42M
Int Paper 39
Inter C 12tf
IntCpf 65
la Cent.....
Kelly Sp I.
Lack St L..
Lehigh V..
LoANash.... 130
Lee -Tire 22
ManhatElev 123f 123f 123f 123
May DSP... 62 GZVi 62H 62tf
Marine 32 32 30H 30H
Mar.pfd 86H 86H 83H 8K
MexPet 89 89 84, 8BH
Mex.PeLp.. 00 90 90 90
Miami Cop... 41 41 40f 40H
Max Mot, 62tf 53tf 62 62
MaxM-lpf... 68 68 68 68
MoPacwl.... 29H 29H 283 28
MoPapwl... 6SH 68H 68H &&i
Mid. Steel 39 59 58 68J
MostPow.... 101K 101H "Wf 10X
MK&Tex... 7M 7H 7H 7H
Nat Biscuit... 116 115 113K 113"
NatE&S.... 34 34 33H 33H
Nat Lead 65H 65H &4tf 5M
NatLdpfd... HOJf HOJi 110H "OJi
NY Cent 94M 94H 3H 93
NevCons 23 23 22M 22H
N.YJUrBrk. 142 143 140 140
NYNH&H.. 43K 44 43K 44
Nor & West. 128H 128H 128H 128H
Nor Pac 104J, 105 104 104H
Ohio C Gas... 131K 132
124 128M
4 4M
Ohio Grts...
O 3" Sup Co..,
Pac Mall
4K 4K
son soyi son son
22i 22 21H 21H
63 53 62J, 53
FhllaCo 36
36tf 36 36)f
People's Gas
PMarq wl....
PitU C ct....'.
Pres S. Cp.
Ray Cons
Ry. St. Sp...
91 91 99f 9H
24 24H 24 24
43 43. 43 43H
160f 160f 160 160
102H 102M 107H 102H
2 2 2
30H 30tf a0- 20Ji
40K 40K 46K 4fK
Rep Steel.
79 79H 76H 78M
Rep.StLpfd. 102X 102H 102X l02H
Readlnr .' 93 i 94H V2M 93
Royal Dutch. 61K C1H 61$ 01 X
Seab'dAL.. 14 14K 14X Ui
SeaALpf.. 32 32 32 32
Sears-Roeb... 187 187 185K 185X
Eloss-Shef.... 61H 61H 68X 61
Sloss-Sheft p 93 93 93 93
Shattuck....:. i28 26 25 23M
StLiSF. 19K 19K 19H 19H
St L SoW.... 30 30 28X 28X
South Pac... 94 94X 03X MH
South Ry 27H 27f 28 27H
Sinclair OIL. 56 57 54X 67
Studebaker... 94X 94X 92 93H
St'lUMot..... 45 45 45 45
TenCACctfs.. 16K 16i 15H 15f
Tex Co 217X 218 215H 217H
Third A RR. 38 38 38 38
TobProd 65 -65K 53J B6H
Tra&Wms.. 44 44X 43X 43H
UnBag&P.. 11M 11X HH 11X
Union Pac... 137 137 135 J J 135M
UnlDrug 75 75 75
Un Fruit. 139X 139J 138
UnOgSto 100ii 1U0& 100
USCIP.... 19f 10yi 19J
USCIPpfd 65 65 55
OS Rub 67 57 56X
USRublpf.. 106X 108X 108X 108X
USIndAl... 120X 121 118Jf 120
USSm&R.. 59X 50X 68X 5SX
USS&Rp.. 49K 49i 49 49K
US Steel 112U H2X 109K H0X
US Steel pf.. 118 118 117X H7X
Utah Cop 112 112X H0X U2K
Utah Sec 20X 20X 20X 20X
VaCarC 40H 40X 0H 40X
ValCftC... 65X 68 65X 68
Wabash HX HH HJ4 11H
WabpA 49K 49X 48X 48X
WabpB 24X 21X 24 24
WestUT..... 96 96 95Ji 95
WestMd 21 21 21 21
Wells F Ex... 100K 100H 100 100
Westhe bOH 60K 48U 49M
Wheel LE.. 14 15 14 16
Wheel LE p. 36X 30X 36X 30H
Willy Ov 32X 32H 32, 32h
Wills Op.... 96X 9GX 9Ca 96H
White Mot.... 48 48 47Ji 47
Woolworth... 138 138 138 138
Woolw-th pf .. 125 125 125 125
Woe Co Inc.. 72X 72X 69X 71X
Wilson pfd.. 104 104 101 104
Total stock sales, 64,400.
