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Various Attractions on Pro
gram at Playhouses.
Geraldine Farrar In Great Fflm Al
the Belasco.
Another Imported operetta, that has
teen a huge success here and abroad
will be added to the repertoire of the
Aborn comic opera and muilcal com
edy company when "The Spring Maid"
la presented at the New National The
ater next week, the fourth of Its W Mh
Ington engagement. j.n.i,.
Those who have heard this delight
ful operetta remember with keen
pleaaure ita delightfully tuneful score
and those who have not heard it have
much to look forward to. The cast
will be the aame as the Aborns have
presented in this offering in other
cities, aome of them being new to
the Capital, but most of them having
been Introduced during the last three
weeks, Maude Gray. Ethel Boys, Mae
Kllcoyne, James MeElhern. George
Shields, William Lynn, and others.
Belasco Joan the Woman.
Of all the motion pictures ever
made none has had a finer purpose
than "Joan the 'Woman,'' In which
Geraldine Farrar, the famous opera
star, appear at the Belasco Theater
all next week, opening with a mat
inee Sunday. It is not merely awe-ln-cplrlng
a a epectacle-and thrilling in
lta heroic momenta, but there is some
thing bigger and more ennobling back
cf it than stage craft
It shows to what height a woman
can rise when it comes to a moment
of sacrifice. Historical and wonderful
In pageantry it Is, but the thing that
will make It take rank with the great
est motion pictures of our time Is the
way Joan'a great love story Is woven
through It all.
Cecil B. DeMIHe, the producer of
the picture, has created an epoch in
photodramatic history with this ar
tistic achievement.
B. F. Keith's Vaudeville.
Dorothy Jardon. the prima donna.
star of "Mine. Sherry." and a stage
beauty of international fame, will be
the principal feature of the B. F. Keith
Theater bill next week, with Everett
Snlnn'a fantastic travesty melodrama,
"For Plty'a Sake," played by Charles
Withers and a large company, as the
extra added attraction. Joe Laurie
and Aleen Bronson. from the Broadway
revue world, tiled "The Pint-Slie
Pair." will Insert "Lost and Found."
The TVatson sisters, former burlesque
favorites. In a characteristic number,
are Included. Bert Baker and company
in "Prevarication." a farce full of sur
prises. Is another special inclusion.
Loney Haskell. "That Rascal;" Holmes
and Buchanan, as "The Girl of 1H7,"
the Gaudsmidts. eccentric clowns with
cut Spanish poodles, the pipe organ re
citals, and the Hearst-Pathe news pic
torial are the remaining additiona.
Next Sunday, at 3 and 8:15 p. m.. the
last two performance of the current
bill will be given, with Bernard Gran
ville and all the hit.
Poll The Heart of 'Wetona
The celebrated Charles Frohman
T2avld Belasco Lyceum Theater suc
cess. "The Heart of Wetona," will be
the offering of the Poll Players next
week, with the usual dally except
Monday matinees.
This will be the first time that this
gTeat play has been presented in
stock. It received it premier in
February of last year with a distin
guished cast. Lenore Ulrlch playing
the role of Wetona and William Court
, lelgh that of Quannah. For the first
performance of the play In Washing
ton Miss Ulrlch will have a worthy
successor In Florence Rlttenhouse.
Robert W Fraxer, the Poll Players'
leading man, will have the role of
John Hardin, the Indian agent. The
rehearsals of "The Heart of Wetona"
indicate a remarkable series of love
scenes between these two stars of the
Poll organization. 'The other leaders
In the Poll organization have been
happily cast.
The situations of the play are tense
and the story has many gripping mo
ment that will make It a production
out of the ordinary.
Loew Columbia Film.
"The Jaguar's Claws," a photoplay
that pictures Sessue Hayakawa In the
title role, and "The Inner Shrine," a
film version of the Basil King novel
that features Margaret Illlngton, are
the screen features announced for
next week at Loew's Columbia Thea
ter. The former, which will be shown
next Sunday. Monday. Tuesday, and
Wednesday deals with some of the
recent conditions that have brought
about a reign of terror in Mexico. An
Interesting fact about the production
1 that it enables Sessue Hayakawa
to appear for the first time In the role
Of the Mexican He is pictured as a
merciless bandit, called "The Jaguar."
Margaret Illlngton makes her sec
ond screen appearance In the rentral
role of the "Inner Shrine," which will
hold first place on the screen for the
balance of the week.
Garden Film.
