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Happenings of the Day in Va
rious Parts of the Na
' tion's Capital.
She was sitting on a park bench
In Du Pont Circle yesterday afternoon
a-hen ho approached and dropped Into
the seat beside her.
She Blanched at him coyly, and
blushed. He made some light remark
about the weather and placed an arm
about her neck. Then he kissed hei-
a resounding smack. She showed no
Nor did any one else. A passing:
policeman gazed at them and grinned.
A nursemaid, passing, waved her
hand at them.
For he was seven and she was five
and It was a beautiful spring after
noon in DuPont Circle Just the time
for the children to play.
To Talk on "America."
"America" will be the subject of a
lecture before the students and faculty
of the Catholic University at McMahon
Hall this evening at 8 o'clock by R
Hayes Hamilton.
Makes Flag; Address.
The Sons of the American Revolution
will aid In making a success of the Con
federate reunion In June. A resolution
to this effect was adopted at Rauscher'a
last night. Past President General
Thurston spoke on the growth and evo
lution of the American nag.
'Win Danee Prise.
William Webster, of S15 E street
southwest, and Miss Rose Nalley, of
61S H street northwest, last night
won a set of dishes as the prize cou
ple In the waltz contest held at the
American Dansante Gardens In the
, Central Coliseum.
To Address Uitufc
J. Mlddleton Smith and Carter B.
Keene will be the principal speakers at
a meeting of the Anthony League at the
, meeting held In the headquarters of the
National Women Suffrage Association,
2615 Rhode Island avenue, tonight at 8
T Discuss Fraternities.
"A substitute for the High School
Fraternity" -will be discussed at a
meeting of the Western High School
1 Home and School Association In that
, school tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock.
All teachers and parents are Invited.
Win Organise for War.
A meeting of "The Committee of
One Hundred Colored Citizens on the
War" will be held at 7:30 o'clock to
night at the colored T. M. C A, 1816
' Twelfth street northwest, to organ
ize for effective service. J. Milton
Waldron Is president and Charles M.
Thomas, secretary. .
Business nigh "Prom."
Approximately 100 couples attended
. .tinn.l Mnvlnc nrntn" of business
High School at the Arcade last night.
The affair was in cnarge oi a. com
mittee composed of Joseph C. McGar.
raghy. Miss Edna F. Colburn, Miss
Thelma Russell. Hiss Kllda Malcolm,
Miss Minnie R. Tauber, Robert F.
Miller, and C. Albert Parker.
Honor Scientist's Memory.
Resolutions expressing regret over
the death of Randolph Lloyd Geare,one
of the oldest employes of the National
Museum, were adopted at a. special
meeting of officials and'employea In the
museum April 12. Mr. Geare had been
employed in the museum since 1SS8, and
was chief of the division of correspond
ence and documents. He was born In
Abingdon. England. In 1SS4. and camel
to this country In ikz. na was a writer
& famlids
'Sob tito tes
1 Cott YOU
Subs Pries
A Nutritions Diet for All Ages. .
Keep HorHck's Always on Hand
Quick Lunch; Home or Office.
A word to you thinkers:
Know what your dentalwork
will cost you before starting
it. Save time, pain, and
money. Estimates free. Con
sult DR. EVANS,
12th and Pa. Ave. N. W.
American Dansante
. BneStep
Dollars In Gold
Ladies Free
Central Coliseum
9th t Pinntjlrjnli
3 Hanoi
20 Tannsr Ladles Over 30 Tears
of Age to Teach Dancing. Apply
to Manager, 6 to 8 P. M.
Rslsa, Vs. (south sad sf Hurlrwar Brian).
sss aglogaobu troai ttb s4 D sis, am.
- if iTI. "7isi - s4W5s
"i Mf-o - . ;
on popular scientific subjects. Dr.
Charles D. Walcott. president of the
National Academy of Sciences and Sec
retary of Smithsonian Institution, pre
sided at the meeting.
Urged To Join Home Guard.
A postal card Is being sent today
to every member of the Washington
Chamber of Commerce calling atten
tion to the organization of the Home
Defense League, as an auxiliary to
the Metropolitan police, and urging
enrollment at the offices of the Cham
ber. These cards are sent at the di
rection of William C. Sullivan, chair
man of the special committee on the
Defense League, recently appointed
by President A. Leftwlch Striclalr. The
committee met yesterday, and will
meet again Wednesday afternoon.
Grocers to Conserve Food.