Outside Stocks Under Pressure,
Magma Heaviest Loser.
NEW YORK, April 7. At the re
sumption of business In the curb
market today stocks were under
pressure and losses in the whole list
were recorded. The munition shares
were weak also, though a general ad
vance In these Issues -vas expected.
The heaveist loss was In Magma
which suffered a decline of 4 points,
from the opening sale.
Among the war stocks Submarine
Boat was weak, at a decline of more
than a point, while smaller losses
were recorded In Maxim munitions
and Aetna Explosives. National Con
duit and Cable was lower, selling at
Its lowest since first traded In. The
Independent oil shares were fraction
ally lower. Among the mining shares,
Mllford Copper was introduced.
There was little activity among the
bonds and quotations were small
fractions below the previous sales.
BUTTER-Elrln print, 7c; Ellin tub. Sc:
proceM. 2S33Cc; ator packed. Tie
EGG&-Xrby. 10c; Southern. 198300.
POULTRY Live hen,, per lb., tic; rooat
era, per lb., ISc; turkex, per lb., MOIU;
prjnr cblckena. per lb., 40Q4Sc; n Inter
cblckens. per lb.. HSfK: duck,, per b-.
SOSSc; (eue. per lb., lSSlSc; keal,, young-,
each. i&OCc.
DREKKKD rOULTRT Hana. choice, per
lb.. :8Sc: cblckena. per lb., KSrc; turkeya.
per lb , 3820c; ducka, per lb., 26c; rooaters,
per lb., lie: seeae. ltsltc.
GREEN rnurrs-apptta. new. per bbl..
n.t087.W: Per box. I1.00O2.M: California
oranaea, ViiTTZ; Florida, orancea, IJ.I7C4.iO
per box; ltmona, per box, I3.7itb4.00; grape
fruit. :.7iO4 00.
VEOETAHLKS-Potltoee. MeOrmlck. per
bbl., . 008711; Weatern. per :H bu. aack.
17.00; aneet poutoea. HOCOS.iO: yama. J2.&0O
JIM; atrlns beua. per bajjiet, 13 U1 if; P
pera. per crate, 12 0940; carrota, par box,
il 2S4J1 SO. okra. per crate. t2.U6t 00; radlahea.
per ICO. I3.CO84 00! cucumbera. baiket. ll.Wa
m: onlona. per 100 lb. aack, 11 ). (V; prs
plant, tl W431 00 per crate; new rabhave,
per buket, S2.C0S4.2S: beeta, per bunch, 40c;
celery, per oox., kczji.w; romaine, J2.KHJJ.W
lettuce, II 0OT24 DO per basket; squaah.
nonaa. ii.wua.av per orate; fionoa tomaloea,
UMUl.m per crate: celery, Florida, per
craia, .'.; new teeia, xz.uucj.eo per
crate; o. i.. aprau. 4 uua w per aos.
DRESSED UEATS-Porfc. email to medium,
lb., 17c; heavy, lb., iseite.
Securities Generally Weaken,
Gas Stock Dropping to Low
Bid After Boost on Merger
Report Capital Traction
Active at 82 Railway Falls
to 801-4.
There was a week-end sag In th
Washington stock and bond market,
with the flcst day's trading of the
war. The market was generally
weak. Washington Gas reaching the
low bid for the week, following the
merger boost.
Capital Traction stock was active,
but slightly off from previous sales.
Fifty-two shares wer esold at 82.
Fifteen shares of Washington Gaa
brought 7E, and two shares were sold
shortly after for 74 H. ,
Forty shares of Union Trust were
traded In after call bringing 124
after some spirited bidding.
Washington Railway developed weak
ness, fifty shares of the preferred, in
small lets bringing 0&M.
Announcement was made on the ex
change of the usual quarterly 2 per
cent dividend by the Washington Loan
snd Trust Company, payable May 1.
The book will close April 2T.