William S. Hart, one of the real pop
ular idol of fllmdom. will headline
the program at Moore's Garden The
ater next Sunday. Monday, uesday,
and Wednesday In his latest success,
"The Desert Man " The photoplay 1
filled vlth many thrllllng-and exciting
Incidents and as the bandit who
capitulates to the charms of a little
hrown-eyed Western girl, Mr Hart la
Inimitable Margery Wileon make a
delightfully winsome, heroine, and
other well known Trlnagle players ap
pear In his support
On Thursday Friday, and Saturday
Charles Ray, who has a wide circle of
admirers .In Washington, will be tea
tured in a new and novel photographic
creation. "The Pinch Hitter." a vivid
tale of college life. Mr Ray gives a
wonderfully vlId and conInclng
characterization as the young col
leglan and his support includes many
well-known stage and screen players.
Other pictures will be shown dally
and special musical accompaniment
will be rendered by the Garden Sjm
phony Orchestra.
Strand Films.
Frances Nelson, whose work In
"One of Many" and "The Power of
Decision." established her in the
front rank of film stars, will be fea
tured at Moore's Strand Theater in
a novel dramatic picture entitled "The
Beautiful Lie," next Sunday, Monday,
and Tuesday It tells the story of
the self sacrifice of a young waman
to shield a younger sister from social
oblivion. Miss Nelson as the heroic
young woman has many opportunl
ties for effective acting, and ahe
.1ra Full iitvintiff, et tfo.m .11
William Desmond, well known to J
and well liked by picture patrons, will
hold the screen on Wednesday and
Thursday In a novel Irish comedy
drama entitled "Paddy O'Hara." As
a robust son of Erin Isle Mr. Des
mond ha the most congenial role of
his film career, and one In which
he Is bound to win high honors. Wil
fred Lucas, remembered as the star
of "Jim Bludsoe" and "Hell-To-Pay
Austin," will be featured on Friday
and Saturday In a photo-play of mys
tery and thrills "Hands Up."
The dally program will Include oth
er first run pictures, and special
music by the Strand Symphony Or
chestra will be an Important feature.
Glen Echo Park.
Before the week Is over a big ma
jority of the thousands of visitors to
the Capital will have maae a flying
trip to Glen Echo Park. In order to
accommodate them a special through
car service Is In operation that makes i
the trip up along the Potomac one
of the most delightful rides out of
With an exceptionally good movie
bill and other free features on the dally
program, dozens of amusement de
vice and other attractions going top
peed and dancing every evening, the
park offers many Inducements either
for an evening's amusement or an all
day outing.
Opens All Features of Show to
Southern Visitors.
Hundreds of Confederate veterans,
dividing their time In amusement
seeking, visited the Con T, Kennedy
shows at the Union Station plaza
last night as special guests of the
management. During the entire re
union they will be admitted free to
all features of the show, Mr. Kennedy
announced today.
The veterans seemed to find great
est Interest In the Miracle and the
society horse shows. In the former
a Hawaiian quartet, organized in this
city since the shows opened, proved
of unusual Interest. Several of the
veterans participated In the songs and
were given a great hand Dy the crowd.
The Kennedy shows comprise about
a score of different attractions. They
were opened to packed tents last
night, and the management was forc
ed to close the grounds at midnight
with many people clamoring for ad
mission. Miss Essie Fay. the conductor of
two highly trained horses, has added
several specialties to her show this
season. Additional features have also
been added to the transformation act
in the Miracle show. The plantation
show, with Its negro songs and pe
culiar dialect, did Its share to enter
tain the crowd. The "whip," one of
the latest riding devices, was liberal
ly patronized, a were the motor
drome, the merry-go-round and other
TARRYTOWN, N. T,. June 8 Mr.
August Belmont and Charles E.
Moore, will speak at Miss Mason's
School, the Castle, on the Liberty
loan this afternoon. Mme. Sarah
Bernhardt, who la at Brlarcllff
Lodge, is to be present and will aid
in the work of getting subscriptions.
Juice of Lemons Creates
A Clear, Soft, Rosy Skin
Tells women how to make a lemon beauty cream
cheaply for the face, neck, arms and hands
At the cost of a small jar
of ordinary cold cream one
can prepare a full quarter
pint of the most wonderful
lemon skin softener and com
plexion bcautifler, by squeez
ing the juice of two fresh
lemons into a bottle contain
ing three ounces of Orchard
White. Care should be taken
to strain the juice through a
fine cloth so no lemon pulp
gets in, then this lotion will
keep fresh for months. Every
woman knows that lemon
juice is used to bleach and
remove such blemishes as sal-
Ctnnint Orchard IPAiIe keart tkt nam.