The Retail Grocers' Protective As
sociation last night, meeting at 933
D street, pledged co-operation with
the Government in Its efforts to con
serve the food supply. It was an
nounced that the entry of this coun
try Into the war would not prevent
the holding of the annual food show
at Convention Ball in November.
Plan To Aid Red Cross.
The feasibility of forming an organ
ization of citizens living In the vicin
ity of Fifth and F streets northwest
to co-operate with the local branch of
the Red Cross, will be discussed at
the regular weekly service at Wesley
Methodist Chapel tonight. The Rev.
Dr. D. H. Martin, pastor, will preside,
and William T. Galllher will outline
the Red Cross program.
Danee To End nasaar.
The two-day bazaar at the Raleigh
Hotel for the benefit of the Episcopal
Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital will
close tonight with a dance from 7
until 10 o'clock. A feature of the
bazaar Is the home-cooked dinner,
served from 5 until 7 o'clock The ball
room of the hotel Is gayly decorated,
and flanked with booths stocked with
... ..tfjtU. f1nnrr. Mndv and
cakes, each booth under control of an
Episcopal church.
To Entertain Father MeGuIgan.
The Rev. Thomas E. McGuigan. as
sistant pastor of St. Patrick's Church,
who leaves Washington this week to
take charge of the pastorate of St.
John's Church at Westminster. Md.,
will be given a farewell reception to
night In Carroll Hall, 024 G street
northwest. Members of St Patrick's
Church and friends from other
churches have been asked to attend
the exercises. Special musical ser
vices will be In charge of Miss Jennie
Glennan, director of the mixed choir,
and R. Mills Silby. director of the
sanctuary choir at St. Patrick's.
Cull nan 'Wins Debate.
The year's fourth prize debate at
Georgetown University Law School
last evening resulted In a victory for
the negative side and an award of
honor to William J. Cullnan. The
topic was Congressional enactment of
a national prohibition measure, al
lowing alcohol to be used for medic
inal and sacramental purposes only.
Francis J. O'Brien was the second
member of the negative team. The
affirmative team was composed of
Robert E. J. Whalen and George T.
Shansey. The Judges were Chief Jus
tice Covington and Justice Gould, of
the Supreme Court of the District of
Columbia; Congressman John T. Wat
kins of Louisiana; Dr. Henry S. Bou
tell, former minister to Switzerland,
and Henry L. Davis, auditor of the
District Supreme Court. Mr. Cullnan
will compete next month with win
ners of earlier debates for the final
prlzo. Th'ey are Robert M. McCauley,
Edward T.,Hogan, and John J. O'Day.
BH 1 -fiissasssssssssssssssssi
J ! '-v-siw
Makers of Banners Swamped
by Orders for American and
Allies' Insignia.
A tidal wave of flags has swept
over this city.
The summer awning business
usually a substantial factor In flag
ma'kers" calculations has been tem
porarily sidetracked.
The Stars and Stripes are In demand
everywhere. One flag dealer declared
this morning that he Is 27,000 flags
behind In his orders, in spite of the
fact that his shop is running to ca
pacity all the time. He requires
twelve hours to meet an order for
one flag.
W.lth the announcement that For
eign Secretary Balfour of England
and former Premier Vlvlanl of France
will be here within a few days, orders
for the tricolor and the Union Jack
have Increased tremendously, and add
ed to theftroublea of the flag-makers.
The' "most Impressive exhibition of
the banners of England, France and
America Is now to be seen along
aristocratic "Embassy Row," on Six
teenth street north o( U street
Nearly all the palatial buildings
along this street fly huge American
Lemons JVhiten the
Skin Beautifully!
Make CheaD Lotion
' -' W A M.
The Juice of two fresh Jemons
strained Into a bottle containing
three ounces of orchard white makes
a whole quarter pint of the most re
markable lemon skin beautlfler at
about the cost one must pay for a
smaU'Jar of the ordinary cold creams.
Care should be taken to strain the
lemon Juice through a fine cloth so no
lemon pulp gets In. then this lotion
will keeD fresh for months. Every
woman knows that lemon Juice Is
used to bleach and remove such blem
ishes as freckjes. sallowness. and tan.
and Is the Ideal skin softener, smooth
ener, and beautlfler.
Just trv ltl Make up a quarter
pint of this sweetly fragrant lemon
lotion aril massage it dally Into the)
face, neck, arms, and hands. 'It .
should naturally help to whiten, soft- j
en. freshen, and bring out the hid- '
den Voses and beauty of any skin.