Sales for the week aggregated $21,700
In bonds, 4S4.7 shares of stock, and 27ft
graphophone rights.
Capital Traction, 2082; 6(382; 100
82; 3082; 6682.
Washington Gas, 15075: 2073.
District National Bank, 10143.
Washington Railway and Electric,
pfd., 280Ji: SQSOtf.
American Grapho, G's, $100100H.
"Washington Railway and Electric,
bH.. naetzau- innRnur actum'.
Norfolk and Washington Steamboat
S's, $500105H (small).
After call
Union Trust. Ct?124; 5124; 100
124; 10 Q 124; 100124.
Mergenthaler, 2154; 10015.
Washington Railway an'd Electrio
4's, $1,000080.
Bid. Asked
U. S. Reg. 2's 98 ...
U. S. Coupon 2's 99 ...
U. S. Reg. 3's 100H ...
U. S. Coupon 3's........ 100H ...
U. S. Reg. 4'8 107 ...
U. S. Coupon 4's 107 ...
D. C 3.63's 102$ ...
Geo. Gas Cert. Ind. 6's.. 104 ...
Georgetown Gas 6'M.... 105
Washington Gas 6,'s...,. 105U
Cap. Traction R. R. 6's.. 104
Ana. Pot. Guar. 6's .... US
Anacostla St Potomac S's. 96
City & Suburban S's .... 102
Metropolitan R. R. S's... 104
Wash. Ry. & Elec 4's... SO
Wash. Al. & ML V. 6's. ...
W., B. & A. 6's 80 ...
Potomac El'ec Cons. 6's. 100 100
Potomsc Elec LL 6's... 103 104H
C. and P. Tel. C's ... 105
Am. Tel. Col. 1st B's 99
Amer. Grapho. 1st 6's... 100
101 .
D. C. Paper Mfg. o'a
Wash. Market S's, 1027. 98
Wash. Markel S's, 1947. 98
W. M. Cold Storage S's.. 08
Rlggs Realty 6's (Long) 100
RIggs Realty S's (Short) ...
U. S. Realty, 6 s 104
Capital Traction 8114 82 U
Wash Ry &. Elec com.. 70
Wash. Ry. & Elec pfd. 80
Washington Gas 71
Columbia Gas & Elec... 42
Amer. Tel and Telga... 123
Mergenthaler Linotype. 153 155
Lanston Monotype .... 69 72
Greene Cananea 40 ...
American Nat. Bank ...'158
Capital Nat, Bank 224
Columbia Nat. Bank.... 227
Commercial Nat Bank.. 104
District Nat. Bank.... 140
Far. & Mec Nat. Bank 230
Federal Nat. Bank 162
Lincoln Nat. Bank 160
National Metro. Bank.. 197
Rlggs Nat. Bank 405
Second Nat. Bank...... 141
Nat. Bank of Wash 220
Amer. Sec & Trust.... 256
National Sav. & Trust.. 280
Union Trust 123
Wash. Loan & Trust.... 231
Continental Trust US
Home Savings ,.... 420 - ...
Bank of Com. ic Sav 12 ...
East Wash. Sav. Bank.. 12
Sec. Sav. &. Com. Bk... 155 ...
Arlington Fire Insuranco 854 9
Corcoran rlre msuranuo su ...
Firemen's F. insurance. 19
Nat. Union Fire Ins C'.J 9J
Columbia Title Ins 4?i 0i
Real Estate Title Ins.... TO
Chapln Sacks 153 166
D. C. Paper Mfg. Co.... 140 200
Mer. Trans, and Storage 100 105
Security storage itsit ...
Washington Market ... Id ...
U. S.. Realty Co 12
CHICAGO. April 7. The extremely
bullish Government crop report resulted
In a buying wae shortly after 10 o'clock
hlch sent May wheat to J3.HH. up 7H
from the opening; July to $1,88. up 12?i
from tho opening, and September wheat
to $1.75. up 14 cents.
Shortly afterward, prices on all
futures fell about 2 cenU a bushel.
f'orn followed wheat. May going up
Zi to $1.32; July up3U to $1.30, and
September up 3 to -$1.28 fc. Oats
were slightly higher. The pit was In
a wild turmoil.