What Do You Know
Your ignorance may startle you.
Few people know of the many
functions of the blond tunnlv. and
just how important it is that it be
t kept absolutely free from all impuri
ties. The health of the entire body
depends upon the condition of the
blood. You are invited to write and
obtain a booklet that gives you some
invaluable information on this im
Autocracy's Forces Seem to
Have Won Triumph.
Struggle Between Militarism and
Constitutionalism Expected.
TOKYO. June 6. Autocracy's
force In China apparently have trl-
umphel, and today It appears that
the republic la practically destroyed.
A division of China Into two nations
aeeems probable
A long struggle of militarism
against constitutionalism may be ex
pected to follow the present revolu
tion. Dr. W. W. Wllloughby. American
constitutional adviser to the former
Chinese republic, now en route home
to the United States, thus summed up
the Chinese situation today: 1
"The Chinese revolution Is most
serious,' he declared. "The repub
lic is practically lost. I look for tur
moil of long duration between mill
tarlsm and constitutionalism.
Trend Toward Monarchy.
"The present trend 1 strongly to a
monarchy. The militarist absolutely
control the situation now. And even
If through a compromise a new gov
ernment was established in the north
or China chaos would still continue
throughout the whole country, since
the secession of the southern prov
inces would be most likely.
"As It looks today a division of
China Into two natlona Is probable.
The demoerata of the southern
provinces are more active In support
of a central government than the peo
ple of the north.
"The militarists' object in the re
volt Is four-fold first, abolition of
the present provisional constitution:
second, retirement of LI Tuan Hung:
third, the establishment of a new gov
ernment at Peking; fourth, a new
parliament and a new constitution.
Two Nation. Possibility.
"President Ll Yuan Hung would re
tire If that action would benefit the
country, but he considers the masses
of the Chinese people expect him to
defend the democratic principles of
the republic against the military dic
tatorship which la sure to come with
establishment of a regency. He feels
that hla declarations of Independence
would only have the effect of solidi
fying the people for a republic"
The correspondent of the newspa
per Asahl today cabled from China
that the American minister. Dr. Paul
Relnsch, had advised President Ll
Yuan Hung not to resign on the
ground that his retirement would
mean a division of China Into north
ern and southern nations.
Only Has 315,000 Men Not Yet
At Front.
THE FIELD, June 6. Germany has
only twenty-one divisions of troop
on the western front approximately
313,000 men which she has not yet
flung Into the fighting line.
The 107 divisions (1,605.000 men)
with which the British and French
offensives have been engaged In re
cent weeks, have suffered losses aver
aging between 2,000 and 3,000 per
division or from 214,000 to 321,000
These figures are those of French
headquarters. They give not only a
clear Idea of the tremendous efforts
which Germsny Is msklng to stop the
French and British advance, but also
lowness, freckles and tan and
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the grocer and make up a
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massage it daily into the face,
neck, arms and hands. It
naturally should help to sof
ten, freshen, bleach and bring
out the roses and beauty of
any skin. It is wonderful to
smoothen rough red hands.
Edward Wttttj Co., Cincinnati, Okio.
About Your Blood Supply?
portant subject. It tells how to keep
the blood strong and free from the
many impurities to which it is con
stantly subject.
It m'rpa thfl. hiistnrv nf c c c t.-
world's most successful blood rem
edy, which has been sold for nn
than fifty years by drujrcists every-
njlioA Thic hnnlr will k. ... .
In.....-. ....u wUn .,, c CCm, irCC
to all who write to Swift Specific Co.,
I jjcpw A-o, AiJHmg, vxa- AaVw
the terrible toll which the allies have
taken in the fighting.
The French estimates are that Ger
many ha a total of 150 divisions of
all kinds of troops on the western
front. This would be about 3.210.000
men. Of these 158. only 128 are
divisions of real fighting men, the
othera being auxiliary corps. One
hundred and seven of these 128 fight
ing corps have been Identified as op
posed to the British and French at
aome time In the offensives.
Ever since Field Marshal Hlnden
burg' visit to the Aisne and Cham
pagne fronts early In May the Ger
mans have- given Indications of no
other plans of campaign than to re
sist and counter attack desperately,
while feverishly constructing at the
rear a successive series of retreat
lines, similar to the boasted "Hlnden
burg line."
Expert Connolly Says Growth
Should Be Like Magic.