It Is wonderful for rough, red hands.
Your druggist will sell three ounces
of orchard white at little cost, and
anr grocer will supnlv the lemons. I
Advt. I
f 'ff ' - Msssssssssssl
ssbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbL yV" TKlfY!flEaslssssssssssssssssssssH
yln Advertisement Jby x (
The Pullman Company
Coast to Coast 2
reaching service of the Pullman Company
it is often Dossible to arrange a railroad
journey so that the night may be spent on the train, thus
effecting a saving in hotel accommodations and the hours
unnecessarily used for day time travel.
The Pullman car includes in its construction not only the
asset of increased safety, but every convenience afforded by
the most modern hotel that can possibly be adapted to the
limitations of car construction. And the service further includes
the personal attention of employes trained to anticipate the
individual requirements of the traveling public
In the deserts of the Southwest; in the western mountains;
in rural communities throughout the country, everywhere,
regardless of local conditions, the traveler today can obtain,
wherever he may board a Pullman, the same high standard
of service that he would find in a Pullman car leaving the
terminal of the great metropolis.
Standardized and extended to serve in equal measure
travelers in practically every community, the facilities which the
Pullman Company affords for convenience, safety and comfort
are equalled by no other similar organization in the world.
flags.ibetween emblems of, France and
When the British and French com
missioners reach Washington they
will find the Government buildings of
this city draped with the emblems or
their nations in honor of the visit.
This announcement was made today
by CoL W. W. Harts.
Individuals are wearing lnslgna of
France and England with small flags
of the United States. These pins are
eold by hundreds and the demand has
more than kept pace with the supply.
Brazilian markets for metal and
woodworking machinery are to be In
vestigated by Special Agent Robert
Grlmshaw, appointed today by the
Bureau of Foreign and Doroestl-.
Commerce of the Department of
Brazil ha never used machinery
extensively in the past, but It Is felt
that a new period of development Is
setting. In, and that the demand for
such equipment will develop rapidly.
Ladles', Men', and Children's
Panama. Bankok, Milan, and
Straw Hata Renovated to Look
Like New.
I absolutely guar
antee to do the
best work In Wash
ington by my spe
cial methods of
bleaching and re
moving sunburn.
Latest styles to
choose from.
814-816 9th St, N. WJ
Explosion Insurance
Very Low Rate.
833 N. T. AVE. N. W.
Main 5027
Play of the Hour
CTDJUin MATS., 15c
dill AH II EVES., 25c
All This Week
Cemmodore J. Stuart Blackton's
The Glory of the Nation
With Prologue
Spirit of '76-BIne tod the Gray
Augmented Symphony Orchestra
CoBtiinoiu-10 a. m. ta 11 p. m.
f ADIilTI. MATS.,10c
llAKUtn EVES., 15c
Last Time Today
Little Brother
-You know what to exnect
sonable goods to- close out
6f the opportunities, others
' . Samples and Remnant Lots of
Smart Silk Blouses
Values to Cj QH
$3.95 at vP7
The samples are a special
purchase, the remnants arc
from our own stock.
There are both tailored, and
more dressy styles.
The materials are crepe de
chines. Georgette crepes, tub
silks, Jap silks, also laces.
Shown in white, flesh, and
It is a rare opportunity in
these days of advancing prices
to secure such, qualities at
All sizes will be found in the
lot, though not. all sizes in all
HtvlM- a
,- Kann's Bargain Table
G o o d quality,
self-shank small
pearl buttons, in
three sizes.
Used so much
for dainty blouses,
children's dresses or
as trimming.
One dozen on a
card Sc value.
Four Lots of Ribbon Remnants
Satins and taffetas, from baby
width to Inches wide, assorted
colorings, in sooa lenciniv Tames
to Sc vard. choice, yard, Se.
Satin ribbons, from 1 In. to 1
incnes wiae. u. bbbui u miiumh,.i
and good remnant lengths, values
from Se to 15c as a yard 0c.
Satin ribbons, from 2 Inches to 3
incnes wiae, sswrica cutunnfi..
values xrum iac to c A juu
choice, a yard, 10.
Plain taffetas, moires, and satin
ribbons, a few fancv .ribbons
among Jhem. In widths from 3H to
o incnes. BUllttuin i"r iinir """
for fancy work, girdles, etc Value
ftnm "If in 29c a vard. at choice
a yard. 16e.
Kann's Street Floor.