BISMARCK, N. D., April 7. Not a
German name appears in the list of
petitioners for naturalization papers
who will bo heard at the approaching
term of the district court of Burleigh
county in May. There Is a large Ger
man population In this part of the
NEW YORK, April 7. Arthur
James advertised to recover "Renz
von Buren," bis alien born, but nat
uralized German police dog. James
I thinks Renz may have been Interned
by a private citizen.
Inspiration's Earnings.
It Is estimated that earnings of In
spiration Consolidated Copper Com
pany approximate $2,000,000 a month.
or at the rate of about $25,000,000 per
annum. Against this earning power
the company pays dividends of s a
year. This month another section oi
the mill should have been made ready
for operation making the treatment
of about 800 tons additional of ore
over the present capacity.
Not to Change Dividend.
No change is contemplated in the
dividend policy of Studebaker Corpor-
attlon, according to President A. R.
Ersklne. In a statement made public
at South Bend, Ind., President Esrklne
said "The automobile sales of this
corporation for the first quarter of the
year were record breaking, amounting
to 17,212 cars, against 13,580 in the
same period last year, and 0,407 in
1915. The raises In prices made last
fall and again thirty days ago have
insured a proper and satisfactory rate
of profit without adversely affecting
sales. Our profits from the sale of re
pair parts on 300,000 cars now In use
amount at present to $2,000,000 per
annum, or two and one-half times the
preferred dividend requirements."
Itubher Dividend Declared.
United States Rubber Company has
declared the regular quarterly divi
dend of 2 per cent on the first pre
ferred and l'A per cent on the second
preferred stock, payable April 30 to
stock of record April 10. Books do
not close.
Railroad Earnings Lower.
February railroad earnings, with
the Inclusion of extra wages paid un
der the Ad&mson law, have taken a
pronounced deviation from their up
ward course which was In progress
In January. Aggregate returns for
January showed an Increase In gross
of about 15 per cent, while net after
taxes Increased 11 per cent. On the
other hand, railroads which have re
ported earnings for February reflect a
decrease of about 1 per cer(t In gross
and a decline of more than 40 per
cent in net.
Southern Gross Increases.
Southern railway's statement .of es
timated gross earnings for the fourth
week In March as compared with
actual figures for the same period In
1010 shows an Increase of $157,230.
For the month of March as a whole
the estimated increase Is 1307,221, and
for the period from July 1, 1816, to
March 31, 1917, a gross increase of
$8,730,718 'Is reported.
Laekavrannn to Annennee Earnings.
Earnings of the Lackawanna Steel
Company In the March quarter will
be published next week showing a
profit of $5,000,000, or an annual In
crease of 25 per cent over earnings
in 1916. Shareholders have been dis
appointed at the small extra divi
dends, and believe that the company
could conservatively loosen up when
It Is earning seven or eight times Its
regular dividend payment.
American Zlne Improvements.
Great Improvement In the affairs
of the American Zinc, Lead and
Smelting Company have been shown
as a result of war business. In the
past two years, after charging off
$4,600,000 to depreciation the com
pany has earned $10,000,000, so that
the property is at present selling
only $2,400,000 In excess of what it
nas earned in the last two years,
aside from depreciation. Earnings so
far this year are understood to be
running well ahead of these figures,
What the future holds for this com
pany, however. Is a matter of consider.
able speculation, as before the war
American xinc was not a large money
maxer, wun spelter at & normal level.
Although war conditions are chiefly
responsible for the company's im
proved position, it will be a larger
factor In the production of zinc af
ter the -war as a result of new dtod
ertles opened and extensive develop
ment work. The company's work
lng capital has been increased to $4,
400.000, compared with a deficit
wnicn existed a few years ago.
Theatergoers Attack Member of Au
dience at He Shouts Insult.
PHILADELPHIA. April 7. After
being badly beaten when he shouted
an Insult to the flag In the course of
recruiting talk In the Trocalero
Theater, Eugene Mitchell was ar
rested, when searched at the sta
tion house a heavy revolver was
found in his pocket.
The trouble started when Surgeon
H. P. ficott. of the United States
cruiser Chicago, mounted the stage
between the acts .to try to get mem
bers of the audience to enlist In the
navy. Scott with a sailor and a ma
rine on either side, had made an Im
passioned speech on patriotism. Scott
seized . a large American flag and,
waving It over the heads of the occu
pants of the first few rows, cried
"Won't you heed the call to colors'
Now Is the time; your country needs
you!" .