"Home Gardens are looking good."
said H. M. Connolly, Department of
Agriculture demonstrator, who Is
chairman of the Judges In The Times
Garden Contest, today. The rain this
morning waa Just what we needed.
We will see the crop springing Into
the air like magic from now on.
"Judging of the gardena will start
within .the next few days now. W
don't propose to let the gardeners
know we are coming to see them. W
want to catch them when they are not
aware that we are coming.
"This will give us a chance to have
a look at their garden under usual
"Keep your chart, and do it care
fully. Keep them honestly and cor
rectly, and you will render the good
which 1 desired from the garden
Charts which were prepared
especially by The Times may be ob
tained from the Central Garden Com
mittee, room 304 Star building, from
Mr. Connolly, or from the garden
editor of The Times.
John L. Saltonstall, Rd. Cross
. Worker, Enters Campaign.
BOSTON. Mass.. June 8. John I Sal
tonstall. of Beverly, who has had charge
of the Northeastern division of the Red
Cross since the first of the year, has
announced his candidacy for the Re
publican nomlnaUon for Congress In the
Sixth Congressional district, to succeed
Major A. P. Gardner.
In his announcement Mr. Saltonstall
says he feels It is his duty to conUnue
his work with the Red Cross in connec
tion with the war, rather than to spend
his Ume campaigning.
Phone M. 3319.
B. C. Knrr, Mgr
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Linotype Composition For tho Trade.
Four Merxen thaler Linotypes.
"It's not the profit we make, but
the service we give, makes our
(Equity Savings Bank Bide.)
1407 N. Y. Ave. 1st Floor, Rear
Phone Main 3SJM.
Eugene B. Evans
See me If you want Fine Letter
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Folders, Circulars. Etc.. with "Pull
Ins; Power.
823-825 Eleventh St. N. W.
Telephone Main 7074.
"Printer Darling"
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Trade Mark Registered
"At the Sign of the Devil."
Bank Lithographing Commercial
Color Work
Andrew B. Graham Co.
Graham Bnlldlng,
Our Salesmen Cover the South.
Maurice Joyce Engraving Co.
Plate Makers For
Particular Printers
Evening Star Building.
"1 It-Is Made of Paper You Can Get It At Andrews"
R. P. Andrews Paper Company
Largest Wholesale and Retail Paper and Stationery House South of New York
727-29-31 Thirteenth Street N. W.
Nasal Pronunciation Makes
Its Annual Debut
Treatment Given Unfortunates Who
Sneeze All Summer.
choo! Hello, Dick, where're you
"Hltchoo! Hello, Fhllllb. Ab gol'g
down to the hay fever cllnlg. Bedder
go alo'g. ld'll helb you."
And down at the hay fever clinic.
Just opened by Dr. John H. Bailey,
Dick and Phillip discovered nearly a
score of other sufferers, sneezing- their
very "heads off" and wheezing until
their eyes watered.
The clinic affords free osteopthlc
treatment to sufferers from the de
vitalizing and Inescapable disease
which annually sends thousands to
the mountain.
This I the third year of Dr. Bailey'
clinic which la held twice a week
Tuesday and Friday afternoons from
now until the latter part of Septem
ber. There were men and women down
at the clinic who cannot look a poem
on goldenrod In the face without
bursting forth in convulsive fits of
Crime to Mention naa-rreed.
Some of them sneezeu sonorously:
others weakly, as thou&l too' exhaust
ed for another single sneeze. But, all
were veteran hay feverlsts, who have
come to look upon the months of
June. July, August, and Septembtr
much a a great Northern general
looked upon war.
It Is a crime In their cult to even
mention ragweed.
There are two kinds of hay fever
lsts: those who suffer from the com
mon, or garden, variety of the disease,
and another set of sufferers who pay
their respect nasally to a disease
known aa "rose cold."
"What's the difference between rose
cold and hay fever?" Dr. Bailey waa
"There's a difference of two months
annually," Dr. Bailey replied. "Rose
cold attacka It victim June 1, with
the appearance of the rosea and rose
pollen, whereas hay fever lies back
quietly until the first of August."
Osteopathic treatment for hay fever
and rose cold consists of correcting
The First of
A Series of Talks With
Washington's Foremost
A New Development of the lithographic Art
Vice-President and Treasurer Andrew B. Graham Company
While the lithographic industry will always be a highly special
ized art, the improvement and perfection within the last decade of
a new departure in lithography, namely, the Kotary Offset Press,
has made lithographed stationery both practical and economical for
the banker and business man.