Sample Shoes, Also
Odd Lots From Regular Stock
All low shoes, and excellent val
ues ther are. too, at tomor. bj-i ijc
row's special prlre a pair tOJ.ifU
l,ot constat of a varied assort
ment of styles In colonials, pumps,
slippers, and oxfords: turned or
welted soles; low. medium, and
hlch covered or leather heels.
Shown In patent colt and kid: In
brluht and dull kldskln. cun metal
calf, white, and some combination
effects. Select from a good ranee
of sires, but not all sizes In every
Kann's Fourth Floor.
Save Money Sale Notions
Special lot Stone Set Back Combs:
very latest styles: regularly 50c.
special SSe.
J. J. dark's Best Sir Cord Spool
Cotton: blark and white; almost all
sizes. Re-ularly Sc spool, special
a spools for Sir.
Hair Barrets: assorted styles:
hell-color. Regularly 10c. special
Klnjrs 200-vari Sewlns- Cotton:
white onlv: sires 40 and BO. Regu
larly Sc spool. Special, p spools
for lOe.
Kann's Street Floor.
Jewelry Specially Priced
20-year Gold Filled Bangle Brace
lets; assorted engraved pat
terns. Regularly KOc. special, each
Cold Filled nings: special lot of
assorted styles. Rejrularly SOc
each, special Sfte.
Bead Necklaces, made of fancy
heads- In all colors. Regularly 25c.
special 10e.
Kann's Street Floor.
Odds and Ends In
Little Folks' Apparel
- fitrls- Mlddv Blouses, broken
sizes: good styles. 11.00 values,
special 7le.
Girls' White Jean Skirts, broken
sizes: to wear with middles. $1.00
values, special Ttic.
C.lrls' Navy Galatea Cloth Skirts.
pleated style. J1.50 values, special
Girls' Tub Dresses, mostly 10 and
12 vear sizes: smart stvles. Regu
larly $3.50. special I.S.
Children's Rompers, made of
ginghams: mostlv 5 and vear
sizes. Regularly 69c. special SS.
Kann's Second Floor.
1 card 5c value. 1
I Special Card, 3J2c I
K Kana's Street Floor. I
&iuy SvdUhA
A Big Remnant
at Kanns
when we announce an event of
all broken lots and remnant lengths. Below you will find some
not advertised, equally as good to be had in every department
The Two Bert VaJsea We Have
Ever Offered
White gabardine, very Ugh grade, 36
inches wide, in remnant lengths of 2 to 10
, yards. For suits and skirts, this particular
lot is unequaled. Remnants of 50c to
69c qualities, choice, Friday, a . n c
yard ''
White Dimities in flne striped, checked
and plaid styles.
12.00 yards,
29c qualities,
Street Floor.
r-"v Kann's street Floor.
1 -
Value to . fl.
28c yard at IZC
Majority are remnants from atock,
and Include 38-ln. pTlnted voiles. 38
In. madras, pUssa crepes. J eopatr
crepes, dress glnahims, mercerized
poplins, silk and cotton fabrics. 40
In. batistes, and many other wash
goods In wldthsrom 27 to 38 inches.
Also Included are a apeelal lot of
Mill-Ends," 3-Inch percales. In light
and dark grounds, atrlped. checked,
and figured designs, all colors, and
good lengths.
Kann's Street Floor.
Silk Remnants
A wonderful assortment of the
season's-best colors and patterns
in lengths
Suitable for Waist,
'Trimmings or Lmmgs
Silks you will need and have
use for all summer long.
Remnants of beautiful silks
formerly up to SI. So t6 close
Friday in tnis important jcp
remnant clean-up at a yd. . 5
Kann's Street Sloor. .
Good Remnants Among
Ureas noons
Blc lot of Dress Goods Remnant.
In black, and colors, and fancy
suitings, also smart checks. AU tip
to the minute weaves, and worth
from S1.00 to $1.50 yard, choice a
yard tomorrow TSe.
Limited quantity of all-wopl arid
wool fl"ed dres goods, and suit
ings. "Worth to" 11.00 a yard, spe
cial a yard tomorrow 39e.
Lining Remnants. Including sa
teens, percallnes. etc.. In black and
color. In good lengths, a yard 20c.
Kann's Street Floor.
Small Lots Women's Wearables
Corsets. American tdy. C B. and
Thompson's Corsets;, broken lines:
small ouantlty. Vafties are J1.50
and J2 00; special 7Se.
"Ideal" Corset. 'Wslsta. broken
sizes. Very special 75.