A commotion In the gallery drowned
Scott's plea. It was learned that
Mitchell had shouted an Insult to the
flag, and that a number of men re
sented It by beating him. Mitchell
suffered a broken nqso and severe
Economy and Efficiency Slogan for
Women's Clothes.
LONDON, April 7. Economy and
efficiency are the watchwords In
every place of business conducted by
the ministry of munitions. Frequent
ly one sees a sign or notico offering
various suggestions which would be
helpful In upholding either slogan. A
new notice reads:-
"If you are a nice girl you won't
wear high-heeled shoes. Remember
your brain Is measured In Inverse
ratio to the size of your boot heel."
"Which, while cutting. Is true," re
marked an official after reading the
Several other notices were printed
under the heading: "Some WIe Saws
for Ladies Gracing Beauty Haunt of
Dr. Addison."
United States Allows Entente
Navies Full Courtesies.
Allied warships can now have all
the courtesies of the United States
ports. It was officially said this after
noon. Later, efforts will be made to get
some working arrangements about
the British censorship of American
mall and detention of ships,
Guardsmen Agree Thalr Sher
man Was Right, But Mild,,
as They Pitch Tents.
Shivering, mud-spattered, and well
nigh benumbed by cold, members of
the Third Regiment, National Guard
of the District, at Fort uyer, today
professed to have no amendment to
make to General Sherman's definition
of war. Some of the guardsmen
were Inclined to think "Old Tecum'
seh" gave his definition at & pink tea.
where he had to exercise rhetorical
restraint. ,
The District citizen-soldiers are in-
nured to battling with the elements
when establishing camp, but officers
and men agreed that the weather to
day was the most miserable In which
they had ever attempted to pitch
tents an dperform the multifarious
duties Incident to establishing a dom
icile afield.
Tents Bowled Over.
Throughout the early part of the day
the bitter cold, high wind bowled over
tents, yanked scores of pegs out of the
ground and entangled the ropes. Larre
squads of men detailed to put up store
tents had hard struggles to keep the
canvas from belrrg wrested from them.
the wind Inflating the tents Ilk bal
loons Ind keeping the ropes dapgllng In
the midair far out of the soldiers'
Practically -all the soldiers agreed that
today's sustained high wind was worse.
than any norther which struck them on
tee border.
The wind served one useful pur
pose, however, as It materially as
sisted the sun In drying out the
quagmire In which the guardsmen
tried to establish camp yesterday.
Kept at Tasks.
Notwithstanding the howling gale.
the soldiers were kept unremitUngly
at their tasks.
Owing to the unfavorable weather
conditions it probably will be sev
eral days before -the camp Is tnir-
oughly shaken down.
Thus far only one company has
been kept on guard at the camp.
Many of the soldiers did not remain
at camp last night because their cots
and blankets were sUU rain soaked.
No definite orders indicating the
dutles-to be performed by the guards
men have yet been received by Col.
Glendle B. Ycung, commanding the
regiment. Colonel Young has, how
ever, received official notification
from the Department of the East of
the President's proclamation of war.
Different Rales.
It was stated at Fort Myer today
that the rules governing the camp
would be vastly different from those
which prevailed last year.
Practically no visitors will bo al
lowed In the camp at any time, either
night or day. Persons found in the
vicinity of the camp will be closely
watched and questioned. Colonel
Young has received orders from Gen.
Leonard Wood, commanding the De
partment of the East, to have each
member of the regiment keep con
stantly on the alert and exercise the
utmost vigilance In guarding the
camp and the Government property
In Its vicinity.
Owing to the wind, Colonel Toung
established his headquarters In the
musicians' quartets at the Fort Myer
barracks. An officers' meeting was
held there today.
rlans Y. 31. C. A. Building.
Chaplain Arthur Lewis Smith, of
the regiment, today announced his
Intentions of having a permanent
wooden building constructed near the
camp site as the Y. M. C. A. and rec
reation center. Chaplain Smith Is
anxious to get all the books, maga
zines, games, musics etc, he can for
the soldiers.