With this new Rotary Offset Press the finest details of Intricate
designs are exactly reproduced. Even faint hair lines are shown
with precision. Buildings, views of plants, ornamentations, spe
cially designed trade-marks, and titles of firms and banks are re
produced on checks, letterheads, and other stationery, with a per
fection of artistic effect and detail heretofore impossible by other
methods. These new Rotary Offset Presses are extremely rapid
and have reduced the cost as well as increased the output and
quality of this high class of work.
Artistic designs are exactly reproduced to the last detail. A
hair line is reproduced just as accurately as a heavy solid line, be
cause the ink is offset from the ink rollers to the paper by mean3
of a rubber blanket. It is in this way that this press derived its
name. The compression of the rubber blanket in taking the ink
from the roller insures a perfect reproduction of the design, what
ever it may be, when the rubber blanket carrying the ink comes in
contact with the paper.
The great speed and consequently the great production of
which these Offset Presses are capable, is due to the fact that
they are rotary or cylinder presses, and have now been equipped
with automatic self-feeders.
An output of 5,000 impressions per hour and from 20 to 50
subjects on a sheet, is not unusual. It will be seen, therefore, that
the output of these Presses in a given time is limited only by the
size of the item to be reproduced and the number of colors in
which it is to be printed.
These improvements, combining quality and speed, have
brought artistic lithographed stationery within the reach of all the
banks and business houses of the country.
Lewis M. Thayer
Small Work Exclnslvelj.
507 Thirteenth St. N. W.
spinal deviation In the patient, thus
relieving congested blood of the mu
cous membrane of the nasal pharynx.
Another method of treating the pa
tlent 1 known aa the "digital treat
ment." Thl consists of gouging
around In the patient's nose and In
the patient' mouth back of the pos
terior nare. Thl treatment serves
to separate adhesions of the mucous,
and reduces blood congestion.
According to Dr. Bailey the first
treatment greatly reduces the suffer
ing of the hay feverlsts. Twelve
treatmenta will enable the most
chronic sufferers to go tripping
blithely through fields of goldenrod.
betimes casting handful of ragweed
pollen at each other's noses.
Financier Gives Degree of Doctor
of Commercial Science.
NEW YORK. June . tThe degree
of doctor of commercial science waa
conferred upon Paul M. Warburg, the
banker, by New Tork University last
night In recognition of Mr. Warburg's
services to the United States Govern
ment in connection with finance. The
ceremony took place at a private din
ner given by Chancellor Elmer E.
Brown, of the unlveralty.'at the Hotel
Blltmore.'at which Mr. Warburg and
seven other candidate for degrees
were present.
The degree waa to- have been con
ferred upon Mr. Warburg today at the
University building in Washington
square, but as he had to go to Wash
ington on Important business It was
decided to hold the csremony last
night. The other candidates will re
ceive their honor today. The presen
tation was made by William R. Wlll
cox, chairman of the Republican na
1 1 Recommend
asfej Not
Think i
Ever Felt
Mr. William H. Hlnchllff. No, 20
Myrtle St, Beverly, Mass, writes: "I
"first in
Washington Printing Co.
Master Printers
730 Thirteenth St N. W.
rhone Main 783
pri Much
IfSSfefl Better
tional committee and former chair
man of the public service commission.
In a short speech Mr. Wllleox told
of Mr. Warburg's activities. Born
abroad In 1868, he ssld, Mr. Warburg
came to thl country and became
prominently. Identified with financial
institutions of New Tork city, being
a member of the banking firm of
Kuhn. Loeb & Co., and director of
many bank and Industrial corpora
tions. Mr. Willcox also told how. In
1014. Mr. Warburg became by appoint
ment or President Wilson a member
of the Federal reserve board, a posi
tion which he now holds. .
In conferring the degree. Chancellor
Brown paid a high compliment to Mr.
Varburg' financial ability. Beside his
successful practice of finance, he said.
Mr. Warburg had made far-reaching
researches In modern theories and sys
tems of banking, leading to "his rec
ognition a a wise and trusted coun
selor of our Federal Government in
financial matters of the highest con
cern." Dr. Brown added that Mr. War
burg had severed personal connec
tions of the neatest value to hit pri
vate fortune In order that he might
"singly and whole-heartedly Serve the
public good."
British Cabinet Completes Its Plan
For Convention. '
LONDON, June . The government
completed last week Its proposal a
to the composition of the Irish con
ventlon. Andrew Boner Law, govern
ment leader, told the House of Com
mon today that the cabinet was now
awaiting the decision of Mm of the
parties Interested, who were holding
a meeting to consider It. Their de
cision I expected In the course of
the next few day.