Combinations, corset and drawer
stvle: lace trimmed: the fashion
able .and finely tailored L Grecque
style. $3.75 value, special S2-0O.
Kann's Second Floor.
Umbrellas Two Lota
At Clearing Prices
ISO Fmbrells-. women's umbrellas
only: flne erade American taffeta
covers, different grades: handles of
natural wood, some are finished
with wristlet Cords. These are
classed as "seeonrts." but flaw re
slight snd will not affect the QQn
wear Choice O&l
About 25 umbrellas, women's
sizes onlv: some silk. In colors, sub
ject to slight flaws, special at Sl.lft,
Kann's Bargain Table Street
Valnes 50c to 73c a Length
Choice '. 39c Each
Mesh Veilings. In lengths from Tft
to 1U yards. In scroll, dot. and
fancy border effects, also In all
over patterns.
This represents a clean up of our
entire lot veiling remnants, and In
cludes the following colors:
Navy. brown. taupe. purple,
black, and white.
Kann's Street Floor.
"Clean-up" Lot of Dresses
Offering Values t S3S.T5.
Choice at $13.75
Street and afternoon dresses, of
taffeta, crepe de chine, crepe meteor.
Georgette combinations, and novelty
Straight pleated effects, tunlo
effects, and manv In the popular
sport stvles. finished with pockets,
large collars of Georgette, plain or
trimmed effects.
In all the best shades, such as
rose, Chinese blue, tan. naxy. also
plenty of black, and white sizes
It to 4t.
Kann's Second Floor.
I - fTH S1V' J2D PMTHa. ATB.i'a..
P. M.
P. M."
this kind. Low prices on sea
White Goods
remnants of 25c and -f C -
Friday, a yard
Boot Silk Hose-
In black, and
white; full regular
made'feet; high
spliced heels and dou
ble soles; quantity ts
limited so come early
for. your share.
They are. sec
onds of the 69c
Special Pair 39c
KaaaB Street Floor.
Starts Brokea Lmes
Valnea to 178.00
Many of our best selling models
will be found among- thesa Includ
ed In tomorrjove'a clearance.
Materials are gabardines, serges.
velours, poplins, shepherd checks,
Colors "are rose, tan. gold, green,
navy, and black.
Some have the coats -pleated: a
number have ejnbroldered collars.
Not all sizes in all styles, but
probably all sizes in the lot.
Kann's Second Floor.
Trimmed and Untrimmed Hats
Untrlmmed Hats, In black and
colors, varieties of shapes, sailors,
and small hats.
Valors to S1.39. choice CQn
In this sale .- i.... DuC
Hats trimmed free If trimmings
are purchased In Millinery Store.
Trimmed Hats, these are la black
and colors, simply but effectively
trimmed: the most popular shades
among them, such as navy, blue,
rose. gold, and brown, besides the
favored black.
Valaea ta &AO, chslce n Q
In this sale 07U
Kann's Second Floor.
Toilet Reqmsites Low-Priced
Huguenet's Lilac Vegetal Toilet
Water. Regularly 35c bottle, spe
cial le.
Huguenet's Talcum Powder.
Regularly 15e box. special ?c
Albadon Tooth Paste. Regularly
19c tube, special 10c.
Hair Brushes: assorted styles.
Regularly SOc each, special 29c.
White Foam Ammonia. 10c bot
tles, special Sc.
Kann's Street Floor.
Big Reductions In Curtains
And Draperies
Lace Curtains In Strips 1H to 3
yards long: many can be matched
In pairs: Nottingham. Scotch lace.
Filet. Cable Net. Madras, and Craft
Lace styles. Values to $2.50 If In
pairs. Strip SOc.
Small lots Slightly Imperfect Cur
tains. 2H to 3 yards long: In
Scotch lace. Nottingham. Fllet
Panel. Egyptian' S"tch lace.
Leever lace. Cable Net. Bonne
Femme Panels. Dentelle Arabian.
Nottingham Dutch curtains. 1 to S
pairs of a pattern. Values to $5.43
If perfect. Pair $1.18.
12 pairs Linen Crash Draperies,
regularly $4.49, pair SZs.
II Read.v-made Awnings. 8-or.
duck: for windows 30 to SO Inches
wide: striped designs: If mad to
order would be $2.75 to $4. Each
Matting Covered Utility Boxes,
good size- for storing and general
use Special tl.79.
1500 yards Awning Canvas,
khaki or striped: 8-oz. quality. 1 to
10 yard lengt 29c to 33c values,
yard 19e. Third Floor.

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