Telephones were today Installed In
the regiment's canteen or general
merchandise store, of which Lieut.
Col. Ariton'Stephan has charge. The
relatives and friends of the soldiers
can now communicate with them by
Baruch Iti Charge of Brass and
Aluminum Section.
Announcement of the formation of
a committee on brass and aluminum
nrnrfnrtn to serve in conjunction with
the committee on raw materials of
the advisory commission was made
by the Council of National Defense to-
Bernard M. Baruch. who recently
procured the. offer to the Government
of 45,000.000 pounds of copper at loss
than half prevailing prices, heads the
subcommittee,' personnel of which
Brass Charles F. Broker, president
American Brass Company. Waterbury.
Conn.: a D. Goss, president Scoville
Manufacturing Company. Waterbury.
Conn : Lewis Jones, president Detroit
Copper and Brass Company: Barton
Hazelton, secretary, treasurer, general
manager. Rome Brass Company. !Sew
York: F. J. Kingsbury, president
Bridgeport Brass Company.
Aluminum-Arthur F. Davis, presi
dent Aluminum Company of America,
New York: E. B. Allyne, president
Aluminum Castings Company. Cleve
land; Joseph A. Janney. Stelnmetz and
Company. Philadelphia.
Thousand Men and $1,000,000 Plac
ed at Disposal of War Dept.
One thousand men and $1,000,000
have be.n placed at the disposal of
War Department by the Young Men s
ChIlmnt.tnTofaXthe metropolitan
sefreTarle. of Young Men's Christian
Associations throughout the country
w"l be held in New York next Tues
day. William Knowles Cooper, secre
ttary of he Washington Y. M. C A.,
will attend.
The men and money will be em
ployed in providing religious and
recreation centers for the fighting
men of the country, wherever they
may be senL The money will be ex
pended In constructing Y. M. C A.
v...iiit. nurchaslng stationery, ana
writing materials, distributed free to
soldiers: buying books and magazines.
furnishing moving piciurea iiu un..
.,.,. -nnta. and adding In every pos
sible way to the comfort and enlay-J
ment of regulars, guaruainc. u.u u.
unteers. Definite plans for the work wilj be
made at the meeting next week. The
association has several score of "vet
erans" In this line of work, the men
having obtained their experience on
the Mexican border. Among them Is
Arthur Lewis Smith, chaplain of the
Third Regiment, National Guard of
the District of Columbia,
Suggests Mpvsment In Latter to
Boston Official.
In a letter to Henry B. Endlcott, of
the commission of public safety of
Boston, Senator Weeks urged that
the boards of trade and clubs of Mass
achusetts start at once encouraging
increased planting of gardens and
waste lands.
"Reports reaching Washington in
dlcate that the question of food sup
ply Is one of the most serious with
which' we will have to contend," tne
letter stated.
Tablet to Be Erected in House
Where He Lived With Nickels
' Kiddies Sent In.
Dunk Is assured of his memorial.
The little children of Washington
Lhave made It certain. As soon as It
can be made, & tablet will be erected
In the house were the best elephant
that ever lived In Washington was
accustoms to receive his little
The. Times thanks the little children
far the many letters and the many
letters and many nickels that they
have sent for the fund. It Is a great
pleasure to be the medium through
Which they express their love for'
animal life amd In (particular for
the one animal than any other In the
'national 200.
One of the last contributions re
ceived was one of a dolar and fifty
cents; -the result of a contribution
taken up at the Bor Scout headauar-
ters 'and participated In by all the
scouts here.
Folowing are some of the letters
and contributions received this morn
ing. To tho Editor of THE TWES:
Aunt Grace took mamma and us
twice to see Dunk when we were In
Washington for the Inauguration, and
the last time. Aunt Grace said we
must visit with him longer than the
others for he waa very feeble and
would not live much longer. Now
that he Is gone, we, send two dimes
in his memory.
Troy, N. Y.
To tfce Editor of THE TIMES:
.fiease let me pay for 10 cents
worth, of the tablet In memory of our
dear old friend Dunk.