The' last meeting of the season of
the Chevy Chase Citizens' Association
will be held at the Chevy Chase
School tonight at S o'clock. All mem
ber have been urged to attend, a
matters of civic interest will be dis
cussed. Peruna To
All Sufferers
Of Catarrh-
hae taken four bottles of Peruna,
and I can say that it has done me
a great deal of good for catarrh of
the head and throat I recommend
Peruna to all sufferer -with catarrh.
I do not think I ever felt much bet
ter. I am really surprised at the
work I cam do. 1 do not think too
much praise eaa be ald far Pemna."
Our booklet, telling you how to
keep well, free to all.
Those who object to liquid medi
cine eaa now procure Pemna Tab
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No humbug! Apply few drops,
than lift corns off with
Just think! Tou eaa
lift off any kind of a
corn or callus without
one twine of pain or
A Cincinnati man dis
covered this ether com
pound and named It
freesone. Any drug-gist
will sell a tiny bottle of
treaione, Ilka her
shown, for rerjr little
cost. Ton apply a fsw
drops directly upon a
tender corn or callas.
Instantly the soreness
disappears, than shortly
you will find the corn or
callus so loos that you
can lift it right off.
Freeione la wonderful.
It dries Instantly. It
doesn't eat away th
corn or callus, but shriv
els It up without even Irritating-
th aurroundlng;
skln. .
Hard. soft, or corns be
tween th toes, as well as
painful calluses, lift
right off. There Is no
pain before or afterward.
No aoreness or smarting-.
It Is truly astonlshlnr.
It always work. No- humbug- or
foolishness. Genuine freezon Is only
sold In these small bottles, packed in
a little sealed wood case, bearing- a
yellow wrapper. Beware of Imita
tions. Advt-
riiOHTS at ISO. Be, toe. nc. jmo sun. i;
inxE. trzxtou'8 qrzatzst srccx&s.
"DeUfhtfultr tcmefnl." Port.
Next Wsek Toe Bering Uald. Seat feSlsc.
a -ec irtrigj! twice
am -. rva.1 sn evert day
BILL" Star
Chas.T. Aldrich & Co.
Tba UIiim GunpbaU- Th SttryUntl flls
rs. Six mar Extraordla&rr Ftatartt.
Nut-Dorothy Jardon and Othtrt.
MATINEE TODAY. 23e to 91.00
A New Play
Ths Mort Beantlfal Picture In th TVotH.
Mas. xomarTow
at 1:11.
An Sou ,3a.
Th Famous
"TUB Warrens of Virginia"
Next Week "To Heart of Wetona."
WYn7T,,e tlre BTa receipts
1XLI1 Cthla wetk f th Poll elr
cult ( 2 theaters -win b
converted Ints LIBERTY BONDS.
Every cent of admUalaa In every
Pell Theater la a lean to UNCLE
Most Ideal Location To View the
Parade of tha
C&ife.erate Veterans' Reunitn
Xcw Oxford Hotel Graad Stmad. IStfc
St. A Fa. Ave. The only rrrlewlnx
tuid . Pa At, from the Capitol to
13th St. Referred oeata bow om aaio
at the hoteL
Continuous. 10.10 A. M- to 11 P. VL
Horn.. Art, 10. II Cts. NUhts. 1. U. 3 CU.
in "The World Apart"
Grmnd Pip Orxn Symphony Orchestra.
IVeahlnfflon Only BUr Free
AdmUalon 4jmuement Park
View the Parade of the
Confederate Veterans'
Thursday, June 7th
From the Grandjtand in tho
Reserved Seats $2.00
Now Selling
Chevy Chase Lake
Meyer Davis' Orchestra
Delightful Car Ride
Tfinir -r
3t30 p. M. fi
Downtown tleket office, 613 14th.
(Open from 8i30 to 1 P. M.)
OLOVXR'S. CU ens. Class Tn . m
Drum. PrlT. lesson any urn. !0e; for tut.
Umt cwthoa. all dfcam. Ph. w. Ills.
American Dantante Gardens
CENTRAL COLISEUM. 1th and Pa. av. .
Osseins every Klcht. fM to 113.
WTmcb Tu lu tlue Ldtf TMtlif
fUl, . I4KM11& ad of UlS07 Bride.
! tnqtoaaotoll ttmm KO O o, mw

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