To tho Editor ef THE TIMES:
.riease acept tm i aime to help the
fund for our old fi lend Dunk. I shall
miss him very much when I visit the
To the Editor of THE TIMES: "
I am a little boy sow living In
Richmond, Va, have visited Wash
ington, and knew Dunk very welL
Mother fead to me of his death in
your paper. I am sorry he Is dead
and am sending 10 cents for his
monument, for I loved him lots.
To tta Editor of THE TIMES:
Poor Dunk! I am sorry I snail
never see him again. I didn't think
much of his disposition, but perhaps
none of us would do any better If
we were kept in a cage.
To the Editor of THE TIMES:
I am four years old. I lovea sunk
and liked to feed him peanuts. Here
are four nlckles for his memory. Two
are from me and from Lulu Deyo,
who used to take me to see him.
To tho Editor of THE TWES:
I am almost six years old and
knew old Dunk for the last four
years, and loved him. Here is my
10 cents for bis memorial.
To the Editor of The Times:
We are two little boys who were
fond of Dunk, and send you a nickel
apiece for his memorial.
To the Editor of The Times:
Inclosed you will find a nickel for
the Dunk memorial from one of his
many admirers.
To the Editor of The Times:
Little Miss Ellen Constance Tyler
takes pleasure In sending another
contribution of 10 cents for the me
morial to Dunk.
To the Editor of The Times:
We hope we are not too late in
sending our dime for poor old Dunk.
We are so sorry to give him up.
),- VAitn nt TTTE TIMES;
I inclose aiy, niCKei 10 me lunu.
You ought to raise enough money to
have poor Dunk In bronze or cement,
and I think this would please the
mass of children. George Julian Zol
nay mode some Immense lions for
University City., Mo., some years ago
that were most beautiful. A bronze
or cement Dunk would be a fine addi
tion for the Zoological Park.
iv. fh VMItop of THE TIMES:
wnen x was a very juue Doy, every
time I went to the Zoo I used to go to
see Dunk, but now that he Is dead, )
will miss him very much, so I am send
ing 5 cents for his memorial.
To the Editor of THE TIMES:
I do hope my little sister and I are
not too late to contribute to the Dunk
fund. Here Is 10 cents for our dear
old pet. We will miss him when we
go to the Zoo Monday to roll eggs.
Contributions also were received from
"two Washington children," 10 cents,
and the following Boy Scouts:
Ralph H. Campbell. 5 cents; Hennlng
Nelms, 2S cents: Thomas Rhodes. 20
cents; "A Scout with Eyes," IS cents:
Millard Rltterbresch, 5 cents; B. Hardy,
5 cents :. Robert Prltchard, 1 cent; George
Clelger. 5 cents ; Austens. No. 30, S cents :
Eldred' Dickenson. 9 cents; Ranler
Stratton.5 cents ;Grara Stratton.S cents;
Alex Brltton, S cents; George Washing
ton Jones, 5 cents; Trls Blen. 10 cents;
John Jones, 1 cent; Fred Reed. 1 cent;
J. Leonard Kldwell, 10 cents; Francis
Murray, 1 cent; b. May. I cents, ana J.
W. Patton, 10 cents.
An Increase of 13 per cent In freight
rates throughout the South Is asked
by thirty Southern railroads In a for
mal petition Bird with the Interstate
Commerce Commission. All rates are
Included In .the Increase asked, except
coal and coke, where IB cents a ton
1 asked.
' r-r- -
Ernest. Polpok Sentenced for j
Anti-American Tirade on 1
Street Car.
For cursing the President, the Con
gress and all other branches of the
Government, for assaulting a fallow
passenger who resented his tirades
on ajStreet car'-and for falling to
show proper respect for a United
States "court Ernest Polpolc, fifty
years old,, an Austrian by birth, was
sentenced to serve six months In Jail
on charges of assault an'd; to pay a
One of 125 .or serve ninety' days In
Jell on charges Of disorderly conduct
by Judge Pugh In Police Court this
morning. 1
The witnesses appearing against
Polpok were John Mettler, Ernest F.
Bowles, and H. B. Lugenbell, and
Policeman' J. B. Larrick. According
to their testimony Polpok. was riding
on an Anacostla street car on E street
yesterday afternoon when he began
using abusive language. They testi
fied that he damned the President and
Congress In violent language' several
times, and that when 'Mr. Rowles're
sented his acrimony he assaulted the
When confronted with the testimony
In court this morning Polpok 'told the'
court that the witnesses were "d '
liars." '
Polpok showed considerable bitterness
snd was lacking In respect several times
during his trial.
Polpok told the court he had joined
the United States army In 1302, but left
It four months later. Since then he, said
h had been a florist and lived In Aafta-
costla. He refused to say why he left
tne army.
Assured by President They Will Not
Be 'Molested by Government.
Assurances that they will not be
molested by the Government are given.
German Insurance companies In the
United States in a proclamation Issued
by President Wilson through the State
Department. .
Five such companies are doing busi
ness In the District, and they were
apprised tdday of the Administration's
assurances. They are the Aachen and
Munich Fire Insurance Company,, the
Hamburg-Bremen Fire 'Insurance
Company, the Mannheim Insurance
Company, the Norddeutsche Insurance
Company and the Prussian National
Insurance Company.
During Kit the five companies
wrote Insurance to the amount of
$1,722.1$S.,. They collected premiums
amounting to $13,512.02 and paid
J5.894.74 in losses.
Action by the President followed
& conference here of Stater Insurance
commissioners and superintendents,
the conference being to lay 'plans to
co-operate with the 'Federal Govern
ment In the event of -war. Those at
tending were Charles F. Nesblt, Dis
trict of Columbia: Jesse S. Phillips,
superintendent. New York; Frank H.
Hardlson. commissioner. Massachu-"
setts; Rufus M. Potts, superintendent,
Illinois; Joseph Button, commission
er, Virginia; J, Denny O'Neill, com
missioner. Pennsylvania: Burton
Mansfield, commissioner, Connecticut,
and Mr. Lincoln, counsel for the New'
York Insurance Commission.
Police Identify Victim as John Nel
) llgan, 60 Years Old.
A man said by the police to be John
Nelllgan. sixty years old, of Balti
more, waa found dead from Inhaling
illuminating gas in his room at 19 H
street northwest, shortly! after 3
o'clock this mornlnsr.
J. B. Alexander, another roomer.
waa awakened Dy gas, wnicn ne
traced to Nelllgan's room. He tele
phoned to Casualty Hospital, but the
man was dead when Dr. McGulro ar
The man rented the room two
weeks ago. The police say he has a
brother living at 032 Montpelier
street. Waverly. a suburb of Balti
more. Coroner Nevltt will Investigate the
Officers Will Instruct Embryo Sol
diers Without Charge.
The National Capital Military Col
lege Is ready to do Its "bit" by drill
ing all men free of charge In Its yard.
Seventh and O streets northwest..
Beginning Monday the col'ege will
put experienced oflcers In charge of
the embryo soldiers. They later will
be put through military drills with
the regular students of the college.
Major S. E. Bomar, president of the
college, announced today that no re
numeratlon Is to be recefved by the
Instructors, and that all men of eight
een years or older will be Instructed
free of charge, provided they enroll
at once. In order that classes may be
The drill hours are from 5 to 8
o'clock on Monday, Wednesday, Fri
day and Saturday afternoons.
WOODBURY, Conn., April 7. Con
necticut editors announce they will
gladly accept potatoes, for subscrip
tions. A. E. Knox will take two
bushels of tubers and furnish the
Woodbury Reporter, a weekly paper,
for a year. The publisher Of the
Litchfield Enquirer would, be satis
fied with one bushel, and admits he
has "cheek" in asking that much.
American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
A dividend of Two Dollars per share
will be. paid on Monday, April 16, 1017,
to stockholders 'of record at the close
of business on Saturday, March 31,
1017. O. D. MILNE. Treasurer.
The Safest Investments
Are Uioa tHat da not fluctuate euMac e3
torbed oocdJUona ot too mossy or atook mar.
keta. Ilrat deed of truat nctea firat mort-
Rzee). wall aecured on real estate la too
trlet ot Colombia, eonsutute "sUt-ediV
Inveatmenta. and tbey do not depend upoathe
BnanrUI naponelbllltT ot lndlTtdoala or ear.
Deration, for their .utility. Wa can anppty
oeh lrr-ttirenta In amount, from zsee do
erard. Send far booklet. "Coooorolns Loan
and loveetmenta.
UJ tfta Street K. W.

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